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Full text of "Foster's Kingston directory from July 1895 to July 1896, embracing a street directory and guide, an alphabetical list of names, a classified business directory, a miscellaneous directory and suburban directories of Barriefield, Cataraqui, Garden Island, Portsmouth and Wolfe Island."

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 
Kingston Frontenac Public Library 


^itydstoi? Directory 

From July 1895 to July 1896 




\/OLL]7V\E II. ^/8raB^ 

Price $2.50 

J. G. FOSTER & G0., Phblishers 




We give below in tabular view the number of individual names in the 
alphabetical directory, showing a total of 6,483 or an increase over last year 
of 393 names. 

It is usual for directory publishers to estimate the population by multi- 
plying the number of names in the directory by 3. This method of computa- 
tion gives for Kingston a population of 19,449. 

There are 771 individual names in the five suburban villiages given in 
this book which by the same method gives a population of 2,343 for suburbs, 
or for city and suburbs 21,762. 



















'5 1 



4 21 







( ) 











35 2 


5 2 9 







i 70 


















3 2 7 








40 + 







This work will be published regularly every year, and we take this op- 
portunity of thanking our patrons for their support and the citizens in general 
for their courtesy in giving information 



Abbreviations 8 

Alphabetical Lls1 of Nanus 92-235 

Anglican Churches 265 

A W -74 

Banks 278 

Baptist Churches 280 

Barriefield 282 8 

Bicycle Clubs 27fc 

Brotherhood of St Andrew 2<:.vt 

Business Directory 236-260 

Cab Tariff 262 

Canadian Order Chosen (friends -7-i 

Canadian Order Foresters 274 

Carter's Tariff 26i> 

Catholic Order of Foresters 2Ti 

Catholic Societies 271 

Cemeteries 28() 

Childrens' Aid Society 267 

Children of .Mary 271 

Churches 265-1 

City Coroners 262 

City Council, 1895 201 

I ity Officials 


Collegiate Institute 27i 

Committees of the City Council 263 

Committees of the County Council 26i 

Congregational Churches 266 

«\in vents 

County Council : 263-4 

County Officers 26& 

Custom House 264-.", 

Dominion Government Officials 264 •'■ 

Educational 268-273 

Fire Alarms 262 

Fire Hails 262 

14th P W U Rifles 274 

4th Regiment of Hussars 274 

Frontenac County Lib-Con Association.. 280 

Frontenac Law Association 272 

Garden Island 285-6 

Hospitals, Asylums, etc 278-il 

Hotel Dieu 278 

House of Industry 278 

House of Providence 278 

Humane Society 267 

Independent Order of Foresters 274 

Index to Advertisers 8 

Inland Revenue Office 265 

King's Daughters 267 

Kingston Hoard of Trade 279 

Kingston Business College 271 

Kingston Christian Endeavor Union .. 267 

Kingston Conservatory of Music 271 

Kingston Field Battery 274 

Kingston General Hospital 278 

Kingston Historic Society 272 

Kingston Ladies' < lollege 271-2 

Kingston Penitentiary 278 

Kingston School of Art 272 

Kingston Skating Rink 280 

Labor Unions 277 

Livery Stable Tariff 26:: 

Loyal Orange Association 276 

Maedonald Club 280 

Masonic 27."> 

Mechanics' Institute 272 

Methodist Churches 266 

Military 273-4 

Miscellaneous Directory 261-281 

National Societies 276-7 

Newspapers 27-:> 

odd Fellows 276 

Ontario Lord's Day Alliance 267 

Order of Canadian Home Circles 27) 

Order of Hibernians . . . .' 277 

Parks 28C| 

Police Force 262 

Portsmouth 287-29] 

Cost Office Inspector's Office 264 

Post Office Stair 264 

Presbyterian Churches 260 

Protestanl Orphans' Home 27s 

Public Buildings, Halls, etc 280-1 

Public Schools 272-:t 

Queen's College 268-270 

Queen's College Societies 269-270 

Railways 279 

Reform Association 280 

Rock wood Asylum 27!i 

Roman Catholic Churches 266-7 

Royal Ananum 275 

Royal Military College 27:: 

Royal Templars of Temperance 27."> 

Salvation Army 267 

School of Mining and Agriculture . .270-27 J 

Select Knights 275 

Separate Schools 27:: 

Societies 27 1 7 

Sons of England 277 

Sons of Scotland 277 

Sons of Temperance 275 

St Andrew's Society 277 

St George's Society 270 

St Gertrude's Society 277 

St Patrick's Society 277 

St Vincent de Paul Society 277 

Stage Routes 280 

street Directory 9-9] 

Suburban Villages 282-202 

Veterinary School 271 

Wolfe Isand 291-2 

Y M C A 267 

Y W C A 267 


Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.... 250 

Dobbs .1 n <• & Co opp page 126 

Drennan W M <>pp page 128 

Dnpont & Wilson 130 

Hobart G S & Sons Left Top Lines 

Gardiner J A 13S 

Glldersleeve J P 146 

Godwin w H Hi 

Johns T H 157 

Kingston Chemical Fire Engine Co 

opp page 162 

Kingston Gold Cure Institute 

Inside Front Cover 

Knapp A (' l« ;:; 

Loscombe A E M 169 

MeAulcy Tin B Right Top Lines 

McBratney Hugh 171 

Martin (' H 183 

Milne & Milne 187 

Model Steam Laundry 1S7 

Moore TV J 1 

North American Life Assurance Co 

Inside Back Cover 

Pipe Wm Inside Front Cover 

Reid James opp page 20fi 

Smythe. Smith & Lyon 217 

Toronto General Trusts Co. ...Front Cover 
Western Assurance Co Lack Cover 


m., t, accountant 
agt, agent 
appr, apprentice 
n-sn. association 

asst. assistant 
;Hf. avenue 

i). is, boards 

carp, carpenter 
Clk. clerk 
oomp, compositor 
cor, ii rner 
dept, department 

e. east 

e - easl Bide 

ft. t '■•■ 

Ingpr, Inspector 

K. Kingston 

K P, Kingston Penitentiary 

1\S li 

lab, laborer 
ini. limited 
much, machinist 
macfa lid, machine hand 
inkf, maker 
innfg. manufacturing 

mngr, manager 

n. north 

ii s. north side 

opp, opposite 

i pr, operator 

r ii Dostofflce 

pres, president 

prin, principal 

prop, proprli 

res. residence 

i in-, rooms 

ry. railway 

s a. Salvation Aruij 

s. south 

s e, side entrance 

s. ■ lid. second hand 

s.i. Bnnare 

B B, -"tlth side 
supl, superintendent 
tol, telegraph 

i reasnrer 

W, west 

who], wholesale 

u id widow 

u s. west side 


128 Princess Street. 




Street Directory. 

The occupition is given in the Street D rectory only at the place of business : This is 
done, 1st, to distinguish a residence from a place of business ; and 2nd, because the occu- 
pation can be given much more fully in the alphabetic d than in the Street Directory, the 
latter being merely a plan of the streets showing the relative position of the buildings. 

S E. for side entrance is used in the Street Directory to show that the building in 
question faces the cross street. 

Adelaide Street runs west from Division to Alfred, second north 

of Pine. 

House, s e Stable 

Private grounds Private grounds 

Lansdowne st intersects 

House, s e 

Private grounds 

Albert Street runs 


House, s e 
33 Bryan Mrs Christina 

Private grounds 
37 Grass Charles 
81 Wrenshall Charles E 

101 Scanlon Mrs Mary 
115 Walsh Lawrence F 
117 Gillespie James 
117(a) Chapman Hardv E 
119 Rea. William A 
121 Horning. Mrs Sarah J 
125 Boyd Solomon 
House, s e 

Bryant Mrs Susan 
Salmon Isaac 
Houston Mrs Martha 

forth from King n 
of Barrie. 

Union st w intersects 

Fair grounds, fifth west 

House, s e 
Gaskin Thomas 
32 Holman Frank 
42 Campbell Frank M 
54 Craig Wm A 

Dobbs John R C 

Earl st intersects 

94 Brookes T S, contractor 
Wartman W J, contractor 
Mason. William 
Shannon James P 
Vacant house 
Arniel William J 
Reid Mrs Mary 
Vacant lots 

Johnston st intersects 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men. women, boys and girls. 


ALBERT ST.— Continued. 

House, s e 
Knapp Dixon S 

Victoria Park 

kill Richard 
Christmas William J 

k st intersects 

Hynds Ja i 
Wartman Raymond 
Stevenson Wm A 

Mack st intersects 

201 Marshall Mrs Eliza J 

205 Gates Abel 

201 Mulligan Wm 

209 Boyd James 

ill Alexander Robert 

itter Capt Alexander 
bino Robert W 
."IT Bibby Frederick A 

Private grounds 

Marshall James 
Cruse Wm H 
Crimason Thomas 
Mack Wm H 
Saunders John O 
Private grounds 
460 Gray D J, contractor 

Watts Wm H 

Campbell John 
M. -Murray Mrs Martha 
Trotter Mrs Bella 
Vacant house 
Veale Elijah Jr 
Hunter i ;■ 
Gould Henry <: 
Wilson James H 

Princess st intersects 

Store, s e 

A lane 

Private grounds 

Re< ve Walter 

i:- . . Robert 

Alfred Street iuns north from Alice to Confession Road, first west 
of University Avenue. 

i: \st SIDE 
im William B 

i '.odman I >:i ni.-l J 

Vacant house 

Br ikenshire Mis Jane 


Vacant lots 

Union st w Intersects 


M3 Mel 1 Nell 

117 Hughson Mrs Ann 

127 Murray T 8, carpet w ea \ 1 1 

Murra \ A < !raia;. carpet cleaners 
1 1 
ton John, m 
1 \ Bselsl Ine Mrs Mini 1 

n ■ 

u ant 

Millei William 11 

Mi Man ^ 

Victoria School 

Murray John T 

Collegiate Institute 

Earl st im 


128 Princess Street. 



I I 

163 Hawley T B, grocer 
165 Wade Frederick J 
'77 Dupuy Henry S 
179 Dickson Charles T 
183 Murphy John 
193 Small Mrs Philip H 
199 Snowden Wm, contractor 
205 Vair Robert 
209 Hawley Tillitson W 
Steacy John, rear 

House, s e 


House, s e 
172 Booth Capt Edward A 
176 Roadley Joseph, caterer 
178 Ely Samuel 
00 I'ennell Henry 
202 Vacant 

204 Sullivan Charles A 
206 Hall David 
208 Peters Mrs Johanna 

Payne Ambrose G, rear 
210 McCaig. Neil 
"14 Hallett Charles A 
216 Wooton John J, carter 
218 Lawler James 
220 Asselstine William H 

Johnston st intersects 

Private grounds 
235 Snodden Alexander 
237 Wright Charles 
239 King Major Wm 
241 Martin Alfred R 
243 Booth Capt Edward A, jr 
245 Greaza Charles N 


House, s e 
234 Alderdice Mrs Susan, 
236 Vacant 
240 Gordon Wm S 
242 Dyde Samuel S 
248 Pannell Wm S 
?50 Martin Harry S 
252 Dick David J 
: : 54 Asselstine John 
258 McEwen John 
260 Hutcheson James E 

Brock st intersects 

House, s e 
273 Howland Thomas, cab owner 
277 Saunders Capt John 
279 Robinson Christopher 
281 Mundell Wm 
285 Gallivan Mrs Anastasia 

Gallivfn Miss M. dressmaker 
293 Dyde Dr S Walters 
295 Nicolle John 
301 Shaw David A 
303 Macdonald Mrs Hannah 
305 Creighton Edward M 

Victoria Park 

Mack st commences 

House, s e 
322 Stone Charles W 
324 McNaughton Archibald 
326 Bowen Mrs Mary 
328 Dunlop Herbert A 

Private grounds 

Adams James 

Princess st intersects 

Private grounds 
347 F raser Wm G 
349 Gowan Thomas 
351 Elliott Franklin 

Private grounds 
359 Harkes John 
361 Briggs Mrs Charlotte 

Private grounds 

364 Madden James W 
366 Kelly James 
368 Newlands, Alexander F 
370 De Carteret Clement 
372 Cotter Mrs Frances 
374 Ferris Jonathan P H 
376 Ferguson Wm B 
378 Cooke Rev Arthur W 
380 Kemp Mrs Mary J 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 


ALFRED ST.— Continued. 
369 Collacott John J 

Private grounds 

(87 Pigion Richard, market garden 

382 Robinson Wm J 
::m Middleton Mrs Sophia 
386 Milne Alexander R 
388 Abrey James 
390 Franklin Charles D 
392-394 Unfinished 

Elm st intersects 

House, s e 

• Callaghan Thomas V 
433 Turkington William J 

Sixth st ends 
131 Adsil 

439 Dougherty Wm 
441 Fleming William 
Private grounds 

Pine si ends 
Private grounds 

Stanley st ends 
House, s e 
4s7 Bushley Francis 

Adelaide st ends 
Private grounds 

Aliee Street runs west from University Avenue to Albert Street, 

second North of King. 

128 Volume Mrs Ann 

Vacant luts 
Lee Wm J 
Vacant lots 

Fair gr unds 

Private grounds 

1 ; Iwin Pr f Wva L 

Alfred st commences 
Maxwell James 
Vacant lots 

Vacant school building 
Ireland Mrs Eliza 
Inland Francis C 
Knight Prof Archibald P 


Alma Street runs north from junction of York and Ordnance to 

Balaclava Street. 

Store, s e 

12 M i Robert T 

16 MoCutcneon John 
_ , , , is < Ihrisley Bdward 
Frontenac Part .. , wtl( .; Iam ,. s 

Her id Alfred E 
iishion Thomas 
34 Panning Patrick, carter 

Patrick st commences 

Alwing'ton Avenue runs north from King to Union, twelfth 

west of licinie, first west of limits 

Privat grounds 
Hurst wm 

I >a\ IdSOTI si •lids 

Vacant bouse 


Leah] Michael A 
Koen Michael 
Pogue Robert R 

l>;i\ Mn Slis.ilili 

Baker John P 
i [ewton Robi rt 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates. Exercise and 
Copy Books. 


Ann Street runs from Main to Vine, second north of Colbornc. 

House, s e 
7 Robinson Thomas 
Private grounds 

8 Tarrant James A 
10 Vacant 
12 Burtch Ira 
14 Mouck Harry R 

Arch Street runs north from Stuart to Union, first west of Barrie. 

11 Sullivan John 
21 Bristow T George 
23 Craig Miss Sarah 
25 Kennedy George W 
27 Hyett Mrs Charlotte 
29 Vacant 

Deacon st ends 
43 Hamilton Edward 
45 Brown Frank F T 
47 Higgins Joseph S 
51 Genge Robert E 
53 Ada Capt William 
55 Smythe, Albert E 
57 Healey Thomas 
59 Mundell. Mrs Mary 
61 Robinson Mrs Mary 
65 Fitzgerald James 
69 Coffey Thomas 
77 Calvert Thomas 
79 Spriggs Miss Olive 

St. James' Church 


Queen's College and University 

Queen's University, Medical Fac- 

Kingston School of Mining and 

Grant Very Rev George Monro 

Fletcher Prof John 

Watson Prof John 

Kingston Skating Rink 
60 Vacant 

62 Walker Mrs Jane 
64 O'Donnell Patrick 
66 McGrath Mrs Annie 
68 Mitchell James 
72 Asselstine Charles A 
74 Kavanagh James 
76 Co mpton James 
80 Cooper John 
84 Angrove Henry, jr 
86 Warwick Mrs Caroline 

Vacant houses (3) 

House, s e 

Artillery Park, see Bagnt Street, opposite L'arrack. 

BagOt Street iuns north from City Park to James, fourth wtst of 

the harbor. 

House, s e 
107 Macnee. Walter H 
109 Kent Robert E 

Private grounds 

115 Shaw Felix 
117 Vacant 

Gore st ends 
125 Smith Charles 
127 Lawson Mrs Francis 
129 Mason Henry 
133 Porter Charles 
137 Clayton Martin 

Private grounds 

House, s e 

94 Shibley Mrs Mary 
98 Strachan Archibald 

100 Henderson Lawrence L 

102 Petrie John D 

104 Spencer Levi B 

106 Vacant 

108 Hubbell Mrs Eliza J 

110 Chown Charles D 

124 Minnes James 

126 Allen William 

128 Shaw Robert 

130 Wilkinson Henry J 

134 McKelvey John 

136 Birch Samuel 

138 Mills Mrs Mary 

140 Vacant 

Earl st intersects 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 



BAGOT ST.— Continued. 

Store, s e 
153 Tierney John 
155 Craig James 

lithero. Mrs Agnes 

• ;oodearle. Capt John L. 
161 Beatty Charles 
163 Nelson Miss Kathleen dressmkr 
165 Vacant 
167 Vacant 
169 Jamieson Alexander 

William st intersects 

. s e 

Si Vincent Academy 

Convent grounds 

Convent of tin- Congregation de; 

\ ' I mme 

152 Glover Albert, grocer 
156 Vacant 
158 Fahey Edward 
160-162 Clark C H, grocer 
164 Shanahan John 

Donoghue Michael, rear 
166 James Richard F 
168 Dunbar Henry 

White Mrs Eliza, rear 

Vacant house, rear 

1 livens Mrs Susan 
IT: Hammond Edward 
174 Purcell Michael 
176 Sughrue John 
17s Anderson Miss M A. dressmkr 

180 Cunningham David 
is: Vacant 

184 Downey Timothy, shot-maker 
186 Kingston Gold Cure Institute 
L92 Wilson Miss Mary J 
i;»4 Vacant 
198 Vacant 

200 Kilcauley Patrick 
202 Shea Mrs Margaret 
Walker Herbert I. 
204 Linton Mrs J.-ssi^ A 

Johnston st intersects 



Shore Rev Godfrey 
On- John 
Phillips Frank R 
Kinnear Thomas ,1 
Drummond .John A K 
Harper Mrs Sarah E 

Cla> ads 

Brock st intersects 

206 Caulfleld Thomas, confections 
210 I :iark & Clark, butchers 
212 Casey, Miss E, confections 
214 Johnson A .1. contractor 
ouse Edward, boarding 

McMahon T A 1 0, wall paper 

\ B M real ei 
M 'tropolltan Life tasurai 

Mis< Emma< dressmaker 

vel surgeon 
Martin ,\ I il ■ •■ nw 1 farm impl 

mi W E, caterer 
Wilton Henry harnesamaker 

M lines. Whole ' 1 1 \v gdl 



s 1 1 ire 
S t o r el 

• ion w -i CI" rfc of Hi-' 1st 
Divli I 
277 Robinson Bros, painl 

in Alexander W 

Queen st int 

McCammon Bros, livery 
238-240 Ronan Tims, undertaker 
246 I'h. Ian I taniel, physician 

i 'I ..\\ n IvIb iii A Son, stoves, 

hardware and tinsmiths' suppPs 

252 Chown A A Co, carriage and sen 

eral hardware 
254 White ■• T, Insurance 
White W .1 B, Insurance 
Store, s •• 

Store, - 


280 i 'in. Filbert) 

284 Woi dhouse Eliss .1 i w Id Henry) 

House, s e 

T. McAuley, ^*™™J£H ma 


128 Princess Street. 




Salvation Army Barracks 

Provincial Secretary's Office 
305 Wright Robert J 
807 Aylesworth George A 

Barrack st ends 

House s e 

Cavalry Stables 

Haaz A & Co, vinegar mfgrs 

House, s e 


McGuire P H, marble works 
Wallace Robert, Stone dealer 
Artillery Park 
Deputy Adjutant-General's Office, 

Dleut.-Col W H Cotton, Dep. 

Magee Airs Sarah 

Private grounds 

Ordnance st intersects 

House s e 
357 Anis Asil H 
359 Chad wick Harvey 
361 "Wilton Henry 
363 Shales Robert J 
365 Graham Mrs Annie . 
367 O'Neil Mrs Annie 

Coleman Robert J 
375 Milln Mrs Sarah A 
377 Gallivan J P, grocer 

House, s e 
43 Madigan Michael 
45 Laugheran James 
47 McLeod Mrs Ann 

Connolly Mrs Elizabeth 
49 Handley William 
51 Newell Lewis 
53 Loke Mrs Mary 
55 Gossage John 
65 McCue, Miss Ellen 

360 Hatch Charles H 
366 Blakley Travers, carter 
Fannon Mrs Elizabeth 
368 Pearson John H 
370 Harris Hebron 

378 Eves James, cab owner 

Bay st intersects 

Store, s e 
42 Anderson Joseph D 
46 Sullivan Jeremiah 
48 Barigan Jacob 
50 Lanham Mrs Honora 
52 Goodman John 
54 Norris Mrs Jane 

58 Corrigan Daniel 

60 Corrigan Daniel, grocer 

North st intersects 

67 Eggleton James 

69 Brick Mrs Margaret 

Private grounds 
79 Meagher Martin 
81 Oliver Isaac 

Private grounds 

91 Reid John M 

93 Paynter Wm J 

95 Goodman Michael, carter 

97 Donovan Cornelius 

99 Brady John 

66 Bunt Richard 
70 Henderson George 
72 White Charles A 
74 Belanger Helaire 
76 Gates James 

Miller's lane commences 
82 Seale John 
86 Byrne Mrs Ann 
88 Lemmon John 
90 Simmons "William G 
94 Hunter Peter 
96 Funnell David J 

Raglan road intersects 

101 Reid James, grocer 
Waters J M, baker 
103 Kinch John 

106 Mitchell, Alexander 

107 Healey Thomas H 
Private grounds 

115 Davy Robert A 
117 I'.rownlie Archibald 
119 Neil Mrs Mary 

Corrigan st ends 

98 Vacant 
100 Peters Wm 
102 Scobell Frederick S 
104 Scanlan Mrs Ellen 
106 Belanger James 
108 Hepburn Robert W 
110 Murphy Thomas J 
112 Tetro Michael D 
Ji4 Moulton Charles 
116 Stevenson Robert 

GP ji l O Physicians Prescriptions 

O. HObart & OOnS and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 



BAGOT ST.— Continued. 
121 Wilson Henry 
_ "Jamieson Isaac 

McKenna. Mrs Bridget 
129 Sexsmith Robert 
137 Stanford Edward 
139 Spencer S Lewis 

Private grounds 



House, s e 

Private grounds 


( 'hurch 

Vacant lots 

116(a) Toland Mrs Jane 
lis Kidd Robert 
120 Wemp John 
122 Vacant 
'24 Clark Peter 
' >; McKee John 
128 Hall Mrs Anna 
L30 Davidson Walter 
nnor Thomas M 

John st commi nces 
L34 I >""lan John 
138 Cunningham Wm H 
140 Cullen Patrick 
142 Ferguson James 
146 Downie David 
1 18 Duffey John 
ISO Kelliher Mrs Winnifred 

Villard Ernest 
154 Redmond Martin 
156 Travis Joseph 
158 McManus John 
160 Strong Anthony 
Charles st intersects 
Congregational 166 Bennett Edward 
lt.s Davis George A 
17H McCluskey Mrs Unity 

174 Whitebread John 
176 Ross Alexander 

175 Donaldson James A 

Balaclava Street runs from the junction of Sydenham and Bay to 
the junction of Patrick and Alma. 

House, s e 

House, s e 
13 Martin Capl Chas .1 
17 Robb David .J 
19 Munro David W 
El Harrigan J"lm 

v| " Mrs Rose Frontenac Park 

Redan st commences 
27 Spencer Robert 
41 Allen Miss Bridget 
"i Bourne John C, coal oil 

Bourne Miss Jennie, dressmkr 

Patrick si commences Alma si ends 

Barrack Street runs west from the Inrbor to RagOt second north 

of Princess. 
\< >ktii si l »E S< >UTH si I >1-: 

.in Ponl Barracks Bowman's boal livery 

< >nt;i rio si intersects 

3 Snider Marshall P 

5 Craig John 

; Hopplns, Abiram 

9 Bush John 
Hall Win 


Cochrane Mrs Mary 

I tomlnlon House 
Dunn James 
McCorkell Andrew 

i !os I Bheds 

A lane 

l [ouse, s e 
King st in 

T^ TVToATTT T^V Receipts, Blank Drafts, 

A. IVA L, i"X U i-< JZi X , No tes. Mort^aees Deeds 

128 Princess Street. 

Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 



1'.' Fenwick T M. physician 
51 Leslie WilHam 
; .Ma rtin Sydney 
r.5-57 Walsh Patrick, coal and wood 
Riding School 


House, s e 
Vacant houses (3) 
Lennox House 
Wellington st intersects 

86 Anglin Samuel 

87 Vacant 

89 Gallagher Mrs Mary J 

Rideau st commences 

Store, s e 

111 Killeen Thomas P 
115 Twiss Francis, carter 
117 Aiken Robert E 

Campbell's wood yard 
92 Thurston Henry 
9C. Vacant 
98 Maslen James S 
102 Boucher John W 

Kennedy Timothy, carter, rear 
Campbell Peter, rear 
104 Glover Frank M 
106 Davis John 
110 Wright Mrs Margaret 

Crawford Wm 
112 Laturney George, carter 
116 Stigney Thomas 
McQuaid Mrs Mary 

BaPPie StPeet runs north from the junction of King east and King 
west to north of Raglan Road. 


King st e commences 

City Park 

Park ave commences 

Cricket Grounds 


King st w commences 
House, s e 
20 Short Mrs Angelique 
22 Chadwick Allan 
24 Crawford Robert 

O'Kill st commences 
26 Hanley John, cab owner 
28 Mitchell Mrs Francis 
34 Strange John 
?6 Robertson D Stewart 
64 Doran Miss Bridget 
66 Harty Mrs Ellen 
72 Walkem Richard T, Q.C. 
78 Macaulay Miss Charlotte J 

Stuart st commences 
SO Waldron Richard 
82 Flanagan Michael 

Flanagan M E, florist 
84 Vacant 
86 Bower John 
88 Bailie Wm 
90 Mooers Henry 
94 Johnston Albert C 
96 Kirkpatrick Mrs Harriet B 

Deacon st commences 
98 O'Brien Mrs Annie E 
100 Martin John D, music teacher 
102 Coulson James S 
104 Hiscock Edgar C 
106 McFaul Robert 
110 Howarth Charles, shoemkr 

G, S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes. Tooth Brushes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 



BARRIE ST.— Continued. 

Court House 

Kingston Dairy School 
Eddington David 

Collegiate Institute (old) 

Clergy st commences 

Chalmer's Church 


831 Makins Wm 

House, b >■ 


Private grounds 

112 Pappa William J 
114 Merrick Henry 
116 Fenwick George S 
120 Fair Wit J 
124 McRae Wm D 
128 Cottle Mrs Letitia P 
140 Roche Herrick H 
144 Shaw Mrs Agnes 
146 Kidd Wm G 
148 Rogers R Yashon, Q C 
152 MacMorine Rev John K 

Union st w c unm 
162 Mclver John B 
164 Cliff George 
170 Ellis YVm S 
172 Fteid \Vm H 
174 Vacant 
180 Vacant 
In. Loj nes Shore 
184 McAllister Mrs Mary A 

■ i Driscoll Jeremiah 
188 Mulhulland James T 
190 Brooks Miss Mary A 
192 Hastings Mrs Louisa 
194 Gilbert .John, grocer 
198 Veale John, baker 

Clergy st w commences 
204 Drurj \\'m (branch) wood 

Babcock William X 
212 McGowan George A 
218 Weir James C 
220 May no,- Mrs Ellen 

Martin Miss Mary 

224 McConville T A Son. butchers 
Earl st intersects 

226 Packer Alfred, grocer 
228 Kavanagh Mrs Mary 
AcMahon Andrew C 

232 White Mrs Sophia B 

Caylor J H, sec hand goods 

240 Ya.ant 

242 Flanagan John P 
244 Henderson James, shoemkr 
846 Vacant 
William st Inters* 

246 N< Mrs S, grocer 
"rank w 
,\ [ane '•'' , Sexton James L 

< lompton M Iss Marj J 
I McFaul .M Ichai l 
Souse, s e 
Johnston s1 Intersects 

Private grounds 
Derrj Wm H 
Scobell Sldnej w 
294 Doyle Hugh, confect ions 
Brock st i nt.- 1 

128 Princess Street. 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 

half a cent to 15c. a yard. 



295 Sutherland John 
207 Armstrong Mrs Isabella 

301-300 Maple Row 

301 Cardwell Miss Eliza 

303 Vacanl 

806 Vacant 

307 Staley Capt Charles 

309 Spotswood George A 

Store, s e 

Store, s e 
325 Campian Richard 
327 Bissonette George H 
329 McBride James S 
331 O'Donnell John 
333 Newlands Wm, contractor 

House, s e 

298 Merchant V, watchmaker 

:' s Williams Mrs Mary 
A lane 300 Lalonde Joseph M 

302 Ryan Mrs Clara, dressmkr 
: 04 KelSo Mis Isabella 
.'■us Vacant 
, 314 Vacant 
' 316 Vacant 
1 8 Vacant 
A lane 320 Herod A E, shoemkr 
Store, s e 
Princess st intersects 

Young Men's Christian Assn 

"32 Agnew James 

House, s e 

Private grounds 
Store, s e 

House, s e 
383 Driver John 
385 Massie Wm, contractor 
387 Lewis Joseph 

389 Burns Mrs Mary 
391 Vacant 

407 Sullivan John 

411 McNamee James 

429 Forbes William 

435 Thorn p~on Peter M 

4S7 Moles Richard 

439 Ryan Mrs Margaret 

441 Stansbury John 

House, s e 
Queen st intersects 

358 Willey Jabous W 
362 Brown James 
364 Baker Wm J 
366 Martin Charles A 
368 Knight Robert 
370 Briden G S, grocer 
Colborne st intersects 

Store, s e 
| 374 Mills Mrs Annie 

376 Porter Rev Thomas G 
37S Faclden Wm S 
] 380 Paienaude Oliver 
Ordnance st intersects 

House, s e 
, 396 Fodden James 
398 Singleton Thomas 
400 Lake Richard H 

Corkey Frank, grocer 

York st intersects 

402 Vacant 

406 Lemmon John 

408 Gimblett Wm H 

410 Stratford Henry 

428 Pigion Mrs Jane 

430 Kennedy William 

432 Ferguson Alexander 

Raglan road intersects 

447 Hart Patrick 
449 Gilmour Robert 
451 Scott John 
45 ! Edgar William T 
455 Rollinson Walter W 
457 Smith Peter 
459 Dutton Samuel 
461 Jones .L>hn 

Private grounds 
Babcock William N 

G. S. Hcbart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 


Bartlett Street see south Bartlett street. 

Bath Road. 

Green Wm J 
McFedridge Wm 

Gould Charles S 

Wright Wm 

W Is George 

English Anthony- 
Friendship C C, market garden j 
"VVaddington Wm 
Bushell James 

Prison road ends I 

Bay Street runs west from the river to Frontenac Park, fourth north 

of Princess. 

Davis R & Son. dry dock 
Bryant, Carnegie & Lynn, foundrs 
Anglin S & Co, coal and lumber 
Lynch Mrs Catherine 
Higginbotham James, rear 
II "use, s e 


Wellington st ends 

Bajus' Brewery 

Rideau st intersects 

Store, s e 
45 Bird Joseph 
47 Martin Ephraim 
49 Knapp George W 
51 Lawrence Frank 
55 O'Neill Charles J 
57 Short John W 
59 Davy George W 
61 Clarke Mrs Annie 
88 Vacant 

65 Murphy Mrs Hannah 
67 Vacant 
69 Culhene Patrick 
Clancy John 
O'Neill Mrs Ellen 

73-5 Guild John, grocer 
81 Nicoll John 
'' | i !oj le John, cab owner 
B '■ l ' i nnon George D 
Store, s e 

50 Sullivan Dennis 

52 Livingston Wellington L 

54 Long, Charles E 

56 Gallagher Win S. cab owner 

58 Donovan Daniel 

60 Conley James 

62 McDonald John 

Bennett George W 
64 Gray George w 
66 i Jarr Alexander 

Store, s e 

Bagot st intersects 

House, s e 
90 Simmons Wm 
82 nick Leonard W 

!I4 Nuttall ( ISCar A 
Store, s e 

Montreal st Intersects 

Store, s e 

111 BdcCulla .lames 
113 Hunter Qeorge 
116 Kellej Wra A 

House, s e 

l louse of l'ro\ Idenne 

Sydenham st Intersects 

Ba i o i.i\ .i si comemnces 
187 McBratney Huph 

House, s e 
186 Vacant 
i m k impson Joseph 
l it Wright I leoi 
i M ( irogan Mrs ( Catherine 
14* hwin Theodore 


128 Princess St. 

Inks, Writing ana Copying : Stephens', 
Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
worth's and Underwoods. 


Beverly Street runs north from King w. to Union, seventh west 

of Barrie. 


douse, s e 
Campbell James 

McMahon -Mrs Ann 
Vacant houses (3) 
Richards Howard 
Glvens Charles 
McGranaghan Robert 
Ragan Mrs Mary, grocer 
Vacant house 
Carswell Robert 
Stone quarry 
Rutherford James A 
LaRush Richard J 
Rea Mrs Rebecca 
Jamieson David 
Mat thews Wm H 

Irwin Robert, grocer 

Hunter John 

Vacant lots 

Gibson James F, physician 

Private grounds 

Brewery Lane runs west from 308 Wellington Street. 

Bajus' Brewery 

2 Morris Edward 
4 Vacant 

6 Hughes Mrs Margaret 
8 Hanson Mrs Elizabeth 

Brock Street runs west from the harbor to Nelson, first south 

of Princess. 

Fulger's dock 

Folger's General Ticket Agency 
Thousand Island House 

K & P Ry grounds 

Ontario st intersects 

Kennedy House 
21 Switzer Nelson, hotel 
25 Abramson & Bro. clothing 
27 Vacant 
29 American Hotel 
31 Perry W J. barber 
33 Clarendon House 
35 Provincial Hotel 
37 Parrell Thomas, liquors 
39 Smith Mrs H S. bookbinder 
Conway J B. cutter 
Bell W P & Son. photo? 
41 Ward John, grocer 
Canadian Express Co 
American Express Co 

City buildings 


King st e intersects 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street 

A. A. A . greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 


BROCK ST.— Continued. 


Wade Henry druggist 
51 Lee Albert J. barber 
53 Halligan John & Co. grocers 
55 Prevost Z. merchant tailor 
57 Johnson O G, florist 
59-61 Henderson J S, grocer 
65 .McNeil! W J, flour and feed 
67 Adam^ Wm. shoemkr 
69-71 McKelvey & Birch, plumbers 
73 Hemsley Mrs M E. dressmaker 
75-77 Livingston C & Bro, tailors 
79 Spencer Ralph, tailor 
81 Ellis Arthur, architect 

Bailie Wm, printer 
mway Mrs J B, milliner 
85 N'isbet F, bookseller 


Store s e 
56-58 Salter Joseph, auctioneer 
60 Lake Ontario Fish Co 

Wheelock Milton B 
62 Metcalfe J C. butcher 
66 McNeil Neil, plumber 
68 Burns Mrs Rachel, vegetables 
70 Johnson H S- barber 
72 J< hnston .b»hn E 
74 McCammon John, butcher 
76 Kelly P J. harnessmaker 
78-80 Schroder John, provisions 
s2 Allen W & Son, boots and shoes 
s4 Medley Miss C dressmaker 
86 Walsh Michael 
90-92 Mills J H. auctioneer 
94 Carnovsky W H. fruits 

Wellington st intersects 


1 29 
1 33 

Store, s e 

Keeley W J, mfg jeweller 
Keyes, Miss Alice, dressmaker 
Oh Ike Mrs Maria, pictures 
Alexander Philip, provisions 
Jackson Miss M K. milliner 
Offord Geo sr, shoes 

i.i i Hutchison D A, flour and feed 
lin Jos. flour and grain 

-127 Queen's Bote] 
Bibby F A, li 

Irwin Tl lore, tailor 

McMahon T & Co, painters 

McRae Bros, grocers 

McRae's warehouse 

Clarence st ends 

Bagot st intci 

1 (9 
1 53 





m> i ' i mmon r>i" S . Uvery 

Deeks W A & Son, blacksmiths 

Blake Henry 


McLaughlin John 

Dunbar Mrs Hester 

McKenzie Miss Harriet 

Newman \\'m. conti 

Ryan Edward, physician 

Montreal st commences 
Third Methodist Church 
Ruttan Henry M 
Chown Edwin 

i nt 

lllivraj Re\ Malcolm, 
ike's ( !hurch 
Breden John 

i ;..w an Q \. el 
v icant 
O'Bi li ii Alexander 

i Couse 

Private grounds 

Hotel i >ie« 

i ickhouse, 

Vacant loti 

Sydenham st ends 
\|. \. dentist 

234 Elliott Willi nil G 

• i Macpherson Mis a Henrietta 
• |8 Wade Henrj 


128 Princess Street. 

Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 


2 3 

289 Vacant 

l'H Henderson James R 
243 Mitchell Isaac 
245 Halligan John 
l'47 Vacant 

249 Fowler Fife, physician 
255 Chown Albert P, physician 
257 Chown George Y 

240 Cunningham Thomas 
242 Vacant 
244 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

St. Mary's School 






Clergy st intersects 

House, s e St. Mary's Cathedral 

Anglin John T 

^Wilder Miss L, private school 
Hersey Mis M i>. dressmaker 

McGrath Mis Mary, dressmkr Palace grounds 

Carson Robert J 
Fire Station No 2 
House, s e 

Barrie st intersects 





Store, s e 

Healey David 

Vanasky Mrs Ellen 

Hales Mrs Mary, boar. lint 

Canada Hay Co 

Going Shirley 

Baxter Mrs Kate 

Gormley Mrs Johanna 

Carroll Miss Ellen 

Armstrong Miss Lizzie 

McMahon Thomas 

Coward Mark W 

Coward George B 

Nolan James 

Flood Michael 

Carroll Mrs Ellen .rear 

Collins Miss Kate, rear 

McConville Miss Kate, rear 

Hall William 

Store, s e 
304 Vacant 

306 Alexander Mrs Jane 
310 Hilton Thomas, harnessmaker 
312 Campion Wm 

314 Boyce Richard J 
316 Kilpatrick John H 

315 Denn William 

322 Casey Hiram W 
324 Vacant 

330 Johnston John 
332 McCay Edward M 
334 Rudd Mrs Jane 
336 Diack Robert A J 
338 Pelletier J J Cyi-ille 
340 Hughes John M 

Division st intersects 

House, s e 

Johnston Edward W 
Martin John W 
Booth George 
Dick Wm R 
Boyd Capt John 
Thompson George 
Livingstone Mrs Selina 
Lochhead James 
Morley William 
Dennison Mrs Mary 
Percy Thomas 
Marshall Samuel 
Fralick Charles E 
Chapman S W. contractor 
Rutherford Charles 

Store, s e 
346 Haffner Christian, butcher 
348 Nolan Michael 
350 McRae Allan H S 
354 Connor Mrs Matilda 
356 Ford Mrs Anna M 
F58 De Roche Mrs Mary 
360 Drummond Mrs Jane B 
362 Higgins Moore 
364 Vacant 

370 Ferris Charles H 
372 Parker George 
374 Gilbert Richard 

Cummins Michael, rear 
378 Vacant 
380 Hoskin Mrs Clara 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 




ST.— Continued. 

391 Nugent James 
33 Graham Edward 
■'$95 Laidlaw DavM G 
397 Johnston James S 
399 Brick X William 
House, s e 

:>_ Sawyer Mrs Eliza J 
384 Whitcomb Mrs Margaret 
394 Donovan Miss Edna 
396 Clugston Robert, contractor 
398 Boyd Isaac 
400 Lowe Samuel 
KM MeCutcheon Alexander 
406 Metcalfe John C 

University ave intersects 

House, s e 
121 Phillips Mrs 
125 Nicholson Mrs Mary 

429 Ettinger John G 

431 Scott Capt John H 

13:: Crawford John J 

139 Wainwright Arthur H 

Victoria Park 

Victoria Park 
"Vacant lol 

House, s e 
128 Henzv Henry 
430 Smith Joseph A B 

ale John 
4:;4 Abernethy Win. contractor 
438 Vacant 
440 Gill Wm 
4 (J Murray Mrs Frances 
Alfred st intersects 

House, s e 
460 Dollar Wm N 
462 Richardson Wm L 
464 Sharpe Joseph 
466 Kirkpa trick George H 
168 Vacant 

(To Turner George w 
ITi' Cumming Mrs Caroline 
47t McCormick Charles 
476 Vacant 

Front enac st Intersects 

180 Malone Capt Abraham 
Albert st Inters 

"l'ii 1 talpack Mrs Barbara 
522 Scriven John A 

Carlisle Street runs north from York to Chestnut, second west of Harric 

Not built on. 

Cataraqui Street runs west from the river to west of Rideati 

m h:tm si DE 
Edgar l>;ivid 
Vacanl tanm ry 

h;ii .1 si comrra 
Odette John 
Vlberl .1 
Ste 11I' y Thomas 
Hay David 

Railway crossing 
imperial 1 HI 1 

Rtdeau si Intersects I 
M Hughi Wlllia.n Hous< 

■•< \ ■ . 1 Uni 3a muel 
■>i \. •.. ns Will \ si .mi lots 

1 lomlnlon Cotton Mills < Jo's 
(Kingston branch) 

Mallen Jam< b. coal and wood 
1 >uponl A Wilson, oilcloth manu- 

l.i.-l II I .IS 


128 Princess Street. 




Centre Street runs north from King \v. to Union, eighth west of Darrie 

House, s e 

■| tellevue" 
Wilson James 
Birkett John H 

Private grounds 


Marshall Prof David H 
McCormack Thomas N 
Vacant houses (3) 
Cook John 
Wilder George, teas 
Givins John 
Deacon John T 
Eves John 

McCormick Armstrong 
Yates Mrs Jane 

Chapman Street runs north from Queen to Colborne, first 
east of Division. 


House, s e 
Allan Mrs Sarah 
Chapman W J, contractor 

Queen Street School 

Charles Street runs west from Rideau to Patri;k, fifth north of Bay 

Vacant lots 

Chenahen John I 
11 Coggan J Alfred 
13 Seles Wesley D 
15 Young Stephen R 
17 Jackson Thomas 
19 Glazier Ernest 
21 Eward Charles 
27 Wright Thomas A 
29 Wood, Mrs Abbey A 
35 Cooper James E 
37 Grahen Thomas 
39 Handley Mrs Mary A 
41 Green Mrs Maria 

Congregational Church 

Vacant lots 
12 Driscoll Patrick 

Private grounds 

House, s e 
Carr William 
Woods John J 
House, s e 

Bagot st intersects 

House, s e 

Scrutton James, butcher 
House, s e 

Montreal st intersects 
(This street is known as Upper Charles from here to Patrick.) 

A lane 

Store, s e 
13 Taylor John 
15 Spooner Charles N 
17 Tetlock Samuel G 

21 Patterson Robert W 
25 Purtell William 

Store, s e 

66 Germain J Edmund 
68 Whinton John M 
70 Connor John W 
24 Dickson James 
26 Walsh Edwin 
28 Robinson Webb 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men, women, boys and girls. 



CHARLES ST— Continued 

31 Quigley James 

33 Joyce Lawrence 

37 Tait Joseph 

39 Newell Napoleon 

49 Gallivan John 

53 Martin Mr? Catherine 

59 Burtch Albert W 

61 Eves Wm 

63 Vacant 

65 Doherty Mrs Agnes 

67 Crallin Edward 


34 Gallagher Thomas 
38 Wilson Richard 
42 Randall Wm M 
46 Green Mrs Ann 
48 Austin Richard H 
52 Lawler J Herbert 

Butland James 
58 Purtell James, carter 
62 Kendall Hiram 
64 Anderson William J 

House, s e 

Chatham Street runs north from Princess to Pine, first west of Division 


House, s e 
23 Vacant 
2S Vacant 

Private grounds 
45 Burnett H W, grocer 

Bouse, s e 
51 IfcUen Win 

avea Mrs Charlotte 
'.7 1 '1 Mil,, is Mrs Mary 
69 Chalkley Mrs Emma 

H'Hi ■ 

Pi Ivate grounds 

99 Smith Edward M 
mi Saunders Wm 

Hou • 

■it |oti 


22 Laces Louis 

24 Spooner Edward 

26 Hartrick Mrs Martha 

28 Orser Isaac 

30 Manson John 

First sr intersects 

Private grounds 
Colborne st intersects 

Private grounds 
60 Caldback John H 
Vacant lots 
Elm st intersects 

Galllnger Tei 

1 BTogan John !'• 

2 Suddard .lames H 
Hume John B 

t Campbell Hugh 

5 Ault Mi-- Franklin 

6 Collins Wm .1 

7 l;....ks Joseph H 

8 Mal.mey John 

Fifth st i 1 1 1 - - 1 - 

100 B "M John 

Prl\ ate grounds 

Sixth st Intersects 

Porter John «: 

W 1 Mrs M.n\ 

188 Bu< u 1 leorgi U 

\ tu b( Intei 




128 Princess Street. 




Cherry Street runs north from York to north of Pine, first 
east of Division 


Store, s e 
3 Doherty [saac W 
r> Milne Robert 
7 Palmer James E 

O'Brien's quarry 

35 Cannem Samuel 
Private grounds 
Store, s e 

House, s e 
til Simpson Charles 
63 Geake John 
6."> Vacant 
71 Snider Damon, dairy 

I louse, s e 
Vacant lots 
1 1 Moore David J 

Chestnut st intersects 

Private grounds 
House, s e 

Quebec si Intersects 

24 Vacant 
34 O'Brien Thomas 
House, s e 

Pine st intersects 

House, s e 
60 Holland Wm 

68 Godwin James G 

70 Peters Joseph, blacksmith 

Chestnut Street runs from Carlisle to Quebec, first north of York 


Anderson John 

Private grounds Private grounds 

Plum st ends ' 

Cherry st intersects 

House, s e 
Spence John 
Truesdell David W 

Prime st ends 

Clarence Street runs west from the harbor to junction of Ragot 
and Brock Streets. 

Ward William 
Vacant lots 

K & P Rv freight sheds 
K & P Ry Depot 

Swift's Dock 
Madden E J. cheese buyer 

Ontario st intersects 

Stanley House 
Rear entrances 

Canal Office, Wm Burrows. Collec- 
tor of Tolls 

28 Folger Bros, bankers 
.'30 Canadian Pacific Ry Co's Telegh 
Bay of Quinte R R & Naviga Co 
G N W Telegraph Co 
36 Sullivan W H. barrister 
38 Steamboat Inspector's Office. Capt 
T Donnelly, Inspector 
Thompson T P. Inspector of steam- 
boat boilers 

G. S. JFiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 



CLARENCE ST— Continued 

Gas Inspector's Office, Wm Bur- 
rows, Inspector 

Weights and Measures Office 
John A Afacdonald, Inspector 

Garvin Edward, caretaker 

Rear entrances 

Seeley David 
Dominion Express Co 
Swift J F, insurance agent 
Swift James & Co (branch) coal 
and wood 


38 Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co 
Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co 
Mahar John M, barrister 
Mclver John B. insurance 
Macdonnell G M, barrister 
Marriman Mrs Ellen, caretaker 

4ii-4_' Gildersleeve J P, insurance 
Lake Ontario & Bay of Quinte 

Steamboat Co (ltd) 
Standard Life Assurance Co 

41 Sample room B A Hotel 

46 Frontenac Cafe 

4s Sample room B A Hotel 

50 Jones James H, barber 
British American Hotel 

KiiiL;- st e intersects 

Ontario Chambers 

Dobbs J R C & Co. typewriters 

Mucklesl m i s. mnfrs agent 

Smythe. Smith & Lyon, barrs 

King Francis, barrister 

Board of Trade 

London Life ins 

> Thomas X, caretaker 
a lane 
iuilding & Savings Soey 
Brittor. i<- Whiting, barristers 
Cridiford John 
Purcell f .1. barber 
Mills & Cunningham, bankers 
Skinner .1 S, barrister 
Cunningham A B, banister 
' (liver ' ' < I. customs in-. >ker 

( 1'iialian Mrs Susan 

Pong Buey, laundry 

Hide I nspector's < »ili c-.- 

Frontenac L an & [nvesl Society 

Aftudie John, barrister 

Simpson Isaac, hanker 

( !onreen Mis i ';i therine 

Ken I Bros, hankers 

\\ alio in & Walkem, barrister! 

Klrkpa trick F < :. barrister 

Strange A Strange, Insurance 

si ran-.' John, ban I 

Strange Capl Prank, supt mill tan 

i 'Hit George, real estate 
White Fred, Insurance agent 
m u pherson & I [ooper, Insurance 
i 'a i rut hers .1 B, banker 

Custom House. Clarke Hamilton. 

I'ost Office, James Shannon. Post- 

post Office [nspector's Depart- 
ment, II Merrick. Inspector 

Wellington st Intersects 

Golden Lion Block 
Vai u 
mi McDonald Roderick 

Mouse, s 8 

110 King Robert 

112 Deeks William A 

T. McAuley, 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
128 Princess Street. Copy Books. 




114 Robinson Thomas H 
116 Rossiter E N, brush mnfr 
L20-124 Wilson T C. livery stable 
126 Kilpatrick S J & Co. marble works 
128 Daley Patrick, publisher 

Canadian Freeman (weekly) 
132 Johnston J & Son, farm implts 

Vance Christopher, weaver 
134 Nicholls Wm. vet surgeon 

Clergy Street runs north from Uarrie to Ordnance, sixth 
west of the harbor. 

Vacant school building 
House, s e 

Chalmer's Church 

Earl st intersects 

House, s e 
Private grounds 

House. ; 
38 Vacant 
40 Vacant 

William st intersects 

45 Taylor Albert D 
47 Vacant 

49 Boyd Miss Harriet, dressmaker 
51 Walsh Mrs Mary A 
53 Kearns James 
55 Campbell Alexander B 

44 King J George 

46 Conley Thomas 

48 Vacant 

50 Cfford George, sr 

52 Whiting Rev Richard 

60 Burnside Edgerton 

Johnston st intersects 

St Mary's School 
Ryan Wm, caretaker 

St Mary's Cathedral 

Brock st intersects 

House, s e 

105 Sutherland Samuel 
H»7 .Moore Edward 

Welch E R & Son, marble works 

96 Morrison Mrs Catherine 
98 Macdonald Francis 
100 Vacant 
102 Youlden Henry 
104 Corbett John 
106 Murray Capt James 
108 Van Arnam Charles A 
110 Harkness Harry, feed 
Algoma House 

Store, s e 
133 Vacant 
135 O'Driscoll John 
137 Vacant 

Princess st intersects 

St Andrew's Church 

Mackie Rev John 
Queen st intersects 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 


CLERGY ST— Continued 


Queen St Methodist Church 
l.'.l Cook Thomas 

Williams John 
163 Campbell Matthew 

House, s - 

162 Cooper Thomas 
164 Keyes Mrs Ann 

Colborne st intersects 

165 Vacant 

l»iT Murray Mrs Annie 

169 Hoppins Densmore 

171 Norris W H 

175 Forsyth Mrs Alma J 

177 Hunter Henry 

187 Ward John 

189 Begg Mrs Harriet 

191 Horsey Samuel J 

House, s e 

176 Forsyth George R 
178 Offord Frederick A 
180 Phillips Thomas H 
182 Benoit Edward P 
190 McBride James 
\:>2 James Mrs Bridget 

Clergy Street West [formerly Young] runs west from Barrie to 
University Avenue, first north of Union. 

1 1" use. s e 
5 Vacant 

11 Cowperthwaite James 
Little Thomas, rear 
15 McAuley Robert J 
17 Walsh James 
21 O'Brien John 
25 Vacant 

3mlth Charles F 
29 Smith Henry 
irdan James 
att Mrs Matilda 
PI Prince Mrs Eliza 
39 Shanahan John 
11 I >oyle Miss ,1'ihanna 
i Hamilton James 

Hi use, 
i rter Mrs Mary A 
77 Hazletl Win 

Lig James A 
81 Downing James 

•ram John 1' 
••I Qallowaj James, Jr 
•. ; Horn alexandei 
BR Clark Joseph B3 

97 Johns Thomas H 

99 Hardj John «' 

House, s e 

14 Vacant 

16 Vacant 

18 Dennis Isaac 

20 Christmas Henry 

22 Ball Samuel 

_'l McKee Andrew 

Vacant lots 
Vacant lots 

Wade's lane ends 

(0 Rllej Mrs Julia 
12 Bird Langley 
House, s e 

Division st Intersects 

i ri\ ate grounds 

1 1 ( it aham Win 1 1 

16 McFarland Charles D 
is Wilson Houghton w 

i'ri\ ate grounds 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 



3 l 

ColbOPne Street runs west from Sydenham 10 west of Chatham, 
second north of Princess 


Stoi >'. s <• 

7 Boyd Richard cab ovvm 

9 Vacant 
11 A'acant 
13 Vair George T 
15 Watson Robert E 
17 Tierney James 
21 Snider Daniel 

Patterson John W 
15 Wright Clark W 
-i Sharpe Harry 
29 Wilson George F 
::i Anderson Charh s W W 
33 Wad. 1. -11 David A 
In 'vise, s e 

2 Thompson Robert 
4 Dolan Michael J 
8 Nugent Mrs Mary 

14 Vacant 

22 Thompson James D 

30 Johnston Rev Charles O 
34 Vacant 

36 Donovan Michael 
40 Cornelius John, jr 
Moncrieff John 

House, s e 

Clergy st intersects 








1 53 

Auchinvole Gilbert, grocer 

Stallard Mrs Sarah 

Harmer Alfred S 

Smith Alfred T 

Appelbe Miss Sarah 

Hayward Edward H 

Lees Joseph 

Fokes Edward J 

Dean William 

Kane James 

Davidson Andrew, contractor 

Offord Ethelbert 

Hamer John 

Massie John R 

Haaz Anton 

Hawley John A 

House, s e 
44 Jenkin Isaac 
46 Donnelly Thomas 
48 Dunlop Andrew W 
50 Pollie John 
58 Newton John 
60 McCullough John 
62 Smith John 
68 Marshall John 
70 McKenna Patrick 
74 Flett Alexander G 
78 Crozier James 
80 Pope T N, shoemkr 
82 James Thomas, butcher 

Shaw D A. grocer 
Landeryon Joseph T A 
Reid Frederick A 
Counter George J 
Kilpatrick Samuel J 

Main st commences 
Robinson Wm 
Keen George 
Bunt Wm 
Powers John 
Custar George H 
Randall Mrs Margaret 
Eccles F George 
Tait Joseph G 
Jones Mrs Catherine 
Macpherson Peter M 
Downey Mrs Robert 
Suddard Wm J 
McDonell John 
Suddard Mrs Lucy 

Barrie st intersects 

Briden G S, grocer 
114 Roberts Ernest T 
116 Driver Wm J 
118 Lambert Thomas 
120 Bailey William 
122 Briden Rev Wm 
124 Chapman W J, contractor 

Chapman st ends 

Queen Street School Yard 
136 Vacant 

138 La France Mrs Catherine 
140 Allen George 
146 Mason Samuel 

148 Vacant 

150 Forder Mrs Margaret 

152 Keyes Thomas 

154 Vacant 

Division st intersects 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Physicians Prescriptions 
and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 



COL.BORNE ST Continued 

House, s e 
181 Wilmot Nathaniel 
183 Cameron Mrs Lucy 
185 Copley William 
193 Lennon Thomas 
195 Somerville Francis 
197 Mozley William 
199 Vanwinckel Jacob 
201 Foster Charles 

Bell Wm P 

1 tckley Thomas G 
iward Robert 
213 Turnbull Alexander 
216 Bews James 
.17 Braynt Reuben 

Bell Robert C 
243 Campbell Edward J 
245 Holder John B 

SOUTH sidi: 
Private grounds 

192 Dunlop Robert 

196 Greaves Mrs Helen 

198 Young George 

202 Smith Mrs E, dressmkr 

204 Lindsay Patrick 

208 Bearance Alexander 

210 Hinds John 

Private grounds 
214 Lewers Robert 
216 Mcllfoy Wright 
240 McCallum Mrs Helen 
244 Barry James 

Store, s e 

Chatham st intersects 

Private grounds 
261 Vacant 

264 Caldback Mrs Martha 
266 Johnson Miss Elizabeth 

College Street runs north from Union w, second west of Albert. 

Not built on 


House, s e 
Wellborn William 
Gravelle Oliver, dairy 

Colling'WOOd Street runs north from King to Johnston, fifth 

west of Bnrrie. 


Vacant lots 
Vacant houses (2) 
Vacant lots 
88 Atkinson Thomas 

^7 WOOdS Ceo: 

39 i-'i ancia ' lerrot 
Vacant lot* 
Kenney Thomas 

lit house 
I •••unison Jami I I 
Geary <!eorge 

I '■ 1 1 •. in. 1 n John T 
Vaca ni I' 'i 

Vacanl lots 

Williamson Mrs Mary 
Johnston .Mrs Margaret 
mi tonell Mrs Marj a 

I III lots 

Hermiston Charles D 
Praser Calvin P 
Girvin Robert Q 
Mcintosh Henry 

nit lots 

Union st w Intersects 

1 Church 

\ '.o a 11 1 

Cobet tvo l. a. • 'on tractor 
Vl»xander Mrs Wm n 

•1. \ W'm 

Vacant lots 

OllmOUr William 

Vacanl 1 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 




Wilkes Arthur B 
Sinclair David A 
Mitchell Mrs Isabella 
Vacant lots 

Earl st ends 
Vacant lots 
Pollitt Wm, baker 
Orser Sidney H 
Vacant lots 


Aubln William P 
Healey Mrs Clara 
Milo Edward 
Francis John 

Vacant lots 

Concession Road runs west from Division, eighth north of Princess- 

House, s e 

Bryant Wm, sr 

Gordon Robert 

Pomeroy Wm F 

Bryant J Wesley 

Bryant Frank 

Bryant Edward 

Coyle Thomas, stone quarry 

Robbs James 

Theriault Francis X 

Reid Wm H 

Wilder Artemus 

Wilder Jonas, farmer 

Palace School 

Galbraith Wm J 


House, s e 
Private grounds 

Lansdowne st ends 
Richardson Wentworth 
Self Mrs Hannah 
Asselstine George W 
Smith John T 
Holland W Chester 
Vacant house 
McKenna Henry 
Rogers Miss Isabella H 
Treneer John P 

Alfred st ends 
Fair groundr 

Vacant lots 

Nelson st ends 
Victoria st ends 

Private grounds 
Princess st intersects 

Corrigan Street runs west from 180 RiJeau to Bagot, third 

north of Bay. 


House, s e 
1 Davis Matthew R 
3 Harrison Edward 

Vacant lots 


House, s e 
4 Leaden Frederick A 
6 Blair Mrs Julia 
8 McArdle Patrick 
10 Vacant 

12 Stokes Benjamin 
14 Lavery Patrick 
16 Vacant 
House, s e 

House, s e 

Cowdy Street runs north from Pine, second east of Division. 


s e 

Vacant lots 


Store, s e 

Swanston's bakeshop 
3-5 Vacant 
7 Smith Daniel 
9 McMaster James 
11 Kearns Samuel 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brashes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 



Davidson Street runs west from Ellerbeck Avenue to limits. 

Not built on 

Deacon Street iuns west from 98 Barrie to Arch, first south ol Union. 

House, s e 
9 Shea William 
11 Blackwell James W 
lo Beauehamp J W, grocer 
17 Vacant 

House, s 
12 Wilson George 
14 Barnes Mrs Eliza 
16 Vacant 

18 Cunningham Mrs Saran 
22 Hitchcock Edward 

Division Street runs north from Union w. to city limits, first 
west of Barrie. 



1 Vacant 

3 Cannem Albert 

5 Rei.l Samuel F 

7 McArthur John 
l."> Linton Charles E 
17 Mooney Robert J 
19 M -i rit t Edward 
21 Redmond Patrick 
23 Smyth Archibald 
25 O'Brien Edward 
_7 Jordan Mrs Margaret 
29 Cook Wm W 
31 McQuirk Mrs Mary 

■ nis Miss Jan.- C 
35 Moore Mrs Margaret 
37 McArthur James 

17 1 t.i 1 It - Edwin 

t:» Bcotl 'l'!i. .111:1 11 

.". 1 Mclntyre John 
>lan Michael 

56 < 7a it Mrs Ann 

".7 Mclnl j re Mis Ann 

61 1 la b< "civ .1 s. grocer 

I lulls.- 

71 CI apma n < h 

73 March and Edward 

7.". Nish.-I I 1 1 1 

7!i Bqulre M i I [arrlel 
urcotl tiffed 


Private grounds 

18 Connor Frederick H 
20 Barry Robert 

24 Packer Thomas 

28 Elmer Albert K 

32 Spencer Win C 
34 Dickson John H 

Clergy st w intersects 

36 Gram & Friendship, grocers 
m McGranaghan Samuel 
42 Lipman Barnet 
:i Dougherty Miss Jane, dressmkr 
16 McKenzie Alexander A 
18 Rea David 
50 Flanagan Patrick 
52 Vineberg Aaron M 
54 Sin. lair Archibald 
66 Newel] Win 
House, ■ a 

Earl st inter 

Gardiner Co The. biscuit mfgrs 
7s Edwarda Richard 
BO Connor Geo w h 

82 T a\ lor Mrs Mary 

B6 Vacant 
ss Vacanl 

T . McAul ew. Wal1 Paper from 5c - to 50c ' 

a . Jffi^ikMt u,*,**^ a Roll Borderings from 
128 Princess Street. half a cent to 15c. a yard. 





( luy Mrs I Uriah < ; 
Mullln E \V. grocer 

Robinson Win J 
Smith John 


House, s •■ 

Louise Public School 
Cliff Mrs Mary A 
House, s e 


90 ( reale .John 
92 Hanlon I ternard J 
94 Free Robert J 
96 I .eahy Thomas J 
98 Leahy Mrs Mary 
100 Asselstine Peter, contractor 
House, s c 

Johnston st intersects 


House, s e 
149 Clark Mrs Mary 
161 Barber Charles F 

Burton J J, grocer 
163 Augustus Capt Webster 
House, s e 


House, s e 
179 Welch Edwin R 
181 Day Prof Forshaw 
183 Marriott Mrs Eliza 
185 Welch Charles 

House, s e 

Queen st ends 

Store, s e 

Private grounds 

1^4 Crawford Anthony 
130 Bedford John 
134 Burns Mrs Ellen 
136 Hipson Joseph R K 
140 Kennedy Joseph, grocer 
st intersects 
i 146 Saunders Wm ■ 

14S Henderson Henry 
152 Pearce Richard P 
168 Asselstine Benjamin 

Garrett st commences 
House, s e 


Private grounds 

210 Anderson Bros, grocers 

212 Harold Alexander D 

214 Anderson Wm 

216 Hayden Mrs Annie 

218 Saunders Charles 

222 Vacant 

224 Pugh Mrs Elizabeth 

Colborne st intersects 







Stuart John 

Thornton Mrs Mary, grocer 

Ellice st ends 
Mclntyre Donald M 
Waldren Wm M 
Dorland Mrs Carrie 
Waddell John 
Maudson Wm H 
Clark George 
Powers Walter 
Pound John, baker 
McLean Robert 
Finlay Mrs Catherine 
Brady George 
Allen Mrs Sarah 
Walsh Patrick 

Main st ends 

Crawford James 
Crawford George 

220 Hall Samuel 

222(a) Beaupre Capt Charles J 

224(a) Mowat Henry 

226 Moore Thomas 

228 Fletcher Wm H h 

230 Dales John N 

232 Silver Benjamin 

240 Eward Mrs Mary 

248 Strachan Mrs Jean 

Elm st commences 
254 Gibbs John 
256 Perry John W 
258 Filtz Wm E 
260 Joyce Mrs Ann 
270 Clare Miss M, dressmaker 
278 Gordon John 

Fifth st commences 
284 Grimshay Silas A 
290 Lyons John 
i94 Vacant 

296 Paddon Thomas, carter 
222 Bennett Miss Sarah 
All Saints' Church 
324 Arniel Thomas 

York st intersects 

G. S. Hcbart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 



DIVISION ST— Continued 

House, - 
335 Watts Harry W 
337 Virtu.- Mrs Ann 
341 Greaves -Mrs Adeline 

McMahon Robert 
345 Stevenson Wm H 

Quebec st ends 
353 Robinson Wm 

'"rrigan Richard S 
357 McMaster .Mrs Jane 
359 Allen James, grocer 


336 Murray James 

360 Robinson Andrew 

larke James 
366 Elliott Robert 

Pine st intersects 









Risbridger Thomas 
Hartman David 
I lawson Edward 
Oraham Robert 
Campbell Mrs Ann 
Richards Stephen 
Taylor John 
DeVine James 
Ranser Joseph 
Mclver Thomas 
Burtch John 
Kemp Wm J 
Sc>tt Mrs Emily 

(Iranlund Wm 
Oalliyan Daniel 

Russell st ends 
Lemmon Cbarli 
Kemp George, markel garden 

n Wm J 

M I >.miH 

and 673 Vacant 

Martlg John, Swiss cheese mnfr 

!68 1 'on ley Mrs Rebecca 
378 Abbotl Thomas 
384 Lemmon James H 

Stanley st commences 
386 Vacant 
::ss Vacant 
390 Vacant 

Wilkinson deorge 
398 < !anem Mrs Jane 
398(a » Pogue Irwin 
400 Thomson Robert 

Adelaide st commences 
Ilm; McVety Robert 
llins Tl -mas 
its Vacant 

Concession road commences 
150 Jones John 

158 Gibson Thomas YV 

I6< Devana Patrick 
I riga it I )aniel 
ITU Sands I lenry 

Gibson's quarry 

190 lames Thomas 
198 Joyce Wm J 

DufTerin Street runs west from :oo Ridi-au to BagOt, fourth 

north of Bay. 

v d:Til SIDE S( >UTH SIDE 

1 [ouse, 

12 Simmons Joint II 

1 1 Funnel Thome 1 1 

16 Sleettl Samuel 

is Gulrej John 

■" Jackson < !ha rles F 

ml( I. lines 

34 Mann Mr- .Ma i \ 

potten Mi 
• 1. 1 Alfred 11 
16 Vacant 

.loin, P 

:i Quintal Erni 

tuley Mrs Annii 

1 [OUSl 

Rea 1 >a\id .1 

Private gi ounda 

T MpAIII FY ^ nlis - Writing ana Copying: Stephens'. 
I. ITIUHULLI. Carters, Perth Office. Barnes, Shuttle- 
128 Princess St. worths and Underwoods. 



Durham Street runs west from Victoria to west of Macdonnell, 
first south of Princess. 


Private grounds 

Private grounds 


28 North Frederick F 

34 Lamb Walter 
Roddy Edward 
Vacant house 
Haffner Eekhard 

Macdonnell st intersects 

76 Wiltshire Walter 
78 Fraser William A 

Earl Street runs west from Ontario to Collingwood, fifth 
south of Princess. 



23 Leader George N 
25 Korkey John 
House, s e 

House, s e 
45 Magnet Daniel 
47 Cartwright Arthur A 
47(a) Clow Lewis 
49 Johnson James B 
53 Johnson Joseph S 
55 Somerville Frank 
63 Welch Mrs Helen 
65 Hanley Thomas A 
67 Hanlev Thomas 

House, s e 


12 Ford Joseph 
14 Smith Mrs Emily 
16 Lovett Jeff Thomas 
18 Hunt John 
20 O'Neil Terence 
20 1 / £ Gascoigne Joseph 
22 Pelon Dennis 
24 Watson Alexander 
House, s e 

King st e intersects 

House, s e 
46 Saunders John 
4s Williams Mrs Martitia 
50 Meek Robert 
52 Anglin W G, physician 
56 Anglin Wm 
58 O'Connor John 
62 Richardson Mrs Jane 
66 Murch William S R 
68 Grady Michael J. contractor 

Wellington st intersects 

81 McMahon Andrew 

83 Clow Franklin, grocer 

87 Kelly Isaac 

89 Lane Mrs C. confections 

Lane Timothy 

McDermott Edward 
91 Millan Jeremiah, dairy 

Vacant houses (2), rear 
97 Jamieson John 

Foley Michael, carter 
99 Green John, butcher 

72 Des Rochers Mrs Mary 

74 Mitchell John 

76 Couling Montague W 
O'Connor John, rear 

80 Millan Dennis J 

82 Walsh John J 

90 Hayward Mrs Christina 

92 Charlton Robert 

'.<4 Strange Maxwell W 

96 Light Richard H. artist 

98 Murray William 
100 Vacant 
102 McRae Robert W R 

Ragot st intersects 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street 

A. A A greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it 



EARL ST— Continued 

103 Sands William 

11:' Prevost Zotique 

117 Wormwlth Win IT 
119 Macpherson Richard 

Private grounds 

House, - 


108 Vacant 

Hit McDonald Daniel J 

114 Vacant 

116 Lee George 

118 Hooper Mrs Julia 

120 Moore William 

122 Cochrane Capt John It 

130 Nickle Mrs Ellen 

132 Vacant 

134 Williamson Prof Jam- s \V 

Sydenham at Intersects 

House, s e 

1 41+ Skinner Wm 
151 Sutherland Malcolm S 
iv Kerr John 
161 Robertson Benjamin W 
189 Cunningham Henry 
others Wm J 

11. 'US.', s -■ 

148 Sears George 

154 Mitchell B Clarence 

158 Penner Miss Eliza 

lfiO Rowland Fleming 

162 Bel] Rev George, IX D 

West st ends 
171 McRae Wm R 

Clergy st intersects 

rohnston Mrs Theresa M 
1S9 McDonell Aeneas 1 1 

: blnson Alexander 
195 Ricard Francis 
199 Keating Miss Mary 
jm Mclntyre Miss Catherine 

< lhalmer's church 

Rarrie st Intel - 


21 e 



.'J 7 

Store, s >■ 

Reld John 

Peterson Nicholas !•' 


• r Schj ler s 
Coonay Patrick 
Lawless Patrick 1 
Gommer John 1 
Hoopei w Joseph 

i.r James 
Hlckey Mrs Isabella 
Gillie James 
('■Hills Mrs Mary 

n David 
Ainslle David .T 
1 .1.1 m< 1 1 


1 >>-w James, n 1 p 
Dennj .la mes, 

\i.i 1 garel 
Ami. w Robert 

Stol . 

212 Pimer John 

21 1 Arnie] William 

216 11. .How. .11 Henry C 

222 Lawless Michael, carter 

_"Jt Barnej Benjamin 

226 Vacant 

228 Davy George 

230 Whit, law David 

232 Pugh Miss Leah, dressmaki 

\ .1. ant lots 
L'U Btlnaon Matthias 

' 1 1 \ acant| 

Hamilton Patrick 
148 fates James B 

l >ivlslnn st i n t • 

T^ TVTo ATTT T^^f Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
A • ATA CM. KJ l^iHt X , Foolscan Bill Heads. Note 

128 Princess Street. 

Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 



Biscuil factory, s e 

267 Braniff Hugh 

269 Hogan Henr\ M 
277 Skeggs Joseph 

Private grounds 

289 Vacant 

293 Vacant 

303 Keycs Robert, grocer 

307 Frasso Joseph 

307(a) Enright Michael 

309 Smallridge Wm H 

I ' i i \ ate grounds? 

House, s e 

317 Ross Mrs Jane E 
Stoi e. s e 

323 Edwards Thomas 

326 Walker David G 

327 Nicol Prof Wm 

329 Donnelly Capt John, 
331 Thompson Thomas 
333 Baker Mrs Mary 

House, s e 
377 Fitzgerald James 
379 McCreadv Wm 
383 Ainsley John W 
385 Dodd Mrs Janet 





Store, s e 
O'Donnell Bryan 
Lawlor Joseph 
Dillon Miss Mary 

Bradden James 
Rigley James 
Shibley Samuel 
RentOn Mrs Lucinda 
Ludlow Richard 
Perry Edward J 
Asseistine Isaac 
McWhinney Hugh 
Brick Robert H 
Cochrane William 
Asselstine Michael 
House, s e 

University ave intersects 

House, s e 
310 Linton John F. sr 
318 Wilder Henry S 
320 Hobart George F 

Allied st intersects 

Collegiate Institute 

Frontenac st intersects 

Vacant lots 

380 Baker Robert D 
38_ Baker W r illiam 
Pii\ ate siound^ 

Private grounds 

Vacant lots 

Ellerbeek Ave 

Not built on 

Albert st intersects 

Vacant lots 
Nelson st intersects 

Vacant lots 
nue runs north from King w. to Union, ninth 
west of Barnc. 


Private grounds 
32 Kelly Samuel 
36 Lindsay Robert J 

Davidson st commences 

Vacant l>>ts 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 


KINCtSTON street directory 

Ellice Street runs w< St from 16 Main to Division, first east of Colbome 


House, s e 
9 Leader Mrs Elizabeth 
11 Macdonald Mrs Mary 
21 Pitman Mrs Catherine 
23 Martin Capt James F 
25 Lalonde Louis 

Vine st commences 
Leeman James X 
Pope Thomas N 
.an G T, grocer 


House, s e 
8 Taylor Jonathan, carter 
22 Neil William 
24 Matthews Thomas 
2ti Wade James 
26(a) Plank Jabez James 
28 Conroy Patrick 
30 Vacant 
32 Vacant 

34 Collinson Mrs Margaret W 
36 O'Reilly Patrick, shoemaker 
38 Est* s YViriam 
40 Hall Aaron TV 

. s e 

Elm Street runs west from 24S Division to A'fred, second 
north of Princess 


23 House John 

House, s e 
jT Vacant 
35 Bowman Mrs Catherine 

cant lots 
43 Rourke Peter 
47 Swann Samuel I > 
4:» Brouse Henry 
lark Thomas 
HI Vacant 

Private grou 

79 1 lonnj < leorge, Jr 


Hous.'. - 
is Stagg John 
22 Suddard Ed war 1 S 
24 Keene Wm H 
26 Lake John 
28 Attwood Charles 
36 R iwe Ernest 
4i' Henderson Mrs Margaret 
t^ Mi « lammon James H 
50 Saunders 1 lenjamin 
54 Meek Mrs Sarah 
60 Proudy William 
64 Marsh John w 
House, s e 
Chatham st Intersects 

B9 Leaaon Mrs Lucy 3 

:»i Dougherty Mrs Elizabeth Private grounds 


99 Vacant 

Emily Street runs north from the harbor to Kin;;, first east of Barrie. 


Polger M Henry 

Strathy .lane Ma< donald Park 

Kingston L idles' college 

Mm BC 

Fifth Street runs west from j;X Division to west of Chatham, 
third nnitli <>i I'riii' 


1 1. .11-.. . 

Turcot* .i"im H 



< 'hat ham st 

I tous . P 8 
Deckei R berl .1 
Meagher Jam 
Rutherford John B 
Walker Mrs Helen 



128 Princess Street. 





House. 8 e 
Vacant houses (2) 

Quinn William 


M. Mast. T W'm L 

First Street runs east and west acros^ Chatham, first nor h of Princess. 


1 McMillan Richard 
Private grounds 

25 Smith Henry A 
27 .Vacant 

31 Watts Mrs Mary A 
33 Ruttan Peter 

2 Sherrin 

Chatham st intersects 

House, s e 

Benjamin H 

Coleman Wm J, basket manufac- 

Frontena3 Street runs north from Union w. to Fair Grounds, 
first west of Alfred. 


Victoria School 
Collegiate Institute 

Private grounds 
81 Bawden Joseph 
83 Swinyard Leone N 
85 Sharp Alexander 

Private grounds 

Private grounds 

House, s e 
147 Hazlett William 
149 Lemon Charles 
151 Vacant 

153 Shannon Alfred J 
167 Hazlett John 

Victoria Park 

Vacant lots 

Private grounds 
28 Sargent Frederick R 
30 Simons Robert 
34 Otto Joshua J 
36 Cunningham Wm J 
38 Frost Arthur G 

Earl st intersects 

76 Wartman Edward H 
78 Wright Thomas J 
80 Patterson Robert H 
86 Sinclair Mrs Mary 
92 Herbison Wm J 
A lane 94 Lingwood Frederick H 

96 Wilmot Henry F 
Johnston st intersects 

Vacant lots 
152 Smith George 
158 Sleeman Wm H 
164 Cochrane James B 

Cochrane Mrs Christina 
House, s e 
Brock st intersects 

Victoria Park 
Mack st intersects 

House, s i' 
7 Vacant 

9 Abbott Robert B 
11 Johnston John W 
1?. Bonny George 
21 Twigg John E 
23 Steacy James 
2"> Gallivan James 
Vacant lots 
Princess st intersects 

G. S.Hobart&Scns 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men, women, boys and girls. 



FRONTEXAC ST— Continued 


House, s p 
6 Offord John 
8 Reynolds William 
10 Cunningham Mrs Wm 
12 Birmingham John 
14 Burnett Hester 
16 Hughes Henry 

Jenkin st ends 
Vacant lots 

Vacant lots 

Grey Edward 
17 Thornton Wm J 
19 Symes Percy D 

Vacant lots 

Marsh William J 

GaPPett StPeet runs west from Division to University Avenue, 
first south of Princess. 


Private grounds 
Leach Edward 

Private grounds 

House, a <* 

House, s e 
2 Coffey Robert 
4 Staples Louis E 
6 Reid Joseph W 
8 Reid Robert J 
Pi'lvat grounds 
2o Wright John 
24 Davy Stewart 
26 Andrews Mrs Elizabeth 
Privat ■ grounds 

GeOPg"e StPeet runs north from King w. to Stuart, first west of Barrie. 



I 'i i- a i" grounds 

i [ouse, s e 
>'< Vacant 
( Bowman Wm T 

10 Turbett Mis Julia 
14 Purvis \Y John 
u; Johnston Henry 
20 Blomeley Tames 

:"-' 1 '.a lius Mis Win 

<>'Kill st int.. 

it lonvllle Bei nard 
earns Rob< 1 1 
■ ii Peter w 

ii Birch Qeorge 

U Vacant 

it Shannon James 

56 Kent N.»l 

•7 l^ssli. Win 

50 K..U lei Michael •> 

•;i v.i. ant 

63 Phillips wm ll 

Kingston < :• nera] Hospital 

T. McAULEY, ™£ 


128 Princess Street. METHODS. 



GOPdon Street, changed to University Avenue. 
Gore Street runs from the harbor to Bagot Street, sixth west of Princess 


Canadian Locomotive & Engine I 

Vacant building 
Canada Dry Dock 
Corrigan William 

Ontario st intersects 

Store, s e 

39 Vacant 

45 Gildersleeve James P 

49 Oliver A S. physician 

House, s e 
42 Vacant 
44 Vacant 
46 Brown William 

House, se 

King st e intersects 

House, s e 
65 Oldham Mrs Jane, dressmaker 
73 Hanley James 
75 Hanley Archibald 
77 Gerhard George 
79 Moran Patrick 
SI Lesslie Mrs Catherine 
85 Strange Capt Frank 
87 Norton Taylor Wm H 
89 Whalen Mrs M, boarding 
U Murray Wm 

64 Power William 

76 Davis Richard F 

78 Macdonell Angus J 

82 Toye Richard H 

84 Tandy Mrs Mary J 

88 Darragh Alexander 

90 Perry William J 

92 Dine Mrs Maria 

94 Sullivan Mrs Jane, grocer 

Wellington st intersects 

House, s e 
103 Curtis Patrick 
105 Campbell John J 
107 Minnes William T 
109 Minnes James A 
115 Williamson Adam, buildei 

House, s e 

House, s e 
104 Melville Mrs Elizabeth 
106 Percy John, cab owner 
112-14 George Joseph, pianos 
116 Vacant 
118 Macgillivray Prof John 

House, s e 

Gray's Lane north from 25 Upper William. 

1 Dempster David 
2-3 Vacant 

Grove Street, changed to Ride.iu. 
HiekSOn Avenue runs west from Montreal Str et, Outer Station. 


Robinson Samuel 
McDermott Mrs Dora 
McDermott Thomas J 
Francisco Wm N 
Smith Patrick 
Vacant houses (5) 
Lappage William 

Hickson lane commences 


Not built on 

G. S. jlobart & Sons 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
155 Princess Street. should have we keep. 


HICKSOX AVE.— Continued. 


House, s e 

24 Cleary Mrs Catherine 
40 Marshall Henry 

42 Lambert Samuel 

44 Jefferies Mrs Elizabeth 

Vacant house 

Gates William J 

Potter Abraham 

Hickson Lane runs north from Hickson Avenue to (i. T. R track. 


House, s e Clark Frederick W 

Denis Joseph Belt Wm K 

Jame«5 Street runs west from Rideau to Pa'rick sixth north of Bay. 


Murphy Mrs Annie 

Vacant i"ts 
Vacant lots si ends 

l [ouse, s e 

House, s •• 

Montreal st Intersects 

House, ' i [ouse, a •• 

21 st George's Miss s Tucker Michael 

Nicholson Robert B cuddeford Edwin .1 

25 McLaughlin Jam in O'Toole Charles 
27 Campbell Michael ,. „ 

29 Steel John ,! Vacant 

lullen William 14 Quigley Thomas 

86 Manion James T U Clark Thomas G 

87 Dehaney Thomas i fullen John 

ii Ollmour Wallac( Pomfret Richard 

li Bur ten William E •" Si8sons John w 

i'. Holdi n Mrs Annie Hendrj Thomas li 

it Northi McGlnnls Mrs Margaret 

Mis i: a. dressmaker Bcouten Mrs Grace 

Jenkin Street runs west from Alfred to Frontenac, i 
continuation of Elm. 


hi i..ts I 'ii v its grounds 

Partridge Francis W Murph> Joseph 
i ;iyde Thorn I rlvat itrounds 

T. McAuley, 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
128 Princess Street. Copy Books. 



John Street runs west from Bagot to Patrick, fiist north of 
Raglan Road. 


House, s e 
Corkey Michael 
Store, s e 

House s e 

House s e 

A lane 

Montreal st intersects 

Vacant lots 
9 Veale John 
11 O'Neill James 
IT Whalen Patrick 
-l Cowie Robert 
23 McGrath John 

Cowie Mrs Hannah 
27 Lemmon Joseph 
29 Xorthmore George H A 
35 A'Hearn John 
29(a) Dunlop Robert 
47 Black James 
51 Graham Mrs Elizabeth 

Cassidy Mrs Nancy 
55 Cassidy Mrs Sarah 
57 McCambridge Francis 
59 Soles W Benjamin 
63 Greer John 

Store, s e 
8 O'Gorman Daniel, carter 

10 Deeks Win W 

12-14 Bailey Charles 

St John Separate School 
Burnett Mrs Mary, caretaker 

Private grounds 

42 Burns Robert J 

50 McDonald Martin 
54 Gascoigne James 

58 Bacon Henry C 

Private grounds 

Patrick st intersects 

House s e 
Vacant lots 
Dinsmore Miss Mary 

Vacant lots 

Johnston Street runs west from the harbor to city limits, third 
south of Princes?. 


Swift's wharf 

Swift James & Co, coal dealers 

Taylor T W, insurance 


G T R wharf 

G T R freight sheds 

Railway Crossing 

St Lawrence Inn 
Warehouse, s e 

G T R station 

Hanley T & Sons ticket agents 

Ontario st intersects 

Anglo-American Hotel 

19 Xugent Peter 

21 McKillop Miss Mary 

25 Lynch Miss Ellen 

31 Vacant 

33 Vacant 

Store, s e 
16 Harris John 
18 Dickson John, shoemaker 
20 Quigley James, confectioner 
24 Hurley Patrick 

O'Donnell "Wm. rear 
26 Hailing John 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies 



JOHNSTON ST— Continued 

37 O'Shea Mrs Eliza 
La Rue Mrs Ellen 

Vacant lots 

St George's Cathedral 


28 Manning Edward J 

:U I'.iennan Michael E 

36 Sinnott Myles, cab owner 

42 Jamieson Joseph, plumber 

44 Burkett John 

46 Halev Thomas 

King st e intersects 

We llington st 

Congregational Church 
Murray R B, rear, sexton 
^7 McWilllams Charles B 

McWilliams Charles A, rear 
Vacant house, rear 
Massf.v Mrs Martha, rear 
McKane, Mrs Jennie, rear 
Paradia Peter, rear 
Quilicia Stephen, rear 
Lafreneire Mrs Lucy, rear 
93 Laing Rev Douglas 
Baptist Church 

101 Dobson Mrs Maria 

in:', Gleeson Mrs Ann 

House s e 
52 Oarrett R W. physician 
54 D?lton Wm B 
68 Henderson Mrs Mary 


House s e 
70 Dwyer John 
78 Roller Rink 
80 Watts Alexander 
^4 Maxam Charles E 

Convent of the Congregation of 
Not iv Dame 

Bagot st inters, .ts 

Hotel I >i. u grounds 

Hotel Dieu 

House, s e 
11^ Vacanl 

1 1 1 Forester Augustus 
120 Pense .lames P 
12 ' Hendrj Robert, jr 
126 Rignej William 
128 Vacant 

1 16 Jamleann William 
138 Prime Mrs Catherine • 
1 10 Wnrtele Capl Alfred 
i ) ' Bolger Thomas o 
1 16 1:11.1.1 Thomas G 
1 18 McNeil Nell 

lowslej D H, physician 

162 Wan I Mrs Anna M 

Sydenham st Intersects 

Houston R< Samuel 

186 Smith John B 

187 McNauRhton Prof John 

[ , i.i.i. 11 Prof John 

191 1 ihambi rlaln Mi Hi ster 

192 Bui row* William 
196 1 mobs Richard B 
L97 H l« ".I T 

l [ous 
1 ; ■ 1 a. -Us. m m is Anne 

1 ilckBon Annie E, ph> - 
176 Hickej John 
180 Mowal Prof John B 

- ant 

Private grounds 

[96 < in 11 11 \ii\ inder 

T. McAuley, !"!™?^« n, ° 


128 Princess Street. 




St Marys Cathedral 
225 Archbishop's Palace 

Cleary Most Rev James Vincent, 

Archbishop of Kingston 
Kelly Venerable Thomas 
Neville Rev James V 
Collins Rev James J 
McDonagh Rev Wm A 
Kehoe Rev John P 
O'Brien Rev Patrick C 


House s e 
216 Laidlaw John 
218 Vacant 

220 Tossell Mrs Elizabeth 
222 Norris James B 
224 Rees Charles F 
226 Voight Henry C 
228 Chapman Mrs Rachel 
232 Anderson James 
238 Ross Mrs Mary J 
240 Kelly John 

Barrie st intersects 

Private grounds 
247 Vacant 
249 Coughlin Mrs Elizabeth 

Diplock Miss Mary 

Vacant lots 
259 Vacant 
261 Vacant 

263 O'Connor Mrs Ellen 
265 Horsey /Edwin 
267 Sccuse John 

Louise Public School 

242 Edwards Rev George 

Bethel Congregational Church 
258 Hopkinson Edward, confectioner 
260 Bernier Alfred 
262 Knight Robert 
264 Staley Vincent 
266 Flanders George W 
268 Clarke Mrs Sarah 
270 Watts James 
276 Paul John 
278 Wright Mrs Caroline 

Division st intersects 

Private grounds 

291 Munday Alfred 

293 McKernan Mrs M A, grocer 

295 Vacant 

297 Vacant 

305 Vacant 

307 Scott David G 

307(a) Butter Wm A 
309 Boyd George 
311 Decker Mrs Selina B 
31°. O'Rei'.y Thomas 
315 Tracy Prank W 
317 Reid Mrs Mary 
319 Lawless Peter, cab owner 
321 Fowler Mrs Jane 
323 Floan John 
327 Greer Roger 
333 Knapp James F 
335 Movers Mrs Mary 
337 NV shift Robert W 
339 Ostler Bros, butchers 
Store, s e 

282 Carey Mrs Catherine 

284 McMillan Mrs Sarah 

286 Munro Mrs Margaret 

288 Brennan Michael 

290 Vacant 

292 Chapman Wm, dairy 

294 Swanson Mrs Harriet J 

296 Green John, sr 

298 Harpell Miss Dora 

302 Asselstine Isaac, contractor 

304 Sleeth James 

306 Jackson Mrs Catherine 

308 Richardson William 

310 Hogan Michael 

312 White Mrs Hannah 

Baseball grounds 
314 Ganse Gerald 
316 Francis William 
318 Wilson James 
322 Gates W r J. contractor 
328 Milo Frederick D 
330 Mitchell William H 
332 McNamee Mrs Margaret 
338 A T acant 
340 Goodearle John A 

House s e 

University ave intersects 

Gp 17 i PC Physicians Pj 

O. iiObatt & OOnS and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 



JOHNSTON ST.— Continued. 


Store, s e 
349 Stover P H. grocer 
349(a) Hawken W H. shoemaker 
351 Coyne Mrs Mary 

McGillivray James R 
355 Hammonds Mrs Lucy 
361 Taylor Henry H 

Private grounds 

House s e 
350 Vacant 
354 Lumbe Richard 
356 Allen Capt Nathaniel 
358 Lowry Calvin 
360 Macdonald Mrs Marie 
362 McKenty John 
364 Quinn Patrick J 
366 Johnson Napoleon B 

Alfred st intersects 

373 Crowley J \Y. carter 
i ■'- rguson Mrs Margaret 
Marshall .Tames, grocer 
'irtin Edward R 
•iltz Mrs Mary 
389 Hay John 
391 Vacant 

393 Campbell Matthew 
895 Hazlett Thomas H 

House s e 
382 Knott Walter 

386 Lee James 

Private grounds 

Frontenac st intersects 

Vacant lots 
ash Mrs Mary A 
495 Filtz Richard 

119 1 '■ nl >y John 

123 McRae Walter R 
4*5 Short Rev Wm 
129 Black Rev James R 
131 Sliter Ernest o 

410 Wilkins Henry 

412 Cassidv William H 

414 Filtz Philip 
416 Comper John 

415 Patterson Mrs Ellen 
420 Megarry James 

422 Newherry Harry 
4_'l Callaghan James 
428 Anderson James 
430 Randall George 
432 Rea Mrs Mary 

. \lli- it st Intersects 

145 S I ■ i -in. Thorn Charles H 
n> Ison st commi 
McCoy John T 
BTarpell Jacob <; 

Victoria -t commences 

nit lots 

Toronto st comm< 

Vacant lots 

Vacant lots 
tit Vacanl 

Vacant lots 

Colllngrwood st ends 

Vacant Iota 
Macdonnell st Intersects 

Anit Misa Harrli t, dressmaker 
Regenl a1 commencea 

Johnson < 1 r ; (lorlst 

Johnson i; 1; market garden 

Private rrounda 

i'i Ison road im ■ 

I 1 Wfr»ATTT TTV^ Receipts, Blank Drafts. 

A. lULAULj£i 1, Notes, Mortgages, Deeds. 
128 Princess Street. Leases, Etc. 



King" Street East runs from Barrie Street to Cataraqui River, 
second from harbor. 

EAST si it: 

Rdurnay Tower 
Macdonald Park 

Emily st ends 
31 Vacant 

45 Cotton Lieut. -Col Wm H 
49 Pens* Edward J B 
53 Maclean Andrew 

Maitland st ends 
81 Upper Joseph 
85 Kent Mrs Amelia M 

Simcoe st cuds 
Hendry James A 


City Park 

West st intersects 

l_':; Mudie John 

12. r . Irwin Mrs Marian 

131 Calvin Hiram A. MP 

133 Fraser Mrs Catherine 

141 Fenwick K N, physician 

157 Cameron Major-Gen Donald R 

130 Black D A, dentist 

132 Simpson Isaac 

134 Stearne Philip 

136 Martin William C 

138 Price Cornelius V 

156 Strange O S. physician 

Union st intersects 

161 Swift James 
165 McParland James 
167 Briggs Thomas 
169 Fraser Donald 
191 Ferguson William 

160 Vacant 

162 Thompson Thomas P 
166 Vacant 

168 Garrett Mrs Caroline 
172 Strange J Montague 
House s e 

Gore st intersects 

193 Oliver A S, physician 
197 Allen George H 
199 Herald John, physician 
203 Norton-Taylor Col Duncan 

190 Presslev John 

196 Parker William S 

198 Parker Mrs Fannv A 

202 Vacant 

204 Craig Mrs Agnes 

208 Fraser William 

212 Lawlor Mrs Louisa 

Earl st intersects 

221 Folger Benjamin W 
223 Hart William D 

Private grounds 

Bank of Montreal 

218 Neill John 

220 Joyner Frederick C 

222 Vacant 

224 Swift Mrs Catherine 

226 Muckleston Mrs Annie 

232 Clench James, boarding 

240 Seymour Mrs Elizabeth 

William st intersects 

Merchants Bank 
253 Arnold Mrs Margaret 
255 Bowes Miss J. dressmaker 

244 Saunders H J, physician 
250 Smith Rev Buxton B 
252 Leigh Frederick J 

G. S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brashes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds. Sponges, Chamois, etc. 



KING ST. BAST.— Continued. 

-T.T Stunden Frederick 

Purtell John, rear 
259 Connell J C. oculist and aurist 

O'Hara Henry, second flat 

Shea Cornelius, rear 

Stort. s e 


_j4 Clements Leonard 

258 Madden Mrs K. dressmaker 
260 Stevenson Joseph, fruits 
264 Gildersleeve Miss Lucretia 

Johnston st intersects 

Vacant store 

279 l >lsen John, fish dealer 

Stearne Philip, furrier, rear 
British American Hotel 

St George's Cathedral 
Custom House 
Hamilton C, Collector 

Clarence st Intersects 

Dominion Express Co 
Swift J F. insurance 
Swift James & Co (branch), coal 
297 Sun Publishing Company 
Sun The (weekly) 
Fourteenth Club 
Roche H H, druggist 

Market square ends 


Ontario Chambers 

North American Life Assur Oo'y 

Ontario Bank 
302 Toye R H. baker 
304 McJntyre & Mclntyre, barristers 
306-310 British Whig (dailv and weeklv. 
316 Vacant 
318 Masonic Hall 

Town Mrs Elizabeth 
320 Leahy T J. grocer 
322 Waddington Bros, butchers 

324 Collendei Hotel 
Behan .1 J. gro< 

325 Reld W H. butcher 
Grahen Thomas, hide dealer 

Brock st Intei b 

127 1 !anadiari Expr< 

American Express Co 
331 Vacant 

1 Ian Margaret (wld Timothy) 

libbj 11 i' hardware 

341 McParland .lames, liquors 
143 Bai C L |< weller 

os, Jewellers 
Bpangenburg v W. Jeweller 
\ii.u, Mi- B, mantle mal 
Mitchell Isaac, wholel Jewellery 
1 Mini. . i' Wm, merchant tailor 

Wade Hi in \ . druggisl 
332 Sha w Robert, barrister 
Met !ann .1 8, Insui 

utaret Clement, mnfrs agt 
.v ,\ lands William, architect 
334 Sheldon & Davis, photographers 
Van Luven » !harl< r i I 
lorrlgan & Qulnn, drj goods 
1 >. nald, banker 
340 Brophj Joseph, gents, furnlsh'gi 

Dunn Mrs Susan 

• \w in W 11. Insurance 
346 B • Cunningham John, bl« j cles 
Cunningham w .1 watchma 
i0 Va nArnam C a confections 
Baker Wm, tobacconist 
354 Boyd 1 aac merchant tailor 
3 .1. 1 >v. clothing 

low land Bros, clothiers 

Princess si intei 

T, McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
a Roll. Borderings from 
half a cent to 15c. a yard. 




Murphy L W, grocer 

371 Aubin W P. barber 
373 Wells Henry, harnessmaker 

376 Bastow J G, plumber 

377 Smyth Samuel, confectionery 
379 O'Connor John, shoemaker 
381 Shales K J. blacksmith 

383-5 St Lawrence Hotel 


360 Sullivan Hon M, physician 

Private grounds 

374 Bushell John 

380 McDermott John F 

382-88 McDermott J P, carriages 

Queen st intersects 

393 Marsh Alexander J 
Kingston Coal Co 
401 Cooper Mrs Johanna 
403 Wirtz Frederick 
405 Hurley Jeremiah 
407 Curragh James A 
4011 Hurley Capt John G 
411 Wylie George C 
U3 Gowan James 
415 Little William 

House s e 
119-425 Bowen House 
427 Oliver Charles 
429 Vacant 

431 Anson Frederick G 
433 Honsy Antonius 

Railroad House 

Street Railway sheds 

Kingston Cordage Co 

414 McKnight John 
416 Mouck William H 

Barrack st intersects 

420 Fenwick T M. physician 

428 Vacant 

Mansoor John, upstairs 
McAvoy Martin, rear 
City Pound 

434 Vacant 

438 Taylor Mrs F. confections 

Place d'Armej Intersects 

King" Street West runs west from Barrie along the lake shore 
to Portsmouth. 


Nash George R 

Lewis Rev Jno Travels. DD.LLD 

Archbishop of Ontario 
Cunningham Miss Agnes 

George st commences 

Varney Richard W 
Bateson James 
Milligan Samuel 
McClymont Mrs Mina 
Purvis Mrs Johanna 
Williams Thomas 
Roach William 
Cunningham Charles 
Ryan Matthew 
Mel hoy Mrs Elizabeth 
Phillips Miss A, dressmaker 
Phillips Miss M J. milliner 
Clark William H 
Smeaton J R. grocer 

O'Kill st ends 

Murnay Tower 
Clifford Walter C 

Macdonald Park 

Robinson William, boat builder 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds. Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 

5 2 


KING ST. WEST— Continued. 

Hospital grounds 
M McConville Thomas 
89 Vacant 
99 Vacant 
101 Vacant 
103 Davy Charles I 
105 Twigg William A 
107-9 Davy Norman, grocer 

University ave commences 
117-119 Daunt Joseph, boarding 
123 Gleeson John 
127 Hewton John 
143 Wilson George, contractor 
165 Johnson Miss Henrietta 

St Lawrence ave comment 
McAuley Thomas 
Walkem Joseph B 

Albert st commences 
Vacant lots 

Collingwood st commences 
Pipe's Ice House 
Newman's cottages 

1 Ryan Patrick 

2 Newman William 

3 Jackson William 

» Wood Chester W 
S McCormick Robert 
H Evans James 

Beverley st commences 
Irwin William 
303 Wright John 

309 Bennett James 
Ha le's cottages 
". Batee Mrs E M, music teacher 

Bel ts M ps il a. music I ■ 
i Btoughton Miss Elizabeth 

i lobba Prank W 
_ Vacanl 

i Patterson Capt Matthew 
Mllllgan George N 

( jenl re st ct immenoes hel I i ;••■•> - 

Btl 'i ms A bra rn 

Vacanl house 
Nlckle Thomaa .1 w 
■ - Neil William 

ESllerbeck ave commences 

Livingston ave commences 
Vacanl lots 

Pembroke at commenoea 
Kellj Thoi 

Mwington ave oommencea 
Penitent la rj grounds 

■ ii roflvd 

Lavell Michael, m D 

Abrams George M 

Kingston Elastic Paint Co 

McDonald & Allen, door knob 

Shaver William A 

Ice house 

Kingston Hosiery Co (ltd) 

Gleeson John, ice dealer 


300 Crawford Robert (branch) coal 
and wood 
Rathbun Company's lumber yard 
.102 Ryan Capt John 

Vacanl lots 

a lane 

Clarke L II A CO, maltsters 
Grant William 
Smith Lieut-Col Henry R 
Steinburgh Benjamin M 
Allen Re\ Joseph A 


Kingston Penitentiary 

T MpAIII FY * nks - Writing and Copying: Stephens', 
I. IflbHULCT. carters, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
128 Princess St. worth's and Underwoods.'ON STREET DIRECTORY, 


Lansdowne Street runs north from York to Concession Road, 
first west of Division. 


Vacant house 


Pine st intersects 

Hurst Mrs James, grocer 
Hull Edward 

House, s e 
Private grounds 

Stanley st intersects 

House s e 
Private grounds 

House, s e 
Eves William 11 
Private grounds 
56 Smith Robert, stone quarry 

Adelaide st intersects 
Private grounds I Private grounds 

Livingston Avenue runs north from 437 King w. to Union, 
tenth west of Barrie. 


House, s e 
Private grounds 
Jones Mrs Annie, grocer 
Private grounds 


Vacant lots 
Goodfellow Robert W 
Kerr John 
Burke Mrs Rose A 
Berrigan John L 

Davidson st intersects 

Simmons A A. candle manfr 
Private grounds 

4:: Ryan Wm F 
Private grounds 

Lyon Herbert I 
Private grounds 

Birmingham John R 
36 Coxworthv George F 
38 Hughes John J 
40 Shea John D 
44 Hugo Nicholas 
64 Wood Nial P - 
66 Baylie Charles 
68 Davis Ebenezer R 
Til Young Richard 

Lower BagOt Street, Bagot Street from Bay to James. 

Lower Rideau Street, Rideau Street from Cataraqui to Montreal. 

Macdonnell Street runs north from Union w. to Princess, 
second west of Victoria. 


Private grounds 
Kingston Athletic grounds 
Vacant lots 

Private ground.- 
Johnston st interscts 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street 

AAA. greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 



MACD4 INNELL ST.— O ntinued. 


Vacant lots 
Kearns Patrick 

I 'ri\ ate grounds 
Vacant house 
Park st ends Private grounds 

402 McCall John T 
Durham st intersects 

Private grounds 

Private grounds 
Private grounds 
Mack Street runs west from Alfred to Nelson, first south of Princess. 


Drennan Wm M 
7 Carmichael Wm D 
9 McGuin Ann (wid DanieD 

13 Gallinger Alexander, contractor 

15 Vacant 

IT Newlands William 


Victoria Park 

23 Harris Prof R Carr 
Private grounds 

:U Mills George 
Private grounds 

Private grounds 

Frontenac st intersects 


Victoria Park 

Albert st intersects 

Private grounds 
House, s e 

Main Street runs north-west from Colborne to Division, third 
west of Sydcham. 


House, s e 
:• Sarsfield » Seorge 
21 McGIU Archibald 
23 Aykroyd Overton 
26 Maiden William J 
.7 Mi K> k- .1' 'tin. carter 
Cullough William 

36 Milne Peter .1 

37 Salisbury Benjamin 
39 Hunter John 

ti 'I hompson William 
(.: Nicholson Alexander 

».". Shaw Samuel 

17 i ia Usui, Bdwatd a 

i.",i. 1 1 Newman William 

Mai tin James w 


Robert J 
HopWOod Waller 

\ analstine Richard i 
i i.i i McWa ters Samuel -i 
Mulllnger Thomas -i 
36(a) Lytic John w 

. i. holSOn 'I'le .mas K" 


House, a e 
12 Baird Robert, ji- 
lt Taylor Richard 
in Vacant 

Bllice st commences 
30 McCammon John 
:t Clenahan William 
36 < "lenahan Thomas 

\ acanl lots 

Ann st commences 

l: Smith William 

Prl\ a te grounds 
11 Creegan < leorge 

mi. rsects 

Private grounds 

■ igrue i leorge 

Vacanl lots 
38(a) Vacanl 
Mi;, i Vacant 

Vacant lots 
(6 McKei i'. hi Ick 
IS Walsh Patrlcs grocei 

TMpATTT T^^V Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
• l"AC-TkU LuCa X , Foolscap Bill Heads, Note 

128 Princess Street. 




Maitland Street runs north from the harbor to King, second 
east of Barrfe. 


l.. Dunlop >Us« Albino, boarding 
Collins, William S. roar 
House, s <• 

14 Skinner Mrs Annie 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

Market Square runs west from Ontario to King, between 
Brock and Clarence. 

Citj buildings 



Stanley House 
6 Vacant 

8 Conroy Michael, grocer 
10 Hinds J R, soda water mnfr 
12 Lyons Bros, hide dealers 
14 Lyons Charles, hotel 
16 Inland Revenue Office 
18 Franklin *• Campbell, flour & feed 
10 Hughes & Son. farm implements 

Mooers H & Co, grain dealers 

Cays D A. real estate 

York Co Loan & Savings Co 
22-24 Halladay Edward, saloon 

Roche H H, druggist 

Markland Street runs west from 240 Montreal to Patrick, fifth 
north of Princess. 


House, s e 
Perryman John 

Seatcn Richard 

St John's School grounds 

Sturgess Emanuel, carter 

Vacant house 
16 Whitehead John, carter 
20 Grame Charles H 
22 Vacant 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

34 Ashley George E 

36 McGall James 

McGrath Mrs Ellen 
Bryant R William 
Simpson Mrs Jane 
Vacant house 

Miller's Lane rune west from Bngot to Montreal, second north of Bay 

House, s e 
Abbott Mrs Mary A 
Chappell William E 
Vacant house 
House, s e 

House, s e 
Sullivan's shop 

G. S. Hobart & Sors 

155 Princess Street 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 



Montreal Street runs north from Brock to city limits, fifth 
west of the harbor. 


7 Ryan Edward, physician 
9 Muckler W D. plumber 

11 Trenhail Mr? Eliza 

13 McConville Isobel. physician 

15 McCammon Mrs Mary A 

19 Vacant 

21 Mechanics' Institute 
Kingston School of Art 

25 Mundell John, physician 
Store, s e 


Methodist Church 

A lane 

14 Elmer John 

is Moore W J. machinist, 

dealer and repairer 

Store, s e 


Princess st intersects 

Store, s e 

35 Jones John, tailor 

39 Wilmot Nathaniel, blacksmith 

41 Milo T W, painter 

43 Milo Thomas W 

47 Holder Mrs Sarah 

Store, s e 
26 Cannon C. D. tailor 
28 Public School Board Office 

Public School Library 

Public School Inspector's Office 
30 Ching Lee, laundry 
32 Sarsfleld George, shoemaker 
46 Albion Hotel 

Queen st into s 

St Pauls Church 

Artillery Park 

Private grounds 


Victoria Terrace 

1 Vacant 

2 Gallagher Thomas J 

I >oyl ■ .Mis< M A, private sch'l 
Doyle Joseph H 
4 Routley J >lin 
ney ( leorge W 

6 Mad ill .Jam. s A 

7 Mi mea 
Newham Thomas F 

104-1 12 Wellington Tei • 
104 Meagher Thomas F 
106 McAdoo Miss Rebecca 

1 >owney M ra 1 les ter 
108 Chedick Ott.. 

Whalen Mra Marcella 
1 1 2 Urquharl Archibald 

< (rdnance st Inti 

jv Kirkpati Ick Ba rnuel 
118 1 kmnelly Mra Mai s \ 
' Kee William 

121 Hug] ea 'I homa 1: 

122 Williamson Frederick M 
■ . Hunter Henry 

124 Bryan) Thomas C 

125 I'M kin I ieorge 11 
121 k.i n. Matthew 

'. llllam .1 

1 1 1 •u^-i- 1 .1 Providence 


128 Princess Street. 





131 Stanford Thomas 
L33 Dooley Mrs Ann 
L8S I llckson Mrs Annie 
137 McGlynn Mrs Annie 
141 Elmer Joseph 
143 Warren William H 
145-7 Haffner P A, grocer 

149 Strainge W G. grocer 
151 Laid ley Mrs Frances 
153 Peters Mrs Lenora 
165 Bailie Thomas 
157 Erwin William 
Lj McDonald John A 

North st intersects 
167 Dunn Ambrose J 
169 Sullivan Mrs Catherine 
17;: Sullivan Michael 
175 Vacant 
181 Sulivan Michael, contractor 

Miller's lane ends 
185 Irwin Robert C 
187 Elliott Mrs Jane 
189 Murphy James 
207 Tyo Stephen 
209 Vacant 
I'll Mulvena Charles 

Raglan road 
213 Sears E F. grocer 
215 Beecher George 
217 Vacant 
219 Dovle Michael 
221 Bel] John, baker 
223 Percy John A 
225 Paynter Mrs Mary A 
2-io ^eFarlan.o R N F, contractor 
:45 O'Malley Miss Bridget 
247 Pipe Walter H 


House of Providence 

Bay st intersects 

I 142 Hughes M J. baker 
I 144 Moore Daniel 

146 Choron Adolphus 

148 Vacant 

176 O'Connell Robert, shoemaker 

Vacant lots 

200 Griffin Joseph 

202 O'Reilly Felix 

206 Floody Alexander 

210 Sissons Joseph 

212 Sissons J & Co. general store 

216 Quigley James 
218 Gallagher Mrs Ann 
220 Branigan Edmund P 
222 Branigan E P. butcher 
224 Gallagher John J 

Markland st commences 
240 Maple Leaf Hotel 
240 Aldred Mrs Maria 

Clark Mrs Mary, rear 
24S- 250-252 Vacant 

John st intersects 

255 Corkey Malcolm, grocer 

257 Murphy William J 

259 Bennett Mrs Eliza 

271 Vacant 

275 Babcook Walter 

277 Babcook Janus 

279 Free John, carter 

279(a) Dupont Hippolvte J 

281 Reeves Daniel 

^oo Young David J 

2„o Bennett Hush 

Sloan Miss Mary J 
297 Countryman Thomas W 
299 Dohertv James 
301 Cooke Charles H 

Cook Joseph B 
6d6 Sears E F. grocer 

Charles st 

Vacant lots 

284 Cassiday Andrew X 
290 McCann Mrs Mary 
292 Nugent Mrs Esther 

Blaney William 
294 Robbs Ephraim. butcher 
296 Cowley Peter 
304 Ferguson Mis« R. dressmaker 
308 Allen R W. billposter 

Shaw James, grocer 


155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men, women, boys and girls. 



MONTREAL ST.— Continued. 


305 Groves Joseph 
307 Vacant 
309 Frizzell Thomas 
::il Frizzell Robert 
313 Gow Walter 
o-lj Marvin Mrs Mary 
321 Greer Sarmul J 
323 Phelan William 

■mack Thomas 
329 Devane Morrice 
331 Moore John M 

312 Tooher Thomas, grocer 

Private grounds 

326 MeCormack Samuel, spring I 

00O Palmer Mrs Nancy, boarding 

2 Monks Peter 
334 Randall James 
338 Sherratt Mrs Anna B 

James st intersect? 

Vacant lots 

Rideau st ends 
iwler Patrick 
669 St Patrick's Separate School 
675 Tallon John 
681 Castledine Charles 

rragh Geo 
70S Doyle John 

:th Methodist church 
Oonnell Mrs Catherine 
77.". NeilBon Ales confections 
777 Wright Matthew 
793 Bweetman Thomas 
796 Q -ph 

Suinin.i i 
Dru I 

P t ( illic- 

( lampbi 11 Alex, gi 

ml bouse 
Brlgnall Robert 
Hunter Robert 

McKS \ Mis A nil 
Vacant hOU86 

1 >■ 1.1 ii' -\ Patrick 
irman Thomas 

I , T R crossing 

1 [anscomb* Willis m T 
Babcock Btewart 
Lambert Miol 
Burton Henry 

I. Bride. Frank E 
'ound r, D. baker 
358'a) Tilson R 
362 House of Industry 
390 Glasgow Robert 
398 Holder William 
102 'Sucknell James 
104 Vacant 

\ 16 McDonald Mrs Bridget 
410 Thornton Arthur T 

Stephen st commences 
Campbell Harvey 
464 Kennedy James 
466 Shufflebotbam Walt S 

• •ant 
4so Hkelton Anthony 

Russell st c mnv 
576 1 ; rman Patrick 
Prontenac Public S 
K A i' Rj car shops 
K & r Ry crossing 

idy Mrs E, confections 

■ 1 Ti u 1 
akes James \v 
ant bous< 
728 Funnell David 
Ti'i farmer James C 
1 mue] 
Falrbalrn William 
1 1 irks. in av< 
mk Depot 11 mse 

.11.1 Trunk Rallwaj 
< ■ mads Rallwaj N 
Stevens Arthur 

( ; T K <-n>s- I 

N'.'ilson Mis' 

Mai kie - 1 

Nicholson 11 i: Wallace 

Ppence Jackson W 

mm< noes 

1 1. pot 
Co -ltd) 

T. McAULEY, »^cTn^ 


128 Princess Street. 




Nelson Street runs north from Johnston to Concession Road, 
third west of Alfred. 


13 Douglas Brice 
15 Douglas Hugh 

Buck Philip H 
Vacant house 

141 Graham Joseph 

149 Cruse James G 

Ion Hyland John 

155 Black Frederick 

157 Rescoria Edwin 

159 Dumblet'ii John W 

161 Bennett William 

165 Newlands John 

171 Daw Wm R 

173 Fenwick Mrs Hannah E 

Brock si ends 

Mack st ends 


I'urk Wm S 

Stevenson Adolphus W 

Vacant lots 
124 Camic William J 
126 Bruce Mrs Elizabeth 
128 Montgomery Samuel S 
130 Woods William 
132 Giddings Walter 
134 Kennedy Alexis 
138 Reid Thomas 
HO Carver John 
142 Mcllquham James 

Private grounds 

170 Follest William 

Williamson Public School 

Store, s e 

Gunn Mrs Jane 

Private grounds 
207 Langdon Wm, contractor 
209 Dix Capt Joseph 
211 Langdon John 

Princess st intersects 

St Luke's Church 
Reynolds Robert 
Eushell William J 

House, s e 
Fair Grounds 

York st ends 

Langdon Nathaniel, contractor 

Vacant lots 

North Street runs west from the river to Montreal, first north of Bay. 


Railway Crossing 

\ acant lots 

ATosier John 
Page John D 

Rideau st intersects 

Kingston Oil & Enamel 
Co (ltd) 

House, s e 

Private grounds 

House, s e 

Cloth House, s e 

50 Farrell George 
54 Turner Thomas J 
56 Fisher Henry 
62 Glancey Mrs Mary A 
64 Mullen James 
66 Tetro Michael 
House, s e 

Bagot st intersects 

Corrigan Daniel, grocer 
Nicholson Amos J 
Corrigan Patrick 
House, s e 

G. S. Jlobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 


Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 


O'Kill Street runs west from 26 Barrieto King w. 


House, s e 
Wilson J F, grocer 
Private grounds 
la I'.arrigan James A 

Vacant houses (2) 
;T'>use, s e 

House, s e 

20 Hitchen Harry M 

KIngsti n Genera] Hospital 
grt iunds 

A lane 

Private grounds 
st Intersects 

House, s e 

Hattan Archibald 
- Irw.'n William 
44 ..luckier William D 
48 Greengrass Mrs Elizabeth 
50 HTerron John 
52 R* gan Mrs Elizabeth 
64 Twigg John 

S Mrs Anna B 

Store, a e 

Ontario Street 'uns north from West Street toCataraqui Bridge, 
first west of the harbor. 


Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co 
13 Lennon Felix 

Water Works Pumping Station 
19 Vince William 
?3 Tl •■mi 8 i: 

Klnchl i- Thomas M 
man Michael 

Mcllgorm Robert 

SI i 1 1 1 i • ■ 1 

29 Doran Michael (estate of) 
31 Muckler Wm 

Kingston Foundry 


8 Henderson John w 
Henderson Nicholas, artist 

10 Forrest Wm II 
Private grounds 

22 Dunnett William 

Private grounds 

32 Craig William Q 

Shedden Co's stables 
1 [ouse, s e 

Union si Intersects 

ailway cott 

1 16 Sullivan Mrs B, grocer 

1 Potti John 

Besha John 

3 Vacanl 

SO Vacanl 

ullivan Mrs Mary 

Brlen Thomas 

1 Pain 

B-< \ Li .ml 

iii'l 7 \';ir;inl 

■ Vacant 

8 Knott Frank 

70 Chriatmaa Mrs 1: ila 

mm tl .1.1 m.-s 

72 Comeau Louis .1 

LI v * 

71 Vacanl 

11 La Belle Joseph A 

76 1 'londin Joseph 


7s Vacanl 

\i' Josephine 

B • Rocheford Alexander 

IB i:iii. Mi ■ Catherine 

- 1 di Pi ter 

16 1 '"ii Igan w in 

84 Webb diaries 

Thompsi 11 Mi- Ma 1 j rear 

1 ;■ 1 Intel 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates. Exercise and 
Copy Books. 



i; \st *\]>i: 

Canadian Eocomotn .■ & Engine 
Company (ltd) 

111 Corrigan John 
113 Corrigan Thomas 
121 Clancey Thomas 
126-7 Craig W G & Co, 

WEST sum-; 

< : T R yards 

G T R City Depot 

Richelieu & Ontario Navigtaion; 

Hanley T & Sons, ticket agents 

84-6 Sharpe Mrs Elizabeth, grocer 

90 Erskine John, shoemaker 

90% Siddle Mark 

92 Bulger James 

HI Fannon William 

96 Vacant 

98 Joyce John 
102 Fitzgerald David 
106 Langley Henry 
108 House, s e 

Fail st commences 
wholesale Yard. 

128-130 Carnovsky Wood Mnfg Coy 
134-6 Nicholson Thomas, butcher 
William st intersects 

City Yard 
144 Dublin House 
148 Revell Edward J. grocer 

Miller Charles, rear 

McMahon Cornelius 
150-2 Clark James 
154-6 Koory Mosa 
164 Western House 
168 Harris John 

Johnston st intersects 

171 Hendry J A, mnfrs agents 

173 Storehouse 

175 Browne Jas & Co, whole liquors 

183 Robertson Geo & Son, wholesale 

A lane 

Swift James & Co. coal 

189 Fenwick. Hendry & Co, wholesale 

193 Sailors' Rest 
195 Madden E J, cheese exporter 

Clarence st 

Kingston & Pembroke Rail Depot 
Canadian Pacific Railway Depot 
Bay of Quinte Railway Depot 

172 Anglo-American Hotel 

174 Twitchel] Col M H. U S Consul 

176 Breck Ira A 

178-182 Hotel Frontenac 

184 Theobald J M, barber 

186 Bell Telephone Co 

188 Customs Examining Warehouse 

190 Robertson D S, broker 

192 Kingston. Portsmouth & Catar- 
aqui Electric Railway 

194 Kirkpatrick & Rogers, barristers 
Bawden Joseph, barrister 
Doran Mrs Frances, caretaker 

196-198 Folger Bros, bankers 
intersects ~< 

200 Snook T L. barrister 

202-4 Stanley House 

Market square commences 
i Hty buildings 

Bank of British North America 
Stafford Reuben, caretaker 
Lanigan Andrew, caretaker 

Brock st iterseets 

Thousand Island House 
Kingston Milling Co 
K & P Railway stables 
Fire Station No 1 
Miller William 
Hall John, rear 

253 Gaskin Capt John 

228 Kennedy House 

234 Lachapelle Felix, barber 

236 Lamoureux Pierre, sec hnd goods 

240 Athletic House 

242 Cordick Mrs Hester 

244-8 McRossie Wm, lumber 

250 West Wm S 

252 Gowdy James, butcher 

C. S. HOBART & SONS h^^w/EE^ 

155 Princess Street. favorite remedies 


ONTARIO ST.— Continued. 


Princess st intersects 

257 Ottawa II Kingston Vehicle Co 

259 Daly James, grocer 
261 Tierney James, grocer 

>ldrieve & Horn, sailmakers 

Vacant 268 McSorley Daniel 

267 Gaudreau Zephyr, grocer 270 Stansbury George A 

269 McCarev Barnard, grocer 272-4 Maclean Andrew, whole grocer 

275 Cockburn William 276 Milian D J. butcher 
277 Cockburn W & Sons, blacksmiths 278-84 Central Hotel 

Queen st intersects 

M T Co's storehouse £86 Lake View House 

288 Vacant 

290 Jennings Harry, shoemaker 
291 Donoghue Bros, grain 292 Cockburn John 

Tierney Patrick, grocer 294 Smith William K 

298-300 Globe Hotel 
306 Vacant 
Vacant lota 308-12 Dominion House 

Barrack st intersects 

Rathbun Co The, builders' suppl's 

Place d'Armes commences 
Sowards James, coal and wood 
Lalonde Joseph 
M T Co's shipyard 
Dominion Boat Co, boat builders 
Knapp A C, boat livery 
Knapp Mrs Mary A 
Bowman Bros, collectors of tolls 
iraqui Bridge 

Orchard Street runs north from Cataraqui Street, first east of Rideau 

Tete du Pont Barracks 


Vacant Tannery 

Private grounds 

Smelting works 

Keenan James, watchman 

I r.iuse, s e 
2 Lalonde Francis H 
1 < > lazier Erekiel, carter 
6 Mahoney James 
8 Scrutton Edmund 
Prlvatt grounds 

River st commences 
Private grounds 

Ordnance Street runs west from Wellington to west of Barrie, 
third north of Princess. 

\' >RTH BIDE s« H'Tll SIDE 

1 [ouse, ■ e House, ■ e 

Barlow Thom 

Qarraplne Mrs Catherine 1 [ouse, ■ «• 

Rideau il Intersects 

T. McAuley, *™ °?°r n „ c °T NG 


128 Princess Street. 




Vacant house 
39 McEwen John F 
41 Campbell James 
4:: Nelson William R 
16 Towers William J 
47 Hums Patrick 
49 Mallen .Michael 

73 Bennett Alexander 
75 Bennett Robert J 
<7 Mulleen Edward 

Murphy Mrs Margaret 

H'MIS'-. s •• 

House of Providence 
107 Fraser Mrs Catherine 
109 and 111 Vacant 
11.". McAvey Andrew 
117 Van Winkel Nial 
W.) Donnelly Miss Bessie 
121 Vacant 
123 Gould Joseph S 
125 McDonald Hector 

House, s e 

1- Mullen Patrick 
44 Daley Mrs Catherine 
46 McCormack Patrick 

Watson John 
48 Cockade William J 

Bagot st intersects 

Private grounds 
7G Cummings Charles H 

Private grounds 
Montreal st intersects 

House, s e 

108 Crowley Mrs C W, grocer 
110 Crowley Charles W 
112 Morrissey John 
114 Elder Andrew A 
116 Kirkwood James 
118 Marchand Charles E 
124 Hastings Wm 

Sydenham st intersects 

A lane 

Store, s e 
135 Cockburn Wm. jr 
139 Ball Edward H 
141 Parent Napoleon 
143 Brown James H 
145 Doyle John J 
147 Eves Daniel 
149 Aikin Patrick 

F>'>ntenae Park 

Alma and York sts commence 
187 Ryan Mrs Elizabeth 

House, s e 
134 Healey Patrick 
142 Delaney Mrs Eliza 
146 Lyons Patrick 
150 Vacant 
162 Davy William W 

House, s e 

Clergy st ends 

House, s e 
178 Abernethy Wm 

184 Newlands Mrs Elizabeth S 
Newlands Alexander, contractor 

185 Gardiner James 
190 Mc^ride Archibald 
192 McBride Samuel 
194 Stuart Joseph 

Barrie st intersects 

Noble James 
McCullagh Samuel 

Private grounds 

Park Avenue runs from Parric to West across City Park 

Park Street runs west from Victoria to Macdonnell, second 
south of Princess. 

Not built on 

Go r ] l C Physicians Prescriptions 

. O. HOUart & OOnS and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 


Patrick Street ruus north from the junction of Balaclava and 
Alma to norlh of James. 


House, s e Vacant house 

16 Bowles Edward 
17 Behan John J 18 Bowles Alexander 

Raglan road intersects 

Vat-ant lots Vacant lots 

House, s e Aiken Joseph, carter 

Vacant lots McFadden Edward, carter 

Markland st ends Gollogly John 

Vacant lots Vacant lots 

John st intersects Crosby Robert 

Private grounds Whalen Luke 

Vacant house 84 Clarke Charles 

Charles st ends | House, s e Quebec st imminences 

mds Ryder John 

House, s e Rodway Henry M 

James st ends Robb John 

Pine st commences 
Store, s e 
Burtch Enoeh Vacant lots 

Pembroke Street runs north from King to Union, eleventh west 

of Barrie, first east of limits. 


Private grounds Vacant lots 

26 McDonald Roderick R Houghton Isaac 

29 Tracy Francis McNeil Neil 

Tracy W J- willow worker Kenny Miss Sarah, grocer 

J:i Peter Kenny William 

Davidson st Inters* 

:,i 11. nderson John '"t lots 

■ i. I l^. 1 "hail. B 

Pieard Street, changed to Raglan Road. 

Pine Street runs west from Patrick to Alfred, second norlh 

of Raglan Road. 


LVidson Thoma Private ground! 

: B< ' Smith 81dn« 

mpsall W P, contra '' Bhon Edward 

7 Nisi,, 1 I mi! f Bell John 

• an Robert w Bell Miss Margaret, dressmaker 

st Catherines! commences H Mcllroj William 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 




l."> Mcllroy John 
17 Jacks. hi Philip 
19 ( Jopley Thomas 
27 Woods John W 

Cowdy st commences 
33 Swanston Adam, baker 

35 Hebert Louis 

37 Clark William J 

69 Graham Thomas 

71 Moon Charles, grocer 

73 Galloway Thomas 

75 Wood Samuel 

77 Sands Thomas 

79 Fitzgerald Wm J 

81 Brown I teorge 

83 Davies William 


1- Mallan Patrick 
16 Walker Duncan 
ix Butcher Mrs Jane 
22 Pollitt Francis W 
24 Hayward John J 
26 King John 

28 Bushie Robert F 

30 Chown Edward W R 

Vacant lots 

76 Jolliffe Jacob 
84 McCabe Join 

Cherry st intersects 

85 Stevens Willard 
Private grounds 
99 Vacant 
101 Godwin Wm H 
103 Lane Benjamin 
Private grounds 
House, s e 

86 Kane Charles J 
98 Vacant 
10D Loney Albert 
102 Henderson Thomas 
104 Deny Wm D 

Zion Presbyterian Church 
106 Boyd Rev John D 
Store, s e 

Division st Intersects 

House, s e 
145 Bloomfield Capt Wm 
147 Crake W J, picture frames 
153 Campbell Mrs Eliza J 
155 Smeaton Thomas 
157 Gage Benjamin 
159 Hurst James 

House, s e 
142 Vacant 

144 McMaster John H 
146 Vacant 
148 Coburn William 
154 Hamilton Robert M 

Private grounds 

Lansdowne st intersects 

169 Marrison Mrs Ann 
175 Wescott William 
189 Allen John 

York st ends 
Chatham st ends 


Place d'Armes runs west irom Ontario to Wellington, third 
north of Princess. 

Sowards James, coal and wood 

The Rathbun Company 



McCormack Patrick, coal & woodl 
King st e 


12 Vacant 

16 McKegney Patrick, carter 

McKegney Mrs M, dressmaker 
22 Wanless William A 

Paradis Joseph 
26 Yeddow Henry 

Theophase Leduc 
28 Vacant 
34 Railroad House 

G. S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes. Tooth Brushes, 
Toilet Preparations of ail 
kinds. Sponges. Chamois, etc. 



PLACE D'ARMES- Continued. 

Grimsbaw D & Co, coal 
Gaw R & Co, planing mill 

Hay Market 

A lane 

House, s e 

House, s e 
18 Brown Richard J 

50 Brown Frederick 
48(a) Conley Henry 
54 Woodhead Thomas 

Hiding- School 
Scott George 

Plum Street iuns west from Barrie to Cherry, first south cf Quebec. 

Turcott Nicholas 
Turcott L< Bali 

Vacant house 
Jenkin Mrs Margaret 

M Kee John 
Byron Joseph H 

Princess Street runs west from the harbor to limits, and is the 
principal business street in the city. 

Atlantic dock 

Ottawa Hotel 

Commercial dock 
Richardson James <.<: Sons, grain 
Railway Crossing 

Vacant building 
House, s e 

Ontario st intersects 

Kingston Vehicle Co, carriages 
John L 
39 Barney Benjamin, scrap Iron 
41 Beales William 
43 Langbort Lewis, sec hnd goods 
45 Fi.-ids Arthur E. barber 
t: Pane] Mrs M F, confectionery 
49 Lalonde Mrs Mary, restaurant 
51 i k>yle Michael, restaurant 
53 Macdonald George, harness 
56 Murphy L W, grocer 

King si e 

Sullivan Hon M, physician 
87 News Printing <"o (ltd) 

Kingston News (daily and weekly) 
>;:< Vacanl 

71-7 o, hardware 

75 Wormwith A Co, piano mnfrs 
77 Blliotf Bros, plumbers 
79 Pa1 ten m & < ' tailors 
81 Va 
- : Waddel] 1 > A. harness 

. Mitchell w a. hardware 
>n Oberndorffer Bimon, cigar mnfgr 
9i McCormlch Armstrong, liquors 
■•: Vacanl 
I John, hardware 


Shop, s e 

McRossie Wm. lumber 
34-38 McRae W D, livery stable 
t" Nuttall Qe irg E. blacksmith 

A lane 

4i'-4t; Model St. •am Laundry 

>nd vacant 
is Waggoner Mrs Mary, boarding 

i >unlop James G 
52 F eph H, gi 


How land Bros, clothing 
84-46 i (bei c.'i rffer Bros, cigars 
68 Pritchard W H. confectioner 

70 Paul W .1. tobacconist 

McG \'- m Thos, boarding house 
7.' KImer A B, barber 
It i • rapln Hotel 

SO Cousini'aux P \ & Co, dry goods 
sz Victoria Hall 
34 Galloway James, jr. hatter 

0.1 '• w ay .ins sr 

Henderson John A Oo, booksellers 

I Henderson Homy, photographer 
94 Crumley Bros, dry 8 
st intersects 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
a Roll. Borderings from 
half a cent to 15c. a yard. 



lt'l Woods J C, fancy goods 

103-5 Sutherland J H, boots and shoes 

Sutherland Robert 
L07 Roblln Mis M A, corset mnfr 
109 Stroud Bros, teas and coffees 

Hawley i Larry M 
ill DUlon Joseph & Son. shots 

Ferrier George 
113 Mahood P S, fancy goods 
LIS Hambly W H, hardware 
119 Vacant 
121 Hlscock Joseph ( grocer 

Johnston Miss M, dressmaker 
Hardy & Co, dry goods 
1 27 I )ff ord George, sr, shoes 
131 Tweddell John, tailor 
133-37 City Hotel 

Jenkin W C T. Livery 
139 Daly O \V. dentist 
1 tl Standard Bank 
1 13 Vacant 
1 15 Johnston James & Co, shoes 


II Johnston A. C & Bro, Jewellery 
102 Silver Benjahiin, clothing 

106-8 Steacy & Steacy, dry goods. 
carpets and oilcloths 

110-112 Lambert & Walsh, tailors 
114 Murray & Taylor, dry goods 
116 Haines & Locket, boots and shoes 
118-120 Richmond & Co, dry goods, 

carpets and house furnishings 
122 Grand Union Clothing Co 
124 Mitchell E C, druggist 
126 Ashley W G, gents' furnishings 
128 McAuley Thomas, bookseller sta- 
tioner and bookbinder 
130 McFaul Robert, dry goods 
132-4 Spence & Co, dry goods and mil- 
136 Rigney & Hickey, grocers 
138 Rigney & Hickey, liquors 
140 Greenhill A & Co, dr ygoods 

Bagot st intersects 

155 Hobart G S & Sons, druggists 

i : N W Telegraph Co (branch) 
157 McKay John, leather and hides 
159 Kirkpatrick Michael, pictures 
161 Elmer R H, barber 
163-65 Powell J W, photographer 
167 Smith J S, pianos and organs 
169-71 Skinner H'y & Co, whl drug'sts 
173 Routley John, tobacconist 
175 Brien Alex, merchant tailor 
177-Tm Dalton & Strange, hardware 
183 Smith Miss C C, millinery 
185 Chown A P. MD, druggist 
187 Robertson Bros, crockery 
189 Horsey R M & Co, hardware 
191 Hunter J J, crockery 
193 Strachan Archibald, hardware 

156 Mills Thos & Co, hatters 
158 Coates F W, jewellery 

Kingston Auxiliary British and 
Foreign Bible Society 

Uptown branch CPR Co's teleg'ph 
160 62 Walsh P J, dry goods 
164 Hickey M & Co, millinery 
166 Rees Bros, confectionery 
168 Dick W J & Son, boots and shoes 
170 Laidlaw J & Son, dry goods 
172 Vacant 
176 Vacant 

178 Redden James & Co, grocers 
180 Vacant 

182 Crawford James, grocer 
184 Bernstein J E, clothing 
186 McLeod J B, druggist 

Montreal st intersects 

201 Vacant 

803-6 Windsor Hotel 





Pipe W H, barber 

Dutton Miss M, corset mnfr 

Simmons Bros, plumbers 

Singer Manufacturing Co, sew- 
ing machines 

Laishley Joel 


Karn D W & Co, pianos and or- 

21 Dolan Martin, harnessmaker 

200 Hoag F J, druggist 

202 Bee Hive, crockery and fancy 

204 Baker R D, tobacconist 
206 Rattenbury J R, hatter 

Troy Laundry 
208 Kennedy W H, harness maker 

Martin C A, sign painter 
210 Guess L E, saloon 
212 Vacant 

214 Flett A G, merchant tailor 
216 Martin W C, saddlery hardware 
218 Martin's Opera House 
220 Martin E R. furniture 
222 McLaughlin John, baker 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. ' 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 



1 KIXCESS ST.— Continued. 


223 Fokes E J, barber 
225 Sherlock J M, tailor 

Montgomery Robert, dyer 
227 Vacant 
229-231 ('hewn C D, hardware 

233-35 Robinson G W (estate of), car- 
riages, pianos and organs 

A lane 

-'41-L-4:, Oddfellows' Block 
241-43 Ockley Vincent & Sons, grocers 
~-i~' Kathbun Co, flour and feed 
Oddfellows' Relief Association 

Kingston Business College 

Sydenham st commences 

251 Rrame Henry, furniture dealer 

and undertaker 
261 Pipe Wm, wines and liquors and 
soda water manufacturer 
Boran Philip 
263-6." Marshal] F C, furniture manu- 
facturer and upholsterer 
267 Sawyer \V A. boots and shoes 

Allen Mrs \Y H. dressmaker 
I'M Drennan & Co. undertakers 
Pipe William 

McDonald Alex i ker 

291 Morgan W J, veterinary surgi 

larbutl D J, locksmith 
295 Springer \ J, photos 


224 Vacant 

226 Moncrieff & Bryson, tinsmiths 

228 Vacant 

- !0 White E O. restaurant 
Sparks R E, dentist 
• Is .n N C & Co, druggists 
236 Wood Bros, jewellery 

Wood Bros Tire Co. bicycle tires 
238 Asselstine Michael, woollens 
240 Vacant 
:'4J Runians N E, grocer 

McLennan Mrs John, boarding 
246 Parkhill J Y & Co, produce 
248 Carruthers George, grocer 
254-56 Reid James, undertaker and 

260 Spankie James E, MD, druggist 
262 V a cant 
264 Green Samuel, butcher 

Rowe Wyman E 
268 Martin A R. grocer 
270 Johns T H. grocer, flour and feed 
270V& Bennett Mrs M J, dressmaker 

272 Vacant 

274 ( ireenwood N T. fruits 
280 McQuaid J P, upholsterer 
282 Bertolini Felix, provisions 
284 Stratford Mrs Henry, grocer 

Registry Office for Servants 
arp Henry, grocer 

Leonard Miss Caroline 
;88 Carson W 1 1 . confect ioner 

Campbell Matthew 
290 Mcllquham Andrew, livery 

14 Vacant 
296 Welch E R & Son. marble works 

v st Intersects 

St Andrew's < !hurch 

hnd goods 
■ i 
r Miss ( '. dressmaker 
341-3 Coupei Daniel, grocer 
Eientlg <; W, tinsmith 

i mpbell J w phj si 
lark J W, bicycle repa Irei 
Keyp! \ndi'".\ ker 

Urd Henry, barber 
■< Dollar w N 

* Igoma l louse 

116 Joyce W J. butcher 
320 ( 'arson John 
322 ('arson Bros, grocers 

1 on R J, wholesale gi 

126 Llngwood Wm, sec hnd goods 
330 Slmkins M w. sewing machines 
332 < Irimason's Hotel 

:ii Saunders John, butcher 

if Vacant 

RUSSell House 

362 llati re r I' T, bai 

It ratford Henry; taxidermist 
wis Joseph, harness maker 
i ,ougher Henry, baker 

Barrle st Intersects 

T Mr A II I FY ' nks - Writing and Copying: Stephens', 
I. mlHULLI, Carters, Perth Office, Barnes, Shuttle- 
128 Princess St. worth's and Underwoods. 












4.". 7 
45 ! 






-- ; 



Young Men's Christian Associa'n 

Gee i' li. caretaker FMCA 

Jenkin John, contractor 

Jenkin J E, blacksmith 

Jenkin Mrs Mary, rear 

Lacey Mrs Catherine 

McDermott James 

Kenny Samuel J 

Kingston Rag & Metal Co 

Ellison Hermann 

Graham Robert, shoemaker 

McBratney Hvgh, stone dealer 

Pee S H. physician 

Drury Mrs Orpha 

Campbell Thomas 

Corbetl William 

Lee Miss Rebecea 



366 l'.urnette M S, silverware 
Barber Mrs c. hairdresser 
368 Vacant 

370 Schofield James, baker 
372 Hawken Edward, shoemaker 
378 Patterson Mrs Elizabeth 
380 Latunicy Mrs Ellen 
282 Alderdice Hush 
.".84 Eward Frederick \Y 
386 Arniel Mis Ellen 
388 Storey E M, contractor 
390-92 Laturney James, carriages 
394 Brown George L 
396 Bartells Oscar V 
400 McPhcrson Mrs Maria 

412 Wiley Miss Elizabeth 

Division si intersects 

Pillar Mi's Fiances 

Junes James H 

Hough George P 

Blake Colburn 

Cays Duncan A 

Prittie Thomas 

W. ods Charles 

Livingston Wm J 

Henderson Hiram M 

Bates John 

Gibson David 

3 McDowall R J. pianos 


McCrea Thomas W 

Burns Mrs Rachel 

tfcCrea r r w. carriages 

Kemp Mrs Catherine 

Gibson Miss Margaret 

Bates Mrs Jane 

La Croix H my A 

McDowall Mrs Henrietta 

5 Thornton Mrs R C grocer 

Chatham st commences 
A«h John B 
Miller Adam 
Grant Aicnibald 
Jarvis William 

424 Spencer Rev Canon Albert 

Rayson Rev Robert W 
426-436 Vaughan Terrace 
426 Abernethv James 
428 Purely Elijah B 
430 Vacant 

132 Carnovsky Byron H 
434 Branigan Mrs Elizabeth 
436 Dunbar John 
450 Duff Col John 

Private grounds 

University ave ends 

190 Partridge F \Y. wire works 

500 Mooers Geoi 

502 Livingston Charles 

506 Newlands George, contractor 

520 Bermingham Mrs James 

522 Kennedy Wm H 

524 Allen Mrs Margaret J 

526 Hinds James R 

Alfred st intersects 

557 McEwen Alexander 

■ '■ Vacant 
563 McBride Joseph 
56;. Jackson Edward 

Tur.lbull Thomas C 
539 Bryant Robert 
VM Vacant 
573 Org tea Wm D 

554 Adams Mrs M E, mililncry 
Adams James 

Varrnt lots 
558 Hentig Mrs Sarah A 
560 Potter aJmes S 
562 Gibson Wm H 

Vacant lots 
Frontenac st intersects 

S. Hobart & 

155 Princess Street 


A. A. A greatest pain killer 
known. Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 


PRINCESS ST.— Continued. 
601 Patterson David J 


619 Bailev Jlenry, grocer 
021 Middletcm Mrs Susan 
623 Plake Mrs Elizabeth 
627 C.-iits Joseph 
(,•:? Gardiner Jacob J 
fi. c l Carter Thomas C 

Ms Margaret, grocer 

Vacant lots 

Albert st intersects 

St Methodist Church 
622 Vacant 

624 Hutchison David A 
628 Mcllquham Andrew 
630 Vacant 

fi.'?2 Brown M J. physician 
Vacant lot 

Nelson st intei 

id Mrs Mary 

641 Willis Hugh 

f.4T !'.' y i Ferguson, baker 

Williamsville Scl 
668-70 Carnovsky T U. baker 

Post Office 

Victoria st intersects 





7'.' I 




Haffner Mrs Mary 
Bryant Mrs Caroline 
Friendship John, grocer 
Langdon .!■ 

McConn. 11 Joseph A 
Cummings George 

Smith st commences 
Stapleton John 
Maitland Miss Jessi< a 
Macdonald John A 

I la rpell Francis .1 
Fraser John W 
l .• William 
Jones Mrs Margaret 

T< twer st c. .mnc • 
McGutre Anthony, drover 

i 'I'hi imas 
Mi Gulre Thi mas n 
Murphy William I ; 
Gr< •■!! 

I at 

Carson Wva il 

Farmers' Hotel 
680 Walsh Michael 

Vacant lots 

inkie William 
Spankle .1 i:. MD 
720 Hamilton William L 
undeis John 

donnell st ends 
768 i •<■> i ■■ Wm. cat tie dealer 
772 Coupei M 
776 Couper l taniel 
826 Metcalfe .Ml Ml' 
334 Mini,.- Christian 
840 Blakey Alfred 

: .w John 
844 Dalj w .1. grocer 
846 Cr< i Hi.-- Edwar 1 

Regent st ends 

868 Lasher Mrs lb nrietta 

vi i Fallon l >omlnlck. grocer 

.1 W. 1 1 
w Is < leorge 

■ til 

Bath load inter 
city limits 

Breden Mrs 
Purdy John 


Quebec Street runs west from Patrick to Division, first south of Pine 

Private groundi 

I in w • • T, i 
Hudders Thon^as l! 


Si iflll SIDE 

2 h'lint Charles 

t Whitehead Joseph 

. B< "• ii Charles 

s i >elph James P 

TMp ATII T^\^ Letter Paper, Note Paper 
• A»A<^^ VJ LuHt X 9 Foolscan Bill Heads. Not* 

128 Princess Street. 

Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 



Fitzgibbon James 

Private grounds 

House, s e 

Grunn .Mrs Sarah A 

Private grounds 


12 Dillon James 

11 McGall Mrs Mary 

16 Davis Lewis 

18 Pettigrew Alexander D 

5f0ung Henry A 

King Mrs Mary 

Cherry st intersects 

Stanley Terrace 

1 Bevan Frederick W 

2 Boyd Thomas 

3 Crumley Alexander 

4 McKim John 
Vacant lots 

Chestnut st 

78 Millard Wm J 

SO Mitchell William 
82 Hughes Henry 
84 Hughes Thomas H 
86 Hanscombe Wm 
88 Shultz W Frank 
House, s e 



Queen Street runs west from the harbor to Division, first 
north of Princess 


M T Co*S wharf 

Montreal Transportation Co (ltd) 



Crawford Robert, coal and wood 

Ontario st intersects 

Lake View House 
11 Slv Alex, blacksmith 
19 Kingston Light. Heat & Power Co 
29 Hagan James 

Central Hotel 
Crawford's coal sheds 
St Lawrence Hotel 

King st intersects 

Street Railway sheds 
53 Frost W G, painter 
55 Harrig;i n John, blacksmith 
57 Keves William 
63 Switzer Peter 

66 Murphy Mrs Mary H 

67 Derbyshire Eugene 
69 CSal'agher Francis J 

Anderson Mrs Jane 

McDermott J F. carriage mnfgr 
54 Wright G A, machinist 

Kingston Chemical Engine Co 
Kane C J. blacksmith 
Shop, s e 

Wellington st interescts 

Dunn Thomas, grocer 

76 Woods William 

77 Vacant. 

79 Wootton James 
81 McGuire Thomas 

86 McCutcheon William 

87 Angrove Henry, shoemaker 

Store, s 
72 Vacant 

82 Sanders Daniel, carpenter 

84 Vacant 

86 Laidley S G. harnessmaker 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 



QUEEN ST.— Continued. 


89 Fry John F 

91 Patterson Mis? Ellen 

93 Donoghue Timothy J 

95 Donoghue Mrs Catherine 

97 Folger Frederick A. jr 
101 Kingston Conservatory of Music 
103 Vacant 

lit", Hagerty Mrs Ellen 
107 Ross James D 

Salvation Army Barracks 


>!>erndorffer Simon 
92 Bastow Jeremiah G 
ill Stewart Alexander 

100 Tweddell James 
102 Keenan James W 
104 Byrnes Mrs Man 

108 Robinson Thomas D 
1 '" Weller Miss R ■' 
1 1 I Vacant 

il st intersects 

McGuire P H. marble works 
12." Doran Daniel 

Doran John 
131 Jarvis Miss Eliza 
133 Phillips Thoi 

St Paul's Church 

1" Lenea Mrs Sophia 
1 g Warts Mrs Eliza 

Lake Anthony 

Phillips Mrs M.itilda 
1 "'• Mendel Isodore 
138 Townsend Mr* Mar 
140 Duval Prrf Arthur D 
14$ Wright Ernest 
n< Angrove Tl oira - 

House, s e 

Montreal st lnt< 

157 Power Mrs Charlotte 
159 Perceval Mrs Harriette 
161 Fralick John w 

tray Jam. 
166 Wilkins n < teorg E 
■ 7 K ates Thomas 
17" Hunter & Harold, contrai 
177 i Jornelius Capt John 
k s 


164 H rsey Mrs Mary A 
Private grounds 

nee R A contractor 

Private grounds 

182 Kidd Mrs Anne 

184 Vacant 

186 ' >rlver Thomas 

House, e e 

Sydenham st Inters 

Private grounds 

■m| Sellars Miss Mary E 

Private grounda 
211 Smith Re-\ Thon 

Win B 

[ahood Wm J 



196 Ri es Allan J 
L98 Wilson William 
nn James 
Wilson Thomas c 
110 Burton John V 

! lor Edward .1 
16 Batlej Mrs Maggie 
20 Walker John 8 

Ihrlslej Wm, cah on m r 
226 Ban Robert 

<i lnt< i 

John Tl 
■n Ti j lor ' !apl Thon 
■i . m Ham 

!49 Donnelly John, li- 

st Andrew 'a Mans,' 
250 Marrlson John 


128 Princess Street. MODERN. 




861 Davis John 

Walker Hat tie A D, physician 
it.:: Marshal] .lames, carter 
259 i tenry Miss Jane 
263 Jacob Mrs Mary 
267 Haiti. -\ John 
869 Hawk.,, Edward 
'-'71 McFaul Robert, sr 


254 Sherlock John M 

258 Dunphy Edward J 
260 I'eiiv Mrs Harriot J 
262 Simmons W Fred 
264 Vacant 
266 Walker David J 
C68 Kearns William 

Barrie st intersects 

273 F.-r William 

275 I ieorge Mrs Mary A 

C sbj M r- Jan ■ 
270 John 
281 Shannon Samuel 
283 Ad ■■ William E 
285 Catholic Apostolic Church 

OShea Mrs Sophia 
289 Clown Arthur 
299 Bailey Wm & Co, broom mrrs 
309 Lytle Mrs Alice 
311 Gardiner Mrs Jane H 

Chapman st commences 

Queen Street School 
329 McCammon Wil'iam 
331 Kellar Charles \y 
333 Pipe Wiiram. jr 

Pipe Mrs Wm, dressmaker 
335 Wathen William 
337 Chapman Elisha F, grocer 

282 Drury Wm, coal ami wood 

286 Barron George 

288 Switzer Mrs A, boarding 

290 Jones Owen 

292 Sutherland Samuel G 

294 McDonnell J Alexander 

296 Reid Samuel 

300 Sands Mrs Emma 

304 Ilett John 

302 Sands John S 

306 Woodrow Wm H 

308 Burke Northcote J 

310 Vacant 

312 Burke William T 

316 Lake Wm. contractor 

318 Hamilton Samuel 

320 Comper George 

Private grounds 
328 McCaig Neil 
338 Cotman George 

Rag"lan Road runs west from 164 Rideau to Division, second 

north of Bay. 


Stanford Mrs Mary 
S Kelly Mrs Mary 

Rolleau Mrs M M. dressmaker 
10 Flanagan John 
Vacant lots 
Maloney Miss Ellen 
Store, s e 

House, s e 

House, s e 

Bagot st intersects 

House, s ■ 
Middleton Henry 

Reilly John 
Store, s e 

House, s e 
Barry James E 
Vacant house 
House, s e 

Montreal st intersects 

House, s e 
Smeaton Charles 
Gallivan Michael, cartel 
97 Tucker Thomas 
99 McCarthy Maurice 
101 MeCullough Robert T 

Store, s e 

Tetlock John 

Sydenham st ends 

Vacant lots 
96 King John 
98 Carnegie John B 

CQ lJnUoi , »+ £• QftMO Agents for Knickerbocker 
. 0. nOpJarLOtOUno Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
155 Princess Street. men * women, boys and girls. 

7 + 


.X ROAD.— Continued. 


103 Powell Charles H 100 Davis n CI arl 

105 Powell Mrs Mary . Scanlon John 

Private grounds Redan st ends 

111 Newton Thomas 112 Fenning Charles H 

Private grounds 114 Burton Samu< 1 

123 Derush William 124 Turkington William 

Vacant lots House, s e 

Patrick st intersects 

Vacant lots House, s e 

Caswell William M 150 Brewster Mrs Sarah 

141) Jarrett William T 152 Vacant 

154 Morris .Mrs Catherine 
House, s e 

Barrie st intersects 

Massie William House, s e 

I "7 Turner James ... . 

Xaylon Capt John Private grounds 

Scott Capt William Chambers Charles J, carter 

York st intersects 

Main st intersects 

Private grounds Bouse, - 

Vine st ends 
Lennon Mrs Margaret House, s e 

Fedan Street runs north from Balaclava 10 Ragian Road. 


House, s e I [ouse, s e 

6 Spencer Ralph 
ray Samuel J 8 Spencer Mrs Mai -ia 

i" Dougall Alfred A 
1 : Nicholson Wm H L2 Maxam Mrs Ma 

1:. Cavanagh Mrs Elizabeth it Tyo Capt Stephen 

Fallon Patrick 16 Anderson John 

I [1 iuse, s e House, s e 

Regent Street tuns north from Johnston to Princess, lltird 
north of Victoria. 

i:ast si DE WEST SIDE 

m ixlej William .1 
i\ Francis, market garaen England Thomas, market garden 

Lindsay Mrs Ells< B 

Ridcau Street runs north from Barrack to Montreal, fourth 

west of the lurl or. 


\ lm j Hunter John, grocer 

in. hi R J, cab owner Va< ant 


128 Princess Street. 




II Watts .lolm W 

15 Armstrong Francis 
17 Seaton Richard 

_'i Rankin Mrs Ann J 
23 Halligan Thomas 

Meagher Gerald C 
25 Jaquith Isaac 
27 Nuttall George E 
29 Byrne Simon 
::i Claxton Matthew H 
35 Thomson Thomas 


4 Simpson Bernard 
6 Feeney Thomas 
8 McGlnnis Thomas J 
in I iateman James M 
12 Goyotte Charles 
14 Murray Francis 
16 Marshall Robert 
18 Madden Michael 
20 Murray Joseph 
24 Carey Thomas C 
38 Dunlop James M 


Ordnance st Intersects 

Garrapine M rs Catherine 
47 Bajus Mrs Grace 
57 Sharman Jacob M 
61 Noonan Capt Daniel 
63 Shanks Thomas J 
65 Macdonald Jobn 

Private grounds 

50 Vacant 

52 Daley James 

.">1 Daly James 

56 Maxwell George W 

58 Cannem William 

Oataraqui School 

Wilson Joseph, contractor 

Bay st intersects 

8:: Anderson Robert S 
85 Vacant 

91 Shanahan Miss Mary 
99 Maxam George 
101 Garvin Michael 

Page John D 

Mosier John 

80 Murphy Mrs Daniel, grocer 

82 Murphy Daniel 

94 Doolan Jeremiah 

96 Dunlop Capt Andrew 
102 Doyle Patrick 

Austin James, shoemaker 
116 Boutillier Amos S 

North st intersects 

Vacant lots 

Kingston Oil & Enamel Cloth Co 
142 O'Neill Patrick 
144 Thompson Alfred C 
148 Keating Patrick 
150 Mclntyre Sergt Wm A 
152 Nelson John 
154 Adams William J 
158 Murray John 
160 McGlade Capt Peter 
162 Granger Edgerton, grocer 

Raglan road commences 
164 Vacant 
168 Osier Charles H 
17(i Mallen James 
172 Lees Adam 
176 Harrison T J. contractor 

Corrigan st commences 
180 Davis Robert 
182 Davey George 
184 Dunlop James A 
186 Baker George 
188 Davis John 
190 Watson William J 
192 Bourdeau Baptiste 
194 Vacant 
196 Costello Al< zander 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 



RIDEAU ST.— Continued. 

251 Wilson William 

Private grounds 


198 Bryan Price 

200 Donaldson Joseph 

Dufferin st commences 
200(a) Emmett Maitland L 
202 Lowe William 
204 Pound J Wesley 
212 Cooper Henrv A 
214 Sloan Robert 

Charles st commences 
258 Cunningham Daniel 

James st commences 
264 Wilson George H 
266 Hargreaves George E 

Cataraqui st intersects 

Imperial Oil Co 

Deane .Mrs Margaret, grocer 

Private grounds 

River st ends 
Carrington J J. tanner 
Potter John 
Hanley William 
Hughes John 
M 1 1 sh James 
Lambert William 

2 Vacant 
4 Dempster John 
6 Cass Mrs Annie 
8 Smith Thomas J 
12 Pickering W H. | 
14 McNeill William J 
36 Clarke Frederick W 
40 Holland Geoi g 
12 Bryant James 
14 McLachlan John 
16 Darragh Alexander 
is Gallagher Daniel 
50 Hubbard Charles H 
52 Gow Walter 
54 Lee Robert J 
56 Smiles- John 

River Street runs west from Orchard to Rideau, first north of Cataraqui 

\< IRTH si DE 

Va ant houa 
Richardson Jonathan 
Carrington Joseph J 

s< »UTH si DE 

Private .mounds 
Leslie David 
Skinner's storehouse 

Railway Bridge 

Russell Street runs west from 480 Montreal to Division, tenth 
north of I'ntii 

x< >RTH 81 DE 

Stone quarry 

\1.11 hall 
Hunter James .\ 
Vacant building 
McQuald John 

I lid William 

Capl John 
more Charles 

Kei nil 

1 »elam > Willi 

Prlvati grounds 

s« iTJTH si DE 

I I ••use. s e 

\ .1. .Hit lots 
in McKenls Allied 
12 Moncrieff Thomas E 

11 Hagerty John 
16 Skelton John 
18 Smith James w. contractor 
20 1 ' 1 trlen John carter 
k ill. en Patrick, carter 

::i Smith James H 

::»; Kiliee,, Patrick 

TTWr f) A . , I p y School Books, Scribbling 

• lfA ^ A U A C «/ * Books, Slates. Exercise and 
128 Princess Street. Copy Books. 


Simcoe Street runs west from the Harbor to King, third east of Barrie 


Arnii 1 Samuel J Sharman T X. boat builder 

Booth & Cms wood yard 32 Vacant 

34 Cameron .Mrs Marian 
Vacant lota House, s e 

Sixth Street runs west from east of Chatham to Alfred, fifth 
north of Princess. 


:: Hall Thomas J House, s e 

Titus Mrs Catherine Rivelle Eben 

Chatham st intersects 

Private grounds Vacant house 

House, s e House, s e 

Smith Street runs north from Princess to South Dartlett, first 
west of Victoria. 

Not built on 

South Bartlett Street runs west from Victoria Street, first 
north of Princess. 


Osborne George Smith st ends 

Stanley Street runs west from Division to Alfred, first north of Pine. 


House, s e House, s e 

King Thomas Private grounds 

Lansdowne st intersects 

Strachan John 

.Miller William 

King William Private grounds 

Albertson John 

Vacant house 

St. Catherine Street runs north from Pine, first west of Patrick. 


House, - • House, s e 

:. Munro James 6 Slv Alexand r 

7 Pidgeon Richard P 8 Strachan Thomas M 

9 Lalonde Antoine J 10 Davidson Wm 

11 Vacant L2 Adams Mrs Elizabeth M 

13 Mcllroy Wm J 14 Germain Daniel 

I". Walker Marcus C 16 Campbell William R 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 


Stephen Street runs west from 410 Montreal, ninth north of Princess 

Private grounds 

Gissing Albert A, coal oil 

MrPhee Robert 

Chrisley John 
13 Wilson Thomas J 
15 Buse Joseph 
21 Cauley Joseph 
23 Taylor Mrs Ann 
25 Bell Mrs Elizabeth 

House, S 

6 Smith Samuel 

8 Wilson YVm 

White Thomas 
10 Scruton James 
12 Judson James 
14 Vick David A 
16 Robertson John 
18 Costello Samuel 
20-22 Vacant houses 
24 Henry David 

St. Lawrence Avenue runs north from King to Stuart, fourth 

west of Barrie. 


Thurlby Thomas J 
Knapp Andrew H 
Kirkpatrick John 
House, s e 


Private grounds 
Allen Capt James F 

Vacant lots 
Stuart Street runs west from 80 Darrie to Albert. 

House, b e 

Arch st. commences 

n's ' tollege grounds 


11. 'Use. s e 
10 Canoii Robert 
18 Crawford James 
20 Edooney Thomas 

« leorge st. ends 
Kingston General Hospital 
Kill.oin Roland K, M D 

100 Richardson Mrs Susannah 

L02 Richardson Henry W 

University ave. Intersects. 

Souse, s e 
I'd Mathewson John P 
103 Hugh - Robert H 
i"-. Green « Jharles 
L07 Kennedy John 
109 Tuttie John 

111 v ll.ii William .1 C 

118 Wilmol 11 l'. contractor 
11:. Row Robert B 
iir Phippen Miss Kate 
I17i'a) ( !offey Thomas n 

\\ 1 1 ! ;• 111 

Private grounds 

Morahan Barnei 

US "Vebrler Mrs Man 
120 Allen Mrs Mary \ 
RySOp Mrs .lane 

Madden Patrick .1 

l ' ■> le James 

Si Lawrence ave ends 

Kirl.N William K 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 




Sydenham Street runs north from West to Raglan Road, hut not 
open from Brock to Princess, third west of King. 


9 Miitton Byron M, QC 
13 Folger Mrs Laura 
15 Folger Fred A 
17 Franklin Joseph 
19 Machar John M 
•2:\ McMahon John 
1 louse, s e 

16 Brock Rev James 

■is Mclntyre John, QC 
30 McLeod Mrs Helen 
32 Smith Mrs Mary 
34 Merrick Mrs Mary 
36 Davis Mrs Mary A 

Carruthers John B 

61 McKay John 
53 Hadder Harold 
65 Welch Thomas G 
67 Bib by Thomas H 
69 Rice Miss Harriet 
House, s e 

Earl st intersects 

Robertson Mrs Euphemia 

William st intersects 

First Methodist Church 
Grundy William J. sexton 

A lane 

72 Power Joseph W 
74 Baxter Miss Jane 
76 Innes Mrs Isabel H 
78 McNab Francis 

Johnston st intersects 

Hotel Dieu 

Orphanage of the Hotel Dieu 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Brock st intersects 
Not open 
Princess st intersects 

Oddfellows' Block 
Oddfellows' Relief Association 
Kingston Business College 

149 Pobinson M W. bicycles 

151 Cunningham David, physician 

153 Wells William J 

155 Barrons Samuel F 

157 Frost Edward 

159 Hopkirk John E 

Store, s e 
Brame's storehouse 

150 Vacant 
152 Vacant 

160 Gowdy James 
Queen st intersects 

161 McKay John B 
163 Callaghan Daniel 
171 McFarlane Robert 
173 Thomson Mrs Susan 
175 Runians Norman E 
177 Barton Alexander 
179 Branch Joseph 

Central School 

209 Routley Wi'liam K 
211 Aubin Mrs Mary J 

166 Mundell D E, physician 

Colborne st commences 
Devonshire Terrace 

1 Matthews Mrs C. confectionery 

2 Thompson Frank 

3 Brough Albert E 

4 Tlett James F 

5 Raven A John 

6 Levinson Abraham 

7 Miller Matthew 

212 Sinclair Miss Charlotte 

Ordnance st intersects 

GC U k 4- 9 C Physicians' Prescriptions 

. O. nOD3rt (X OOnS and Family Recipes accur- 

ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 


SYDENHAM ST.— Continued. 



221 McDonald Hector, shoemaker 

Keene W H, grocer 


:'l '= Vacant 

22E Lynn Joseph E 

216 0"Connor Daniel 

1 Campbell Albert 

218 McAvey Charles 

220 Bates Capt Daniel 

222 Staley Horatio S 

House of Providence Grounds 

224 Clayton Edward J 

226 Geach John 

242 Meek William 

Li' : Vacant 

Bay st i 


243 McLeod John, contractor 

Balaclava st commences 

North st ends 

_ 6 Kane Thomas M 

Irwin Capt John 

i Arthur 

258 Dougall Robert R 

269 Gray George 

260 Ammel George W 

271 Purtell James J 

262 I'.iown Mrs Sarah J 

Nolan John f 

264 Cambridge Henry 

277 Shan grow Peter 

26R McKenna James 

Thompson Andrew 

270 Jones .Mrs Mary 

281 Andre Alexander 

272 McMillan Malcolm 

28 1 Ryan John 

■ Winder Mrs Martha 

Martinelli Luciano 

a\.s Edward 


280 Worth Mrs Ellen 

,nt lots 

288 Kelly Henry 

Toronto Street runs north f 

rom Johnston, first west of Victoria. 



Not built on 

McKenzie Donald 

Strachan David 
Tower Street runs north fron Princess, second west of Victoria. 

Nol built on 
Union Street East runs west from the harbor to junction of 
t and West, seventh west of Princess. 

i i Drj i ■ 
Potts John, carter 





Canada Dry !>.>ck 
Kingston Foundry 

Ontario st Intersects 

Sash a nd I 

A Ian- 

( 'ana. la I >i\ I >OCfc < 'Hie 

10 Stales Charles D 

I \ i.ant 
14 Kehoe Joseph 

lordon Qeorge S 
18 Francis Lewis 
10 Palmer Timothy 
12 Dine Francis 
House, s ■■ 

Kin:- i Inten 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 



N< >i;th SIDE 

i touse, s e 
(iT Little William W 
li'.i Crysler Mrs Eunice 
75 illsej Charles 
8] Power Thomas U P 
SS Hogle Elgin 
89 Begg Mrs Annie 


1 louses s e 
68 Strange O S, physician 
7 1 McManus John 
82 Robertson T McKean 
84 Kinghorn John 
86 Low Edward \V 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Wellington st intersects 

1 liaise, s e 

Unfinished house 
9 I Hewitt Thomas 
Ml I'.nrk iAither W 
in:; Vacant 
LOS Vacant 
107 Vacant 

Vacant, rear 
■ 1 1 Murphy John B 
115 Macnee Miss Ethel 

Union Street West runs west from 162 Barrie to city limits. 


Housi . s e 

16 Dupuy Miss Fanny 

17 Richmond Mrs Jane E 

19 Twenl William A 
21 Barlow Thomas 
23 Skinner James A 
l'T Vacant 
29 Rice Thomas 

McCullouch Miss J, dressmaker 
31 Deny Patrick 

Wade's lane commences 
■id Paul 
51 Reid M P. grocer 

Division st commences 
61 Crumley Edward 
65 Reid James E 
67 O'Brien Laurence 
75 Children's Aid Society and Creche 

Orphans' Home 

House, s e 

St James" Church 

Arch st ends 
30 Jones Francis W 
32 Vacant 
34 Hamilton Mrs Sarah 

Ward Pressly 
:> Nobes William 
42 Phillips Mrs Sarah 
44 Clancey Miss Jane 
48 Vacant 
50 Crumley Hugh 
52-4 Nobes Mrs Wm, grocer 
56 Dunlop William 
58 Whitehead Mrs Sarah E 

Drill Shed 

Vacant lots 

University ave intersects 

Ul Fowler Prof James 
123 Vacant 
125 Hamilton Samuel 
127 Cormack John 
129 Jones Clarence P 
131 Reyner John 
133 Young Wilbur F 
135 Ely Joel 
137 Fiigate Charles J 
liley Ethan B 

Alfred st 

Victoria School 

Frontenac st commences 
163 Paterson Capt Francis 

122 Gibson James 
126 Wilson Major Edward B 
128 Greenwood Nathaniel T 
130 Edwards Peter 
132 Graham C J, contractor 
134 Derrv Hugh 
136 Keeley William J 
138 Browne George W 
140 Graham John 
144 Anglin Robert D 

Vacant lots 

G. S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 


UNION ST. \VK ST.— Continued. 

Albert st intersects 


169 Anglin Mrs Fanny Vacant 

Baptist Mission Church Hoppins Harvey 

Collingwood st intersects 

Breck Ira A 

Macdonnell st commences 
McKenzie John D, MD 

McWaters James Bannis*ei 

Private grounds 

College st commences 
Haskell "Wm A. jr 
Betts Mrs Mary 

Beverley st ends 
Centre st ends 
Ellerbeck ave ends 

Livingston ave ends 
Pembroke st ends 
McWalters James 

Alwington ave ends 

University Avenue [formerl (iordon Streetj runs north from 
107 King w. to Pri cc>>. 


Store, s e 
15 Le Heup Join A 
17 Orrell Mrs Ann 
19 Francis John E 
21 Hannay Thomas 

I lolpbin John 
25 Robinson Robert 
.'7 McConvllle Arthur 
31 Oliver Capt John 

House, a e 

Stuart st 

College grounds 

Union st 
1 irpha ns' Home 

1 • ti \ ate ground* 

Clergy st w ends 
169 Toung < leorge 

188 Wilson Richard J 
18B Vacant 

181 Will Willi. mi 

189 Sutherland Mm Ifargarel 
191 1 ;.. w Robert 

her Joseph TT 
106 Donnelly Capl Thomas 

House, s e 

Frivate grounds 


Macdonnell George M 
Vacanl scl ool house 

Alice st commences 
1 in Rlcl ai il-nn < leorge A 
L20 .Mills Thomas 

122 Mills Thomas 

124 Mills George, jr 

126 Chov. n Alii- 

1 12 Sparks Robert E 

138 Browne Patriok 

144 Dupuis prof Nathan F 

146 Shorn Prof Adam 

1 [ouse, s e 
w Intersects 

KTounp, s .• 
152 Lovick John 
164 Holland Jan 
L62 Chown Oliver 
166 Bailej Samuel 
it;s Kennedy Mrs Bliss 
ITU Bell Rol 

its Maclean 1 lodwln V 
184 11 irold William 
186 1 rhon n 1 Hiver 
190 shaw Abraham 
':>• White Wm 3 B 
•91 White John T 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
a Roll. Borderings from 
half a cent to 15c. a yard. 


Ea i l si Intersects 



I imes Martin 
Jami s Thomas, cab owner 
205 Singleton Arthur c 

207 T< Ohej Mrs Ann 

209 Abrahams .Mrs A. dressmaker 
213 Lawless James, carter 
215 Eiolman Albert E 

217 Bruce William 

•jr." Moore John 

227 Coward William 

229 Vacanl 

231 McCartney Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 

Nugent Edward 
Private grounds 

(Jill Mrs Catherine A 





Johnston st 

Ostler Bros, grocers 
Fisher John 
Armstrong David F 
Wilmot Mrs Mary 
Elliott Joseph G 
Ostler Frederick 

Brock st i 

House, s e 

295 Glidden William 

297 Walk.]- John 

299 Dyde Wardrope H 

301 Waggoner Alexander C 

303 Sherman James F 

305 McCarter Alexander 

307 Gardiner John A 

309 White Susan H 

Frlvate grounds 

Garrett st ends 
317 Poison Neil C 
319 Kenton John L 
321 Chown Harvey 
323 Martin Charles H 
325 Harvey Mrs Anne 

Private grounds 

196 Jenkins Edmund P 

198 McCartiuv \\'m, contractor 
200 Millar Albert II 
208 McFarland George 

210 Hryson James 

212 Kane John E 

216 Ferguson James F 

218 Devlin James 

220 Carson Robert 

222 Drennan Rev Alexander 

224 Ballantyne Mrs Alice 

226 Watson George C 

228 Elsmere Mrs Elizabeth 

230 Hamilton Mrs Isabel 

234 Day Mrs Harriet 

236 Green Mrs John 

238 Daly Justus W 

240 Bawden Mrs Elizabeth 

242 Swales Mrs Jane 

244 Elliott John W 

246 Moore Daniel 

248 McCartney Alex, contractor 

250 McCartney William 

252 Tyner Mrs Ann 

254 Davidson Robert, contractor 

256 McKee, Capt William 


260 Stover P H, grocer 
26i Dempster William 
26S Goodearle Humphrey 
270 Day Sidney W 
272 Arthurs Alexander 
274 Vacant 
276 Lvon Horatio V 
282 English Mrs Caroline 
284 Greenwood Joseph T 
294 Parkin Thomas M 
296 Armstrong George A 
298 Daly Charles B 
300 Vacant 

302 Milne Thomas J S 
304 Murray David 
306 McNeill Charles 
308 Neish William 
310 Rowan Robert F F 
312 Jack Alexander 
314 Woods Miss Maria 
318 Adams William 
320 Roney Adam F 
326 Jones John E 
328 McMillan Robert 
330 Renton William J 
332 Johnston James 
334 Darby William C 
346 Nicholson Mrs Eliza J 
348 Saunders J G. butcher 
Store, s e 

G. S. Hobart & 


155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 


Upper Charles, see Charles from Montreal to Patrick. 

Upper George changed to Raglan Road. 

Upper James changed to Chestnut. 

Upper William, see William from Barrie to Division. 

Victoria Street runs north from Johnston to Concession Road 

sixth west of Division. 


Private grounds 

85 Law Edward 
Private grounds 
Law Edward, cordage mnfr 
Private grounds 

n;i Thorogood Joseph W 

Knight [saa< 
160 Williams Cornelius 
171 Stover Hiram 

IT:: Alt u I II ■ 

187 Tarrant John 
189 Holland John 



i rivate grounds 

Peters John 

Follesl Albert E 

Gavine William 

Lawson John J 

Barnes Ceorge 

Harris David A 

Smith Isaac 

Lewis < Jeorge 

Lewis Calvin 
i_- Ri rid] ■ -Mrs Charlotte 
130 Selbj Charles 
132 Ward Henry 
134 Dainty Charles H 

Vacant buildings 

Le Heup R Edward 

Park st commences 

166 Harpell John J 

Durham st ('eminences 
Gray Mrs Annie 
I >oj [e James 

I loUSe. a e 

Princess st Intersects 

Store, s e 

I .ink 

Kingswell Charles 

innolly Mrs Mary 
M Km. William G 
149 Langdon Alfred 
261 Richard in Richard 

i ngdon Mrs Wilhelmina 

ilrl John 

Townsend William II 
Townsend William 

121 !■•■ don I 'liarles 

Hit lots 

Vacant houses 

Ramsaj James H. apiarist 

Watklns Mrs Sarah 

South i tartlet t st commences 
Lauder John 
Vac ant 

Kill herford Thomas 

Van Luven Anson P 

Tlmmei man .Nicholas 

Rej nolds Francis J 

T Mr A II I FY Inlis Writing and Copying: Stephens', 
I. IflUHULLl. carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
128 Princess St. worths and Underwoods. 


Vine Street runs north from Ellice to Raglan Road. 

1 louse, s e 

11 Murray William J 
1 louse, s e 

Ann st ends 

Private grounds 


1 louse, s e 
6 Clark William 
8 Wade Frederick 

10 Rourke Edward 

1 1 Kelso Ephrlam 

in Savage William J 
22 Crallin William 

McDonell Mrs Eliza, 
34 Arthurs James 

Wade'S Lane runs north from Union w. to Clergy, first west of Barrie. 


Skinner James A. gunsmith 
17 Hess George 
21 Hess ( leorge A 
23 Piper Alberl 
25 Ryan Capl William 


House, s e 
1 1 Williams Mrs Martha 
22 Anderson Daniel 

Vacant house* 
24 La Rosa Napoleon 

Wellington Street runs north from City Park to Hay Street, 
third west of the harbor. 


7 Oldrieve George S 
;» Thomson William 


12 McRossie William 
Union st e intersects 

House, s e 

23 Kirch's carpenter shop 

86 Mercer .Mrs Ann 

27 Ballantyne John 

::."> Vacant 

Lendrum Horace, rear 
Brown Miss Margaret, rear 
Hinds Miss Ellen, rear 

37 Day Robert? s 
St lire, s e 

House, s e 

^6 McFadden Miss Rosanna 

28 George Joseph 

32 Gowdy John 

34 Mackerras Mrs Margaret 

3»i Spangenberg Frederick W 

38 Waldr-on Richard s 

42 Davis Mrs Mary 

< lore st Intersects 

4."> Drlscoll Denis 

47-51 Wellington Street School 

A mid William 
59 Brophy Mrs Margaret 
Brophy Miss Margaret, artist 

> A Vacant 

52 Aubin William 

54 Bureau Peter 

5P Maguire Miss Mary 

5P Munro Charles 

60 Loucks Edwin B 

6? Martin Miss Julia 

70 Jamieson Thomas 

72 Geoghegan William 

Karl st Intersects 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A., greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 



WELLINGTt >X ST.- -Continued. 

7:» Shaw J Morgan 

SI McKenzie 

Glrey John, rear 
Cutts George, real- 
Sheffield Mrs Catherine, rear 

85 Sheffield Mrs Catherine 

87 DArcy Robert J 

89 Vacant 

91 Kincaid Mrs Mary 

93 Vacant 
7 [ouse, s e 


74 McMahon John, contractor 

wart James 
so Twitchell Col Marshall H 

82 Waddell Robert 

88 McCormick T Henry 

K°nt Mrs Elizabeth, rear 
90 Hansen Mrs C, fish dealer 
98 Rubery Patrick 

w imam st inteifects 

Perry Norman H 

103 O'Connor Patrick 

105 Vacant 

107 OSullivan William 

Hallinan Miss M A. dressmaker 
ill Vacant 

House, s e 

100 Dennis & Frasso, butchers 

L02 Vacant 

112 Swift Miss Bridget 

116 v I c B Association 

118 Donnelly Alexander 

120 i lonway Frank 

122 Wood Isaac, physician 

Johnston st intersects 

St George's Hall 

Office of the Clerical Secretary 

Diocese of Ontario, Rev Canon 

A Spencer, Secretary 
Bowen William A. sexton of St 

George's Cathedral 
post Office 

Kirs' Congregational Church 
• us E F. boarding 
136 Marchand Napole in 
L38 Curtis ( ' \j. physician 
140 Bell John H. physician 

Dine Thomas C 
it:' Clements P»- nard, dentist 
1 1>; Robertson Miss Eliza 

( Clarence st Intersects 

< !a ii u there .1 B, banker 
i.'ii Mandell William, barrister 
Gardiner John A, real estate 

Stephen insurance 
w. i.i- C R, b irrister 
i ' n ba kblnder 
hardson W L photographer 
mlth John, printer 
■ i ii>-. 'ii .1 B, balrdn 
159 Kingston Chemical Fire Engine 
pa ny 

1 1] ou n Fred M barrister 
Martin C H, Insurai 

i u ;iin .1 I '. infill ance 

Kellj Win photographer 
Quinn Michael 
i>.i i •.■ i novskj W 1 1 fish and oj 

Golden Lion block 
Vacanl store 
Reyner John, pianos 
Carej Win. sheel music 
Church Boom Depository 
Power A Son, architects 
McCarter Alex, watchmaker 
Brock A M. watchmaker 

in Associal ion 
\i. Rae \\ R .v ' !o, w holesale 

McRae i tros grocers 

Brock st intersects 

bel K bookseller 
167 R Emma, dressmaker 

169 Mooi ncy 

168 Waldron Richard, drj b I» 

170 Mills ( leo A Co hat I 

172 i Jenkins i: P, gents' furnishings 


123 Princess Street. 

Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 




171 Sands .1 S & Son, mer tailors 
IT:: Anglin Mrs C, milliner 
17.") Slavin James, tailor 
177 Richardson Miss M, hair goods 
17!' Egan Daniel, tobacconist 
18] McNaughton & Co, clothing 
183 Nugenl & Taylor, plumbers 
is.". Robinson C, merchant tailor 

Store, s e 


ITS Wrighl Clark & Son, hatters 
180 Wilkinson <;>■" M & Son, grocers: 
is.' Vacanl 

L84 ROwan Mis M. fancy goods 
186 Oriental Hotel 
188 Williams R S & Sons Co, pianos 
190 Bailie Bros, Job printers 
lit.' Woods Miss Maria, fancy goods 
194 Clark J II. MD, dentist 
Store, s e 

Princess st intersects 

Store, s e 

L97 Greaza Miss E \". milliner 

201 Weller Misses, fancy goods 

203 Vacani 

205 Harold David 

207-9 Crothers W J. biscuit mnfr 

21:: Kane Mrs Margaret 

216 Kane J P. carriage maker 

store, s e 
A yard 

?08 City Laundry 

212 Elder Bros, livery 

216 Elliott N F, butcher 

218 Clarke Win J, shoemaker 

220 Staley Mrs Delpha, grocer 

Queen st intersects 




Harkness Wm. butcher 
Curtis Miss M A, dressmaker 
Flliott George 
McOormiek Mrs Sarah 
Sullivan Mrs Catherine 
Hickey Mrs Hannah 
Powell Mrs Mary A 
Skilleker William J 
Henderson George 
Clayborn Joseph 
Cambridge Thomas 
Tryon Anthony, grocer 
Lennox House 

222 Dunn Thomas, grocer 

224 Vacant 

226 Somerville William 

228 Vacant 

230 Bristow William 

232 Barlow Mrs Catherine 

234 Hand Mrs Catherine 

Derrv Thomas, upstairs 
236 Nobes John 

Hacket Mrs Sarah, upstairs 

Campbell James, coal and wood 

Riding School 

Place d'Armes 
283 Quinn Owen 
285 Lawlor William 
287 Bvrne Samuel 
289 Vacant 
293 Gratton John 
295 Milligan Alexander 
297 Oliver Charles G 
299 Grimshaw Delos 

Anplin S & Co, lumber 

Barrack st intersects 

262 Morris Major Richard 
26- Vacant 

266 Geoghegan Capt John 
268 Gratton P Joseph 
270 Linton James 
272 Timms Thomas W 
274 Bajus Peter 
ends 276 Smart John B 

278 Hackett Joseph 

Ryder Ira 
280 Hiller Capt Andrew H 
282 Oldfin John W 

Ordnance st commences 
288 Ziegler Georg-e 
290 Leaden Michael J 

Brewery lane commences 
30S Bajus Brewery 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 



West Street runs from ihc harbor to Earl, eighth west of Princess. 


D onelly Salvagt & Wrecking Co 

Ontario st commences 
11 O'Connor Thomas 

i, e John 
15 Henn^ssy Miss E. grocer 

19 Burke John 
23 McAdam Thomas 
25 Connell James C. MD 
House, s e 

Kin, sr st e 

House, s e 

II ward S 

ward H 
61 Kirkpatrick Mrs Emily G 

Wellington st commences 
6:! Tandy Mrs Anna 

I'ni m st ends 
House, : 

-• commences 
A lane 
l [ouse, s e> 

denham st comment 
165 Rickaby William J 
House, s e 

Booth & Co, c>al and wood 

Vacant lots 

Hous >. s •> 
int. rs 

City Park 

Park ave ends 

Crick t grounds 
Court House 

' I I lice 


Hous. . 

William Street runs west from the harbor to Division, fourth 

south of Princess. 

N< >i:th SIDE s« ►TJTH SIDE 

G t R wharf 

n T R freight Bheds 

Shedden Co (ltd), cartage agents 

Craig's wharf 

City yards 
19 Vacant 

81 II. mu. I 

Mercl -i tits' Ba nk 

Craig's storehouse 

< Mna rlo sl Intersects 

Store, • 
20 Maguire Mis ( ' > thertne 
noble R B 
Bank of Montreal 

King st e Intei 

Saundei b ll J, phj 
4", Maund <'iiat l< 
it Lesslie James P 

1 ii. i. j At. hibald 

rami Q 
59 i >\\ '. ei m is Mary 

• Mil] ... Mi .1 it'- 

ll, .us., a e 
it swdt Joseph v 
in num.. Peter I. 

\ i bakei 
■ ' \l i 'amm. n Robert, si 
56 Vacant 

58 Suit li M 

80 Mprtin Mi Mai ?are1 T 
M T"a1 - Mrs Elisabeth 
68 i !onn i Thomas P 


128 Princess Street. 



8 9 

Wellington st intersects 

Stores s e 


s? Vacanl 

93 Sullivan William H 
95 Hobart S Walters 

St Vincent Academy 


70 Fuller Frederick 

72 Varant 

76 Savage M rs Jan 1 . 

78 Savage Bros, painters 
(Neil! William 

84 Hurst John 

88 Regan John 

90 Scott James S 

92 Hutton Henry B 

94 Duffey William 

96 Miller Mrs Elizabeth 

98 O Reilly James, contractor 
100 Bateson Miss Jane, grocer 
104 Lawlor James 

Bagot st inter- 

House, s e 
ill Flanagan .Mrs Mary 
113 Herbert Mrs Mary 
11") Welch Alexander 
117 Hiscock Joseph 
119 Wales Robert 
121 Magulre John J 
126 Vacant 

129 Bunker Edward F 
133 Boyle Henry M 
135 Strange J Campbell 
137 Merrett Capt Thomas 
139 Moore Mrs Louisa 
141 Quigley J< seph 

Horse, s e 

House, s e 

112 Hensen Mrs Catherine 

114 Cockburn John 

116 Lundin Jonas 

118 Henderson Peter R 

Private grounds 

Sydenham st Intersects 

Sydenham St Methodist Church 
1M Starr Rev J Edward 
185 Mitchell J C. contractor 

House, s e 

Rear entrances 

. st intersects 

"ouse, s e 
203 Webster William 

[alone Mrs Sarah, boarding 
207 Garbutt Daniel J 
209 Manhard Mrs Etta 
213 Young Women's Christian Ass'n 

Chestnut Miss Harriet H 

Patterson Henry T 
215 Baxter Mrs Catherine 

188 Macarow Mrs Helen 

Private grounds 

200 Dowsley William 

202 Hannay Mrs Rachel 

204 Vacant 

206 Park George C 

214 McMahon Miss Mary 

Barrie st int.-: 

C.S Hobart&Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men. women, boys and girls. 



WILLIAM ST.— Continued. 

From here to Division this street is known as Upper William 

Store, s e 
13 Vacant 
L5 Vacant 
17 Hinton Edward 
19 Clark Robert 

Gray's lane commences 
25 Vacant 

27 Jackson Calvin A 
29 .Ma veil John 
31 Kellar Sanford 
31(a) A'Hearn Thomas 
33 McNamee William 
35 McNamee Hugh 
47 Derry James 

Store, s e 
12 Thompson John 
14 Donoghue Mrs Elizabeth 
16 Stewart Henry 
18 Height Mrs Margaret 
26 Paul James 
28 Dougherty Patrick 
30 Vacant 

34 McMahon Alexander 
46 Patterson John 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

York Street runs west from the corner of Ordnance and 
Alma to Nelson. 


1-3 Thompson James, bottler 
5 Campbell Colin 
7 Orman William 
11 McKee Mrs Isabella 


Vacant house 

Barrie st intersects 

b e 
19 Brown David 
21 Daily Mrs Julia M 

[arris Henry 
16 Walker Charles A 
37 Chatterton Mrs Helen 
4.; Johnstn >n I [ugh, carter 
Johnston Mrs Mary, grocer 

Private grounds 

Store, s e 
18 Mills Andrew 
20 Menary George 

ore William J 
24 Hilller Truman P 
26 Vacant 
30 Davison John 
36 Acres Charles 
38 Hamilton John 
40 Sprowell Daniel D 
42 David Mrs Mars 

m road Intersects 

■kin John E 
illlne John M 
67 Doyle John 


1 1 n 

Thornton Samuel 
B7 Landeryou John I 

89 Spi nee William 

'•i Landen on .1 1 '. contractor 
irtln John F 

n William J 
■'7 Donnelly Matthew 
ubi • Ml< h lei J 
101 Myei 111 
c 'hi 

Private grounds 

68 Roach Mrs Letltia 

70 smith Wesley 

72 Sullivan John J 

71 Moxley Robert 
76 Moxlej John 

7> Sands Charli - h 

84 Darling Mrs Sarah 
B6 .1 1 mleson Mrs Emma 
^ Vaoanl 

M 1 ' >•> Ids n Mrs Minnie 
96 Dumphy James 

T. McAULEY, T^cT™ 


128 Princess Street. 





Sangster William 
LOS Davidson Mrs Rachel 

Unfinished houses (2) 
mi' Marshall Samuel 

Prime st commences 
n i A'Brien Capt George 
113 Laird Robert 
11.", Akroyd Samuel A 
117 Hoath James 


102 Richards Samuel 
i"! Redden Jeremiah 
I'm, Whitfield James W A 

House, s e 

Division st intersects 

House, s e 
MT Appleton John 

Private' grounds 

nney Joseph 
Vacant lots 

Huise. s e 

Lansdowne st rommoiices 

140 Swain J C, baker 

Swain Mrs J C, carpet weaver 
142 Hodges Mrs Margaret 
154 Veale Elijah 
156 McCabe Alexander 
162 Crozier Mrs Mary 
166 Houlcler George 
170 Cloodell Chancey, carter 

House, s e 

Chatham st ends 

Alfred st intersects 

Vacant lots. 

Fair grounds 

Frontenac st ends 
House, s e 
Gtinn Daniel H 
Saunders John 
Veale John 

Albert st ends 

Orr John, caretaker Fair grounds 

Young" Street changed to Clergy Street West 

Our (TUotfo: 


In Hiuerty Paeje of Otir Uj0rK. 

J. 6. FOSTER & CO. 



G. S. jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 





The letters "res" for residence are used for householders, "lvs ' for lives for those living 
with their parents or other relatives, ar.d "bds" for hoards for those living in boardii g 
houses and hotels. 

Abbott John, seetionman G T R, bds 

e s Montreal, :5s of G T R crossing 
Abbott Mary A (wid James), res p s 

Miller 's lane. 1 \v of BagOt 
Abbott Robert B, mngr J E Bernstein. 

184 Prin 9 Frontenac 

Abbott Thomas, res 378 Division 
Abbott Win. lab, lvs n s Miller's lane. 1 

\v I 
Abernethj Archibald, mngr G Oil 
lvs 4 26 I'rincess 

thy James res 126 I'rii 
rnetby Wm. contract r, 134 Brock, 

n< thy Wm. inaeli. K ft P Ry 
shops, res 17^ ' m dnance 

Mis< Kate, clerk, lva S T Wel- 
Abrahams Ann (wld Edwin), dress- 
maker. 209 University ave, res same 
Abrams George M, Bplnner K Hosiery 

« !o, res Ring W, opp I >' Kill 

Abrams Herberl \ clerk 3 B Carruth- 

Iva King w, opp < > ' Kill 
Abraras .Mary A (wid Josias), lvs i 

w, opp < ' Kill 
Abramson Joseph (Abramson ft Bro). 

i I '.rock 
Abi ■ mson & Bro), 

i mson x- ! ph and Louis), 

Brock and 3S3 

188 Vlfred 

\' r.i li n ■-• • also ( > Brlen 

A'Brien « '. 'ge, Capt str Armenia. 

res 111 York 
Acres Charles, shoemaker, res 36 York 
Ada Edward, tinsmith Nugent & 

Taylor, lvs 53 Arch 
Ada Capt Wm. res 53 Arch 
Ada Wm !•:. lerk R Waldron, res 283 

a. lams Alexander, lab. K Vehicle Co, 

bds w s Alfred. i s of Pair grounds 
Adams Bert J, machinist, lvs 12 St 

l Catharine 
Adams Edwin, < lerk lvs c >r Alwlngtoa 

a ve and Union 
AdamsBlizaM (wid John), res 12 St 

Adams .lames, architect K P. res Al- 
dington ave, cor Union 

•us James, prop I! wen House. 423 

King e. res .-..">4 Princess 
Adams Mrs Man >'-. millinery, 554 

I'rincess. res S 
Adams Wm. shoemaker, f>7 Prock, res 

::is University ave 

Adams Wm J, cutter Wm Adams, res 
154 K idea II 

Adsii George, lab, 123 Alfred 
A^new James, Cit\ Solicitor, ! 
buildings, res 332 Barrie 

w John, boilermkr, Ivs 1 1^ Mont 

\ M.u 5 (wld Hamilton), h 
Aeneu Robert! moulder Locomotive 
Works, res 257 Earl 
new Bamui I, shoveller, ivs •: Earl 

.ll.iiii i O' llearn 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates. Exercise and 
Copy Books. 



A'Hearn Elizabeth (wid Patrick), lvs 

624 Princess 
A I !• a in John, lab, res 35 John 
A'Hearn, Joseph B, foreman Cotton 

Mills, bda 330 Montreal 
A'H<;uii Thomas, lab, res 31(a Upper 

Aiken, see als,> Aikin and Aitken 
Aiken Joseph, carter Jas Swift & Co, 

res W St Patrick, 1 n of Raglan rd 
Aiken Patrick, lab, 1 vv s Patrick, 1 n 

«u Raglan rd 
Aiken Robert E. policeman, res 119 

Aikin James, lab, lvs 149 < ndnance 
Aikin Patrick, carter, .Jas Sowards, 

res 149 Ordnance 
Ainslie, see also Ansley 
Ainslie David J, carpenter M T Co, 

res 243 Earl 
Ainslie Wm G, butcher T McConville 

& Son. lvs 24:! Earl 
Aitken, see also Aiken and Aikin 
Aitken John, cook Ottawa House, 
Aitken Mary (wid John), lvs 216 Uni- 
versity ave 
Albertson John, farmer, res n s Stan- 
ley. 3 w of Lansdowne 
Albion Hotel, G. J. Hutton, 

prop. 46 Montreal, cor Queen 
Aider dice Hugh, painter T W Milo, res 

382 Prim 
Alderdice Susan (wid Wordsworth , 

r. 234 Alfred, res same 
Aldred Alfred H, appr K & P Ry 

shops, lvs 246 Montreal 
Aldred Maria (wid Owen), res 246 

Alexander James, trav Hy Skinner 

& Co, Iv - 306 Br ek 
Alexander Jane (wid David), res 306 

Alexander Philip, provisions, 111 Brock 

res same 
Alexander Robert, tailor C Livingston 

& Bro, res 211 Albert 
Alexander Roderick, groom Mrs M 


Alexander Mrs Wm H, res e s Cul- 

lingwood, 2 n Union 
Algoma House, II Harkness prop, 312 

Allan Bella (wid Thomas L). mantle 

maker, 351 Kins? st e. lvs Chapman st 
Allan Sarah (wid Adam), res Chap- 
man st 
Allen Miss Bridget, res 41 Balaclava 
Allen Charles B, carpenter M T 

lvs 12. Stuart 
Allen v larke, clerk Rathbun Co, lvs 524 

Allen Eliza (wid Wm). lvs 18:J Brock 
Allen George, lab, res 140 Colborne 
Allen G. H., Inspector of Agen :ies, 

Standard Life Assurance Co, 42 Clar- 
ence, res 197 King e 
Allen Herbert O, salesman Murray & 

Taylor, lvs 126 Bagot 
Allen James, grocer, 359 Division, res 

Allen James F, Capt of str Pierrepont, 

res St Lawrence ave 
Allen Rev Joseph A, res King w, opp 

Alwington ave 
Allen John, carpenter, res 189 Pine 
Allen Miss Lallie, teacher Frontenac 

iol, lvs 189 Pine 
Allen Margaret J (wid Lewis), res 524 

Allen Miss Mary, teadher Central 

Scl 1. lvs 297 Division 

Allen Mary A (wid Theophilus), res 

120 Stuart 
Allen Miss Maud, teacher Queen St 

1. lvs 189 Pine 
Allen Nathaniel, Capt schr Queen of 

the Lakes, res 356 Johnston 
Allen Roiit m <\V Allen & Son), lvs 126 

Allen Robert W, billposter, res 306 

Allen Sarah (wid W r illiam). res 297 

Allen Miss Sarah, teacher Victoria 

School . lvs 126 Bagot 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 





o Stanley A, City Bicycle Agent 
K Vehicle Co, lvs 126 Bagot 

Allen Thos, engineer, lvs 41 Balaclava 

Allen Thomas C, salesman Richmond 
& Co. lvs 126 Bagot 

Allen Mrs T Darley. lvs 524 Princess 

Allen Wm (W Allen & Son), res 126 

Allen W & Son (William and Robert 
M), boots and shoes, 82 Brock 

Allen Wm H, sailor, res 267 Princess 

Allen Mrs W H, dressmaker, 267 Prin- 
cess, res same 

Allen Wm J, currier J J Carrington. 
lvs i4u Colbome 

Allen Wm J C (McDonald & Allen), 
res 111 Stuart 

Alma Mater Society, publishers 
Queen's College Journal, Queen's 

swoxth Frederick, teacher, lvs 307 

Aylsworth George A, trav Kingston 
Vehicle Co, res 307 Bagot 

American Express company, 
James Leslie, local manager, cor 
King and Brock 

American Hotel, R Beaupre, prop, 29 

I '.rock 
\ m . rican Steam Bottling Works, J R 
Hinds prop, 10 Market sq 

Amey George W, res 5 Victoria Ter- 
race, Montreal st 
Amey Miss Lizzie, lvs E Victoria Ter- 
race, Montreal st 

Ammel George W, carpenter, res 260 

Anderson Bros (Edward and William). 

210 Division 
Anderson Charles w w. res SI Col 

L">i ti" 
And< rzon Daniel, driller, res22 Wade's 

Anderson Edward (Andi rson Bro 

jii i>i\lsion 
And( i ' Johnston 

Andei ion Jam< Johnston 

Anderson James E. clerk Rathbun 
245 Princess, lvs 2:'.2 Johnston 
rson Jane (wid David), lvs 111 

Anderson Jane (wid Edward), res 69 

Anderson John, lab M T Co, res 16 

Anderson John, lab, res n s Chestnut, 

1 e of Cherry 
Anderson Joseph D, shipper W R Me- 

Rae & Co. res 42 Lower Bagot 
Anderson Miss Mary A, dressmaker, 

178 Bagot, res same 
Anderson Miss Nellie, music teacher, 

1\ s 178 Basot 
Andreson Robert S. lab. rea 83 Bideau 
Anderson Robert S, jr, lab McDonald 

& Allen, 1 83 Rideau 
Anderson William (Anderson Bros>, 

res 214 Division 
Anderson William, hostler Central 

Anderson William J, farmer, res 64 

I'pper Charles 
Andre Alexander, carpenter, res 281 

Andre Frederick, Baidor.lva 82 Ontario 
Andre Peter, carpenter, res 82 On- 
Andrews Elizabeth (wid George W), 

res 26 Garrett 
Andrieuz Louis, violinist, bds 286 

Androa Alphonso, agent, bds 94 

Anglln Mis Cecilia, millinery, 173 Wel- 
lington, res same 
Anglin Fanny (wid William B). res 

166 Union w 
Anglin Francis R. (8. Anglin 
\ Co), h a B6 Barrack 

violin James P, student, lvs 166 
Union w 

t in John T, traveller, res 869 Brock 
Ans;lln Miss Nellie student, bds <> s 
Vlfred, i i •■!' Union 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 





Anglin Robert D, chief clerk Custom 

House, res 144 Union \v 
Aimlin Robert W. student. lvs 169 

Union w 

Anglin Samuel iS. Anglin & 
Co), res 85 Barack 

Anglin S. & Co. (Samuel, Francis 
R and William H Anglin), lumber, 
coal, wood, saw and planing mills. 
Bay, cor Wellington 

Auulin Samuel M, student, bds e s Al- 
fred. 1 s of Union 

Anglin Wm, bursar Rockwood Asy- 
lum, res 56 Earl 

Anglin Wm G. physician. .".2 Earl, res 

Anglin Wm. H. (S. Anglin & Co.), 
lvs 85 Barrack 

Anglo-American Hotel, cor Ontario 
and Johnston 

Angrove Esther twid Samuel), lvs 84 

Angrove George B, works Vehicle Co, 
lvs 87 Queen 

Angrove Henry, shoemaker. 87 Queen, 
res same 

Angrove Henry, jr, machinist, res 84 

Angrove James B, machinist, lvs 87 

Angrove Samuel, appr Kingston Ve- 
hicle Co. lvs 87 Queen 

Angrove Thomas B, agent London 
Life Ins Co, res 148 Queen 

Anis Asil H, carpenter, res 357 Bagot 

Anis Oscar H, lab. lvs 357 Bagot 

AnisYVm H. sailor, lvs 357 Bagot 

Ansley, see also Ainslie 

Ansley Harold M, salesman Richmond 
& Co. lvs 383 Earl 

Ansley John W. cabinet maker, res 
383 Earl 

Ansley Widmer W, salesman Rich- 
mond & Co. lvs 383 Earl 

Anson Frederick G, groom Dr O S 
Strange, res 431 King e 

Appelbe Miss Sarah, res 53 Colborne 

Appleton John, blacksmith, res 147 

Appleton Robert J. carpenter, lvs 147 

Appleton Thomas H H. plumber Mc- 

Kelvey & Birch, lvs 147 York 
Ardagh George H. calker M T Co, lvs 

57 Arch 
Armour James C, engineer K & P Ry, 

res G T R Outer Depot 
Armstrong Adam, plumber, McKelvey 

& Birch, bds 91 Gore 
Armstiong Claude C. teacher, 1\ 

University av< 
Armstrong David F. agent, re's 263 

University ave 
Armstrong Francis, photographer 

Sheldon & Davis, res, 15 Rideau 
Armstrong George A, traveller, res 296 

University ave 
Armstrong George W, packer Hy 

Skinner & Co, lvs 297 Barrie 
Armstrong Isabella (wid John), res 

297 Barrie 
Armstrong Miss Lizzie, res 319 Brock 
Armstrong Jane (wid William), lvs 319 

Armstrong John, moulder, lvs 319 

Arniel Ellen (wid Wm J), res 386 Prin- 
Arniel John, manager Arniel & Co, \\-r- 

55 Wellington 
Arniel Richard, butcher W H Reid, 

lvs 377 Earl 
Arniel Samuel J. driver Booth & Co, 

res ft of Simcoe 
Arniel Thomas, carpenter, res ?,2\ 

Arniel Thomas J. lab, lvs 324 Division 
Arniel Wm, caretaker, Wellington St 

School, res 55 Wellington 
Arniel Wm. driver Booth & Co, res 

214 Earl 
Arniel Wm J, boiler maker Locomo- 
tive Works, res 120 Albert 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Physicians Prescriptions 
and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 




Arniel Wm J, watchmaker Arniel & 

Co, lvs 386 Princess 
Arniel & Co.. .John Arniel, manager, 

jewellery. 339 King e 
Arnold Margaret (wid John), res 253 
King e 

itt Wm, brickmaker, bds St Law- 
rence Hotel 
Arthurs Alexander, foreman Gardiner 

_:_• University ave 
Arthurs James, cabinet maker, r< 

Arthurs Robert, engineer Gardiner 

Arthurs Robert J. driver Gardiner 

Co. lvs 34 Vine 
Ash John B, fireman Electric Light 

Worl I Princess 

Ashley George E, res 34 Markland 
A si i lvs 22 Barrie 

Ashley Margaret (wid John), lvs 

Ashley Wm <:. gents' furnishings, 126 
Princess, res same 

sander M, carpenter, lvs 
LOO Division 

njamin, carpenter, r-s 

n ElecU 1c 
Light Works Arch 

1 vid P, teacher, lvs 168 

1 i.i niel, lvs 72 
Isttne Miss Prances A, teai 
1 »ivision 
k W, trimmer K 
Vehicle Co, lvs 220 Alfred 

i.i- Shed- 
di ml. 

100 Dvlsion 


1 ith K \ 
I | 1 i-i 

Asselstine John, carpenter, res 254 Al 

Istine John S, appr A C Johnston 
& Bro, lvs 254 Alfred 
Ass. Istine Miehael, res 306 Earl 
Asselstine Michael, woollen goods, 23? 
Princess, res Ernest Town 

Istine Minerva (wid Isaac F), res 
135 Alfred 

Istine Peter, contractor 100 Div- 
ision, res same 
Asselstine R( bert \Y. student, lvs 168 

Asselstine Samuel, brakeman K & P 
Ry, res 89 Cataraqui 

Istine Thomas M, Deputy Sheriff, 
lvs 100 Division 
Asselstine Wm H, salesman W Mc- 

Rossie. res 220 Alfred 
Athletic House. P Devlin prop, 240 

Atkinson Gardiner, assist T Ronan.lvs 

Atkinson Thomas, stonecutter, res 83 

Collingw 1 

Attv. les, baker .1 Schofleld, 

Attwood Horace la 
A tt \ 'Jon Lire 

Ins ( !o, l\ s 173 Victoria 
Aubin Mary J (wid Wm), res ill Syd- 
Aui. in wm. conductor Street Railway 
n s 52 Wellington 
n Wm P, barber, '.71 Km. ■ . res 

\\ s Collingw 1. i s of Johnston 

ln\ ole « Ulbei l II Coh 

port me 

Auchinvole Maria (wid / 1 i,lv« 

11 Colborne 

pi Webster, res 163 1 >i\ - 
1 Ion 
Aull Mrs Franklin, res 5 1 lallii 

Chatham st 
Aull Ge penter bda Albion 

Aull \ 1 Insmil h E 1 !ho* 

Cha tham 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages. Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 




Auli Miss Harriet, dressmaker, n s 
Johnston, 1 w Macdonnell, res same 

Auld Orcena (wld George N), lvs n s 
Johnston. iw of Macdonnell 

Austin James, shoemaker, 102 Rideau, 
hds same 

Austin Richard H. sailor, res 48 Up- 
per Charles 

Aykroyd Overton, carpenter, res 23 

Aykroyd Samuel A. dentist. R K 
Sparks, res 115 York 

Babe >ck George L, appr McKelvey i<: 

Birch, lvs 79 Elm 

Babcock Win X. driver W Drury, res 
206 Barrle 

Babcock Win X, lab, res north end 
of Barrle 

Babcock Stewart, brakeman G T R, 
res c s Monti' al. 5 n of G T R cross- 

Babcook Jacol r, 61 Division 

Babcook James, lab, res 277 .Montreal 
cook Walter, lab. res 275 Montreal 

Bacon George, cigarmaker G A Me- 
wan, lvs 58 John 
n Henry •'■ lab. res -")<S Jorm 

Bacon Wilfred, works Cotton Mills. 
lvs 58 John 

len Charles A. mach. Locomotive 
Works, lvs Portsmouth 

Bailey, see also Bailie. Baillie. Bay- 
lay. Baylie and Bayly 

Bailey Charles, ab. res 14 John 

Bailey Ethan B. trav Gardiner Co, 
s 139 Union w 

Bailey Miss Hannah, lvs 12:: Raglan id 

Bailey Henry, grocer. <51h Princess, res 

Bailey Maggie (wld Benjamin), res 

Bailey Miss Martha, lvs 220 Queen 

Bailey Samuel R (Wm Bailey & I 
res 166 University ave 

Bailey Win (Wm Bailey & Co), res 

L20 Colborne 
Bail. ] Wm & Co (William and Samuel 

i: Bailey), broom makers, 299 Queen 
Bailie Bros (Isaac Bailie), jot) prmt- 

ers, 190 Wellington 
Bailie Isaac (Bailie Bros), bds 251 Uni- 

versity ave 
Bailie Jennie (wld Hugh), lvs 155 

Mom,-, al 
Bailie Thomas, shoemaker, res 155 

Bailie Wm, printer, 81 Brock, res 88 

l larrie 
Baillie Wm. bookkeeper Kingston & 

Montreal Forwarding Co. bds City 


Baird. see also Beard 

Baird Robert, sr. lvs 12 Main 

Baird Robert, foreman F C Marshall, 
res 12 Main 

Bajus Brewery. 308 Wellington. 

Bajus Grace (wid Philip), res 47 Ri- 

Bajus James H, appr K Vehicle Co, 
lvs 657 Princess 

Bajus Peter, brewer Bajus Brewery, 
res 274 Wellington 

Bajus Robert S, appr Kingston Foun- 
dry, lvs 47 Rideau 

•r George, carp R Davis & Son. 
^6 Rideau 

Baker Miss Hattie M, teacher Col- 
legiate Institute, lvs 333 Earl 

Baker Henry S. student, lvs w s Al- 
wlngton ave. 2 s of Union 

Baker John F, trav Geo Robertson 
& Son. res w s Alwington ave, 2 s 

Baker Margaret J (wid James), lvs w s 
Albert, 1 n of .Mack 

Baker Mary (wid John), res 333 Earl 

Baker Robert D. tobacconist, 204 
Princess, res 380 Earl 

Baker Wm, tobacocnlst, :;:,2 King e, 
lis 382 Earl 

G, S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 



Baker Wm C, MA. teacher, lvs w a 

Alwington ave, 2 a of Union 
Baker Wm J. clerk R D Baker, res 

364 Barrie 
Ball Edward H, 5t Paul -s 

Church, res 139 Ordnance 
Pal] Edward 11. appr British Whig. 

lvs 22 Clergy w 
Ball Philip, student, bds 378 Barrie 
Bill Robert E. hamessmaker M Do- 

lan, lvs 42 York 
Ball Samuel, jeweller, res 22 Clergy 

Ball Mrs Samuel, tailoring. 22 CI 

w, res same 
Ballantyne Alice (wid Andrew), res 

224 University ave 
Ballantyne John, policeman, res 27 

Bankof British North America. 

George A Robinson. Manager, City 

Bank of Montreal, H. J. B. Cram- 
bie, Manager, cor King and William 

Bannister John, guard K P, res 
Union, 1 e of Livingston ave 

Bannister Percival G, student, bds 117 
King w 

Barber Charles F, carpenter, res 151 

Barber Mrs C F, hairdresser, 366 Prin- 
cess, res 151 Division 

low Mis Catherine, res 2:12 Wel- 

Bail. .a Robert, lab.lvs 2:12 Wellington 

Barlow Thomas, fitter Locomotive 
w iks, rea 21 Union w 

Barlow Thomas, mason, res n e cor 
' »i < 1 hi r 1 ■ deau 

\ 1 gander, blacksm ; 


li/.a 1 wid John), res 14 D6 I 

Ban lab, res w ■ Victoria, 

5 n of Johnston 

l ■lm. lab, bds Central Hotel 
Barnes Mis wm, rea 22 George 

Bail min. sera). Iron, 89 Prln- 

:\ 1 : 1 1 1 

Barney Miss Hannah, teacher Victoria 
School, 1 224 Earl 

Barnum Charles,, baker R H Toye, 
bds 151 Montreal 

Barr Robert, lineman G X W Tel Co, 
res 226 Queen 

Barr Wm. operator GNW Tel Co, res 
226 Queen 

Barrigan, see also Berrigan 

Barrigan Jacob, lab, res 4^ Lower 

Barrigan James A, lab, res 15 O'Kill 

Barrigan John, coachman J MePar- 
land, res Portsmouth 

Barron George, engineer.! vs 286 Queen 

Bartons David, woodworker K V< 
hide Co. lvs l.",5 Sydenham 

Barrons Samuel F, foreman K Ve- 
hicle Co, res 155 Sydenham 

Barry, see also Berry 

Barry Catherine (wid J"hn). h< 
keeper. 134 Earl 

Barry Miss Frances J. teacher Cen- 
tral School, lvs 22 Division 

Barry James, lab, res 244 Colborne 

Barry James, tailor Z Prevost, res 114 

Barry James E, tailor, res s s Raglan 
id. 1 n of Bagot 

Barry John, clerk, bds Albion Hotel 

Barry John, clerk Walkem & Walk- 
em, lvs 134 Earl 

Barry Miss Lizzie, teachei Louise 
School, h s 20 I Uvlsion 

Barry Mary (wid James), lvs s a K.iu'- 
l in rd. 1 w "f Bagot 

Barn B >berl bai bei n Bird, lvs 241 
( lolborne 

Ban . coppersmith, res 20 

I >i\ isimi 

Bartella Delis (wid S Wellington), lvs 

Bart< lis ' 'sear V, Assistant City 

■ I ' 

Barton Vlexander, engineer tug Bron- 
s m, rea 177 Sydenham 

T, McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
a Roll. Borderings from 
half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

I' IK 


l.i I 


Barton Thomas, switchman <: T it, 
bds e s Montreal, 3 s of G T R cross- 

Bass Charles L., Jewellery, 343 
King e, res same 

Bassam Wm B, caterer, 241 Bagot, 
res e s Alfred, i s of Union 

Bastow J. G., Plumber, 375 Kinu 
e, res 92 Queen 

Baterman James M, lineman Bell 'I ele- 
phone ( '". res in Rideau 

Bateman Miss Susan, Ivs 10 Rideau 

i tati s Miss Ada, teacher, l 5 1 1 ■ 
Cottages, King w 

Bates Daniel, Capt schr Fabieola, res 
Sj denham 

Bates Elizabeth M fwid Henry), mus 
teacher, res 5 Hale's Cottages, King 

Hates Harry C, Ivs 5 Hales 1 Cottages, 
King \v 

Bates Jan.' iwii] Peter), res 497 Prin- 

Bates John, Ivs 4;<7 Princess 

Bates John, traveller, res 459 Princess 

Bateson James, policeman, res 29 King 

Batesim Miss Jane grocei 100 Wil- 
liam, res same 

Bateson Miss Margaret, Ivs 100 Wil- 

Bateson Matthew, bartender Russell 
House. Ivs 100 William 

Bawden Elizabeth (wid Wm), Ivs 81 

Bawden Elizabeth (wid Henry), res 
240 University ave 

Bawden Joseph, Barrister, Soli 
cltor, etc.. 194 Ontario, res si Fron- 

Bawden Joseph W, stenogr G M W 
donnell, Ivs 240 University ave 

Baxter Catherine (wid William L), res 
216 William 

Baxter Miss Jane, res 74 Sydenham 

Baxtei Kate (wid Peter), res 313 Brock 

Baxter Miss Mary a. res 71 Syden 

ha m 
Baxter Miss Maud, music teacher, Ivs 

215 William 
Baj ol Quinte Hotel, c Lyons prop, 14 

Market sq 
Bay of Quinte R. R. and Navi- 
gation CO., H. J. Wilson, agent 30, 

Baylay, see also Bailey, Bailie, Bail- 
lie. Baylie and Bayly 
Baylay Frederick D, cler k Ontario 
Bank, lids lot; Clergy 

lie Charles, electrician K P. res 
66 i.i\ Ingston ave 

Bayly Arthur T, clerk, Bank of Mont- 
real, bds 13 Maitland 

Beales Wm, lab, M T Co, res 41 Prin- 

Beamish Rev. George R, MA 
Curate St George's Cathedral, bds 
23 Wellington 

Beard, see also Baird 

Beard Harriett (wid James), bds 63 

Bearance Alexander, watchman 
Street Ry Co, res 208 Colborne 

Bearance Janet (wid Hamilton), Ivs 
128 Lower Bagot 

Beaton Miss Celia. Princ'l Frontenac 
School. Ivs 279 Bagot 

Beaton Miss Helena, student, bds 279 

Beatty Charles, res 161 Bagot 

Beauchamp John W, grocer, 15 Dea- 
con, res same 

Beaudry Louis, chef City Hotel 

Beaupre Charles J, Capt schr Neelon, 
res 222(a) Division 

Eeaupre Remi, prop American Hotel, 
29 Brock 

Bedford John, spinner K Hosiery Co, 
res 130 Division 

Bedore Charles, lab, res 321 Victoria 

Bee Hive, Crockery, general store and 
fancy goods. J A Charies, manager, 
202 Princess 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 




Heecli Charles, lab, res 6 Quebec 
Beecher George, shoveler, res 215 

Beel Charles E, plumber J G Bastow. 

bds 132 Wellington 
Bee] Elizabeth F (wid James) board- 
ing house, 132 Wellington 
Begg Annie (wid William), res 89 

Union e 
Begg George A. clerk N C I'' Ison & 

Co, lvs 50 William 
Begg George L M. baker, 50 William, 

res same 
Begg Harriet (wid Alexander), res IS!) 

Behan John J.. Grocer, 326 King 
e, res 17 Patrick 

ii Mary (wid John), lvs 17 Patrick 
i. painter, lvs 74 Lowei 
Belanger < ieorge, painter, bds 104 Low- 
er Bagot 
Belanger Helaire, painter, res 74 L 

James, painter T .\I Mllo, 
i Bagot 

r. lvs 7 1 Low- 

nt York ('Minify L 
Beli ine 

Wellington, striker K Vehicle 

bds l [sland II" 

Bell D, clerk l> Fraser, lvs 

■ I 
Bell Douglas C, teamster K P 

i .1 
Bell Elizabeth i \\ . 


1 tell M iss Bllz lb 

I |..~|>it;il 

Bel] Prederii i hell, 

i ne 
Bell Rev George, LL D. 

Quei n' Colli lei EBai i 

Bell ive 

Bell John, baker, 221 Montreal, res 

Bel] John, carpenter, res 8 Pine 

Bell John. jr. baker J Bell, lvs 223 

B 11 John H, physician, 140 Welling- 
ton, res same 

Bell Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 8 
Pine, lvs same 

Bell Peter W, agent N Y Life Ins Co, 
(38 King e, res 35 George 

Bell Robert, res 176 University ave 

Bell Robert C (W P Bell & Son), res 

Bell Telephone Co.. A T. Smith, 
a] Manager, 186 Ontario 

B il Warren W. civil engineer, lvs 3G 

Bel] William P 'W I' Bell & Son) 

203 Coborne 
Bel] W l- c<: Son (Win P and Robert 

C), photographers, 39 Brock 
Belt Wm. < hi inspi ctor ( ; T l: 

Hickson lane 
Bendel] Caroline (wid John), lvs 21] 

S3 denham 
Benn Ernest, barber w J Perry, bds 

29 Brock 
Benn John W. blacksmith J Harrl- 

gan, res 237 Queen 
Bennetl Alexander.baker G L M B 

; O n 
l 'ennel i < laroline i wid I leni j I, bds 

303 Brock 
Bennett Charles E, confr E <> White, 

bds 228 Princess 

man shoveller 
MT i '". res 166 Lower Bagot 
iwM James), ret 

M' 1 1 • 

r. nnetl I John), h 

Bennetl Miss Eveline, nurse General 

Bennetl .Miss Fanny, dressmakei 


i • nnetl < ;• -i ■■ . lab R ( l n \\ ford, lv» 
161 ' 


Inks. Writing and Copying : Stephens', 
Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
128 Princess St worth's and Underwoods. 


\v. painter, res 62 I (as 
Bennett Harrj B, broom maker, w 

S & Go, Ivs 309 King w 
Bennetl Hugh, cigarmaker < ; A Mc- 

iwan, res 293 Montreal 
Bennett James, caretaker Market, lvs 

269 Montreal 
Bennett James, guard K P, res S09 

King w 
Bennett James C, c imp British Whig, 

lvs 309 King w 
Bennett James S, cigarmaker, G A 

McGowan, lvs 62 Bay 
Bennett John, tinsmith II D Bibby, 

lvs 309 Kim,' w 
Bennetl Miss Marj A, lvs 161 Nelson 
Bennett Mary J (wid James), dr< 
mal. Princess, res same 

. id Alexander), lvs 
Bennett Robert J. comp Kingston 

S, res 7". Ordnance 
Bennett Miss Sarah, res 322 Division 
Bennett Wm, res 161 Nelson 
Bennetl Wm, tinsmith R M Horsey & 

< ' ■ lvs Barriefield 
Benoit Edward P, foreman K Oilcloth 

mpany, res 182 Clergy 
Benson Miss Mary J. lvs 20 O'Kill 
Bermingham, see also Birmingham 
Bermingham Mrs Janus, res 520 Prin- 
I '■- -nier Alfred, sailor. hns- 

ostein Joseph E, clothing, 181 Prin- 

stein J Sydney, student, bds t3_* 
W( Uington 
Ben - iso Barrigan 

Berrigan John L, driver .las McPar- 
land, res s w cor Livingston ave and 

• rry 
y Francis, market garden, res 
nt st 
rry James, carp, S Anglin S 
bds £90 I mtario 

Berlolinl F« lix. provisions, 2x2 Prin- 

<•< ss, res same 

mi. carpenter, res 58 < >n1 
Betts Mrs Harry A. music teacher, 5 

Hale's Cottages, King \v 
Betts Alfred, driver I) A Hutchison, 

bds Russell House 
Betts Mary (wid Dr Henry A), res n 3 

Union, 2 w of College 
Bevan Albert E, brook maker W 

Bailey & Co. Ivs l Stanley Terrace 

Quebec st 
I leva ii Catharine (wid Joseph J), lvs 1 

Stanley Terrace, Quebec st 
Bevan Frederick W, broom maker W 

Bailey & Co, lvs 1 Stanley Terrace, 

Quebec- st 
Bews James, mason, res 215 Colborne 
Pews James, sr, mason, lvs 215 Col- 
Bibby Miss Elizabeth, lvs 67 Syden- 
Bibby Frederick A., Livery Stable, 

1-':' Brock, res 117 Albert 
Bibby Herbert D. hardware, 3:17 King 

• . bds K4 Go 

y Thomas H. res 67 Sydennam 
Pickley Francis A. trav Macnei 

Minnes, res Montreal. Que 
B rch. see also Burtch 
Birch Alfred C, clerk MeKelvey & 

Birch, lvs 136 Bagot 
Birch Edgar C, appr MeKelvey & 

Birch, lvs 136 Bagot 
Birch George, carpenter, res 41 George 
Birch Samuel (MeKelvey & Birch . 

res 136 Bagot 
Bird George H. boilermaker, lvs 42 

Clergy w 
Bird Henry, barber, 3"<7 Princess, res 

Bird John, butcher Jas Gowdy, lvs 42 

Clergy w 
Bird John H. lab Loco Works. Ivi 

Bird Joseph, calker M T Co, res i."> Bay 
Bird Langley, lab. res 42 Clergy w 
Birkett, s . also Burkett 

S. Hobart & 

155 Princess Street 


A. A. A . greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 




Birkett John H - surer 

Canadian Locomotive & Engini 
(ltd), res "Bellevue," Centre s t 
Birmingham, see also Bermingham 
Birmingham John, lab, res 12 Fronte- 

Birmingham John R, guard K P, res 

vingston ave 
Birtles Wm E, appr News Printing 

Ivs Barriefield 
i;iv> irge K. res 327 Barrie 

- nette Victor L, bookkeeper, Ivs 
. Barrie 
Black D. Allan, IDS Dentist. 
Office and Residence I cor 


k Frederick, foreman Co-opera- 
tive Sash & Door Factory, res 155 

k James, carpenter, res 137 Alfred 

I Hack laborer, res 17 John 

Black Rev. James R . pastor 

i eth< l Congregational Church, res 


Black John. Capt barge King Ben, hds 

i sla 'i i Ho 
Black Miss Mary, tailoress, mis 104 

i Ju< 

Black Tl omas ll. tinsmith Elliott 

Mr s, Us 137 A 1 ft • < 1 

Rev Wm. Ivs 130 Kin 
Black Win ll mason, Ivs 137 Alfred 

i 1 1 

Sutherland, bds l^ Prin 
Blai kwell James w. teamster Shed 

d< n • !o, res 1 1 I teacon 
Blair Julia (wid Augustus). I 

Blair Wm. turnkej Countj Jail 

Blak c nductor B1 

Blake « Jolburn, lab, res ir> Prlnci 
Blake Elizabeth (wld Stuai I 

i 'i ii 
i tie | i-i i. kla yer, bda ■ i 

Jenkln. I w of Alfred 

Blake Henry, lab John McKay, res 149 

1 hike Horatio H. lab, Ivs 623 Prin 
Blakey Alfred, butcher, res 840 Prin- 

Blakey James, butcher, Ivs S40 Prin- 

Blakley Travers, carter, res 366 Ba 
Blaney Wm. lab Jas Swift & Co, res 

292 Montreal 
Bleaney John, section foreman G T R, 

• ; T R Outer I >• 
Blomeley Jas, fireman, res 20 George 
Bl imeley James, fireman Waterworks 

Pumping Station, rts 20 Ge 
Blomeley Thos. plumber Elliott Bros. 

Ivs 20 George 
Blondln Charles, striper < S A McGow- 

an. Ivs 76 Ontario 
Blondln Joseph, res 76 Ontario 
Bloomfleld Mary (wid George), hovise- 

keeper, 273 <^ueen 
Bloomfield Wm. Capt str H 

145 Pine 
Boakes James W, conductor K & P 

Ry, res 680 Montreal 
Boakes Mary (wid Wm), Ivs 680 Mont- 
Board of Trade. Francis King, 

Secretary-Treasurer. Ontario Cham- 
bers, cor King and Clarence 
Bogarl Edgar A, teller Ontario Bank. 

bds 132 Wellington 
Boiler Inspection & Insurance 

Co. of Canada. J. H R. McCanti 
ad\ classified 

Insurance c >mpa n 
Bolger, Thomas O., Citj Engineer. 

Citj buildings, res 1 12 Johnston 
Bond Mira Florence, nurse < leneral 

Bonny Q ge. foreman Loco Works. 

blai Usui it h. rea 13 Frontenac 
Bonnj G blacksmlt ii Loco 

Woi ka, rea 78 Elm 
Bonnej Wm blacksmith N Wllmot, 

i ds 160 1 1 


123 Princess Street. 

Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 





B "ii John, teamster s Anglln & 

res LOO Chatham 
Boon Robert .1. butcher. Ivs LOO Chat- 
Boon T .lames, salesman C Robinson, 
lvs LOO CI atliam 

ih Charles E, civil engineer, lvs 
198 Colborne 
B oth George I trock 

Booth Cap*. Edward A , sen 
oth & Co), res 172 Alfred 
th Capl Edward A. jr. clerk Booth 
& Co, res 243 Alfred 
Booth & Co (Capt. E. A. Booth, sen. 
awford), coal and wood, foot of 


: lllp, driver Wm Pipe, res 261 


irles, guard K P. res e s 

Pembroke. 1 s of Union 
B stridge Mary (wid ' rms 

246 Montreal 

■her John W, ship] er K Vehicle 

Co, res 102 Barrack 
Bourdeau Baptiste, lab, res 192 Rideau 
rdeau George, driver Jas Mallen, 

1\ e L92 Rideau 
Bourdeau James, brakeman K & P 

Ry. lvs 1!>_' R 
Bourne .Miss Jennie, dressmaker, 51 

Balaclava, lvs same 
Bourne John C. coal oil dealer. 51 

Balaclava, res s.;me 
Boutillier Amos s. instructor R M 

C liege, res 116 Rideau 
Bowen House, Jas Adams prop, 42:1 

Bowen .Mary fwid George), res 326 Al 

Bowen Win A, sexton ge's 

I, res St George's Hall 
! lower John, res 86 Barrie 
Bower Joseph P, lvs 86 Barrie 
Bowes Miss Jenny, dressmaker, 265 

King e, res same 
Bowes Miss Nellie, dressmaker, lvs 

King e 

Bowles Alexander, lab, res 18 Patrick 
l lowles Edward, res L6 1 'at rick 
Bi 'Wman l Iros (John and < !harl< 

collectors, Cataraqul Bridge 
Bowman Catharine (wid Edwin), res 
35 Elm 

man Charles (Bowman Bros), res 
Cataraqui Bridge 
Bowman John (Bowman Bros) 

raqui Bridge 
Bowman Win T, lab, res S George 

\lfiid. assist shipper W J 
Crotl ers, bds 428 Princess 
Boyce Margarel (wid Caleb), lvs 314 

1 »ri ck 
B iyce Richard J. salesman Murray & 

Taylor, res 31 i Brock 
Boyd .Miss Annie, teacher Wellington 

Street School, lvs 357 Brock 
Boyd Ferguson, baker, 647 Princess, 

re. same 
Boyd George, engineer str Reliance. 

res 309 Johnston 
Bi yd Miss Harriet, dressmaker. 49 

Clergy, res same 
Boyd Isaac, merchant tailor, 354 King 

e, res 398 Brock 
Boyd James, lvs 647 Princess 
Boyd James, blacksmith Street Ry 

Co. res 209 Albert 
Boyd John. Capt tug- Jas A Walker, 

11 yd Rev John d. pastor Zion Pres- 
byterian Church, res 106 Pine 

i Joseph R, tailor A O'Brien, lvs 
L£5 Albert 
Boyd Miss Mary, lvs 2 Stanley Ter- 
race. Quebec St 
Boyd Ricl aid. cab owner, res 7 Col- 
borne )) 
Boyd Richard, jr. clerk J T! McLeod, 

lvs 7 Colborne 
B yd Solomon, res L25 Albert 
Boyd Thomas, butcher, res 2 Stanley 

Terrace. Quebec st 
Boyle Henry M, wine clerk. British- 
American Hotel, res 133 William 

S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 




Boynton Milton J, foreman K Vehicle 

Co, bds 46 Princess 
Brabant Augustus F. , Needle 

Manufacturer. Redditch, Eng., E W 

Mullin. 87 Division, Canadian Man- 
Bradden James, lineman Electric 

Light Works, res 262 Earl 
Bradshaw James, foreman K Hosiery 

Co, bds s s Stuart. 3 e of Lawrence 

Bradshaw Malissa (wid Peter), lvs 21 

Brady Mrs Eliza, confry, res w B 

Montreal. 1 n of K & P crossing 
Brady George, res 2S5 Division 
Brady James, driver Jas Mallen, lvs 

Lower Bagot 
Brady John, lab, res 99 Lower Bagot 
Brady Patrick, stableman F A Bibby, 

lvs w s Montreal, l n of K & P ci 

Brame Henry, furniture, 2.M Prin 
me James, tail r, i"ls 203 Colborne 
■ ii. engineer tug Petrll, 
Braniff Hugh, lab, res 2f,7 Earl 
Branifl Hugh. jr. appr N McNeil . lvs 

267 Earl 
Branigan Denis P, bookkeeper W C 

Martin, lvs 134 Princess 
Branigan Edmund P, butcher 

Montreal, res 220 same 
Branigan Elizabeth (wid Denis), res 

III I ■ 1- i 1 1 

pii .1. i\ s 120 Mont 1 
Branigan Miss Phoebe, teacher st 

John's School, lvs 184 Princess 
Breck Ira A. Office, 178 0n1 
i k>n, 1 w of ( lolllngwood 
1. 1 iiiii'. eled rician E31< 

Light Works, lvs it B Union, I w of 
< 'olllngwood 

, Luthei W, rei i"i Union •• 
I d e n 

Breden Amelia (wid William), res s w 

cor Princess and Bath road 
Breden John, Secretary-Treasurer 

Kingston Chemical Fire Engine Co, 

139 Wellington. Residence 201 Brock 
Breen James, tailor R Spencer, bds 

Brennan Joseph P. barber P J Pur- 

cell, 1\ s 288 Johnston 
Brennan Michael, keeper K P. 

288 Johnston 
Brennan Michael E. accountant Jas 

Swift & C '. res 34 Johnston 
Brent Maurice M. acct Standard 

Bank, rms 141 Prim 
Brewster Sarah (wid Wm). res l.">" 

Raglan rd 
Brick John, lvs 69 Lower Bag 
Brick Margaret (wid Bernard), n 

Brick N Wm. Prin St Mary's School, 

199 Brock 
Brick Robert H. agent, res 302 Earl 
k Thomas W. p illsher Wormwlth 

1 kwood James 11 Game Inspet 
245 Earl 

Briden < '>•• rge S, - Barrie, 

res 370 same 
Brid \ in. pastor Princess 

Methodist Church, res 122 Colborne 
Brigge Alfred L, tnsmith E Chown «<. 

Bon, lvs ::»;i Alfred 
Briggs Charlotte (wid Nicholas) 

861 Alfred 
Briggs, Thomas Mom. 

nac l 'ati - lety, 

87 < !larenoe, Residence 167 Kins 
Bright man Thomas garden 

Brignall Robert, foreman car Inspr 

i;ti; ■ ttreal, 6 b of G T R 

1 1] Imacombe < leorge, fireman < : T R, 

bds 330 Montreal 


128 Princess Street. 






Bristow T George, moulder, Kingston 
Foundry, res 21 Arch 

Bristow Win. plater, res 230 Welling- 

British American Hotel, Thomas 
Crate Proprietor, cor King and Clar- 

British Whig, The 1 Daily and 
weekly), E .1 B Pense Proprietor. 
306-310 King e 

Britton Byron M..Q.C. (Britton* 
Whiting), Residence 9 Sydenham 

Britton & Whiting (Byron M 
Britton, QC, John L Whiting. BA). 
Barristers, Solicitors, etc, 69 Clar- 

Brock Arthur M, wholesale watch ma- 
terial, Golden Lion Block, Ivs 16 Syd- 

Brock Rev James, res 16 Sydenham 

M okenshire Jane (wid John), res e s 
Alfred. 1 s of Union 

Brookes David K. carp T S Brookes, 
lvs 94 Albert 

Brookes John S. carp T S Brookes, lvs 
.''. Albert 

Brookes Thomas S, contractor, 94 Al- 
bert, res same 

Brooks Frank E, photographer, rms 
295 Princess 

Brooks Miss Mary A, res 190 Barrie 

Brophy Charles E, lvs 59 Wellington 

Brophy Joseph, Cent- Furnishings 
it Manufacturer, and Proprietor 
of Long Island Park, on the St Law- 
rence, 340 King e, Residence 59 Wel- 

Brophy Margaret (wid Wm), res 59 

Brophy Miss Margaret, artist, lvs 59 

Brougfc Albert E, driver Rathbun Co, 
res 3 Devonshire Terrace, Syden- 
ham st 
Brouse Edward, boarding house, 230 

■ Henry, mach, res 49 Elm 

Brown, see also Browne 

Brown Mrs Annie, lvs e s Albert, 1 n 

of Princess 
Brown Charles, driver W Drury, bds 

33 Main 

i lr iwn David, lab, res i;i York 

Brown David, moulder, res ^:::i Karl 

Brown Miss Eliza, res rear ■'•'< Wei 

Brown Miss Emily, bds L95 Karl 

Brown Prank K T. clerk .1 S Hender- 
son, res 15 Arch 

Brown Frederick, engineer R (Jaw & 
< '". res 50 Place d'Armes 

Brown Fred M. barrister, 159 Wel- 
lington, res 630 Princess 

Brown George, gardener, res si Pine 

Brown George L, res 394 Princess 

Brown James, painter T McMahon & 
Co, res 362 Barrie 

Hi own James, jr. driver ?I Sharpe. 
lvs 362 Barrie 

Brown James H. lab J J Carrington. 
res 143 Ordnance 

Brown Johnston, Proprietor Stan- 
ley House, cor Ontario and Clar- 

Brown Marshall J, physician, 632 
Princess, res same 

Brown Richard J, lab, res 48 Place 

Brown Sarah J (wid Thomas), res 262 

Brown Thomas, hostler Lake View 

Brown Wm. engineer Co-operative 

Sash and Door Factory, res 46 Gore 

Browne George W, Inland Revenue 

Officer, res 138 Union w 
Browne James (James Browne & Co), 
lvs 138 University ave 

Browne James & Co (James and Pat- 
rick Browne), whol liquors, 175 On- 

Browne Patrick (Jas Browne & Co), 
res 138 University ave 

Brownlle Archibald, tailor J S Sands 
& Co, res 117 L"wer Bagot 


155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men. women, boys and girls. 




Bruce, see also Druce 

Bruce Elizabeth (wid James), res 126 

Bruce Miss Jennie, dressmaker. 126 

Nelson, lvs same 
Bruce Wm. carp R Gaw & Co. res 217 

University ave 
Bruce Wm, painter K Vehicle Co, bds 

1000 Island House 
Bryan Christina (wid George), rear 33 

Bryan Hugh W, student, lvs 33 Albert 
Bryan Hush W, student, lvs 33 Albert 
Bryan Price, cloth examiner Cottcn 

Mills, res ins Rldeau 
Bryan Miss Sarah, lvs 16 Union w 
Bryant Arthur G. clerk, J J Burton 
lvs n s Concession rd, 6 w of Div- 
Bryant, Carnegie & Lynn (Reuben 
Bryant, John B Carnegie, Joseph E 
Lynn), founders, ft of Bay 
Bryant Caroline (wid Wm), res 657 

Bryant Edward, carpenter, res n s 

Concession rd, t> W of Division 
Bryanl Frank, blacksmith Kingston 
Foundry, res n 5 Concession rd, 5 
u- of Division 
Bryanl Henry <".. telegraph operator, 
lvs n a Concession rd, 1 w of Div- 

ml James, storekeeper K A P Ry, 
she; ■ Rldeau 

Bryant .1 Wesley, painter, 
1 ' ncesslon rd, t w of 1 >i\ ision 
nit Joseph a. sign writer, lvs n s 
Ion rd, 1 w of 1 >i\ ision 

ii (Bryant, Carnegii a 
Lynn), res 211 < !olb< 

• ni Robert, w Iworker T C Wil 

son 1 'i incess 

1; .j. iin. tinsmith R m 11 
.v' Prin 

«ni 1: wm. painter 1: 1 >s < 
Son. res m.i 1 1,! 1 11. 1 1 e of Pal rlcK 
(wid !•'! edei 1 • iv N ' 
Adelaide, 1 w • >! Lan flo^ ne 

Bryant Thomas C, cigarmaker G A 
McGowan, res 124 Montreal 

Bryant Wm, painter J F McDermott. 
res n s Concession. 1 w of Division 

Bryson James, res 210 University ave 

Bryson James, jr. painter T McMahon 
& Co, lvs 2Hi University ave 

Bryson Wm J (Moncrieff & Bryson), 
lvs 210 University ave 

Buck George M. lab. res 138 Chatham 

Buck Philip H, carpenter, res e s Nel- 
son, cor Brock 

Bucknell James, lab, res 402 Montreal 

Bucknell Wm, tailor Howland Bros, 
lvs 4112 Montreal 

Bulch Miss Jennie, lvs 35 James 

Bulger James, shoveller, res 92 On- 

Bulger John J, cigarmaker S Obern- 
dorffer, lvs !<2 Ontario 

Bull Miss Mary, nurse General Hos- 

Hunker Edward V, traveller, res 120 

Bunt Charles A. clerk PostofHce, lvs 
66 Lower Hagot 

Bunt John B. clerk A Chown & Co. 
lvs S6 I.ow.r Bagot 

l'.unt Richard, blacksmith K Chemi- 
cal Engine Co, res 66 Lower Bagot 

Bunt Wm, blacksmith Loco Works. 
res 129 Colborne 

Burch, see Birch and Burtch 

Bureau Miss Isabel <;. teacher Wel- 
lington st School, lvs ",t Wellington 

Bureau P lener, res ■"■! Wel- 


Burke Avon, clerk, lvs 309 Queen 

Burke Bulich, conductor Street Rj 

< '... u s Portsmouth 
Burki M las Elisabeth, l\ - 10 < leoi 
Burke Mrs Ellen, l> - 308 Queen 
Burke John, lab, lvs 1 16 1 trdnance 
Burke John, lab Booth A Co, res 1:1 


Burke John P, 1 lei u 1: McFaul, lvs 

T. McAULEY, X^c T N K D S 


128 Princess Street. 






Burke Northcote .1. much, res 308 

Burke 1; se (wid Edward), Iva a w 

cor i-i\ Ignston ave ami Davidson 
Burke Sarah (wid James R), lvs 56 

Burke Thomas P, butcher M Walsh. 

Iva Portsmouth 
Burke Wm S. carpenter, res w a Nel 

son. 1 n of Johnston 
Burke Wm T. clerk, res 312 Queen 
Burk< tt. see also Birkett 
Burkett John, rea it Johnston 
Burnett Herbert W, grocer, 45 Chat 

ham. res same 
Burnett Hester (wid Orlando), res 14 

Burnett Mary (wid John), caretaker 

St John's School, res School Build- 
in g, John st 
Burnette Morris S. silverware and 

millinery, 366 Princess, res same 
Burns, see also Byrne and Byrnes 
Burns Ellen (wid George), res 134 Div- 
Burns John A, butcher, lvs 106 York 
Burns Mary (wid Michael), res 389 

Burna Patrick, lab. res 47 Ordnance 
Burns Il?chel (wid Henry), vegetables. 

68 Brock, res 479 Princess 
Burna B Easton, bookkeeper Macnee 

& Minnes, bds 117 King w 
Burns Robert J, carpenter, res 42 

Burns Thomas, lab. lvs 389 Barrie 
Burnside Edgerton. driver W H Reid. 

>;o Clergy 
Burr Miss Eggie M. clerk, bds 79 Arch 
Burrows Aldred E, student, lvs 193 

Burrows Willi am. 1 .<:. [nspeetor and 

Collector of Canal Tolls, Clarence st 

rea 193 Johnston 
Burstall Henry E, lieut A Battery, R 

CA, res Tete du Pont Barracks 
Burtch, see also Birch 

Burtch Albert W, grocer, 59 Upper 

Charles, res same 
Burtch David, stonecutter it Walla 

lvs 453 I >i vision 
Burtch Delbert, broommaker W Ball ay 
& Co, lvs e s Patrick. 1 11 of James 

Burtch Enoch, carpenter, res e a Pa: 
rick, 1 n of James 

1 Hutch Ira, lab, res 12 Ann 

Burtch John, quarryman, res 453 Div- 

Burtch Orville H, weaver Cotton 
Mills, lvs e s Patrick, 1 n of Janus 

Burtch Wm E, carpenter, res 43 James 

Burton George, plumber, lvs 114 Rag- 
lan rd 

Burton Henry, res e s Montreal, 7 n of 
G T R crossing 

Burton John J, grocer. 155 Division, 
res same 

Burton John V. res 210 Queen 

Burton Samuel, upholsterer F C Mar- 
shall, res 114 Raglan rd 

Burton Samuel, jr, clerk Elliott Bros, 
lvs 114 Raglan rd 

Busch, see also Bush 

Busch Cynthia E (wid Sidney Hi. bds 
305 Alfred 

Buse Joseph, fireman, rea 15 Stephen 

Bush, see also Busch 

Bush, Charles W, lab. lvs \> Barrack 

Bush John, lab, res 9 arrack 

Bushell James, market garden, res e 
s Bath rd 

Bushell John, mate str Corsican, rea 
374 King e 

Bushell Robert J, farmer, lvs e S Bath 

Bushel] Wm J. forwarder, res w s 
Xelson. 3 n of Princess 

Bushey Francis, carpenter, res 4S7 Al- 

Bushie Robert F, cat]) M T Co. rea 28 

Bushle Robert J. carpenter, lvs 28 

Busso Miss Emily, housekeeper. 21< 

G. S. jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 

1 08 


Foster's Kingston 


Buswell Miss Jane, lvs 79 Elm 
Butcher Arthur J. baker W J Croth- 

ers, lvs 18 Pine 
Butcher Jane (wid Michael), res 18 

Butcher Win, woodworker Carnovsky 

Wood Mnfg Co, lvs 18 Pine 
Butt James H, student, bds 132 Wel- 
Butland James, comp British Whig 

res 56 Charles 
Butler Wm A. lab. res 307(a) Johns- 
Butlin Charles, driver Can Express 

Co, lvs Barrieifield 
Butlin Wm, mach hd R Gaw & Co. 

lvs Barriefield 
Byrne, see also Byrnes and Burns 
Byrne Ann (wid Simon), res 86 Lower 

Byrne Samuel, lab, res HS7 Wellington 
Byrne Simon, lineman Elect i Light 

Works, res -'■> Rideau 
Byrnes Mary (wid Matthew), rea 104 

Byron Daniel, lvs s a of Plum. 1 e of 

Byron Daniel, lab, rea 613 Division 
Byr«>n James A. lab, lvs 36 Cherry 
,,, Joseph H. driver Elliott Bros, 

res b s Plum, 1 e of Cherry 
n Wm J, lab, res 611 Dh Islon 

ux Henry, cook Oriental Hotel 
• ";iii us, see Kearns 
Caldback Jai 1, motorman, lvs 264 

1 »i\ isinn 

CaldbacM John H, Btoreman w .1 
, ; ra ig \ 1 !o, res 66 Chatham 

Caldback Mai ths (wid James), n 
1 lolborne 

, laldbai k Rob rt J. 1 arpenter, lvs 264 
< jolb 

( ■aldwell agnei (•* Id Lndrev >, lvs n 
renkln, I w of Alfred 

Callaghan, see also Clenahan 
Callaghan Arthur W H, trav W G 

Craig & Co, lvs 163 Sydenham 
Callaghan Daniel, acct Frontenac 
Loan & Investment Society, res 163 
Callaghan Edwin, clerk, lvs 424 Johns- 
Callaghan Harcourt V, bookkeeper W 

G Craig & Co, lvs 163 Sydenham 
Callaghan James, res 424 Johnston 
Callaghan Thomas V, engineer str 

North King, res 429 Alfred 
Calvert George A, bookkeeper, lvs 77 

Calvert Norman T, attendant Asylum, 

lvs 77 Arch 
Calvert Thomas, messenger Asylum, 

res 77 Arch 
Calvert Wm J, tinsmith Nugent & 

Taylor, lvs 77 Arch 
Calvin Co., The Ltd. Hiram A. 
Calvin, President ; Sanford Calvin, 
Vice-President ; Anthony Malone, 
retary ; Timber Merchants, For 
warders, Ship Builders, Steam Tugs, 
Wre Cking l'lant. etc., Garden Island 
Calvin Hiram A , M P., President 
Calvin Co (ltd). Residence 131 King e 
Cambridge, Bee also McCambridge 
Cambrldgi Henry, yardman Albion 

Hotel, res 264 Bydenham 
Cambridge Thomas, lab, rea 233 Wel- 
Cameron Maj.-Gen. Donald R., 
CMC, Commandant Royal Military 
College, Residence 161 King 
Cameron James 11. sailor, lvs is:: Col- 
Cameron Kenneth A. Ive 34 Simcoe 
Cameron Kenneth P, motorman St 
eron Lucj (wid Donald, rea 183 
i lolborne 
Cameron Marian (wid Col Angus), res 

84 Sii 
Camlo Wm J, teamster, rea 124 Nelson 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
Copy Books. 

i \M 



I Or, 

Campbell Miss Agnes, weaver, bds 26 

Campbell Albert, stonecutter H Mc- 
Bratney, res 237 Sydenham 

Campbell Alexander, grocer and post- 
master, Montreal st, opp G T R 

Campbell Alexander B (Kingston MH1- 
Ing Co), res 55 Clergy 

Campbell Ann (wid James), res 391 

Campbell .Miss Annie B, lvs n s Con 
cession rd, 6 w of Division 

Campbell Archibald, lvs "Elmhurst,' 
Centre st 

Campbell Colin, driver Jas Redden & 
Co, res 5 York 

Campbell Daniel, painter M T Co, lvs 
rear L02 Barrack 

Campbell Dougald, stableman A Mc- 
Ilquham, lvs n s Concession rd, 6 w 
of Division 

cam]. l.. ii Edward J, lab, res 243 Col- 

Campbell Eliza .1 (wid Wm), res 153 

Campbell Frank M, res 42 Albert 

pb< 11 Harvey, carp, res cor Mont- 
real and Stephen 

Campbell Hugh, painter K Vehicle 
Co, res 1 Gallinger Terrace. Chath- 
ham st 

Campbell James, coal and wood, cor 
Wellington and Barrack, res 41 Ord- 

Campbell James, sailor, res e s Bev- 
erly. 1 n of King 

Campbell James W M D., 
Physician, Surgeon, etc. Office 
Hours, 2 t'> 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Tele- 
phone 455. Office and Residence, 351 

Campbell Jane (wid James), lvs 401 

Campbell J hn. carp, res e s Albert 2 
n of Princess 

Campbell John, bookkeeper Jas Camp- 
bell, res 105 Gore 

Campbell John, winks Cotton Mills.. 
lvs 27 James 

Campbell Matthew, res 163 Clergy 

Campbell Matthew, res 288 Princess 

Campbell Matthew, lab, res 393 Johns- 

Campbell Michael, foreman Cotton 
Mills, res 27 James 

Campbell Milton D, lvs 42 Albert 

Campbell Peter, driver J Campbell, res 
rear 102 Barrack 

Campbell Robert, lvs 407 Princess 

Campbell Robert, baker Gardiner Co, 
lvs 163 Clergy 

Campbell Samuel V, lvs 42 Albert 

Campbell Thomas, carp, res 407 Prin- 

Campbell Wm., (Franklin & Camp- 
bell), Residence 18 Market sq 

Campbell Wm J, carp, lvs 153 Pine 

Campbell Wm R. lab. K Oilcloth Co, 
re< 16 St Catharine 

Campion Edward, clerk, lvs 325 Bar- 

Campion Richard, painter Locomotive 
Works, res 325 Barrie 

Campion Wm, driver Kingston Foun- 
dry, res 312 Brock 

Campsall Wallace P, contractor, 5 
Fine, res same 

Canada Dry Dock, James Wilson, 
Supt, foot of Union e, Office 30 Union 

Canada Hay Co (Shirley and John S 
Going), 311 Block 

CanadaLifeAssu ranee Co. . J.T. 
White, agent. 254 Bagot 

Canada Railway News Co, A Stevens 
mngr, G T R Depot 

Canadian Express Co., las. Leslie 
Local Manager. cor King and 

Canadian Freeman, P.Dal^yPro- 
prietoi . 128 Clarence 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 

1 10 




Canadian Locomotive and En- 
gine Co., i .td iHonJ r. A. Kirkpatrick 

President : C R Dubs. Vice-Pres. ; 
Wm Lorrimer. Managing Director : 
F J Leigh. Superintendent ; J H 
Birkett. Secretary. Ontario, foot of 

Canadian Pacific Railway Cos 
Telegraph R J.WiIsonManager,30 

Canal Office Wm. Burrows Collector 
of Tolls, Clarence st 

i';niem Jane (wid Wm). res 398 Div- 

Cannem Albert. woodworker K Vehicle 
Co, res 3 Division 

Cannem Samuel, teamster S Anglin 
,-v Co, res 3- r > Cherry 

Cm tin. -in Samuel, jr. lab. Ivs 3:, Cherr> 

Cannem Walter, tinsmith Simmons 
Bros, h a 58 Kdeau 

Cannem Wm. carp M T Co. res 58 

Cannem Wm. painter T w Mllo, Ivs 36 
( "h< n y 

Cannon Mrs l lavld, Ivs 96 Bay 

Cannon George i>. tailor, ->> Montrea 1 , 
:»; Ba. 

< !annon John I ». salesman Rlchm md 
& < ■.,. |vs 95 Bay 

Cannon Wm, tailor, 278 Princess, res 

Cappon .lames, ma, prof Queen's Col- 
lege, t"is British A meiican Hotel 

i !ard Edgerton R, clei k .1 ( Hlbert, ivs 
27 King w 

I W( II Miss Kli/.a. res 801 I '.a n le 

|. i .1 clerk, ivs 21 i; 


Carey Mrs Catherine, res 2S2 John 


lines, at hlete, i\ - 889 Ban le 
hn .1. moulder, ivs 282 Johns 
t ■ ■ ? 1 

\i m.i i.i. M, u i ji Rldeau 
Ivs 24 Rldeau 
B M Rld( 

Carey Thomas C, bandmaster A Bat- 
tery, res 24 Rideau 

Carey Wm, sheet music, Golden Lion 
Block. Ivs 34 Rideau 

Carey Rev Rural Dean, W B, MA. 
rector St Paul's Church, res 213 

Carlton John, carp, bds 144 Ontarto 

Carmlchael James V. clerk Geo Rob- 
ertson & Son, Ivs 7 Mack 

Carmichael Wm D, trav Geo Robert- 
son & Son, res 7 Mack 

Carnegie Francis (wid Wm), Ivs 223 

Carnegie John B (Bryant, Carnegie & 
Lynn, res 98 Raglan rd 

Carney Miss Agnes, Ivs 46 Johnston 

Carnovsky Byron H., Manager, 
Carnovsky Wood Mnfrg Co, 130 On- 
tario, res 432 Princess 

Carnovsky Chester F, foreman Car- 
novsky Wood Mnfrg Co, ivs 128 On- 
ta rio 

Carnovsky Thomas R. baker. 
Princess, res same 

Carnovsky Wm H. fruits and fish. :»; 
Brock, res 159 Wellington 

Carnovosky Wood Manufac- 
turing Co. (ltd). I'.. II. Caraorskj 
Manager, 128-130 < (ntarlo 

Can Alexander, nr.uh LOCO Works. 
res 66 Bay 

Cari- Ann (wid James), res .">■"> Division 
I ruin, sailor, 1\ s 66 Bay 

Carr Henry, folder Cotton Mills. Ivs 
66 Bay 

Carr James, blacksmith, bds Anglo 

American Hotel 
carr .James a. clgarmaker i '■ a Mc- 

( low an, i\ s :.:. i >i\ islon 

Can Wm. lab. res n s Charles, 1 w 

of Bagot 
Can Ington Joseph J, prop Kingston 

Tannery, Lower Rideau, res River 
Can oil Andrew, servant, 138 Unlver- 

T. McAuley, »""* ???"• ~7 n, ° 


128 Princess Street. 




I I I 

Carroll Miss Ellen, res 317 Brock 
Carroll Ellen (wld Wm), res rear S3! 


Carroll Mary (wld Martin), lva 317 

11 Robert, Supt Kingston Foun- 
dry, res 10 Stuart 

Carruthera George, grocer, 24N Prln- 
res same 

Carruthers J.B , Banker, Clareuce, 
cor Wellington, Residence Syden- 
ham, cor Earl 

Carruthera Wm. lvs 24s Princess 

Carruthers W Bruce M, lvs 20 Barrle 
■• alien Ann E (wld Thomas B), 
Matron Orphans" Home, cor Union 
and University ave 

- n Bros (John and Thomas A). 
grocers, 322 Princess 

Carson John (Carson Bros), res 320 

Carson Join, driver, lvs 2:!2 Princess 

- in Robert, messenger Custom 
H use, res 220 University ave 

Carson Robert J. wholesale grocer, 
:'.24 Princess, res 275 Brock 

Carson Samuel, comp News Printing 
lva 220 University ave 

Carson- Thomas A (Carson Bros), lvs 
320 Princess 

Carson Wm H. c mfectionery, 2S8 Pnn 
res 909 same 

Carswell Robert, boilermaker, Loco 
Works, res e s Beverley, 6 n of King 
ter, Margaret (wid Thomas), gro- 
cer. 635 Princess, res same 

Carter Mary A < wid Wm). res 55 
g y w 

Carter Roderick C, Outside Manager 
R ithbun Co, res Deseronto, Ont 

Carter Thomas C . City Editor 
British Whig, res 631 Princess 

Cartwright Arthur A. knitter K Hosi- 
ery Co. res 47 Earl 

Cartwright Lewis S. clerk Bank of 
Montreal, lvs 3 miles e on the St 

Cartwright Sir Richard J., < >fbee 

38 Clarence, res "The Maples," .: 

miles e on the St Law I 
Carver John, contractor, res 140 Nel 

Cssey Miss Ellen, confections. 212 

Bagot, res same 
Casey Hiram w. rea '122 Brock 
Cass Annie (wid Alfred), res Lower 

Cassiday Andrew N, carp M T Co 

281 Montreal 
Cassiday Wm H, carp, res 412 Johns- 
Caasidy Nancy (wid Wm H). res r,i 

Caasidy Sarah (wid Andrew), res 53 

Casiledine Charles, switchman BTR, 

n s 681 Montreal 
Caswell Wm M, lab, res n s Raglan 

id, 1 w of Tat rick 
Catlin Jonas T, prop Provincial Ho,- | 

Cauley Joseph, lat>. res 21 Stephen 
Caulfield Thomas, confections, 206 

Bagot. res same 
Cavanagh. see also Kavanagh 
Cavanagh Elizabeth (wid John), res 15 

Cays Duncan A. real estate. 20 Market 

sq, res 449 Princess 
Central Hotel, E H McCarthy prop. 

2i * Ontario 
Chadwick Allan, Manager, Tbe 

Rathbun Co. Ontario, cor Place 

d'Armes, res 22 Barie 
Chadwick Harvey, teamster Rathbun 

res 359 Bagot 
C ad wick Miss Margaret, lvs 162 Earl 
Oralkley Emma (wid Robert). i 

CI alkley Wm, salesman R McFaul. 

lvs 69 Chatham 
Chamberlain Allan J. clerk Postofflce. 

lvs 191 Johnston 
Chamberlain Hester A (wid John C), 

res 191 Johnston 

n ni tt 1 O Physicians Prescriptions 

G. S. Hobart & Sons %**-%$ "sgyss: 

155 Princess Street pensed. 





Chamberlin Robert. Electrician, bds 91 

Chambers Bridget (wid Michael), lvs 
: York 

Chambers Charles J. carter, res s s 
Raglan id. 1 w of Barrie 

chapman Elisha F, grocer, 331 Queen, 
res sanu 

Chapman George, res 71 Division 

Chapman George E, painter K Ve- 
hicle Co, lvs 71 Division 

Chapman Hardy 10. foreman K Hos- 
iery c... res 117(a) Albert 

Chapman John S, engineer K Vehicle 
« - .. bds 242 Ontario 

I man Mis Rachel, res 228 Johns- 

pman Sidney W, contractor, 371 
I tro( k, res same 

upman Waddington J. contractor, 
124 Colborne, res same 

ipman Wm, milk dealer, n 
Chapman Wm K. carpenter, bds 94 

Cbappell Wm B, carp, res a s Miller's 

hint-. -1 w <>f r.agot 
Charboneau Joseph, clgarmaker, bds 

Oriental Hotel 
Cbai les Edwin, carp, res it i division 
Charles John A, Manage] Bee Hive, 

■• incess, Residence 212 Barrie 
Charles S. C, Proprietor Bee Hive, 
>02 Princess, Residence 212 Barrie 
irles wm li, clerk J Gilbert, bds 

mi Division 

Charlton Albert, clerk Dalton A 

Btrange, us 92 Earl 

Charlton Robert, bollermaker, res 92 


Charlton Robert, jr. bollermaker, lvs 

92 Earl 

Charlton Miss Sarah, nurse General 

Ho ' Hal 

pb, iii. i leneral Ho 
i ihattei ton Mi Helen res 81 Io\ k 

Chatterton James E, comp Canadian 
Freeman, lvs 37 Tork 

lick Otto, painter Robinson Bros, 
lvs 10S Montreal 
Charon, see Choron 
Cherry Wm G, mach Co-operativ 
Sash and Door Factory, res Barrle- 
Chesnut Miss Harriet H. res 213 Wil- 
Child ens' Aid Society and Creche, 7". 

Union w 
Chint; Lee, laundry. .'SO Montreal 
Choron Adolphus, blacksmith, res 146 

Choron Adolphus, bollermaker, lvs 1 1>"> 

Choron Wm J. printer News Printing 

Co, lvs 1 1<; Monti 
Chown A&Co, (Alfred F. and Oliver 
Chown), Carriage and General Hard 
wait-. 252 Dagot 
c hown Albert P. druggist, 185 Prin- 

i ess, res 255 1 '•rock 
Chown Alfred F, (A. Chown .v 
Co), R 126 University ave 

WTi Arthur, res 'J^P Queen 
Chown Charles D, Hardware, 
Stoves and Tinware. 229-231 Princess 
Residence 110 Bagot 
Chown Edwin, (Kdwin Chown >V 

Bon, Residence 181 Brock 
Chown Edwin & Son, Kdwiu an«l 
y>. [mporters and Dealers 
Hardware, Enamelled Ware. Tin- 
smiths' Supplies an i Household Pur 
nlshings, 248-250 B 
Chown Edwin w R, tinsmith E Chown 

A Son, res 30 Pine 
Chown George Y, (Edwin Chown 

A Bon), Residence 257 Brock 
Chown Hai\e> R, tra\ A Chown A 

i University 
Chown M'^s Hattle L, Principal 
- hool, lvs 220 Johnston 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 





Chown Oliver, (A. Chown &Co.) 
Residence, 186 University ave, after 
x..\ ember 1st, '95, 162 same 

Chown Robert .1. agent, Ivs 220 Johns- 

chown Stanley T, Btudent John Mudie, 
hs is? Brock 

Chrisley Miss Ann. Ivs 224 Queen 

CI risley Edward, hustler Russell 
llmisr, res 18 Alma 

Chrisley John, yardman Rathbun Co, 
ivs n s Stephen, :'. W Of Monti il 

Chrisley P carmaker S Obern- 

(1 irff( r, ivs 18 Alma 

Chrisley Wm, cab owner, res 224 

Ha (will James), res 70 

Christina Henry, butcher. res 20 

Cl< rgy w 
Christmas Mary A (wid James T), Ivs 

20 Clergy \v 
Christmas Wm J. letter carrier, res w 

s Albert, Is of Brock 
Christmas Wm .1. sailor. Ivs 70 On- 
Church Lorenzo D, Ivs Globe Hotel 
Church Book Depository, John 

Reyner Depositary, Golden Linn 

Block, Wellington st 
Cicolari Lilly (wid Frank), Ivs 51 


City Assessor's Department, 

W S Go.don Assessor, City buildings 
City Clerk's Department, M 

Flanagan Clerk, City buildings 
City Engineer's Department, 

T O Bolger Engineer, City buildings 
City Health Department, S. H. 

Pee, MD. Medica) Health Orfieer 

City bluidings 
City Hotel. .1. S. Ranrt* Iph Propi 

133-137 Princess 
City Laundry. R F F Rowan prop, 20S 


City Registry Office, I, P. Grildei 

sleeve, Registrar, West, opp Syden- 
City Solicitor's Department, 

James Agnew Solicitor, City build- 
City Tax Collector's Depart- 
ment, George Thompson, Collect ir, 

City buildings 
City Treasurer's Department, 

F C Ireland Treasurer, City build- 
City Waterworks Department 

Thomas Hewitt Superintendent, 
City buildings 

Clancy Miss Jane, res 42 [Tnion w 

Clancy John, lab, res n e cor Bay and 

Clancy Thomas, shoveller, res 121 ()n- 
' tai io 

Clara Mis^ Matilda, dressmaker, _7'i 
Division, res same 

Clarendon House. Luke Doney 
33 Brock 

Clark, see also Clarke 

Clark Andrew, lab, Ivs 6 Vine 

C:ark Charlea H (Clark & Clark*, and 
grocer, 162 Bagot, res 160 same 

,k Edward, woodworker G W Rob- 
inson, Ivs 150 Ontario 

Clark Frederick W. res Hickson lane 

Clark George, brick moulder, res 
Divis in 

Clark George W, student, Ivs 149 

Clnrk James, carp, res 152 Ontario 

Clark J Herbert, dentist. 194 Welling- 
ton, bds 47 Division 

(Mark James W. bicycle repair) r, .">."., 
Princess, res same 

Clark John, sailor, Ivs 37 Pine 

Clark .Joseph, conductor Street R\ 
Ivs IS Deacon 

• lark Joseph E, accountant, 42 Clar- 
ence, res 95 Clergy w 

Clark Mary (wid Lawrence), res rear 
246 Montreal 

G, S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds. Sponges, Chamois, etc. 





Clark Mary (wid Wm), res 140 Dlv- 

Clark Patrick, lab, bds 16 James 
Clark Patrick (Clark & Clark), res 210 

Clark Peter, lab Donoghue Bros, res 

l_'4 Lower Bagot 
Chirk Richard J, teacher, lvs 149 Div- 
Clark Robert, lab, res 19 Upper Wil- 
Clark Sarah (wid Robert), lvs e s 

Montreal, Is of G T R crossing 
Clark Thomas, chair maker, res 

Clark Thomas G, lab, res 16 James 
Wm. lab. res 6 Vine 
Wm H. driver Rees Bros, res 55 
Kinfe- w 
Clark Wm J. conductor K Street Ry 

Co, lvs 15 Deacon 
Clark Wm J. lab, res 37 Pine 

k Wm J. plumber J Jamieson. lvs 
1 tatarlo 
('lark Wm T, BA, teacher, lvs 148 
I division 

k & Clark (Charles H and Pat- 
rick 1. butchers, 210 Bagot 
• ■ :ils.. < -lark 
ke Amu.- (wid John), res 61 Bay 
Clarke Charles, blacksmith McKelvey 

•v Birch, res M Patrick 
Clarke Charles K., Medical 

nt RockWOOd Asylum. 

1 'ortsmouth 

Ick W, master mechanic 

K ftPS 1 " A ■ 1 I tagol 

Clark ■ I- 11 A Co, Wm Grant Foreman, 
m Itsti 1 - . King w 

• .! Dlvlson 
irville olei a Rathbun ( to, bde 

) n 

irah (will Wm) lohns- 

: . w in ] iker, 818 Wei 


Claxton Miss Ethel, music teacher, 

lvs 31 Rideau 
Claxton Matthew H, foreman McKel- 
vey & Birch, res 31 Rideau 
Clayborn Joseph, driver A Battery, 

res 231 Wellington 
Clayton Charles P, comp British 

Whig, lvs 137 Bagot 
Clayton Edward J, ship carp, res 224 

Clayton James M E, appr K Hosiery 

lvs 137 Bagot 
Clayton Martin, carp, res 137 Bagot 
Cleary Catherine (wid Hugh), res 1'4 

Hickson ave 
Cleary Most Rev. James V., 

Archibishop of Kingston, Residence 

The Palace, 225 Johnston. 
Cleary Thomas H. signalman G T R, 

lvs 24 Hickson ave 
Clements Mrs Leo, bds 117 Kins W 
Clements Leonard, L D.S.. Den 

tist. 142 Wellington ; Residence 2S4 

King e 
Clements Wm J. sawyer. res 129 

Clenahan, sec also Callaghan 
Clenahan John I. beamer J J Carring- 

ton, res 8 Charles 

than Susan (wid Wm), PSS y l 

1 -r, pence 
Clenahan Thomas, lab, res :">i Main 
Clenahan Wm, driver R H Toye, rea 

Clench .lames, carp, res 232 King e 
clench Wm, confr W .1 Crothers, lvs 

282 Kim 
Cliff George, real estate, 96 Clarence, 

I ■■ - 164 1 tarrle 

Cliff Mary A (wid John*, res 127 Div« 

Clifford Walter C, Bergeant A Battery, 

I I s Murnaj Tower 

Clint Patrick, propr 81 Lawrence Inn, 

foot of Johnston 
ciint Wm 11. confr W .1 Crothers, lvs 
Ring e 

T. McAuley 

128 Princess Street. 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
a Roll. Borderings from 
half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

« i i 




Clithero Agnes (wid George), res i">7 

Clow Franklin, grocer, S3 Earl, res 

CI )W Lewis, clerk .!<>s Franklin, res 
17(a) Karl 

Clugston Robert, contractor.396 Brock, 
ri s same 

Clugston Thomas A. mason R Clug- 
. . l\ s 396 Brock 

Clugston Wm H. mason R Clugst on, 
Ivs 396 Brock 

Clyde Gilmore, lvs n s Jenkin, 2 n of 

Clyde Thomas, farmer, res n s Jen- 
kin. 2 w of Alfred 

Coates Frank W, jeweller, 158 Prin- 
c» ss. bds 365 University ave 

Coates Edgar, clerk, bds 374 Barrie 

Coates Wm, plumber J Jamieson, 
bds 89 Gore 

Cobet Ivo L A, contracto . n s e s Col- 
lin g wood. 1 n of Union 

Coburn, see also Cockburn 

Coburn Wm, res 148 Pine 

Coburn Wm, jr. plasterer, lvs 14$ 

Cochrane Christina (wid Rev Wm), 
res 164 Frontenac 

Cochrane Edward J. carp Co-operative 
Sash and Floor Factory, res 164 On- 

Cochrane James B, clerk Postoffice, 
lvs 164 Frontenac 

Cochrane Capt John B, Prof R M Col- 
li gi . res L22 Earl 

rane Mary (wid George), res n e 
cor Barrack and King 

Cochrane Wm, bookkeeper Asylum. 
304 Earl 

Cockade Wm G, shoveller, res 18 Ord- 

Cockburn, see aslo Coburn 

Cockburn John, steamfttter, 292 On- 
tario, res 114 William 

Cockburn John (Wm Cockburn &• 
Rons), Ivs 275 Ontario 

< ockburn Wm (Wm Cockburn & 
Sons), res 276 On1 

Cockburn Wm, jr (Wm Cockburn & 
Sons), res 135 < irdnance 

Cockburn Wm. & Sons, (Wm. 
Wm, jr and John), Blacksmiths, 277 

Coffey Robert, boal builder, res 2 Gar- 

Coffey Thomas, caretaker Medical 
College, res 69 Arch 

Coffey Thomas H, shoveller, res 117(a) 

Coffey Wm, stoker k P, res 119 Stuart 
■an J Alfred, patternmaker Loco 
Works, res 11 Charles 

Coleman Alexander, lvs 4 First 

Coleman Mary (wid Samuel J), lvs 
34 Ellice 

Coleman Robert J, fireman, res 367 

Coleman Wm J. basket mnfr, res 4 

Colfer Miss Ann, lvs 97 Raglan rd 

Collacott John J, carp, res 369 Alfred 

Collender Hotel, S Harkness prop, 324 
King e 

Collins Rev. James J., Assist- 
ant St Mary's Cathedral, res 

Colilns John, letter carrier, bds 43 
King w 

c Uins Miss Kate, res rear 331 Brock 

Collins Mary E F (wid Wm F), dress- 
maker, bds 117 Barrack 

Collins Peter. lab, lvs 4 Quebec 

Collins Thomas, sailor, res 438 Div- 

Collins Wm J. engineer, res 6 Gallin- 
Terrace^ Chatham 

Collins Wm S. mach Kingston Foun- 
dry, res rear 13 Maitland 

Collinson Margaret W (wid David), 
res 3' Kllice 

Comeau Louis J, carp, res 72 Ontario 

Comer George W H, Customs Officer, 
res 8? Division 

G. S. Hubart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

1 16 


Lamps of all kinds. Burners 
Chimneys. Globes and Shades 
of every description 



Comer Wm H. clerk P J Walsh, lvs 80 

Comper Edward, carp, bds 318 Queen 
Comper George, gardener Jos Upper, 

res 320 Queen 
Comper John, carp, res 416 Johnston 
Compton George, appr Carnovsky 

Wood Mnfrg Co, lvs 76 Arch 
Compton Henry, blacksmith, lvs 76 

Compton James, gardener, res 76 Arch 
pton Miss Mary J. res 252 Barrle 
Conderon Frank, lab. bds 240 Ontario 
Conley. see also Connolly 
Conley Henry, clerk Military Stores, 

Place d* Amies 
Conley Hobart, trav. R J McDowall. 

1 lataraqui, Ont 
Conley James, engineer tug Jessie 

Hall, res 60 Bay 
C nley John, plumber Simmons Bros, 
rohn, plumber W I> Muckler, 
lvs w 

Conies R< bei ca (wid Wm), n j s 

Con] Dlv- 

c ill. y Thomas, tailor K 1'. res (6 

. "m F. plumber McKel> 
1 >i\ laion 
Connell James C, Oculist and 

AurlSl ■ 12 a.m- 

d 2 to E p.m. Telephone 393. < >fflce 

: I 



trp M T Co, ■ 

nollj Hi nry ED, Otter Looo Works, 


nolly Elizabeth (wid James), res 
17 Lowei 

(wid Michael), n 

VI torla, t 11 Of I -lire ■ 

■ niner 

Connor Mrs Catherine, lvs 54 Ontario 
Connor Miss Elizabeth, teacher Vic- 
toria School, lvs 354 Brock 
Connor Frederick H, pianomaker 

Wormwith & Co, res 18 Division 
Connor John, fireman str St Law- 
rence, bds 1000 Island House 
Connor Matilda (wid James), res 354 

Connor Thomas M 1 Wormwith & Co), 

res 132 Lower Bagot 
Connor Thomas P, Supt binder twine 

dept K P, res 68 William 
Connor Wm. lvs 354 Brock 
Conreen Catherine (wid Daniel), res 

8S» Clarence 
Conreen George E, stenog apher.lvs 89 

Conroy Michael, grocer, 8 Market sq, 

lvs 2s Ellice 
Conroy Patrick, res 28 Ellice 
Convent of the Congregation 

de Notre Dame, Sister St. 

Mary Jane Mother Superior, Bagot. 

© >r Johnston 
Conway Frank, I Freigl»1 

and Passenger Agent K & P Ky. 

office Ontario sf, opp City Hall, Res- 

Iden 120 Wellington 
Conway Mrs J B, millinery, 83 Brock, 

bds 126 Prim 

James B, cutter. .;:> Rrocfc. 

bds 426 Princi 
r....k Arthur D, confr W J Crothers, 

I ..Is 248 Carrie 

11 rberl H, miller K Milling Co. 

I va 1 •'• 1 » ' 1 
k John, engineer, res w a Centre, 

in row 2 n of King 
Cook J. Leonard, manager The K 
s Williams Co (ltd), 188 Wellington, 

1 \ - 161 1 • 1 

. Th. .mas. sexton Queen Street 
Methodist Church, res 151 CI 

k Wm W, driver T 11 Johns. 1 
Hi\ Ision 


128 Princess St 

Inks. Writing and Copying: Stephens', 
Carter's, Penh Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
worth s and Underwoods. 




Cooke K'\ Arthur W, rector St Luke's 

C-unli. res ::7S Alfred 
Cooke Charles H. driver E !•" Sears, 

res 301 .Montreal 
Cooke Francis W, bookkeeper Jos 

Franklin, bds 209 William 
Conk,. Joseph B, res 301 Montreal 
Cooke Win E, Lieutenant A Battery, 

RCA, res Tete du Pont Barracks 
Cook. Win II. opr G T K. bds w s 

Montreal. 3 n of G T R crossing 
Coonay Patrick, res 219 Earl 
Cooper, see also Couper 
Cooper Charles, brakeman K & P Ry, 

lvs 401 King e 
Cooper Henry A. conductor K & P 

Ry. res 212 Rideau 
Cooper James E, loom fixer Cotton 

Mills, res 35 Charles 
Cooper Johanna (wid Charles), res 401 

King e 
Cooper John, res 80 Arch 
Cooper Richard, carter, res 783 Prin- 
Cooper Thomas, gardener, res 162 

Cooper Wm C, bookkeeper K & P Ry, 

lvs 401 King e 

Co-Operative Sash and Door 
Factory. Frank Somerville, Man- 

r, 35 Union e 
Copeland Philip, watchman, bds 242 

Copley Frank, trav, lvs 185 Colborne 
Copley Thomas, carp K & P Ry shops, 

res 19 Pine 
Copl y Wm. trav, res 185 Colborne 
Corbett Charles H, Governor County 

Jail, res same 
Ccrbett Francis P. shipper R J Car- 
son, lvs Court House 
Corbett John, hardware, 95 Princess, 

res 104 Clergy 
Corbett Samuel S. asst W M Drennan, 

lvs 411 Princess 
Corbett Wm. tinsmith Elliott Bros, 

res 411 Princess 

Corby Gladys (wid Henry), bds 236 

[Jniverslty ave 
Cordlck Hester (wid John), boarding 

house, 242 Ontario 

Corkey, see also Korkey 

Corkey Frank, grocer, cor Barrie and 
York, lvs n s John, 1 w of Bagot 

Corkey Malcolm, grocer, 255 Montreal, 
res same 

Corkey Michael, lab, res n s John. I 
W of Bagot 

Corkey Malcolm, grocer, 255 Montreal, 
res same 

Corkey Michael, lab, res n s John, 1 
w of Bagot 

Cormack, see also McCormack 

Cormack John, janitor Queen's Col- 
lege, res 127 Union w 

Cornblatt Max, pedlar, bds 43 Prin- 

Cornelius George, painter, lvs 177 

Cornelius James, clerk Jas Redden & 
Co, lvs 177 Queen 

Cornelius Capt John, res 177 Queen 

Cornelius John, jr, painter, res 40 Col- 

Cornelius Robert, tinsmith, lvs 177 

Cornford Mrs Margaret, lvs 24 Elm 

Cornwall Mrs. Mary, MA. Prin- 
cipal Kingston Ladies' College and 
C nservatory of Music. Emily st, 
res same 

Corrigan Bernard J, sailor, lvs s s 
North. 2 w of Bagot 

Corrigan Daniel, res 464 Division 

Corrigan Daniel, grocer, 60 Lower 
Bagot. res 58 Bagot 

Corrigan Daniel J, student, lvs 464- 

Corrigan Frank, lab, Bajus Bowery, 
lvs s s North, 2 w of Bagot 

Corrigan Francis J, clerk, lvs 58 Lower 

Corrigan John, res 111 Ontario 

Corrigan Patrick, res s s North, 1 e of 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street 

AAA. greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 

i i 8 




Corrigan Richard S. lab, res 355 Div- 

Corrigan Thomas, res 113 Ontario 

-an Win. pilot, res 16 Railwax 

Cottages, Ontario st 
Corrigan & Quinn, Dry Goods, 

336 King e 
Cosby Mrs Jane, res 275 Queen 

. Miss Mary, dressmaker, 275 

Queen, lvs same 

ove Jane L (wid Patrick J), lvs 

217 Albert 
CostellO Alexander, moulder K & P 

Ky shops, res 196 Rideau 
Costello Samuel, lab, res 18 Stephen 
Cotman George, fireman Loco Works. 

res 338 Queen 
Cotman George, jr, boilermaker Loco 

Works, lvs 338 Queen 
ter Frances (wid James L), res 372 

Cotter .John, pensioner, bds 46 Johns- 
Cotter John, grinder Cotton Mills. bdB 

240 Montreal 
Cottle Letitia P (wid Thomas J), res 

128 Barrie 
Cotton Miles P, student, lvs 15 King e 

Cotton Lieut-Col. Wm. H. Deputy 

Adjutant General Military District 
No 3, Office Artillery Park. Resi- 
dence tr> King e 
Coughlin Mrs Elizabeth, res 249 Johns- 
Couling Montague W. lab, res 76 Earl 
Coulson James S. diver, res 102 Barrie 
Coulson Walter 1'. clerk Kent Bros. 

lvs 102 Barrie 
counter George J, res 105 Colbome 
liter John A. student R K Bpi 

lvs IOC Colborns 
Countryman Thomas w. guard 

him. res 287 Montreal 
County's Attorney's Office, II. 
Whiting, Attorn.y. Court House and 

08 < 'la i ei 

t !ouper, see also < 5ooper 

Couper Daniel, Grocer, Flour, 
and Feed, and Manufacturer of 
Couper's Pure Baking Powder, 341- 
343 Princess, Residence 776 same 

Couper Agnes (wid James), res 772 

Courtemanche Edward, trimmer K 
Vehicle Co, bds 232 Princess 

Cousineau F X & Co, dry goods, 78-80 

Cousins W John, student, bds 266 Prin- 

Cowan Miss Charlotte E, lvs 273 Prin- 

Coward Eleanor (wid John), lvs 326 

Coward George B, painter Robinson 
Bros, res 325 Brock 

Coward Mark W. clerk R Waldron, 
res 323 Brock 

C< ward Wm. Instructor K P, res 227 
University ave 

Cowie Hannah (wid Thomas), res 23 

Cowie Robert, carp R Caw & Co, res 

21 John 
Cowley Peter, lab, res 296 Montreal 
Cowperthwalte James, carp, res 11 

Clergy w 

Miss Agnes, bds 6 Gallinger Ter- 
race. Chatham st 
Cos Edward J, tailor C Livingston A 
Bi . bds 374 Barrie 

worthy George P, keeper Asylum. 
res 36 Livingston ave 

CoXWOrthy Maria W (Wid Thomas). 

lvs 86 Livingston ave 

Coy, se,- Me Coy 

Coyle Amy A (wid James), lvs 66 
Coyle Edward M. bartender Kennetty 

1 louse 

Coyle Harry, bds 840 Ontario 

Colye Henry, sailor, lvs 2:: Balaclava 

Colye .1 unes. <ierk Rlgney A Hlckey, 

bds 840 Ontario 
Coyls John. eai> owner, res !>3 Bay 
Coyle Rose (wid Henry), rea 23 Balac 

TMp ATTT T^^/^ Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
• lVXL/^k^ IuEa X 9 Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 

128 Princess Street. 





I uj 

Coyle Thomas, stone quarry, res a s 

Concession rd, T n of Division 

e Mary (wld Matthew), res :'>~>i 

Craig Agnes (wid .John), res 204 King e 
Craig Andrew, Ivs 204 King e 
Craig Henry A (Murray & Craig), res 

IS! Alfred 
Craig Miss [da, Ivs 131 Alfred 
Craig James, coppersmith, res 165 

Craig James A, policeman, res 79 

Clergy w 
Craig John, conductor K & P Ry, res 

5 Barrack 

Gtaig John D. olerk \V G Craig & Co. 
Ivs 32 Ontario 

Craig Margaret (wid James), Ivs 155 

Craig Miss Sarah, res 23 Arch 

Craig Wm A. carp, res 54 Albert 

Craig Wm. G., ,.W. <;. Craig & Co. 
res 32 Ontario 

CraigWG& Oo, (Wm. G.Craig) whole- 
sal.- Grocers, 125-127 Ontario 

Crake Wm J, picture frames. 147 Pine, 
res same 

Crallin Edward, boilermaker Loco 
Works, res 67 Upper Charles 

Crallin Wm, res 22 Vine 

Crate Thomas, Proprietor British 
American Hotel, cor King and Clar- 
ence, and Hotel Frontenac, 178-184 

Crawford Anthony, res 124 Division 

Crawford George, grocer, res 329 Div- 

Crawford Harry, salesman J Laidlaw 

6 Son, bds 246 Barrie 

Crawford James, grocer, 182 Princess, 
res 327 Division 

Crawford James, foreman Water- 
works Department, res 18 Stuart 

Crawford John J. cutter C Livingston 
& Bro, res 433 Brock 

Crawford Miss Martha, teacher Cen- 
tral School, Ivs 124 Division 

Crawford Robert, CoaJ and 
Wood, fool of Queen, and 300 King 
w, Residence 24 Barrie 

Crawiord Samuel, Man 
Kingston Coal Co, Ivs 124 Division 

Crawford Wm, carp K & P Ry shops, 
110 Barrack 

Creamer Edward, lab, res 846 Prin- 

Ct ss 

Creamer John, painter, Ivs 846 Prin- 

Creeggan Allied H, student. Ivs 44 

ggan George, tailor, res 44 Main 

Creeggan Richard S, student, Ivs 44 

Creeggan Walter W, tailor. Ivs 44 

Creighton Edward M. comp News 
Printing Co, res 305 Alfred 

Creighton Robert R, acct K P, bds 13 

CrevuUn Minnetta J (wid Henry J), 
Ivs 191 Johnston 

Cridiford John, res 71 Clarence 

Crombie Robert J B. Mai 
Bank of Montreal, cor King and 
William, res same 

Crook Miss Ellen, dressmaker, Ivs 85 

Crook Frederick A, foreman T Mc- 
Auley, bds 101 Johnston 

Crosby James, sailor, Ivs n w cor Pat- 
rick and John 

Crosby Robert, sailor, res n w cor 
Patrick and John 

Crosby Susan (wid John), Ivs n w cor 
Patrick and John 

dithers Henry, baker W J Crothers, 
Ivs 179 Earl 

Crotheis Mary (wid John), res 67 Chat- 

Crothers Wm. J., Biscuit and 
Confectionery Manufacturer. 2>>7 
Wellington, res 179 Earl 

Crothers Wm J. jr. clerk W J Croth- 
ers, Ivs 179 Earl 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 



Foster's Kingston 

( UN 

Crowe J, salesman Mac-nee & 
Minnes, bds 6 Victoria Terrace. 
Montreal st 
Crowley Charles W, carp, res 110 Ord- 

nanc • 
Crowley Mr? Charles W, grocer, V^ 

Orel nance, res 110 same 
Crowley J"hn W, carter, res 373 Johns- 

ley Wm J. salesman Hardy & 
;vs 373 Johnston 
i David, lab, lvs 78 Colborne 
Crozier James, lab, res 78 Colborne 
Crozier, James, jr. com],, lvs 78 Col- 

Crozier John, lab, lvs 7S Colborne 
Crozier Mary (wid Thomas), res 162 

i r Thomas, printer K Oilcloth 
l- - 162 York 

Thomas H. lab, lvs 162 York 

sier Wm C. polisher Troy Laun- 
dry, lvs 162 York 
Crumley Alexander, baker W J Croth- 
B 3 Stanley Terrace, Quebec 

Crumley Bros, (Edward and 
Henry), Staple and Fancy Dry 
Groods, 94 Princess, cor Wellington 
Crumley Edward, (Crumley B 

ildence 61 Onion w 
Crumley Henry, 

M Clergy w 
Cru li Hugh, res 50 Union w 

<;. boilermalqer Loco 
>hn i-\ driver R .1 ('arson. ivs 
\ Ibert . - n of Mack 
Cruse Wm H. shoemaker, res w - m 
I n of Mack 
i Junii e l a id < !harles B), rea 
1 hi- n •■ 
Cuddeford Edwin J. stonecutter, rea 

Cuddeford Miaa Nettle, dreaamaker, 

Cuddeford Thomas C. watchman, lvs 

8 James 
Cudehy Margaret (wid Thomas), 

nurse, Ivs 45 King e 
Culhene John T, sailor, lvs 69 Bay 
Ou'.hene Patrick, sailor, res 69 Bay 
Cullen Jam- s. bds 82 William 
Cullen John. lab. res 22 James 
Cu'-len Patrick, quarryman. res 140 

Lower B 
Cullen Wm. engineer M T Co, res 33 

Cullen Wm T. works Cotton Mills, lvs 

Culpack Mrs Barbara, res 520 Brock 
Cumming Caroline (wid George), rea 

47^ Brock 
Cummings Charles E. sailor, lvs 76 

Cummings Charles H. ah. res 76 Ord- 

Cummings George, res 671 Prin© 
Cummings Michael, res rear 374 Brock 
Cunningham Miss Agnes, res 21 King 

Cunningham Arthur B, [tar- 

rister, Solicitor, etc.. 7:' Clarence, 

lvs 169 Earl 
Cunningham Charles, confr, res 41 

Kin!,- w 
Cunningham Charles A. currier J J 

Carrington, lvs 138 Lower Bagol 
Cunningham Daniel, lai>. res 25S Rl- 

Cunningham David, M.D., Phy- 
-\<-i in and Surgeon. Telephone I (>.'>. • Office 

ii un 2 to t and 7 to 9, « HBce and 

i . Bldence i"i Sydenham 
Cunningham David, rea l^n Bagot 
Cunningham David, jr. printer, lvs 

is' B 
Cunningham Dinah (wid David), lvs 

1.".' Bydenham 
Cunningham i [enrj . i ea 169 Earl 
Cunningham Henry, clerk C D Chown, 

Ivs 161 Bydenham 


128 Princess Street. 



I i N 

A I .ril.M'.l I ICAL DIRF.< fORV 



Cunningham Henry, piano tuner 

21 King w 
Cunningham James, mach, lvs 21 King 

Cunningham John, Bewlng machines, 

348 King e, res same 
Cunningham J Ernest, (MUls 4 

Cunningham), lvs 169 Earl 
Cunnigham Miss Mary, teacher St 

Patrick's Scho 1, lvs 257 Montreal 
Cunningham Miss Mary, teacher : 

en St School, lvs ISO Bagot 
Cunningham Sarah A (wid Samuel 

H), res IS Deacon 
Cunningham Thomas, res 240 Brock 
Cunningham Wm, piano tuner, lvs 41 

Kinj,' w 
Cunningham Mrs Wm, res 10 Pronte- - 

Cunningham Win H, currier J J Car- 

rington, res 138 Lower Bagot 
Cunningham Wm J. mach, res 36 

Cunningham Wm J, repairer Bell Tel- 
ephone C<>. lvs 258 Rideau 
Cunningham Wm J. watchmaker. 348 

King e. lvs same 
Currie Edward C, student Queen's 

College, bds 61 Arch 
Curragh James A. mach Kingston 

Foundry, res 407 King e 

Curtis C L., Physician, Surgeon 

and Private Banker. Office Hours 

8 to 10 a.m., 1 to 4, and 7 to 9 p.m. 

Telephone 415. Office and Residence 

138 Wellington 

Curtis Miss Alary A, dressmaker. 223 

Wellington, res same 
Curtis Patrick, night opr Bell Tele- 
phone Co, res 103 Gore 
Cushion John, driver J Halligan & 

Co, lvs 28 Alma 
Cushion Michael, clerk, lvs 28 Alma 
Cushion Thomas, lab. res 28 Alma 
Cushion Thomas F. student, lvs 27 

Custom House, Clark Hamilton 
i- Hector, cor King and Clarence 

IK >rsi-:. Thomas Driver Appraiser, 

188 « Mitario 
< ;ul : George, sailor, res roar 81 Wel- 

Dahlbert Oswald, mach. bds 27 King 

Daily, see also Daley and Daly 
Daily Mrs Julia M, res 21 York 
Dainty Charles H, helper Kingston 

Foundry, res 134 A'ictoria 
Dalby Wm H. bookkeeper G A Mc- 

Gowan, lvs 370 Alfred 
Dales John X. teacher Collegiate In- 
stitute, res 230 Division 
Daley, see also Daily and Daly 
Daley Catherine (wid Patrick), res 44 

Daley James, foreman News Printing 

Co, res 52 Rideau 
Daley Joseph, comp Canadian Free- 
man, lvs 128 Clarence 
Daley Aliss Alary, dressmaker, lvs 44 

Daley Patrick, Proprietor Cana- 
dian Freeman, 128 Clarence, res 
Dalton J Arthur, clerk Dalton & 

Strange, lvs 54 Johnston 
Dalton Wm B (Dalton & Strange), res 

54 Johnston 
Dalton & Strange), Wm B Dalton, 
John AI Strange), hardware, 177 
Daly, see also Daily and Daley 
Daly Albert H, clerk J Corbett, lvs 

238 University ave 
Daly Charles B, civil engineer, res 298 

University ave 
Daly Edmund T, student, lvs 844 Prin- 
I Daly James, grocer, 259 Ontario, res 
I 54 Rideau 

CO U U 4- £ QriHC Agents for Knickerbocker 
■ U. liOUSn QL OOmS Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 

155 Princess Street. 

men, women, boys and girls. 

i j: 



Daly James M, clerk Jas Daly, lvs 54 

Daly John, clerk Jas Daly, lvs 54 

Daly Justus W, res 238 University ave 

Daly Oscar W, dentist, 139 Princess, 
res same 

Daly Capt Wm J, grocer, 844 Princess, 
res same 

Danday John, sailor, res G T R Outer 

Danday Miss Minnie, clerk, lvs 190 
King e 

Danday, Miss Nellie, lvs 196 King e 

Dane Richard, packer Macnee & Min- 
nes, bds 294 Johnston 

Darby Wm C, bookkeeper R J Car- 
son, res 334 University ave 

1 >A icy Jane (wid Robert), lvs 87 Wel- 

D Any Robert J. clerk Postoffice, res 
sT Wellington 

Darling Sarah (wid Thomas), res 84 

Darling Thomas B, agent, bds 15 Rl- 

Darling Sarah (wid Thomas), res 84 

Darling Thomas B, agent, bds 15 Ri- 
Darr;itfh Alexander, res 16 Lower 

Darragh Alexander, salesman R S 
Williams A Bone Co, res 88 i 

Darragh Alexander T. woodworker 
Carnovsky Wood Bunfg Co, bds 62 


i >. in null i ;•■.■! ge, carp Sl reel Rj « !o, 

Darragh Hugh, lvs 46 Lower Rideau 
Dai in. ii Miss 1011. ii. lvs 213 King e 
Dartnell Miss Jane, lvs 212 King e 
Daunt ,Ios4-ph, boarding house. 117 

King w 

V. see also Davy 
Dav.y Charlotte (wid I'.etljamin F). 

I\ - 182 Rld< ni 

George, lab, res 182 Rideau 
David Catherine (wid Donald), lvs 284 

David Daniel, lab, lvs 316 Barrle 
David .Mary (wid Isaac), res 4.' York 
Davidson, see also Davison 
Davidson Andrew, contractor, 69 Coi- 

borne, res same 
Davidson Miss Annie, Principal Cat- 

araqui School, res 69 Colborne 
Davidson Charles, fireman K & P Ry, 

lvs 100 Raglan rd 
Davidson Minnie (wid Gordon), r< 

Davidson Rachel (wid Bryce), res 105 

Davidson Richard B, clerk R Spencer, 

lvs 105 York 
Davidson Robert, contractor, 254 Uni- 
versity ave, res same 
Davidson Thomas, grocer, 1 Pine, res 

Davidson Walter, moulder, res 130 

Lower 1 1 
Davidson Wm, foreman K Oilcloth 

Co, res 10 St Catherine 
Davies Wm, patternmaker Kingston 

Foundrj . res 83 1'ine 
Davis Alice (wid Arthur P), lvs 337 

Davis Ebenezer R, guard K i\ res 68 

Livingston a\ e 
Davis Francis, contractor, 309 Brock, 

bdS sane 
I i.i \ la ' leorge, tinsmith R M Hoi 

& Co. iva 83 Pine 
Davis George A, carp R i>a\is ,<.- Son. 

res 168 Lower Bagot 
I >a\ Is .lames, shoemaker. L'li'.i Princ 

ret same 
Davis .lames, jr. shoemaker, lvs 269 


l »a\ Is James J, dentist, lvs 36 Syd 


i ia\ is John, res 261 Queen 
i i.i\ I- John, carp, res 106 Barrack 
Davl John, mach R I lavis & Son, res 
LM Rideau 


128 Princess Street. 


Al IU1AKE I IC \l. 1)1 RECTO KV, 


l>.i\is John, sailor, bds Ottawa House 
1 ^a \ is John J, MP. lvs 36 Sydenham 
Davis Louis, cooper imperial Oil Co, 

res 16 Qu 
Davis Mary (wid James), res (2 Wel- 

Davis Mm y A (wid James), res 36 Syd 

i uham 
Davis Matthew R (R Davis & Son), 

res 1 Porrigan 
Davis Miss Minnie. Principal Welling- 
ton St Scho I, lvs 269 Princess 
Davis Richard P (Sheldon &- Davis), 

res 76 Gore 
Davis Roberl (R 1 tavis .<.- Son), res 180 

Davis R *v Son (Robert and Matthew 

R). dry dock, ft of Buy 
Davison, see also Davidson 
Davison Charles S. fireman K & P 

Ry. res 100 Raglan id 
Davison Howard, carp, bds 102 Earl 
Davison John, watchman S Asglin & 

Co, res 30 York 
Davy, see aslo Davey 
Davy Benjamin F, bartender Algoma 

Davy Charles I. knitter K Hosiery 

Co, res 103 King w 
Davy George, stonecutter, res 228 Earl 
Davy George W carp, res 59 Bay 
Davy Herbert W, upholsterer E R 

Martin, lvs 24 Garrett 
Davy John, clerk Geo Robertson & 

Son, lvs 107 King \v 
Davy John \V. stonecutter, lvs J4 Gar- 
Davy Norman, grocer, 109 King w, res 

107 same 
Davj Robert a. sailor barge Ceylon. 

res P" Power Bagot 
Davy Stewart, carp, res 24 Garrett 
Davy Wm R, carp, res 171 Nelson 
Davy Wm W, lab. res 162 Ordnance 
Edward, foreman K & P Ry 
- 381 Division 

Dawson Edward A. fireman str Spar- 
tan, res 17 Main 
Dawson Wm II. lvs 200 Alfred 
Dawson Wm .1 T, gasfltter, lvs 381 

1 division 
Pay Alfred E, student, lvs 270 Univer- 
sity ave 
Day Forshaw, Prof. Royal Mili- 
tary College, Residence im Division 
Day Mrs Harriet, res 234 University 

Day Miss Maggie, clerk Singer Mnfg 

Co, lvs 234 University ave 
Day Robert S, agent London Life Ins 

Co, res 37 Wellington 
Day Sidney W, salesman R S Wil- 
liams & Sons Co, res 270 Univer- 
sity ave 
Day Susanna (wid Barnabas), res w s 

Alwington ave, 4 n of King 
Deacon Andrew, bds 63 William 
Deacon Miss Blanche, bds 26 Welling- 
I N aeon John T, knitter, res w 9 Cen- 
tre. 5 n of King 
Dean Alfred E, janitor Queen's Col- 
ls s 255 Pari 
Dean Edward C, journalist, lvs 256 

Dean Margaret (wid Wm), res 255 Earl 
Dean Richard, packer Macnee & 
Minnes, bds 294 Johnston 
Dean Wm, crater K Vehicle Co, res 

59 Colborne 
Deane Margaret (wid Joseph), grocer, 
e s Rideau, 1 n of Cataraqui, res 
Deane Michael, lab, Imperial Oil Co, 

lvs e s Rideau, 1 n of Cataraqui 
Deane Wm J. student, lvs e s Rideau. 

1 n o f Cataraqui 
De Cartaret Clement, mnfrs agent. 332 

King e, res 370 Alfred 
Decker Frank G, lab W McRossie, 

lvs 311 Johnston 
Decker Robert J, agent Met Life Ins 
CO, res 9 Fifth 

G. S. jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 



Foster's Kingston 

Decker Selina B (wid Romain), res 

:;ii Johnston 
Decker Thomas R, driver T R Car- 

novsky. lvs 311 Johnston 
Deeks Angus C (W A Deeks & Son), 

lvs 112 Clarence 
Deeks Charles H. blacksmith W A 

Deeks & Son. lvs 112 Clarence 
Deeks Wn A <w A Deeks & Son), res 

112 Clarence 
Deeks W A & Son (Wm A and Angus 

C), blacksmiths, 147 Brock 
Deeks Wm W, janitor Martin"s Opera 

House, res 10 John 
Dehaney Thomas, foreman J J Car- 

rington, res 37 James 
Dehaney Wm, supervisor Aslyum, res 

e s Collingwood, 2 n of Union 
aey Eliza (wid Patrick), res 142 

Delanty Miss Julia. lvs 30 fork 
Delaiity Miss .Maggie, saleslady, lvs 

Delam-y Patrick, res •• s Montreal, :; B 

of G T R crossing 
Delaney Wm. boilermavver K &. P 

shops, res 33 Russell 
Delaney Wm, plumber, lvs e s Mont- 

il, 3 s G T 1: crossing 
Delpfa James P lab, r - 3 '.."■ 
Delph Mis James P, er, B 

Quebec, r< b .-.i me 

ater I »;i vld, driver .1 « •'■ 

I Gray's lane 

peter John. lai>. res t Lower EU 

d< nil 

John, jr. blacksmith K 
hide Co, lvs I Lower Rideau 
1 u mpster Wm, stonecuttei 
Universll j 

1 >• njs. see alst. 1 tennis 

1 >■ 1, lineman « : T 1: 

I I li 1, n lane 

1 »• ■ 1 1 r 1 Wm. !• - 31 9 Brock 
Denn Iso 1 >enny and 1 tenis 

1 >• r 1 r 1 i . 1 1 1 tennle A Frasso), 

QTRI » ■ 1 r . 1 1 1, pot 

Dennie Wm, lab, lvs G T R Outer 

Dennie & Frasso (Everest Dennie, 
Joseph Frasso), butchers, 100 Wel- 

Dennis, see also Denis 

Dennis Isaac, fireman, res 18 Clergy W 

Dennison Miss Flora, lvs 367 Brock 

Dennison James H, stonecutter, res e 
s Colilngwood. 3 s of Union 

Dennison Mary (wid James), res 367 

Dennison R< b a (wid John*, lvs e s 
Alwington ave, 1 n of King 

Denny, see also Dennie 

Denny James, lab, res rear 247 Earl 

Depencier Miss Mary, nurse General 

Depot House, A Howard prop, 808 

Deprez Miss Emiline, bds 132 Welling- 

Deputy Adjutant General's 
Office, Military District No. •'! 
Lieut Col W H Cotton, Deputy Ad- 
jutant General, Artillery Park 

Derbysl Ire Eugene, carp, res 67 Qui 

Febian, lab, lvs 220 Syden- 

1 • i : Mary 1 wid Edward), re 

1 '1 

I terry .Mien, plumb r, 1\ s 286 1 •■< 

I »ei 1 1 lerk, lvs 286 Barrle 

Derrj Hugh, mason, res 134 Union w 

Derrj .lanes bollermaker, res it Up- 
per William 

1 •• 1 1 > John, appr W l> Muckler, l\ s 31 
Union w 

1 >. 11 -> Jol 11. ■ lerk C Lh Ingston A 
Bro, i\s (04 Pine 

Derrj Patrick W, moulder Kingston 
1 1 rnton w 

l >errj Thomas, clerk F X < tousln 
lvs -i Union w 

Dairy Thomas, bollermaker, res 

Derry Wm C J, ma< h Kingston Foun- 
i\ 104 Pine 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
Copy Books. 




I2 5 

Derrj \\'m D, mason, rea 104 Pine 

l '. rry Win H. chief engineer SI Law- 
rence Steamboat Co, pes 286 Barrie 

Derrj Wm li a. plumber McKelvey ft 
Birch h a 286 Barrie 

Derush, see also Larush 

Derush Fabia, lvs 220 Sydenham 

Derush Joseph, sailor, lvs 220 Syden- 

Derush Wm, driver, res 123 Raglan rd 

Di s Rochers Mary (wid Zephirln), or- 
ganlsl si Mary's Cathedral, res 72 

Devana Patrick, lab, res 460 Division 

Devane .Maurice, ship carp, res 329 

iney Miss Margaret, bds 27 James 

Devine James, driver Jas Swift & Co, 
res 447 Division 

Devine James, jr. driver Jas Swift & 
lvs 4 i T Division 

Devine Lawrence.d river Jas Swift 
& I •', lvs 447 Division 

Devlin Charles II. cutter K Vehicle 
bds 15 I Jolborne 

Devlin James, engineer K P, res 218 
Universil j 

Devlin Peter, prop Athletic House, 240 

Devlin Wm, orator K Vehicle Co, bds 
15 Colborne 

Dew James, lab Loo.. Works, res rear 

k Rot* rt A .), miller K Milling 
res :;:?6 Brock 
Diamond Charles, coachman Arch- 
bishop Chary, res 211 Montreal 

I >i( u David J (W J Dick ft Son), res 

I Alfred 
Dick George A, sailor, lvs 92 Bay 
Dick Jane (wid Robert), lvs 92 Bay 

Leonard W, shoveller, res 92 Bay 
Dick W J ft Son (David J Dick), bo 

and shoes, 168 I Mi i 
Dick Wm R, bookkeeper, res 355 Brock 
Dickson Anno (wid John R), res 172 

Johnsi . ii 

Dicks, ui Annie (wid John), res L85 


Dickson Annie E, physician, 172 Johns- 
ton, lvs same 
Dickson Charles T, accountant Inland 

Revenue, res 179 Alfred 
Dickson James, blacksmith, res 24 

Dpper Charles 
Dickson George H. salesman Maenee 

& Minnes. lvs 179 Alfred 
Dickson John, shoemaker, 18 Johns- 
ton, res same 
Dickson John II. engineer str St Law- 

. res 34 Division 
Dillon Benjamin, carp, res 12 Quebec 
Dillon James E (Joseph Dillon & Son), 

bds 171 Clergy 
Dillon Joseph (Joseph Dillon & Son), 

lvs 111 Princess 
Dillon Joseph & Son (Joseph and Jas 

E), boots and shoes, 111 Princess 
Dillon Miss Margaret, res 258 Earl 
Dillon Miss Mary, res 258 Earl 
Dine Pilbern, boilermaker Loco Wks, 

res 280 Bagot 
Dine Francis, teamster, res 42 Union e 
Dine Harry, lab, lvs 92 Gore 
Dine Maria (wid Charles), res 92 G 
Dine Thomas C. coachman Jas Swift, 

res 140 Wellington 
Dine Walter, driver Booth & Co. bds 

ft of Simcoe 
Dinsmore Charles, lab. res 21 Russell 
Dlnsmore John C. lab, lvs 21 Russell 
Dinsmore Mi sa Mary, res n s John. 1 

w of Patrick 
Dion Prank, teamter Shedden Co, res 
42 Union e 

Diplock Miss Mary, res 24!» Johnston 
Dix James, rapt schr S H Dunn, res 

227 Karl 
Dix Joseph, capt str Valeria, res 209 

Dix Overton J. student, lvs 227 Earl 
D I bs Frank W, res 3 Hales I 

King w 
Dobbs John R. C, (J R. C. Dobbs 
o.,) Ilcsi lence cor K ir] and Albert. 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies 

1 Vl 




DobbsJ.R.C.&Co, I ELCDol 

Typewriters and Supplies, and Bi- 
cycles. Ontario Chambers, Clarence 
si (see adv opposite) 

Oobbs Richard S., C.E., (retired) 
Resid. n e I! 1 " Johnston 

Dobs m Maria (wld James), res 101 

Dodd Janet (wid George), res 385 Karl 

Doherty. see also Dougherty 

Doherty Agnes (wid Edward), res 66 
Qpper Charles 

Doherty Ellen (wid Charles), lvs 91 

rty Hugh, barber H Bird, lvs 299 
M ntreal 

Doherty Isaac W, dyer R Montgom- 
ery, res 3 <"herry 

Doherty James, stonecutter, res 299 

Doli. rty John, watchman K & P Ry, 
lvs 299 Montreal 

Doherty Miss Mary, dressmaker. 
Montreal, lvs same 

Dolan Martin, harm-ssmaker. 
Priii' -.inie 

Dola I J, pursi r si r Hamilton, 


Dollar W"i N*. gi 
160 Brock 

1 >, Ipbin ' iker Vict iria 

: 1 rniversitj ave 

1 m .mini- »N B< ' \.T CO \ <" Knapp 

Man I 
Don Inion Co'1 d MHla C 1 (ltd), Kings- 
ton branch, Wm Wilson, man I 

< !ataraqul si 
Dominion Express Co, 1 F.Swift, 

Managi p, cor King and ( tolborne 
Dominion 11 use, C Struthera propr, 
ilnlon Laundi y. P Rhangrow 1 

Bj d< nliam 

Dominion Telegraph Co., J 
: 1 1 'i 1 1 ence 
1 Donaldson Jame - \ fai m< 1 
1, iwer Bagot 



Di naldson Joseph, res 200 Rideau 

Donaldson Joseph R, mail clerk K & 
P Ry, res 156 Rid 

Doney Luke, prop Clarendon House, 
33 Brock 

Donnelly Alexander, foreman Kings- 
ton Foundry, res 118 "Wellington 

Donnelly Miss Bessie, res 119 Ord- 

Donnelly Miss Catherine, lvs 25 Ri- 

Donnelly Poster W < >. lvs 329 Earl 

Donnelly Jane (wid David), lvs 46 Col- 

Donnelly Miss Jennii . dressmaker, 119 
Montreal, lvs same 

Donnelly Capt. John, President 
Donnelly Salvage ft "Wrecking Com- 
pany, Residence 329 Earl 

Donnelly John. jr. Vice-Pres Donnelly 
Salvage ft Wrecking Co, res 249 

Donnelly Luther E, plumber MeKel- 
vey ft Birch, lvs 329 Karl 

Donnelly Miss Mary, dressmaker, 119 
Montreal, lvs same 

Donnelly Mary A (wid . lamest, rea 
119 Montreal 

Donm lly Matthew, res '.'7 York 

nelly Matthew A. plumber Nu- 
gent ft Taylor, lvs 97 York 

Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking 
Co.. (Ltd), Capt. John Don 
nellj President, John Donnelly, jr, 
Vice-President, M 11 Folger Treas- 
urer, Capt Thomas Donnelly Sec- 
1 1 tary, 38 C a rence 

Donnelly Sandford, foreman K Foun- 
dr> . rea 118 Wellington 

Donnelly Thomas, bookkeeper .1 A 
1 lardlner, rea 16 < lolborne 

Donnellj Thomas, tailor 1 Boyd, bda 
Kennedy Hon 

Donnelly Thomas, 1 kkeeper .1 A 

1 lardlner, 1 ea 16 < tolborne 

1 > nnellj Thoma -. tailor 1 B03 d, bda 
K.rin dy Hou 










Lowest in Price. Simplest in Construction. 

Ribbons for all 

Carbon Paper. 

Guaranteed not to 
Fill the Type. 

Typewriter Oil. 











J. R. C. DOBBS & CO., 


Kingston, - Ontario 










UNEQUALED *jjk&£~-' WRITES 84 


Lowest in Price. Simplest in Construction. 

Ribbons for all 

Carbon Paper. 





Guaranteed not to 
Fill the Type. 

Typewriter Oil. 






if N J 




\V ' 











J. R. C. DOBBS & CO., 


Kingston, - - - Ontario 

TTVTn AnlPTr blank books, copying 
• -LVJ-O-CA-LLlt/ J , BOOKS pass BOOKS. 

128 Princess Street. 


\I.1MI \l'.l I H \i DIRECTORY. 


Donnelly Cape Thomas, L>o 

in ':■ in ; r.1 Iv peclor hJx. 

aminer Blasters and Mati s, ( »fflc 
Clarenci R sidence 195 University 
Donoghue Miss Annie, bda 89 1 
Donoghue Bros (Charles and James), 
.main. 291 Ontario 

Cat ,erine (wid Daniel), res 
Donoghue Charles (Donoghue Bros), 
lvs 95 Qui en 

oghue Elizabeth (wid John), res 
14 Upper William 
Dom ghue James I Donoghue Bros), lvs 

. teen 
Donoghue Miss Lucy, dressmaker, lvs 

223 Wellington 
Donoghue Miss Margaret, bds 102 Ri- 

Donoghue Miss Mary, dressmaker, lvs 

Donoghue Michael, lab, res rear 164 

Donoghue Peter A, carder Cotton 

Mills, bds 102 Rideau 
Donoghue Pet< r W, clerk J S Hender- 
son, bds _i Market sq 

oghue Tic mas J, appr W D Muck- 
ler. lvs 1 1 Upper William 
Don ghue Timothy J, trav, res 93 

Donovan Corneliu?, mason, res 97 

Lower Ba 
1 1 novan Daniel, harnessmaker H 
Wilt. n. n s 58 Bay 

oven D. nnis, lai>.. lvs 97 Lower 
I ' ■ ivan Miss Edna, res 394 Brock 
Donovan Eliza (wi 1 John), Ins 97 Low- 
er Bagot 
Donovan Fred rick, clerk T J Leahy, 
lvs 394 Brock 

■ \ an Miss < lertrude, lvs 394 Brock 

Donovan Mis Kate, lvs 394 Brock 

Donovan J. hn. lab. lvs 97 L we:- B igo.t 

Donovan Joseph, driver E P Bran- 

nigan, lvs Division, n of city limits 

Donovan Michael, Bailor, res 86 Col- 
Doolan Jeremiah, shoveller, res 94 Ri- 

Ian .John, engineer Gas Works, 
i l Lower Bagot 
Do Ian Margaret (wid Timothy), res 

King e 
Dooley Ann (wid James), res L33 Mont- 
Dooley Daniel, cigarmaker G A Mc- 

Gowan, lvs 133 Montreal 
Dooley Edward, sailor, lvs 133 Mont- 
Doran Ann (wid Daniel), lvs 125 Queen 
Doran Miss Bridget, res 64 Barrie 
Doran Daniel, lab K & P Ry, res 125 

Doran Frances (wid Wm), caretaker, 

194 Ontario, res same 
Doran John, lab, res 125 Queen 
Doran John J, clerk Jos Brophy, lvs 

110 Earl 
Doran M (estate of), Wm Muckler agt, 

29 Ontario 
Dorland Mrs Carrie, res 239 Division 
Dougall Alfred A. carp, res 10 Redan 
Dougall Francis, brakeman G T R, 

lvs 10 Redan 
Dougall Robert R, shoveller, res 258 

Dougherty, see also Doherty 
Dougherty Daniel, sailor, lvs 91 Elm 
Dougherty Elizabeth (wid John), res 

91 Elm 
Dougherty Miss Jane, dressmaker, 44 

Division, res same 
Dougherty Patrick, lab, res 28 Upper 

Dougherty Wm. lab, res 439 Alfred 
.Douglas Brice. maron. res 13 Xelson 
Douglas Hugh, mason, res 15 Nelson 
Douglas Miss Mary, teacher, lvs 12 

Douglas Robert M. shipper Geo Rob- 

ertson & Son, lvs 13 Nelson 
Dowler Leo, student Win .Wwlands, 
lvs Barriefield 

Gq tj l i p ri Physicians Prescriptions 

. O. nOD3rt (X OOIIS and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 





Downes James, lab. res 20 Alma 

Dowm y, see also Downie 

Downey George, lab J J Carrington. 

lvs 106 Montreal 
Downey Heater (wid Robert), res 106 

ney James. lab, lvs 106 Montreal 
Dowm y Mrs Mary J, res 147 Colborne 
rt, driver K Milling Co, 
lvs 10S Montreal 

ney Timothy. shoemaker, 184 
Downie, see also Downey 

. policeman, res 14! 

1 !lergy w 

Downing Joseph J B, student, h 
gry w 
nin'g Wm. bds 232 Johnston 
Dowsley David II. physician. 154 

■'is llesman Haines 
• William 
• ' ■■ Loco Works 


R, sal smaii Mi R 
Sti St Lawr lvs 

lonraan 1 ; T R, bds 

■il dealer, 294 Bar- 

• barber J M Theobald, 
104 Barrie 

1 Vic 
toria, - n of Durham 

K ] Btu- 

■ !lergj w 
1TB rea 

n v p tliaher Wormwil 

bn J. dri hompaon, 

146 O 

Doyle John W, mate tug Bronson, 

res 67 York 
Doyle Joseph H. carp, res :'. Victoria 

Terrace. Montreal st 
Dolye Martin W, lvs w s Victoria, 2 

n of Durham 
Dolye Miss Mary A. private school. 2 
1 I >yle Miss Mary A, private school, 3 

Victoria Terrace, Montreal st, lvs 

D yle Michael, resturant, 51 Print 

Doyle Patrick, clerk M Doyle, res 

Dolye Mrs Patrick, boarding house. 

102 Rideau 
Doyle Wm, cattle deal, r. I - 768 I'rin- 

Doyle Wm, lal>. bds 89 ( ! 

Draper Mis< Martha, i aeral 

I [i ispita] 

Dunnan I res 222 Uni- 

versity ave 

Drannan W. M., Funeral Direct* r 
and Embalmer, 2 Resi- 

dence "Sunnysid and 


I ■ 1 >rise 11 

Driscoll l ' 15 Wellington 

Drlscoll John l'. carp, lvs i"> Welling- 

Driscoll Patrick, foreman painter K & 
P Rj sho],s. i arles 

Drive,- Frederick A. cl rk, lvs 186 

Drive,- Harry P, clerk, lvs 186 Queen 

Driver John, tran Poat- 


Driver Thomas, apprais r Customs 

Examining Warehouse, res 186 Queen 

• Wm J. n.n i >alton & Strange, 

1 16 « 'olhollle 

Birch, h - Montn al Bt. opp G T R 

1 ». | M .| 

i Inspr < ; T K.i • - Mont- 

i st. opp •; T R 1> pot 

W. PI. Dbehh 

fflHlifflBffliliffifflfflffli ■ : rgafflffliffliafflfflffliffl 

... anb (BmBafmer 

t(o. 281 princess Street. 

Calls entrusted to the establishment will have his personal 

Embalming is a specialty for which he is duly qualified 
He is the only Undertaker in the city holding a 
Diploma from the New York School of Embalming. 

An assistant day and night on the premises. 

S. S. CORBETT, Assistant, (Graduate 
Clark's School of Embalming ) 

Telephones 143 and 179. 

For Ambulance, Telephone 143. 

W. III. Dwkiiii 


.♦. anb (£m6afmer 

Ml M M M «"» M M M M 

[jo. 281 princess Street. 

Calls entrusted to the establishment will have his personal 

Embalming is a specialty for which he is duly qualified. 
He is the only Undertaker in the city holding a 
Diploma from the New York School of Embalming. 

An assistant day and night on the premises. 

S S CORBETT, Assistant, (Graduate 
Clark s School of Embalming.) 

Telephones 143 and 179 

For Ambulance, Telephone 143. 


Receipts, Blank Drafts. 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
128 Princess Street. Leases, Etc. 





Drummond Harold N, clerk Standard 
Bank, Iva 225 Bagot Jane B <\vid Thomas), res 

360 Brock 
Drummond .loin a k. acct Jas Rich- 

ardson & Sons, res 225 Bagot 
Drury Major Charles W., Com- 
mandanl A Battery Royal Canadian 
Artillery, res Tete du Pont Barracks 
Drury Orpha (wid Win), res 405 Prin- 
Drury Win, coal and wood. 282 Queen, 

res same 
Dube Adelord E, salesman Bell Organ 

& Piano Co, bds Windsor Hotel 
Dublin House, Mrs R Saunders prop, 

H4 Ontario 
Dubs Charles R. Vice-Pres Canadian 
Locomotive & Engine Co (ltd), res 
Glasgow, Scotland 
Duff Col. John, Police Magistrate, 
City Buildings, Residence 450 Prin- 
Duffey. see also Duffy 
Duffey John, shoveller, res 148 Bagot 
Duffey John V. operator T Hanley & 

Sons, lvs 94 William 
Duffey Wm. moulder, res 94 William 
Duffey Wm. jr. clerk J Corbett. lvs 

94 William 
Euffield Elizabeth (wid James), lvs 

159 Pine 
Duffy, see also Duffey 
Duffy Francis, foreman K Hosiery 

Co, res 139 Alfred 
Dumbleton John W, lab, res 159 Nel- 
Dunphy Edward J, finisher Jas Reid, 

res 258 Queen 
Dunphy James, lvs 258 Queen 
Dunphy Jas, shipper Edwin, Chown 

& Son, res 96 York 
Dunbar Georgina, music teacher, lvs 

436 Princess 
Dunbar Henry, res 168 Bagot 
Dunbar Mrs Hester, res 155 Brock 
Dunbar John, res 436 Princess 

Duncan Alexander, agent, res 70 Wil- 
Duncan Donald, clerk County Regis- 
try Office, lvs Portsmouth 
Duncan Miss Gertrude, clerk, bds 325 

Duncan Miss Josephine, lvs 174 Lower 

Duncan Miss Millie, telegraph oper, 

luls 325 Harrie 
Dunlop Miss Albina, boarding house, 

13 Maitland 
Dunlop Andrew, capt str Algerian. 

res 96 Rideau 
Dunlop Andrew W, bookkeeper W J 

Crothers, res 48 Colborne 
Dunlop Charles, driver Jos Franklin, 

lvs 29(a) John 
Dunlop Frederick G, clerk Wm Dun- 
lop, lvs 56 Union w 
Dunlop Herbert A, bookkeeper R H 

Toye, lvs 50 Princess 
Dunlop Herbert A, clerk Jas Redden 

& Co, res 328 Alfred 
Dunlop James A, painter K & P Ry 

shops, res 184 Rideau 
Dunlop James G, teacher, res 50 Prin- 
Dunlop James M. weighman Hay 

Market, res 38 Rideau 
Dunlop Miss Jane, lvs 13 Maitland 
Dunlop John W, pastor Catholic Apos- 
tolic Church, lvs 13 Maitland 
Dunlop Robert, tailor W r m Dunlop, 

res 29(a) John 
Dunlop Robert, shoveller, res 192 Col- 
Dunlop Robert G. clerk R Waldron. 

lvs 56 Union w 
Dunlop Thomas A, farmer, lvs 38 Ri- 
Dunlop William. Merchant Tail- 
or, 351-353 King e-. res 56 Union w 
Dunn Ambrose J, sailor, res 167 Mont- 
Dunn James, res s s Barrack, 1 w f 

Dunn Susan (wid Wm), res 340 King e 

G. S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 




Dunn Thomas, grocer, 222 Wellington. 

res same 
Dunn Thomas, lab, bds s s Jenkin. 1 

w of Alfred 
Dunnett Wm, foreman Shedden Co, 

22 Ontario 
Dunon Isabella (wid James), lvs 101 

Dupont Hippolite J. Dupont & 

Wils 279(a) Montreal 

Dupont James V, engineer Dupont <fe 

Wilson, bds 279(a) Montreal 
Dupont & Wilson J. 

Dupont. Harry Wilson), Oilcloth 

Manufacturers, Cataraqui st (see 
1 below) 



- 1 Nil; CARRIAGE 

, .!■ \l BBS IN 

indHe wy Floor 

Du] n F, MA, prof Queen's 

I it University ave 
I mi lvs 15 I'nlon 

1 >upu ■ Union w 

1 upuj Henrj atanl Bank of 

277 Alfred 

irsel mnf. 20V 

1 1 1 1 1 1 ■ 1 1 Samuel, r 1 

i n>\ a] \ 1 1 1 = 1 1 1 1 ». prol R M C 

ird .1 and Mich 

1 .1 1 1 >u 
•.I B 

Hen (wid John), Iva 64 Barrle 
dman 1 l \ 11 


l > v\ 1 Bros), 1 

Dyde Charles B. student, lvs 242 Al- 

Dyde George E. lvs 242 Alfred 

Dyde Samuel S, bookkeeper Fenwlck. 
Hendry & Co, res 242 Alfred 

Dyde S Walters, MA, prof Queen's 
College, res 293 Alfred 

Dyde Wardrope H [James Red- 
- 20.; University 


Earl Sarah (wid John), lvs 110 Bar- 
Earle Robert H. Inland Revenue Offi- 
cer, rms 140 Wellington 
Easton Charles, bartender Dominion 

Bast n Walter A, tinsmith E Chown 

& Son, lvs Cherry, cor Pine 
Eby Joel, foreman K Hosiery Co, res 
135 Union w 

(Jeorge, lab. res 137 Colborne 
Eccles Victor, bds Lake View House 
Eddlngton Alexander H. sailor schr S 
Neelon, lvs Dairy School, cor Cl< 
and Barrie 

n David, lab, res Dairy 

■ !lergy an l Barrle 
n George A, confr W H Car- 
Dain Scl >ol, cor Clergy 
and Ba 1 1 
Edgar David fireman, res ft of Cat- 
araaul st 

ar David J, moulder, lvs ft of 
■ raqul st 
Miss Mary, dressmaker, t't of 
< lataraqul st. lvs same 
Edgar Wm T. painter K Vehicle Co, 

Edward Mother M., Sup 
neral House of Providence, Mont- 

I st 

Edwards R< • Brock 

SI Meth Church, res 242 Johnston 
iviu ardi Peter, dj ei K Hot lerj I to, 
Union w 

T 1VI C -A. IX 1 C "V Wal1 Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
■ Jr f> a Roll. Borderings from 

half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

128 Princess Street. 





Edwards Richard, carp, Gardinei 

res Ts Division 

Edwards Thomas, res 323 Earl 

Egan Daniel, tobacconist, 1 Tit Wel- 
lington, res same 

Egan Mary A (wid Daniel), lvs 179 

Eggleton Miss Eliza, dressmaker, lvs 
67 Lower Bagot 

Eggleton Janus, lab Bajus Brewery, 
1. s 67 Lower Bagot 

Elder Andrew A (Elder Bros), res 111 

Elder Bros (Andrew A and James). 
livery, 210 Wellington 

Elder Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 
lvs 114 Ordnance 

Elder James (Elder Bros), res 279 

Elder Miss Jane, lvs 114 Ordnance 

Elder Sarah (wid George), lvs 114 

Elliott Alexander M, cattle dealer, lvs 
366 Division 

Elliott Bros, (Robert F. Matthew 
B and John M), Plumbers and Steam 
Fitters. 77 Princess 

Elliott Edwin S. student, lvs 366 Div- 

Elliott Eliza (wid Wm), lvs 243 Syd- 

Elliott Farnklin, cattle dealer, res 351 

Elliott George, bailiff, res 22;"> Welling- 

Elliott George "W, press feeder British 
Whig, lvs 187 Montreal 

Elliott James A, printer, lvs 187 Mont- 

Elliott Jane (wid Wm), res 187 Mont- 

Elliott John, cattle exporter, res G T 
R Outer Depot 

Elliott John M (Elliott Bros), lvs 
366 Division 

Elliott John W, cattle exporter, res 
244 University ave 

Elliott Joseph G, Managing l 
Itor British Whig, res 267 University 

Elliott Margaret (wid Wm), lids 239 

Elliott Matthew B(Elliot1 Bros 

366 Division 
Elliott Nelson F, Butcher, 216 

Wellington, Telephone 271, Residence 
G T R Outer Depot 
Elliott Robert, res 366 Division 
Elliott Robert F (Elliott Bros.), 

lvs 366 Division 
Elliott Robert J, letter carrier, bds 330 

Elliott Thomas J, clerk Macnee & 

Minnes, lvs 234 Brock 
Elliott Wm G, agent, res 234 Brock 
Ellis Arthur, architect, 81 Brock, bds 

132 Wellington 
Ellis Wm S, Principal Collegiate Insti- 
tute, res 170 Barrie 
Ellison Hermann, junk, 389 Princess, 

res 393 same 
Elmer Albert E. barber, 72 Princess. 

res 28 Division 
Elmer Caroline (wid John), lvs 118 

Elmer Fred N, barber A E Elmer, 

lvs 14 Montreal 
Elmer John, res 14 Montreal 
Elmer Joseph, barber R H Elmer, res 

141 Montreal 
Elmer Richard H, barber, 161 Prin- 
cess, :-es same 
Elsmere Elizabeth (wid Alexander), 

res 228 University ave 
Ely Ernest F, clerk E P Jenkins, lvs 

178 Alfred 
Ely Samuel, res 178 Alfred 
Emmett Maitland L, engineer K & P 

Ry, res 200(a) Rideau 
England Thomas, marget garden, res 

w s Regent, 2 n of Johnston 
English Caroline (wid David), res 282 

University ave 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 

T 3 2 




English Miss Edith M, teacher Louise 

School, lvs 282 University ave 
English George A, trimmer K Vehicle 

Co, lvs 282 University ave 
English Miss Jennie I. teacher Cat- 

araqui School, bds 205 William 
Enright Mary (wid Michael), lvs 112 

Enright Michael, clerk RJgney & 

Mickey, res 307(a) Ea 1 
Ersklne John, shoemaker, 90 Ontario, 

res same 
Erwin, see also Irwin 
Erwin Wm. roadmaster K & P Ry, 

157 Montreal 
Estes Walter, polisher McDonald & 
Allen, lvs 38 Ellice 

Wm. carp, • 9 38 Kllice 
Kttinger John G, prln Victoria School, 

res 429 Brock 
Evans Miss Eliza, bds 177 Clergy 
i. plumber Elliott 1 1 
lvs 6 Newman's Cottages. King w 
ins James, keeper K 1'. res 6 New- 
man' 3, King W 
Evans James, Jr, engineer, lvs t> New- 
man's Cottages, King w 
Eva pel (wid John), lvs 5 
Newman's Cottages, King w 

; 1 1 niel, driver, lvs 149 Ordnance 
■ r i. i cab owm r, res 147 l <■ \ - 
na n 
I :\ es Edward M, mach, lvs 378 Bagot 
i iderick w, appr .1 rlarrlgan, 
lvs <;i Upper <'iiai i. s 

ab owner ■ - I tagot 

es w s Centre, 8 n or 

i i i i ; i i i !annon, lvs 

Mark lvs 149 ( i.rdnance 

.Mi. lvs ::7s Bagot 
J, i kkeeper, i\ 

• !harlea 

i.i ii i. in. hei i Met ' i mmon, 
i w ne . in of Stanle j 

Eward Charles, mason, res 21 Charles 
Eward Frederick W. blacksmith, res 

384 Princess 
Eward Mary (wid Thomas), i,-s 240 

Eward Robert, bookkeeper, res 20i» 

Eward Walter, lather, lvs 240 Division 
Excelsior Life Insurance Co, 

J S Hoath, District Manager, 117 

Exchange The, N Switzer prop, 21 


Fadden, see also McFadden and Mac- 

Fadden Wm S, painter K Vehicle C,o 

res 378 Barrie 
Fahey Edward, Inland Revenue Of- 
ficer, res 158 Bagot 
Fahey Ellen (wid Lawrence), lvs 6J 

Fahey Mrs Michael F, confectionery. 

47 Princess, res same 
Fair Wm J. District Manager North 
American Life Assurance Co, On- 
tario Chambers King st, Residence 
120 Barrie 
Falrbairn Wm, signalman G T R, res 

772 .Montreal 
Falrbairn Wm, jr. mach, lvs 772 Mont- 
Falconer Eliaabeth (wid James), lvs 

i»;: Union w 
Fallon Domlnick, grocer, 914 Princess. 

res same 
Fallon Patrick, lab, res e s Redan, i 

s of Raglan rd 
Fallon Patrick, jr. stonecutter, lvs 

,. s ol Redan, I b of Raglan rd 

Fall ii 'I'll. unas l>. clerk, lvs 914 Pi m 

Fanning Patrick, carter, res 34 Mma 
Fannon Elisabeth (wid John), r< 

Fannon John, shoveller, lvs 366 B 

T Mo AIM FY Inlis - Writing and Copying: Stephens', 
. IflGHULCl. carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
128 Princess St worth's and Underwoods. 





Fannon Wm, sailor, res 94 Ontario 
Farmers" Hotel. J McConnell prop, 

Princess, cor Victoria 
Farrell George, clerk J H Mills, res 

50 North 
Farrell James M, barrister G M Mac- 

donnell, res 360 Brock 
Farrell Thomas, liquors, 37 Brock, bds J 

331 King e 
Farrington Susan (wid James), lvs 58 

Featherston Miss Orpha, lvs 1M2 Uni- | 

versity ave 
Feddis Philip, groom W D McRae, bds 

204 Brock 
Feddis Wm, yardman City Hotel 
Fee Samuel H.MD ,Me dicalHealth 
Officer, City Buildings, Residence 
405 Princess 
Fee Wm, res 273 Queen 
Feeney Thomas, lab Loco Works, res 

6 Rideau 
Fenninii Charles H, sailor, res 112 Rag- 
lan rd 
Fenwick George, ship carp, bds Stan- 
ley House 
Fenwick George F, salesman Fen- 
wick. Hendry & Co, lvs 116 Barrie 
Fenwick George S (Fenwick, Hendry 

& Co), res 116 Barrie 
Fenwick Hannah E (wid George), res 

17:: Nelson 
Fenwick, Hendry & Co (George S Fen- 
wick. Magdalene Hendry, Malcolm 
S Sutherland), wholesale grocers, 189 
Fenwick Kenneth N, physician. 141 

King e, res same 
Fenwick Thomas M, MD, Phy- 
sician, Surgeon, etc. Telephone 273. 
Office Hours 8.30 to 9.30 a.m., 2 to 4 
and 7 to 9 p.m. Office and Residence 
49 Barrack, cor King 
Ferguson Alexander, lab, res 432 Bar- 
Ferguson Miss Bertha, nurse General 

Ferguson Ernest W, student, lvs 379 

Ferguson George A, student, lvs 376 

Ferguson Rev George D, BA, prof 

Queen's College 
Ferguson James, bookkeeper R Gaw 

& Co, res 142 Lower Bagot 
Ferguson James F, cordage mnfr. 

King e, res 216 University ave 
Ferguson Margaret (wid George), res 

379 Johnston 
Ferguson Miss Rose, dressmaker, 304 

Montreal, bds 306 same 
Ferguson Wm, sheriff, res 191 King e 
Ferguson Wm B, bookkeeper K Cord- 
age Co, res 376 Alfred 
Ferns Miss Annie, lvs 33 Division 
Ferns Miss Jane C, res 33 Division 
Ferrier George, foreman K & P Ry 

shops, res 111 Princess 
Ferris Charles H, engineer K Vehicle 

Co, res 370 Brock 
Ferris Jonathan P H. farmer, res 374 

Ferris Mrs Sarah, nurse General Hos- 
Fettis Philip, porter City Hotel 
Fidler Charles, driver J McCammon 
Fields Arthur E, barber. 45 Princess, 

res same 
Filgate Charles J, mach K Hosiery 

Co, res 137 Union w 
Filtz Mary (wid George), res 387 Johns- 
Filtz Philip, carp A Williamson, res 

414 Johnston 
Filtz Richard, mason, res 405 Johns- 
Filtz Wm E, cigarmaker G A McGow- 

an. res 258 Division 
Fingland Wm, carp, bds American 

Finlay Alexander A, bricklayer, lvs 

283 Division 
Finlay Catherine (wid Alexander), res 

283 Division 
Fisher George J, lab, lvs 56 North 
Fisher Henry, junk, res 56 North 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A., greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 





Fisher John, brewer, res 261 Univer- 
sity ave 
Fisher John, carp, lvs 213 Albert 
Fisher Joseph H, grocer. 357 King e, 

L93 University ave 
Fisher Wm M, student, lvs 193 Uni- 
versity a 
Fitton Sarah (wld Dr Robert W), lvs 

23 Mack 
Fitzgerald Catherine (wid of David), 

lva MJ Ontario 
Fitzgerald David, boilermaker, res 102 

Fitzgerald James, lab, res 377 Earl 
Fitzgerald James, driver Booth & Co, 

res 65 Arch 
Fitzgerald Miss Kate, cigarmaker, lvs 

102 Ontario 
Fitzgerald Miss Maggie, cigarmaker. 

lvs 102 Ontario 
Fitzgerald Thomas, lab Rathbun Co, 

lvs 377 Earl 
Fitzgerald Wm J. lab Gas Works, res 

79 Pine 
Fltzglbbon Mrs Catherine, housek 

ill I mtario 
Kit-/. »aniel J. cigarmaker G A 

Mc< towan, l\ a 133 Montreal 
Fltzglbbon Edward, sailor, lvs 133 
Mont real 

lab, res n a \ 
i • itrlck 
Fitzpatrick Miss Nellie, Lvs 168 Ki- 

Llso Klanigan 
Flai ■ ' - ioi ft 


older, lvs in 
W 1 1 1 
Flanagan John, cigarmaker B I >bern- 

dorfl Ian rd 

Flanagan John I', moulder Kingston 

I i n ie 

i.i Thomas), res in 
Flanagan Michael, Citj Clerk, 

Flanagan Michael E, florist, 82 Bar- 

rie. lvs same 
Flanagan Patrick, engineer, res 

Divlsii ill 
Flanagan Patrick, lab J Campbell, lvs 

10 Raglan rd 
Flanagan Thomas, clerk Dalton <& 

Strange, bds 111 William 
Flanagan Wm L, lvs 82 Barrie 
Flanders George W, foreman K Ve- 
hicle Co, res 266 Johnston 
Flanigan. see also Flanagan 
Flanigan Andrew J, bds 179 Division 
Flanigan John T, moulder Kingston 

Foundry, lvs 242 Barrie 
Fleming Miss Agnes, clerk Jas Craw- 
ford, lvs w s Alfred, 1 s of Fair 
Fleming James, capt barge Selkirk. 

res 205 University ave 
Fleming Wm, yardman Kennedy 

Fleming Wm, lab, res 441 Alfred 
Fletcher Charles E, plumber J G Bas- 

tow, bds 132 Wellington 
Fletcher John. MA, prof Queen's Col- 
lege, res College grounds 
Fletcher T Russell, ledger keeper Stan- 

dard Bank, rms ill Princess 
Fletcl er Wm H, teacher Collegiate 

Institute, res 228 Division 
Fletl Alexander G, merchant tailor, 

21 1 i 'rincess, res 74 ( Jolborne 
Klint Charles, la i>. res 2 Quebec 

h'l i .lames, gardener Convent of the 

Congregation de Notre Dame 

Fl l Michael, carp, res 331 Brock 

Fl Ij Alexander, lab, res 206 Mont- 

Fl Is ' Jharles, lab, bds 278 Sydenham 

Foden James, printer K oilcloth Co. 

Fokei Edward J, barber, 22:: Princess, 

I • llbOl He 

Foley Michael, carter, res 97 Earl 


128 Princess Street. 

Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 





Folder Benjamin W (Folger 
Bros). General Manager Kingston 
& Pembroke Railway, and Kings- 
ton, Portsmouth & Cataraqul Klec- 
trlc Railway. 198 Ontario, Residence 
221 King e 

Folger Benjamin W, jr. Man 
ager St Lawrence River Steamboat 
Co (ltd), 198 Ontario, lvs foot of 

Folger Bros (Benjamin W and 
M Henry), Private Bankers, 198 On- 

Folger Collamer, electrician Electric 
Light Works, lvs 17 Sydenham 

Folger Frederick A. Stock 
Farm and Agent Folger's General 
Ticket Agency, foot of Brock, Resi- 
dence 15 Sydenham 

Folger Frederick A, jr, Super- 
intendent Kingston & Pembroke 
Railway. Ontario, opp City Hall, 
Residence 97 Queen 

Folger Howard S, General Man- 
ager Thousand Island Steamboat 
Company, 198 Ontario, Residence 55 

Folger Ira B, capt steam barge King 
Ben, lvs 221 King e 

Folger Laura (wid Frederick), res 13 

Folger M Henry (Folger Bros), 
President Thousand Island Steam- 
boat Company and St Lawrence 
River Steamboat Co, and Treasurer 
Donnelly Salvage & Wrecking Co 
198 Ontario, Residence foot of Emily 

Folger's General Ticket Agen- 
cy. V A Folger Agent, foot of Frock st 

Follest Albert E, contractor, res w s 

Victoria, 2 n of Johnston 
Follest Chester E, carp, lvs 170 Nel- 
Follest Wm, gardener, res 170 Nelson 
Fong Long, lvs 83 Clarence 
Fong Suey, laundry. 83 Clarence 

Forbes .lain- (wid w m), lvs 129 Barrle 

Forbes Miss .Martha, dressmaker, lvs 
129 Barrle 

Fortes Wm, sailor, res 429 Barrle 

Ford Alexander B, MA, medical stu- 
dent, lvs 356 Brock 

Ford Anna M (wid Wm G), res 356 

Ford George, lvs w s Collingwood, 3 n 
of King 

Ford Joseph, fireman str Empire 
State, res 12 Earl 

Forder Margaret (wid George), res 
150 Colborne 

Forester Augustus, bartender City 
Hotel, res 114 Johnston 

Forrest Edward J, finisher K Vehicle 
Co, lvs 10 Ontario 

Forrest James P, salesman A Green- 
hill & Co, lvs 10 Ontario 

Forrest Maris (wid Donald), lvs 131 

Forrest Miss Nettie, bds s s Corrigan, 
3 w of Rideau 

Forrest Wm H, carp, res 10 Ontario 

Forrest Wm H, jr, calker, lvs 10 On- 
tario , 

Forsyth Alma J (wid Joseph B), res 
175 Clergy 

Forsyth George R, clerk, res 176 Clergy 

Forsyth James, bds British American 

Forsyth Joseph, plumber N McNeil, 
lvs Portsmouth 

Fortescue George Le Geyt, student 
Queen's College, lvs Edgehill. 305 
King w 

Fortescue Joseph, Tele; hone 478, 
Residence Edgehill, 305 King- w 

Foster Charles, lab, res 201 Colborne 

FOSTER, J. G. & CO, 


AddrepR all communications to IS Bond st, 
Toronto. Out. 

Fourteenth Club, Lieut Col H R Smith 

Pres, Capt A J Sinclair Treas, W H 

Macnee Sec. cor King and Market 


G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 





Fowler Alexander, plasterer, lvs 321 

Fowler Alfred H, soldier A Battery, 
res 28 Dufferin 

Fowler Fife, MD. physician, 249 Brock, 

Fowl - . lab, McDonald & Al- 

len, lvs :>_:i Johnston 

Fowler James, MA, prof Queen's Col- 
lege, res 121 Union w 

Fowler Jane (wid John), res 321 Johns- 

Fowler Michael, lab General Hospital, 
59 George 

Fowler R Charles, student, bds 266 

Fowler Wm T, plasterer, lvs 321 Johns- 

Fralick Abraham J, Proprietor 
Windsor Hotel, Princess, cor Mont- 

Fralick Charles E, clerk Windsor 

Hotel, res 373 Brock 
Fralick John W, res 161 Queen 
Fralick Thomas H, bartender Windsor 

Francis Arthur Sv engineer, lvs 38 

Union e 
Francis Frederick 8, carp, lvs 88 
I'nion e 

icie Qerrott, res 89 Colllngrwood 

rohn, si maker W .\ll«>ti & 

n, res w b Collingwood, 1 s of 
Francis John K. foreman K Hosiery 
1 1 ■ University ave 

- 1 talon e 
i"r n 318 Johns 


w m J, carp, lvs w s < ' ■ > 1 1 1 1 1 s_r - 
uo,„i. 1 1 of Johnston 

11. plumber Mc 
Birch, lvs n s 11 
m .i.i res 1 
Wm N, engineer ' '■ T 1 1 
ni ■ \ of Montres 1 

Franklin Charles D (Franklin 
impbell), r Alfred 

Franklin James C, lvs 390 Alfred 
Franklin Joseph, Fiour, Grain, 

and Seeds, 117 Brock, Residence 17 
Franklin & Campbell (Charles 

D Franklin. Wm Campbell), Flour 
f'.nd Feed, IS Market sq 

Fraser Miss Bella, nurse General Hos- 

Fraser Calvin P, lab, res w s Colling- 
■\s ood, 6 n of King 

Freeman Miss Carrie, clerk, bds 94 

Fraser Catherine (wid Hector), res 107 

Fraser Catherine (wid Hugh), res 133 
King e 

Fraser Donald, Private Banker, 
S38 King e, Residence 169 same 

Fraser George, lab, lvs w s Colling- 
wood, 6 n of King 

Fraser John W, carp, res 791 Princess 

Fraser Norman F, acct Ontario Build- 
ing ft Savings Society, and agent 
Caledonian Insurance Co, 67 Clar- 
ence, rms 139 Princess 

Fiaser Schyler S. lab. res 217 Earl 

Fraser Wm, carp, res 208 King e 

Fraser Win A trader, res 78 Dur- 

Fraser Wm G, carriage maker, res 347 

Frasso Joseph (Dennie .v Frasso), res 
SOT Earl 

Fiee John, carter, res 27!i Montreal 

1 ■>•■•■ Robert J, mason, res 94 Division 
Freeman Frederick G, palntr Robln- 

bon Bros, tuls 25 Brock 
Friendship Charles «'. market garden, 

Bath rd 
Friendship John, grocer, 661 Princess. 

1 up- 
Friendship Miss Mary (Grant A 

Fl lendshlp), l\s 86 Division 
Friendship Wm, packer K Milling Co, 

hs i'.'.i Print • 
Frlaaell Alexander, boilermaker, lvs 

:il Montreal 


128 Princess Street. 






Frizzt'll Amos F, cigarmaker G A Mc-' 

Gowan, bds 70 Princess 
Frizzell Francis, foreman Cotton 

Mills, lvs 811 Montreal 
Frizzt'll Koliort. shoemaker, res 311 

Frizzell Thomas, foreman Cotton 

Mills, res 309 Montreal 
Frontenac Cafe, X date Prop- 

prietor, 46 Clarence 
Frontenac Loan & Invest- 
ment Society, Sir R J Cart- 
wright, KCMG, President, R Vash- 
on Rogers, QC, LLD, Vice-Presi- 
dent, Thomas Briggs Manager, 87 
Frost Arthur G, mngr Savage Bros, 

res 38 Frontenac 
Frost Edward, res 157 Sydenham 
Frost Wm G, carriage painter, 53 

Queen, lvs 157 Sydenham 
Fry John F, lab, res 89 Queen 
Fuller Frederick, clerk City Registry 

Office, res 70 William 
Funnell David, carp, res 728 Mont- 
Funnell David J, engineer K & P Ry, 

res 96 Lower Bagot 
Funnell Thomas H, conductor K & P 
Ry, res 14 Dufferin 


Gage Benjamin, driver R H Toye, res 
157 Pine 

Galbraith Wm J, farmer, res cor Prin- 
cess and Concession rd 

GoHagher Miss Agnes (Misses Gallag- 
!er), lvs 224 Montreal 

Gallagher Ann (wid John), res 218 

Gallagher Miss Bella, bds 130 Union w 

Gallagher Mrs Catherine, lvs 69 Queen 

Gallagher Charles, cab driver, lvs 218 

Gallagher Daniel, farmer, res 48 Low- 
er Rideau 

Gallagher Emanuel J, plumber Elliott 
Bios, lvs 89 Barrack 

Gallagher Francis J, res 69 Queen 
Gallagher Frank, cab driver, lvs 218 

Gallagher John J, painter, res 224 

Gallagher Mary (wid Thomas), bds 11 

Ga!lagher Miss Mary (Misses Gallag- 
her), lvs 224 Montreal 
Gallagher Mary J (wid Emanuel), res. 

8s» Barrack 
GaUagher Michael, lvs 218 Montreal 
Gallagher Misses (Mary and Agnes), 

dressmakers, 224 Montreal 
Gallagher Thomas, fireman, res 34 

Upper Charles 
Gallagher Thomas J, asst mngs Thou- 
sand Island Steamboat Co, res 2 
Victoria Terrace, Montreal st 
Gallagher Wm S, cab owner, res 56 

Galiinger Alexander, contractor, 13 

Mack, res same 
Gallivan Anastasia (wid John), res 

285 Alfred 
Gallivan Daniel, lab, res 469 Division 
Gallivan Dennis J. carp, lvs n s Rag- 
lan rd. 2 w of Montreal 
Gallivan Edward J, bell boy British 

American Hotel 
Gallivan James, engineer K & M 

Forwarding Co, res 25 Frontenac 
G alii van James P, grocer, 377 Bagot, 

tes 25 Frontenac 
Gallivan James V, student, lvs 285 

Gallivan John, third engineer Elec- 
tric Light Works, res 49 Upper 
Gallivan Miss Mary, dressmaker, 285 

Alfred, lvs same 
Gallivan Maurice J, clerk J Gallivan, 

lvs 25 Frontenac 
Gallivan Michael, carter, res n s Rag- 
lan rd, 2 w of Montreal 
Gallivan Michael, jr, lab, lvs n s Rag- 
lan rd. 2 w of Montreal 

G. S. Hobart & Sens 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men. women, boys and girls. 





Gallivan Michael J, moulder, 1\ 
f rontenac 

Gallivan Patrick J, cigarmaker G A 
McGowan, lva 285 Alfred 

(ahivan Timothy J. lab. lvs 469 Div- 

Galloway James jr, Hats. Caps 
an;! Furs, 84 Princess, Residence 91 
Clergy w 
.Galloway Jam s N4 Princess 

Galloway John W. pressman British 
Whig, lvs 73 Pine 

Galloway Thomas, tailor C Livingston 
& Bin. res 7:' Pine 

Gamble Jennie (wid John), housekeep- 
er. 257 Jnhnston 

Canse Gerald, kalsominer, res 314 

Gardiner Co The, R J Carson prop, 
Wscuit mnfrs. n w cor Division and 

Garbutt Daniel J, locksmith, 293 Prin- 
cess, res 207 William 

ra ib J, clerk .1 a Gardiner, 
res 629 Princess 

James, res 188 Ordnance 

Jane 11 (wid James O, res 
:;ll Queen 

Gardiner John A, Real Estate 
Broker. Fire, Life. Loan, Plate 
Glass and Accident Insur 
ance Agent. Appraiser and 
Adjuster. Estates Man- 
aged. Offico of the 2nd Di- 
vision Court. 151 Wellington 
Street, near Post Office. Re- 
sidancc 307 University Ave 
ii teacher Queen 
si School, lvs v.., u rd 
Oarrnj.lie- Cal bei ln« (wid < !hai 
■ •■ : ->ii Rideau 

ihirl maker, 
r * >i <in;i in-, and Rideau 

Ine (wid !:• v Rlohard), 
H Ing e 

Garrett R W, Physician ;unl S 
peon, Office flours 10 to 11 a.m., 2 to 
4 and 7 i" 9 p.m., Teleph 
fee an:l Resi ience 52 Johnston 

Garrlgan Catherine (wid James), bds 

Garrigan Jam< s, si J H Suth- 

erland, 1 ds 4") Pi ii 

Garvin Edward.caretaker Inland Rev- 
enue Bui'iling. res e 

Garvin Jam< s, sailor, lvs l 

Garvin Michael, lab, res 101 Rideau 

Gas Inspector's Office. Wm. 
Burrows Inspector, Clarence st 

Gascoigne James, blacksmith, res .".4 

Gascoigne Joseph J. engineer Jas 
Thomas, currier J J Car- 
rington, lvs 54 John 

Gaskin Capt John, Outside Man 
ager Montreal Transportation Co, 
Resi :■ nee 25 ! Onl 

Gaskin John, jr, clerk M T Co, lvs 

1 ;;. skin .\ii s s - nger 

Mnfg Co, 1\ > .'.".ii Albert 

< laskin Robert Uen- 

garry, lvs w s Albert, l n of Union 

.in Thomas, cli rk ( 
res w s Albert, 1 n of Union 

Gaskin Thomas McC, mate sir B 

nockburn, i\ - ario 

Gates Abel, lab, res 205 Albert 
' lharles A, appr K H sierj 
lvs 322 Jnhnston 

- Victoria, 
1 n of Princi 

tinsmith McKelvi 
Birch, bds 237 Qu< 
Gat< \ comp British Whig, 

u 3 '- J ihnston 

Gatei -i-i iii- w Iworker K Vehicle 

I lagot 
1 tate John, helper 1 <oco V7orka, res 

Eh dlnham 
Gatei Joseph, driver i> Couper, res 


128 Princess Street. 


G \ i 



crates Joseph W, painter Robinson 

Bros, i\ s 322 Johnston 
Gates Wm .). contractor, 322 Johnston, 

res same 
Gates Win J, lab K & P Ry shops, res 

id of Hickson ave 
Gaudel Capt Frederic M. Adjutant A 
Batter, RCA, res Tete du Pont Bar- 
Gaudreau Zephyr, grocer, 267 Ontario, 

res same 
Gavine James A. clerk James Gal- 
toway, jr. Ivs \v s Victoria, 3 n of 
Gavine Win, rope maker K Cordage 
Co, res w s Victoria, :> n of Johnston 
Gaw Robert (R. Gaw & 

191 University ave 
Gaw R & Co, (Roberl daw, David 
Shannon). Planing Mill. Sash. Door 
and Blind Manufacturers and Lum- 
ber Merchants, n s Place d'Armes 
Gawley Wm, baker Gardiner Co, lids 

107 Prim 
Geach John, lab Loco Works, res 220 

Geake John, marble cutter P H M - 

Guire, res 63 Cherry 
Geale Eliza A(\vid Thomas). Ivs 4f!2 

Geale John, res 90 Division 
Geale John, clerk Kirkpatrick & Rog- 
ers, res 432 Brock 
Geary George, mach. res e s Col- 
lingwood, 2 s of Union 

David H. caretaker YMCA build- 
ing, res same 
Genge Robert E. clerk Postoffice. res 

51 Arch 
Genge Miss Mary, saleslady O G John- 
son, bds 15 Rideau 
Genge Thomas, bds e s Livingston 

ave. 1 n of King 
Geoghegan Agnes, cook General Hos- 
Geoghegan Capt John. Customs Offi- 
cer, res 266 Wellington 

hi John, clerk sin el Ry Co, 

IVS 266 Wellington 
Geoghegan John H, collector K & P 

Ry, Ivs 266 Wellington 
Geoghegan Wm, fireman Can 

Dock, res 72 Wellington 
George Frank W, tailor, res 248 Barrie 
George Frederick J, Deputy City R< . 

istrar, res Barriefleld 
George Joseph, Piano Morchant, 
r c s 28 Wellington 

Tge Mary a (wid John), res 275 
Gerhard George, chef British Ameri- 
can Hotel, res 77 Gore 
Germain Daniel, printer K Oilcloth 

Co, res 14 St Catharine 
Germain J Edmund, conductor Street 

Ry Co. res 66 Charles 
Germain George, painter G W Robin- 
son, bds 7 Gallinger Terrace, Chat- 
ham st 
Germain John, painter, lids 242 On- 
Gibbs John, lab. res 254 Division 
Gibbs Mary (wid Robert), res 237 Earl 
Gibson Benjamin, engineer, bds 187 

University av>- 
Gibson David, res 461 Princess 
Gibson James, res 122 Union w 
Gibson James C, house surgeon Gen- 
eral Hospital, Ivs 461 Princess 
Gibson James F, physician, Beverly 

st, res same 
Gibson Miss Margaret, res 495 Prin- 
Gibson Robert H. clerk, bds Ottawa 

Gibson Thomas W, lab Loco "Works. 

>es 458 Division 
Gibson WCi'Ington W. clerk E C Mit- 
chell 1'i^s 3io Queen 
Gibson Wrr. H. mngr D W Karn & 

Cc, 2i7 Princess, res 562 same 
Giddings Walter, plasterer, res 132 
Gilbert Albert, woodworker K Vehicle 
Co, bds Globe Hotel 

G. S. jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 




Gilbert John, grocer, 194 Barrie, res 

Gilbert Richard, trav Geo Robertson 

& Son, res 374 Brock 
Gilchrist Elizabeth (wid John), lvs 309 

Gildersleev. Mrs Charles F, bds 240 

King e 
Gildersleeve Ernest C, clerk J P Gil- 

dersleeve, lvs 45 Gore 
Gildersleeve Henry H, City 

Agent Standard Life Assurance Co 

42 Clarence, bds 240 King e 


General Insurance Agency, 

Fire, Marine, Accident, 

< taarantee, Plate < Mass. 

General Ticket Agency, 
Tickets fore sale by Rail, Ocean, Lake 
and River. Ocean Tickets a Specially. 

Notary Public 

Prompt attention given to 

Ship Prot< 

Issuer of Marriage Licenses, 
\ License Issued at my offl Lb available 
for a Marriage in anj part of Ontario, 
therefore Klngstonians who arc to be 
mairied elsewhern in the Province can 
obtain their Licenses from me before leav- 
ing home. 

If Clarence 8t Benldeace IS (tore alreel 

Lucretla, rea 264 
1: iberl 1. rea 

1 iilderaleeA • 

King e 
Oil] Catherine A (wld 

QUI ih, teacher Willlamavllle 

Bol I, l\ 261 I 'ni\ iisity 1 

OIL Wni. 1 kkeeper 1 ]eo Robei 

Glllan David m. clerk, Iva 196 Prln 

Gill ] , k \\ A Mitch. -11. 

1 Miopia Jam< 1 at tendant Asylum, 

Gillespie James, shoveller, bds 177 

Gillespie Robert, carp J Jenkin. lvs 117 

Gillie James, engineer str Empire 
State, res 235 Earl 

Gilmour Chester, appr YV D Muckler, 
Iva 449 Barrie 

Gilmour Robert, letter carrier, res 449 
Man in 

Gilmour Wallace, carriage maker J F 

McDermott, res 41 James 

Gilmour Wm, weighman K & M For- 
warding Co, res w s Collingvvood, 1 
n of Union 

Gimblett Win H. soldier A Battery, 
res 408 Barrie 

Girey, see also Guirey 

Girey John, jobber, res rear 81 Wel- 

Girvin Robert G. res \v s Collingvvood, 
. s of Union 

Gissin^ Albert A. coal oil dealer, rea 
11 s Stephen. 1 \v of Montreal 

Givens Charles, res e s Beverley, L' ti 
of King 

Givens John, guard K P ,res w s Cen- 
tre. 4 n of King 

Givens Robert, carp A J Johnson, bds 

264 Johnston 
Givens Robert < r, sexton Bethel 

Church, bds 286 .Johnston 
Givens Susan (wid George), res 170 

Ma g 
Glancey Mary A (wid Alexander), res 

Clancey Wva .1. cleric J .1 Behan, lvs 

Glasgow James A, tinsmith McKelvey 

Birch, Iva ■:'."> Montreal 
Glasgow Robert, currier J .1 Carrlng- 
ton, rea 390 Montreal 

Glasgow W'm .!. tinsmith. lvs 390 

Mont 1 -al 

Glacier Ernest, grinder Cotton Mills. 

r<-s 19 « 'harles 

Glailer ESzeklel, teamster S Anglln & 

k On ha rd 
Glacier George carter, Iva t orchard 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
Copy Books. 

i, I. A 



Glazier Joseph F. lab, Ivs 1 Orchard 

1 ileeson, see also Leason 

Gleeson Ann (wld James), res 103 

Gleeson John, Ice dealer, King w, opp , 

University ave, res 123 King w 
Gleeson Miss M/./.i.-. dressmaker, Ivs 
25 Wellington 

son Miss Mary, dressmaker, 103 
Johnston. Ivs same 
Glenn Wm. porter General Hospital 
Glidden Wm, License Inspector, City j 

buildings, res 295 University ave 
Glinn Jos. 'i'li. lab, bds Oriental Hotel 
Globe Hotel, W B Reed prop, 298 On- 
Glover Albert, Grocer, 152 Bagot 

bds 90 Earl 
Glover Frank M, blacksmith K Ve- 
hicle Co, res 104 Barrack 
Godden Wilfred J, watchmaker F \V 

Spangenberg, bds 288 Queen 
Godman Daniel G, lab, res e s Alfred, 

3 s of Union 
Godwin Alfred A, mason. Ivs 101 Pine 
Godwin Miss Emily N, teacher Queen 

St School, Ivs 101 Pine 
Godwin Enoch, ins agent. 344 King e. 
Ivs 101 Pine 

Iwin James G, driver R J Carson, 
res 68 Cherry 
Godwin Matilda (wld James). Ivs 20s 

Godwin Wm H, Principal Queen 
Street School. Residence 101 Pine 
(see card below) 
Godwin's Insurance Empor- 
ium The following-first class 
Companies Represented : 
Agricultural Fire Insurance 
Company, (Watertown, NY) 
British American Fire As- 
surance Co. (Toronto): Nat- 
ional Insurance Co (of* Ire- 
land,) London Assurance Co; 
Fire London Eng ; Dominion 

Burglary Guarantee Co.W.H. 
Godwin, Proprietor Fraser's 
Arcade, No- 344 Kinge, Resi 
dence 101 Pine. 

Gogo John A, baggaeman G T R, bds 

e s Montreal, 3 s of G T It crossing 
Going J'hn S (Canada Hay Co), Ivs 

311 Brock 
Going Shirley (Canada Hay Co), res 

311 Brock 
Gold Cure Institute. 186 Bagot 

(see adv inside front cover) 
Gollogly John, lab, res w s Patrick, 

3 n of Raglan rd 
Gollogly Thomas, blacksmith, Ivs w s 

Patrick. 3 n of Raglan rd 
Gommer John I. driver McRae Bros. 

res 223 Earl 
Goodearle Humphrey, cabinet maker. 

res 268 University ave 
Goodearle Humphrey J, mach Loco 

Works, bds 90 Division 
Goodearle John A, acct Folger's Gen- 
— eral Ticket Agency, res 340 Johnston 
Goodearle Capt John L, res 159 Bagot 
Goodell Chancey, carter, res 170 York 
Goodfellow Miss Louise J. clerk, Ivs 

375 Bagot 
Goodfellow Robert W, cabinet maker, 
res w s Livingston ave, 1 n of King 
Goodman James, sailor, Ivs 52 Lower 

Goodman John, lab Kingston Foun- 
dry, Ivs 58 Lower Bagot 
Goodman Michael, carter Jas Swift 

& Co, res 95 Lower Bagot 
Goodwin Prof Wm L, Director 
Kingston School of Mining, res n s 
Alice. 1 w of University ave 

G lyear Thomas, lab, Ivs 38 Clarence 

Gordon George S, teamster Shedden 

Co. res 36 Union e 
Gordon John, mason, res 278 Division 
Gordon John, sailor bds Ottawa House 
Gordon Robert, mason, res n s Con- 
cession rd, 2 w of Division 

CO UfiDADT 9. CflllQ Patent and Proprietary 
. 0. nUDMnl « OUnO Medic i nes . We keep your 

155 Princess Street. favorite remedies 





Gordon Wm >>, ' itj !ity 

Buildings. Residence 240 Alfred 
Gordon Wm S, jr. clerk W G Ashley, 

lvs 240 Alfred 
Gorman, see also McGorman and 

m Matthew, lvs 576 Montreal 
Gorman Michael, blacksmith. n 

man Patrick, res 576 Montreal 
mley Edward, pressman News 
Printing Co, lvs 315 Brock 
Gormley James, fireman, res 22 Duf- 

una (wid James), res 
Gormley Miss Minnie, dressmaker, 316 
Brock, lvs same 

John, groom W D .McRae, 
I '.agot 
Id Catherine (wid Wm). lvs 310 

s. farmer, res w s Bath 
<;o\ii. 1 Henry G, mach Loco Works, 
n of Princess 

School, n - 123 1 >rdnai 

bds 76 Prin- 

Wm. clerk Clark Wright & 
Son Queen 

.1. w Iworker K Ve- 
hicle Co, Us 313 M ntreal 
Gow Nell, tanner .1 .1 Carlrngton, lva 
Walter, wat< I ton Mills, 

« low Walter, |r, in • ma n 1 •■■! ton M 

Cov King 

Robert V Pine 

1 teacher, res 


dor. \\ s 160 S' 

Gowdy James, butcher, 1'yl Ontario, 
res 160 Sydenham 

Gowdy John, res 32 Wellington 

Goddy Robert J. lvs 160 Sydenham 

Goyette Charles, engineer F C Mar- 
shall, res 12 Rideau 

Goyette Joseph J, salesman Steacy & 
Steacy, lvs 12 Rideau 

Goyette (diver, lvs 12 Rideau 

Grady Michael J, contractor, 68 Earl, 
res s 

Graham, see also Orahen 

A nnie A (wid James ■ 

Graham Miss Catherine, lvs 393 Brock 

Graham Charles, lab, bds n s Mark- 
land. 2 e of Patrick 

Graham Christopher J. builder, 132 
Union W, res saiiT- 

umer.res 393 Brock 

Graham Elizabeth (wid John), r« - 

Graham Miss Emma J, teacher Col 
Institute, bds 212 King e 

Graham Grace A (wid Isaac B), lvs 

Graham Jethro. yardman Rathbun 
I', s Portsmouth 

Graham John, res ii" Union w 

Graham John, mach, lvs 69 Pine 

F. tinsmith Elliott 
Bn I Barrie 

Graham John w. porter Can Express 
Co. bds 2 12 1 

< traham : mach, res \ ;i Nel- 


Graham Miss Maud, matron County 


Graham Robert, shoemaker, 396 Prin- 
ts; I«i\ ision 
Graham R Livingston, driver 11 

Brame, l\ s 387 1 Uvision 
Graham Thonias, painter, rea 69 Pine 
• Ira ham Thoma F, carp, 1 
win i nlon 

no wm 1 1 1 1 iv Robertson Pros, 
res 1 1 ( !lergy w 

• mo wm M, confr W .1 < Irothers, 
i\ Ion 




128 Princess Street 

gr \ 


( ; k E 


■ ,,„,;,*. l Ide dealer, 328 King 
,. res 37 Charles 
Grame Oarles H, fireman, res 20 

Grand Trunk Railway City Depot, ft 
of Johnsti n. Outer Depot north end 
Montreal, fri lgh1 sheds ft of Wil- 
Grand Union Clothing Co, A 
F Roney Proprietor, 122 Print 

Edgerton, ■-' Rideau. 

- 1 me 
nlund Win. carp, res 467 Division 
n1 Archibald, lab; n - 525 Princess 
Grant Barnabas J, bartender The 

Grant Very RevGeorge 
Monro, MA, DD, LLD, Principal 
Queen's College, Residence College 
( [rounds. 
Grant Miss Jane, lvs 23 Mack 
Grant John H. sailor, lvs 525 Princess 
:,t Thomas S (Grant & Friend- 
ship), res 36 Division 
Grant Wm, foreman L H Clarke & Co. j 

res King W, opp Ellerbeck ave 
Grant & Friendship (Thomas S Grant, , 
Miss Mary Friendship), grocers, 36 
Divisi »n 

i rles. farmer, res 37 Albert 
tton John, lab, res 293 Wellington 
■ -ton Michael, driver J R Hinds, 
bds Oriental Hotel 

Ltton P Joseph, warehouseman Jas 
Richardson & Sons, res 268 Welling- 
Gravella ' liver, dairyman, res w s 

[eg 2 n of Union 
Graves, see also Greaves 

Charl tte (wid Thomas), res 59 
craves Edward, hostler, res -7* Syd- 
Graves Mary (Avid Reuben), lvs 407 

King e 
Graves Frederick M, student, lvs 57:'. 

Graves Wm D, Customs Officer, res 

Prim ess 
Caves Wm G, trimmer K Vehicle 

Co, lvs 573 Princess 
i Sray, see also Grey 
cay Annie (wld Ezra), res w s Vi - 

tmia, cor Durham 
Gray D John, contractor, 460 Albert, 

res same 
Gray George, lab. res 269 Sydenham 

W, clerk E J Madden. 

res 64 Bay 
Gray James F, agent London Life Ins 

. res 163 Queen 
Gray Mrs James F, dressmaker, 163 

Queen, res same 
Gray Capt John, res 19 Russell 
Gray John M. student, lvs 460 Albert 
Gray John W, agent London Life Ins 

Co. bds 374 Barrie 
Gray Miss Mary J, lvs 269 Sydenham 
Cray Robert, sailor, lvs n s Russell. 

3 w of Montreal 
Gray Samuel J, clerk J S Hender 

res 9 Redan 
Gray Wm, comp, bds 38 Ellice 
Great North Western Tele- 
graph CO, Jamsa Reams, Man- 
ager. 34 Clarence 
Greaves, see also Graves 
Greaves Adeline (wid Edwin), res 341 
I Greaves Ellen (wid Joseph W). res 196 
Greaves Frederick, coachman, 49 King 

Greaza Charles N. manager John Hen- 
derson & Co. 86 Princess, res 245 Al- 

Greaza Miss Emma V, millinery, 197 
Wellington, res same 

Greaza Miss Pauline, milliner, lvs 199 

Green Ann (wid Wm). res 46 Upper 

Green Charles, lvs 276 Sydenham 

Green Charles, fitter Loco Works, res 
105 Stuart 

Gp tt i O Physicians Prescriptions 

0. HObart (X OOnS and I Family Recipes accur- 

* *" ately and promptly dis- 

155 Princess Street. pensed. 





Green John, sr, butcher, 99 Earl, res 

Green John, butcher, res 841 Princess 
Green Mrs John, res 236 University ave 
Green John R. currier J J Carrington. 

lvs 41 Charles 
Green Maria (wid Lewis), res 41 

Green Mary A (wid Charles), lvs 276 

Green Samuel, Bntcher, -2(\l Prin- 
cess, Residence Bath rd 
Green Samuel J. shoveller, res 321 

Green Wm T. butcher, res Bath rcl 
ngi i— Rlizabeth (wid Robert), 

18 O'Kill 
nhill Andrew (A Greenhill & Co). 
bds 132 Wellington 

nhill A X: Co (Andrew Greenhill), 
dry goods, 140 Princess 

DWO '1 Miss Bertha, lvs 128 Union 


nwood Joseph T (Martin & Green- 

w I), res 284 University ave 

Nathaniel T, fruits. 274 
Princess, res 128 Union w 

!■ John, watchman EC Oilcloth Co. 
i hn 

:• Samuel, shoveller, res 321 Mont- 

W, broom maker W 
Co, l\ s w s Fronten 
i ■• • 

bombadier a Batl 

I "I' I'n: 

Mr,. iii Rathhui 

Griffin Robert .1 currier, lvs 800 Mont- 

ESIlia (whl l [em j I, ho 

\\ ii Reid 
John, Bailor, bds Collet 

ii t.-i 

Grimason Thomas, Deputy Collector 

Inland Revenue, res w s Albert, 3 

n of Mack 
Grimshaw Delos (D Grimshaw & Co), 

res 299 Wellington 
Grimshaw D & Co, coal and lumber. 

Place d'Armes 
Grimshaw Frank, barber P T Haffntr. 

lvs 284 Division 
Grimshaw Henry. St Lawrence Hotel 
Grimshaw Morris, plumber Elliott 

Bros, lvs St Lawrence Hotel 
Grimshaw Rodney S. tailor A O'Brien. 

bds 284 Division 
Grimshaw Rybert, lvs St Lawrence 

Grimshaw Silas A. carp, res 284 Div- 
Grogan Catherine (wid John), res 146 

Groves Joseph, lab. res 305 Montreal 
Grundy Wm J, sexton First Methodist 

Church, res same 
Guay Joseph, carp G T R. res 795 

Guay Joseph, jr. painter G T It. lvs 

796 Montreal 
Guess James W, hotel, York rd 
Gues~ I.- Igl ton E, prop Opera Salo,, n . 

.'in Prim 
Guild John, gi same 

Guirey, see also < Hrey 
Guirey Daniel, engineer K & P l:v. 

lvs 293 .1 ihnston 
Guirey John, engineer K & P Ry, res 

is Dufferln 
Gunn Alexander, Vice-President K A 

M Forwarding Co, res 196 Johnston 
Gunn Charles a whisk maker W 

Bailej A Co, bds 180 Clergy 
• limn Daniel H. carp Co-operative 
■ h and i >oor Pactoi j n ■ rk. 

i w of Prontenac 
Gunn Jane (wid Daniel in. res 198 

< '.mm James a. Ivb 190 Johnston 
Gunn John, iai>. Us n b Quebec, i w 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 






Haaz Anton (A Haaz & Co), res 79 

Haaz A & Co (Anton Haaz, Wm Mur- 
ray), props Kingston Vinegar Wks. 
Bagot, cor Ordnance 

Haekett Joseph, carter, res 278 Wel- 

Racket! Sarah (wid Wm), res 236 Wel- 

Hadder Harold, painter T McMahon 
<<: Co), res 63 Sydenham 

Haddigan Michael J, bds 25 Johnston 

Haffner Christian, butcher, 346 Brock, 
res 834 Princess 

Haffner Eckhard, res s s Durham, cor 

Haffner George E. mason, lvs s s Dur- 
ham, cor Macdonnell 

Haffner Mary (wid George), res 655 

Haffner Phillip A. grocer, 147 Mont- 
real, res 145 same 

Haffner Philip T. barber 352 Prin< 
lvs 834 same 

Haffner Thomas B. clerk P A Haffner, 
lvs cor Durham and Macdonnell 

Haffner Wm, driver C Haffner, lvs 
834 Princess 

Haffner Wm. marble cutter S J Kil- 
patrick & Co, lvs 655 Princess 

Hagan James, sailor, res 29 Queen 

Hagerty Miss Annie, teacher St John's 
School, lvs 105 Queen 

Ciiinn Robert w. lab, lvs n s Quebec, 

l w of Cherry 
Gunn Sarah A (wid John B), res n s 

Quebec, l w of Cherry 
Qustar George H. upholsterer, res 133 

Guy Dinah t; (wid Zachariah), res 85 

Divis] ii 
Guy Henry J, student, lvs 85 Division i 

Hagerty Ellen (wid Daniel), res 105 

Hagerty John, cook, res 14 Russell 
Hagerty Miss Maggie, lvs 2 Victoria 

Terrace, Montreal st 
Hague George E, Manager Mer- 
chants' Bank, King, cor William. 

res 31 William 
Haines & Lockett, W A Van 

Tassel, Manager. Boots, Shoes, 

Trunks and Valises, 116 Princess 
Hales Mary (wid Wm), res 309 Brock 
Haley, see also Healey 
Haley Thomas, lab, res 46 Johnston 
Hall Aaron W, collector Singer Mnfg 

Co, res 40 Ellice 
Hall Anna (wid John), res 128 Lower 

Hall David, plumber N McNeil, res 206 

Hall Miss Emma, lvs 337 Brock 
Hall Fred J, engineer W Bailey & 

Co, lvs 3 Sixth 
Hall Miss Janet, lvs 130 Lower Bagot 
Hall John, lineman Fire Department. 

res rear of Fire Hall No 1. Ontario 

Hall Mary, housekeeper, 213 Queen 
Hall Samuel, fireman Station N 

res 220(a) Division 
Hall Thomas J, moulder, res 3 Sixth 
Hall Wm. driver Geo Robertson &: 

Son, res 337 Brock 
Halladay. see also Halliday 
Halladay Edward. Prop The Hub. 22- 

24 Market sq 
Hallett Charles A. moulder, res 214 

Halliday, see also Halladay 
Halliday James. electrician Street 

Ry Co, res Portsmouth 
Halligan John (John Halligan & Cm. 

res 245 Brock 
Halligan John, jr (John Halligan & 

Co), lvs 245 Brock 
Halligan Jno & Co (John Halligan. sr 
and jr), grocers and liquors, 53 Brock 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 



Halligan Joseph J. shoemkr W'ni Ad- 
ams, lvs 23 Rideau 

Halligan Richd, bds Dominion House 

Halligan Thomas, sailor, res 23 Ri- 

Hallinan Miss Mary A. dressmaker, 
107 Wellington, lvs same 

Hailing John, fireman str Columbian, 
.6 Johnston 
:>erin Samuel, pedlar, bds 43 Prin- 

Halpin James W, engineer, bds Ot- 
tawa House " 
Halpin Michael, carter Rathbun Co, 

3 Portsmouth 
Hambly W H, Hardware, Taint-, 
oils and Glass, 115 Princess, res 
er John, scale adjuster. r> - 

Hamilton Clark, Collector of 

Customs, cor King and Clarence, 
Et< ildence same 

niltOD Edward, tailor C Living- 
ston A Bro, res 43 Arch 
Hamilton E J. agent, bds St Law- 
1 [otel 

Frank H. appr W I) .Muck- 
Id'. l\ b 15 < !lergy w 

I'm 1 [enry J, tailor, lvs r. Arch 

■ lltoil Isabel ( wid Colin), clerk 
1 ni vt-rsit > 

' Jlergry w 
Hamilton Ja naes, tailor I Boyd, bds 

is Alma 
ii. in 1 rtlve, 

1 tamllton John < '■. teacher < tardea [a- 

I I :.i 1 ill- 

146 Earl 

■ ' 

tnuel, i>IiiihI>it No 
mllton Samuel, Bhovellei 
ITnlon w 

Mil 1 1 w 

Hamilton Wm, driver R Crawford, 

res 720 Princess 
Hamilton Wm G, tinsmith Elliott 

Bros, lvs 45 Union w 
Hamilton Wm L, mason, res 720 Prin- 
Hammond Edward, bartender Opera 

Saloon, res 172 Bagot 
Hammonds Lucy (wid Wm), res 355 

Hand Mrs Elizabeth, res 234 Welling- 
Handley George, mech Dupont & Wil- 
son, lvs 39 Charles 
Handley John H, works Cotton Mills, 

lvs 39 Charles 
Handley Mary A (wid Thomas), res 

39 Charles 
Handley Wm. fireman Electric Light 

Works, res 49 Lower Bagot 
Hanley Archibald, asst acct Inland 

Revenue, res 75 Gore 
Hanley Archbald J, student, lvs 75 

Hanley Frank A (T Hanley & Sons), 

lvs 67 Earl 
Hanley James, Customs Officer, r 

( ;,,]-,. 
Hanley James H. student, lvs 73 1 
Hanley James H (T Hanley & Sons), 

lvs 87 Farl 
Hanley John, cab owner, res 26 Barrle 
Hanley Joseph P (T Hanley & Sons), 

Iva 67 Fail 
Hanlej Robert, student, lvs 75 Gore 
Hanlej Thomas 1 T Hanley & Sons), 

res 67 Earl 
Hanlej Thomas & Sons (Thomas, 
1 «eph P, Frank A and Janes H), 

tick, t agents, Johnston, cor Ontario 
Hanlej Thomas A, chief opr G N W 

Tel Co, res 65 Earl 
Hanlej Win. res d b Rideau, 8 e of 

Mo 1 

1 lanlon Bernard J, lei ter carrlei 

I M\ ision 

Hannaj l leoi Be A, lab R » 'raw ford, 

lVS 202 William 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
a Roll. Borderings from 
half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

ALPHA BE! U \l hlKl I 



Hannay John, sailor. Ivs 202 William 

Hannay Rachel (Wld Wm), res 202 Wil- 

Jlanna\ Thomas, lab, res 21 Univer- 
sity ave 

Hannay Wm B, clerk A G Flett, lvs 
202 William 

Hanscombe Charles J, driver K Coal 
Co, lvs 86 Quebec 

Hanscombe Wm M, lab, res 86 Quebec 

Hanscombe Wm T, switchman Q T R, 
res e s Montreal, 4 n of G T R 

Hansen Catherine (wid Lewis), fish 
dealer, 90 Wellington, res 112 Wil- 

Hanson Elizabeth (wid George), res 
8 Brewery lane 

Hanson James, teamster S Anglin & 
Co, res 8 Brewery lane 

Hanson Robert, tailor I Boyd, bds 102 

Harbor Master's Office, Wm 
McCammon Master, City Buildings 

Harding Hugh C, finisher K Vehicle 
Co, bds 1000 Island House 

Hardy John C (Hardy & Co), res 
99 Clergy w 

Hardy & Co, Importers of Dry 
Goods. Mantles and Millinery, 123 
Princess, north side 

Hargreaves GeorgeE. moulder, res 266 

Harker Wm, cabinet maker, Carnov- 
sky Wood Mnfg Co. lvs 128 Ontario 

Harkes John, res 359 Alfred 

Harkness Harry, prop Algoma House, 
312 Princess 

Harkness James, painter, bds 312 Prin- 

Harkness Samuel, prop Collender Ho- 
tel. 324 King e 

Harkness Wm, butcher, 221 Welling- 
ton, res G T R Outer Depot 

Harmer Alfred S, proofreader British 
Whig, res 47 Colborne 

Harmer James C, engineer, res' 740 

[farmer Miss Thursa, housekeeper, 77_' 

Harmer Wm H, lvs 740 Montreal 

Harold, see also Herald 

H.uoid Alexander D (Hunter & Har- 
old), res 212 Division 

T/arold David, carp, res 205 Welling- 

Harold Hugh, carp, lvs 205 Welling- 

Harold Miss Jessie, teacher Victoria 
School, lvs 184 University ave 

Harold Wm, pattern maker, res 184 
University ave 

Harpell Miss Agnes, dressmaker, lvs 
298 Johnston 

Harpell Miss Dora, dressmaker, res 
298 Johnston 

Harpell Edgar A, marble cutter S J 
Kilpatrick & Co, lvs n s Johnston, 
2 w of Nelson 

Harpell Francis J, laborer, res 785 

Harpell Jacob G, cigar mkr G A Mc- 
Gowan, res n s Johnson, 2 w of Nel- 

Harpell John J, farmer, res 166 Vic- 

Harpell Miss Margaret C dressmaker,, 
785 Princess, lvs same 

Harpell Torrance R, clerk Spence & 
Co, lvs n s of Johnston, 2 w of Nel- 

Harper J George, salesman A Green- 
hill & Co, bds Stanley House 

Harper Samuel, bds 13 Maitland 

Harper Sarah E (wid Samuel), res 231 

Harrigan John, blacksmith, 55 Queen, 
res 21 Balaclava 

Harrington Robert W. bill poster R W 
Allen, lvs 306 Montreal 

Harriman Herbert, laborer Windsor 

Harris Carles, tinsmith C D Chown. 
lvs 370 Bagot 

Harris David A, rope mkr K Cordage 
Co, res w s Victoria, 6 n of Johnston 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 




Harris George, printer. Ivs Tete du 

Pont Barracks 
Harris Hebron, trader, res 370 Bagot 
Harris Henry, laborer, res 25 York 
Harris James, yardman American 

Harris John, lab James Sowards. Ivs 

Harris John, laborer, res 16 Johnston 
Har is John, laborer, res 16S Ontario 
Harris R Carr, prof R M College, res 

23 -Mack 
Harrison Edward, shoveier, res 3 Cor- 

Harison Thomas J, contractor, 1 70, 

Rideau, res same 
Hart Charles, laborer, Ivs 447 Barrie 
Hart Frederick W, baker M F Hughes, 

Ivs 142 Montreal 
Hart Michael, labore . Iva 117 Banie 
rl Patrick, laborer, res 117 Banie 
I William, laborer, Ivs 447 Barrie 
Hart Wm D, Manager Standard 
Bank, ill Princess, Residence 223 
King: e 
Hartley John, laborer, res 267 Queen 
Hartley Oscar H. sailor, ivs 357 Bagot 
Hartley Wm H. fireman str Empire 
State, h a 357 Bagot 

■ man I ►avid, carte Rathbun 

375 I >i\ ision 
tn^an Miss Daperza, bds 270 Dlvls- 
Hartman Frederick a. Btudent, bds 

I lart ricfc Mart lia (wld ' • 

< ' 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 . ■ 1 1 1 1 

1 larl > Ellen 1 wld James), • b 66 1 1 url* 
Hartj John J, student, Ivs 620 Princes* 
Harty Hon Wm, M.PP, Minister 

Public Works, ivs 120 Pi Incess 

\ nne (wld Johi I rnl 

i! ,1 . . - 1 Mi 11 les B, Ivs 826 UnU ersltj 

Harvey Edmond, laborer, bds St Law- 
rence Hotel 

Harvey Piers G W H, discount clerk 
Bank of Montreal, Ivs 325 University 

Harvey Robert R F. teller Bank of B 
N A, res 325 University ave 

Haskell "Wm A, jr, res Union w, cor 
Livingston ave 

Hastings Douglas W, clerk Henry 
Wade, Ivs 192 Barrie 

Hastings Frank R, clerk A P Chown. 
Ivs 192 Barrie 

Hastings Louisa (wid Eastwood)', res 
192 Barrie 

Hastings Wm, shoveier, res 124 Ord- 

Hastings Wm A, sailor, ivs 124 Ord- 

Hatch Charles H, trav agent R & O N 
Co, res Sfiii Bagot 

Hattan Archibald, shoveller, res 10 

Hawken Edmund, sailor, ivs 269 Queen 

Hawken Edward, shoemaker, 372 Prin- 
cess, res 269 Queen 

Hawken Wm H. shoemaker, 349(a) 
Johnston, bds 90 Rideau 

Hawley llary M. mngr Stroud B 
L09 Princess, res same 

Hawley John A. res 81 Colborne 

Hawley Thomas B, grocer, 163 Alfred, 
res - 

Hawley Tillitaon W, res 209 AH ed 

Hawley Thomas E, clerk T B Hawley, 
ivs 163 Alfred 

i »a\ Id, Bhoveller, es n s Catars 
qui, 1 e of Rideau 
1 1 1 j Miss Elizabeth, nurse General 

Haj John, mason, 1 es 389 Johnston 
Hayden tonle (wld Patrick), res 216 

nis 1 
1 1 13 ei Adelbert, blacksmith, i«is n a 

Elllce, 2 \\ of Vine 
11.1- ward Christina (wld Wm), 1 


128 Princess St. 

Inks, Writing ana Copying : Stephens', 
Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
worth's and Underwoods. 




Hayward Edward H, laborer, -es ".."■ 

Hayward John J, lab Jas Mallen, res 

24 Pine 
Hayward Wm, blacksmith, bds M 

Hazlett Jas W. appr Kingston Foun- 
dry, lvs 57 Clergy w 
Hazlett John, boiler maker, res 167 

Hazlett Thomas H, boilemaker, res 

395 Johnston 
Hazlett Walter, appr, lvs 77 Clergy w 
Hazlett Wm, boiler maker, res 147 

Hazlett Wm, engineer str Hero, res 

77 Clergy w 
Healey, see also Healy and Haley 
Healey Clara (wid Wm), res w s Col- 

lingwood, 3 s of Johnston 
Healey David, res 305 Brock - 
Healey Elizabeth (wid Joseph), lvs IS 

Healey John P, bookkeeper Jas Mc- 

Parland, lvs 134 Ordnance 
Healey Patrick, laborer, res 134 Ord- 
Healey Thomas, clerk Geo Offord, res 

57 Arch 
Healey Thomas H, brakesman K & P 

Ry. res 107 Lower Bagot 
Healey Thomas J, barber P T Haffner, 
lvs w s Collingwood, 3 s of Johnston 
Hebert, see also Herbert 
Hebert Louis, carpenter, res 35 Pine 
Heenan James, bds 282 Johnston 
Height Margaret (wid Joseph), res IS 

Upper William 
Helme Wm H, messenger Dom Ex- 
press Co, bds Stanley House 
Hembry Harry, fireman K & P Ry, 

bds 15 St Catherine 
Hemsley Mary E (wid Wm), dress- 
maker, 73 Brock, lvs 380 Earl 
Henderson Daniel, driller Locomotive 
Works, res Wade's Lane 

Henderson Edward J, sailor, lvs g 

Henderson Frank D, teacher St Mary's 

School, bds 286 Queen 
Henderson Frederick G, engineer str 

Thompson, lvs 70 Lower Bagot 
Henderson George, carpenter, lvs 8 

Henderson Geo, engineer str Thomp- 
son, res 70 Lower Bagot 
Henderson George, sergeant "A" Bat- 
tery, res 231 Wellington 
Henderson Henry, Photograph 

er, 90-92 Princess, res 148 Division 
Henderson Hiram, lvs 457 Princess 
Henderson Hiram M, traveller, res 

457 Princess 
Henderson James, laborer, lvs 769 

Henderson James, shoemake-, 244 Bar- 

rie, ree same 
Henderson James R, Manager J 
S Henderson, 59-61 Brock, res 241 
Henderson Jane (wid John). (John 

Henderson & Co), lvs 384 Alfred 
Henderson John, clerk J Henderson & 

Co, lvs 384 Alfred 
Henderson John, guard K P, res 51 

Henderson John & Co (Mrs J 
Henderson), Booksellers, Stationers, 
Wall Paper, Fancy Goods, Bicycles, 
etc, 86 Princess 
Henderson John S, Groceries, 
Provisions and Wholesale Wines 
and Liquors, 59-61 Brock, bds British 
American Hotel 
Henderson John W, ca-rpenter, res 8 

Henderson Lawrence L, acct M T Co, 

res 100 Bagot 
Henderson Margaret (wid George), res 

42 Elm 
Henderson Mary (wid James A), res 
68 Johnston 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 



Henderson Nicholas, artist, lvs 8 On- 

Henderson Norman R. student, lvs 118 

Henderson Peter R, Managing 

Director Montreal Transportation 
Co, ft of Queen, res 118 William 

Henderson Robert, photographer H 
Henderson, lvs 148 Division 

Hende son Simon P, spinner K Hosi- 
ery Co, lvs 8 Ontario 

Henderson Thomas, section foreman 
K & P Ry, res 102 Pine 

Hendry Archibald, teamster Shedden 
Co, res 53 William 

Hendry James A, mnfrs agent, 171 On- 
tario, res King, cor West 

Hendry Magdelene (wid Thomas'), 
(Fenwick. Hendry & Co), res River- 
side, Cal 

Hendry Robert, jr. traveller,»res 122 

Hendry Robert, sr, lvs 122 Johnston 

Hendry Thomas H, mason, res S3 

Hennery M lvs 302 Queen 

Hennessy Miss Catherinp. lvs 15 v 
tiessy Miss Elizabeth, grocer, 15 
W( me 

Hennessy Thomas, laborer, bds Ken- 
nedy House 

Hennessy Thomas J, staff clerk R M 
Colli I Johnston 

Henry, see also Hennery 

h> m >. i ia\ Id, Bailor, res -'i Stephen 

Ugh, BectiOD man < "r T I!, h B 

n s Btephen, 6 w of Montreal 
• Queen 
Henry Wm, clerk F X Couslni in i 

lids Stanley 1 1 
Hei nap \ endor P O, lvs 

I • ■ 
II. n i « lent ral 

Pi in 
||. nl W, tinsmith. 345 Triii- 


Hentig Sarah A (wid Charles), res 

Henzy Henry, carpenter. 'rock 

! urn Herbert C, waiter str Hamil- 
ton, lvs 108 Lower Bagot 

Hepburn Robert W, engineer tug Jes- 
sie Hall, res 108 Dower Bagot 

Hepburn Wm S, fireman tug Jessie 
Hall, lvs 108 Dower Bagot 

Herald John, MD, Physician aid 
Surgeon. Office Hours 2 to 5 and 7 
to 8 p.m., Telephone 380, Office and 
Residence 199 King e 

Herbert, see also Hebert 

Herbert Mary (wid John), res 113 Wil- 

Herbison Wm J, student, res 90 Fn.n- 

Herchmer Eliza (wid Wm M). lvs 1". 

Herdly Charles, baker T R Carnovsky, 
bds ::47 Alfred 

Hermiston Charles D, carp, res w s 
Collingwood. 6 n of King 

Herod Alfred E, shoemaker. 320 Bar- 
rie, res 22 Alma 

H err on .John, coachman Mrs A M 
Kent, res 50 O'Kill 

j Miss [da, lvs 41 George 

Hersey Mary I. (wid Samuel), dress- 
maker, 271 Brock, res same 

ge, res 17 Wade's lane 
> ; orge a. lab, res 21 Wade's 

Hewitt Thomas, Superintendent 
City Waterworks Department, City 
Buildings, Residence 93 Union e 

Hewton -i Harvey, clerk K Hosiery 
Co. lvs 127 King w 

hewton John, Managing Direct- 
or Kingston Hosiers Co, Residence 
127 King w 

Hewton John, sr, mach K Hosiery 
Co. res 133 Alfred 

Hewton Robert, chief keeper k P, res 
s w coi alwlngton ave ami Union st 

T^ WTpATT^ T^V^ Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
X • XTX^^^W j^Am^ m. , Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 

128 Princess Street. Heads. 




Hickey Dr D C, bds British American 

Hickey Hannah (wid John), res 225 


Rickey Isabella (w id James), res 233 

Hickey John (Rigney & Hickey)j 
Reaidi rice 176 Johnston 

Hickey Miss .Mary (M Hickey & Co), 
Residence 164 Princess 

Hickey M & Co (Miss Mary Hickey), 
millinery, 164 Princess 

Hickey Overton J, engineer str North 
King, lvs 233 Earl 

Hide Inspector's Office, John McCam- 
mon inspr, 85 Clarence 

Higginbotham James, lab, res n s 
Bay. 1 e of Rideau 

Higgins John, tailor A G Flett, lvs 
557 Princess 

Higgins Joseph S, teamster Shedden 
Co, res 47 Arch 

Higgins Moore, res 362 Brock 

Higginson Harry J, agent, bds 31i> 

Hill James H, mounter K Vehicle 
Co. bds 242 Ontario 

Hill Miss Jane, clerk, lvs 110 Queen 

Hillier Truman P, carp, res 24 York 

Hilton Miss Georgina, teacher Central 
School, lvs 310 Brock 

Hilton Thomas, harnessmaker, 310 
Brock, res same 

Hinch Wm. clerk F X Cousineau .^ 
Co, bds Windsor Hotel 

Hinds, see also Hynds and Hynes 

Hinds Miss Ellen, res rear 35 Wel- 

Hinds James, clerk, lvs 210 Colborne 

Hinds James R, Proprietor Ameri- 
can Steam Bottling Works, 10 Mar- 
ket sq. Residence 526 Princess 

Hinds John, lab, res 210 Colborne 

Hinton Edward, res 17 Upper Wil- 

Hinton W M, Manager Kingston 
Gold Cure Institute, 186 Bagot (see 
adv inside front cover) 

Hipson Joseph H K, boilermaker, res 
136 Division 

Hiscock Edgar C, mach Kingston 
Foundry, res 104 Barrie 

Hiscock Joseph, grocer, 121 Princess, 
res 117 William 

Hiscock Robert C, student, lvs 104 

Hitchcock Edward, teamster Shedden 
Co, res 22 Deacon 

Hitchen Harry M, tide waiter Cus- 
tom House, res 20 O'Kill 

Hitchens Miss Maud, milliner, bds 61 

Hoag Frank J, Chemist and Drug 
gist, 200 Princess, cor Montreal, Res- 
idence 700 Montreal 

Hoag John, signalman G T R, res 700 

Hoath James S, District Manager 
Excelsior Life Insurance Co. 11" 
York, res same 

Hobart George F (G S Hobart & 
Sons), Residence 320 Earl 

Hobart G S & Sons (S Walters 
and George F Hobart), Wholesale 
and Retail Druggists, Uptown Office 
of G N W Tel Co, 155 Princess, cor 

Hobart S Walters (G S Hobart 

& Sons), Residence 95 William 
Hockin Miss Bessie, matron Children's 
Aid Society, 75 Union w . 

Hodges Miss Lillian M. teacher Vic- 
toria School, lvs 142 York 

Hodges Margaret (wid Wm F), res 142 

Hogan Henry M, lab, res 269 Earl 

Hogan James, sailmkr Oldrieve & 
Horn, bds Anglo American Hotel 

Hogan John B, carpenter, res 1 Cal- 
lings Terrace, Chatham si 

Hogan Michael, laborer, res 310 John- 
Hogaboon Miss Susan, nurse General 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 



Hogle Elgin, laborer, res 85 Union e 
Hogle Harry, clerk H H Roche, rms 159 

Hold- n Mrs Annie, res 45 James 
Holder, see also Houlder 
Holder Edward C, cabinetmkr, lvs 47 

Holder Herbert B, mach K Chemical 

Engine Co. Iva 47 Montreal 
Holder John B, carp K & P Ry shops, 

res 245 Colbome 
Holder Sarah (wid Benjamin), res 47 

Holder Wm, carp R Davis & Son. res 

398 Montreal 
Holland George A, engineer K & P Ry, 

res 40 Lower Rideau 
Ho land Henry N, woodwkr Jas Latar- 

nay, 1\ s 60 Cherry 
Holland James, driver J S Henderson. 

res 154 University ave 
Holland John, carpenter, res 189 Vlc- 

Holland Miss Mary, lvs 40 Lower Rid- 

Holland Wm, yardman A ChOWXI & 
60 Cherry 

Holland W Chester, laborer, res s s 
i oiK-ession rd, 5 w of Division 

Hoi]., well Henry C, laborer, res Jit". 

Holman Albert E, tinsmith Elliott 
Bros, es -'i"> I "ni \ ersity ave 

Holman Frank. General 
y m C A, cor i'' d Barrle, 

82 Albert 
Holm, s Miss Annie, machinist, bdl -I- 


Hon : nt.i . bda Albion 

Hoti I 

HoHS\ Alltoli! 
K'il1k r e 

ii. peddler, lv> 188 King e 

Hoopei M ptalne, B a. teacher 

< •■•ii. g< . Ivi 118 

Hooper Julia (wid Cavalier), res 118 

Hooper Richard J (Macpherson & 

Hooper), lvs 118 Earl 
Hooper W Joseph, carpenter, res 225 

Earl • 
Hooper Mrs V G, lvs 506 Princess 
Hop Kee, lvs 83 Clarence 
Hopeson Miss Sarah, lvs e s Bath rd 
Hopkins Sister. Mother Superior 

Hotel Dieu 
Hopkinson Edward, confectioner, 25S 

Johnston, res same 
Hopkinson Wm E, clerk, lvs 258 Johns- 
Hopkirk John E, clerk P O Inspectors 

Dept, res 159 Sydenham 
Hoppins Abiram, trav Rathbun Co, 

res 7 Barrack 
H.ppins Densmore, agent S Anglin & 

Co, res 169 Clergy 
Hoppins Miss Elizabeth teacher Cat- 

araqui School, lvs 169 Clergy 
Hoppins Harvey, weighman K & M 

Forwarding Co, res Union, cor Col- 
liny wood 
ElopwOOd Walter, harness maker, res. 

27(a) Main 
Koran Miss Nellie, tailoress. lvs 125 

Horn Alexander (Oldrleve & Horn). 

res ;•:; Clergy w 
Horning Sarah J (wid Jacob), res 12 1 

Albei t 

\i •thin- \v, draughtsman Loco 

Works, lvs 26G Johnston 
Horsey Edwin, Chief of Police, 

City Buildings, i: 166 Johns- 

Horses Edwin E, purser str Hero, lvs 

Horsej Mary A (wid Richard M), res 
b'.l Que< n 

\l.h ill.-, appr LOCO Works, 

lvs 866 Johnston 

(8amuel J Horsey), 
ivei and tinware, lS'.i Princess 


128 Princess Street. 






Hors.> S;i;mn'l .1 ii; M Horsey & Co), 
res 191 Clergy 

Ho skin Clara (Wld Charles), res 380 

Hotel Dieu. Sister Hopkins Mother 
Superior. Sydenham, bet Brock and 

Hotel Frontenac, Thomas Crate 
Proprietor, 178-184 Ontario 

Hough George P, switchman G T R, 
res 443 Princess 

Houghton Charles D, painter Savage 
Bros, lvs w s Pembroke, 1 n of King 

Houghton Harry J, gardener Rev J A 
Allen, lvs w s Pembroke, 1 n of 

Houghton Isaac, gardener, res w s 
Pembroke, 1 n of King 

Houlder, see also Holder 

Houlder George, carp, res 166 York 

House John, carp, res 23 Elm 

House of Industry, Geo McCnl- 
lagh Superintendent, 362 Montreal 

House of Providence. Conduct- 
ed by the Sisters of Charity, Mother 
M Edward Superior General, Mont- 
real st, between Ordnance and Bay 

Houston Martha (wid Andrew), res s 
s Adelaide, 3 w of Lansdowne 

Houston Richard C, clerk F J Hoag, 
lvs cor Johnston and Sydenham 

Houston Rev Samuel, pastor Cooke's 
Presbyterian Church, res Johnston, 
cor Sydenham 

Howard Andrew, hotel, 808 Montreal 

Howard Herbert, acct Ontario Bank 

Howard John, hostler Ottawa House 

Howarth Charles, shoemaker, 110 Bar- 
rie, res same 

Howell A Harry, organist Queen St 
Methodist Church, bds 132 Welling- 

Howland Bernard J (Howland Bros), 
lvs 273 Alfred 

Howland Bros (Patrick J, Michael J 
V and Bernard J, tailors, 358 Kin< e 

Rowland James, clerk Howland Bros, 

lvs 273 Alfred 
Howland Michael J V (Howland Bros), 

lvs 273 Alfred 
Howland Patrick J (Howland Bros), 

lvs 273 Alfred 
Howland Thomas, cab owner, res 273 

Howarth Charles, shoemaker, 110 Bar- 

rie, res same 
Howell A Harry, organist Queen St 

Methodist Church, bds 132 Welling- 
Howland Bernard J (Howland Bros), 

lvs 273 Alfred 
Howland Bros (Patrick J, Michael J 

V and Bernard J), tailors, 358 King e 
Howland James, clerk Howland Bros, 

lvs 273 Alfred 
Howland Michael J V (Howland Bros), 

lvs 273 Alfred 
Howland Patrick J (Howland Bros), 

lvs 273 Alfred 
Howland Thomas, cab owner, res 273 

HUB THE, E Halladay Proprietor, 

22-24 Market sq 
Hubbard Charles H, carp Cotton 

Mills, res 50 Lower Rideau 
Hubbell Eliza J (wid Henry S), res 

108 Bagot 
Hudders Thomas H, foreman Cotton 

Mills, res n s Quebec, 3 w of Patrick 
Hughes Charles, lab, bds Lake View 

Hughes Henry (Hughes & Son), res 

16 Frontenac 
Hughes Henry, carp Loco Works, res 

82 Quebec 
Hughes John, sectionman K & P Ry, 

res n s Rideau, 5 e of Montreal 
Hughes John J, guard K P, res 38 

Livingston ave 
Hughes John M, bookkeeper K Hosi- 
ery Co, res 340 Brock 
Hughes Leslie, bookkeeper, lvs 16 


G. S. Hobart & Sens 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men, women, boys and girls. 





Hughes Miss Maggie, tailoi-ess, lvs 3 

King w 
Hughes Margaret (wid John), res 6 

Brewery lane 
Hughes Morton F, baker, 142 Mont- 
real, res same 
Hughes Robert H. driver Booth & 

Co, res 103 Stuart 
Hughes Thomas E (Hughes & Son), 

res 121 Montreal 
Hughes Thomas H. mach Loco Works, 

res 84 Quebec 
Hughes Win. teamster K & P By, 

res *7 Cataraqui 
Hughes Wm H, cierk Grand Union 

Clothing Co, lvs 16 Frontenac 
Hughes Wm H. foreman, bds 89 Gore 
Hughes Wm S, clerk of industries, 

K P, res Barriefield 
Hughes & Son (Henry and Thomas 

E), farm implements, 20 Market sq 
Hughson Ann (wid Amos), 117 Alfred 
Hugo Francis M. lvs 44 Livingston ave 
Hugo, Nicholas, res it Livingston av 
Hull Edward, bottler Jas McParland, 

res e s Lansdowne, 1 s of Stanley 
Hume Henry, shipper Gardiner 1 Co, 

lvs :; Galllnger Terrace, Chatham st 
Hume John, lab. lvs 3 Galllnger Ter- 

Chatham st 
Hum. John S. cutter I Boyd, res 3 

Galllnger Terrace, Chatham st 
Hume Peter l>. civil engineer, res 18 

Humphrey Richard w, blacksmith 

T C Wilson, bds 

Hunt Jeremiah, sallmaker Oldrleve & 

lirt, 1, 1 . Eai 1 
Hum John, shoveller, res 18 Earl 
Mum Patrick H 


Hunter 1 1 Albert, 

7 11 .■: P 
Km, 1 1 

Runtei 11 trry blai ksmltn .1 P Ifc 
Dermotl Montreal 

Hunter Henry (Hunter & Harold), res 

177 Clergy- 
Hunter James A, lab, res n s Russell, 
2 w of Montreal 

Hunter John, clerk L, W Murphy, bds 
55 Princess 

Hunter John, coachman J B Murphy, 
res w s Beverly, 2 n of King 

Hunter John, grocer, 2 Rideau, res 

Hunter John, groom Dr R W Garrett 

Hunter John, lab, res 39 Main 

Hunter John J, china, crockery and 
glassware, 191 Princess, bds 288 

Hunter John N, baker, bds 90% On- 

Hunter John W. mach R Davis & 
Son, lvs e s Montreal, 5 s of G T R 

Hunter John W, opr G T R, bds 330 

Hunter Peter, foreman Xews Print- 
ing Co. res '.'! Lower Bagot 

Hunter Robert, engineer G T R, res 
e s Montreal. :, s of G T R crossing 

Hunter Wm H, blacksmith, lvs 12:1 

Hunter A Harold (Henry Hunter. Al- 
exander D Harold), contractors, 17.", 

Hurley Jeremiah, sailor, res 40.*. \< 

Hurley John, lvs 106 King e 

1 1 in |i 3 1 :ap1 John 1 ;. res i"'.' King e 

Hurley Patrick, watchman Can Dry 
Dock, res 24 Johnston 

Hurl .■> Thomas, carp, bds 387 Alfred 
Hurley Thomas, sailor, lvs .4 Johns- 

Hurst Elizabeth (wid Thomas G), lvs 

::i Union w 
Sural Ellen (wid John), lvs 321 Vlc- 

Hurst James, cai p, res 1 59 Pine 

Hui ! M 1 - Jan •■ . §T ''• n e cor Lans- 
downe and Pine, res same 
Hurst John, res 84 William 


128 Princess Street. METHODS. 





Hurst Wm. kei pi r K P, res e s A.1- 

wingfc n ave, 1 n of King 
Hutcheson James B, auctioneer, res 

260 Alfred 
Hutchinson Walter n. upholsterer 

Carnovsky Wood Mnfg Co. bds 288 

Qui <n 

Hutchison David A. Flour and 
Feed, 11", Brock, Residence 624 

Hutton George J, Proprietor Al- 
bion Hotel, 46 Montreal, cor Queen 

Hutton Henry B. lab, res 92 William 

Hutton John A, lvs 92 William 

tt Charlotte (wid Wm), res 27 

11. viand Miss Annie, lvs 105 Gore 

H. viand John, carp, res 153 Nelson 

Hyland Samuel, carp, res 427 Alfred 

] I> nds. see also Hinds 

Hynds Miss Ellen, res rear 35 Wel- 

Hynds James, lab, res w s Albert, 1 n 
of Brock 

Hynds Miss Maggie, lvs \v s Albeit, 
1 n of Brock 

Hynds Wm H. fireman sir Corslcan, 
lvs w s Albert, 1 n of Brock 

Hysop Jane (wid Charles), res s s of 
Stuart. 3 e of St Lawrence ave 

Ikehara Toshi, student, bds 208 Uni- 
versity ave 

Ilett Ambrose E. student, lvs 304 

llett James F, polisher K Vehicle Co, 
res 4 Devonshire Terrace, Syden- 
ham st 

Ilett John, salesman Macnee & Min- 
nes, res 304 Queen 

Illsey Charles, res 75 Union e 

Imperial Oil Co. (Ltd) Isaac Wat- 
erman Manager, cor Rideau and 

Tnglis Isabella (wid John), lvs 52 O'Kill 

Inkster Miss Jane, ivs 312 University 

Inland Revenue Office, Flem 
Ing Rowland Collector, 16 Market sq 

I iiins Isabella. H (wid John C), res 76 

Ireland Eliza (wid Wm), res s s Alice, 
1 w of University ave 

Ireland Francis C, City Treas- 
urer, City Buildings, lvs s s Alioe, 
1 w of University ave 

Ireland George E, lvs s s Alice, 1 w 
of University ave 

freland Kenneth M, trav Dalton &. 
Strange, lvs s s Alice, 1 w of Uni- 
versity ave 

Irvine E George, broom maker W 
Bailey & Co, lvs Barriefield 

Irvine Miss Emma, lvs 130 Union w 

Irvine Wm H, student, bds 130 Union 

Trving Robert, student, bds 207 Wii 

Irwin, see also Erwin 

Irwin Arthur W. student, lvs 125 King 

Irwin Edward, sectionman G T R, res 

G T R Outer Depot 
Irwin John, capt barge Minnedosa, 

res 256 Sydenham 
Irwin Marion (wid Chamberlain A), 

res 125 King e 
Irwin Robert, grocer, cor King and 

Beverley, lvs same 
Irwin Robert C, mate barge Minne- 
dosa, res 185 Montreal 
Irwin Theodore, tailor, 131 Brock, res 

14S Bay 
Irwin Wm, mach, res cor King and 

Jrwin Wm. mach, res 42 O'Kill 

Jack Alexander, trav Fenwick, Hen- 
dry & Co, res 312 University ave 

Jack Miss Barbara, dressmaker, lvs 
312 University ave 

Jack Hector M, lvs 312 University ave 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have Ave keep. 



Foster's Kingston 


Jack Miss Isabella, lvs 312 Univer- 
sity ave 
Jackson Arthur, salesman A Green- 
hill & Co, lvs 306 Johnston 
Jackson Calvin A, lab, res 27 Upper 

Jackson Catherine (wid John L), res 

306 Johnston 
Jackson Charles F, mach McDonald 

& Allen, res 20 Dufferin 
Jackson Edward, engineer yacht 

Wherenow, res 565 Princess 
Jackson Miss M E, milliner, 113 Brock. 
lvs 3 Newman's Cottages, King w 
Jackson Philip, carp, res 17 Pine 
Jackson Philip, jr, currier J J Car- 

rington, lvs 17 Pine 
Jackson Susan (wid Joseph), lvs 3 

Newman's Cottages, King w 
Jackson Miss Tena, saleslady, lvs 306 

Jackson Thomas, currier J J Carring- 

ton, res 17 Charles 
Jackson Wm, foreman News Printing 
Co, res •': Newman's Cottages, King 
Jackson Wm H, comp British Whig, 

lvs 306 Johnston 
Jackson Wm H, stonecutter, lvs 17 

Wm J, helper Loco Works, 
lvs 237 Karl 
Jacob Mary (Wid Adam) Queen 

Jacobs Th. .mas K. musician, lvs 144 

wm .1. tuner R J McDowall, 
Jam< s Bridget (wid Win 1 

< 'icrgy 
James Edward 11, sailor, lvs -•'•:! Uni i 
■ slty ave 

1 iin v. painter T tiilo, lvs 203 
University .1 
James Martin, oarp, 1 niver 

sit 1 

I F, clerk Collendei Ho 

t. I 

James Thomas, butcher, 82 Colborne, 
res 490 Division 

James Thomas, cab owner, ivs 203 
University ave 

James Wm, tailor Lambert & Walsh, 
lvs 203 University ave 

Jamieson Alexander, plumber J Jamie- 
son, res 169 Bagot 

Jamieson David, plumber J Jamie- 
Bon, res e s Beverly, 2 s of Union 

Jamieson Emma (wid George), res 
86 York 

Jamieson Isaac, millwright S Anglin 
& Co, res 123 Lower Bagot 

Jamieson John, plumber J Jamieson, 
res 97 Earl 

Jamieson Joseph, plumber, 42 Johns- 
ton, res same 

Jamieson Robert, currier J J Carring- 
ton, lvs 2011 Montreal 

Jamieson Thomas H, plumber J Jamie- 
son, res 70 Wellington 

Jamieson Wm. plumber J Jamieson. 
res 136 Johnston 

Janson Margaret (wid William T), lvs 

27 Balaclava 
Jaquith Isaac, ship builder, res 25 Ri- 
Jaquith James A. salesman Hell Or- 
gan & Piano Co, lvs 25 Rideau 
Jaquith Thomas j, ship builder, lvs 

Jarrett, see also t iarrett 
Jarretl Wm T, lab, res 140 Raglan rd 
Jarvis Miss Kii/.a, res i:ji Queen 

Jarvis John H, driver T Wilson, lvs 

52? Princess 

Jarvis Wm. carp, res 527 Princess 

Jarvis Wm. stableman P a Blbby, 
lvs LSI Queen 

Jefferies Charles 1. mach. lvs 11 Hick- 
son ave 

retteries Elisabeth (wid Francis), res 
n 1 1 Ickson ave 

Jefferies Wru ED, clgarmaker s obern- 
dorffer, Ivt 1 1 11 Ickson ave 

Jenkln Ann (wid Samuel), lvs 185 


T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
Copy Books. 






Jenkin Elizabeth (wid EUchard), 

188 1 !olborne 
Jenkin Frederick P, Iva 379 Princess 
Jenkin Isaac, carp, res 11 Colborne 
Jenkin John, contractor, 379 Princess, 

res same 
Jenkin John, lvs 16 Quebec 
Jenkin John E, blacksmith, 381 Prin- 

cess, res 63 York 
Jenkin Margaret (wld Samuel), res n 

s of Plum, 1 e of Cherry 
Jenkin Mary (wid Charles), res 381 

Jenkin Walter C T. lively. 133 Prin- 

eess. ks 15 Quebec 
Jenkins Annie (wid Sarah), lvs 185 

Jenkins Edmund P, Gents' Pur 

nishings, 172-4 Wellington, res 196 

University ave 
Jenman Ann J (wirl George), res 1 Ri- 
Janman George, prop Railroad House, 

•!4 Place d'Armes 
Jenman Martin, moulder, lvs 1 Rideau 
Jenman R James, cab owner, lvs 1 

Jenman Thomas, barber, lvs 1 Rideau 
Jennings Harry, shoemaker, 290 On- 
tario, res same 
Jerrells Philip, fireman, bds Albion 

Johns Charles P, student, lvs 97 Clergy 
Johns Thomas H, Grocer, 270 Prin- 
ss, res 97 Clergy w (see card below 


Wholesale and Retail Grocer, 

If you want good value telephone 61. 

Johnson, see also Johnston 

Johnson Alexander J, contractor. 214 
Bagot, res 256 University ave 

Johnson Miss Elizabeth, res 2t>6 Col- 

Johnson Miss Frances E, music tcnr, 

lvs 165 King w 
Johnson George R, market garden, res 

n s Johnston. 2 w of Regent 
Johnson Miss Henrietta, res 165 King 

Johnson Henry S, barber, 70 Brock, 

res same 
Johnson James B, hairdresser, 157 

Wellington, res 49 Earl 
Johnson Joseph S, res 53 Earl 
Johnson Napoleon B, res 366 Johnston 
Johnson Orlando G, florist, 57 Brock 

res n s Johnston, 2 w of Regent 
Johnson Sarah M. housekeeper, 49 

Johnson Thomas R, bookkeeper Geo 

Sears, res 176 Alfred 
Johnston, see also Johnson 
Johnston Miss Agnes, dressmaker, lvs 

43 York 
Johnston Albert C (A C Johnston & 

Bro), res 94 Barrie 
Johnston A C & Bro (Albert C and 

James S), jewellery, 100 Princess 
Johnston Rev Charles O, pastor Queen 

St Methodist Church, res 30 Col- 
Johnston Edward W (J Johnston & 

Son), res 347 Brock 
Johnston George, sailor, lvs 16 George 
Johnston Harry M J. salesman Rich- 
mond & Co, bds 332 Johnston 
Johnston Henry, lab, res 16 George 
Johnston Hugh, carter, res 43 York 
Johnston James (James Johnston & 

Co), res 332 University ave 
Johnston James & Co, (James 

Johnston), Boots and Shoes, 145 

Johnston James S (A C Johnston & 

Bro), res 397 Brock 
Johnston James W, carp, bds 45 James 
Johnston John (J Johnston & Son), 

res 330 Brock 
Johnston J & Son (John and Edward 

W), farm implements, 132 Clarence 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 





Johnston John E, shoemaker Wm Ad- 
ams, res 72 Brock 
Johnston John W, clerk J Johnston 

& Co, res 11 Frontenac 
Johnston Miss Margary. dressmaker. 

121 Princess, res same 
Johnston Margaret (wid Wm), res 42 

Johnston Mrs Mary, grocer, 43 York. 

lvs same 
Johnston Theresa M (wid James), res 

Johnston Thomas J. tinsmith, lvs 43 

Johnston Thomas W, plumber, lvs 262 

Jolliffe Jacob, sailor, res 76 Pine 
Jones Annie (wid Thomas), grocer, 
e s Livingston ave, 1 n of King, res 

s Catherine (wid Kelsey), res 141 
Jones Charles F. student L Clements, 

bda 886 Queen 
.(ones Clarence P, barber A E Elmer, 

129 Union w 
Jonea Miss Emma, lvs 290 Queen 
Jones Miss Ethel \v. teacher, lvs 200 
Quei n 

a. carp R Gaw 
lvs 137 Prlnci 

1 inch W, dyer K Hosiery 
uioii \v 
orKe A. barber .1 H Jones, 
lvs 137 Prim 

\ driver W I 1 < ■ ■ 1 

r o\ sky, l\ b t'ii Barrie 

Howard confi W J Crol hers, 
lvs 270 Sydenham 
. 1 ■ ■ 1 > • 11. barbel nee. 

187 I 'rim 1 

John, i\ s 1 ti ( '..ii 
1 !,, clark W G aahli 

hn„ tailor. :::, Montreal 

Jones John, watchman G T R freight 
sheds, res 461 Barrie 

Jones Mrs John, lvs 5 O'Kill 

Jones John A, appr Loco Works, lvs 
■ Queen 

Jones John E, trader, res 326 Univer- 
sity ave 

Jones Margaret (wid John), res 801 

Jones Mary (wid David), res 270 Syd- 

Jones Owen, comp British Whig, res 
290 Queen 

Jones Thomas G, stenographer J S 
Skinner and A B Cunningham, bds 
2S6 Queen 

Jones Wm, butcher J Saunders, lvs 
730 Princess 

Jordon James, lvs 27 Division 

Jordan James, mach K Hosiery Co, 
res 31 Clergy w 

Jordan John, baker T R Carnovsky, 
lvs J70 Princess 

Jordan Margaret (wid Henry), res 27 

Joyce Ann (wid Robert), res 260 Div- 

Kennedy House 
s Swift & Co, res 


iwrence, sailor, res 33 Upper 

1 Michael, bds Kennedy House 

Joyce Wm J, butcher, 316 Prim 

res 4'js Division 
Joyner r - carpenter, res 220 

Kink e 
Joynl Catherine (wid Henry R), lvs 

121 l'riii 
Judge Michael, lab. bds n s Charles, 1 

w of Ba| 
.in. is. .11 Jam* b, si '-ton 

Mill-, rea i-' Stephen 


128 Princess Street. 

K \\ 





Kane Charles J. blacksmith, 64 Queen, 

S6 Pine 
Kane Francis, clerk Postofflce, lvs 67 

Kane James, lab, res 67 Colborne 
Kane James P, carriage maker, 215 

Wellington, lvs 213 same 
Kane John, sailor, lvs 67 Colborne 
Kane John E, engineer str Columbian, 

res 112 University ave 

• Margaret <vid Dennis), res 211] 

Kane Matthew, res 127 Montreal 
Kane Robert J, opr G N W Tel Co, 

lvs 67 Coborne 
Kane Thomas M. opr G N W Tel Co, 

res 246 Sydenham 
Kara D, W & Co 1 Woodstock), pianos 

and cvgaris. 217 Princess 
Kavanagh, see also Cavanagh 
Kavanagh James, storeman Jos 

Franklin, res 74 Arch 
Kavanagh John P, cigarmaker G A 

McGowan, lvs 142 Ordnance 
Kavanagh Mary (wid Felix), res 228 

Kearns James, Manager < i X W 

Telegraph Co, 34 Clarence, Resi- 
dence 53 Clergy 
Kearns Miss Mary A, lvs 33 George 
Kearns Patrick, lab, res e s Macdon- 

nell, 1 s of Princess 
Kearns Robert, letter carrier, res 33 

Kearns Samuel, carp, res 11 Cowdy 
Kearns Wm, lab, res 268 Queen 
Keates Charles A, sailor, lvs 167 Queen 
Keates Thomas, lab, res 167 Queen 
Keates T Fred, teamster K & P Ry, 

lvs 167 Queen 
Keating James R. timekeeper Loco 

Works, lvs 148 Rideau 
Keating Miss Mary, res 199 Earl 
Keating Patrick, shoveller, res 148 Ri- 

Keegan Barnard, lab, res n s Russell, 
2 e of Division 

111 Miss Catherine, dressmaker, 
lvs n s Russell, 2 s of Division 

Keeler David, rope maker K P, bds 
St Lawrence Hotel 

Keeley Wm J, mnfg jeweller, 103 
Brock, res 136 Union w 

Keeley Wm J, jr, jeweller W J Keeley, 
lvs 136 Union w 

Keen, see also Keene 

Keen George, carpenter, res 127 Col- 

Keenan Daniel F, works Loco Works, 
bds 32 Dufferin 

Keenan James, carter, res e s Or- 
chard, 1 n of River 

Keenan James W, Superintendent 
York County Loan & Savings Co, 20 
Market sq, Residence 102 Queen 

Keenan Patrick, boilermaker Loco 
Works, bds Brewery lane 

Keene, see also Keen 

Keene Wm H, grocer, cor Sydenham 
and Ordnance, res 24 Elm 

Kehl Harry, clerk G M Wilkinson & 
Son, lvs 329 Montreal 

Kehoe John, lab P McCormack, res n 
S Place d'Armes 

Kehoe Rev John P, Assistant St 

Mary's Cathedral, Residence 225 

Kehoe Joseph, teamster Shedden Co. 
res 34 Union e 

Kellar Charles W, carp A William- 
son, res 231 Queen 

Kellar Sanford, lab W Drury, res 31 
Upper William 

Kelley, see also Kelly 

Kelley Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker. 115 
Bay, lvs same 

Kelley James, coachman J B Walk- 

Kelley James, clerk T H Johns, re? 
366 Alfred 

Kelley John, clerk N C Poison & Co, 
lvs 115 Bay 

Gp tt i O Physicians Prescriptions 

. O. nODart OC OOnS and Family Recipes accur- 

ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 



Foster's Kingston 


Kelley Miss Margaret J, teacher Wil- 
liamson School, lvs 115 Bay 

Kelley Wm A, engineer str Princess 
Louise, res 115 Bay 

Kelliher Thomas, bricklayer, lvs 150 
r. iwer Bagot 

Kelliher Winnifred (wld Morris), res 
Lower Bagot 

Kelly ,see also Kelley 

Kelly Henry, lab, res 288 Sydenham 

Kelly Isaac, carp, res 87 Earl 

Kelly James V, student, lvs 240 Johns- 

Kelly John, clerk Postoffice, res 240 


Kelly Miss Margaret, mantle maker, 

bds 49 Prim 
Kelly Mary (wld Michael), res 8 Rag- 
lan rd 
Kelly Pierce J, harnessmaker, 76 
•ck, res same 

muel, res :;•-' Ellerbeck ave 
Susan (wid James), lvs n s King. 
1 \v of Pembroke 

Kelly Venerable Thomas, 
Archdeacon of Kingston, Residence 

K'-lly Thomas, bookkeeper, res n s 

King, i w of Pembroke 
Kelly Wm. photographer, L69 Welling- 
ton, r< S sain.- 

Wm I ;. salesman Bpence & 
lvs 87 Earl 

lab, res 14 Vine 
ibella (wld Ephralm, res 304 

Kemp Ca \ id Wm), rei 19 1 


orge, ma i 

■ dener, \\ 

n. piano iiiii-t. h 
V If red 


p Wm -i « Iwoi I • I ur- 


Kendall Harvey, capt Salvation Army, 
res S A Barracks 

Kendall Hiram, lab. res 62 Upper 

Kendall .Mary (wid Francis), lvs 276 

Kennedy Alexis, woodworker K Ve- 
hicle Co, res 134 Nels n 

Kennedy Andrew E. mach, lvs 140 

Kennedy Arthur, lvs 430 Barrie 

Kennedy Catherine (wid Owen), prop 
Kennedy House, cor Brock and On- 

Kennedy Charles, driver, lvs rear 102 

Kennedy Eliza (wid Robert), res 168 
University a 

Kennedy George W, ^ policeman, h» 

Kennedy Hous >, Mrs C Kennedy prop, 

cor < mtario and l: 
Kennedy James, lab, res 464 Montreal 
Ken: 'Loco Works, 

res 107 Stuart 
Kennedy Joseph, grocer, L40 Division, 

res same 

nedy Micl ael, driver John Ward. 

lvs 164 Menu 1 
Kennedy Patrick, beamer J J Car- 

rington, lvs 464 Monti 

nedy Thomas, confr W J Crotners, 

hs us Barrack 
Kennedy Timothy, carter, res rear 102 

Kennedy Wm, bartender i island 

1 1 use 
Kennedj Wm, • I '•" Barrie 

Kenm dj Wm, engineer str City Owen 

Bound, i - ii w ade's lane 
Kenned) Wm, tailor, l\ - 168 (Jnivei - 

sity ave 

nedy Wm A. clerk, h - 130 Barrie 
Ki - Ij Wm H. harnessmaker, 208 

Prln ime 

Kenney, iee ala i Kenny 
Kennej Joseph, cheese mnfr, re* 



128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts. 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 



Kenney Thomas, driver Dom Express 
Co res e b Collinjgwood, B s of Union 

Kenning Jane (wld James), lvs 60 Col- 

Kenny, see also Kenney 

Kenny Charles W, barber A J Lee, 
bds H>7 Lower Bagot 

Kenny James, stonecutter, bds Stan- 
ley House 

Kenny Samuel J, painter, res 387 Prin- 

Kennj Miss Sarah, grocer, w s Pem- 
broke. S n of Kins', res same 

Kenny Wm, guard K P. res cor Pem- 
broke and Davidson 

Kent Amelia M (wid Robert), res 85 

King e 
Kent Bros I Robert E and \\ uliam 1 1, 

Private Hankers and Insurance 

Agents, 91 Clarence 
Kent Elizabeth (wid Robert), res 

rear 88 Wellington 
Kent Noel, res 55 George 
Kent Robert E (Kent Bros), Resi 

dence 109 Bagot 
Kent Wm C (Kent Bros), lvs 85 

Kin:,- « 
Kerr John. Sunt Gas Works, res Id? 

Kerr John, instructor K P, res w s 

Livingston ave, 2 n of King 
Kerr Walter R. agent, lvs 155 Earl 
Kerr Wm J. bookkeeper R Crawford, 

lvs Portsmouth 
Keyes Miss Alice, dressmaker, 105 

Brock, lvs 164 Clergy 
Keyes Andrew, shoemaker, 355 Prin- 
cess, res same 
Keyes Ann (wid Wm), res 164 Clergy 
Keyes Miss Annie, dressmaker, lvs 

164 Clergy 
Keyes Miss Frances, dressmaker. 51 

Queen, lvs same 
Keyes Miss Hannah, lvs 303 Earl 
Keyes Robert, lvs 57 Queen 
Keyes Robert, grocer, 303 Earl, res 

K, yes Thomas, res 152 Colborne 
Keyes Wm. sailor, res 57 Queen 
Kldd Anne (wid Joseph), res 182 Queen 
Kidd John, carriage maker, rear 184 

Queen, lvs 182 same 
Kldd Robert, shoveller, res 118 Lower 

Kidd Wm G, Public School Inspect- 
or 28 Montreal, Residence 146 Barrle 
Kilbom Roland K, MD, Media 
Superintendent Kingston General 
Hospital, Residence Hospital Build- 

Kiufauley Patrick, engineer, res 200 

Kilfoile Dennis.lab, bds Ottawa House 
Killeen John, driver City Laundry, 

bds 217 University ave 
Killeen Patrick, carter, res 32 Rus- 

Killeen Patrick, carter Jas Swift & 

Co, res 36 Russell 
Killeen Thomas P, sailor, res 111 Bar- 

racU • 
Kilpatrick John H, stonecutter, res ol6 

Kilpatrick Mrs John H, dressmaker, 

316 Brock, res same 
Kilpatrick Samuel J (S J Kilpatrick 

& Co), res 119 Colborne 
Kilpatrick S J & Co (Samuel J Kilpat- 
rick) marble works, 126 Clarence 
Kimpson Joseph, porter W J don- 
ers, res 140 Bay 
Kimpson Joseph, jr. switchman G 1 

R, lvs 140 Bay 
Kincaid James V, currier J J Carring- 

ton lvs 91 Wellington 
Kincaid Mrs Mary, res 91 Wellington 
Kincaid Robert G, tinsmith McKel- 

vey & Birch, bds 194 Ontario 
Kinoh John, carp Co-operative Sash 
and Boor Factory, res 103 Lowe. 
Kin.hler Thomas M, lab, res 23 On- 

King^Ann (wid Patrick), lvs 110 Clar- 

G. S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges. Chamois, etc. 





King Rev Charles TV. pastor Union 

St Baptist Church, bds 33 Albert 
King Edwin F. lvs 96 Barrie 
Kin;; Mis? Fiances, lvs 96 Barrie 
King Francis, barrister, Ontario 
Chambers, cor Clarence and King, 
lvs 44 Clergy 
K'ng J George, druggist, res 44 Clergy 
King John, carp, res 26 Pine 
King John, foreman K Oilcloth Co, 

rfs 96 Raglan rd 
King Mary (wid John), res s s Que- 
bec, 1 e of Cherry 

: Robert, 1st engineer Electric 
Ught Works, res 110 Clarence 
King Thomas, carp, res n s Stanley, 

cor Lansdowne 
King Major Wm. res 239 Alfred 
King Win. carp, res n s Stanley, 2 

King Win W, student, lvs 239 Alfred 
Kingborn John, secy Macdonald Me- 

rv rial Assn. res 84 Union e 
Kingston Auxiliary British and For- 
■ Bible Society, F W Coates 
Agi nt, 138 Princess 
Kingston Bottling Works, 
Win Pipe Proprietor, 261 Princess, 
nlv inside front cover) 
Kingston Business College Co, J B 
McKay mngr, cor Sydenham and 
Kingston Chemical Fire En- 
gine Co, John Bewton, President, 
■ eden Secretary-Treasurer 
1 WelHngl irock (see adv 

Kingston Coal Co, Samuel Craw 
ford -M a King, 2 □ of 

Ouei n 

Kingston Conservatory of 
Music and School of Elocu- 
tion, Dramatic Action, etc, 
• > p Telgmann Musical 1 Hrector, 
M - i] :. Pi locipal Bohool 

Ion 101 Qu< i 11 

Kingston Cordage Co. J F Ferguson 
prop. King e, near Queen 

Kingston Dairy School. Bar- 
rie, cor Union 

Kingsto n Elastic Paint Co, L, B 
Spencer, prop, King w, opp O'Kill 

Kingston Foundry, Raney, P<i<l 
& Selby Proprietors. Cor Ontario 
and Union 

Kingston General Hospital, 
Dr R K Kilborn Medical Superin- 
tendent. Cor Stuart and George 

Kingston Gold Cure Insti- 
tute, W M Hiiitoii, Manager, 186 
Bagot (see adv inside front cover) 

Kingston Hosiery Co, James 
Minnes President, John Hewton 
Managing Director, King W, opp 
University ave 

Kingston Ladies' College 
and Conservatory of Music, 
Mrs Mary Cornwall, MA. Principal. 
Emily st 

Kingston Light. Heat and 
Power Co. R T Walkem, QC, LLD, 
President, tra A Breck, \ 
Ident, Edward Moore Secretary- 
Treasurer P W Folger Mana 
tin-. 19 Queen 

Kingston Milling Co (Alexander B 
mpbell. Thomas T Renton), flour 
mill, ft it Brock 

Kingston News The 1 Daily and 
weekly), News Printing Co (ltd), 
Publishers, 67 Prln 

■ton Oil and Enamel (Moth Co 
(ltd), ll V Lyon mngr, cor of Rldeau 
and North 

Kingston Penitentiary, M 
Lavell, UD, Warden, King st, Ports- 

Kingston, Portsmouth & Cat- 
araqui Electric Railway, 
i,., \ Breok President, B w 
Polgei Oeneral Manager and 
Vive-President, George Osborne 


Qpemieal fire Ei^e <?o. 

JOHN HE W TON, President. 

JOHN BREDEN, Secretary- Treasurer. 





Qtyemieal pire Er^ipe <?o. 

JOHN HEWTON, President. 

JOHN B RE DEN, Secretary-Treasurer. 



. . KINGSTON, ONT. . . 

T, McAuley, 

128 Princess Street 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 

half a cent to 15c. a yard. 


K. \ A 

I 63 

Treasurer, P Sargent Secre- 
tary. 11 C Nickle Superintendent, 192 


Kingston Rag & Metal CO, 389 Prtn 

Kingston Real Estate Co (ltd), 1. 
Clements Pies. H J Wilkinson 5eo- 
Treas, 180 Wellington 

Kingston School of Art. C B 
Wrenshall Principal, 21 Montreal 

Kingston School of Mining 
and Agriculture. Wm Mason 
Bursar, Queen's College Grounds 

Kingston Skating Rink, C H Hatch 
Manager, Arch st 

Kingston Vehicle Co (Limited) 
Geo A Richardson President, Chas 
Livingston Vice-President, H i<j 
Walton Manager, Manufacturers of 
Carriages and Bicycles, Cor Prin- 
cess and Ontario 

Kingston Vinegar Works, A Haaz * 
Co, props, cor Bagot and Ordnance 

Kingston & Montreal For- 
warding Co (Ltd), Frank Ross 
President, A Gunn Vice-President, 
Wm Stewart Managing Director 
James Stewart Agent, Portsmouth 

Kingston & Pembroke Iron Mining 
Co, 28 Clarence 

Kingston & Pembroke Rail- 
way Co, (' F Gildersleeve, Presi- 
dent, B W Polger General Manager, 
F A Folger Superintendent, T W 
Nash Secretary-Treasurer and Chief 
Engineer. Frank Conway General 
Freight and Passenger Agent, Jonn 
Whitebread Auditor, Offices and De- 
pot Ontario, opp City Hall 

Kings well Charles, gardener,' res e s 
Victoria. 2 n of Princess 

Kinnear Thomas J, Christian Scien- 
tist, res 219 Bagot 

Kirby Wm K. carter Ratbun Co, res 
s s Stuart. 1 w of St Lawrence 

Kirk Ellen (wid Wm), lvs 329 Barrie 

Kirkpatrick Emily G (wid Pra 
W), res 61 West 

Kirkpatrlck Francis A, clerk M Kirk- 
patrlck, lvs 159 Princess 

Kirkpatrick Francis G, Bar- 
rister, Solicitor, etc, 93 Clarence. 
Residence 61 West 

Kirkpatrick George H, clerk M Kirk- 
patrick, res 466 Brock 

Kirkpa trick Harriet P, (wid Wm W), 
res 96 Barrie 

Kirkpatrick Herbert R, purser str 
Armerica, lvs 61 West 

Kirkpatrick John, carp, res e s St 
Lawrence ave, 1 s Stuart 

Kirkpatrick Miss Mary, dressmaker, 
118 Montreal, res same 

Kirkpatrick Michael, pictures 159 
Princess, res same 

Kirkpatrick Robert, carter Jas cow- 
ards, lvs 118 Montreal 

Kirkpatrick Samuel, lab, res 118 Mont- 

Kirkpatrick Stafford F, student, lvs 
96 Barrie 

Kirkpatrick & Rogers (R Vash- 
on Rogers, QC, LLD), Barristers, 
Solicitors, etc.. 194 Ontario 

Kirkwood James, mariner, res 116 

Kirkwood Joseph, conductor K Street 
Ry Co. bds Portsmouth 

Klein Louis, sec hd goods, 271 Prin- 
cess, res same 

K n a p p AC. Boat Builder. 
Boats of all kinds for sale 
and built to order, Oars, 
sails and all boat fittings 
supplied. All materials and 
workmanship of the best 
quality, and prices moder- 
ate. A first-class Boat Liv- 
ery in connection. Office 
and Residence, Cataraqui 
Bridge, foot of Ontario st. 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 




Knapp Albert E. student. lvs 333 

Knapp Andrew H. carp R Gaw & 
Co, res e s St Lawrence ave, 2 n of 
Knapp Dixon S. carder K Hosiery 

Co, res e s Albert, 1 s of Brock 
Knapp George W, driver W J Croth- 

ers, res 49 Bay 
Knapp James F, res 333 Johnston 
Knapp Miss Mary A, lvs e s St Law- 
rence ave. 2 n of Kiner 
Knapp Mary A (wid Wm C), res ft of 

Knight Archibald P. MA. MD. prof 
Queen's Collesre. >-.-s < « Alice, - w 
rniversltv ave 
Ts'niglu Miss Ida. dressmaker. 400 

le, lvs same 
Knight rsaac, res 165 Victoria 
"Knight Robert, earn res 368 Barrie 
Knight Robert, motorman Street Ry 

Co, res 262 Johnston 
Knott Frank, lab A Haaz & 

- Ra llwa ■ Cottages 1 mtario st 
Knott \V:ilt»r. foreman Booth & Co. 

• Johnston 
Knox R< ■■• Robert D, bds 70 William 
n Edward, clerk Stacey & Stacey, 
lvs w s Aiwlngton ave, 2 a of King 

1 .Miss < lertrude, Ivs e s Pembroke, 
1 s of Union 

a Michael, guard K 1*. res w b 
Aiwlngton ave, - n of King 

1 M Nellie, lvs e s Pembroke. 
1 s of Union 

Jeweller, res 154 On- 
Korki rkey 

ohn, ■ ncrli) ■■•! st r North King, 
■ 1 :.i 1 1 

;•!, ,\. blacksmith 1: J 
Railway Col 

pedlar, res 22 < !ha1 bam 

Lacey Catherine (wid Henry), res 383 

Lachapelle Felix, barber, 234 Ontario, 

res same 
La Croix Henry A. cabinet maker Jas 

Reid, res 499 Princess 
La France Catherine (wid Charles), 

138 Colborne 
Lafreniere David, cigarmaker, lvs 

rear 87 Johnston 
1 aftcneire James, tinsmith, lvs rear 

n7 Johnston 
Lafreniere Lucy (wid David), res rear 

ST Johnston 
Laid law David G <•! Laidlaw & 

Son), Residence 395 Brock 
Laidlaw John (J Laidlaw & Son), 

lence 216 Johnston 
Laidlaw J & Son (John and David 
Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, 
'Tii Princess 
1 a'dley Mrs Frances, res 151, Mont- 

I nidley Samuel G. harnessmaker, S*» 

Queen, res same 
Laing Rev Douglas, pastor Baptist 
• Church, res 93 Johnston 
Laing Jane (wid Robert), lvs 93 Johns- 
'and Miss \nnie. student, bds 31t» 

Laird David H. student, lvs 113 York 
Laird James A, painter J Laird, lvs 

149 Prin 
Laird Janus C, salesman Richmond 

lvs 11:: York 
Laud John, painter, 349 Princess, res 

Laird Robert, student, res 11:: York 
L a is h ley Joet, Manager Singer 
inufacturlng Co, 218 Princess, 
Residence same 
1 .1 ; 'K.- 

i.ik.- Anthony, labl res 130 Queen 
1 ike Mrs KH/.a a. talloress, lvs 121 

l .'i.e Jan. (wid Dennis), i>ds I9fi Farl 


128 Princess St. 

Inks, Writing and Copying : Stephens', 
Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
worth's and Underwoods. 




I6 5 

Lake John, waggon makr, res 26 Bin 

! alio Ontario Fish Co, H B Wheelock 
mngr, 60 Brock 

I :ikt Ontario & Hay of Quinte Steam- 
boat Co (ltd), James Swift Pres, U 
it Qlldersleeve Mngr, 42 Clarence 

Lake Richard H. mach W J Moore, 
res 400 Barrie 

Lake View House, A Simpson 
i\ oprietor, 2S6 Ontario 

Lake Wm, carp, res 316 Queen 

Lalonde Alfred J, student, lvs 300 Bar- 

Lalonde Antoine J, mach, res 9 St 

I.alrnde Francis H, helper K & P Ry 
shops, res 2 Orchard 

Lalonde Henry( carp Collins Bay 
Rafting Co, lvs 25 Ellice 

Lalonde Joseph, calker M T Co, res 
Ontario st, opp Tete du Pont Bar- 

lalonde Joseph M, baker, res 300 Bar- 

Lalonde Louis, carp Collins Bay 
Rafting Co, res 25 Ellice 

Lalonde Mary (wid Cyprian), resta- 
urant, 49 Princess 

Lalonde Maxam, sailor, lvs 25 Ellice 

Lalor, see Lawler and Lawlor 

Lamb George, watchmaker A C Johns- 
ton & Bro, lvs 34 Durham 

Lamb Walter, agent, res 34 Durham 

Lambert Lewis A, student, lvs 42 
Hickson ave 

Lambert Michael, carp G T R, res es 
Montreal, 6 n of G T R crossing 

Lambert Samuel, bridge inspector G 
T R, res 42 Hickson ave 

Lambert Samuel J, painter G T R, res 
770 Montreal 

Lambert Thomas (Lambert & 
Walsh), Residence 118 Colborne 

Lambert Wm, sectionman G T R, res 
n s Rideau, 1 e of Montreal 

Lambert & Walsh (Thon as 

Lambert, Edwin Walsh), Merchant 
Tailors, 110-112 Princess 

Lamoureux Dorice, lvs 236 Ontario 

Lamoureux Pierre, sec hd goods, 236 
Ontario, res same 

Lanagan, see also Lanigan 

Lanagan Andrew, lab, General Hospi- 

Landeryou John C, contractor, 91 
York, res same 

Landeryou John C, jr, carp, J C Lan- 
deryou, res 87 York 

Landeryou Joseph T A, res 85 Col- 

Lane Benjamin, teamster Hy Skin- 
ner & Co, res 103 Pine 

Lane Mrs Catherine, confectionery, 89 
Earl, res same 

Lane Timothy, res 89 Earl 

Langbort Lswis, sec hd goods, 43 Prin- 
cess, res same 

Langdon Alfred, mason, res 249 Vic- 

Langdon John, mason, res 211 Nelson 

Langdon Joseph, cabinet maker F C 
Marshall, res 663 Princess 

Langdon Miss Mary J, bookkeeper P 
Walsh, lvs 253 Victoria 

Langdon Nathaniel, contractor, res 
w s Nelson. 4 n of Princess 

Langdon Wilhelmina (wid Nathaniel), 
res 253 Victoria 

Langdon Wm, contractor, 207 Nelson, 
res same 

I.angley Henry, res 106 Ontario 

Lanham Honora (wid Charles), res 50 
Lower Bagot 

Lanigan. see also Lanai. n 

Lanigan Andrew, caretaker City 
buildings, res same 

Lanigan Jane (wid Richard), lvs City 

Lappage Wm, signalman G T R, les 
n s Hickson ave, 6 w of Montreal 

La Rose Napoleon, engineer, res 24 
Wade's lane 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A . greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 



Foster's Kingston 


La Rose Henry, servant Dr Ryan, 
lvs 24 Wade's lane 

La Rose Joseph, tinsmith, lvs _!4 
Wade's lane 

La Rue Ellen (wid Anthony), res :;T 

La Rue Wm A, clerk Murray & Tay- 
lor .lvs ::T Johnston 

Larush, see also Derush 

La Rush Anthony, lvs e s Beverley, 
f Union 

La Rush Capt Richard J, mariner, 
! level ley, 3 s of Union 

Lasher Henrietta (wid John), res 868 

Laturney Ellen <wid James), res 380 

Laturney George, driver Fenwic-k, 

Hendry & Co, res 112 Barrack 
Laturney James, carriage maker. 392 

Princess, res 390 same 
Laturney James, printer, lvs 112 Bar 

, ., ,.\i 
Lauder •:• rge, blacksmith, bds SS 

Lauder John, res n •• cor Victoria and 

South Bartlett 
Laugheran Miss Elizabeth, lvs 4.". 

;.. wer Bagot 

in James, foreman K Elastic 
. 4:, Lower I'.agot 

Lavell M, MD, LLD, Warden 

Kingston Penitentiary, res Ports- 
Lavery H itrick, lab, 1 

Pi trick, jr. 1. ..tiler Jaa Me 
Pnrland, lvs 14 Corrigan 

i j ( .Md James), h 

I\"ln_' e 

Law Edward, cordage mnfr, Victoria 
i me 


Lawler James, attendant Asylum, res 

La-vi i .1 Herbert, shipper Dalton ft 

l.per Charles 

Lawler Michael, tinsmith E Chown ft 

Son, h s 218 Alfred 
Lawler Patrick, carp, res 665 Mont- 
Lawler Philip J, clerk R Waldron, lvs 

218 Alfred 
Law lei- Robert J, clerk W R McRae & 

Co, lvs 21S Alfred 
Lav. less James, driver T J Leahy, lvs 

222 Earl 
Lawless James, carter, res 213 T'ni- 

versity ave 
Lawless James F, cab driver P Law- 
less, lvs 319 Johnston 
Lawless James J, porter B A Hotel, 

lvs 213 University ave 
l av. less Michael, carter, res 222 Earl 
Lawless Michael, baggageman B A 

Hotel, lvs 319 Johnston 
Lawless Patrick J, clerk B A Hotel. 

res 221 Earl 
Lawless Peter, cab owner, res 3M 

Lawk SS Peter F. broom maker W 
liley & Co, lvs 213 University ave 
La wlm. s.-e also Lawler 
Lawler Albert, driver R daw ft Co, 

lvs 285 Wellington 
Lawlor Anastasia (wid James), lvs 

104 William 
Lawlor Janus, stonecutter H McBrat- 

ney, res I04 William 
Lawlor John R, lab, lvs 104 William 
Lawlor Joseph, driver w Pollltt, res 

266 Earl 
Lawlor Louisa (wid James), res 212 

King e 

Lawlor Wm. teamster M T Co, 

286 Wellington 
Lawrence Prank, sailor, res .".1 Baj 
1 awrence Prank, jr. sailor, lvs :.i Bay 
1 .-. A 1 . nee Joseph «>. barber w 11 l'ip.' 

lvs 51 Baj 
Law reus, m Elmer, tinsmith McKi 

£ Birch, lv« 28 Wellington 
Lawrenson Miss Isabel, bds 28 Well- 

T lVToATTr 17 V Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
L • JTA^A \J UI^ A , Foolscap Bin Heads, Note 


128 Princess Street. 



II \1 


Lawson Francis (wid Wm), res 127 
Bagot - 

Law son Hugh, policeman, -MomMF 
Km inn 357 altfr*t>C St?***- t 

Law- 11 John .1. tinman tugr D D Cal- 
vin, res w s Victoria, 4 n of Johnston 

Leach Edward, porter Can Express 
< '", res 7 Garrett 

Leaden Frederick A, mach W J Moore, 
res 4 Corrigan 

Leaden Sergt Major Michael J, staft 
clerk R M College, res 290 Welling- 

Leader Arthur J, sawyer S Anglin 
& Co, res Barriefield 

Leader Edward, sawyer S Anglin & 
Co, res Barriefield 

Leader Elizabeth (wid George), lvs 
109 Brock 

Leader Miss Emma, dressmaker, 233 
Bagot, tads 290 Ontario 

Leader George, tailor T Irwin, lvs 

Leader George N, brush maker E N 
Rossiter, res 23 Earl 

Leader Miss Martha, dressmaker, bds 
290 Ontario 

Leahy Miss Gertrude, music teacher, 
lvs n w cor Alwington ave and King 

Leahy Mary (wid Thomas), res 98 Div- 

Leahy Michael A, instructor K P, res 
n w cor Alwington ave and King 

Leahy Thomas J, grocer, 320 King e, 
res 96 Division 

Lea son, see also Gleeson 

Leason Lucy J (wid John), res 89 Elm 

Leason Ralph, lab, lvs 89 Elm 

Leader Elizabeth (wid George), res 9 

Lcatherland Charles, clerk Haines & 
Lockett, bds 363 Bagot 

Lee. see also Lees 

Lee Albert J, barber, 51 Brock, res n 
s Cataraqui, 2 w of Orchard 

Lee Mrs Ann, lvs 3 Sixth 

Lee Ann (wid James), lvs 386 Johnston 

Lee Mrs Eliza, lvs 793 Princess 

Lee George (Wormwith & Co), res 
llfi Earl 

Lee James, carp A Williamson, res 
386 Johnston 

Le< Miss Mary, bds e s Chapman, 1 
n of Queen 

Lee Mary A (wid John), lvs w s Al- 
fred, 1 s of Fair grounds 

Lee Miss Rebecca, res 413 Princess 

Lee Robert J, tailor Livingston & Bro, 
res 54 Lower Rideau 

Lee Wm, lab, res 793 Princess 

Lee Wm J, foreman Wm Bailey & 
Co, res w s Alfred, 1 s of Fair 

Leeman James N, engineer barge Que- 
bec, res n w cor Ellice and Vine 

Lees Adam, foreman Cotton Mills, res 
172 Rideau 

Lees Joseph, tailor, res 55 Colborne 

Leggett George H, clerk British Whig, 
bds Kennedy House 

Leherle Louis W, trav, bds 195 Earl 

Le Heup Miss Edith, bds 35 Charles 

Le Heup John, lab, lvs 15 University 

Le Heup John A, farmer, lvs 15 Uni- 
versity ave 

Le Heup John J, watchman K & M 
Forwarding Co, res 15 University 

Le Heup R Edward, lab, res s w cor 
Victoria and Park 

Le Heup Wm A, sailor, lvs 15 Univer- 
sity ave 
Leigh Frederick J, Superin- 
tendent Canadian Locomotive & 
PJngine Co, Residence 252 King e 

Lemmon, see almos Lemon and Len- 

Lemmon Charles G, farmer, res 583 

Lemmon James H, mach K & P Ry 

shops, res 384 Division 
Lemmon John, driver Fire Station 
No 2, res 406 Barrie 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 

1 68 


Foster's Kingston 

Lemmon John, tinsmith McKelvey & 

Birch, res 88 Lower Bagot 
Lemmon Joseph, shoemaker, res 27 

Lemmon Margaret (wid Wm), lvs 381 

Lemmon Miss Minerva, dressmaker, 

lvs 88 Lower Bagot 
Lemon, see also Lemmon, Lennon and 

Lemon Charles, carp, res 149 Fron- 

Lendrum Horace E. porter Jas McPar- 

land, res 35 Wellington 
Lerea Sophia (wid Peter), res 124 

Lennon Felix, fireman Waterworks, 

res 13 Ontario 
Lennon Margaret (wid Patrick), re.s 

n s Raglan rd. 1 w of Main 
Lennon Mary (wi 1 James), lvs 154 Pin • 
Lennon Patrick, lab, lvs n a Raglan 

id, 1 \v of Main 

ion Thomas, res 193 Colborne 
Lennox House, C Lennox prop, s e 

- k and Wellington 
Leonard Miss Carrie, res 286 Princess 
Leonard Reuben, civil engineer, bds 

Lepper Henry H, student, bds 207 Wil- 
l leslie, Bee also I lesslie 

lie David, engineer S Anglin ft 

C i - Kiver 

[.. • lie I >avid J. engineer, lvs b b River 
Leslie George W, Insurance agent, lvs 

i 'nioii w 

Leslie Henry A, Ian B Anglln A Co, 

lvs s s R 
Leslie James, Local Manage] 
Canadian and American E&xpi 
( ompanles, cor King and Brook, bds 
lie Wm. engineer w J Crothers, 

nviil Wmi. i 

< ; pa 

Lesslie James F (James Swift & 

Co), Residence 47 William 
Lesslie Wm, mngr Collins Bay Raft- 
ing Co, res 57 George 

Levinson Abraham, tailor C Livings- 
ton & Bro, res 6 Devonshire Ter- 
race, Sydenham st 

Levinson Bennett, tailor Grand Union 
Clothing Co, lvs 6 Devonshire Ter- 
lace, Sydenham st 

1. wers Nathaniel, student R Shaw, 
lvs 214 Colborne 

I. ewers James A, sailor, lvs 214 Col- 

L» wers Robert, letter carrier, res 211 

Lewers Wm T. stableman J H Met- 
calfe, lvs 214 Colborne 

Lewis Miss Annie, dressmaker, bds 
1:42 Princess 

Lewis Calvin, teamster, res 126 Vic- 

Lewis George, teamster, res 124 Vic- 

Lewis James A, driver, Us w B Vic- 
toria, 8 n of Johnston 

Lewis James H, stableman 1000 Is- 
land House 

Lewis Rev John Travers, DD, 

LLD, Archbishop of Ontario and 
Metropolitan of. Canada, Residence 
Blshoplelgh, 13 King w 

Lewis Joseph, l arnessmaker, 356 Prin- 
i ess, res ■"• s " Barrle 

License Inspector's Office, 
AVin Glidden Inspector, City Build- 

Light Richard H, artist, res W Bar] 

l indsaj C Valentine, student, lvs w s 
Regent, 1 s of Princess 

Lindas . Eli«e L (Wtd John), res w s 
Regent, i i of Prta 

LindBaj Hamilton. CE, lvs w s ! 
. :il. 1 s of Prim. 

i inds.iy James, »>ds Ml Princess 
i mdsaj Patrick, res 9d4 CoffcoriM 

T lVTn A TTIM^V prayer books and 

A. 1T1^/-V ^ l^i-< I , ffYMNS. AMP (Nn 

128 Princess Street. 





Lindsay Robert J. carp, res 36 EUer 

beck ave 
Lindsay Thomas D A, lab, lvs 204 Cul- 

Lindsaj Wm F, carp, lvs 204 Colborne 
Lingwood Frederick H, teacher Col 

Institute, res 94 Frontenac 
Lingwood Wm, sec hd goods, 326 Prin- 
cess, res same 
Linton Charles E, blacksmith Jas La- 

turney, res 15 Division 
Linton James, shoveller, res 270 Wel- 
Linton James, Jr, engineer, lvs 270 

Linton Jessie A (wid John J), res 204 

Linton Wm N, clerk R Waldron, lvs 

204 Bagot 
Lipman Barnet, pedlar, res 42 Division 
Liston John, salesman Rathbun Co, 

res n s Place d'Armes 
Little, see also Lytle 
Little Thomas, butcher D J Millan, 

bds 80 Earl 
Little Thomas, 

Clergy w 
Li l tie Wm W, 

res 67 Union e 
Little Wm, pattern maker, 

King e 
Litton Charles S, clerk N E Runians, 

lvs 310 Earl 
Litton John F, asst engineer Loco 

Works, res 310 Earl 
Litton John W, mason, bds 159 Alfred 
Livingston Charles (C Living- 
ston & Bro), res ,">u - J Princess 
Livingston C & Bro (Charles ami 

Wm J), Merchant Tailors and Gents' 

Furnishings, 75-77 Brock 
Livingston Wellington L, painter K' 

Vehicle Co, res 52 Bay 
Livingston Wm J (C Livingston 

& Bro). Residence 455 Princess 
Livingstone Selina (wid Archibald), 
res 361 Brock 

moulder, res rear 11 
comp British Whig, 
res 415 

Lochhead .lames, collector, res 363 

Loftus John, roofer, bds Stanley 
I l>>use 

Loke Mrs Mary, res 53 Lower Bagot 

London Life Insurance Co, K 
P Pearce Assistant Superintedent, 
Ontario Chambers, cor King and 

Loney Albert, driver, res 100 Pine 

Loney Ellen (wid Timothy), bds 4!» 
Upper Charles 

Loney Frank, baker G D Pound, bds 
358 Montreal 

Long Sergt Charles E, drill instructoi- 
A Battery, res 54 Bay 

Long Henry, lab O G Johnson 

Long James, groom, bds Queen's Ho- 

Long Island Park, Jos Brophy 
Proprietor, 340 King e 

Loscombe A E M, General In- 
surance and Real Estate 
Agent. Fire, Li-fe, Accident 
and Plate Glass Insurance. 
Insurance Solicited and Sat 
isfaction guaranteed. 


Queen City Fire Insurance Company. 

jBtna Life Insurance Company, Hartford, (t. 

Fire Insurance ISxchange Insurance Co, 

Hand in Hand Insurance Company —Fire and 

Plate Glass. 
Norwich and London Accident Insurance 


23.3 Bagot, cor. Brock — Residence same. 

Loucks Edwin B, salesman Geo Sears, 
res 60 Wellington 

Loudfoot James W, agent Singer 
Mnfg Co, bds 11 Rideau 

Lougher Frederick, driver H Lough- 
er, lvs 358 Princess 

Lougher Henry, baker, 358 Princess, 
res same 

Lovett Jeff Thomas mach Cotton 
Mills, res 16 Earl 

Lovick Miss Charlotte E, teacher Vic- 
toria School, lvs 152 University ave 

CO U *t L ,-* ..4- Q O** mm Agents for Knickerbocker 
. 0= HOhart & bOn.S Slicalder Braces. Sizes for 
155 Princess Street. men, women, boys and girls. 




X.ovick John, blacksmith, res ir>2 Uni- 
versity ave 
Low Charles, city trav W J Crothers, 

36 Union e 
Low Edward W, trav, res B6 Union e 
George R, clerk Merchants Bank, 

lvs 86 Union e 
Lowe Samuel, salesman Steacy & 

Steacy, res 400 Brock 
Lowe Wm. sizer Cotton Mills, res 102 

tiowry Calvin, currier J J Carrington, 

res 358 Johnston 
Loynes Caroline (wid James), lvs 182 

Loynes Shore, trav, res 182 Barrie 
Lucy John, lab K Vehicle Co, bds 

322 Division 
Lucy Wm B, baker R H Toye. lvs 322 

Ludlow Richard, lab Loco Works, res 

276 Earl 
Lumb Frederick, lab K Hosiery Co, 

lvs 354 Johnston 
Lumb Richard, spinner K Hosiery 

Co, res 3">4 Johnston 
Lundin Jonas, jeweller P W Spang- 

enberg, res 116 William 
Lynch Catherine (wid Daniel), i 

s Bay, 1 e of Rideau 
Lynch Miss Ellen, res 26 .Johnston 
Lynch Michael, J, salesman Ma 

& Minnes, bds 7t; Princess 
Lynn Joseph E (Bryant, Carnegie & 

Lynn i, refl 225 Sydenham 
Lyon Herbert I I Smythe, Smith 
. ft Lyon), Residence e a Livingston 

ave, i s of Union 
Lyon Horatio V, mngr B i >ii ft Enam- 
el Cloth Co, res 276 Universitj 
Lyons Bros (Patrick and Charles), 

hid- i- Market ^<i 

I Lyons Bros), and prop 
Qulnte Hotel, 1 1 Market sq 
Lg« foreman K 

A p Ry, iva 1 16 < (rdnanca 

Donald, engines! Carhovskj 

W I MnlK CO, fs 882 Division 

Lyons Edward, Inland Revenue Offi- 
cer, bds 331 King e 

Lyons John, fisherman, res 290 Div- 

Lyons Miss Madge, housekeeper, 14 
Market so 

Lyons Patrick (Lyons Bros), and cab 
owner, res 146 Ordnance 

Lyle Wm D, student, bds 232 Johns- 

Lytle, see also Little 

Lytle Alice (wid John W). res 

Lytle Frederick W, comp British 
Whig, lvs 309 Queen 

Lytle John W, painter T McMahon ft 
Co, res 35(a) Main 


McAdam Thomas, mach Loco Works. 
res 2:: West 

McAdoo Miss Reta > ca, res 106 .Mont- 

McAllister Alexander, butcher S 
Green, lvs 184 Barrie 

McAllister Miss Maria, clerk, lvs 

McAllister Mary A (wid James), 
ist Barrie 

McArdle Catherine (wid Barnard) 
s s Corrigan, 3 w of Rideau 

McArdle Patrick, engineer, 

McArthur James, Manager On- 
tario Building ft Savings Society, 61 
i !larence, Residence ~ I >i\ hsion 

McArthur John, sailor, res 7 Division 

McAulej . see also Mc< !auley 

McAuley Bert, bookbinder T McAu- 
ley, Iva "River View," King w 

McAulej Robert J, tinsmith, rea 15 
Clergj « 

McAuley Thomas. Koobseller, Sta- 
tioner and Bookbinder, L28 Prlni 
Residence "River View," King w 
,.\\ i lgh1 top lines) 

McAvej Andrew, lab, rea i:>:> Ord» 


128 Princess Street. 



M. \ 


M< A 

l 7 I 

M,.\\ • •> < !bai lee, engineer, res -' s 

McAvey Miss Elizabeth, lvs 115 Ord- 


McAvey -Miss Margaret, lvs 115 Ord- 
McAvey Patrick. Bailor, bds 1 

} 1< 'USC 

McAvoy Martin, driver 3 H Fisher, 

les 42S King e 
McBratney Hugh, Stone Dealer, 
137 Bai 

card below) 

Hugh McBratney 


OF L! 

.\i;iAT TOR 



Yard 397 Princi 

Office and Residence 137 IVy st. 

McBride Archibald, engineer, res 

McBride Archibald J. salesman Mac- 
nee & Minnes, lvs 192 Ordnance 

McBride Frank E, moulder K Vehicle 
Co, res 386 Montreal 

McBride James, hay dealer, res 

McBride James, jr, clerk Postoffice, 
lvs 190 Clergy 

McBride James S, acct Robei 
Bros, res 329 Barrie 

McBride Joseph, carp, res 563 Prin- 

McBride Miss Mary, milliner, lvs - 

McBride Robert, engineer, lvs lt»o Ord- 

McBride Samuel, carp, res 192 Ord- 

McCabe Miss Susan, lvs 49 Clergy 

McCabe Alexander, gardener, res 156 

McCabe John, tailor I Boyd, rec 

M< Cabe Thomas, painter T McMahon 

& Co, lvs 156 York 
McCaig, see also McCuaig and 

McCaig NeH lab, jueen 

McCaig Nell, mail clerk British Whig, 

210 Alfred 
McCall, see also McGall and M 

McCall Evans, clerk, bds 94 Queen 
McCall John T, butcher, res 402 Mac- 
don nell 
McCallum Helen (wid Campbell), rea 

240 Coborne 
McCallum Hugh, clerk, lvs 240 Col- 
McCallum John, baker Gardiner Co, 

lvs 240 Colborne 
McCambridge, see also Cambridge 
McCambridge Charles J, student, lvs 

57 John 
McCambridge Francis, shoveller, res 

57 John 
McCambridge Francis A. salesman 

Hardy & Co, lvs 57 John 
McCammonBros iJamesandWm 

Livery Stable, Cor Bagot and Brock 
McCammon James (MeCammon 

Bros), Residence 234 Brock 
McCammon James h, driver R H 

Toye, res i* Elm 
McCammon John, butcher. 74 Brock, 

res 30 Main 
McCammon Mary A (wid Dr James), 

res 15 Montreal 
McCammon Robert, res 52 William 
Cammon S H, Physician, lvs 15 
McCammon Thomas, clerk Macnee & 

Minnes, lvs 30 Main 
McCammon Thomas W, electrician, 

lvs 15 Montreal 
MCcammonWm,(McCammon Bros 

lvs 234 Brock 

G. S. jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 



Foster's Kingston 

McCammon Wm, Market Clerk and 
Harbor Master, City Buildings, Res- 
idence 329 Queen 

McCammon Wm, salesman Richmond 
& Co, lvs 30 .Main 

McCann Hugh, lab, bds Central Hotel 

McCann James S R, Public Ac 
untant, instate. Loan and Insur- 
ance Agent. 332 King e, Residence 200 

McCann Mary (wld Patrick J), res 290 

McCarey Bernard, grocer, 269 Ontario, 
res same 

McCarriston Mary (wid John), lvs 522 

McCarter Alexander, watchmaker, 
Golden Lion Block, res 305 Univer- 
sity ave 

McCarthy Edward H, prop Central 
Hotel, 284 Ontario 

McCarthy John, sailor, bds Central 

McCarthy Maurice, lab. res 99 Rag- 
lan rd 

McCarthy Wm, student, bds 87 Col- 

ifcCartney Alexander, contractor, 24S 
1 rniverslty ave, res aame 

McCartney Alexander, mason, lvs 231 
University ave 

McCartney Mary (wld John), res 231 

l 'nivi sii j 
Mc( 'a 1 tri. y Wm, res 250 University ave 
McCartney Wm, contractor, 198 Unl- 

verslt v a \ e, res same 
McCaugherty John A, farm Instructor 

K P, res Prison rd 
McCault y, see also McAuley and Mac- 

McCaulej Annie (wid Hugh), res 34 

I >ull. 1 in 

McCay, aei tlao \i. Kaj . Mackay and 

\ I . 1 • 

McCaj Edward m. clerk City Hotel 
rea 881 Brock 

McCaj Fraser W, clerk E C Mitchell, 

lvs 332 Brock 
McCleelan Margaret (wid Dawson), lva 

161 Bagot 
McClelland, set- also McLennan 
McClelland Richard J, clerk Canadian 

Express Co, bds 23 Union w 
McClelland Wm C. porter J C W^oods, 

bds L60 Kagot 
Mc< luskey Patrick, works Cotton 

Mills, lvs 170 Lower Bagot 
McCluskey Unity (wid James), res 170 

Lower Bagot 
McClymont Gilbert M, teacher, lvs 33 

King w 
McClymont Jane (wid Thomas), lvs 38 

King w 
McClymont Mina (wid Alexander), res 

33 King w 
McClymont Richard A, clerk Jas Red- 
den & Co. lvs 33 King w 
McO II, see MacColl 
McConnell, see also Connell and 

McConnell Catherine (wid James), res 

769 Montreal 
M< Connell Joseph, prop Farmers' Ho- 

t.l. Princess, cor Victoria 
McConnell Joseph a. bartender Rus- 
sell House, res 669 Prim 
McConnell Richard, carp W .1 Croth- 

ers, lvs 196 Rideau 
McConnell Robert, prop Russell 

Hous.-. 348 Princess 
McConville Arthur, guard K P. res 27 

University ave 
McConville Bernard, mail collector, 

res 29 George 
McConville Bernard w it McCon- 

\ ill.- A Sou). Lva si King w 
McConville Miss Bridget, talloress.lva 

rear 381 Brook 
McConville [aobel, physician, 13 Mont- 
real, res same 
MoConVille Miss Jane, lvs 2'.i Ceorge 

Mc< 'on\ tile John, clerk .1.1- ( 'raw foi 1. 
lva Portsmouth 

T. McAuley, 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates. Exercise and 
128 Princess Street. Copy Books. 



\i< D 


talloresB, res; 

McConvllle Miss Kate, 

rear 331 Brock 
McConvllle Thomas (T McConvllle & 

Son), res si King w 
McConvllle T & Son (Thomas and 

Bernard W), butchers, 224 Barrle 
McCorkell Andrew, boat builder, res 

s s Barrack, 2 w of Ontario 
McCormack, see also McCormlck and 

( !ormack 
McCormack Charles S, appr VVorm- 

with & Co), lvs 327 Montreal 
McCormack Michael, clerk P McCor- 
mack. lvs 46 Ordnance 
McCormack Patrick, coal and wood, 
Place d'Armes, cor King, res 46 Ord- 
McCormack Samuel, spring bed mnfr, 

826 Montreal, res same 
McCormack Thomas, lab, res 327 

McCormlck, see also McCormack 
McCormick Armstrong, liquors, 91 

Princess, res 102 Centre 
Mi Cormick Charles, acct Richmond 

& Co), res 474 Brock 
McCormlck Robert, clerk A McCor- 
mick, res 5 Newman's Cottages, 
King w 
McCormick Sarah (wid Wm), res 225 

McCorn ick T Henry, mach K Hosiery 

Co, res 88 Wellington 
McCormick Thomas N, clerk A Mc- 
Cormick, res w s Centre, 2 n of King 
McCormick Mrs Wm, lvs 474 Brock 
McCoy Edward M, clerk City Hotel, 

res 332 Brock 
McCoy John T, carp, res n s Johnston, 

1 w of Nelson 
McCoy Peter, bartender Albion Hotel 
McCrea, see also McRae 
McCrea, Thomas W, carriage maker, 

481 Princess, res 477 same 
McCready Wm, res 379 Earl 
McCuaig, see also McCaig and Mr- 

McCuaig Mrs Louisa, lvs 72 Brock 

McCue Miss Ellen, res 65 Lower Bag- 

McCulla James, clerk T H Johns, i"3 

111 Bay 
McCullagh George, supt House of In- 
dustry, 362 Montreal 
McCullagh Samuel, policeman, res n s 

Ordnance, 2 w of Barrie 
McCullouch ' Miss Jane, dressmaker, 

29 Union w, res same 
McCullouch Miss Kate, tailoress, lvs 

29 Union w 
McCullough Charles, clerk, lvs 60 Col- 
McCullough John, lab, res 60 Colborne 
McCullough John K, clerk J S Hen- 
derson, lvs 60 Colborne 
McCullough Robert T, driver J S Hen- 
derson, res 101 Raglan rd 
McCullough Wm, carp, res 33 Main 
MeCummiskey Alice (wid Patrick), lvs 

79 Colborne 
MeCummiskey John, sailor, bds Anglo 

American Hotel 
McCutcheon Alexander, tinsmith C D 

Chown, res 404 Brock 
McCutcheon John, lineman Electric 

Light Works, res 16 Alma 
McCutcheon Thomas.cutter J S Sands 

& Son, bds 94 Queen 
McCutcheon Wm, baker, res 85 Queen 
McDermott Dennis J, clerk Dalton & 

Strange, lvs 380 King e 
McDermott Dora (wid Lawrence), res 

n s Hickson ave, 2 w of Montreal 
McDermott Edmond T, medical stu- 
dent, lvs 380 King e 
McDermott Edward, lab, res 89 Earl 
McDermott James, pensioner, res 385 

McDermott John F, carriage maker, 

388 King e, res 380 same 
McDermott Michael F, medical stu- 
dent, lvs 380 King e 
McDermott Thomas J. conductor G T 
R, res n s Hickson ave, 3 w of 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 





McDonagh Rev Wm A. Assistant 

St Mary's Cathedral. Residenc 

McDonald, see also McDonell, Mc- 
Donnell, Macdonald, Macdonell. 

McDonald Alexander, baker. 289 Prin- 
cess, res same 

McDonald Allan. Iva 27 Pembroke 

McDonald Angus, baker Alex Mc- 
Donald, lvs 2S9 Princess 

McDonald Bridget (wid Michael), res 
406 Montreal 

McDonald Charles, sailor, lvs 110 Earl 

McDonald Daniel J, sailor, res 110 

McDonald H-ctor. shoemaker. 221 Syd- 
enham, rdnance 

McDonald John A. capt str Petrel, res 
159 Montreal 

Mc Donald John A. jr. clerk I 
Works, lvs 159 Montreal 

tonald John, printer K Oilcloth 
80 Bay 

1 ton 

Mills, lvs 50 John 
McDonald Martin, lab, res 50 John 

- ' ' ' 

McDonald R01 Ician 

K r. res 27 Pen bi oke 

I Ronald, mach Loco Works 
lvs 101 « Jlarence 

1 Btablen 
mmon Bros, K b 101 1 ! 1 

I Wm C, cl.-rk. Iva 

McDonald A Allen (Wm J C Allen), 
.1 knob m n f is, King w, opp O'Klll 

.\|. I >..,,. i! ■ Mel >otiald. Mi 

donald, Macdonell, Macdonnell and 
Mel tonnell 

.Mi I 

McDonell Donald A. sailor. lvs 44 Col- 

McDonell Mrs Eliza, res rear 22 Vine 

McDonell John, la! tolborne 

McDonell Mary A (wid Archibald), 
res 44 Collingwood 

M.D..nell Wm A. painter T W Milo, 
lvs 44 Collingwood 

McDonnell J Alexander, res 294 Qn 

McDonnell Mary (wid Christopher), 
lvs 86 Pine 

McDougall John, clerk, bds cor King 
and Beverly 

McDowall Henrietta (wid James A>. 
res ."id Princess 

McDowall Robert J. pianos. 471 Prin- 

McElroy, see MCllroy 

McEwen, see also McUen 

McEwen Alexander.comp News Print- 
ing C s 557 Princess 

McEwen George, lvs 373 Brock 

McEwen John, teamster S Anglin & 
Co, res 258 Alifred 

McEwen John F, trav, res 39 Ord- 

McEwen Margaret (wid Daniel), lvs 

■ 'rdnance 
McEv en 1 iscai A,> h d Ril>- 
l.v. lvs 258 Alfred 

McFadden, see also MacFadden and 
1 'adden 

McFadden Edward, carter, res w 3 
Patrick, 2 n of Raglan rd 

McFadden James, driver Ja - 

lvs « s Patrick, 2 n of Kaglan rd 

McFarland Charles l>. inland 1: 
mi. 1 ' llergy w 

McFarland George, teamster F C 

Marshall QJrVersltj 

McFarlane Jane (wid Mark), h 

McFarlam Roberl ' ■■•• mak 

s> denham 
MoFarlane Roberl N 1 
Iva same 
McFarlane Mrs Wm. res 243 Montreal 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 





McFarlane W Spence, student, lva 343 

McFaul 1 1- rbert, clerk K McFaul, 
lva 106 Barrie 

McFaul Michael, engineer tug Rescue 
res 254 Ban le 

McFaul Robert, dry g Is, L:i0 Prin- 

98, res 106 Barri 

McFaul Robert, sr. res 271 Qi 

> ; ( !•'. dridge Win. butcher, 1\ s v a 
r.ath rd 

McGall, see also McCall and MacColl 

McGall James, salesman Haines .v- 
L >cketl i • s 36 Markland 

McGall Mary (wld John), res H Que- 

McGee, see Magee and McKee 

McGee Patrick, lab, res 46 Main 

McGill Miss Alecia, bds Anglo Ameri- 
can Hotel 

McGill Archibald, clerk of the Coun- 
ty Court, res 21 Main 

till George A, blacksmith J Har- 
rigan, lvs 21 Main 

McGill Miss Nellie, lvs 102 Clergy 

McGill Richard, blacksmith W Cock- 
burn & Sons, lvs 21 Main 

McGiil Lieut Col Sydenham C, 
Staff Adjutant Royal Military Col- 
lege, Residence College Grounds 

M Gill Wm, stonecutter R Wallace, 
lvs 21 Main 

McGillivray, see also Macgillivray 

McGillivray James R. engineer str 
Valarie, res 353 Johnston 
<;innis, see also MacGinnis 

McGinnia Margaret (wid Francis), res 
38 James 

McGinnis Owen, prep Western House, 
164 Ontario 

McGinnis Thomas J. steward str St 
Lawrence, res 8 Rideau 

M< Glade Capt Peter, res 160 Rideau 

McGlynn Annie (wid John), res 137 

McGorman, see also Gorman and 
( >' Gorman 

McGorman Thomas, lab, res e a Mont- 
real, 1 s of G T 1: crossing 
Mc< lovi a it aee also < fowan 
McGowan Annie B (wid Edward), 

cook Albion Hotel 
McGowan George A, cigar mnfr, 211- 

217 Brock, res 212 Barrie 
McGowan James, lvs 70 Princess 
McGowan Thomas, boarding house, 

70 Prini 
McGranaghan Robert, lab, res e s 

Beverley, 3 n of King 
McGransghan Samuel, spinner K 

Hosiery Co, res 40 Division 
McGrath Annie (wid Michael), ri 

McGrath Kllen (wid Patrick), res s a 

Markland. 4 e of Patrick 
McGrath John, carp, res 23 John 
McGrath John, foreman K Hosiery 

Co, lvs 66 Arch 
McGrath Mary (wid Thomas), dress- 
- maker. 273 Brock, res same 
McGraw Miss, nurse General Hos- 
McGuin Ann (wid Daniel), res 9 Mack 
McGuire, see also Maguire 
McGuire Anthony, drover, res 811 

McGuire Mary (wid James), lvs 811 

McGuire Philip H, Marble Works, 

Cor Queen and Bagot, Rooms 104 

McGuire Thomas, fish dealer, 81 

Queen, res same 
McGuire Thomas H, butcher, res 827 

McGuirk Michael, hostler Queen's H >- 

McGuirk Patrick, lab. bds Queens 

Mcllgorm Robert, blacksmith, res 23 

Mcliquham Andrew, Livery 

Stable, Telephone 316, 290 Princess, 

Residence 62S same 

Gr< tj l i P C Physicians' Prescriptions 

. Q. ilODart (X OOIIS and Family Recipes accur- 

promptly dis- 

155 Princess Street. 

ately and 





Mcllquham James, plasterer, res 142 

Mcllroy Elizabeth (wid Wm), res 13 
King \v 

Mcllroy James H, driver Dalton & 
Strange, lvs 10 Pine 

Mcllroy John, driver K Coal Co, re* 
15 Pin- 

Mcllroy John, shipper W J Crothers. 
lvs 216 Colhorne 

Mcllroy Wm, driver K Coal Co, res 
10 Pine 

Mcllroy Wm A. student, lvs 216 Col- 

Mcllroy Wm J. carter, res 13 St Cath- 

Mcllroy Wright, trav W J Crothers, 
ips 216 Colborne 

Mclnerney Miss Annie, weaver, bds 
28 Dufferin 

tosh Henry, sexton Chalmers' 
Church, res w s Collingwood, 1 s of 

Mcintosh James W.MA, tutor Queen's 
college, bds 184 University 

Mi Intyre Ann (wid Alexander), 
57 Division 

Mclntyre Miss Catherine, res 201 Earl 

Mclntyre Donald M. BA fMcIn- 
tyra A Mclntyre), Residence 231 
I division 

Mclntyre Bliss (wid Nell), lvs 231 
\>\\ Islon 

Mclntyre John, QC (Mclntyre >v 
[ntyi i, Residence 28 Sydenham 

Mclntyre John, Bhoveller, res 51 Div- 

Mclntyre John s. engineer J .1 Car- 
\ii.iu real 

Mclntyre Sergl Wm J, drill Instructor 

\ Batters . res 160 Rldeau 
Mclntyre & M'intyre 1 .1. ■lm M 
Intyre, QC, Donald M Molntyre, B 
\ ,, Ba Bolldtors, • to IM 

I .1,1, I : I 1m 1- 

169 Barrla 

Mclver Thomas, mason, res 451 Div- 
McKane James, butcher T Nicholson. 

res Bath rd 
McKane Jennie (wid James), res rear 

87 Johnston 
McKane Wm. driver, bds Lake View 

McKane Wm G. butcher M Walsh, re3 

247 Victoria 
McKay, see also MeCay. MacKay and 

McKay Ann (wid James), res e s 

Montreal. 4 s of G T R crossing 
McKay John, leather and hides, 157 

Princess, res 61 Sydenham 
McKay John, jr. clerk John McK 

lvs 61 Sydenham 
McKay John B, mngr K B College, 

res 161 Sydenham 
McKay Margery (wid John), bds 63 

McKi so McGee 

McKee Andrew, mas,, 11. res 24 Clergy 

McK.- Harry, painter T McMahon & 

Co, lvs 24 Clergj w 
McKee Isabella (wid Robert), res 11 

McKee John, carp, res s s Plum, 2 e 

of Cherry 
McKee John, lab, res 126 Lower B 
McKee John P, mason, res ;:2 Dufferin 
McKee Robert ll. painter Robinson 

Bros, lvs 11 York 
McKee Samuel 11. lab K Oilcloth Co, 

res 1 1 York 
McKee Capl Wm, res 256 University 

McKee Wm, moulder, res 120 Montreal 
McKee Wm, packer Robertson Bros, 

h s \:<< i.-\\ -i Bagol 
m Kegg, see also McCalg and Mc- 

MoKegg John, carter Jaa Swift A 

Co, res 27 Main 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts. 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 



M( I. 


McKegg Neil, lab Lorn Works, lvs 27 

McKegney Miss Maggie, dressmaker, 

16 Place d'Armes, h 5 same 
McKegney John, lai>, lvs n s John, 1 

w of Bagol 
McKegney Patrick, carter, res 16 

Place d'Armes 
McKegney Patrick, jr, lab, lvs 16 

Place d'Armes 
McKelvey John 1 NTcKelvey & 

Birch), Residence L34 Bagot 
McKelvey Robert J. clerk McKelvey 

,<.- Birch, lvs >34 Bagol 
McKelvey & Birch (John McKel- 
vey, Samuel Birch), Stoves and Tin- 
ware. House Furnishings, Plumbers' 
and Tinsmith's Supplies, 69-71 Brock 
McKenna Bridget (wid Bernard), res 

125 Lower Bagot 
McKenra Henry, pensioner, res g s 

Concession rd, 8 w of Dlvisiop 
McKenna James, lab, res 26<3 f^vde- 

McKenna Patrick, yardman Windsor 

Hotel, res 70 Colborne 
McKenna Susan (wid James), bds Ot- 
tawa House 
McKenty Alfred, lab. res 10 Russell 
McKenty Daniel F, student, lvs 362 

McKenty John, res 362 Johnston 
McKenty John, lvs s s Russell. 1 w 

of Montreal 
McKenty Patrick,, sailor, lvs s s Rus- 

sell, 1 w of Montreal 
McKenzie, see also Mackenzie 
McKenzie Alexander A. sailor, res 16 

McKenzie Donald, lab. 1 es w s Toron- 
to, 1 n of Johnston 
McKenzie George, sai'.or, res 81 Vvel- 

McKenzie Miss Harriet, res 157 Brock 
McKenzie Miss Jessie, nurse General 

McKenzie John D. MD, res n s Union, 

1 w of Macdonnell 
McKernan Mary a (wid Stephen), 

grocer, 29.'! Johnston, res same 
McKillop Miss Elizabeth, lvs 21 Johns- 

McKillop Miss Mary, res 21 Johnston 

McKillop Miss Rosa, lvs 21 Johnston 

McKim John, lab, re3 4 Stanley Ter- 
race, Quebec st 

McKim John, trav R J McDowall, res 
Cataraqui, Ont 

McKim Peter, lvs 307 University ave 

McKinley Miss Mary, housekeeper, 
225 Johnston 

McKnight John, lab, res 416 King e 

McLachlan John, currier J J Carring- 
ton, res 44 Lower Rideau 

McLaughlin David, confr John Mc- 
Laughlin, lvs 153 Brock 

McLaughlin Edward, lab, bds Albion 

McLaughlin Frederick, baker John 
McLaughlin, lvs 153 Brock 

McLaughlin James, confr John Mc- 
Laughlin, lvs 153 Brock 

McLaughlin James A, mason, res 25 

McLaughlin John. Baker and 
Confectioner. 222 Princess, Resi- 
dence 153 Brock 

McLaughlin Thomas, confr John Mc- 
Laughlin lvs 153 Brock 

McLaughlin Win, baker John Mc- 
Laughlin, lvs 153 Brock 

McLean, see also Maclean 

McLean Alexander W, acct D Fraser, 
res 2S1 Bagot 

McLean Herbert T, plumber N Mc- 
Neil, lvs 2S1 Division 

McLean James A, appr Jas Latui- 
ney, lvs 281 Division 

McLean Ensign John, officer in charge 
Salvation Army, res S A Barracks 

McLean Robert, lab. res 2S1 Dlvia*on 

McLennan, see also McClelland 

G, S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brashes, 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 




McLennan Andrew D. student, bds 193 

McLennan Mrs John. boarding 
house. 242 Prim 

McLeod, see also Macleod 

McLeod Ann (wld Samuel), res 47 
Lower Bagot 

McLeod Mrs Helen, res 30 Sydenham 

McLeod James, foreman Loco Works, 
res 7 Victoria Terrace, Montreal st 

McLeod James B, druggist, 186 Prin- 
cess. Ivs 7 Victoria Terrace, Mont- 
real St 

McLeod John, contractor, 243 Syden- 
ham, res same 

McLeod Miss Laura, teacher Welling- 
ton St School, lvs 7 Victoria Ter- 
race, Montreal st 

McLeod Neil, res 113 Alfred 

McLeod Robert, engineer Canada Dry 
Dock, res 161 Bag 

McMahon Alexander, lab. res 34 Up- 
per William 

McMahon Allan, clerk W A Mitchell. 

lvs 71 Wellington 
McMahon Andrew (T McMahon 
& Co), Residence 81 Earl 

dahon Andrew C, agent, res 
M :Mahon Andrew W. salesman 
Haines & Lockett, bds 2:;7 Queen 
Vlahon Ann (wid Thomas), res e s 

erly, in row 1 a of King 
Hahon Cornelius, res rear 14s On 

.McMain.n Ellsa (wld John), h 

McMahon .Miss Ellen, IVS 213 William 

McMahon Harriet A (wid George), lvs 

116 1 
McMahon James, printer B 1 

lvs :t I 'pp. 1 William 
McMahon John, res 2.: Sydenham 

mi. ''"in ractor, M w. 1- 


McMs hon Mil Mary, >ii enme ki 
1 me 

McMahon Miss Mary A Wil- 


McMahon Miss Rilla, milliner, lvs 192 

McMahon Robert, painter T W Milo, 
res 343 Division 

McMahon Thomas, 321 Brock 

McMahon T & Co Andrew McMa 
hon). Painters and Wall Paper, 133 
Block, cor Bagot 

McMahon Wm H. lab. lvs Beverly 

McManus Edward, lvs 74 Union e 

McManus James, printer Canadian 
Freeman, lvs 74 Union e 

McManus John, ship carp, res 1">S 
Li '\ver Bagot 

McManus John, storekeeper Asylum, 
2 1 Union e 

McMaster James, sailor, res 9 Cowly 

McMaster Mrs Jane, res 37,7 Division 

McMaster John II. fireman Station .\'o 
2. res 144 Pine 

McMaster Wm L, shoveller, res s \v 
cor Fifth and Chatham 

McMichael Charles, bookkeeper <; M 
Wilkinson & Son, ivs Cataraqui, Oat 

McMillan Jane (wid Samuel), res 

McMillan Miss Jennie, teacher, h 
l'ni\ ersity ave 

McMillan Malcolm, carp, res 272 Syd- 

McMillan Richard (Wormwith & Co), 
res S First 

McMillan Robert, trav, res 328 Uni- 
versity ave 

McMillan Robert C, piano maker 
Wormwith ,\L- Co. l\s :'. First 

M Millan Sarah (wid Archibald) 

McMorine, sec Macmorine 

M. Mullen Ehza (Wid John*, lvs s B 

( Concession rd, 2 w of 1 >i\ Islon 
McMullIn Joseph, Ivs B4 Arch 
McMurraj Martha (wid James), res 
Mbert, 8 n of princess 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 

T. McAuley f 

128 Princess Street half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

vl< N 

ALPHABI l U \l I'lKl < TORY. 



MfcNab Francis, res 7s Sydenham 
McNab Janel M (wid Colin), Iva 78 

S\ denham 
McNab Miss Jennie, dressmaker, bds 

76 Princess 
McNally Mi ha. l. sawyer M T Co 

bds 101 Albert 
McNalrj Michael, ir. bds h>l Albert 

M.Xamara Win. sailor, bds 20 Wil- 


McNamee George, baker J Veale, Ivs 
S3 Upper William 

McNamee Hugh, comp British Whig, 
res 36 Upper William 

McNamee James, lab, res 411 Barrie 

McNamee (wid James), res 
:::!l' Johnston 

McNamee Mark, property man Mar- 
tin's Opera House, lvs 411 Barrie 

McNamee Wm, driver J Hisoock, res 
:::; Upper William 

McNaney Mary (wid Robert), care- 
taker K & P Ry Station, lvs 282 

McXaughton Archibald, ticket clerk 
K & P Ry. res 224 Alfred 

McNaughton John, prof Queen's Col- 
lege, res 187 Johnston 

McNaughton John (McNaughton & 
Co), res 181 Wellington 

McNaughton & Co (John McNaugh- 
ton), clothing, 181 Wellington 

McNee, see Macnee 

MeNeice Wm, sailor, bds 286 Ontario 

McNeil Neil, Plumber, etc. 66 
Brock, Residence 148 Johnston 

McNeil Neil, instructor K P res w s 
Pembroke. 2 n of King 

McNeill Charles, res 306 University 

McNeill Charles, driver W J McNeill. 
lvs 14 Lower Rideau 

McNeill Charles, lab Cotton Mills, bds 
34 Dufferin 

McNeill Charles, sr, lvs 14 Lower Ri- 

McNeil Wm J Flour and Feed 65 
Brock, Residence 14 Lower Rideau 

McParland James, liquors, 341 King e, 

res 165 same 
McPhee Hugh, sailor, bds Ottawa 


Mel 'hee Rob rl. sailor, res n s St 
en, 2\v of Mont peal 

McPherson, see also Macpherson 

McPheison Maria (Avid John), res 404 

McQnaid Janus. Ivs 116 Barrack 

McQuaid John, ship carp, res n s Rus- 
sell, 4 w of Montreal 

McQuaid John P, upholsterer, 280 
Princess, res same 

McQuaid Joseph, lab, lvs n s Rus- 
sell 4 w of Montreal 

McQuaid Mary (wid James), res 116 

McQuaid Miss Mollie, bds St Law- 
rence Hotel 

McQuaid Wm. rarp, res n s Russell. 

5 w of Montreal 

McQuaig John, steward Fourteenth 
Club, bds 24 Market sq 

McQuaig Miss Margaret, dressmak--,'. 
27 Wellington, lvs same 

McQuaig Walter W, wine clerk Stan- 
ley House 

McQuirk Mary (wid Arthur), res ::i 

McRae, see also McCrea 

McRae Allan H S, trav W R McRae 

6 Co, res 3o0 Brock 

McRea Bros (David H, Robert W B 

and Ernest J B), Grocers, Golden 

Lion Block, Wellington, cor Brock 
McRae David H (McRae Bros), res 

114 Clarence 
McRae Duncan, opr C P R, lvs 101 

McRae Ernest J B (McRae Bros), lvs 

174 Earl 
McRae Robert W R (McRae Bros), 

res 102 Earl 
McRae Walter R, trav W R McRae 

& Co, res 423 Johnston 
McRae Wm D. livery stable, 34-38 

Princess, res 124 Barrie 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 





McRae Wm R (W R McRae & Co 

lenee 174 Earl 
McRae W R & Co (Wm !! McRae). 
Wholesale Grocers, Golden Lion 
Block. Wellington, cor Brock 
.! Rossie Wm. lumber, 248 Ontario, 
res 12 Wellington 

- rley Charles J. engineer str 
Glengarry, lvs 102 Lower Bagot 

rley Daniel, packer A Maclean, 
: rley Eliza fwid Edward), 1\ 
Lower Ragot 
McVety Robert, carp, res 42»3 Div- 

also McEwen 
■n Robert E, lab J J Carring- n 
lvs 51 Chatham 
McUen Wm, lab, res 51 Chatham 
McWaters Jan..-: gardener Dr J D 
Kenzie. res n s of Union, 1 \v of 
McWaters .la aster, res s ?> 

Union, 1 w of Pembroke 

- John, mach Loco 
lvs Portsmouth 
MeV. imuel J. engineer. 

I) Main 
McWhinnay ' lilor, res 

McWilliams Charles, hostler, bds St 

Lawrence Hotel 
McWilliams Charles a. sailor, res rear 

McWilliams Charles B, engineer str 

1 '": ^T Johnston 

McWilliams Wm a. 2nd engineer str 

< 'orsican, lvs ^7 Johnston 


1 • ■» He! n (wid l ' s 188 


Philip 11 


\ i|. \ a a. I U 

Macaulay Miss Charlotte J, res 78 

MacColl Evan S, salesman Spence & 

Co. bds 94 Queen 
Macdonald, see also Macdonell, Mac- 
donnell, McDonald, McDonell and 

Macdonald Alexander barber R H 

Elmer, lvs 98 Clergy 
Macdonald Francis, clerk Postoffice. 

res 98 Clergy 
Macdonald Francis, clerk Postoffice, 

res 98 Clergy 
Macdonald George, harnessmaker, 53 

Princess, res same 
Macdonald George A. bds 132 Welling- 
Macdonald Hannah( wid Hugh), res 

303 Alfred 
Macdonald John, lvs 98 Clergy 
Macdonald John, Sec-Treaa 

Public School Board, 2S Montreal. 
Reside] au 

Macdonald John A, Inspector of 

Weights and Measures. Clarence 

St, Residence 687 Princess 
Macdonald John F. student, lvs 

Macdonald Marie (wid John W), res 

360 Johnston 
Macdonald Mary (wid John), res 11 

Macdonald Miss Nerva.teacher Louise 

School, lvs 360 Johnston 
Macdonald Walter, clerk, lvs SM 

.loll IlStol 1 

Macdonell Angus J, Manage] 
Ontario Bank, Cor King and Clar- 
ence, Residence 78 « Sore 

Macdonell Mis-< Eleanor, lvs 7s Gors 
lonnell Re\ 1 tanlel .1. le 1 1 
Queen's College, res Toronto, <>nt 

Macdonnell George m. barrister, 88 
Clarence res University ave, cor 

SI 11:1 it 

lonnell Miss Emily supl of Xur- 
( leneral Hospital 


128 Princess St 


Inks. Writing and Copying : Stephens', 
Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
worth's and Underwoods. 


MacFadden, Bee also McPadden and 

MacFadden, Miss Rosanna, rea 26 

MacFadden Miss A, lvs 26 Wellington 
Macfarlane, see McFarland and Mc- 

Macgllllvray, see also McGillivray 
Macgillivray .John. Ph Queen's 

College, res US Gore 
Macgillivray Rev Malcolm, 
Pastor Chalmers' Church, Resi- 
dence 193 Brock 
Macginnis, see also McGinnis 
Macginnis James, lvs 144 University 

Machar John M, barrister, 38 Clar- 
ence, res 19 Sydenham 
Mack Wm H, agent, res w s Albert, 

4 n of Mack 
Mackay, see also McCay, McKay, 

Mackey and Mackie 
Mackay Miss Edith A, matron Gen- 
eral Hospital 
Mackenzie, see also McKenzie 
Mackerras John D, student, lvs 34 

Mackerras Margaret (wid John H), res 

34 Wellington 
Mackey Margaret (wid Thomas), lvs 

n s of Plum, cor Barrie 
Mackie James, station master G T R, 
res w s Montreal, 2 n of G T R 
Mackie Rev John, MA Pastor 
St Andrew's Church, res the Manse, 
Clergy, cor Queen 
Maclean, see also McLean 
Maclean Andrew, grocer and pork 

packer, 272 Ontario, res 53 King e 
Maclean Andrew, jr, clerk A Mac- 
lean, lvs 53 King e 
Maclean Godwin V, teacher Col Insti- 
tute, res 178 University ave 
Macleod, see also McLeod 
Macleod Wm J, clerk Kingston News, 
bds 209 William 

Maemoiine Rev John K, rector St 

James' Church, res 152 Barrie 
Macmorine Wm G, student, lvs 152 

Macnaughton Rev John, MA, prof 

Queen's College, res 187 Johnston 
Macnee Miss Ethel, res 115 Union e 
Macnee Francis H, clerk Macnee & 

Minnes, lvs 115 Union e 
Macnee James H, barrister Xirk Pat- 
rick & Rogers, lvs 115 Union e 
Macnee Walter H, M a c n e e & 

Minnes), Residence 107 Bagot 
Macnee & Minnis (James Minus, 
Walter H Macnee, Wm T Minnes), 
Wholesale Dry Goods, 245 Bagot, 
cor Princess 
Macpherson, see also McPherson 
Macpherson Charles, student, bds 473 

Macpherson Miss Henrietta, res 236 

Macpherson Peter M, blacksmith K 

Vehicle Co, res 143 Colborne 
Macpherson Richard (Macpherson & 

Hooper), res 119 Earl 
Macpherson Wilhelmina, lvs 236 Brock 
Macpherson & Hooper (Richard Mac- 
pherson, Richard J Hooper), insur- 
ance agents. 95 Clarence 
Madden Edwin J, cheese buyer, 195 

Ontario, res Newburg, Ont 
Madden Elizabeth (wid John E), dress 

maker, 258 King e, res same 
Madden James W. paint mnfr, res 264 

Madden Michael, engineer R M Col- 
lege, res 18 Rideau 
Madden Wm, clerk W N Dollar, lvs 

364 Alfred 
Madden Patrick J, guard K P, res s s 

Stuart, 2 e of St Lawrence ave 
Madigan Michael, lab, res 43 Lower 

Madill James A (J S Sands & Son), 
res 6 Victoria Terrace, Montreal st 
Madill Wm, tinsmith G W Hentig, 
lvs Portsmouth 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil. Children like it. 





e, see also McGee 

Magee Sarah (wid Lieut Wm), res Ar- 
tillery Park 

Magnet Daniel, barber "W P Aubin. 
res 45 Earl 

Magnet Josephine (wid Daniel), res 11 
Railway Cottages, Ontario st 

Magnet Miss Mary, domestic, 61 Rl- 

Maguire, see also McGuire 

Maguire Mrs Catherine, res 20 Wil- 

Maguire Frederick C, fireman str 
Spartan, Iva 20 William 

Maguire John J. letter carrier, rea 
121 William 

Maguire John S, lvs 2m William 

Maguire Miss Margaret, lvs 56 Wel- 

Maguire -Miss Mary, res 56 Wellington 

Mahoney James. Bailor, res 6 Or- 

Mahom y Miss Louise, dressmaker, 6 
( >i chard, lvs same 

Mahood Fred, clerk P S Mahood. lvs 
219 Queen 

Mai. 1 George W, druggist, lvs 219 


Mahood I y goods. 113 

Princess, lvs 219 Queen 

Mahood Win J, 1 ea 219 Queen 

Maiden Catharine (wid Robert), lvs 


Maiden Wm J, carp R Gaw A Co, 

26 Main 

Main Miss Helen, bda B9 Union e 
Man Miss Hannah s, iva it Qnlon w 
Maltland W Prin- 

Makina Miss (sabella, Iva 23 West 
Making wm. main buyer, rea 231 Bar- 
Ma icolm Meh iii<-. upholsterer 1 1 

1 ti a me, ) ieen 

Maiia 11 Patrick, lab R < 'raw ford, res 

U pin* 

Mallcn James, Coal mid \\ I. 

; i!i i\ !:•■- id. nee 170 Kid. -an 

Mallen Michael, wood dealer, res 49 

Malloch Cynthia (wid Francis H). Iva 
108 Bagot 

Malone Abraham, capt barge D D 
Calvin, res 480 Brock 

Malone F Harcourt, salesman Geo 
Sears. Iva 4S0 Brock 

Malone Sarah (wid George), res 

Maloney Miss Ellen, res 12 Raglan rd 

Maloney George H, sorter W Bailey 
& Co, lvs 8 Gallinger Terrace, Chat- 
ham st 

Maloney John, blacksmith, res 8 Gal- 
linger Terrace, Chatham 

Maloney John T, sailor, lvs 12 Raglan 

Maloney Richard, painter W G Frost, 
lvs 8 Gallinger Terrace, Chatham st 

Maloney Thomas J, broom maker W 
Bailey & Co, lvs 8 Gallinger Terrace, 
Chatham st 

Mandeville Georgina (wid Wm), iva !"■ 

Mandeville Joseph, carp, rea rear Hail- 
way 1 Cottages, 1 Mitario st 

Manhard Etta (wid Alonzo), rea 209 

Manlon James T, lab, res ::.". Jan 

Manlon Wm T, helper J J Carrington, 
lvs ;55 James 

Mann 1'iancis P, la!>. lvs 24 Dufterln 

Mann John, lab, lvs 24 Imffeiln 

Mann Mary iwid John), rea 24 Dufter- 

Mann Thomas, bricklayer, Iva 21 Duf- 

Mann Win G, lab, lvs :' t Dufterin 

Manning Edward .1. driver .las Swift 

,v I '■>. rea 28 Johnston 

Manson John, carp, res ;:i> Chatham 

Mans ■ John, pedlar, rea 248 King a 

Maple Leal Hotel, Jaa Sowarda pr >i>. 

u *» » Montreal 
Marohand Charlea BO, meltei Kingsl m 

Poundrj . rea 1 ' s < >rdnance 

'"P WTf» ATTT "^"V Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
X • ATA**/** VJ — l— '. X , Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 

128 Princess Street. Heads. 





Marchand Edward, engineer, res 73 

Marchand George w. clerk, Iva 73 


Marchand Napoleon, res 136 Welling- 

Mai-, hand Wm H, cabinet maker H 
Brame, lvs s s Jenkin, 1 w of Alfred 

Market Clerk's Office, Wvn 
McCammon clerk. City buildings 

Markle Frank G, stableman F A 
Bibby, bds 242 Ontario 

Marriott Eliza (wid George), res 1S3 

Marrison, see also Merrison 

Marrison Charles W. plumber W D 
Muekler. lvs 95 York 

Marrison Miss Ethel, saleslady R H 
Toye, lvs 250 Queen 

Marrison George H, clerk A R Mar- 
tin, lvs 95 York 

Marrison John, moulder, res 250 Queen 

Marrison Wm, woodworker G W Rob- 
inson, res 95 York 

Marsh Alexander J, watchman Street 
Ry Co, res n e cor King and Queen 

Marsh Elizabeth (wid Alexander), lvs 
n e cor King and Queen 

Marsh James, engineer K & P Ry 
shops, res n s Rideau. 4 e of Mont- 

Marsh John J, agent London Life Ins 
Co, lvs 64 Elm 

Marsh John W, storeman Geo Sears, 
res 61 Elm 

Marsh Miss Rosa, teacher Cataraqui 
School, lvs 64 Elm 

Marsh Wm J. keeper Asylum, res w s 
Frontenac, near Fair grounds 

Marshall Ann M (wid Wm), lvs 68 

Marshall Eliza J (wid John), res 201 

Marshall David H, MA, prof Queen's 
College, res "Elmhurst," Centre st 
Marshall Emma (wid Henry), res 40 
Hickson ave 

Marshall Prances (wid Oreb), lvs 
Clergy w 

Marshall Frederick C, Furni- 
ture Manufacturer and Upholster- 
er, 263-265 I'rincess, Residence sam« 

Marshall James, driver R Crawford, 
res 253 Queen 

Marshall James, grocer, 3S3 Johnston, 
res w s Albert, 1 n of Mack 

Marshall John, bookkeeper K Vehicle 
Co, res 68 Colborne 

Marshall Miss Mary H, bds 37 Prin- 

Marshall Robert, mngr F X Cousln- 
eau & Co, bds Stanley House 

Marshall Robert G, engineer tu^ 
Walker, res 16 Rideau 

Marshall Samuel, acct, res 371 Brock 

Marshall Samuel, traveller, res 109 

Marshall Wm, bartender Grimason's 

Marshall Wm, mngr F X Cousineau 
& Co, bds Stanley House 

Martig Jacob, Swiss cheese mak' r, 
675 Division, res same 

Martin Agnes, lvs 107 Stuart 

Martin Alfred R, Grocer, 268 
Princess, Residence 241 Alfred 

Martin Catherine (wid James), res 53 

Upper Charles 
Martin C H, Insurance and 
Real Estate Broker and 
Valuator, Representing the 
following Companies: 


Scottish Union and National. $3<U)00,000 
Impend Insurance Company. 9,500,000 
Britisb Empire Life 7,000,000 

Lancashire Fire 15,000, 

Prompt attention and lowest 
rates. Office corner Brock 
and Wellington, (upstairs). 
Residence 323 University 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 





Martin Charles A, sign painter, 208 

Princess, res 366 Barrie 
Martin Charles J, capt tug Jessie 

Hall, res 13 Balaclava 
Martin Edward R, furniture dealer, 

220 Princess, res 385 Johnston 
Martin Miss Eliza, lvs 62 Wellington 
Martin Emma (wid Hugh), lvs 107 

Martin Ephraim. sailor, res 47 Bay 
Martin Harry, clerk H D Bibby, res 

J.'.'i Alfred 
Martin Iva E, prof R M College, bds 

240 King e 
Martin Capt James F, res 23 Ellice 
Martin James W , painter Savage 

Bros, res 47(a) Main 
Martin John D, organist St I 

Cathedral, res 100 Barrie 
Martin John F, painter T McMahon 

& Co, les 93 York 
Martin John YV, res 349 Brock 
Martin John w (Martin ..<: Green- 

Klginburg, Ont 
Martin Miss Julia, n s 62 Wellington 
Martin Margaret T (wid Win), res 60 

Martin Miss Mary, res 222 Ban i»- 
Martin Sydney. City Kin 

Kingst'-n News, Residence 53 Bar- 


Martin Walter K. plumb- t W D Muck- 

149 Brock 
Martin Wm C, Wholesale 8 drtlerj 
Hardware, 816 Princess, Realdi 
King • 

(John w Mar- 
tin, Joseph T Green* enta 
Noxon Bros ranfg 1 «Ql 
Martin's Opera House \\ C 
m mum Proprietor, 118 Pi 

I ini in Luciano, packer Robertson 
33 denham 
Martlnelll Tusey, di h Rob 1 won 

1 denham 
m.,i . in m.i 1 \ 1 w Id Wm 1 1 >. re 

Marvin Peter, moulder, lvs 315 Mont- 
Maslen James S, stableman Elder 

Bros, res 98 Barrack 
Mason Henry, carp, res 123 Bagot 
Mason Maggie (wid HughV lvs 

Mason Samuel, sailor, res i IG Colburne 
Mason Wm, Bursar Kingstou School 
of Mining, Residence w s Albert, 4 
s of Johnston 
Massey John M. lab, lvs rear 87 Johns- 
Massey Martha (wid Michael), res 

rear 87 Johnston 
Massie James, vet surgeon, 237 Bagot, 

res same 
Massie John R. pattern maker, res 75 

Massi Wm. contractor. 155 Raglan rd, 

res same 
Massie Wm, jr, contractor, 385 Barrie, 

res same 
Mathewson Albert J. sailor, lvs 101 

Mathewson James A, comp British 

Whig, lvs Portsmouth 
Mathewson George, cigarmaker S 

Oberndorffer, lvs 34 Ellice 
Mathewson John i\ carp, res 101 Stu- 
Matthews Catherine (wid Wm), eonfy, 
1 Devonshire Terrace, Sydenham 


Matthews John H. helper K Vehicle 
u s 1 1 tevonshide Syd- 

enham st 
Matthews Nellie (wid Charles), l\s 81 

tipper William 

Matthews Thomas, lab, res 24 El! 
Matthews Wm H, coachman .1 B Car- 
ruthers, res e s Bevej 1 > . 1 s of Union 
Maund Charles D, Vck\ W .1 Crothers, 

h s I". William 

m. inn. 1 Charles F, wharfinger w • ; 
, !ralg A Co, res »■"■ William 


128 Princess Street. 





Man. Is.. ii <;.-" rgo A. student, lvs 251 
1 >i\ ision 

Man. 1m. 11 Win H- teacher Collegiate 

Institute, res 251 Division 
Maxani Alfred, tailor T Irwin, lvs 12 

Maxam Charles E, stove fitter, res 84 

Maxam George, porter B A Hotel, res 
99 Rideau 

Maxam Mary C (wid Alfred), res 12 

Maxam 'Ph. .mas A. sailor, lvs 99 

Maxwell George W, aect Kirkpatrick 
& Rogers, and agent Phoenix Fire 
Assurance Co, res 56 Rideau 

Maxwell James, foreman R Gaw & 
Co, res n s Alice. 2 w of University 

Mayell John, carp, res 29 Upper Wil- 

Mayell John R. carp, lvs 262 Syden- 

Meade Wm E, blacksmith K Vehicle 
Co, bds 48 Princess 

Meagher Gerald G, clerk B Silver, res 
23 Rideau 

Meagher James G, sewing machines, 
res s s Fifth, 2 w of Division 

Meagher John G, lvs 5 Wellington 
Terrace, Montreal st 

Meagher Martin, shoveller, res 79 
Lower Bagot 

Meagher Thomas F, res 104 Montreal 
Mechanic's Institute, Miss 
Olive Spriggs Librarian, 21 Mont- 
real, Cor Princess 

Medley Miss Charlotte, dressmaker, 

84 Brock, lvs Barriefield 
Medley W H (N C Poison* Co) 

lvs Barriefield 
Meek Robert. Secretary Oddfel 
lows' Relief Association, Oddfel- 
lows' Block, Cor Princess and Syd~ 
enham, Residence 50 Earl 

Meek Sarah (wid Wm), res 54 Elm 

Mi ek Wm, mechanical Bupt British 

Whig, res 242 Sydenham 
Megarry James, policeman, res 420 

Melville Elizabeth (wid John), res 94 

Me*.ville Jeremiah, plumber Elliott 

Bros, lvs 104 Gore 
Melville Martin, waiter str Spartan,. 

lvs 104 Gore 
Menary George, carp, res 20 York 
Mendel Isadore, trav, res 136 Queen 
Mercer Ann (wid Wm), res 25 Wel- 
Mercer Miss Bella, dressmaker 25 

Wellington, lvs same 
Mercer Stuart, fireman str Glengary, 

lvs 25 Wellington 
Mercer Thomas, broommkr W Bailey 

& Co, lvs 25 Wellington 
Merchant Valentine, watchmaker 296 

Barrie, res same 
Merchant Valentine T, barber W H 

Pipe, lvs 296 Barrie 
Merchants' Bank of Canada 
George E Hague Manager, Corner 
King and William 
Meredith A Brock, agent York County 
Loan and Savings Co, lvs 16 Syden- 
Merrett, see also Merritt 
Merrett Capt Thomas, res 137 William 
Merrick George F, lvs 114 Barrie 
Merrick Henry, Post Otfice In- 
spector. Office, Post Office Building, 
Residence 114 Barrie 
Merrick Mary (wid Aaron), res 34 

Merriman Ellen (wid John), caretaker 

38 Clarence, res same 
Merrison, see also Marrison 
Merrison Ann (wid Robert), res 169 

Merritt, see also Merrett 
Merritt Edward, moulder Kingston 

Foundry, res 19 Division 
Metcalfe Frederick F, lvs 826 Princess 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men, women, boys and girls. 





Metcalfe Frederick F, lvs 826 Princess 
Metcalfe George H. student, lvs 826 

Metcalfe James H. MP. res 826 Prin- 
Metcalfe John C, butcher 62 Brock, res 

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co of 
New York, C Shultzman asst Bupt, 
233 Bagot, cor Brock 
Meyers, see also Myers and Movers 
•hn H, foreman E Chown & 
Sun, res 235 Queen 
Middleton Henry, lab, res n s Raglan 

road, 1 w of Bagot 
Middleton Sophia (Wid Lewis), res 381 

Middleton Susan (wid Robert), res 621 

Milk Lemuel, blksmith X Wilmot, lvs 

245 Colborne 
Millan Cornelius, Proprietor 
Thousand Island House, Corner 
Brock and Ontario 
Millan Dennis J. butcher 276 Ontario. 

~ SO Earl 
Millan Jeremiah, milk dealer 91 Karl. 

res same 
Millar, see also Miller 
Miliar Albert H. supt letter carriers, 

res BOO University ave 
Millard YVm J. cablnetmkr Carnovsky 

W ! Mr 78 Quebec 

Mill< ' Millar 

Miller Adam, agent Singei 

Mille, \ndr.\v II. eapl str Kinpir 

Sta - 1 Wellington 

Miller Charles, sailor, i<s rear u^ On- 

Miller Elizabeth (wW Robert). 1 
Willi. iu> 

Miller Matthew, traveller, n 

nshire t< rrace, Bydenham si 
; Bagol 

Miller Win. driver Hre station No 1 

Mm. 1 wm. assl « 'bi.-r Fire Depl 

II Ml No I. Ontario st 

Miller Wm, lab, res n s Stanley, 1 w 

or' Lansdowne 
Miller Wm H, manager The Gardiner 

Co, res 157 Alfred 
Milligan Alexander, light house keep- 
t r, res 295 Wellington 

Milligan G ge N, guar'd K P. ns cor 

King and Centre 
Milligan Max A, clerk, bds 35 Brock 
".Milligan Samuel, sailor, res 31 King 
Milln Sarah A (wid Wm M). res 

Mills Andrew, carp Co-Operative Sash 

& Door Factory, res 18 York 
Mills Annie (wid John), res 374 Barrie 
Mills George, res 31 Mack 
Mills George, jr (George Mills 

& Co), Residence 124 University 

Mills George **. Co Mills, 

Jr). Hatters and Furriers 170 Wei 


Mills Irwin, carpenter, lvs 138 Bagot 

Mills John H. auctioneer 90-92 Brock. 

lvs 139 Bagot 
Mills Mary (wid James), res 138 Bagot 
Mills Thomas (Thos Mills ft Co), res 

120 University ave 
Mills Thomas (Mills & Cum 

ham), Residence 122 University ave 
Mills Thomas ft Co (Thos Mills), hat 
and furs 156 1'iin 

Mills Thomas H. pedler, res 376 Brock 

Mills & Cunningham (Thomas 

Mills. 3 Ernest Cunningham), Bank- 

and Insurance Agents 7:' Clar 

Milne Alexander R (Milm A 
Mime), Residence 386 Alfred 

Milne Alfred w. clerk Nugent ft Tay- 
lor, h s 802 University ave 

Milne Frank E (Milne & Milne), 

!vs 386 Alfred 

Milne - 1 ■ • 1 1 1 1 M. sailor, res •'•■"■ York 

Milne Mel\ ill.- R, Mnd. ut. Us 886 A! 

Milne Ptter .I. COmp Canadian 1 

man Main 


128 Princess Street. 




Milne Robert, pallor, rea 5 CI 
Milne i h mas G Milne & M , 

Milne TI Mel- 

102 University ■■■ 
MUne Wm, tinsmith Nugent & 

lor. rry 

Milne & Milne R, 

Thomas G and Pranl prie- 

m Laundry, 

Edward, carj 

I »hn"ton 
Mllo Predericli D, plumber Water 

\Y hnston 

Mllo Thomas W, painter 41 Montreal, 

43 same 
Minnes Miss Agn-s. teacher L 

Minnr-r James 

I i Bagot 
Minnes Jam 

Minnes Thjtias D 
Life and Mnfr.s' Accident Insura 
Minnes Wm T 

Mir.: R. appr K Oil Cloth 

lvs 115 Rideau 

tander, sailor tug Ar- 
Mitchell Edward, tinsmith C I 

er Bagot 
Mitchell EC, D utd Opti- 

cian 124 Pi Residence 


: i e 1 1 Fra:. * 


clerk J B Mel 
lvs 106 Lower Bag 
Mitchell Isaac, whol jeweller 

res 24:; Brock 
Mitchell Mrs Isabelle, re- e s Colling- 

:. r> n of Union ave 
Mitchell James, lab. lvs ~ s Colling 
w i.d. 1 < of Karl 


printer Wm Ba 
Mitchell J 

Mitchell L Xorman, clerk . 

chell, Iva 185 William 
Mitchell Margaret (wid I 

student, lvs 185 Wil- 
Mitchell Wm. baker 

foreman job room 
; ti-h Whig, lva : Bagot 

Mitchell Wm A. hardware, paints and 

i ieen 
Mitchell Wm H. civil engineer, re* 

_ ' ] ueen 

Model Steam Laundry, Milne 
& Milne Proprietors, 42 46 
PrincsssSt onedoorbelow 
King Work done on short 
notice Collars and Cuffs a 
specialty. All work guaran- 
teed first-class. Travellers' 
and students' work pro- 
mptly executed Telephone 
No. 302 

- Edward H, traveller Gardiner 

Richard, lab rrie 

Moffitt Wm. clerk, bds Stanley K 

lerk, lvs 177 Queen 
riefif John, painter K Vehicl-r 
res 40 Col bo: 

«r A. guard K P, re* 

rieff Robert Oloncrieff & Bry 
Moncrieff Thomas E, painter, r-- 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 

1 88 


Foster's Kingston 


Moncrieff & Bryson (Robert Mon- 
crieff, Wm J Bryson), tinsmiths. 226 

Monks Peter, lab Cotton Mills, res 33 

Monro, see Munro 

Montgomery Miss May, tailoress, bds 
57 Queen 

Montgomery Robert, dyer 225 Prin- 
cess, res same 

Montgomery Samuel S, salesman 
Hardy & Co, res 128 Nelson 

Montgomery Wallace H. lvs 225 Prin- 

Montreal Telegraph Co, 
James Kearns Manager, 34 Clar 

Montreal Transportation 
Co I Limited i. Hugh McLennan 
President: \Y \V Ogilvie Vice-Pre- 
sident; G M Kinghorn, Secretary- 
Treasurer; P R Henderson Man- 
aging Director; Captain John G 
kin Outside Manager, foot of Queen 

M pa Mis- < J race, lvs 500 Princess 

Mooers George, res 500 Princess 

Mooers Henry II Mooers & < o), 
Residence 90 Barrie 

Mooers H & Co (Henrj M 

Grain Dealers 20 Market Bquare 

Mo • i • I [enrj F, student, lvs 90 

Moon Charles, grocer* 71 Pine.res same 
Moon Robert T, lab, res 12 Alma 
Mooney Robert J, machinist, res i~ 

Mooney Thomas, foreman Collins' 

Rctl ting Co, res 20 Stu 
Mooney Thomas t. student, h 

Andrew w. aed King 

News, lvs •".■"> I >i \ i 

Iharles, woodwkr K Vehicle 

I kgOl 

re Daniel, lab, res -'t»'> Qnh ersil j 

Mooi . i »aniel, shoveller, re* 1 1 1 Mont 

Moore David, helper Loco Works, lvs 
219 University ave 

Moore David J. blacksmith K Vehicle 
Co, res 14 Cherry 

Moore David J, blksmith K Vehicle 
Co, .'mis Thousand Island House 

Moore Edward, Secretary-Treas- 
urer Kingston Light, Heat am : 
Power Co, 19 Queen, Residence 10' 

Moore Edward A, ledger keeper Bank 
of Mont leal, lvs 139 William 

Moore Elizabeth (wid James), lvs 107 
i 'lergy 

Moore John, res 219 University ave 

Moore J D, blksmith K Vehicle Co, 
ImIs Thousand Island House 

Moore John E, plumber J G Bastow, 
lvs :;::i Montreal 

Moore John M. engineer, res 331 Mont- 

Moore Joseph, res 809 Princess 

Moore Miss Letitia, lvs 127 Bagot 

Moore Louise (wid Robert M), re- 

Moore Margaret (wid Andrew), n - 
I >i\ ision 

Moore Robert J, carp, lvs 226 Division 

Moore Thomas, lvs 120 Karl 

Mo re Thomas, plumber J G Bastow. 
lvs 219 University ave 

Moore Thomas, tailor, res 226 Division 

Moore Wesley, lvs 246 University ave 

Moore William, Proprietor 
Moore's Real Estate Agency, 169 

Wellington, Residence 120 Karl 

\l Wta B, U s 139 William 

Moore Wm J. I icycle Dealer ami 
Repairer, t.8 Montreal, Resident 
v rk (See adi \ , .\-a'- I.) 
Moore w m I, plasterer, i><is Russell 

Moore's Real Estate Agency 
Wm Moo,,. Proprietor, 169 Welling- 
m eh. i, i Mary (wid Wm), lvs 60 


T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates. Exercise and 
Copy Books. 


Al I'll All I li \l MRKCTORY. 


r8 9 

; n Patrick, moulder, rea 79 < roi e 
than Barnet, lab, rea 116 Stuarl 
Morgan Miss Florence, student, bd 

v.i Prlnceaa 
Morgan George M. agent Mel Life Ina 

bda 49 Prin 
M >rgan Hugh, traveller, rea 293 Prln- 

Morgan Wm J, Veterinarj Surgeon 

and Dentist 291 Princess, rea 293 

Morley Wm, bricklayer, rea 365 Brock 
.M"i'iis Catherine (wid Emanuel), rea 

154 Raglan rd 
Morris EJdward, lab, res 2 Brewery 

Morris Capt Frank, cashier Salvation 

Army. Ivs 262 Wellington 
Morris Joseph, polisher K Vehicle Co, 

bda Kennedy House 
Morria .Major Richard, prov see Salva- 
tion Army, res 262 Wellington 
Morrison Catherine fwid Michael), res 

.Morrison Charles A. student, lvs 'ji: 

Morrison Miss Johanna, clerk P O, lvs 

98 ci 
Morrison Wm, driver P Walsh, res 421 

King east 
Morrlssey D< nnis J. barber J M Then- 
bald, lvs Hi' < >) dnance 
Morrlssey John, mesngr Post Office 

res 112 Ordnance 
Mosedale Miss .Jane, tailoress, rms 106 

- ler John, porter K & P Ry, res Cool 

of North 
Mott Rueben, stableman T C Wilson. 

bds 230 Bagot 
Mouck Harry R, tinsmith Edwin 

Chown & Son. res 14 Vine 
Mouck Henry, barber J II Jones, lvs 

416 King east 
Mouck Wm H. motorman Street Ry 

res 416 King east 
Moulton Charles, carp, res 114 Lower 


Mowal Henry, foreman A Newlands 

res 224 (a 1 Division 
Mowat Rev John B, MA, DD, 

Professor Queen's College. Resi- 
dence 180 Johnston 

Mowat John M, student, lvs 180 John- 

Moxley Eugene A, confr W J < Moth- 
ers, lvs 1!)7 Colborne 

Moxley John C, mason, res 76 York 

Moxley Robert, foreman blacksmith 
K & P Ry shops, res 74 York 

Moxley Robert, cigarmaker S Obern- 
dorffer, lvs 197 Colborne 

Moxley YVm. blksmith, rea 1!>T Col- 

Moxley Wm J, broommkr W Bailey & 
Co. res vv s Regent, 1 n of John- 

.Movers Mary (wid Henry), res 335 

Muckler James T, moulder. 1\ 

.Muckler Wm, agent Estate of M Dor- 
an, res 31 Ontario 

Muckler Wm D, plumber 9 Montreal, 
res 44 O'Kill 

Muckleslon Annie (wid Samuel), res 
226 King east 

Muckleston Hugh B, electrician Elec- 
tric Light Works, lvs 240 King east 

Muckleston John, bds 240 King east 

Muckleston John S, mnfrs' agent On- 
tario Chambers, Clarence st. bds 240 
King east 

Mudie John, BA. Barrister, Solici- 
tor, Etc., 89 Clarence. Residence 123 
King east 

Mulholland James T, mach, res is-, 

Mulleen Edward, lineman Electric 
Light Works, res 77 Ordnance 

Mullen, see also Mullin and Mulleen 

Mullen Frederick G, sailor, lvs 64 

Mullen James, marble cutter S J Kil- 
patrick & Co. lvs 64 North 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 


M I ' L 


Mullen James, weigh man, res t;4 North 

Mullen John. lab. bds 102 Rideau 

Mullen Patrick, lah P McCormack 
42 Ordnance 

Mullen Wm, lab S Anglin & Co, Ivs 12 

Mulligan Wm, lab, res 207 Ai 

Mullin. see also Mullen 

Mullin Edward W, Grocer and 
Who], sa ', ! >ealer in N< dies S7 
Division, res same 

Mullinger Thomas J. lab, res ZZ (a) 
Mai it 

Mulv.-na Catherine (wid Owen), Ivs 
211. Montreal 

Mundell David E MD Physi- 
cian, Surgeon, Etc. Office Hours, S 

10 a m. 1 to :; and 7 to 8 p m. '!' 
phone 398. Office and Residence 166 

Mundell John, Diseases of the 
Heart and Lungs. Office Hours 9 to 
12 a in. 2 to 1 and 7 to 9 p m. 25 Mont- 
real. Ivs 59 Arch 

Mundell Mary (wid David), n 

Mundell William, BA. Barris- 

B : r, Etc., 151 Wellington, 

coi 281 Al- 

Mundaj Alfred, lab, res 291 John 
Mum ngineer K 

Welling ' 
nro David W, B 19 

Mum ' miner, res 5 SI Cather- 

Mum 1 wrid John 


■ h Wm B R, trav Macnee A Min 
nes, res M Earl 
Mm doch Madeline <\\ Id Nicholas) Ivs 
phj Alfred I '. clerk A 1 in enhlH 
Murphy - i ■ 

Jam* ■ "i Kid'. hi 

Murphy Daniel, capt yacht Wl 

Now, res 82 Rideau 
Murphy Mrs Daniel, grocer 80 Rideau, 

1 me 
Murphy Rev Father, bds Windsor 

Murphy Hannah (wid James). re- 
Murphy James, carp, res 189 Montreal 
Murphy John. carp, res 183 Alfred 
Murphy John, painter T C Wilson, bds 

Stanley Hou*e 
Murphy John B, Summer Resi- 
dence 111 Union St east. Kingston ; 
Winter Residence 509 St James St, 
Montreal, Que 
Murphy Joseph, stone cutter K Wal- 
lace, res s s Jenkin, 1 w of Alfred 
Murphy Lawrence W, grocer 55 Prin- 

cess, res same 
Murphy Margaret (wid James), 1 

Murphy Mary H (wid Daniel), n 

Murphy Thomas J. mate tug Thomp- 
son, res I in Lower Bagot 
Murphy Wm, lab, Ivs 65 Bay 
Murphy Wm F, carriagemaker, 1 

Murphy Wm <;. tmstr, res 835 Princess 
Murphy Wm J. mate tug Jessie Hall, 

Murray Annie (wid Charles), re* 167 

Murray Miss Catherine. l>ds 4:'.!" Karrie 
Murray David, acct J i'- Carruthers, 

ns ::ni University av< 
Murray David B, trav A Haas i< 

Ivs 98 Karl 
Mm 1.1 \ Miss Elisabeth, teacher Wil- 

liamsvllle Bchool, Ivs 4 12 Brock 
Murray Frances (wid John), ree 

Murraj Francis, quarryman, res 1 ; 

Mm 1 mariner. ivs 20 

1 (eorge 

TlVTr* AnloT7" blank books, copying 

128 Princess Street. 






Murray George C, painter, Ivs 127 Al- 

Murray George D, clerk star Hall, lvs 
158 Rideau 

Murray Herbert G, house surg G 
' ; I I, lvs 98 Earl 

Murray James, capt tug D G Thomp- 
son, res 106 Clergy 

Murray James, engineei Divi- 


Murray John, currier J J Carrington, 
n s 1 58 l ; 

Murray John, sailor, lvs LOG Cli 

Murray John T (Murray & Craig) and 
caretaker Col Institute, res w s Al- 
fred, bet Union and Karl 

Murray Joseph, eapt tug Bronson, res 
26 Rideau 

Mrrray Malcolm McC, clerk W A Mit- 
chell, lvs 98 Karl 

Murray Miss May, teacher Queen St 
ool, lvs 442 Brock 

Murray Mary E (wid Henry), lvs 210 

Murray Miss Minnie, teacher King- 
ston Ladies' College, lvs n s Alice, 1 
w of University ave 

Murray Percy L, clerk G S Hobart & 
Sons, lvs 98 Earl 

Murray Randall B. caretaker Congre- 
gational Church, res rear church, 
Johnston, cor Wellington 

Murray Reginald D, clerk, lvs 98 Earl 

Murray Sarah (wid Rev Wm), lvs n s 
Alice. 1 w of University ave 

Murray Thomas S. carpet weaver 127 
Alfred, res same 

Murray Wm (A Haaz & Co), res 98 

Murray Win. coachman K X Fenwick, 
res 91 Gore 

Murray Wm J, carp, res 11 Vine 

.Murray Wm R, painter Savage Bros, 
lvs 11 Vine 

Murray & Craig (John T Murray, 
Henry A Craig), carpet cleaners 1: 

Murray & Taylor | Alberl I) ! 

lor), Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, , 

114 Princess 
Myers, see also Meyers 
Myers Henry .1. grocer 101 York, res 



Nash Bros (Joseph, Thomas and 
Philip), news stand British Ameri- 
can Hotel 

Xash George R. res 3 King west 

Nash Joseph (Xash Bros), lvs 403 

Nash Mary A (wid Wm \Y>. res 4":; 

•Xash Philip (Nash Bros), lvs 40:: John- 

Nash Thomas (Nash Bros), lvs 103 

Nash Thomas W, Secretary-Treas- 
urer and Chief Engineer K & P Ry. 
lvs 144 Union west 

Napper Charles, sailor, bds Dominion 

Naj Ion Capt John, sailor, res n s Rag- 
lan rd, 2 e of York 

Xeal, see also McNeil, McNeill. Neil, 
Neill, O'Neil and O'Xeill 

Xeal Charlotte (wid James W), lvs 220 

Xeil Mary (wid Peter), res 119 Lower 

Neil Thomas, lab, lvs 119 Lower Bagot 

Xeil Wm, lab. res 22 Ellice 

Xeill John, t rav E Chown & Son, res 
218 King east 

Xeill Wm. letter carrier, res 187 Uni- 
versity ave 

Xeilson. see a No Nelson 

Neilson Alexander, confy 775 Mont- 
real, ivs w s same, 1 n of GTR cross- 

N( ilson Hendry, painter, lvs w a 
Montreal. 1 n of GTR crossing 

Neilson John LH, MD, Surgeon- 
Major "A" Battery R C A, res Tete 
du Pont Barracks 

GO TT ~L I O Physicians Prescriptions 

. O. nOUart & OOnS and Family Recipes accur- 

ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 




Neilson Margaret (wid Hendry'), res 

w s Montreal, 1 n of GTR crossing 
Neisli Wm, clerk Custom House, res 
1 "Diversity ave 
in, see also Neilson 
Nels >n A lick D, bookkeeper Dalton & 
58 Brock 
n John, res 152 Rideau 
•n Mi-s Kathleen, dressmkr 163 
Bagot, res same 
Nvison Wm R, carp, res 43 Ordnance 
t, see also Nesbitt and Nisbet 
t Robert, lvs 246 Barrie 
it Siirali (wid James), grocer 240 
Barrie, re* same 

I W. police sergeant, re 

Win. yardmaster K & P Ry, 
:»1 Cataraqui 
Xwens Wm E. electrician, lvs 9 

Neville Rev James V, Assistant 
St Mary's Cathedral. Resident-. 

ry, clerk Hardy & Co. 
res 422 Johnston 
Newcorab N, teller Mer- 

ints' Bank, bds 13 Maitland 
Newel] l>-\vis. helper Locomotive 
Works, res ."1 I iOWer 1 1 

on beamer J J Carring- 
ton, 1 

1 Wm, sailor, res 56 1 Hvlsion 
] i wm .r, clerk, l\ b 56 1 Hvision 
Newnham Thomas F. brigade clerk 
Military Distrlcl N Montreal 

Artillery 1 

inds Alexander, contractoi 
ance, Iva 
Newlands A Prank, Public School 

Newlande Elizabeth B iv. Id 1 

500 I'l'in- 


1 udent, lvs 17 

m K-k 

Xewlands John, mason, res 165 Nel 

Newlands William. Architect 

332 King east, corner Brock, Resi- 
dence 17 Mack 

Xewlands Wm, contractor 338 Barrie. 
res same 

Xewlands Wm A. clerk City Engin- 
eer's Dept, lvs 333 Barrie 

Newman H Wallace, acct Hy Skinner 
& Co. lvs 1 Newman's Cottages. 
King west 

Newman Herbert J. comp News Print- 
ing Co, lvs 1 Xewman's Cottages. 
King west 

Newman Joseph A. clerk, lvs l Xew- 
man's Cottages. King west 

X« wman Miss Mary A, lvs 573 Prin- 

Newman Samuel J. sailor str Hero 
lvs 161 Brock 

Newman Wm, carp, res 161 Brock 

.nan Wm, guard K P. res 2 Xew- 
man's Cottages, Kinu \ 

man "Wm, mach, res 1". (a) Main 

Newman Wm, wall Spartan, lvs 

1 Newman's Cottages, King west 

News Printing Co, LTD.) L W 
Shannon Managing Director, Pub- 
lishers of the Kingston News 

Newton James a. clerk .1 Corbett, lvs 
- lolborne 

Newton John, carp, res li8 Col borne 

Newton Thomas, lab, res ill Raglan 

Xieii N i-' N Icol an l 

Nlcoll ■ 

Nichol Miss Grace, bds 1 1 T King west 

Nichol Laura (wid Q 'ge), bds 117 

Kim,' w 

Nicholls Wm. vet surgeon i'.i Clar 

1 eS same 

Nicholson Alexander, moulder, res U 


Nioholson K.-\ Alexander r>. BA, prol 
1,1,1. . n's . !ollege res Portsmouth 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 





Ntoholson Amos J, carp R Davis & 

Son. res b s North, 2 e of Montreal 
Nicholson Eliza .1 (wid Thomas) 

346 University ave 
Nich ilson Frank, carp M T Co, ivs 

Nicholson John, carp M T Co, res 

Nicholson ll K Wallace, opr GTR, res 

w s Montreal, '■' a of GTR crossing 
Nicholson Margaret (wrd Matthew), 

i 1 .lames 

Nicholson Miss Margaret J. Ivs 18 

Nicholson Mary (wid David), res 125 

Nicholson Robert, piano maker, res 21 

Nicholson Thomas, butcher 136 On 
tario, res same 

olson Thomas, carter Rathbun 
Co, res Portsmouth 

Nicholson Thomas J, carp, lvs 346 Uni- 
versity ave 

Nicholson Thomas K, driver R Craw- 
ford, res 41 (a) Main 

Nicholson Thomas W, driver R Craw- 
ford, lvs Portsmouth 

Nicholson Wm H, blacksmith M T Co 
res 13 Redan 

Nickle, see also Nichol, Nichols, Nicoi 
and Nicolle 

Nickle Ellen (wid Wm), res 130 Earl 

Nickle Hugh C. supt Kingston, Ports- 
mouth and Cataraqui Electric Ry. 
lvs 130 Earl 

Nickle Thomas J W, piano maker, res 
n s King, 2 e of Ellerbeck ave 

Nickle Wm F. barrister, lvs 130 Earl 

Xii' 1 Miss Grace, nurse General Hos- 

Nicol Wm. MA. prof Kingston School 
of Mining, res 327 Earl 

Nicoll John, res 91 Bay 

Nicolle John. Residence -2!t"> Al- 

Nisbet, see also Nesbit and Nesbett 

Nisbel Duncan, foreman carp K & P 

Ry shops, res 7 Pine 
Nisbet F, Bookseller and Stationer 

85 Brock, corner Wellington, Resi- 
lience 75 Division 

Nishe James, medical student, bds 26 

Nobes George, plumber Elliott Bros, 
lvs 52 Union west 

Nobes John, res 236 Wellington 

Nobes Wm, millwright Loco Works, 
res 52 Union West 

Nobes Mrs Wm, grocer 54 Union wesl 
res same 

Nobes Wm .7, tel operator, res 38 Un- 
ion w 

Noble Miss pollen, dressmkr, lvs 

Noble Miss Hannah, lvs Ordnance cor 

Noble James, engineer, res n s Ord- 
nance, 1 w of Barrie 

Nolan Charles, clerk John Ward, lvs 
348 Brock 

Nolan James, carter James Swift & 
Co, lvs 275 Sydenham 

Nolan James, sexton St Mary's Cath- 
edral, res 329 Brock 

Nolan John, res 275 Sydenham 

Nolan Joseph, clerk, lvs 348 Brock 

Nolan Mary (wid John), lvs 15 O'Kill 

Nolan Michael, grocer, bds Ottawa 

Nolan Michael, lab K Vehicle Co, res 
53 Division 

Nolan Michael, sailor, res 348 Brock 

Nolan Michael, salesman D Couper 
lvs 329 Brock 

Nolan Richard, carter Jas Swift & Co, 
lvs 275 Sydenham 

Nolan Rachel (wid James), lvs 103 

Noon Alice (wid John), lvs 34 Division 

Noonan Daniel, capt str James Swift, 
res 61 Rideau 

Norkeimer Frank, lab General Hos- 
pital, lvs same 

G. S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes. Tooth Brushes 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 





tan Wm, baggageman K & P Ry. 

res Barriefield 
Norria James, prop Ottawa Hou?> 

Norria James B, trav, res 222 John 

Norria Jane (wid James), res 54 Lower 

Norris John, sailor tug Armenia, lvs ->\ 

Lower Bagot 
Norria P James, fireman str Colum- 
bian, lvs 54 Lower Bagot 
Norria Wm H, trav W C Martin, res 

I7i Clergy 
North American Life Assur- 
ance Co, W .1 Fair District Man- 
ager, Ontario Chambers, corner 

King and Clarence 
North American Telegraph 

Co, R J Wilson, Agent, 30 Clarence 
North Frederick F, engineer, res 2? 

North Robert W, painter Savage 

Bros, lvs 28 Durham 
Xorthmore Edward J. carter Janu- 

Sowarda, lvs 29 John 
Northmoi painter, rea 17 

Northmore George H A, baker, r< 

Norton-Taylor Col Duncan, rea 203 

King east 
Norton-Taylor Wm n. teller Bank of 

Montreal, rea 86 Core 
Noxon Broa Mnfg Co Martin & 

Greene 1 a 9 Bagot 

Nugent Edward, fitter Loco Works. 

ii l rnlverslty ave 
Nug ird P, polisher, lvs 892 

Nugent Elizabeth > w Id Petei l, lv« HI 

1 rnlverslty e vt 
Nugent Elizabeth (wid Thomas), Its 

pi Johnston 

1 iw 1,1 Patrick) 

Monl i' :>l 

Nugent James (Nugent & Tayl 

res 391 Brock 

Nugent Mary (wid Robert), res 8 Col- 

Nugent Peter, packer Customs Ex- 
amining warehouse, res 19 Johnston 

Nugent Thomas J, elk Ontario Bank, 
lvs 19 Johnston 

Nugent Wm, marble cutter P FT Mc- 
Guire. lvs 292 Montreal 

Nugent & Taylor .lames Xu 
gent, Henry H Taylor), Plumberr 
Tinsmiths and Stove Dealers, 183 

Xuttall George E, blksmith 40 Prin 
cess, res 27 Rideau 

Xuttall Oscar A, blksmith G A Xut- 
tall, res 94 Bay 


1 >'Brien, see also A'Brien 

O'Brien Alexander, merchant tailor 
17:, Princess, rea 237 Brock 

O'Brien Ann (wid James), bda Ottawa 

O'Brien Annie E (wid Michael E>, res 
08 Barrie 

O'Brien Edward, lab, res 25 Division 

O'Brien Edward J. clerk R McFSul 
i\ • 67 Union west 

O'Brien Henry, clerk Anglo-Ameri- 
can Hotel 

O'Brien Isaac, comp Sun Publishing 

Co, bda 248 Barie 

O'Brien John, carter, rea 20 Russell 

O'Brien John, carter, lvs 20 Mark- 

O'Brien John, lab, res 21 Clergy w< 

len Joseph J, engineer, bda 1 Ot- 
tawa House 

O'Brien Miss Kate, milliner, lvs MM 

1 I'Brlen Laurence, engineer »tr Plerre- 
pont, rea 87 Union west 

O'Brien Rev Patrick C. \ 
ant si. Marys Cathedral, Reside 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
a Roll. Borderings from 
half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

o BR 



O'Brien Miss Rose, bookkeeper, bd 

t >ttawa House 
O'Brien Miss Sarah, lvs H Union wesl 
O'Brien Thomas, lab, res r!4 Cherry 
O'Brien Thomas, carp, res 62 Ontario 
O'Brien Wm, lab, bds 34 Cherry 
O'Brien Wm H, mach Kingston Foun- 
dry, lvs 62 Ontario 
O'Connell, see also Connell and Mc- 

O'Ccnnell Daniel, wheelman, bds Ot- 
tawa House 
O'Connell Mary (wid James), lvs 148 

Lower Bagot 

mnell Robert, shoemaker 176 

Montreal, res same 
O'Connell Thomas, hostler Kennedy 

O'Connor, see also Connor 
O'Connor Alexander J. lvs 103 Wel- 
O'Connor Charles E, student, lvs 263 

O'Connor Daniel, lab Gas Works, res 

216 Sydenham 
O'Connor Ellen (wid Patrick), res 263 

O'Connor James, bartender, res 9 

Ry Cottages, Ontario st 
O'Connor James P, clerk, lvs 263 

O'Connor John, lab, res rear 76 Karl 
O'Connor John, shoemkr 379 King e 

res 58 Karl 
O'Connor Miss Maggie, tailoress, bds 

288 Queen 
O'Connor Nicholas E, clerk McRae 

Bros, lvs 263 Johnston 
O'Connor Patrick, keeper K P, res 103 

O'Connor Thomas, res 11 West 
O'Connor Thomas J, bookkeeper, lvs 

11 West 
O'Dell Miss Henrietta, tehr Kingston 

Ladies' College, lvs same 
O'Donnell. see also McDonnell 
O'Donnell Arthur, student, lvs 64 Arch 

O'Donnell Bryan, gardener, res 254 


O'Donnell Daniel, tailor, bds 240 On- 

O'Donnell Edward J, purser str North 
King, lvs 46 Arch 

O'Donnell John. Inland Revenue offi 
• < ' res 331 Barrie 

O'Donnell John E. driver S Green, lvs 
331 Barrie 

O'Donnell Patrick, storekeeper K P. 
res 64 Arch 

O'Donnell Wm. lab. res rear 24 John- 

O'Donnell Win J. salesman Geo Sears. 
lvs 64 Arch 

O'Driscoll, see also Driscoll 

O'Driscoll Jeremiah, res 186 Barrie 

O'Driscoll John, stonecutter, res 135 

O'Driscoll Mi*s Maggie, dressmkr. lvs 
186 Barrie 

O'Gorman, see also Gorman and Mc- 

O'Gorman Daniel, carter, res 8 John 

O'Hara George, bottler Jas Thomp- 
son, bds 18 Alma 

O'Hara Henry, messenger Merchants' 
Bank, res over 259 King east 

O'Hearn. see A'Hearn 

O'Keefe Ellen, housekeeper 28 Ellice 

O'Keefe John, sailor, res 36 Colborne 

O'Leary Wm, boilermkr, bds 103 Earl 

O'Malley Miss Bridget, res 245 Mont- 

O'Neil. see also Neal, Neil, Neill and 

O'Neil Annie (wid Patrick), res 367 

O'Neil Arthur, quarryman, res 26 

O'Neil Edward, sailor, lvs 263 Syden- 

O'Neill James, carp, lvs 263 Syden- 

O'Neil Terence, lab GTR freight 
sheds, res 20 Earl 

O'Neil Wm, lab. res 82 William 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 



ill Wm, engineer, res n s King w. 
1 e cf Ellerbeck ave 

HI Charles J, lab, res 55 Bay 
• >'Neil] Ellen (wid John), res Bay eor 

I 'X. ill Mi*s Jane, lvs 148 Rideau 

■ ►'Neil] James, lab Gas Works, res 11 

< > .Will Michael J. mate str Empire 

. bds 148 Ontario 
O'Neill Patrick, lab Loco Works, res 

14J Rideau 
O'Reilly, see also Reilly and Riley 
O'Rielly Catherine (wid Michael), res 

15 I tail way Cottages, Ontario st 
O'Reilly Miss Eliza A, lvs 66 Barrie 
O'Reilly Felix, lab Works, res 202 

O'Reilly Miss Helen, dressmkr, lvs 36 


illy James, contractor, res 98 

O'Reilly Mary (wid Wmi. lvs !*:! Wil 

O'Reilly Michael J. lvs <)1 William 
O'Reilly Patrick, shoemkr 36 Ellice, 

a me 
O'Reilly Miss Sarah, Manager I 

1 - Wo »da 101 Princess, lvs :;i:: John- 


Uly Thomas, marine engineer, rep 

I I Reilly Wm j, clerk Post Office [n- 

CtOr'B I >ept, lV8 '•'■". William 

ilso Rourke 
1 • Rourke Arthur, tailor A < >' Brien 

bds 102 Rideau 
O'R ncls, lai>. bds 14 Russell 

urke < 1 wen, lab, bda Kennedy 

alto Bheo 
lizs iw Id John), res :: John- 

1 itaraqul 
Qui • n 
' 'Si. mlah), <■ 


O'Shea Wm J, clerk, lvs 285 Queen 

O'Sullivan, see also Sullivan 

O* Sullivan Wm, engineer str Deser- 

onto, res 107 Wellington 
O'ToOle, see also Toole 
OToole Charles, engineer K Vehicle 

Co, res 10 James 
Oberndorffer Abraham, cigar maker S 

Oberndorffer, lvs 88 Queen 
Oberndorffer Bros (Henry and Mar 

cus). tobacconists 64-66 Princess 
Oberndorffer Felix, cigar maker B 

Oberndorffer, ivs 88 Queen 
Oberndorffer Henry (Oberndorffer 

Bros), lvs 88 Queen 
Oberndorffer Marcus (Oberndorffer 

Bros), lvs 88 Queen 
Oberndorffer Simon, cigar mnfr 89 

Princess, res 88 Queen 
Ockley Alfred (V Ockley & Sons), bds 

Windsor Hotel 
1 >ckley John, rms ST Colborne 
Ockley Thomas G (V Ockley .«• Sons), 

res 205 Colborne 
Ockley Vincent, bda Windsor Hotel 
Ockley Vincent & Sons (Thomas G 

and Alfred Ockley) grocers l'41 Prln- 

Odd Fellows Relief Asso- 
ciation of Canada. F Flower 

MP, President; .1 1: Mclver V 
President; Robert Meek Secretary; 
D Callaghan, Treasurer, odd Ed- 
lows' Block, cor Princesa and 

J ihn, lad A Maclean, ivs cor 
CataraqUl and Orchard 

■d Emily (wid Jonathan), lvs 1: 

1 Bthelbert, clerk .1 1: Mclver, 
its 71 Colborne 

1 Frederick A. clerk 1 *eo 1 Mford, 
oft'oid George, boots and shoes 117 

Brock, ivs :.i> Clei 
Offord Jonathan, \ - 1 - 1 .1 n t 
— is Manager British wi, 
■idence 6 Frontenac 


128 Princess St 

Inks, Writing ana Copying : Stephens', 
Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
worth's and Underwoods. 




J 97 

Ogg Miss Annie, Mantle maker, bds 60 

Ohlke Mrs Maria. pictures ami 
Crames 109 Brock, res same 

Ohlke Paul o R, picture Cramer, res 
i" Brock 

Oldtin John W. fitter Gas Works, res 

282 Wellington 
Oldfin Miss Kate ivs 203 Welling- 
Oldham Jane (wid John K), dressmk. 

65 I tore, res same 
Oldrieve George M. clerk Fenwick, 

Hendry & Co, lvs 7 Wellington 
Oldrieve George S (Oldrieve & Horn), 

res T Wellington 
Oldrieve & Horn (George S Oldrieve. 

Alexander Horn), sailmakers 263 On 

Oliver Albert, cigar maker G A Me 

Gowan. lvs 127 King east 
Oliver Alfred S, physician 193 King e. 

res same 
Oliver Charles, carp M T Co, res 427 

King east 
Oliver Charles G, customs broker 7 

Clarence, res 279 Wellington 
Oliver Edward G, clerk J E Spankie, 

Ivs 81 Lower Bagot 
Oliver Isaac, carp M T Co, res 81 Low- 
er Bagot 
Oliver James, sailor schr Pilot, lvs 31 

University ave 
Oliver John, capt schr Pilot, res 31 

University ave 
Oliver Percy, lvs 297 Wellington 
Oliver Wm H, sailor schr Pilot, lvs 31 

University ave 
Olsen John, fish dealer 279 King east, 

res same 
Ontario Bank, A .1 Macdonel] 

Manager, cor King and Clarence 
Ontario Building & Savings 

Society, (' V Price President Wm 

McRossie Vice-President; James 

McArthur Manager, 67 Clarence 

Opera Saloon, L B Guess prop. 

Oram John P, agent Confederation 
Life Association 159 Wellington, res 

89 Clergy west 

Oriental Hotel, R H Walker prop, 18 

Orman Wm, engineer, res 7 York 

Orphanage o-f the Hotel 
Dieu, Sister Hopkins Mother Sup 
eri'or, Sydenham bet Brock and 

Orphans' Home, Mis A E Cars, al- 
ien Matron, cor Union west and Uni 
versity ave 

Orr John, res 213 Bagot 

Orr John, caretaker Fair grounds, res 
cor York and Nelson 

Orr John L, engineer Gas Works, rei 

37 Princess 

Orrell Ann (wid Joseph), res 17 Uni- 
versity ave 

Orrell Thomas, painter Savage Bros, 
lvs 17 University ave 

Orser Miss Catherine, dressmkr 335 
Princess, lvs same 

Orser Edward, painter, res 335 Prin- 

Orser Horace, lab. res 335 Princess 

Orser Horace G, clerk E P Jenkins, 1\ ; 
e s Collingwood, 1 s of Johnston 

Orser Isaac, lab, res 28 Chatham 

Orser Mary A (wid Rev Ezra A). 

38 Ellice 

Oscer Sidney H, carp, res e s Colling- 
wood, 1 s of Johnston 

Orser Thomas, nightwatch T C Wil- 
son, bds 228 Princess 

Osborne George, res South Bartlett 

Osier Charles H, civil engineer, res 168 

Ostler Bros (Frederick, jr, and 
Thomas A), grocers 259 University 

Ostler Frederick, clerk Ostler Bros, 
res 269 University ave 

Ostler Frederick, jr (Ostler Bros), res 
259 University ave 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A., greatest pain killer 
known. Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 




Ostler Thomas A (Ostler Bros), lvs 259 
Universitj ave 

Ottawa House. James X iris prop 

Otto Charles H. bookbinder i"i Wel- 
lington, lvs .'A Fnmtenac 

Otto Joshua J. bookbinder C H OttD, 
res 34 Frontenac 

Outram Mrs Susan, lvs 21 Arch 

Ovens Henry, carpet layer F C Mai 
shall Prineeas 


Packer Alfred, grocer 226 Barrie, ivs 

24 Division 
Packer Thomas, storeman Loco 

Wcrks, res 24 Division 
Paddon Thomas, driver R Crawf 

res 296 Division 
Page John, fireman K c<: P Ry, lvs ft 

Page John D, car inspector K & P Ry, 
t of North 

Wm, fireman tug Bronson, lvs 
if North 
Palmer James EC, Lab, res 7 Cherry 
Pain '. moulder, lvs 40 I'm ti 

Palmer M 

pes, < Ml ta I i.. st 
Palmer Nancy (wld Win J), re* 

Palmer Thomas 11. appr ECingf 
Foundry, lvs in l Inlon • 

r Timothy, n a 10 Union east 
Pannell, see also Pennell 
Pannell Alfred, watchmaker Smith 
Bros, lvs 248 Alfred 

• ii Harrj s. clerk, lvs 248 Ufr i 

ii Wm 8, carp, res 248 Alfred 
■ ■ Wm .1. i • 112 1 '..i rrle 

Iker M T Co, n 

■ M T » !i • 
P i :■ ■' jamin, lvs i n < >rdn 

• - • ,.-.- 

Parent Napoleon, Paymaster K 

& P Ry, res 141 Ordnance 
Parish George, lab General Hospital 
Park George C, lab, res 206 William 
Parker Charles M, lvs 19S King east 
Parker Fanny A (wid Edward H), res 

198 King east 
Parker George, acct .Merchants' Hank, 

T_ Brock 
Parker John P. yardman Jas Reid, lvs 

256 Piin 
Parker Wm S. engineer str Passport, 

res 196 King east 
Parkhill Henry B. clerk J Y Parkhill 

& Co, lvs 24i'> Princess 

Parkhill John Y (J Y Parkhill & Co), 
res 246 Princess 

Parkhill J Y & Co (John Y Parkhill), 
produce 246 Princess 

Parkin George H. teamster W BffcRos- 
sie. res 12", Montreal 

Parkin Theodore W, clerk York Coun- 
ty L & S Co, lvs 294 University ave 

Parkin Thomas M, confr, res 294 Uni- 
versity ave 

Parsley John, tinsmith McKelvey & 
Birch, inis 22s Barrie 

Pais. ns Harriet (wid Wm), tvs 59 

Partridge Prank, wire worker F W 
Partridge, bds n s Jenkin. ! w of 


Partridge Francis W. wireworks 490 
Princess, res n 8 Jenkin. 1 \v Of Al- 

Pateman Wm. private "A" Battery, 

lvs Barracks 
Patenaude Oliver, capl str Arabian, 
ISO Barrie 

Co), lvs 601 Princess 
Patterson Archibald B (Patterson & 
Paterson Capl Francis, res 163 Union 

Patterson F Btanley, clerk A 

Strachan, lvs 168 Union w 
Patterson Miss Annie, talloress, lvs 

110 i. iwer Bagol 


128 Princess Street. 

Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 

PA i 



Patterson David, plumber, Iva 60) 

Patterson David J, carp, res 601 Prin 


Patterson Eliza (wld Wm>, iva 194 

Patterson Elizabeth (wid Henry), res 

:7s Princess 
Patterson Miss Ellen, res 91 Queen 
Patterson Ellen (wid Robert), res 418 

Patterson George K, salesman P J 

Walsh, lvs 418 Johnston 
Patterson Henry T, boilermaker Loco 

Works, res 213 William 
Patterson John, pound keeper, res 46 

Upper William 
Patterson John, jr, stableman W C T 

Jenkin, lvs 46 Upper William 
Patterson John W, motorman St Ry 

Co, res 21 Colborne 
Patterson John T, carp, lvs 601 Prin- 
Patterson Matthew, capt barge Win- 
nipeg, res 1 Hales Cottages, King w 
Patterson Robert, sailor, lvs 1 Hales 

Cottages, King w 
Patterson Robert H, guard K P, res 80 

Patterson Robert W, painter Robin- 
son Bros, res 21 Upper Charles 
Patterson Wm, tinsmith Loco Works, 

lvs 1 Hales Cottages, King west 
Patterson Wm J, shoemkr W Adams, 

lvs 46 Upper William 
Patterson & Co, tailors, 79 Princess 
Patton Robert M M, mach W J Moore, 

lvs 22 York 
Paul James, clerk W J Paul, res 26 

Upper William 
Paul Capt John, supt Public Works, 

res 276 Johnston 
Paul Wm J, Tobacconist 70 Princess, 

lvs 26 Upper William 
Payne Ambrose G, cabinet maker, res 

rear 208 Alfred 
Payne Frederick, lab M T Co, bds 370 


Payne Mrs Frederick, lvs si Clarence 
Paynter Hugh F, broommkr W Bailey 
& Co, lvs 225 Montreal 

Paynter John, mach Looo Works, lvs 
9.'3 Lower Bagot 

Paynter Mary A (wid John), res 225 

Paynter Robert, shoemkr W Allen & 
Son, lvs 225 Montreal 

Paynter Wm J, mach, res 93 Lower 

Pearce, see also Pierce 
Pearce Richard P, Assistant 
Superintendent London Life Insur- 
ance Co, Ontario Chambers, corner 
King and Clarence, res 152 Division 

Pearson John H, sergeant "A" Bat- 
tery, res 368 Bagot 

Peck Wm W, student, bds 209 Wil- 

Pelletier J J Cyrille, cutter, res 338 

Pelon Dennis, lab, res 22 Earl 

Pelow Thomas H, trav J McParland. 
bds Thousand Island House 

Pennell, see also Pannell 

Pennell Henry, messenger Bank of 
Montreal, res 200 Alfred 

Penner Miss Eliza, res 158 Earl 

Pense Edward J B, Proprietor 
British Whig, 306-310 King e. Resi- 
dence 49 same 

Pense James P, clerk Post Office, res 
120 Johnston 

Percival Harriette (wid Henry), res 
159 Queen 

Percy Ellen J (wid Wm), lvs 106 Gore 

Percy John, cab owner, res 106 Gore 

Percy John A, mach, res 223 Montreal 

Percy Rachel( wid Wm J), lvs 247 

Percy Samuel, lvs 106 Gore 

Percy Thomas, blacksmith Kingston 
Foundry, res 369 Brock 

Percy Wm, tailor C Livingston & Bro, 
res 247 Earl 

Perry Edward J, moulder, res 282 Esr? 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 




Perry Ellen (wid Wm), lvs 106 Gore 
Perry Harriet J (wid Samuel V), res 

Perry John W, carp, res 256 Division 
Perry Norman H, clerk, res 97 Wel- 
Peri;. I Bear R, bottler J R Hinds, lvs 

97 Wellington 
Perry Wm, lab. lvs 256 Division 
Perry Wm J, barber 31 Brock, res 90 

Ferryman J.ihn. plasterer, res n s 

Markland, 1 w of Montreal 
Pei ryman John T. scourer K Hosiery 
Co, res e s Collingwood, 1 s of Union 
Perryman Wm A, spinner Cotton 
Mills, lvs n s Markland. 1 W "f Mont- 

•1 Miss Gertrude, lvs 102 Barrack 
Peters Johanna (wid Hugh), res 208 

A If iv d 
Peters John, carp, res w s Victoria, 1 

n of J >hnston 
Peters Joseph, blacksmith 70 Cherry. 

Peters Lenora (wid Thomas), res 

Peters Miss Sarah, bds 4241 Princess 
s Wm. engineer Cotton Mills, res 
100 Lower Bagot 

ra Wm w.itchman Jas Richard 
s..n & S'.ns. lvs 169 Pine 

rson Nicholas F, carp, res 213 

1 >hn 1 ». ledger k>'.-per Bank of 
B X A. res 102 Bagot 
Pettigrew Alexander l>. currier J J 

■ rington, res 18 QueDec 
Phelan Daniel, MD, Phj sician 
n 844 Bagot, Residence 
Phelan Wm, cigar mkr < ; a Mc< lowan, 

v mti 
Phillips Miss Annie, dressmkr 46 King 

W. h lire- 

llipa Arthur, • oachmao 100 st uarl 
Phil) i Bai 

Phillips Frank R, trav. res 217 Bagot 
Phillips Frank T. clerk McKelvey & 

Birch, lvs 180 Clergy 
Phillips John, carp Co-Operative Sash 

and Door Factory, lvs 42 Union \v 
Phillips John, helper K Vehicle Co, 

bds 21 Brock 
Phillips Miss Mary J, milliner 45 King 

w, lvs same 
Phillips Matilda (wid Thomas), res 132 

Phillips Miss Matilda, lvs 45 King w 
Phillips Sarah (wid Richard), res 42 

Union w 
Phillips Thomas, driver McKelvey i 

Birch, lvs 63 George 
Phillips Thomas, lab, res 133 Queen 
Phillips Thomas H. acct, res 180 

Phillips Walter H. clerk Hy Skinner 

& Co, lvs 180 Clergy 
Phillips Wm H. earetak.i of Parks, 

>'<■'> George 
Philipotts Wm E, acct Bank of 1! N' A, 

bds Rritish American Hotel 
Phippen Harry W, plumber Nugent 

& Taylor, lvs ii'2 Johnston 
Phippen Mis^ Kate, res 1 1 T Stuart 
Phipp.n Win S. clerk GTR, lvs 204 

Pickering Wm H, grocer 12 Lower res sann- 

Pidgeon, s.-.- also Pigion 

Pidgeon Richard \'. tinsmith E Chown 

& Son, res t st Catharine 
Pierce, see alfl 1 Pea 
Pierce Alfred, painter, lvs l ('.ray's 

Pierce Charles, caretaker cricket 

lunds, bds mi < lore 
Pier 1 Mai gaa el < wid Albert ), lvs 1 

Gray's Lane 

:. see also Pidgeon 
Pigion Edward, broommkr W Bailey 

l\ B 129 Carrie 

Pigion Jan.- iwid Nathaniel), res 428 


128 Princess Street. 




PlKinn John, piano maker Wormwith 

.^ Co, Ivs 128 Barrle 
Piglon Richard, market gdnr, res 

Pillar Prances (wld Wm), res 136 

Pixner John, lab, res 212 Earl 
Pipe Walter H, with Wm Pipe, res 247 

Pipe William, Wholesale ami R< - 
tail Wines and Liquors and Pro- 
prietor Kingston Bottling Works, 
261 Princess, Residence 285 same. 
(See adv inside front cover.) 
Pipe Wm, jr, driver, res 333 Queen 
Pipe Mrs Wm, dressmaker 333 Queen, 

res same 
Piper Albert, checker GTR, res Si 

Wade's Lane 
Pitman Catherine (wid Wilson), res 21 

Plank Jabez J. lab, res 26 (a) Ellice 
Platchett George E, coachman I A 
Breck, res n s King, 1 w of Centre 
Plewes David, barrister B M Britton, 

bds 2»ir> University ave 
Pogue Miss Annie, music tchr, Ivs w 

s Alwington ave, 3 n of King 
Pogue George, mason, res 26 Main 
Pogue Irwin, plasterer, res 398 (a) Di- 
Pogue Miss Mary. Ivs 245 Montreal 
Pogue Robert R, instructor K P, res 

n s Alwington ave, 3 n of King 
Polley, see also Pollie 
Polley Mary (wid Wm). Ivs e s Vic- 
toria, 1 s of Concession rd 
Police Court. Co] John Dart' Po- 
lice Magistrate, City Buildings 
Police Station, Edwin Horsey, 

Chief of Police, City Buildings 
Pollie, see also Polley 
Pollie Ann( wid Alexander), Ivs 190 

Pollie John, tinsmith Elliott Bros, res 

50 Colborne 
Pollitt Francis W. baker R H Toye, 
res 22 Pine 

Pollitt Fr< derlck J. baker, Ivs 22 Pine 
Tollitt Henry, baker, bds 40 Division 
Pollitt Win. baker e s Oollingwood, 2 

s of Union, res same 
Poison Neil C, res 317 University ave 
Poison N C& Co, Druggists ■>*! 

Poison Miss Susie C, student, Ivs 200/ 

Pomeroy Wm F, agent R J McDowall, 
res n s Concession rd, 3 w of Division 
Pomfret Richard, loom fixer Cotton 

Mills, res 26 James 
Poole Alburtus P, student, bds 322 

Pope Frank H, ledger keeper Ontario 

Bank, Ivs Barriefield 
Pope Thomas N, shoemaker 80 Col- 
borne. res n s Ellice, 2 w of Vine 
Porter Albert, salesman D Couper, 

bds 99 York 
Porter Alexander, baker, bds Stanley 

Porter Arthur J, agent York County 

L & S Co, Ivs 376 Barrie 
Porter Charles, storeman Fenwlck, 

Hendry & Co, res 133 Bagot 
Porter Charles S R, appr British 

Whig, Ivs 133 Bagot 
Porter David, polisher McDonald & 

Allen, Ivs Portsmouth 
Porter John G, painter Robinson Bros, 

res w s Chatham, 1 n of Sixth 
Porter Richard T, clerk E Chown & 

Son, Ivs Portsmouth 
Porter Rev Thomas G, res 376 Barrie 
Porter Wm, calker M T Co, res Ports 

Porter Wm J, mach, Ivs 133 Bagot 
Post Office, James Shannon Post- 
master, corner Clarence and Wel- 
Post Office Inspectors De- 
partment, H Merrick Inspe. 
corner Clarence and Wellington 
Potter Abraham, sectionman K & P 
Ry. res head of Hickson ave 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men women, boys and girls. 



Potter Alexander, capt steam barge 
King Ben. res 313 Albert 

Pott ider, clerk. St Lawrence 


Potter Alexander, sectionman K & P 
Ry. lvs head of Hlckson ave 

POTTER JAMES S, Sailor's Mlssfc n- 
ary, 193 Ontario, res 560 Princess 

Potter John, helper Jas Laturney. lvs 

Potter John, turner K & P Ry. res u a 
Rideau, 5 s of .Montreal 

1 'otter John S, student, lvs 560 Prin- 

Potter Orlando E. clerk, lvs St Law- 
rence Hotel 

Potter Trueman, section foreman K 
iV: P Ry, res \v s Montreal, 2 n of K 
& P crossing 

Potter Wm H, prop St Lawrence 
Hotel, 383 King e 

Potts John, carter S Anglin & Co, res 

1 Railway Cottages, Ontario st 
Pound George D. baker 358 Monti 

Pound John, baker 271 Division, res 

Pound Joseph, baker John Pound, lvs 

.71 Division 
I' mnd .1 Wesley, engineer M T Co, res 

11 Mrs Catherine, lvs w 

2 a of King 

Powell Charles H. carp, res 103 Raglan 

u < Jharles w. clerk 3 < I Bai 
lvs It',", dim-ess 
Powell Haffell J, photogr .i W Powell, 

1 i b if.:: Print ■ 
Powell James W, photogr 166 Prin- 

Powell John, lab, lvs 229 Wellington 
-. Id James), res [06 Rag- 
lan I'd 
Powel] M.tiy \ tuid Richard), n 

r Char)otte (wU John), res 167 

Power Edward M. clerk J P Swift, lvs 
64 Gore 

Power Joseph W, ARCA, i Power 
& Son i. Residence 72 Sydenham 

Power Thomas R P. architect Power 
& Son, res 81 Union e 

Power Wm, ship carp, res 64 Gore 

Power & Son (Josepfi W Power, A 
RCA i. Architects. Golden Lion 
Block. Wellington cor Clarence 

Powers Edward, baker Gardine: 
bds 131 Colborne 

Powers John, carp, res 131 Colborne 

Powers Joseph, lvs 235 Division 

Powers Walter, gardener, res 255 Di- 

Powers Thomas, lvs 255 Division 

Powley A Bruce, watchmkr A C 
Johnston & Bro. bds 332 Johnston 

Pratchette George, coachman 1 A 
k, res n s King, 1 w of Centre 

Pratt Miss Annie, lvs 1 Welling 
Terrace, Montreal st 

Prat: Matilda James), n - 

- :■ w 

Pres! ley David, blacksmith, lvs 190 

Ki: - 
Pressley John, engineer, n - 190 Ki 
Prevosl Hubert, clerk '/. Prevost, lvs 

ii: Earl 
Prevost Zotique. Merchant Tailor, 

.-.:, Brock, res 123 EirL 
I'rii ■ qs V, Judge County 

- King e 
Price John, mach binder twine dept 

K I' . i - ; : W< st 
Prime Catherine (wld Rev Fredei 

Prince Rllza (wld James), i ■ - 

- y w 

hard Wai rt n H, confi 

I'riti i .1. Btableman A Mc- 

[Iquham, lvs i">i Prlnct 
Prlttit Tl • mas, driller Loco Wo 

161 Prlnc 
Prittle Wm T, student, lvs 161 Prln- 


128 Princess Street. 






Provincial Hotel, .) T Catlin pro] 

Bi oek 
Proudy Wm, lab, res 60 Elm 
Public School Board, John 

Macdonald Secretary-Treasurer, 28 

M ni real 
Public School Inspector's 

Office, W c Kidd Inspector, 28 

Public School Library, John 

Macdonald Librarian, 28 Montreal 
Pugh Edward, salesman Steacy ><■ 

Steacj . lvs Portsmouth 
Pugh Mrs Elizabeth, res 224 Division 
Pugh Miss I, rah, dressmaker 232 Earl, 

res same 
Purcell Michael, boss shoveller Jas 

Richardson & Sons, res 174 Bagot 
Purcell Patrick J, barber 7:: Clarence, 

res same 
Purcell Patrick J. lab, lvs 174 Bagot 
Purdue John, lvs 47 Upper William 
Purdy Elijah B, agent Sorb County 

L & s Co, res 428 Princess 
Purdy Frank u. clerk C Livingston 

& Bro, bds 209 William 
Purdy John, farmer, res York rd 
Purtell James, carter, res 58 I'pper 

Purtell James J, letter carrier, res -71 

Purtell John, lab. res tear 257 King e 
Purtell Michael, clerk G M Wilkinson 

& Son, Ivs 58 Upper Charles 
F'urtell Wm. blksmith K & P Ji : . 

shops, res 25 Upper Charles 
Purvis Miss Bella, res 55 King w 
Purvis Johanna (wid Paul), res :r 

King w 
Purvis Miss Margaret, lvs 14:: Ord- 
Purvis Miss Sarah, lvs 55 King w 
Purvis Thomas, driver J Gleeson, lvs 

35 King w 
Purvis w John, helper Loco Works, 

res 14 George 

Putman Mary A (wid Aaron W). lvs 
44.1 Princess 

Putman Wm M, plumbei - mom 

l h os, bds 14:: Princess 


Queen's College and Univer- 
sity, \'ei \ Rev G eorg< Mo n ro 
Grant, MA, DD, LLD, Principal, cor 
Arch and Stuart 

Queen's Hotel, Daniel Stalcy 
Proprietor, 119-127 Brock 

Queen's College Journal 

(Weekly), Alma Mater Society Pub- 
lishers. Queen's College 

Queen's University Medical 
Faculty, Fife Flower, Ml). Dean. 
Stuart cor Arch 

Quigley James, res 216 Montreal 

Quigley James, confectioner 20 John- 
ston, res same 

Quigley James, engineer, res 31 Upper 

Quigley Joseph, customs officer, res .41 

Quigley Thomas, lab. res 14 James 

Quilicia Stephen, lab Loco Woiks. res 
rear 93 Johnston 

Quilicia Stephen, lab Loco Works, res 
rear 87 Johnston 

Quinn Charles, clerk Jas Tierney. bds 
17 Colborne 

Quinn Frank, lab, bds 49 Princess 

Quinn Frank, porter City Hotel 

Quinn Michael, night watchman, res 
159 Wellington 

Quinn Owen, clerk J Campbell, res 283 

Quinn Patrick J. clerk, res 364 John- 

Quinn Wm. currier, res n s Fifth. | 
w of Chatham 

Quintall Ernest L, lab. bds 34 Dufferin 

Quirt John, helper Loco Works, res 
259 Victoria 


Ragan, see also Regan 
Ragan Mary (wid Michael), grocer e s 
Beverley. 4 n of King, res same 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have Ave keep. 




Railroad House, G Jenmar. prop it 

Place d'Armes 
Ralphe Robert \V. clerk R J Carson, 

lvs 16:> King \v 
Ramsay Elizabeth (wid George), bds e 

Albert, 4 n of Princess 
Ramsay James H, apiarist, res w s 

Victoria, 3 n of Princess 
Randall Edwin, striper G A McGow- 

an, lvs 135 Colborae 
Randall George, lab Gas Works, res 

Randall James, res 334 Montreal 
Randall Margaret (wid Benjamin), res 

135 Colborne 
Randall Rowland, lab, Ivt 135 Col- 
Randall Thomas, currier J J Carring- 

ton, lvs 334 Montreal 
Randall Thomas J, night clerk B A 

Randall Win M. bricklayer, res l- 

Qpper Charles 
Randolph John S. Proprietor 

City Hotel, 133-137 Princess 
Raney Frank (Baney, Reid & Sel- 

by), bds -I s Barrie 
Raney, Reid & Selby (Frank 

Raney, Wm H Reid, Charles Belby), 

Pro] Foundry, cor 

l (ntario and Union 
Ranklin Ann .1 (wid Andrew 


Rankin Charles 11. carp, h a 21 Rid 
Rankin James w. tinsmith, 1»J 21 

Rankin Martin, fireman, i><ls Albion 

Rani res 1 19 1 >iv Islon 

Rathburn Co,The, Allan 1 Ihadv iok 
Manager, Builders' Supplies, Coal, 
coi 1 'lace 1 'A rrnsi : 
Flour and Feed, Prlnoess oor Syden- 
Rattenbury John 1;, gents' furnlsh- 
I l ' 11 i< >m w 
• 'ii A John, clerk 1 B Henderson, 
. Devoi ■ ■ 1 ■ 1 1 <■ ■ Byden 

ham st 

Raymond Wm S. electrician Electric 
Light Works, bds 48 Princess 

Raynor Ellen (wid John), res 220 Bar- 

Rayson Rev Robert W, Elector 
All Saints' Church, lvs 424 Princess 
Iso Wray 

Rea David, watchman fid T Co, res 4* 

David J. lab. res s s Dufferin, 1 w 
of Rideau 

Ri a Henry A. wo idwkr K Vehicle Co, 
lvs e s Beverley, 3 S of Dufferin 

Rea Mary (wid Andrew), res 4:12 John- 

Rea Rebecca (wid John), res e s Bev- 
erl< y 3 s of Union 

Rea Wm A, sexton St Andrew's 
Church, res 119 Albert 

Redden James James Redden & 
Co), bds 240 King e 

Redden James & Co (James ltd 
den. Wardrope H Dyde), Wholesale 
and Retail Grocers 178 Princess 

Redrlen Jeremiah, carp K & P Ky 
shops, res 1"! York 

R idmond John, clerk R Waldron, lvs 
i pmouth 

Redmond Joseph, salesman, lvs 21 Di- 

Redmond Martin, res 154 Lower Bagot 

Redmond Mogue, engineer, lvs 1 3 1 
Lower Bagot 

Redmond Patrick, night watch Asy- 
lum, res 21 I>i\ isiim 

Reed, Reid 

Emma, dressmkr and 
ladles' furnishings 167 Wellington, 
lvs 172 Barrie 

Reed Ja mes, iai>. b u 1 e of 


I Marshall, printer K Oil Cloth 
('.,. res 11 B Russell, 1 w of Montreal 

. will B, prop Globe Hotel 
< mtario 
Reed wm F, clerk, lvs ITS Barrie 

Ulan .1. na\ Robertson Bros, res 

1853 ESTABLISHED 1853 





254 and 256 PRINCESS STREET 



R. J. REID, Manager, 






The Most Valuable Goods, 


By Far the Lowest Prices. 


ONLY $14.00 


ONLY $15 00 



—w ■■»- COME AND SEE. 


R. J. REID, Manager. 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
Copy Books. 

R 1 1 

Al.THAI'l I l< \l hlkl'.CTORV 


Rees Bros (Fred s Rees), confr 166 

- Caroline (wid Samuel J), Ivs 224 

1; - Charles F. trav, res 224 Johnston 

Rees Fn s Bros), res 179 


11. ivs 196 Queen 
Win J. bdS 10S Clergy 

Reeve Robert, scavenger, res w s Al- 
bert 2 n of Princess 

Reeve Walter, blacksmith K Vehicle 
Co, res w s Albert, 1 n of Princess 

Reeves Daniel, trav Dupont & Wil- 
son, res 281 Montreal 

Reeves John. Ivs 35 Brock 

Reform Association, W R l>i(k 
and J Ar Farrell Secretaries, Golden 
Lion Block 

Regan, see also Ragan 

Regan Elizabeth (wid John), res 52 

Regan James, moulder, Ivs 52 O'Kill 
11 John, res 88 William 

Regan Michael, Ivs 88 William 

Reid, see also Reed 

Reid .Miss Bessie, bds 308 Johnston 

Reid A Duncan, insurance, Ivs 63!) 

Reid David J. butcher W H Reid. ivs 
317 Johnston Miss Bttie A, ATA. tutor Queen's 
College, Ivs C ncession rd. opp Vic- 

Reid Frank C. upholsterer Jas Reid. 
Ivs 256 Princess 

Reid Frederick A, stableman K & P 
Ry, res 87 Colborne 

Reid George, student, Ivs 63 Union w 

Reid James, grocer 101 Lower Bagot, 
Ivs same 

Reid James, Undertaker, Embaltn- 
er and Furniture Dealer. 254-6 Prin- 
cess, res same. (See adv opposite.) 

Reid James, lab. Ivs 211 Earl 

James B, furrier Clark Wright 
& Son. res 65 Union w 

Reid John, lab. res 211 Earl 

Reid John M, mach, res 91 Lower 

Reid Joseph w. cabinet maker Jas 
Reid, res 6 Garrett 

Reid Marion (wid Wm), ivs :i7 John- 

Reid Marshal l" grocer "l I'nion w. 
bds 30 same 

Reid Mary (wid Matthew), res \v s 
Albert, 1 s of Johnston 

Reid Mary (wid Wm M), res 317 John- 

Reid Alary (wid Wm), res 639 Princess 

Reid Mary J (wid Wm), Ivs .87 Col- 

Reid Miss M, Sara, elerk P O, Ivs 
Concession rd opp Victoria 

Reid Paul, foreman K & M Forward- 
ing Co, res :;.", Union w 

Reid Robert J, Manager .lames 
Reid, 254-6 Princess, res 8 Garrett 

Reid Samuel, comp British Whip, res 
296 Queen 

Reid Samuel F, upholsterer Jas Reid. 
res •"> Division 

Reid Samuel H J, bookkeeper Rath- 
bun Co, ivs 296 Queen 

Reid Thomas, carp, res 138 Nelson 

Reid Thomas W, lab, Ivs 211 Earl 

Reid Wm F, clerk R Waidron, Ivs 172 

Reid Wm H. butcher 32,8 King e, res 
Concession rd, opp Victoria 

Reid Wm H. car)), res 172 Barrie 

Reid Wm H (Raney, Reid A Sel- 
by), Ivs 35 Union w 

Reid Wm J, appr Carnovsky Wood 
Mnfg Co. ivs 639 Princess 

Reid Wm AI. butcher W H Reid, 
317 Johnston 

Re illy, see also O'Reilly and Riley 

Reilly Alexander, bell boy B A Hotel. 
Ivs n s Raglan rd, 2 w of Bagot 

Reilly Alfred, sailor, Ivs n s Raglan 
rd, 2 w of Bagot 

Reilly Arthur, driver P Walsh, res is 
Lower Bagot 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 




Reilly Arthur, lab. lvs n s Raglan rd. 

2 w of Bagot 
Reilly Daniel J. violinist, bds 45 Prin- 
Reilly John, lab. res n s Raglan : 

w of Hagot 
Rendle Alfred E, sorter W Bailey & 

Co, lvs L28 Victoria 
Rendle Charlotte (wid EdWard W), 

res 128 Victoria 
Renton John L, Assistant P 

master, res 319 University ave 
Renton Lucinda (wld James*. Fes 

Renton Thomas T (Kingston Milling 

Co), lvs 272 Earl 
Renton Wm J. salesman Macnee & ; 
Minnes. res 330 University ave 

:orla Edwin, lab Loco Works, res 
157 Nelson 

• 11 Mrs Edward J. grocer 14n On- 
tario, res same 
Revell Edward, engineer K Milling 

Co, res 148 Ontario 
Rivelle Eben, driver J <;ill>' ; 

Sixth. 1 w of (.'hatha m 
Revlngton Edward S, maeh. lvs 139 
< (rdnance 

Ington Jane L (wld Louis .-.! i ' 

K,a hn cigar inkr <; A Mc- 

iwan, lvs !:;:• < trdnan 
Reyner Alvah, Jeweller a C John 
A r.: o, bdi 384 Brock 

uner John Reyner, 
]\ a 131 Union w 

ner John, pianos an 
en Lion Block, res 131 Union w 

aolda Ann (wld Bamuel), lvs w s 
Victoria, i s of < toncesaion rd 

i ancta J, moulder, res w a 

■ ii rd 

Reynold I ■". res w a Nel- 

1 1 1 p -on. brookmaker VV 

Reynolds Win. moulder, res 8 Fron- 

Reynolds Wm, jr. tailor c Livingston 

A Bro, lvs 8 Frontenac 
Reynolds Wilson, broommkr W Bail- 
ey & Co, lvs 8 Frontenac 
1 Francis, res 195 Earl 
Rice Miss Harriet, res 69 Sydenham 
Rice Thomas, lab Kingston Foundry. 

res 2'. 1 Union w 
Richards Howard, lab. res e s Revet - 

ley. 1 n of King 
Richards Samuel, mason, res 102 

Richards Stephen, boiler mkr, res 

Richards Stephen L. tailor J S Sands 

A Son, lvs 393 Division 
Richardson Miss Elizabeth, dressmkr. 

lvs 308 Johnston 
Richardson George A (James 
Richardson & Sons), Residence HH 
University ave 
Richardson Henry W Janus 
Richardson ,t- Sons) Residence 102 

Richarbson James & Sons 

A and Henry W Rkhard- 
n), G ain Dealers, foot of Prin- 

Richards m Jane (wid Wm), res 02 

Richardson Jonathan, mach K «.<: 1' Ry 

shops, res n s River, 2 w of Orchard 
Richardson Miss Matilda, hair goods 

and corset maker, 177 Wellington, 
■ iataraqui, < >n1 
Richardson Richard, agent York 

Counl | LA S Co, res 251 Victoria 

Richardson Susannah iwid Jai 

res 100 Stuart 
Richardson Wentworth, collar maker. 

,-,. s | s i '. incessl n rd, cor Lans* 

dow ne 
Richardson Wm, Fohnaton 

hardson Wm L, photograph 

Welling) ' ' Brock 

T. McAuley, »""* ^° KS B Z ¥ING 


128 Princess Street. 


\l I'll All I [CAL JUKKCTOKY. 


Richelieu and Ontario Navigation C 

r 1 1 : i iii- > & Sona agi nts, cor • 

tario and Johnston 

mond .Ian. E i w i.l Jam. 'si. res 

'7 I'm 11 w 
Richmond John M (Richmond & Co), 

lvs it Union w 
Richmond & Co (John M Rich- 
mond), Dry Goods, -Millinery. Car- 
- an.l Housi Furnishings, li< 129 

Prince ss 
Rickaby \\'m J. organist Chalmers' 

i Jhurch, res 165 West 
Rickey George D, boat builder A C 

Knapp. bds fool of ' intario 
Rickey Francis EJ, boat builder A C 

Knapp. bds 42 Union e 
Riggs Wm E, bookkeeper S Obern- 

dorffer, lvs 295 Barrie 
Rigley James, lab, res 264 Earl 
Rigney James W, salesman Rigney & 

Hickey, lvs 126 Johnston 
Rigney Timothj J, student, lvs 126 

Rigney William (Rigney & Hick- 
res 12''. J' ihnston 
Rigney and Hickey Win Rigney, 

John Hickey). Groceries. Wines an.l 
Liquors 136-138 Princess 
Riley, see also O Reilly and Reilly 

Riley (Seorge H, lab, lvs 40 Clerry w 
Riley Julia (wid Wm A), res 40 Clergy 

Risbridger Thomas, farmer, res 371 

Roach, see also Roche 
Roach Edward, la'... res \v s Colling- 

wood, 1 n of King 
Roach Edward F. carder K Hosiery 

Co. lvs w s Collingwood, 1 n of King 
Roach Lettitia .wid John), res 68 Yr rk 
Roach Martin, driver Jas Crawford, 

lvs 39 King w 
Roach Wm, engineer K & M Forward- 
ing, res 30 King w 
Roach Wm J, works K Hosiery Co, lvs 

w s Collingwood. 1 n of King 

Roadie] Joseph, eaten Al- 


Robb l >a\ i.l .1. wha rflnger Folg 
1 »ock, i •> s 17 Balaclava 

Robb James, butcher 295 Princess, res 
n s Concession rd, 8 w of Division 

Robb John, res s w cor Patrick and 

Robb Joseph, student, lvs 221 Division 

Robb Mary (wid Wm). lvs 17 Bala- 

Robba Ephraim, butcher 294 Montreal, 
res 673 Princess 

Robbs James, butcher, res n s Con- 
cession rd, 8 w Of Division 

Robbs Miss Mary, dressmaker, lvs 
166 Lower Bagot 

Roberts Miss Eliza, dressmaker 208 
Alfred, res same 

Roberts Ernest T, Chief Clerk City 
Engineer's Dept, res 114 Colborne 

Robertson Benjamin W ((Jeorge 
Robertson & Son). Residence 161 

Robertson Bros (T McKean Rob- 
ertson), Wholesale and Retail 
Crockery and Glassware 187 Prin- 

Robertson D Stewart, broker 190 On- 
tario, res 36 Barrie 

Robertson Miss Eliza, res 146 Wel- 

Robertson Euphemia (wid Georg-). 
res cor Sydenham and Earl 

Robertson Miss Gemima, lvs 146 Wel- 

Robercson George & Son 
(Benjamin W Robertson), Wholesale 
Grocers 183 Ontario 

Robertson George A, student, lvs 161 

Robertson Herbert N, salesman Geo 
Robertson & Son. lvs 161 Earl 

Robertson Miss Jane, lvs 146 Welling- 

Robertson John, tailor J S San ' 
S m, res 16 Stephen 

Go tj l i. O Physicians Prescriptions 

. 0. nODari OC OOnS and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 




Robertson T McKean (Robert- 
son Bros*, res 82 Union e 

Robertson Wm, clerk Geo Robertson 
& Son, lvs eor Sydenham and Earl 

Robertson Wm. tailor C Livingston & 
mis 374 Barrie 

Robertson Wm J. tailor J S Sands & 
S n. Ivs 16 Stephen 

Robinson Miss Ada. lvs 266 Earl 

Robinson Albert, helper P Alexander. 
lvs 193 Earl 

Robinson Alexander, boiler maker 
Kingston Foundry, res 193 Earl 

Robinson Alfred N, clerk R Waldron, 
Ivs 28 Upper Charles 

Robinson Andrew, MD. lvs 279 Al- 

Robinson Andrew, watchman Loco 
Works, res 360 Division 

Robinson Brothers (Thomas Dantl 
Jam Inters 275-7 Bagot 

Robinson Christopher, mer tailor. 
185 Wellington, res 279 Alfred 

Robinson George A. Malta 
Bank of British North America 
■isnii George W (Estate), car- 
nid organ- 

Janus, lab, lvs 198 Univer- 
sity ave 
Robinson James, painter, bds Thou- 
sand Island House 
Robinson James S (Robinson Bros), 

lvs 353 Division 
Robinson Mary (wid Wm G), n 

Robinson Melville W, I'. 
149 Sydenham, ivs 217 Queen 

nson Nelson, blacksmith Q W 
ilnson, i\ s 247 Queen 
Inson Robert, carp K Hosiei j 
. University 

1 . .1.1 k Jaa Redden 

ipp I 1 Kill 

n on Bamuel, talloi C Robinson, 

K Ion 

Robinson Samuel, watchman GTR, 
res n s Hickson ave, 1 w of Mont- 
Robinson Thomas, driver Jas JlcPar- 

land, res 7 Ann 
Robinson Thomas D (Robinson Bros), 

res 108 Queen 
Robinson Thomas H, traveller, res 114 

Robinson Thomas J, tailor C Robin- 

son, lvs 27'.i Alfred 
Robinson Webb, mason, res 2S Upper 

Robinson Win, res 353 Division 
Robinson Wm, boat builder, King w 
opp O'Kill, res same 

us. >n Wm, customs officer, res 123 
Robinson Wm J. boiler maker 1. 

Works, res 93 Division 
Robinson Wm J, CI Pirsl 

Division Court, 273 Bagot. 1: 
! Alfred 

Itelle W A. bds Anglo-American 
Roblin Mrs Minnie A. corset mnfr 1"7 
Princess, res same 

also Roach 
11. druggist, Market sq cor 
King, r is 1 1" Barrie 
Rocheford Alexander, sailor. r< - 

Rockwood Asylum for The 
Insane. C K Clarke. Ml). Medical 
Superintendent, situated on the 
i\ Edward, teamster, res s s Dur- 
ham, 3 w of Victoria 
Roddj Prank, driver Anderson B 
lvs s s Durham. :: \v of Victoria 
Roddy John, stone cutter 1: Wallace, 

lvs s s Durham. 3 w of Victoria 
Rodwa] Henry M, mach, res w s Pat- 
rick, 2 n of Quebec 

\11na i> (wld John B), 1 

I » Kill 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts. 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 





Rotors MUs Isabella H, teacher Cen- 
tral school, res a s Concession r&, 
9 w of Division 

Rogers Jol n, tinsmith McKelvey & 
Birch, Ivs Ontario Chambers 

Rogers R Vashon, QD, LDD. 
(Kirkpatrick & Rogers), Residence 
148 Barrle 

V, triii- Palace scl 
Ivs s s ( '.>n>. ession rd, 9 w of Division 

1: jers Thomas x. messenger Onl 
Bank, us Ontario Chambers 

Rolleau .Mrs Mary M. dressmkr, res 
n s Raglan rd. 2 w of Rideau 

Rollinson Walter W, blksmitb Loco 
Works. 1 . ■< i"". 1 tarrie 

Bombough Miss Mary. Mrs W J Win- 
ter and Miss Kombough), rms :',si 

Ronan Thomas, undertaker 240 Bagot, 
res same 

Roney Adam F, Proprietor Grand 
Union Clothing Co. 122 Princess. Re- 
sidence 320 University ave 

Rooks Joseph H. blksmith G W Rob- 
inson, res 7 Gallinger Terrace, Chat- 
ham St 

Root Elizabeth (wld Lewis). Ivs 380 

Rose Miss Annie L, dressmkr. Ivs 
Rin 'dge. King w 

Ross Adam, tchr Kingston Business 
College, bds 42S Princess 

Ro > Alexander, watchman W J 
Crothers( res 176 Lower Bagot 

Ross Rev Donald. BD. DD, prof 
Queen's College, res 1S5 Queen 

Ross James D, second engineer Elec- 
tric Light Works, res 107 Queen 

Ross Jane E (wld Walter), res 317 Earl 

Ross Mary J (wid Alexander), re- 

Rossiter Edwin X, brush mnfr 116 
Clarence, bds 23 Earl 

Rothame George, carp, bds 133 Col- 

Rothwell Miss Mary, bds 117 King W 

Roughton Stephen, district agent On- 
tario Mutual Life Assurance Co, r,, 
Wellington, lids Winds ir Hotel 

Rourke, so,- also < t'Rourke 

Rourke Edward, lab K Vehicle Co 
10 Vine 

Rourke Peter, lab, res 43 Elm 

Roushorn Mi-s Prankie, Ivs 121 Lower 

Routley Arthur, clerk .1 Routley, Ivs 
209 Sydenham 

Routley John, Tobacconist and 
Sportsmen's Suppli s. Bicycles, etc, 
it.; Princess. Residence 4 Vict 
Terrac . M mtrea] st 

Routley Wm K. res 209 Sydenham 

Row, see also Rowe 

Row John, brick moulder, res 

Row Robert R, principal Central 
school, res 115 Stuart 

Rowan Mrs M, fancy goods 184 Wel- 
lington, res 310 University ave 

Rowan Robert F. Ivs 310 University 

Rowan Robert F F. prop City Laun- 
dry 20S Wellington, res 310 Univer- 
sity ave 

Rowe. see also Row 

Rowe Susan (wid Wm), res 36 Elm 

Rowe Wyman E, driver A R Martin, 
res 266 Princess 

Rowland Fleming", Collector In- 
land Revenue, Office 16 Market Sq 
Residence 160 Earl 

Rowland John S, student. Ivs 160 Earl 

Rowlands George, insurance agent, 
bds 15 Rideau 

Rubery Michael J. cigar maker G A 
McGowan, res 99 York 

Rubery Patrick, lab. res 98 Welling- 

Rubery Thomas, cigar maker S Obern- 
dorffer, Ivs 98 Wellington 

Rudd Jane (wid Henry), res 334 Brock 

Rudd Thomas G," quarryman, res 146 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 




Runians Norman E, grocer 242 Prin- 
cess, res 175 Sydenham 

Rupert Hubert, driver YVaddington 
Bros, Ivs same 

Russell House. R McConnell prop, 348 

Rutherford Charles, moulder, res 381 

Rutherford James A. guard K P, res 
e s Beverley, 4 s of Union 

Rutherford John S, mach, res s s 
Fifth. 3 w of Division 

Rutherford Joseph, lab, lvs 259 Vic- 

Rutherford Thomas, moulder, res w s 
Victoria, 4 s of Concession rd 

Rutherford Wm C. broom maker, lvs 
s s Fifth, 3 w of Division 

Ruttan Henry M, acct James Rich- 
ardson & Sons, res 183 Brock 

Ruttan Peter, laborer, res 33 First 
□ Clara (wid James), dressmkr 302 
Barrie, res same 

Ryan Edward, Physician and 
Surgeon, Office and Residence cor 
Brock and Montreal 

Elizabeth (wid John), res 1ST 

Ryan John, n-s 283 Sydenham 

Ryan Capt John, res 302 King w 

Cyan John, plumber J G Bastow, lvs 
1 Newman's Cottages, Kin«- w 

Ryan Mrs Margaret, res 139 Barrie 

Ryan Matthew, lab, res 13 King w 

Ryan Patrick, lab, res i Newman's 
i, King w 

Ryan Patrick, sailor, bds Ottawa 
I louse 

Ryan ( !ap( Wm, res 26 Wade's Lane 

Ryan Wm, can taker SI Mary's schol, 

Ryan w m P, guard K I Liv- 


Ryder trai lvs 278 Wellin 

Ryder John, shoveller, res ws Patrick, 
I n of Quebec 

Sailors' Rest, J s Potter, Mission- 
ary, 193 Ontario 

Salmon Isaac, lab. res s s Adelaide, 2 
W of Lansdowne 

Salisbury Benjamin, lab, res 37 Main 

Salsbury Frank J, turner R Gaw & 
Co, lvs Barriefield 

Salsbury Herbert E, carp R Ga^v & 
Co, lvs Barriefield 

Salsbury Miss Josie, bds 14 Deacon 

Salter Joseph, auctioneer and furni- 
ture dealer 58 Brock, res same 

Salvation Army, Provincial head- 
quarters, Major R Morris, sec, cor 
Bagot and Queen 

Salvation Army, local corps, En 
John McLean, officer in charge 
Bagot and Queen 

Sanders, see also Saunders 

Sanders Daniel, carp 82 Queen, res 

Sands Charles H, driver r Crawl 
res Tn York 

Sands Emma (wid Wm C). res 

Sands Henry, hide buyer, res 4T6 Di- 

Sands John, fireman Station N 
rms Station 

San. is John A. cutter J S Sands & 
Son. lvs 302 Queen 

Sands John S i.J S Sands & Son), ivs 

Sands .1 S & Son (John S Sands, 
James A Madill), merchant tal 
171 Wellington 

Sands Miss Mary, dressmkr, Ivs 176 
I m\ ision 

San. Is Thomas, carp, res 77 Pine 

Sands Wm, driver <: M Wilkins n & 

Son. 1\ s 77 Pine 
Sands Wm, fireman Station No 2, res 

i"' Earl 

ter John lvs 103 York 
Bangster Wm, porter K & P Rj 

LOS York 

T. McAuley, Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 

* ■, «nv*aHAV^^ a Roll Bordenngs from 

128 Princess Street. half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

.-.• K 

.\l.!MI.\i;i I ICAL D1RE( roRY. 


Pargenl Frederick R, bookkeeper Odd 
Fellows' Relief Assn. res 28 Fron- 

Sargent Thomas ii. Btudent, lvs 28 

Sarsfteld George, ahoemkr 32 Mont- 
real, res !' Main 

Saunders, see also Sanders 

Saunders Benjamin, lab, res '<() Elm 

Saunders Charles, clerk E F Sears, res 
218 Division 

Saunders Frederick, sailor, lvs 144 On- 

Saunders Frederick J, plumber W D 
Muckler, lvs w s Albert, 6 n of Mack 

Saunders Garnet, lab Loco Works, lvs 
101 Chatham 

Saunders Herbert J, MD, Phy- 
sician and Surgeon, Office Hours 10 
to 11 a m, _ to 4 and 7 to 9 p m. Tele- 
phone 342. Office and Residence 244 
King e, cor William 

Saunders James G, butcher 348 Uni- 
versity ave. res same 

Saunders Jane (wid John C), lvs 244 
King e 

Saunders John, salesman Steacy & 
Steacy, lvs 101 Chatham 

Saunders John, time keeper R M Col- 
lege, res 46 Earl 

Saunders John. jr. lvs 46 Earl 

Saunders John, butcher 344 Princess, 
res 730 same 

Saunders John, capt schr Ella Mur- 
ton. res 277 Alfred 

Saunders John, lab, res s s York, 1 e 
of Albert 

Saunders John O, shoveller, res w s 
Albert, 5 n of Mack 

Saunders Miss Lois, lvs 244 King e 

Saunders Miss Mary, lvs 244 King e 

Saunders Rebecca (wid Edward), 
prop Dublin House, 144 Ontario 

Saunders Wm, foreman H D Bibby, 
res 101 Chatham 

Saunders Wm, salesman Steacy & 
Steacy, res 146 Division 

Saunders Wm, student, lvs w s Al- 
bert, 5 n of Mack 

Saunders Wm J, bartender Can Ry 

News Co, lvs 46 Earl 
Savage Arthur, manager Savage 

Bros, lvs 76 William 
Savage Bros, painter 78 William 
Savage Jane L (wid Henry B), res 71 

Savage John, res 79 York 
Savage John, painter Robinson Bros. 

lvs 79 York 
Savage Richard, driver, lvs 79 Yoi'k 
Savage Wm J, painter T W Milo, res 

18 Vine 
Sawyer Arthur B, salesman Clark 

Wright & Son, lvs 382 Brock 
Sawyer Eliza J (wid Wm), res 382 

Sawyer Frank, clerk W H Sawyer, 

lvs 382 Brock 
Sawyer John, painter Robinson Bros, 

lvs 382 Brock 
Sawyer Wm A. boots and shoes 267 

Princess, lvs 382 Brock 
Scally James, clerk R Crawford, lvs 

Scanlan Ellen (wid Patrick), res 104 

Lower Bagot 
Scanlan John, comp British Whig, res 

102 Raglan rd 
Scanlan Patrick J, driver Rigney & 

Hickey, lvs 104 Lower Bagot 
Scanlan Mary (wid John), res Ml 

Schermerhorn Charles H, mason, res 

445 Johnston 
Sehofield James, baker 370 Princess, 

res same 
Schroder John, provisions 78 Brock, 

res 80 same 
Scobell Charles S, lvs 102 Lower Bagot 
Scobe'.l Frederick S, helper K Vehicle 

Co, res 102 Lower Bagot 
Scobell John, cigar maker G A Mc- 

Gowan, lvs 102 Lower Bagot 
Scobell Mary (wid Sidney), lvs 53 

Scobell Sidney S, clerk G Mills & Co, 

lvs 288 Barrie 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 




Scobel] Sidney W, abet, res 288 Carrie 
•ell Sidney W, lvs 162 Lower Bagot 
Scott David G, storeman Geo Robert- 
aon & Son, res 307 Johnston 

i Emily (wid John), res'457 Divi- 

c Frederick C, comp, lvs e s Pem- 
broke. 1 s of Union, 

t George, farrier sergeant "A" 
Battery, res Riding School 

t James, stableman J H Metcalfe 
3 driver, res 90 William 
Scott John, carp, r rrie 

Scott John A. comp British Whig, lvs 
107 Wellington 

1 1 John B . is 431 


t Mary A (wid Martin), lvs e s 
broke. 1 s of Union 

• H, baker .J Veale, res 
! Division 

I Wm. capt sir James Swift, 
n s Raglan id. 1 e of York 

John, painter, res 267 John 
iven John A, carp, res 522 Brock 
iten Charles, driver, lvs 50 James 
(wid i 

tton Alexa n ler, boiler mk • ' 
Wnrks, i trd 

S< rutton Edward, boiler mkr Loco 

Works, res 8 < Orchard 
Scrutton Edmund, jr. boiler m 

Kingston Foundry, lvs 8 Orchard 
Scrutton J !hr Cha i I 


i rapher, 1\ 
Lower B 

John, i b rp, i • 

103 Monl 

Edward s. bookkeeper 
. i; :- L48 Earl 
Soars Geo. Who I R itail 

i nd Lumbermen's Sup- 
plies, ,i lh 

9 Robert, res York rd 
Sears Miss Tina, lvs 213 Montreal 
S- -a ton Richard, lab, res 17 Rideau 
m Richard, lab, res n s Mark 

land, 2 w of Montreal 
Seeley David, carp M T Co, res over 

Dom Express Office cor King and 

Selby Charles | Raney, Reid ft 

by), Residence 130 Victoria 
Self Hannali (wid Samuel), res s s 

Concession rd. 2 w of Division 
Sellars Miss Mary I-:, res 201 Queen 
mlth Robert, lab K & P Ry shops, 
■ r Bagot 
Sexton George, ESQ, JP, 

ond Coron r County of Frontena-' 

res Portsmouth 

>n James L, farmer, res 250 Bar- 

Seymour Elizabeth (wid Frederick), 

res 241 King e 
Shales Robert J. blksmitb 381 King e 

res ::S3 Bagot 
Shanahan, see also Shannon 
Shanahan Hugh J. lab, lvs 39 Clergy w 
Shanahan James, supervisor Asylum, 

lvs 39 Clergy \v 
Shanahan Jeremiah, tailor G D ran 

non, lvs 39 Clergj W 
Shanahan John, res 164 1 1 
Shanahan John, lab, res 39 Clergi w 
Shanahan Miss Mary A, green grocer, 

res 91 Rideau 
Shanahan Wm, prop Terrapin Bote! 

76 Princess 
Shanahan Wm P, sailor, lvs L64 Bagot 
Shangrow Peter, prop Dom Laundry 

27? Sydenham, res Bame 
Shanks Thomas J, Editoi King 

Bton News, Residence 63 Rideau 
non, see also Shanahan 
Shannon Albert E, clerk News Print 

lvs 17 Qeoi 
Shannon Allied J, comp News Print- 
ing < !o, ii-s 153 Prontenac 
Shannon Charles Q, clerk Post omve, 

bdi i I Maltland 

Mc All LEY Inks Writin S ancl Copying: Stephens', 
Carters, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
128 Princess St worth's and Underwoods. 


\i I'M \r.i i i( \i DIR1 • IORY. 



Shannon David (R Ga« & 
Iva L9J University ave 

Shannon James, l'wsim, l s!n . i;, 

Bidence it ( teorge 
Bhannoo James P. carter, res w a Al- 
bert, - s of Johnston 
Shannon Lewis W, Managing l)i- 
pector News Printing Co, ivs 'IT 

Shannon Samuel, salesman Fenwick. 

..tii(lr\ & Co, res 281 Queen 
Sharman, see also Sherman 
Sharman Jacob M, boat builder T N 

Sharman, res 57 Rideau 
Sharman Thomas N, Boat Build 
er, foot of Simcoe, Residence same 
Sharp Alexander, messenger House of 

Commons, res 85 Frontenac 
Sharp Ellen (wid John), lvs 31 Rideau 
Sharp John, clerk Crumley Bros, lvs 

85 Frontenac 
Sharp.' Elizabeth (wid Andrew), gro- 
cer 84 Ontario, res same 
Sharpe George A, mach Loco Works, 

lvs 86 Ontario 
Sharpe Harry, grocer 286 Princess, rea 

27 Colborne 
Sharpe Joseph, res 464 Brock 
Shaver Robert, lab, lvs 12 Redan 
Shaver YVm A, fireman K Hosiery Co. 

res s s King w opp O'Kill 
Shaw Abraham, surveyor custom 

house, res 190 University ave 
Shaw Abraham, jr, student, lvs 190 

University ave 
Shaw Agnes (wid John), res 144 Bar 

Shaw Alexander, lab K Hosiery Co, 

lvs 43 Main 
Shaw David A, grocer 83 Colborne, 

res 301 Alfred 
Shaw Felix, res 115 Bagot 
Shaw James, grocer 308 Montreal, bds 

309 Brock 
Shaw Jennie, lvs 301 Alfred 
Shaw Miss Jennie C, Public School 
drawing specialist, lvs 144 Barrie 

Shaw Miss Minnie, organist Syden- 
ham si Meth Church, Iva mi i :. rrie 
Shaw .1 Morgan (Henry Skinner & 

res 79 Wellington 
Shaw Misa Mary !<:. clerk Singer 

Mnfg Co, lvs i:, Main 
Shaw Robert, barrister, solicitor, etc, 

332 King e, res 128 Bagot 
Shaw Robert, salesman .1 Laidlaw & 

Son, lvs 190 University ave 
Shaw Samuel, carp M T Co, res 45 

Shaw Wm J, 'broom maker W Bailey 

& Co, lvs 45 Main 
Shawcross Wm T, moulder, lvs 4« 

Lower Bagot 
Shea, see also O'Shea 
Shea Cornelius, coachman H A Cal- 
vin, res rear 259 King east 
Shea John D, keeper Asylum, res 10 

Livingston ave 
Shea Margaret (wid Michael), res 2.02 

Shea Wm, keeper Asylum, res 9 Dea- 
Shedden Co, LTD, George Young 
Agent, Cartage Agents, foot of Wil- 
Sheehan Simon, lab, bds 85 Union e 
Sheffield Catherine (wid Charles H). 

res 85 Wellington 
Sheldon Mary A (wid Sidney A), lvs 

76 Gore 
Sheldon Walter, butcher J Saunders, 

lvs 730 Princess 
Sheldon & Davis (Richard F Davis), 

photographers 334 King e 
Shepard John, carp R Gaw & Co, bds 

12 Main 
Shepherd John .caretaker Court 

House, res same 
Shepardson Celia (wid Roscoe H), lvs 

123 Lower Bagot 
Sherbino Robert W, carp M T Co, res 

215 Albert 
Sherlock John M, tailor 225 Princess, 
res 254 Queen 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A., greatest pain killer 
known. Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 

21 + 




Sherlock John M, jr. lvs 254 Queen . 
Sheiman, see also Sliarman 
Sherman Charles P, dentist' R E 
Sparks, bds 207 William 

man James F. clerk McKelvey & 
Birch, res 303 University ave 

att Anna B (wid Shered O). res 
338 Montreal 

ratt Samuel H. waiter, lvs 

ring Benjamin H, instructor K 
P, res 2 First 

wood Sherman, bricklayer, bds 10 

Shibley Arthur T, Sport ng Edi- 
tor Kingston News, lvs 94 Bagot 

Shibley Mi-~- Laura, BA, teacher, lvs 
94 Bagot 

Shibley Mary (wid Schuyler), res ?4 

Shibley Samuel, student, rea 266 Earl 

Shore Rev Godfrey, pastor Cal . 

Coi al Church. res 211 

short, see also Shortt 
Short Angelique (wid John C), res 20 

Edward, lab, res 6 Pine 
Short Henry E, lab, lvs 6 Pine 
Short John \v. pedler, res 57 Bay 

I Re\ Win. res 126 Johnston 
Shorten Da\ Id n. tchr St Mary's 

hool, bds L03 < lore 
Shorten .1 Joseph, wharfinger James 

Swift & Co, bds 329 Brock 
Shortt Adam MA. I' i o 
Qui n't C ii' ■■ Residence 1 16 ' 
verslty ave 

Walter S, qOarryman, 
Shulta W Prank, lab, res B8 Qui b 
Shult i Mrs w F, di essmkr, 88 Qu 

Shultzm hi CI >1 Bupt M 

109 Wil 
I lam 
Bhui P, student, bds 119 


Siddle Mark, mason, res 90 1-2 Ontario 
S.lver Benjamin, clothing 102 Prin- 
cess, ) s 232 Division 
Simkins Myles W. sewing- machines 

330 i - Newburgh, Ont 

Simnmns Bros (Wm G and Andrew'), 

plumbers and tinsmiths 211 Prin- 
Simmons Allied, tinsmith McKelvey 

&■ Birch, lvs 90 Bay 
Simmons Andrew (Simmons Bros). lvs 

90 Bay 
Simmons A Alfred, candle mnfr n e 

cor Livingston ave and Davidson, 
-a me 
Simmons Charles C, clerk J Corbett. 

lvs 'jo Bay 
Simmons Eliza (wid Jacob), lvs 7' 

.Simmons Frank, engineer K & P. lvs 

262 Queen 
Simmons John, clerk Simmons Bros 

lvs 90 Bay 
Simmons Wm. sailor, res i" 1 ' 
Simmons W Fred foreman electri 

Electric Light Works, n s 202 Queen 
Simm ns Wm < '. (Simn res 

90 Lower Bagot 
Simons Robert, boiler maker. r< 


Simons Thomas, sailor, lvs 20 F 


Simpson Archibald, Proprietor 
• View Rouse 286 i intario 

Simpson Bernard, carp, res 4 

Simpson Miss Catherine. lvs i ': 

Simpson Charles, lab, i 

Simpson Isaac, J P, Private Hank- 
er 89 i ■' 

■ son Jane <\\ I 
\i ■: ■ kland, i e of Patrick 

Simpson Jane (wid ^hdmas). '■ 

Sim il Wmi. b 

i s >■! i nion 

sin. lair Archibald \ »■ amil 

TMpAITT TT^V Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
• IUCAU XJJJi X , Foolscan Bill Hends Vint* 

128 Princess Street. 

Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 




Sinclair Cap! Archibald .1. b Is WO 

King e 
sim lair Miss Charlotte, rea 212 Syd- 

A. sailor sehr D D 

Calvin, res e s Collingwood, 5 n f 

Sim lair Frank, baker W J Crotl 

bds 301 Barrie 
Sinclair James, sailor, lvs 86 Frop- 

Sinclair Mary <\vid Robert), res S6 

Sinclair Robert, painter T McMahon 

& ( to, lvs 81 Prontenac 
Singer Manufacturing Co, 

Joel Laishley Manager, Sewing .Ma- 
chines 213 Princess 
Singleton Arthur C, storeman Gee 

Robertson & Son, res 205 University 

Sing'.eton Herbert, lab Cotton Mills 

lvs 39S Barrie 
Singleton Mrs Ruby A, dressmkr 40 

James, res same 

leton Thomas, lab, res 398 Bai ri 
Sinnott Myles, cab owner, res 3ti John- 

-ns John W, lab K Hosiery Co. res 
I imes 
ns Joseph (Joseph Sissons & Co), 

res 210 Montreal 
Sissons Joseph & Co, General 

Store 212 Montreal 
Skeggs Albert, driver Geo Carrutbers, 

lvs 277 Earl 
Skeggs Joseph, lab. is 277 Earl 

-^rs Wm P. printer, lvs 277 Earl 
Skelton Anthony, lab, res 4S0 M mtrsal 
Skelton John, painter Savage Bros, 

res 16 Russell 
Skelton Wm, lab. lvs 480 Montreal 
Skilleker Wm J, gunner "A" P,attery, 

res 229 Wellington 
Skinner Annie (wid Henry), res "4 

Skinner Henry T, cadet R M C. lvs 14 

Skinner Henry & Co (Wm and Wm B 
Skinner, .1 Morgan Shaw), whole; 
druggists 171 Princess 

Skinner James A, gunsmith Wa 
Lane, res 23 Union w 

Skinner John S, Barrister, Solici- 
tor, etc, 79 'Mar. nee, lvs It ,\. 

Skinner Ronald S, clerk Henry Wad . 
lvs 149 Earl 

Skinner Wm (Henry Skinner & Co), 
res 149 Earl 

Skinner Wm B (Henry Skinner ft Co), 
lvs 14 Maitland 

Slavin James, tailor 175 Wellington, 
res same 

Sleeman Wm H. plasterer, res 153 

Sleeth Chamberlain, printer Dupont oL- 
Wilson, lvs 16 Dufferin 

Sleeth Eugene, printer Dupont & Wil- 
son, lvs 16 Dufferin 

Sleeth Jam. s. res 304 Johnston 

Sleetl; Lawrence, lab. lvs n s Dufferin. 
3 w of Rideau 

Sleeth Samuel, fence builder, re- 
Duff erin 

SHmmons John H, fireman K & P Ry, 
i es 12 Dufferin 

SHmmons Rachel (wid Wm). lvs 96 
Lower Bagot 

Sliter Ernest O. teacher Collet 
Institute, res 431 Johnston 

Sloan Albert S, plumber N McX-M. 
lvs 214 Rideau 

Sloan John, painter, res 323 John 

Sloan Miss Mary J. res 293 Montreal 

Sloan Robert, sailor, res 214 RMleau 

Sloan Robert D. clerk H H Roche, lvs 
214 Rideau 

Sly Alexander, blksmith 11 Queen, res 
6 St Catharine 

Sly Xorman T. baker, lvs 6 St Cathar- 

Small Harry, motorman St Ry Co. lvs 
193 Alfred 

Small James, comp Canadian Free- 
man, lvs 193 Alfred 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 

2 l6 


Foster's Kingston 


Small Philip H, policeman, bds '.'7 

Small Mrs Philip H, res 193 Alfred 

Iridge .Mary A (wid George), res 
159 Alfred 

[Iridge Wra H, mason, res 309 Earl 
Smart Irwin, student, bds 207 William 
Smart John B, lab. res 276 Wellington 
Smt-aton Charles, tanner, res n s Rag- 
lan rd. 1 \v of Montreal 

a ton John D, printer, lvs 155 Pirn 
Uon John R. grocer 59 King \v, 

• m Thomas, lab, res 155 Pine 
ley John, cleaner K & P Ry, res 
r Rideau 
Smith, Smyth and Smythe 

Smith Alfred T, Local Man 
Bell T I '". L86 Ontario. Rp 

1 '"lborne 
Smith Miss Annie, lvs 183 Pri' 

h Beit tailor, bds 260 Queen 
Smit,: Bms (Charles and John S), 

King e 
Smith Very Rev Buxton B, 
MA, Dean and Rector St George'.- 
hedral, res 260 King e 

Smith Bros), res L25 

Smith Charie3 F, (Smythe, Smith 

r C rgy w 
Smith m milliner 1S3 Prin- 

h Daniel, lab, ree 7 Cowdy 
Smith I lonald, lab, rea 7 Cowdy 
Smith Edward M, fitter Loco CVorku, 

1 ■ 1 lhatham 
Smith Elizabeth (wid Sldnej 1 I 

Smith Ai- - Elizabeth, weaver, bi 
mlly (wid Henry), res 14 Ea 1 
hr Victoria ■ chool, 

lvs ' 

rick T. r 
Water Werks Depl 


Smit: rontenac 

Smith George, stableman F A Ribby, 

bds 242 Ontario 
Smith George, tailor C Livingston & 

Bro, lvs 99 Chatham 
Smith George A, fireman GTR, bd<j,e a 

Montreal. 3 n of GTR crossing 
Smith George E, trav, lvs 125 Bagot 
Smith George L, mason, lvs IS !:us- 

Smith Hector, lab, lvs 14 Earl 
Smith Henry, lab, res 29 Clergy \v 
Smith Henry, lab, lvs 14 Earl 
Smith Henry, driver Jas Crawford, 

res 25 First 
Smith Henry P, draughtsman Wm 

Newlands, lvs 32 Sydenham 
Smith Lieut Col Henry R. sergt at 

arms It mmons, res "Ring- 

wood," King w 
Smith Mrs H s. bookbinder 39 Brock; 

l\ s 201 Queen 
Smith Herbert, bds 103 Karl 
Smith Isaac, carp, res w s Victor 7 

11 ■ 1 Johnston 
Smith James B, bricklayer, res :A 

Russ 11 
Smith James J. finisher Loco .Vorks, 

lvs 99 Chatham 
Smith James W, contractor 18 Russell, 

a ime 
Smith John, boiler maker, res 62 Col- 
Smith John, Job Printer 153 Wei 

lington. res 95 Division 
Smith John C, stud. nt. 1\'8 42 Main 
Smith John S (Smith Broa), res 188 

.1 hn ton 
Smith J Sidney, agent B ill Organ and 

Piano Co 187 Princess, bda Windsor 

smith John T, shoemaker, rea 9 a r >#Bc 

alon rd, t w 1 tt I >h ish >n 
Smith Joseph, carder K Hosiery Co, 

Iva 1 '. Earl 
Smith Joseph A B, foreman C '-i- ina> 

Blon A Bro, res 130 Brook 
Smith ftflsa Louisa, lvs v::< H 


128 Princess Street. 



\i rn \ri flCAl mi-' i < roR\ 



Smith Mary (wid Patrick), res 32 Sy- 
Smith Mary (wid Robert), res 5S Wil- 
Smith Miss Mary, Ins L25 r.agot 
Smith Miss Mary F. Iva 27 Clergy W 
Smith Miss Martha P, lVB 27 Clergy W 
Smith Michael, lvs 330 Brock 
Smith Miss Minnie, dressmaker llk-k- 

ave, res same 
Smith Norman F, printer, lvs 130 

Smith Nerval, druggist, lvs 95 Divi- 
Smith Patrick, engineer GTR. re? n s 

Hickson ave. 5 w of Montreal 
Smith Peter, sailor, res 467 Barr'e 
Smith Robert, store quarry, res •><> 

Smith Samuel, lab, res 6 Stephen 
Smith Sidney, spinner K Hosiery Co, 

lvs 202 Colborne 
Smith Sidney M, loom fixer Cotton 

Mills, res 4 Pine 

Smith Thomas, brakeman K & F i:y. 

lvs n s Hickson ave. 5 W of Monacal 

Smith Thomas, laborer Albior Hotel 

Smith Rev Thomas G, General 

Secretary Queen's University, res 211 


Smith Thomas H. mason, lvs 29 Clergy 

Smith Thomas J. lab J J Carrington, 

1 es 8 Lower Rideau 
Smith Wesley, carp M T Co, res 70 

Smith Wm. carp, res 42 Main 
Smith Wm C. bookkeeper T C Wii30n. 

res 120 Clarence 
Smith Wm K, sailor, res 294 Ontario 
Smylie, see Smiley 
Smyth, see also Smythe and Smitn 
Smyth Archibald, res 23 Division 
Smyth Capt James G, res 55 William 
Smyth Robert J, driver W E Bassam, 

lvs 377 King e 
Smyth Samuel, confry 377 Kins ''■ res 

Smyth Wm A, boiler maker King ton 

Foundrj . lvs 23 1 Hvision 
Smythe Albert E, 1 kkeeper Smythe, 

Smith & Lyon, res 56 Arch 
Smythe Edward H, QC, LLD, 

(Smythe, Smith & Lyon), Residence 

59 West 
Smythe George H, student, lvs 59- 

Smythe, Smith & Lyon, Edward 

H Smythe, QC, LLD, • Charles F 

Smith, Herbert I Lyon), Bartisl 

solicitors, ets, Ontario Chambers, 

cor Clarence and King. (See card 




Office : Ontario Chami i-.l>. Clarence St. 
Kingston, Ont. 

E. H.SmyilicvM'. ChaF. F. Smith. 

Herbert Ira Lyon. 

j Smythe Rev Wm H, lvs 59 West 

Smj the Wm H, student, lvs 59 TWst 

Snider Anthony, florist O G Johnson, 
bds same 

Snider Damon, dairy 71 Cherry, 

Snider Daniel, construction foreman 
St Ry Co. res 21 Colborne 

Snider Marshall P, dispatcher K & 
P Ry, res 3 Barrack 

Snider Stovell O, lab, lvs 135 Ccl- 
bc rne 

Snodden Alexander, police serg*, res 
235 Alfred 

Snook Tunis L, barrister 200 Ontario, 
bds Stanley House 

Snowden Robert J, mason, lvs 199 Al- 

Snowden Wm, contractor 199 Alfred, 
res same 

Soles Joseph F, currier J J Carrington, 
lvs 59 John 

Soles Maggie (wid Daniel), bds Stan- 
ley House 


155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men. women, boys and girls. 



Soles Vanandus, tanner J J Carrmg- 

ton, lvs 59 John 
Soles Wesley D. currier, res 13 Charles 
- W Benjamin, currier J J Car- 
rington, res 59 John 

iville Francis, engineer str .Alex- 
ander, res 195 Colborne 
Somerville Frank, manager Co-Opera- 
tive Sash and Door Factory 3 r . Un- 
ion e, res 55 Earl 
Somerville Frank, jr, appr Co-Opera- 
tive Sash a*nd Door Factory, lvs 55 

rville Fred, clerk, lvs TJ5 Col- 
Somerville Wm, lab, res 226 Welling- 
Southall Adj John F, asst sec Salva- 
tion Army, res S A Barracks 
Southwick Robert, porter ColTendi-r 

Sowards James, Coal and Wood, 
cor Ontario and Place d'Arrre- 
240 Montreal 

rds Jol n F, bookkeeper Ja 
Is, Iva _ 10 Montreal 

pick w. jewellery 
347 King e, res 38 Wellington 
Spankie David J. lvs 716 Princess 

kit- Janus E, physician and drug- 
p : . 1 me 

nkle Wm, res 716 Princ< 
Spai E, dentist 330 1-3 Prin- 

res 132 University ave 
Spence David M [Spence 8 ' lo), EU 

Spi - in W, carp. '•'•" w B 

Montreal, t n of 1 ;ti; ci ossln? 

f ohn, lab, 1 t, 1 w 

I • b it \. contract >r 170 

1 me 


Spence & Co (David M Spenoe), Dry 
Goods and Millinery, 132-13.4 Prin- 

Spencer Rev Canon Albert, 

Clerical Secretary Diocese of On- 
tario, Office St George's Hall, P 
dence 424 Princess 

Spencer Edward, appr Kings t m 
Foundry, lvs 139 Bagot 

Spencer Hugh, student, lvs 4't Prin- 

Spencer John, spinner Cotton Mills, 
lvs 156 Lower Bagot 

icer Levi B, prop Kingston Elastic 
Paint Co, res 104 Bagot 

Spencer Maria (wid Robert), res 

Spencer Ralph, merchant tPilc 
Brock, res 6 Redan 

Spencer Robert, with Ralph Spec 
res 27 Balaclava 

Spencer S Lewis, foreman K & V Ky 
shops, res 139 Lower Bagot 

Sr-oncer Wm C. engineer str City •'>? 


ikeman K & P 
Ry, res 15 Upper Charles 

aer Edward, carp, res 21 Chat- 

a r John H, messenger Dcm 
pr - Colb une 

er Miss Mary M, lvs 13 
Sp ioner Wm J, tinsmith G W Hentlg, 

24 Chatb 
Sp 11 \. mining ong 

res 1 ime 

: G, student, Iv 
1 (a ■ rie 
Bpotten Marj (wid G 

I mffei in 
S],i i < Hive, librarian, n 

Leigh E, blksmith C W 1: 1- 

InSOn, K - 79 Arch 



128 Princess Street. 






2 i 9 

Spring* r a .). photographer 

a ell Da niel I '. sailor, r< 
Squire Arnold, olerk W ll Hambly Iva 

1 nvision 

Squire George ll. student, lvs 7:> Di- 

Squire Harriet (wid George IT), res 79 
I Hvis Ion 

Sqi Ire Samuel ll. student, lvs f.t Di- 

S1 Lawrence Hotel, W II Potter prop, 
383 King e 

St Lawrence Inn, P Clint prep, Coot 
of Johnston 

St Lawrence River Steam 
Boat Co (LTD), M H Folger Pre- 
sident. K YV Folger, jr, Mancger. IDS 

SI Vincent Academy, conducted 03 ! 
sister of the C tngregation de Notre 
I '.mie, Bagot cor William 
y. see also Steacy 
ey Jam s, clerk News PnbJishirig 
Co. res 23 Frontenac 

y John, gardener, res rear 20!) 

Stackhouse Alexander, LDS, 
Dentist. Office and Residence 22s 

Stafford Reuben, messenger Bank of 
P. N A, res City Buildings 

Stafford Reuben, jr, plumber lvs City 

Stegg John, lab, res 18 Elm 

Staley Capt Charles, res :',n7 Barrie 
Charles D, fireman Can Dry 
Dock, res 30 Union e 

Staley Daniel, prop Queen's Hotel 127 
! .rock 

Staley Delpha (wid Martin), groce 
Wellington, res same 

Staley Edmond, sailor, lvs 297 B.ri: 

Staley Frank J, student lvs 7.25 Brock 

Staley Harriet (wid Martin), res .■", 

Staley Horatio S. painter, ras 22 Sy- 

Stale; Louis, clerk Queen's Hotel 

Staley Mrs Selina. lvs 47 Ma'n 
Stales Vincent, sailor, res 264 John- 

5 Win. sailor, lvs 25 Ontario 
Stallard Sarah (wid James), r< 

, ;i .1 ii irne 
Standard Bank of Canada, W 

D Hart Manager, 141 Princess 
Standard Life Assurance Co. 

( ; H Allen Inspector of Agencies. H 

H Gildersleeve City Agent, 42 Clai- 

Stanford Edward, carp, res 137 Lower 

Stanford Mary (wid Thomas), res 4 

Raglan rd 
Stanford Michael, shovell;.-, lvs -1 

Raglan rd 
Stanford Thomas, moulder, res 121 

Stanford Win. engineer K & P Hy, bds 

Albion Hotel 
Stanley * b, lvs n s Catacaquf, 

2 e of Rideau 
Stanley, House, J oh as to 

Brown Proprietor, cor Ontario and 

Stanley Thomas, lab, res n s Caf.ara- 
qui, :{ e of Rideau 

Stansbury George A, driver A M ic- 
lean, res 270 Ontario 
Stansbury John, watenman. res 'II 

Stanton Nathaniel, polish vr \V irm- 
with & Co, res Barriefield 

staples Louis E, student, res 4 Garrett 

Stapleton John, gardener, res 679 Piin- 

Starr Rev J Edward, Pastor Sy- 
denham St Methodist Church, Resi- 
dence 181 William 

Steacy, see also Stacey 

Steacy Edward T, (Steacy 4 
Steacy), Residence 197 Johnston 

Steacy Joseph J, (Steacj & 
Steacy), lvs 162 Johnston 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 


Foster's Kingston 


Steacy & Steacy (Edward '1' and 

Joseph J). Dry Goods and Carpets 

106-108 Princess 
Steamboat Inspector of 

Canada's Office, Capt Thomas 

Donnelly Inspector, 38 Clarence 
Stearne Philip, furrier rear of 279 King 

e, res 134 same 
Stearne Wm W, furrier P Stearne, lvs 

134 King e 
Steel John, shoveller, res 29 James 
Steinburgh Benjamin M, coachman 

Lt-Col H R Smith, res Ringw 1 

Lodge. King W 
Stevens Arthur, mngr Can Ry News 

Co, res GTR Depot 
Stevens Robert, appr Loco Works, lvs 

85 Pine 
Stevens Willard, sail Pine 

Adolphus W, sailor, res w 

b Nelson, I n of Johnston 

ndrew, yardman Lake 

View House, 
St- venson Joseph, fruit dealer 260 

Kin^ e, res same 
Stevenson Robert, clerk Bajus Brew- 
ery, lvs 47 Rideau 

nson Robert, tinsmith McKelvey 

,v Birch, res 116 Lower Bagot 
St»-\ : ibert J, comp Bi 

Whig, bds Stanli y House 

, Thomas, bookkeeper Rajus 
i: Rideau 
st,., m]. ■. . i I. rk. bds British 

American Hotel 

i wm A. mach, res w s Al- 
bert, S n of Brock 

,\ ,,, ii, i 146 Dli Ision 
Stevenson Wm M, taistanl Citj 

Editor British Whig;, bds 53 Rideau 

I u.irt 

u t Alexander, res M 'iueen 
Btewarl Henry, lab, res 16 Upper Wil- 
Stewart James, Agenl Kingston 
& ifontre il '■' •' warding « to, Po 
mouth. Residence 7s Wellington 

Stewart Wm, Managing Director 
Kingston ft Montreal Forwarding 

Co, res Montreal. Que 

Stigney Thomas, lab. res 116 Barrack 

Stinson Mrs Elizabeth, lvs n s Rag- 
lan rd, 2 w of Ba- 

Stjnson Matthias, sailor, res 242 Earl 

Stirling Miss L H M. lvs 141 King e 

Stock Max. trav, lvs 136 Queen 

Stockill Richard, mach hand K Hos- 
iery Co, res '.v s Albert, cor Brock 

Stokes Benjamin, lab. res 12 Corrigan 

Stokes Emma (wid Thomas), lvs 

Stone Adelbert M. harnessmkr D \ 
Waddell, lvs 322 Alfred 

Stone Charles W, harnesmkr D A 
Waddell, res 322 Alfred 

Stop.,. Miss Lizzie, tailoress, bds 

Miss Maud, tailoress. bds 

Storey C rev a. carp E M Storey, lvs 
:■ ' 

Storey Edgar M. contractor 388 Prin- 
res same 
•as Allium, gardener Mrs .1 TateS, 
n s King. 1 w of Centre 

Storms Sarah (wid Archibald), lvs 

Stoughton Miss Elizabeth, res i H 
Cottages, Klnj 

Stoughton Miss Mary C res in 
i :ot t ages, King w 

: Herb- it M. mach hand Cam- 

ovsky Woo i Mnfg Co, lvs 171 Vic- 
Stover Hiram, lab, res 171 Victoria 
..,. p hUip ,| grocer 260 University 

res same 

suae hau Miss Ada L, music tchr, lvs 

148 Division 
Strachan Archibald. Hud 

ware, Taints and nils r 
Montreal, Residence 98 B 
Btrachan Da> Id, shoveler, res w - To- 

ronto, I n of Johnston 

T. McAuley, 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books. Slates. Exercise and 
128 Princess Street. Copy Books. 

Al.l'll \BI I K \l DIRECTORY 


Strachan .lean (wld John G), res 2is 

chan John, farmer, ivs ti a P 
ley cor Lansdowne 

Strachan Miss Mary A. talloress 

Strachan Thomas M, help 
Works, res 8 si ( !atharine 

Strainge Win G, Grocer I4«) Monl 
real, res same 

nge Ernest < • s. ledger ki 
Merchants' Bank, lvs 156 King e 

Strange Capt Frank, Superin- 
tendent of Military Stores and Dis- 
trict Paymaster Third and Fourth 
Districts, 95 Clarence, Residence SG 

Strange John, Barrister, Solici- 
tor, etc. 95 Clarence, Residenoe :f 
l '. irrie 

Strange John M (Dalton & Strange). 
i 9 172 Kin,? e 

Strange J Campbell, clerk Pos1 ■ 
lector's Dejit, res 135 ^Villlam 

Strange Maxwell W, clerk gtfa.ii, 
Strange, res 94 Earl 

ige Orlando S, physician 68 Unio 
e, res 136 King e 

Strange & Sirange (John & 
Capt Frank). Insurance Agents '. ,r > 

Stratford Henry , taxidermist 354 Prin- 
. res same 

Stratford Henry, jr. fireman Station 
X 2, res 410 Barrie 

Stratford Mrs Henry, grocer, and re 
gistry office for servants 2SM P'-in- 
. res same 
tford James, mason, lvs 2^4 Prin- 

Strathy James B, res Emily st 

Stratton .Miss Maude, lvs 670 Prin- 

Strieker Miss Fannie, milliner, bds 
60 Clergy 

ch Wm, agent Singer Mnfg Co, 
bds 102 Rideau 

Strong Anthony, Bhoveller, res L6fl 

I ."\\ er I lagol 
Strong wm .1. opr CPR Co's Tele- 
graph, lvs 160 Lower Bagot 
Stroud Bros, 11 M Ilawley mngr, teas 

and coffees, 109 Princess 
Stroud Wm A, printer, lvs Tete du 

Pont Barracks 
Struthers Clinton l.,, prop Dominion 

House. 312 Ontario 
Stuart, see also Stewart 
Stuart John, assl engineer Gas Works, 

res 221 I dvision 
Stuart Joseph, driver Macnee & Min- 

nes, res 194 Ordnance 
Stunden Frederick, porter Windsor 

Hotel, res 257 King e 
Sturgess Emanuel, carter, res n s 

Markland, :; \\ of Montreal 
Suddard Edward S, checker K & P 

Ry; res 22 Elm 
Suddard George, sailor, lvs 15: 1 , Col- 
Suddard James H, lab R Crawford, 

res 2 Gallinger Terrace, Chatham st 
Suddard Lucy (wid Francis), res 

Suddard Wm J, lab, res 149 Colborne 
Sughrue John, checker GTR sheds, res 

176 Bagot 
Sullivan, see also O'Sullivan 
Sullivan Catherine (wid Hugh) res 22" 

Sullivan Catherine (wid Michael), res 

169 Montreal 
Sullivan Charles A. stoker K P, -es 

204 Alfred 
Sullivan Mrs Charles A. dressmkr 20i 

Alfred, res same 
Sullivan Dennis, carp M T Co, rer, 50 

Sullivan Edward, motorman K St Ry 

Co, lvs Portsmouth 
Sullivan Edward W. salesman Rich- 
mond & Co. bds 42S Princess 
Sullivan Elizabeth (wld Michael), 

grocer 54 Ontario, res same 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 



Sullivan Jane (wid Rodger), grncr 94 

Gore, res same 
Sullivan Jeremiah, lab. lvs 94 Gor*! 
Sullivan Jeremiah, lab, res 4(5 Lower 

Bag t 
Sullivan John, res 11 Arch 
Sullivan John, clerk W »'. Strang - !vs 

46 Lower Bagot 
Sullivan John, lab. lvs 94 Gore 
Sullivan John, sailor, lvs 102 On'ir'o 
Sullivan John, shoveller, res 107 Bar- 

Sullivan John J. driver R Crawford, 

res 72 York 
Sullivan John J, salesman P J Walsl 

lvs 407 Barrie 
Sullivan Joseph, sailor, lvs 3 P.v Cot 

tages, Ontari ) st 
Sullivan Joseph J, tinsmith R M Hor- 

& Co, lvs 407 Barrie 
Sullivan Miss Margaret, dressmkr lvs 

it Barrie 
Sullivan Mary (wid Thomas) 

Ry Cottages, Ontario st 
Sullivan Michael, contractor 181 Mont- 
real, res 17:1 same 
Sullivan Senator M, Physician 
i. Office Hours 10 a m to 
8 i' m, Telephone 195, Office and Re- 
sidence l 'rlncess cor King 
Sullivan Thomas, lvs i» ; :' Monti 
Sullivan vv 'm. appr Kingston F i in- 
dry, I ' irio 

Sullivan Wm H. barrisl 

res 93 William 
Bummerby Charles, clerk <;tic. lvs 

Montreal opp 1TB i »epot 
Bummerby James, conductor < ; T i: 

res Montreal opp ( tTB I >ep it 
Sun The (Weekly), Sun Publishing 

i Jo Proprietors, 297 King e 
Sun Publishing Co. W W Walker 

Manager Publishers of the Bun, 297 


Sutherland Predi i lok 1 1 i. clerk J n 
M rnlverslty ave 

Sutherland John, cierk Waddington 

Hi Barrie 

Sutherland John H, boots and si 
103 Princess, lvs 189 University 
Sutherland Margaret (wid Samuel, res 
) 189 University ave 
Sutherland Malcolm S (Fenwick, Hen- 
dry & Co), res 151 Earl 
Sutherland Malcolm S, jr. student, lvs 

151 Karl 
Sutherland Robert, foreman J TI 

Sutherland, res 103 Princess 
Sutherland Robert D. cashier Fen- 
wick. Hendry & Co, lvs 151 Earl 
Sutherland Samuel, trav Macnee & 

Minnes, res 105 Clergy 
Sutherland Samuel G, trav. res 292 

Swain Frank, baker J C Swain, lvs 140 

Swain Henry, tinsmith Elliott Bros, 

lvs Barriefield 
Swain John C, baker 140 York. r> s 

Swain Mrs John C, carpet weaver 140 

York, res same 
Swain Win E5, piano mkr Wormwith 
& Co, Us Barriefield 

I. s .lane (wid YVm K>. res l'42 Uni- 
versity ave 
Swan George T, grocer 27 EUla 

Swan John J. carp W J Chapman, lvs 

27 Ellice 
Swann Bamue] l >. shoveller, res 47 

Swanson Harriel (wid Wm .l». res 294 

Sw. Mist. 'u Adam, baker '■'■'■'< Pine, res 

Swaxie George A, teacher K B College, 

i.ds 89 York 
Bweetman .John. Bectlonman GTB 

GTB Outer Depot 
Bweetman Thomas, car Inspector OT 
i;, res 798 Montreal 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 


sv I 

Al.l'll \1U I [CAL DIUFCTOKV. 


Swift .Miss Bridget, confry, res "112 

Swift Catherine (wid Micl ael), res 224 
K i 1 1 . 

Swift James (James Swift & • 
Resid ace 16J King e 

Swift Jam. s Hl Co, (Jamea Swift, 
James F Lesslie), Coal l »'-alers, 
Wharfingers and Commission Mer- 
chants, foot of Johnston 

Swift Joseph F, Manager Dom- 
inion Express Co and General Agent 
cor King and Clarence, Residence 
44 William 

Swinyard Leone N, freight clerk GT 
K. res 83 Frontenac 

Bwitcher Max, bartender St Law- 
rence Hotel 

Switzer Mrs Adaline, boarding house, 

Switzer Fletcher, res 288 Queen 

Switzer Frederick D, wine clerk The 

Switzer Nelson, prop The Exchange, 
21 Brock 

Swttzer Peter, lab, res 63 Queen 

Switzer Samuel, bds St Lawrence 

Sykes Sadie, nurse Orphans' Home 

Symes Percy V, salesman Richmond & 
Co, res 19 Frontenac 

Synod Office, Rev Canon A. Spen- 
: Clerical Secretary, St George's 
Hall, Wellington cor Johnston 

Taggart Mrs John, dressmkr. lvs 246 

Tait John, lvs 37 Upper Charles 
Tait Joseph, Stone Mason, rea 37 

Upper Charles 
Tait Joseph G, mason, res 139 Col- 
Talbot Frank, lab, bds 679 Princess 
Tallon John, sectionman GTR, res 675 

Tandy Anna (wid Thomas S), rea 


Tandy Mary .) i« Id Wm), re 

Tandy Miss Norma, organist Cooke's 

Church, lvs 84 Gore 
Tandy Wm R, journalist, lvs 84 G 
Tarrant James A, mach hand Carn"\- 

sky Wood Mnfg C<<. res 8 Ann 
Tarrant John, carp, res 1*7 Vlctoi 
Tarrant Stanley M, clerk J I! Md. 

1\ s S Ann 
Tarrant Thomas F. lab B W Pi 
lvs 221 King e 
see Tait 
Taudvin John W. engineer Kingston 

Foundry, lvs 97 Wellington 
Taylor Albert D, (Murray 4 

Taylor), Residence 45 Clergy 
Taylor Ann (wid Wm). res 23 Stephen 
Taylor Charles, clerk H H Roche, 1\ - 

8 Elm 
Taylor Edward J. engineer str Spar- 
tan, res 212 Queen 
Taylor Fenwick. clerk, lvs 241 Queen 
Taylor Francis, trader, res 438 King e 
Taylor Mrs Francis, confr 438 King e, 

res same 
Taylor Miss Hannah E B, music tchr, 

lvs * Ellice 
Taylor Henry H, (Nugent .V lay 

lor). Residence 361 Johnston 
Taylor Hudson, lvs 241 Queen 
Taylor John, agent London Life Ins 

Co, res 13 Upper Charles 
Taylor John, quarryman. res 425 Di- 
Taylor Jonathan, carter, res 8 Ellice 
Taylor Joseph H, sec hand goods 238 

Barrie, res same 
Taylor Mary (wid John), res S2 Di- 
Taylor Richard, engineer str Ban- 

nockburn. res 14 Main 
Taylor Capt Thomas F. inspector In- 
lands Lloyd's. Swift's wharf, res 241 

G S. Hobait & SonS and Fam?ly S Recii 

ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 




Taylor Wm B, manager Mrs C Han- 
sen, lvs 90 Wellington ' 
Taylor Capt Wm R, lvs 124 Bagot 
Telgmann Miss Agnes, music teacher. 

lvs 101 Queen 
Telgmann F Bismark, cigar mkr G A 

M ■ towan, bda 203 William 
Telgmann Oscar F, Musical Di- 
rector Kingston Conservatory of 
Music and School of Elocution, L01 
Queen, res same 
Terrapin Hotel, Wm Shanahan pi 

Tetlock John, carp, res s s Raglan rd, 

1 w of Montreal 
Tetlock Samuel G. driver, res IT Up- 
per Charles 
Tetro James, engineer atr Niagara, 

lvs 112 Lower Bagot 
Tetro Lewis, engineer tug Thom] 

lvs rear 81 Wellington 
Tetm Michael, lab, res 66 North 
Teti I D, engineer barge King 

Ben. res 112 Lower Bagot 
Theobald Jqjin M, barber 184 Ontario. 

British American Hotel 
Theophase Leduc, sailor, res 

Theriault Francis X. engineer, n 
jsion rd, 9 w of Division 
Thomas Samuel E, plasterer, lva 

Thompsi I homson 

mpson Alexander, polisher Worm- 
with & Co, lva t Railway i 
( intario st 

n Alfred C, trav, res 144 Ri- 
Thompson Andrew, carp Co-( »perath " 
b and l r Factory, rea 279 Sy- 

ii < !harlea A, manager Troy 
undry, lvs 2 Devonshire Tei i 

nli. mi st 

mpson Ernest, itudent, h 

King e 

Thompson Francis, lab Loco Works, 
res 2 Devonshire Terrace. Syden- 
ham st 
Thompson Francis, coachman L B 

Spencer, bds 91 Gore 
Thompson George, City Tax Col- 
lector, City Buildings, res 359 Brock 
Thompsoi sjraph opr 

Kingston News, bds Stanley House 
Thompson George R. boat builder W 

Robinson, res 23 Ontari o 
Thompson James, Proprietor 
Thompson's Bottling Works, bds 
City Hotel 
Thompson James D, County R 

trar, res 22 Colborn.- 
Thompson J Duncan, clerk K & P Ry. 

lvs 22 Colborne 
Thompson John, lvs 109 Stuart 
Thompson John, lab, res 12 Upper Wil- 
Thompson John T. helper Loco Works. 

lvs rear Ry Cottages 
Thompson Joseph, painter K Vehicle 

Co, bda Lake View Hotel 
Thompson -Mary (wid Alexander), rea 

rear R] - I >ntario at 

Thompson Miss Mamie, tchr Victors 

school, lvs 22 Colborne 
Thompson Melville i\ bookke 
Kingston Foundry, lvs 359 Brock 

■1 Peter M, broommaker W 
Thompson Robert, porter Albion 

Bot( l 
Thompson Thomas, school tchr K !'. 

1 :.n 1 
Thompson Thomas P, Inspector 
of Steamboal Boilers, 38 Clan 1 
rea 162 King e 

mpson Rev Thomas J, lvs 
Thompson Wm W, carp R Da> 

Bon, re* H Main 

Bottling Works, James 

Thompson prop, I ; Y"i k 

Thon itao Thompson 


Receipts, Blank Drafts. 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
128 Princess Street. Leases, Etc. 


A l I'll \l:i I [CA1 I'lKl ( ion . 



Thomson Gillespie S, draughtsman 

Loco Works, Ivs 2 Colborne 
Thomson James, salesman Hard; & 

I o, Ivs it.; Sydenham 
Thomson Robert, agent Mel Life Ins 

< o, l\ s loo I Hvision 

nson ! 'Obert, < as! ler ( 1TR, res 2 

1 olborne 
Thomson Robert, watchman K Hosi- 

■ ". ivs 400 Division 
Thomson Robert l\ stone cutter, Ivs 

400 Division 
Thomson Susan (wid Adam), res 173 

Thomson Thomas, watchman str 

spartan, res 35 Rideau 
Thomson Wm, freight agent GTR, 

9 Wellington 
Thorhe John L, clerk I Simpson, bds 

80 Division 
Thornton Arthur T, res 410 Montreal 
Tlo.rnton Mary (wid Abraham), 

groi er 225 I ivision,, res same 
Thornton Rachel C (wid John), grocer 

505 Princess, res same 
Thornton Samuel, butcher, res 85 

Thornton Wm, lab, Ivs 410 Montreal 
Thornton Wm J, carp Co-Operative 

Sash and Door Factory, res 17 Fron- 

Thorogood Joseph W, lather, res 1G1 

Thousand Island House, Con 

Millan Proprietor, cor Brock an<l 

Thousand Island Steamboat 

Co, M II Folger President, II S Fol- 

ger General Manager, 198 Ontario 
Thurlby Thomas J, foreman K Hosi- 
ery Co, res e s St Lawrence ave, 1 

n of King 
Thurston Henry, engineer, res 92 Bar- 
Tierney James, groceries and liquors 

261 Ontario, res 17 Colborne 
Tierney John, clerk, res 153 Bagot 

'••:■ Patrick, grocer 193 Ontario, 

res sa ii e 
Tilley Wm C, draughtsman Power A 

Son. 1. lis 195 Earl 
Tilson Robert, shoveller, res :!F.<? ,a) 


Tin merman Nicholas, policeman, roa 

w s Victoria, 2 s of Concession rl 
Timms Thomas W, motorman St n> 

Co, res 272 Wellington 
Tindal Ann (wid Thomas), Ivs Charles 

cor Patrick 
Tisdale George A, cigar makfr S 

Oberndorffer. Ivs Barriefield 
Tisdale John F, foreman S Anglin & 

Co, res Barriefield 
Tisdale Mitchell, sawyer S Anglin & 

Co, res Barriefield 
Titus Catherine (wid George), r-^s n 

s Sixth cor Chatham 
Titus Harry G, engineer. Ivs n s Filth 

cor Chatham 
Tobias Prank, painter K Vehlc'e On, 

bds 171 Princess 
Tobyn Elizabeth (wid Richai-d'), Ivs 

520 Prin' 
Todd Thomas W, painter K Vehicle 

Co, bds 266 Queen 
Toland Jane (wid Joseph), re^ 116 (■■) 

Lower Bagot 
Tooher Thomas, grocer 312 Mo.iV-e il, 

res same 
Toohey Ann (wid Thomas), res ?07 

University ave 
Toole Vascoe, bds 240 Ontario 
Tossell Elizabeth (wid RichaidV r».-s 

2-0 Johnston 
Towers Wm J, lab, res a 45 Ordnnne • 
Town Elizabeth (wid Richard), res 213 

King e 
Townsend Margaret (wid Thomas), 

res 138 Queen 
Townsend Wm. carp, res e s Viet, r ; n. 

:; s of Concession rd 
Towns D'l Wm H, bricklayer, "es e s 

Victoria, 4 s Concession rd 
Toye Richard H, Baker & > 

fectioner 302 King e, res 82 Clove 

G. S. Hobait & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brashes 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 



Traeey Dennis, barber J B Johnson, 
bds 232 King e 

Traeey Frank W, tinsmith E Caown & 
Son, res 315 Johnston 

Traeey John, instructor K P. res 2) 

Traeey Wm J. willow worke- lvs -3 

Trainor Patrick J, clerk Can Ry News 
Co, lvs GTR Depot 

Travis Joseph, lab, res 156 Lower 

Treneer John P, carter, ,res s fi Con- 
cession rd, 1 e of Alfred 

Trenhall Eliza (wid Benjamin). r«rs Jl 

Trotter Bella (wid Robert), re.; e s .Al- 
bert, 4 n of Princess 

Troy Laundry, J R Rattenbury prop, 
206 Princess 

Trnesdell David \V. carp M T Co res 
Chestnut cor 1'iime 

Trundell Miss Bella, pianist A.ylum, 
lvs 102 Clergy 

Tyron Anthony, grocer 235 Welling- 
ton, res same 

Tucker Frank, tailor Howland Pros, 
lv • ¥1 Raglan rd 

Tucker Margaret (wid John), lvs 340 

Tucker Michael, wasteman Cotton 
Mil's, res 6 James 

Tin leer Thomas, lab, res 97 Raglan rd 

Turbett Edward J, maeh, lvs 10 

Turbetl John, driver 11 Rarkness, Iva 

Turbetl Julia (.wid John), res '0 

T11 1 < 'i 1 A Ifred, oa rp, rea B3 ' »h : . 
Turcoti Arthur, oigar mkr G A Mc- 

wran, lvs u Fifth 
Turcoti George oarp,, ,rea L2 Fifth 
Turcoti John B, lab, rea i" Fifth 

■ ir. lab, rea n a Plum cor 

1 rie 

Nicholas, res Rarrie, bet Plum 

I <jii"bec 

Turkington Wm, lab, res 124 Raglan 

Turkington Wm J, bricklayer, res 132 

Turnbull Alexander, painter J Laird, 

res 213 Colborne 
Turnbull Thomas C, engineer Jas 

Richardson & Sons, res 567 Princess 
Turner George W. agent York County 

L & S Co, res 470 Brock 
Turner Isabella (wid David), lvs SI 

Turner James, engineer K Oil Cloth 

Co, res 157 Raglan rd 
Turner Thomas J, private "A" Bat- 
tery, res 54 North 
Turpin George H, overseer Oldrieve & 

Kent's hennery, res Bath rd 
Tuttle Andrew, salesman McRae 

Bros, lvs 109 Stuart 
Tuttle Isaac, fireman tug Thompson. 

bds Lake View House 
Tuttle George, engineer tug Thomp- 
son, bds Lake View House 
Tuttle John, policeman, res 109 Stuarr 
Tweddell James, cutter John Twed- 

dell, lvs 100 Queen 
Tweddell John, merchant tai'.or 151 

Princess, res 100 Queen 
Tweed Wm A. painter 11 binson Bn «, 

rea 19 Union w 
Twigg John, lab, res 64 O'KUl 
Twigg John E, foreman ily Skinner 

& Co. res 21 Frontenac 
Twigg Wm a. shipper Robertson B 

rea 105 King e 
Twiss Francis, carter, rea 117 I'.;'. rra U 
Twiss Mai\ (wid Francis), lvs ''7 

Twitchell Col Marshall H. I'nit. .1 

States Consul. 171 Ontario, res so 

Tyner Ann (wid Wm), res 262 Univ r- 

sii>- ave 
Tyner Wm G, student, lvs 262 Univer 

sitv ave 
Tyo Capl Btephen, rea 1 1 Redan 

Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

1 \i. 

A I PHABE1 H \l. l»il:i I rORY. 

Stephen, jr, Bailor, res 207 Mont- 


United States Consulate, Ool M n 

Twltchell consul. 174 Ontario 
Uphill John, porter F W Spangenborg, 

i es 847 King e 
Upper Frank J. student, lvs 81 King e 
Upper Joseph, railroad contractu] 

si King e 
Urquhart Archibald, trav, res 112 

Urquhart Richmond T, clerk G S Ho- 

bart & Sons, lvs 112 Montreal 


Vair George T, clerk, res 13 Colborne 

Vair Robert, res 205 Alfred 

Vale, see also Veale 

Vale John, res 9 John 

Vale John. jr. watchman Jas Swift & 
Co, lvs 9 John 

Yanalstine Richard B, lab K Oil 
Cloth Co, res 29 (a) Main 

Van Arnam Charles A, confr 350 King 
e, res 108 Clergy 

Vanasky Ellen (wld Alexander), res 
307 Brock 

Vance Christopher, weaver 132 Clar- 
ence, res same 

Van Luven Alonzo A. appr Loco 
Works, lvs 334 King e 

Van Luven Anson P, res w s Victoria, 
3 s of Concession rd 

Van Luven Charles H. janitor Whig 
Building, res 334 King.e 

Van Luven Christopher W, mi oh R 
Davis & Son, lvs 194 Rideau 

Van Luven Thomas F, county tre?.s, 
res Township of Kingston 

Van Tassel Wm A, Manager 
Haines & Lockett, bds British Am- 
erican Hotel 

Van Winkel Jacob, carp, res 199 Col 

Van Winkel Nial. carp, res 117 Ord- 

\ .in Winkel Winford H. clerk P J 
Hoag, lvs 199 Colborne 

Varney Richard W, storeman Loco 
Works, res 27 King w 

Varney Wm n. moulder Loci Works, 
lvs 27 King w 

Veale, see also Vale 

Veale Charles N, appr Simmons 13 
lvs 154 York 

Veale Elijah, res 154 York 

Veale Elijah, jr. painter, res e s Al- 
bert, 6 n of Princess 

Veale Miss Emma, nurse General Hos- 

Veale John, baker 198 Barrie, res same 

Veale John, lab, res s s York, 1 e of Al- 

Veale Wm G, plumber Simmons Bros, 
lvs e s Albert, 6 n of Princess 

Veale Wm J, carp A Williamson, lvs 
154 York 

Vick David A, carp, res 14 Stepnen 

Villard Ernest, laborer, res 152 Lover 

Vince Robert, moulder, lvs 19 Ontario 

Vince Wm. engineer Water Works. 
res 19 Ontario 

Vince Wm, jr, painter T W Milo, lvs 
19 Ontario 

Vineberg Aaron M, res 52 Division 

Virtue Ann (wid Matthew). ics 337 

Vi Ight Henry C. res 226 Johnston 

Voakes James, conductor K & P Ry, 
lvs GTR Outer Depot 

Volume Ann (wid James), res 428 Al- 

Volume David A, student, lvs 4?S Al- 

Volume Miss Nellie, tchr Central 
schol, lvs 428 Alfred 

Volume Miss Margaret, tchr Catara- 
qui school, lvs 428 Alfred 


Wa Long, lvs 83 Clarence 
Waddell David A, harness maker 83 
Princess, res 33 Colborne 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 

2 38 


Waddell John, prof R M College, res 

183 Johnston 
Waddell John F, tire maker Wi ad 
Bros Tire Co, res 349 Division 
■11 Robert, r is 82 Wellington 
ddington Bros (Win and Henry), 
butchers, 322 King e 
Wa idington Henry CWaddlngwm 

Bros), res Bath rd 
Wi ddington Wm (Waddington Brou), 

Bath rd 
Waddington Wm, sr, lva Bath rd 
n > derlck, sailor, res 8 Vine 
Wade Frederick J. clerk, res 165 Al- 

YVade Henry, Druggist, cor King 

and Brock, Residence 238 Brock 
\V de James carp, res 26 EUIce 
Wade Mary A (wid Henry H). ft 

•r Frank, mach G A Wright, bds 

pal Hotel 
goner Alexander C, cutter Grand 
Union Clothing Co, res 301 Univer- 
sity ave 
Waggoner Mary< wld Wm), boarding 
h »use 48 Princess 

.i night watchman 
Opera Hoi b . rms 293 Prim 
Wainwrlgbt Arthur H. wood carver, 

r. s 189 Brock 
Waldren Wm M, Manager Rich- 
id A Co, res 237 Division 
Waldren Hurry N. student, lids 205 


W, clerk R WnM, 

r u. |vs 80 Barrie 
Waldron Richard, dry goods LC8 Wei- 

lington, res 80 Bai rie 
Waldron Richard s. clerk R Wnld- 

ron, res 38 Welling 
Wall tnlly, ivs 91 Queen 

Wales Robert, res 1 19 Willi 
Walk, in George a. student, Ivs 72 

Ba i 
u alkem Hugh C, clerli Banli of )'• K 

A, lvs 72 Bar rie 

Walkem Joseph B, (Walkem & 

Walkem), Residence "Willow Cot- 
tage," King w 
Walkem Richard T, QC, DCL, 

(Walkem & Walkem), Residence 

"Romilly House," 72 Barrie 
Walkem & Walkem (Richard T, 

QC. DCL, and Joseph B), Barristers, 

S llcitors, etc, 93 Clarence 
Walker Catherine (wid Thomas), bds 

26 .Main 
Walker Charles, appr Loco Works, lvs 

16 Pine 
Walker Charles A, bartender Oriental 

Hotel, res 35 York 
Walker Charles W. student, lvs :'S0 

Walker David J, county clerk, res 1SS 

Walker David J. painter K Vel 

res 266 Queen 
Walker Duncan, blacksmith Zj ea 

Works, res 16 Pine 
Walker EJliza (wid David), !vs SW 

Walk.-r Emmons, confr W J Cvothers. 

lvs 204 Queen 
w Iker Ernest, driver W G Stralng©, 

lvs same 

Walker Miss Eva, tchr Louise sc*i »ol, 

bds 394 Brock 
Walker Miss Fleta, music teacher, i><is 

394 Brock 
Walker P Percy, clerk N T *-,r,.-n- 

wood, rms :7l Princess 
Walker G > ■ Gardim 

:;7:> Johnston 
Walker Hattie A D, Phyai 

a n.l Surge in. ( Mliee Hours 2 to :. 
and 7 to :i |, m. Telephone 289, l "die, 
and R< sldence 251 Queen 
Walker Helen twi>\ John), nurse, ref 

Fifth, I w Of Dft ision 
Walker Herbert L, blacksmith, res 

2) 2 l ■• 
Walker Henry, student, bds 403 Johu- 
i ton 


128 Princess St 

Inks, Writing and Copying: Stephens', 
Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes", Shuttle- 
worth's and Underwoods. 

Ai.iii \i:k i ICAL I'IKI .( fORY, 


2 2(; 

Walker Jane (wld John), rea 62 \rn 
Walker John, bookkeeper E Chown <fe 

Son, rea 887 University ave 
Walker John S, clerk A StraChan, rea 

820 Queen 
Walker Marcus C, carpenter, res 15 St 

> ';ii harine 
Walker Robert H. prop Oriental Hotel, 

186 Wellington 

Walker Thomas L, MA, prof K'n.:>- 

Bton School of Milling, bds 41 George 

Walker Walter W, M a n a g e r 

Sun Publishing' Co, 297 King e, bds 

331 same 

Walker Wm W, student, lvs 325 Earl 

Wallace Emma Cwld Wm S), ivs e s 

Montreal, 7 n of GTR crossing 
Wallace Robert, Stone Dealer, 
Bagot, opp Barrack, bds 252 Barrie 
Wallwood Henry, painter T McManon 

& Co, lvs 24 Clergy \v 
Walsh, see also Welch 
Walsh Miss Annie, lvs 118 CoIl>orne 
Walsh Charles, clerk Jas Crawford, 

lvs 307 Division 
Walsh Edwin (Lambert & Walsh), 

Residence 26 Upper Charles 
Walsh James, lab, res 17 Clergy w 
Walsh John J. res 82 Earl 
Walsh Lawrence F, guard K P. res 

115 Albert 
Walsh Miss Louise, lvs 118 Colborne 
Walsh Mary A (wld James), res 51 

Walsh Michael, butcher 86 Brock, res 

6S0 Princess 
Walsh Patrick. Coal and Wood. 

•"."-.77 Barrack, bds 312 Ontario 
Walsh Patrick, grocer 48 Main, res 

Walsh Patrick J. Dry Goods and 
House Furnishings, 160-162 Princess, 
bds British American Hotel 
Walsh Peter J, clerk, bds Oriental 

Walton H E. Manager Kingston 

Vehicle Co Ltd, cor Princess and On- 

Wanli ss wm a. aergl "A" Battery, 

rea 22 Place d'Armes 
Ward Anna .\! <wi<l John), re, 

Ward Ellen (wld John), lvs 162 John- 
Ward Henry, painter Robin 

res 132 Victoria 
Ward James A, salesman Steacy & 

Steacy, bds 265 University ave 
Ward John, grocer 41 Brock, res 187 

Ward J Frederick, printer British 

Whig, bds 232 King e 
Ward Pressley, coachman Mrs J E 

Richmond, res rear 34 Union w 
Ward Stephen, painter Jas Laturney. 

bds 91 Gore 
Ward "Wm, engineer, res n w cor 

Chestnut and Cherry 
Ward Wm R, stableman McCamiiion 
Bros, lvs n w cor Chestnut and 
Warmington George, plumber McKel- 

vey & Birch, res 229 Earl 
Warren Thomas R G, salesman J 

Laidlaw & Son. bds 269 Queen 
Warren Wm H, clerk McKelvey <t 

Birch, res 143 Montreal 
Wartman Miss Amy, nurse General 

Wartman Edward H, fruit exporter, 

res 76 Frontenac 
Wartman James, bricklayer, lvs w s 

Albert, 2 n of Brock 
Wartman Raymond, bricklayer, res w 

s Albert. 2 n jf Brock 
Wartman Walter J, contractor, \v s 

Albert, 5 s of Johnston, res san.i 
Warwick Caroline (wid Charles . T », 

res 86 Arch 
Warwich Charles J, salesman J Laid- 
law & Son, lvs 86 Arch 
Waterman Isaac, Manager Im- 
perial Oil Co Ltd, cor Rideau and 
Cataraqui, Residence London, Ont, 
Kingston address British American 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A . greatest pain killer 
known. Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 

2 3< 



Waters John, lab, res 279 Queen 

Waters John M. baker 101 E 
Bagot, res same 

"Wathen Ernest, laborer, lvs 335 Queen 

Wat hen Wm. lab E Chown & Son, res 

Watkins Sarah <wid George), res w > 
Victoria. 4 n of Princess 

a Alexander, lab, res 24 Earl 

Watson Edward C, student, lvs Col- 
lege grounds 

Watson George E. tailor Asylum, res 
226 University ave 

Watson John, MA, LLD, prof Queen's 
College, res College grounds 

Watson John, shoveller, res 44 Ord- 

Watson Robert E. supt K Vehicle Co, 
rea 15 Colborne. 

Watson Wm J. foreman W J Croth- 
,-rs. i ea 190 Rideau 

Watt Robert, driver J Gleeson, bds 
-4 < >ntario 

Watts Albert G, junior janitor 
Quen's College, bds s s Quebec- 
of ( merry 

Watts Alexander, shoveller, r< 

Watts Cbai les E, clerk Jas Crawford, 

l.ils .".71 I Mi ii 

Watts Eliza (wi.i Robert), res 128 

Watts Henry W. mason. res 335 I>i\i- 

sl on 
Watts James, bottler Wm Pipe, bde 

Quebec 2 i of Cherry 
Watts James, gardener, rea 270 John 

Watts John w. engineer, rea ii iti 

di an 
w.i tl \ i u i>i Jamei >. rea 31 

Wat i- Wm n gardener Col John Duff, 

Ubei i l n of Princess 
Webb Charles, sailor, rea M « > 1 1 1 - 1 r i ■ > 
Webstei Benjamin E, student, Iva 

us B1 

Webster Charles R, B a r 

rister. Solicitor, etc, 151 Wellington, 
cor Clarence, Iva lis Stuart. 

Webster Edward S. tel operator, lvs 
203 William 

Webster Maty (wld Wm A, )res 118 

Webster Walter L S, student, lvs 203 

Webster Wm, res 203 William 

Webster Wm F. clerk J S R McCann, 
lvs 203 William 

Wehman John, stone cutter, bds 201 

Weights and Measures Of- 
fice, -I A Maolonald Inspector 
Clarence st 

Weir James ('. steward K P, res 21 s 

Welch, see also Walsh 

Welch Alexander, bartender 1.000 Is- 
land House, res 11.". William 

Welch Charles, marbls cutter E K 
Welch & Son. res 185 Division 

Welch Edwin R (E R Welch & Son), 
res 179 Division 

Welch E R ct Son (Edwin R and 
Frederick) marble works. 296 Prin- 

Welch Frederick (E R Welch & Son). 

res 17:* Division 
Welch Helen (wld John), rea 63 Karl 

Welch Thomas C. teamster K & P 

Ry, r> s •;."> Sydenham 

Well ot ii .Miss Annie E, dressmkr, lvs 
w s t'ollege, 1 n of Union 

Wellborn Wm, farmer, rea w a Col- 
lege, i a of Union 

W.ller Miss Jane )•; , ; Misses Weller), 

lvs ii" Que n 

Weller Misses iSai.ih anil Jane E), 

fancy u is and dressmaking, Ml 

\\ elllngton 
Weller Miss Rebecca A, rea 110 Queen 

Weller Miss Sarah (Misses Weller), 

Iva 1 1 « ► Queen 

T* lVTr> ATTT "C^V Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
X . lULAUUEil, Foolscap, Bill Heads. Note 

128 Princess Street. 


U 1 1 


w II. 


Wells Charles a. painter K. Vehicle 

Co, 1VS -7n King e 
Wells Emma (wld Henry I'», ivs 332 

!'i in eSS 

Wells Henry, harnesstnaker, t.: King 

e, res same 
Wells Win .1. clerk postofflce, res 153 

S\ di n lia in 

Wemp Miss Qussle, bookkeeper Singer 
Mnfg C". Ids 426 Princess 

Wemp John, tearrster K & P Ry, res 
12 I Lower Eagot 

Wemp Joseph, bookkpr Singer Mnfg 
>'.>. bds Stanley House 

West cot t Win. lab. res 175 Pine 

\\ • St Wni S, auctioneer, res 250 On- 

Western House, O McGinnis prop, 164 

Whalen Miss Annie.lvs w s Montreal, 1 
n of G T R crossing 

Whalen Daniel, brushmkr E N Ros- 
siter, lvs 89 Gore 

Whalen James, tailor A G Flett. lvs 
247 Victoria 

Whalen Luke, engineer, res w s Pat- 
rick, 2 n of John 

Whalen Mrs Marcella, res 108 Mont- 

Whalen Margaret (wid Daniel), board- 
ing house, 89 Gore 

Whalen Patrick, tanner, res 17 John 

Whalen Walter, shoemaker John 
O'Connor, lvs 89 Gore 

Whe?ler Miss Jane, lvs 146 Bay 

Wheelock Milton B. Manager Lake On- 
tario Fish Co, 60 Brock, res same 

Whinton John M, plumber McKelvey 
& Birch, res 68 Charles 

Whitcombe Margaret (wid James), 
res 384 Brock 

White Charles A, student, res 72 
Lower Bagot 

White Eliza (wid Wm), res rear 168 

White Miss Elizabeth R, lvs 29 Col- 

WTIte Ezra O, restaurant and conry, 
228 1-2-230 l ■ tine 

White Fred, insui 
res s s Alice, 5 w of University a\ 

wi it ■ Mrs Hann th, res 312 Johi 

wi lte .! I larold, clerk Henry Wade, 

lvs 309 University ave 
White John T. Agent Canada Life 

Assurance Co., 254 Bagot, Resldi 
194 University ave 

W) ite Sophia B (wid John), res 232 

White Susan H (wid George W), res 
309 University ave 

White Thomas, sailor, res s s Stephen. 
3 w of Montreal 

White Wm J. clerk Britton & Whit- 
ing, lvs rear 168 Bagot 

White Wm J B, Insurance Agent, 
254 Bagot, Residence 192 University 

Whitebread John, auditor K & P Ry. 
re^ 17* Lower Bagot 

Whitehead John, cacrter, res 16 Mark- 

Whitehead Joseph, lab. res 4 Quebec 

Whitehead Robert, carter James So- 
wards, lvs 16 Markland 

Whitehead Sarah E (wid' James J), 
res 58 Union w 

W r hitelaw David moulder, res 230 Earl 

Whitfield James W A, baker R H 
Toye, res 106 York 

Whitfield Jane (wid Thomas), lvs 289 

Whiting John L, (Britton & Whit- 
ing), lvs 52 Clergy 

Whiting Rev Richard, res 52 Clergy 

Wickham Charles, lab, bds 42 Clergy 

Wilder Artemus, farmer, res Conces- 
sion rd. 

Wilder Miss Emma, teacher Central 
School, lvs Concession rd 

Wilder George, tea merchant, res w 
s Centre, 3 n of King 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 

2 3 2 




Wilder Henry S, milk dealer, res 31$ 

Wilder Jonas, farmer, lvs Concession 

Wilder Joseph E, milk dealer, res 
York rd 

Wil ier -Miss Laura, private kinder- 
garten school, 269 1-2 Brock, lvs Con- 
cession rd 

Wilder Miss Lottie, teacher, lvs Con- 
cession rd 

Wiley, see also Willey and Wylie 

Wil y Miss Elisabeth, res 412 Frin- 

Wilkes Arthur B. traveller, res e s 
Collingwood, 4 n of Union 

Wilkins Henry, painter T McMahon 
3 410 Johnston 

Wilkirson George, lab. res 392 Divi- 

Wilkinson George E (George M Wil- 
kinson & Son), res 165 Queen 

Wilkinson George M & Son (Henry J 
and George E Wilkinson), groceries, 

Wilkinson George W, driver Carnov- 
sky Wood Mnfg Co, lvs 392 Division 

Wilkinson Henry J (George M Wil- 
kinson (SL- Son), res 130 Bagot 

Will . Wiley and Wylie 

Willey Jabous W, driver, res 358 Bar- 

Willia : us, pea L69 Victoria 

Willi 'ins i >a vid, surveyor, h i 
i. ii 

Win,.. sailor, bda < »t- 

tawa 1 1 

Williams John, painter P A I 

Willi E, traveller <: A Mo 

■ Victoria 
Will Ken- 


i- i: rl 

Williams Martha (wid John II), res 
14 Wade's lane 

Williams Mary (wid John), res 298 

Williams R S & Sons Co, The 
LTD. (Toronto), J L Cook M an- 
ger, Pianos and Organs, 188 Wel- 

Williams Thomas, teamster, res 37 
King w 

Williamson Adam, contractor, 113 
Gore, res 115 same 

Williamson Mrs Annie, lvs 122 Mont- 

Williamson Archibald R B, student, 
lvs 115 Gore 

Williamson Frederick M, pressman 
British Whig, res 122 Montreal 

Williamson George, elevator opr Cot- 
ton Mills, lvs 122 Montreal 

Williamson George H. student, lvs 115 

Will. an son Henry, tinsmith E Chown 
& Son, i, a 38 ColUngwood 

Williamson Rev James, MA, 

- LLD, Vice -Principal Queen's Col- 
lege, res 134 Earl 

Williamson Mary (wid James), res 38 

Williamson Owen, wks Cotton Mills, 
122 Montreal 

Wills Hugh, butcher M Walsh, res 
sill Pilnc< ss 

Wails Mrs Ida, lvs BO North 

-lames, lab, bds 13 Stephen 

Wil. is .John, clerk Anglo-American 

Wilmot Charles, clerk .) R Ratten- 
bury, lvs 86S Unlversltj av 

Wilmot Henry F, clerk postofflce, In- 
i n pan ment, res 96 Fron- 

wil.- .'i Henry F, contractor, res 113 

Wil : ot John i". Jeweller, lvs 181 Qol- 


128 Princess Street. 




Wl O 


WllmOl Mary (wid Kilwunli, res 265 

University ave 
Wilmol Nathaniel, blacksmith, :'.:> 
Montreal, res 181 Colborne 

\\'ils,.n Ann T (wid Henry), lvs e s 
Albei t. 9 n of Prim 

Wilson .Major Edward B, res 12c 
Union w 

Wilson Miss Prances, nurse General 

Wilson George," contractor, 143 King 
w, res same 

Wilson George, lab. res 12 Deacon 

Wilson George F, stone cutter, res 2a 

Wils II. paymaster Cotton 

Mills, res 264 Rideau 

Wilson Harry (Dapont & Wil- 
son), res l-l Lower Bagot 

Wilson Henry, billiard marker B A 
Hotel, lvs 38 Upper Charles 

Wilson Houghton W, druggist, res 43 
Clergy w 

Wilson, lab, res 318 Johnston 

Wilson James, Supt Canada Dry 
Dock, 30 Union e, res "Bellevue,"' 
Centre st 

Wilson James II, farmer, res e s Al- 
bert, 8 n of Princess 

Wilson John F, grocer, 5 O'Kill. res 

Wilson Joseph, contractor, res Ri- 
deau, cor Bay 

Wilson Levi, lab, lvs e s Albert, 9 n 
of Princess 

Wilson Miss Mary J, res 192 Bagot 

Wilson Riohard, asst engineer B A 
Hotel, res 3S Upper Charles 

Wilson Richard J. Manager Can- 
adian Pacific Railway Co's Tele- 
graph, 30 Clarence, res 183 Univer- 
sity ave 

Wilson Robert E, plumber Elliott 
Bros, lvs 198 Queen 

Wilson Robert J, driller Loco Works, 
res 25a Main st 

Wilson Samuel, clerk T n Johns, i>ds 

80 Division 
Wilson Thomas C. Livery Stable, 

120 Clarence, Residence 202 Queen 

Wilson Thomas J, lab, res 13 Stephen 

Wils m Walter, lai., bds 13 Stephen 

Wilson Wm, res 198 Queen 

Wilson Wm, cigarmaker G A Mc- 
Gowan, bds 70 Princess 

Wilson Win, lab. res 8 Stephen 

Wilson Wm, mngr Dominion Cotton 
-Mills Co, res 251 Rideau 

Wils m Wm H, clerk Macnee & Min- 
nes, lvs 198 Queen 

Wilson Wm S jr, elk A Chown & Co, 
lvs 240 Alfred 

Wilton Miss Hattie, dresmaker. lvs 
361 Bagot 

Wilson Henry, harnessmaker, 243 Ba- 
got, res 361 same 

Wilton Henry A. tinsmith McKelvey 
& Birch, lvs 361 Bagot 

Wiltshire Walter, baker, res 76 Dur- 

Winder Martha (wid Alfred), res 276 

Windsor Hotel, A J Fralick Pro- 
prietor, Princess, cor. Montreal 

Winter Mrs W J & Miss Rombough, 
dressmakers, 330 Princess 

Winter Wm J, sewing machines, 330 
Princess, res same 

Wirtz Frederick, gunner "A" Bat- 
tery, res 403 King e 

Wolfe Chailes, sailor str America, res 
10tj Montreal 

Wood, see also Woods 

Wood Abbey A (wid Dennis L), res ?9 

Wood Bros (Henry A & Isaac), jewel- 
lery, 236 PrLicess 

Wood Bros Tire Co, mnfr of bicycle 
tiies, 236 Princess 

Wood Chester W, guard K P, res 1 
Newman's cottages, King w 

Wood Elizabeth A (wid Samuel), lv» 
75 Pine 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men. women, boys and girls. 

2 3 + 



Wood Henry A (Wood Br s), res 236 

"Wood Isaac, physician. 122 Welling- 
ton, ies sarre 
Wood Nia] P P. guard K P, res 64 

Livingston are 

Samuel, lab, res 7.") Pine 
Wood Wm. trimn-er K Vehicle Co. 

bds 288 Queen 
W 1 Wm IT. watchmaker W 

Bros, lvs 236 Princess 
Woodhead Tl omas, clerk, res :>4 Place 

Woodhouse Arthur W, sailor barge 

Winnipeg, lvs 284 Bagot 
Woodhouse Kliza J (wid Henry), res 

284 Bagot 
Wood row Wm H. asst engineer Gas. 

Works, res 306 Queen 
Woods, see also Wood 
Woods Charles, comp Kingston News. 

res 421 Princess 
Woods George, farmer, res e s Bath 

Woods George, cheesemaker J Martig. 

res n s Princess, I w of City limits 
Woods George, driver A McCormaek, 

res 87 Collingwood 
Woods James, tinsmith, lvs w s Chat- 
ham, 2 n of Sixth 
\v. o la Tames, bda KM Aliiert 
Woods John C, Fancy Goods, 101 

Princess, res Hamilton. Ont 

W is John .1 lih. res n s Charles, 2 

w ol Bagot 
W is John W, ahoveller, res 27 Pine 

WOOda Miss Maria. I'an.y goods, 192 

Wellington, rea Hi University as,' 

\V Is Mary (wid Wm), res W s ('hat- 
ha m. i n of Sixth 

W Is Win, lvs 169 Montreal 

w is Wm. lab, <• s 7'. Queen 

W la Win II B, ll man .las Red- 

den A ( '". rea ISO Kelson 
Wooton James, pensioner, res 79 

Wooton John J. driver R Crawford, 

216 Alfred 
Wormwiih Wm H (Wormwlth & Co>, 

i • s 117 Karl 
Wormwlth & Co (Wm H Wormwith, 
Richard McMillan Oeorge 
Thomas Connor), piano manufactur- 
ers, 75 Princess 
Worrell Rev Clare. L. MA. 
Prof Royal Military College, 
Worth Ellen (wid Thomas), res 280 

Worthington Henry J, clerk F X C<>u- 

sineau & Co, bds Stanley House 
Wray. see also Rea 
Wray Mrs Emily, bds 117 King w 
Wrenshall Charles E, Principal King- 
ston School of Art. res 81 Albert 
Wrenshall Charles M, discount clerk 

Merchants' Bank, lvs 81 Albert 
Wright Carolim- (wid John), res 278 

Johnst' n 
Wright Charles, watchmaker F W 

genberg, res 237 Alfred 
Wright Clark & Son, (Clark W. 
Wright), Hatters and Furriers, 178 
Wright Clark W. | Clark Wright 

i<- Son), Residence 2.", Colborne 
Wright Ernest, tailor C Robins in, 

Weight Oeorge a, machinist .".4 Queen, 

rea i it Baj 
Wright John, engineer, bds Central 

Wright John, foreman Board of 

Works, i es 309 King w 
Wiight John, sal. sman Macm 

Minni'S. rea 20 Garrett 
Wright Margaret (wid George), res 

110 Barrick 
Wright Matthew, 

Montr. al 

Wright Robert J. 


carpenter, res 777 
mason, res 305 Ba 


128 Princess Street. 



/I I 


Wright Thomas a foreman Imperial 

i >ii Co . res 27 Charles 
Wright Thomas .1. trav a Haas & 

t !< >. res 78 Fr< mti nac 
Wright Walter, carpenter, Ivs 777 

Wright Wm, butcher, res Bath rd 
Wright Wm. sailor. Ivs 777 Montreal 
Wright Zadoo W, currier J J Carring- 

tpn, ivs 35S Johnston 
Wurtele Capt Alfred G G. prof K M 

College, res Ho .Johnston 
Wurtele John P, clerk Merchants' 

Bank, bds 98 Clergy 
Wylie, see also "Wiley and Willey 
Wylie George C, carpenter, res 411 

King e 

Yates Elizabeth (will Octavius), res 

6! William 
Yates James B, carpenter, res 24S 

Yates James B jr. carp. Ivs 248 Earl 
Yates Mrs Jane (wid Horatio), res s 

\v cor Centre and Union 
Yeddow Henry, engineer, res 26 Place 

York County Loan & Savings 
Co. W J Keenan Superintend ant 

-o Maiket sq 
Youlden Henry, Chief Fire Depart- 
ment, res 102 Clergy 
Young Arthur J, tinsmith Elliott 

Bros, Ivs 198 Colborne 
Young Adelbert G, painter J Laird, 

bds 138 Queen 
Young David J, conductor K & P Ry, 

res 283 Montreal 
Young Miss Fanny, teacher Orphans' 

Home, bds 80 Frontenac 
Young Fred W, painter Robinson 

Bros, Ivs 198 Colborne 
Young George. Agent Shedden 

Co (Ltd), foot of Johnston, res 169 

University ave 

Young George, shoen kr wm Adams, 
res L98 Colborne 

Young George a. student, ivs L69 Uni- 
versity ave 

Young Gordon a, polisher Wonnwith 
& Co, Ivs Barriefield 

Young Henry, lab, Ivs 296 Queen 

Young Henry A, mason res s s Que- 
bec, 2 e of Cherry 

Young Irishmen's Catholic Bene 
volent Assn, 116 Wellington 

Young Lewis, clerk Jas Mallen, Ivs 15 

Young Men's Christian Asso- 
ciation, Frank Holman General 
Secretary, cor. Princess and Barrio 

Young Richard, instructor K P, res 
70 Livingston av 

Young Stephen 1:. currier J J Car- 
lington. res 15 Charles 

Young Wilbur F. foreman British 
Whig, res 133 Union \v 

Young Henry, lab, Ivs 296 Queen 

Young Women's Christian As- 
sociation, Miss A I! Machar 5 
retary, 213 William 

Yule James, traveller, lids 132 Wel- 

Yule Wm, salesman McRae Bros, 
bds 60 Clergy 

Ziegler Gepirge, brewer Bajus Brew- 
ery, res 288 Wellington 

Ziegler George, jr, comp British Whig, 
Ivs 288 Wellington 

Ziegler Jacob upholsterer F C Mar- 
shall. Ivs 288 Wellington 

In Quality and Quantity 

of Information our Books 

have no Equals. 

.1. <;. I'lisiKi; 8c Co.. 

Director; Publishers, 
Toronto, Out. 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 




Business Directory, 


Clark J E. 42 Clarence 
Gardiner J A. 151 Wellington 
McCann J S R. 332 King e 
Mclver J B, 38 Clarence 

Gardiner J A. 151 Wellington 


Fair W J. cor King and Clarence 

1 X F. 67 Clarence 
Gardiner .1 A. LSI Wellington 
Gildersleeve H II. 12 Clarence 
GUdersleev. .1 r 12 Clarence 
Godwin W H, 344 King e 
Howard Herbert, Ontario Bank 
Loscombe A B M. 2:::: Kagot 
McCann J s R, 332 King e 
Mclver .1 B, 88 < 'larence 
Macnee J H, 194 1 Ontario 
Martin C H, 159 Wellington 
Macpherson & I '"■ Clarence 

.Mills & Cunningham, 79 clarence 

.1 p. L69 Wellington 
Pearce R P, Ontario Chambers 

fhton Stephen. 151 Wellington 
Strange $ Btra ■ llarence 

wi- ' Bagol 

w .1 B, 864 I'.agot 

(L< >AN). 

rdlnei .1 A, LSI Wellington 

ann .1 B R, 882 King e 


1 '• < arteret Clement (sugar and syrups), 
332 King e 

Hendry J A (grocers' sundries), 171 On- 

Muckleston J S. Ontario Chambers 


Gildersleeve J P, 42 Clarence 

Hanley T & Sons, Ontario cor Johnston 

Wilson R J, 30 Clarence 


Hughes & Son, 2" .Market sq 
Johnston J & Son, 132 Clarence 

Martin & Greenw 1. 239 Bagot 

Ramsay .1 11. Victoria st 

< [ardlner J A. 151 Wellington 

E1118 Arthur, 81 BrOCR 

\( wm. Brook 

r we, & Bon, Golden Lion Block, Wel- 
lington cor Clarence 


i rophj Miss Margaret, 59 Wellington 
Henderson Nicholas, 8 I ►ntarlo 

Lighl R H. '■"'■ Earl 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling: 
Books. Slates. Exercise and 
Copy Books. 


2 M 


Gardiner J A, 161 Wellington 
a .1 s R, 332 King e coi 

AU< Tli >NEER8. 

Hutcheson .1 E, 260 Alfred 
Mills .III. 90 Brock 
Salter Joseph, -"a Brock 
Wesi \\ s. 250 Ontario 

r Bros, L98 < >n1 
Donald. 338 K ll 
Kenl Bros, 91 < Jlarence 
Merchants' Bank of Canada, George E 

Hague Manager, King cor William 
Mills & Cunningham, 79 Clarence 
Ontario Bank, A .1 Macdonell Manager, 

i "i- King and Clarence 
Simpson Isaac 89 Clarence 
Standard Bank of Canada, W D Harl 

Manager, Ml Prim 


m W E. 241 P. 
Begg G L M. 50 William 
Bell John. 221 Montreal 
Boyd Ferguson, 617 Princess 
Boyd James. 289 Prii 
Carnovsky T R. 668-670 Princess 
Hushes M F. 142 Montreal 
Lougher Henry. 358 Princess 
McDonald Alexander, 289 Princess 
McLaughlin John. 222 Prii 
Pollitt Win. Collingwood st 
Pound O D. 358 Montreal 
Pound John. 271 Division 
s. h field James. 370 Princess 
Swain J C. 140 York 
Swanston Adam. 3.3 Pine 
Toyp R H. 302 Kinge 
Veale John. 198 Barrie 
Waters John. 101 Lower Bagot 


Couper Daniel. ?41-3 Princess 
Hobart G S & Sons. 155 Montreal 


Bank of British North America. G A 
Rohinson Manager. City Buildings 

Bank of Montreal. R J B Crombie Man 
ager. King cor William 

Carruthers J B, Clarence cor Wellington 

Curtis C L. 138 Wellington 


Aubin W P. "71 King e 
Bird Henry. 357 Prin 
Elmer A E, 72 Prim 
Elmer R H. 1C1 Princess 
fields A E. 45 Prin. 
Pokes E J. 223 Princess 
Haffner P T. 352 Princess 
Johnson J B. 157 Wellington 
Johnson H S. 70 lirock 
J H, 50 Clarence 
Eachapelle Felix. 234 Ontario 

^ J. 51 Brock 
Perry w J. 31 Brock 
Pipe W H. 207 Prin 
Purcell P J. 73 Clarence 
Theohald .1 M. Is4 Ontario 


Agnew Tames, City Buildings 
Bawden Joseph. 194 Ontario 
Britton & Whiting-. 69 Clarence 
Brown F M. 159 Wellington 
Cunningham A P.. 7:> Clarence 
King Francis. Ontario Chambers 
Kirkpatiick P G, 93 Clarence 
tvirkpatrick & Rogers, 194 Ontario 
Mclntyre & Mclntyre, 304 King e 
Macdonnell G M, 38 Clarence 
Machar J M. 38 Clarence 
Mudie John. 89 Clarence 
Mundell Wm. BA. 151 Wellington cor 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 


BARRISTERS Continued. Kane Charles, 64 Queen 

Shaw Robert, 332 King e .Tonkin J E. 381 Princess 

Skinner J S, 79 Clarence Nuttall G E. 40 Princess 

Smythe, Smith & Lyon, Ontario Cham- Peters Joseph, 70 Cherry 

bers, cor King and Clarence Shales R J, 381 King e 

Snook T L, 200 Ontario Skinner J A. Wades Lane 

Strange John, 95 Clarence Sly Alexander, 11 Queen 

Sullivan W H, 36 Clarence Wllmot Nathaniel, 39 Montreal 

Walkem & Walkem, 93 Clarence 
W. bster C R, 151 Wellington cor Clar- 



i !ol< man Wm. First st 
Tracy W J, 2!" Pembroke 


Cunningham John, 34S King e 
o, Ontari 

(See adv opp page 

Reel Mrs E F, 132 Wellington 
Brouse Edward, 230 Bagot 
Cordlck Mis Hester, 242 Ontario 
Cornelius John. 177 Queen 
Daunt Joseph, 117 King w 
Doyle Mrs Patrick. 102 Rideau 
Dunlcp Miss Albina, 13 Maitland 

Dobbs JRC&Co, Ontario Cham-| Hal e s Mra Msi, '- V - : '""-' Brock 
I • re, Clarence st. (See adv opp page McGowan Thomas. 70 Princess 
10( . , . nnan Mis John, 242 Princess 

Henderson John & Co, 86 Princess Malone Mrs Sarah. 206 William 

Kingston Vehicle Co (Ltd), cor Princess Palmer Mrs Nancy. 330 Montreal 
Ontario Swltzer Mrs Adaline, 2SS Queen 

Moore W J, Is Montreal (8ee A,h Whalen Mrs Margaret, S9 Gore 

■ 1) 
Robinson M W. 149 Sydenham BOAT BUILDERS. 

::nutley John. 17:: Prino 

iwman Bros, Cataraqui Bridge 

BTCYCLE TIRE MANUFACTURERS. Davis I; >v Son, i"t "t" Wellington 

Dominion Boat Co, Cataraqui Rridgtr, 
Wood Bros Tire Co, 236 Princess {{ Qf It , 

Robinson Wm, Kii ^ w opp O'Kill 
Sharn an T N. ft of Sim 


Bowman Bros, Cataraqui Bridge 
Knapp a c. Cataraqui Bridge, ft o; 

( Intaiio 

Sharman T - N '. " of Sim 


Ran y, R( i'l A S< Iby, i ntario cor i'n 

Allen u W, "•'"'. Montreal 


( v then 'A' -i. 207 Wellington 

i lardlner Co The, i rtvision cor Earl 

BILLIARD \\'l» P< >' 'I. W " »MS. 

RD M Prli 


Coi khurn Wni A Bona, -'77 < mtarlo 
\v \ A Son, i it Brock 


i. iviL^uiey, BOOKS . PASS books. 

128 Princess Street. 


2 39 



McAuley Thomas, 128 Princess, (See Baili j Wm & Co, 299 «meen 

adv right tup lines.) 
Otto C II. 151 Wellington BRUSH MAX I'l'AHTURERS. 

smith Mis 11 s. 1:: Broek Rossiter E x, 116 Clarence 

i;> >• tKSELLERS. 

Church Book Depository, Golden l>i'>:> 

McAuSey Thomas. 128 Princes 

adv right top lines.) 
Henderson John & »'<>. 86 Princess 
Nisbel i\ 85 Brock cor Wellington 


Allen W & Son, 82 Brock 
Dick W J & Son, If.s: Princess 
Dillon Joseph & Son, 111 Princess 
Haines & Lockett, 116 Princess 

Johnston James & Co, 145 Princess 
Ctfford George, sr. 117 Brock 
Sawyer W A, 267 Princess 
Sutherland J H, 103 Princess 


Hinds J R. 10 Market sq 

McParland James, 341 King e 

Pipe William, 261 Princess, (Set 

;nlv Inside front cover.) 
Thompson James, 1 York 

Ryrant. Carnegie & Lynn, ft of Bay 

Rajus Brewery. 308 Wellington 


OMver C G (customs), 79 Clarence 
Robertson D S (teas and sugars), 190 

(See conl ractors.) 

Rathbun Co, Ontario cor Place d'Armes 


Anderson Bros, 210 Division 
Branigan E P, 222 Montreal 
Clark & Clark, 210 Bagot 
Dennie & Frasso, 100 Wellington 
Gowdy James, 252 Ontario 
Green John, 99 Earl 
Green Samuel,, 264 Princess 
Haffner Christian, 346 Brock 
Haffner P A, 147 Montreal 
Karkness Wm, 221 Wellington 
James Thomas, 82 Colborne 
Joyce W J. 316 Princess 
McCammon John, 74 Brock 
McConnville T & Son. 224 Barrie 
Marshall James, 383 Johnston 
Metcalfe J C, 62 Brock 
Millan D J, 276 Ontario 
Nicholson Thomas, 134-136 Ontario 
Ostler Bros. 339 Johnston 
Reid W H, 328 King e 
Robb James, 297 Princess 
Robbs Ephraim, 294 Montreal 
Saunders John. 344 Princess 
Saunders J G, 348 University ave 
Scruton James, Charles st 
Waddington Bros. 322 King e 
Walsh Michael, 86 Br ck 

Bibby Fred A, 129 Brock 
Boyd Richard. 7 Colborne 
Chrisley Wm, 224 Queen 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Physicians Prescriptions 
and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 



CAB OWNERS Continued. 

("■ yle John, 93 Bay 
Elder Bros. 212 Wellington 
Eves Daniel, 147 Clarence 
Eves James, 37S Bagot 
Gallagher Mrs Ann. 218 Montreal 
Gallagher W S. 56 Bay 
Hanley John. 26 Barrie 
Rowland Thomas, 273 Alfred 
James Thomas. 203 University ave 
Jenman R J, 1 Rideau 
Lawless Peter. ::i't Johnston 
Lyons Patrick, 146 Ordnance 
McRae W D, 36 Princess 
Percy John. I 06 Gore 
Sinnott M; ■ !• a ,; Johnston 
Wilson T C, 120 Clarence 

Kingston Vehicle Co LTD, cor 

Princess and Ontario 
Laturney James. 392 Princess 
McCrea T W, 4S1 Princess 
IMcDermott J F, 3SS King e 
Robinson G "W (estate of). 235 Princess 


K & P Ry Co, Ontario cor Clarence 
Shedden Co (Ltd), ft William 


Aiken Joseph. Patrick st 

Blakley Travers, 366 Bagot 

Chambers C J, s s Raglan rd, 1 e of York 

C nley S D, 368 Division 

Cooper Richard, 783 Prim 

ley J W. 373 Johnston 
Devine James, 447 Division 
Fanning Patrick. 34 Alma 
Foley Michael, 07 Earl 
Free John. 277 Montreal 
Dominion Boat Co, Cataraqui Bridge, ft G alii van Michael, n s Raglan rd, 2 w of 


Simmons A A. Livingston ave 

of Ontario 
Sl.aiman T X. ft of Simcoe 


Richmond & Co, 118-120 Princess 

v & Steacy. 106-108 Prin 
Waldron Richard, 168 Wellington 

Murray A Craig', 127 Alfred 

Murray T B, 127 Alfred 

Mis .1 C, 140 Vork 

\.iih e I Jhristopher, 132 ( !larence 


- D \ A Co, 2 i 


w a A Bon, 1 17 Brock 
k in .1 P, ns w. Llington 
! John, rear im Queen 

M( ntreal 
Glazier Ezekiel, Orchard 

1. lell Cham ey. 170 York 

llaekett Josep] . i'7s Wellington 
Hanson James, 8 Brewery lane 
Johnston Hugh, 43 York 
Keenan Jar..- st 

Kennedy Timothy, rear P'2 Barrack 
Rilleen Patrick. 32 Russell 
Klrkpatrlck Robert, lis Montreal 
Laturney George, 112 Barrack 
Lawless James, 213 University ave 
Lawless Michael, 222 Earl 
McFadden Edward, w b Patrick. 2 n of 

Raglan rd 
McKegnej Patrick, 16 Place d' Arm ea 
Marshal] James, 263 Queen 

Nicholson T K. 41 (a) Main 

Nolan James, 276 S3 denham 
Nolan Richard, 275 Ordnance 
\ori hmore E2 J, 2:1 John 
1 Bi len Joim. Russell si 
O'Brien John, 20 Markland 
1 ■ 1 lorman I >aniel, B John 


Receipts, Blank Drafts. 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
128 Princess Street. Leases. Etc. 



Paddon Thomas, 296 Division 

Potts John, 1 Railway Cottages, Ontario 


Purtell James, 58 Upper Charles 

Robert, w s Albert, 2 n of Prin- 

Shannon J P, Albert st 

Smith Samuel, 3 a Stephen. 1 w of Monl 
r< al 

ess Emanuel, it a Markland, 3 w of 
M< ntreal 

Taylor Jonathan. S BlUce 

Twiss Francis, 115 Barrack 

Whitehead .1 A. 16 Markland 

Wooton J J. 216 Alfred 


McGowan 1 1 A, 211-217 Brock 
Oberndorffer Simon, s:» Princ< 

CL< »'i"ii i\.; 

Bernstein .1 E, 184 Prim 

Dunlop Wm, 353 King e 

[>wyer Bros, 356 King e 

Grand Union Clothing Co, 122 Princess 

Howland Bros, 358 Kins 

McNaughton & Co, 181 Wellington 

Prevost Zotique, 55 Brock 

Silver Benjamin. 102 Princess 

Slavin James, 175 Welington 

McDowall R J. 471-473 Princess 


Rassam Wm, 241 Bagot- 
Roadley Joseph. 176 Alfred 


Doyl ■ Wm, 768 Princess 
Elliott J W, 244 University are 
McGuire Anthony. Sll Princess 

Tracy W J. 29 Pembroke 

Madden E J. 195 Ontario 


Martig John (Swiss). 675Division 


Kingston Chemical Fire En- 
gine Co, IS9 Wellington cor Brock, 

(See adv opp page 162.) 

C< 'A I. A NT' WOOD. 

Anglin S & Co, Bay cor Welington 
j Booth & Co, ft of West 

Campbell James, Wellington cor Bar- 

Crawford Robert, ft of Queen, and 300 
, Kint,- w 

Drury Wm, 282 Queen 
■Grimshaw D & Co, n s Place d'Armes 

Kingston Coal Co, King, 2 n of Queen 

McCormack Patrick, Place d'Armes cor 
' King 

Mallen James, Cataraqui st 

Rathbun Co. Ontario cor Place d'Armes 

Sc wards James, cor Ontario and Place 

Swift James & Co, ft of Johnston 

Walsh Patrick. 55-57 Barrack 

Gardiner J A. 151 Wellington 


Doyle Miss M A (private), 3 Victoria 

Terrace, Montreal st 
Kingston Business College, Princess 

Kingston Collegiate Institute, Earl, cor 


G. S. Hobart & Sons 

f55 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 



COLLEGES— (Continued.) 

Kingston Conservatory of Music and 
School of Elocution, 101 Queen 

Kingston Ladies' College and Conserva- 
tory of Music. Emily st 

Kingston School of Art, 21 Montreal cor 

Kingston School of Mining and Agricul- 
ture, Queen's College grounds 

Queen's College and University, Stuart 
cor Arch 

St Vincent 's Academy, Bagot cor John 

Wilder Miss Laura (kindergarten), 269 1 

Richardson James & Sons, ft of Prin- 
Swift James & Co, ft of Johnston 

Gildersleeve J P, 42 Clarence 

Carnovsky W H, 94 Brock 
• '.u-.n \V II. 288 Princess 

Miss Ellen, 212 Bagot 
Caulfleld Thomas, 206 Bagot 
Doyle Hush, 294 Harrie 
Fahcy Mis M F. 47 Princess 
nwood N T, 276 Prin 
Mi - 1 \i ih. ■tin.-. 89 Earl 
Matthews Mrs C, Sydenham cor Col- 

boi ne 
Pritchard W n. 68 Princess 
Quiglej James, 20 Johnston 

m, 166 Prim 
Taylor Mrs Francis, 198 Km: 

VanAi nam c a. 360 King e 
White E ( >. 880 Princess 

C( »NPECTI( >\i:i:v MANUF \»'TUli 

1 brothers W .1. jut Welllr 
< ;.n dlnei Ion oor Bar] 


Abernethy Wm (mason), 434 Brock 
Asselstine Isaac (carp), 302 Johnston 
Asselstine Peter (carp), 100 Division 
Birch George (carp), 23 Wellington 
Brooks T S (carp), 94 Albert 
Campsall W P (carp), 5 Pine 
Chapman S W (carp), 377 Brock 
Chapman W J( carp), 124 Colborne 
Clugston Robert (mason), 396 Brock 
Cobet I L A (mason), e s Collingwoor], 1 

n of Union 
Davidson Andrew (carp), 69 Colborne 
Davidson Robert (carp). 254 University 

Davis Frank (building), 309 Brock 
Donnelly Salvage and Wrecking Co, 38 

Gallinger Alexander (mason), 13 Mack 
Gates W J (carp), 322 Johnston 
Graham C J (mason and carp), 132 Un- 
ion w 

Gray D J (mason), 460 Albert 
Harrison T J (building). 176 Rideau 
Hunter & Harold (carp). 175 Queen 
Jenkin John (carp). 379 Princess 
Johnson A J (carp), 214 Bagot 
King John (carp), 86 Pine 
1.; ke Wm marp). :;it; Qui 
Langderyou J C (carp), 91 York 
Langdon Nathaniel (mason), Nelson a 
Langdon Wm (mason), 207 Nelso n 
McCartney Alexander (mason), 24s Uni- 
versity av< 
McCartney Wm (mason), L98 University 

b \ e 
McFarlane R N F (carp), 343 Montreal 

,,i j onn (carp), 243 Sydenham 
Mi ■Main m John marp*. 71 Wellington 
Massle Wm (carpi. 156 Raglan rd 
Massie in. Jr (carp), B86 Barrie 
Mitchell .1 C (building), 186 William 
N.wiands ai. x (mason), 184 Ordnance George, 606 Princess 
S'ewlands Wm (mason), 333 Barrie 
1 . 1;. ills James (carp), W William 

T. McAuley. Wal1 Paper from 5c 
*. » j.fjLv»uxv^ y a RolL BorderinK 

128 Princess Street. 

to 50c. 
erings from 
half a cent to 15c. a yard. 


Sanders Daniel (carp), 82 Queen 
Smith .i w (mason), 18 Russell 
Bnowden Wm (mason), i!»'." Alfred 
Spenoe R A (carp), 170 Queen 
Stores E M (oarp), 888 Princess 
Sullivan Michael (carp), 181 Montreal 
W'.ii i man \\ J, Albert st 
Williamson Adam, carpi, ii"] Gore II F (carpi. 118 Stuart 
Wilson George (mason). L43 King w 
Wilson Joseph (building), cor Rideau 
and Bay 


Kingston Cordage Co, King near Queen 
I aw Edward, Victoria st 


Dutton Miss Maude, 209 Princess 
Richardson Miss M, 177 Wellington 
Roblin -Mrs M A, 107 Princess 


Dominion Cotton Mills Co (Kingstoi 
Branch), Cataraqui st 

Robertson Bros, 187 Princess 

Bet Hive. 202 Princess 

Hunter J J. 191 Princess 

Johns T H. 270 Princess 

Ockley Vincent & Son, 241 Princess 

Robertson Bros. 187 Princess 

Strainge W G, 149 Montreal 

Wilkinson Geo M & Son, 180 Welingtor 


Black D A. 130 King e cor West 
Clark J H, 194 Wellington 
Clements Leonard, 142 Wellington 
Daly O W, 139 Princess 
Sparks R E, 230 1-2 Princess 
Stackhouse Alexander, 228 Brock 

Foster J G & Co, 18 Bond St, Toronto, 

McDonald & Allen, King \\ opp O'Kill 


Abraham Mis Ann, 20!) University ave 
A den Mrs \v H. 267 Princess 
Anderson Miss M A, 178 Bagot 
A.U11 Miss H. n s Johnston. 1 w of Mac- 


BUI Miss Margaret, 8 Pine 
Bennett Miss Fanny. 309 King w 
Bennett Mrs M J, 270 Princess 
Bourne Miss Jennie, 51 Balaclava 
Howes Miss Jennie, :.",:, Kir.- ,.■ 
Boyd Miss Harriet. 49 Clergy 
Ciare Miss Matilda. 270 Division 
Collins Mis Mary E F, 117 Barrack 

y Miss Mary, 275 Qm 
Cuddeford Miss Nettie. James st 
Curtis Miss M A, 223 Wellington 
Delph Mrs J P. 12 James 
Doherty Miss Mary, 299 Montreal 
Donnelly Miss Jennie. 119 Montreal 
Dougherty Miss Jane. 44 Division 
Doyle Miss B, cor Stuart and St Law- 
rence ave 
Edgar Miss Mary, ft of Cataraqui st 
Elder Miss Catherine, 114 Ordnance 
Ferguson Miss Rose, 304 Montreal 
P'orbes Miss Martha, 429 Barrie 
Gallagher Misses, 224 Montreal 
Gallivan Miss Mary, 285 Alfred 
Gleeson Miss Lizzie, 25 Wellington 
Gleeson Miss Mary, 103 Johnston 
Gormley Miss M, 315 Brock 
Gray Mrs J F, 163 Queen 
Hallinan Miss M A, 107 Wellington 
Harpell Miss M c, 785 Princess 
Hemsley Mrs M E. 73 Brock 
Hersey Mrs M L, 271 Brock 
Johnston Miss M J. 121 Princess 
Keegan Miss Catherine, 27 Russell 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds. Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 



DRESSMA KERS- (Continued.) 

Kelley Miss Elizabeth. 115 Bay 
Keyes Miss Alice. 105 Brock 
Keyes Miss Frances. 57 Queen 
Kilpatrick Mrs J H, 316 Brock 
Kirkpatrick Miss M. US Montreal 
Knight Miss Ida, 400 Barrie 
Leader Miss Emma. 233 Bagot 
McCulloucb Miss Jane. 29 Union w 
MeGrath Mrs Mary. 271 Brock 
McKegney Miss Maggie. 16 Place 

MoMahOD Miss M. 321 Brock 

juaig Miss Maggie, 27 Wellington 
Madden Mrs Elizabeth, 258 King e 
Mahoney Miss Louise, 6 Orchard 
Medley Miss Charlotte, 84 Brock 
r Miss Bella. 25 Wellington 
n Miss Kathleen, 163 Bagot 
O'Driscoll Miss Maggie, 186 Barrie 
Oldham Mis Jane, 65 G 
Orser Miss Catherine, 335 Princ 
Philips Mis Annie, 45 King \v 
1 Ipe Mrs Wm. 333 Queen 
Pugh Miss Leah. 232 Earl 
Reed Miss Emma. 1 »'.7 Wellington 
Richardson Miss E 308 Johnston 
Roberts Miss Eliza, 208 Alfred 
Rolleau Mis Mary M. n s Raglan rd, 

w of Rideau 
Ryan Mrs Clara, 302 Barrie 
Shultz Mrs W P, 88 Quebec 

leton Mis Ruby a. 49 James 
Smith Mrs Ellzab th. 202 Colbome 
Smith Miss Minnie, Hickson ave 
Sullivan Mrs (' A. 204 Alfred 

Sullivan Miss Margaret, i"7 Barrie 
Weller [ 1 Wellington 

Winter Mis W .1 , v . tnbough, 330 




Hobart G S & Sons, 155 Pi 


■ 1 !■ in \ A Co. 169 Princess 

Chown A P, 185 Princess 
Hoag F J, 200 Princess 
Hobart G S & Sons, 155 Princess 

(See adv left top lines) 
McLeod J B, 186 Princess 
Mitchell E C, 124 Princess, 
Poison N C & Co, 232 Princess 
Roche H H, Market sq, cm- King 
Spankle J E, 260 Princess 

Henry, cor Brock and King 


Canada Dry Dock, ft Gore 
Davis R & Son, ft of Wellington 


1 Wholesale) 

Macnee .<.- Minnes, 24". Bagot, cor Prin- 

Cousineau F X & Co, 78-80 Princess 
Crumley Bros, 94 Princess, cor Wel- 
Greenhill A & Co, 140 Prin ess 
Hardy & Co, 123 Princess, north side 
Laidlaw J & Son, 170 Prim 
McFaul Robert, 130 Princess 
Murray & Taylor, ill Princess 
Richmond & Co, 118-120 Princess 
Sissons Joseph & Co, 212 Montreal 
Spence & Co, 132-134 Princ 
Steacy & Steacy, 106-8 Princess 
Waldron Richard, Wellington, cot 

a alsh P .1. L60-162 Pi In 

Montgomery Robert, 225 Princess 


Klngsti n Light, 1 ie 1 1 and Powei 

i'.i <ji n 


128 Princess St 

Inks, Writing: ana Copying: : Stephens', 
Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes', Shuttle- 
worth's and Underwoods. 


2 45 


Kl.. >RI3TS 

Telgmann Mrs F, B.E., 101 Queen 

England Tin. mas. Regent 
Flanagan M i: 82 Barrle 

ENGINE BUILDERS '° | hn "«? ° ,: ' : ' 7 Brock 

Nicol i ,. ni -.•, ( 'at a i aqul, < Mil. 

Kingston Chemical Fire En- 
gine Co, 159 Wellington, cor Brock, FLOUR AND FEED 

(See adv opp page 162) 
Raney, Reid & Selby, cor Ontario 

Canadian Locomotive and Engine Co, 

ft of Earl 

McDonald & Allen, King w 


Canadian Express Co, 327 King e 
Dominion Express Co, 295 King e 


Bee Hive, 202 Princess 
Hardy & Co, 123 Princess 
Henderson John & Co, 86 Princess 
Ma hood P S, 113 Princess 
Rowan Mrs M, 184 Wellington 
Weller Misses, 201 Wellington 
Woods J C, 101 Princess 
Woods Miss Maria, 192 Wellington 


n( j Carson Bros, 322 Princess 

Couper Daniel, 341-343 Princess 
Dollar W N, 359 Princess 
Fisher J H, 357 King e 
Franklin Joseph, 117 Brock 
Franklin & Campbell, 18 Market sq 
Harkness Harry, 110 Clergy 
Hutchison D A, 115 Brock 
Johns T H, 270 Princess 
McNeill W J, 65 Brock 
Strainge W G, 149 Montreal 
Rathbun Company, 245 Princess 

Kingston Milling Co, ft of Brock 


Calvin Company, Gard<n Island 
Kingston and Montreal Forwarding 
j Co (Ltd), Portsmouth 
Montreal Transportation Co, ft of Queen 


Raney, Reid & Selby, cor Ontario and 

Kingston Chemical Fire Engine Co. 159 
Wellington, cor Brock. (See adv opp 
page 162) 


Carnovsky W H, 161 Wellington 

Dollar W N. 359 Princess 

Hansen Mrs Catherine, 90 Wellington 

Lake Ontario Fish Co, 60 Brock 

McGuire Thomas, 81 Queen 

Olsen John, 279 King e 



Carnovsky W H, 94 Brock, cor Welling- 
Dollar W N, 359 Princess 
Greenwood N T, 276 Princess 
Hiscock Joseph, 121 Princess 
Rees Bros, 166 Princess 
Stevenson Joseph, 260 King e 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A . greatest pain killer 
known. Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil. Children like it. 




Brame Henry, 251 Princess 
Marshall F C, 263-265 Pria 
Martin E R, 220 Princess 
Mills J H, 90 Brock 

Reid James. 254-256 Pi 

adv opp page 205) 
Salter Joseph, 58 Brock 


Carson R J, 324 Princess 
Craig W G & Co, 125-7 Ontario 
Fenwick, Hendry & Co, 189 Ontario 
[cRae W R &. Co, Golden Lion Block, 
Wellington, cor Brock 
Maclean Andrew, 272-274 Ontario 
Redden James & Co, 17s Princess 
Robertson George & Son, 183 Ontario 

Allen James, 359 Division 
Anderson Bros. 210 Division 
Auchinvole Gilbert, 41 Colborne 
Babcook J S, 61 Division 
Bai'.ey Henry. 619 Princess 
Bateson Miss Jane, 100 William 
Heat and Power Co, Beauchamp J W, 15 Deacon 
B< han J J. ::26 King e 
Briden G S, ::72 Barrie 
Burnette II W, 4"> Chatham 
Burton J J. 155 Division 
Campbell Alexander, Montreal, opp G '!' 

r depol 
Carnovsky T It. »;>is-t;7o Princess 
Oaruthers George, 248 Princess 
1 'arson Bros, 322 Pi Incess 

Mrs Majgaret. 635 Princess 
Chapman E P, 337 Queen 
Clark C H, L62 Bagot 
Clint Patrick, It Of Johnston 
Clow Franklin. V. Earl 
Conroy Michael, 8 Market sq 
Cork, y Frank, cor Barrie and York 
< -oik •> Malcolm, 256 Montreal 
1 'origan 1 >anlel, ''■" Bagol 
Couper Daniel, 341-843 Prlncesa 
Cra aioi.i .lam. s. i82 E>rln( 
Crowlej Mis c w. 108 Ordnance 

I >al\ .lanes. 289 I Hitario 
I>.il\ \Y .1. Ml Clin. ess 

dson Thomas, 1 Pine 
i >.y\ j Norman, i"7 King w 
Deane Mis Bffargaret. 

Of i 'aluaqui 

Calloway Jam«'s, jr. 84 Princess 
Mills George & Co. 170 Wellington 
Mills Thomas, 156 Princess 
Wright Clark & Son, 178 Wellington 


Kingston Light, 
19 Queen 


Ashley W I i, i- ,; Princess 

Brophy Joseph, 340 King e 

Grand Union Clothing Co, 122 Princess 

Jenkins B P, 172-174 Wellington 

Livingston C & Bro, 75-77 Crock 
M.Naughton & Co, 181 Wellington 
nbury .1 R, 206 Princess 

Silver Benjamin. 102 Princess 


ll inside 

Kingston Gold Cure 
tute, 186 Bagot, - e 


fhue Bros, 281 Ontario 
ph, 117 Cioek 

haw i • A Co, d s Place d'Armea 

II A CO 20 Mark- 

n .lames tk Sons, It of Crin 
* I 

Kideau. I 

rp TVTo A XT T ,T?\T Letter Paper, Note Paper, 

A • ATA^/^ ~ — : — i - , Fo oiscau. Bill Heads. Note 

128 Princess Street. 

Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 



Dollar w N, 369 Princess 

Dunn Thomas, 222 Wellington 

Fallon Domini k. 914 Princess 

Fisher .1 H, 357 Ring e 

Friendship John, 661 Princess 

Qallivan .) P, 377 Bi 

Qaudreau Zephyr, 267 Ontario 

Gilbert John, 194 Barrie 

Glover Albert, 162 Bagot 

Granger Edgerton, 162 Kideau 

Grant & Friendship, 36 Division 

Guild John. 73 Bay 

Haffner P A, 147 Montreal 

Halligan John & Co, 53 Brock 

Hawley T B, 163 Alfred 

Henderson J S, 59-61 Brock 

Hennessy Miss Elizabeth. 15 West 

Hiscock Joseph. 121 Princess 

Hunter John, 2 Rideau 

Hurst Mrs James, 159 Pine 

Irwin "Wm. .King w. cor Beverly 

Johns T H, 270 Princess 

Johnston Mis Mary, 43 York Mrs Annie, e s Livingston are, 
1 n of King w 

Keene W H, cor Sydenham and Ord- 

Kennedy Joseph, 140 Division 
Keys Robert, 303 Earl 
Leahy T J, 320 King e 
McCarey Bernard, 269 Ontario 
McKernan Mrs M A, 293 Johnston 
McRae Bros. Wellington, cor Brock 
Maclean Andre-W.272 Ontario 
Marshall James, 383 Johnston 
Martin A R. 268 Princess 
Mo >n Charles, 71 Pine 
Mullin E W, S7 Division 
Murphy Airs Daniel, 80 Rideau 
Murphy L W, 55 Princess 
Myers H J, 101 York 
Nesbit Mrs Sarah, 246 Barrie 
Nobes Mrs Wm, 54 Union w 
Ockley Vincent & Sons. 241 Princess 
Ostler Bros. 259 University ave 
Packer Alfred, 228 Barrie 

Ing W ll. L2 Lower Kideau 
Pound John, 271 l ll\ Islon 
! tagan Airs Mary. I! \ erly st 
Redda i & Co, 178 Princi 

Reld James, 101 Lower Bagol 
Reid M P. Union w, cor Division 
Revell E J. 148 Ontario 
Rigney ..v- i ■ 6-138 Princess 

Runians X E, 242 Princess 
Sears E F. 213 Montreal 
Sharpe Mrs Elizabeth, n4 Ontario 
Sharpe Harry, 286 Princess 
Shaw D A. 83 Colborne 
Shaw James, 308 Montreal 
Sissons Joseph & Co, 212 Montreal 
Smeaton J R, 59 King 
Staley Mrs Delpha, 220 Wellington 
Stover P H, 260 University ave 
Strainge W G, 149 Montreal 
Stratford Mrs Henry, 284 Princess 
Sullivan Mrs Elizabeth. 54 Ontario 
Sullivan Mrs Jane, 94 Gore 
Swan G T, 27 Ellice 
Thornton Mrs Mary. 22" Division 
Thornton Mis R C. 505 Princess 
Tierney James, 261 Ontario 
Tierney Patrick, 293 Ontario 
Tooher Thomas, 312 Montreal 
Tryon Anthony, 235 Wellington 
Ward John, 41 Brock 
Wilkinson George M & Son, 180 Wel- 


Skinner J A, Wade's lane 

Richardson Miss M. 177 Wellington 



Chown A & Co, 252 Bagot 

Chown Edwin & Son, 248-250 Bagot 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 



HARDWARE— (Continued.) 

Dalton & Strange, 177 Princess 
Martin W C (saddlery), 216 Princess 
Sears Geo. 71-73 Princess 


BIbby H D, 335 King e 
Chown A & Co., 252 Bagot 
Chown C D, 229-231 Princess 
Chown Edwin & Son, 248-250 Bagot 
Corbett John, 95 Princess 
Dalton & Strange, 177-179 Princess 
Hambly W H, 115 Princess 
Horsey R M ft Co, 189 Princess 
Mitchell W A, 85-87 Princess 
Sears Geo, 71-73 Princess 
Strachan Archibald, 193 Princess 


Dolan Martin, 219 Princess 
Hilton Thomas, 310 Brock 
Kelly P J, 76 Brock 
Kennhly \V II. 208 Princess 
Laidley S G, S6 Queen 
Macdonald George, 53 Princess 
Waddell D A, 83 Princess 
Wells Henry, 373 King e 
Wilton Henry, 243 Ba 


Galloway James Jr, si prfnc< 
Mills George A Co, 170 Wellington 
Mills Thomas A Co, 168 Princess 
R ittenbury J R, 206 Princess 
Wrighl Clark A Bon, its Wellington 


Ida Haj Co, 311 Brock 
l h Lmsha w 1 > A < !o, Ph»i e d' Armea 


Grahen Thomas, 828 King e 
Lyon 1:1 oi L2 Market aq 
MoKa j John, 161 Pi ln< 


Albion Hotel, G J Hutton prop, 46 Mon- 
Algoma House, Harry Harkness prop, 

312 Princess 
American Hotel, Remi Beaupre prop, 

29 Brock 
Anglo-American Hotel, 172 Ontario 
Athletic House, P Devlin prop, 210 On- 
Bay of Quinte Hotel, C Lyons prop, 

14 Market sq 
Bowen House, James Adams prop, 423 

King e 
British American H o te I , T 

Crate prop, cor King and Clarence 
Central Hotel, E H McCarthy prop, 

284 Ontario 
City Hotel, J S Randolph prop, 133-137 

Clarendon House, Luke Doney prop, 33 

Collender Hotel, S Harkness prop, 324 

King e 
Depot House, A Howard prop. G T R 

Outer depot 
Dominion House, C Struthers prop, 312 

Dublin House. Mrs R Saunders prop, 

144 < mtario 
Exchange Th<-, N Switzer prop, 21 

Farmers Hotel, .1 McConnell prop, 

Prin< ess, cor Victoria 
Gl >be Hotel, W B R I prop 298 On- 

Grimason Mrs Eliza, 339 Princess 
Guess .1 W, York rd 
Hotel Frontenac, T Crate Pro 

or, L78-182 Ontario 

Hub The, k Halllday prop, :'2-24 Mar- 

U I sci 

Kenned] House, Mra C Kennedy prop, 

1 Milai i.. ami BrOCk 

Lake vi'-u House, A Simpson prop, 381 

< 'iitarlo 


128 Princess Street. 




R H Walter prop, 18G 
J Nori is prop, 257 On- 
J T Catlin prop, 35 

Lennox i track, cor Welling- 

Long island Park on the St Lawrence, 

.1 sepfa Brophy, 340 King e, prop 
Lyons Charles 14 Market sq 
.Map].- Leal Hotel. James Sowards prop, 

MO Montreal 
Oriental Hotel 

< Ottawa House 

Provincial Hotel 

Queen s Hotel, Daniel Staley prop, 119- 

121 Rrock 
Railroad House, George Jenman prop, 

' lace d'Armes 
Russell House, R McConnell prop. 318 

1 rince;fS [Travellers Insurance Co of Hartford J 

St. Lawrence Inn, P Clint prop, ft of s R McCann, 332 King e, agent 

St Lawrence Hotel. W H Potter prop. (Boiler) 

King, cor Queen Boiler Inspection and Insur- 

Stanley House, J Brown prop, Ontario 
cor Market sq 




i Accident) 

Canada Accident Assurance Co. J P 
Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence and J A 
Gardiner. 151 Wellington, agents 

I. n Ion Guaranatee and Accident Co, 
J s R McCann, 332 King e, W J B 
Wl ite. 254 Bagot and J P Gildersleeve, 
42 < larence, agents 

Manufactcurers Accident Insurance Co, 
T I) Minnes. 159 Wellington, agent 

Norwich and London Accident Insur- 
ance Association. A E M Loscombe 
agent. 233 Bagot 

Terrapin Hotel, Wm Shannahan prop, 

Thousand Island House. Con Millan 
prop, cor Ontario and Brock 

Western House, O McGinnis prop, 164 

Windsor Hotel, A J Fralick prop, Prin- 
cess cor Montreal 

Chown Edwin & Son, 248-250 Bagot 
Laidlaw J & Son, 170 Princess 
McKelvey & Birch, 69-71 Brock 
Richmond & Co, 118-120 Princess 
Waldron Richard. 168 Wellington 
Walsh P J, 160-162 Princess 


Gleeson John, King w opp University 

Pipe Wm. -iiil Princess, iSee adv in- 
side front cover) 

ance Co of Canada, I s r: Mc- 
Cann Agent, 3.32 Kin?r e. (See adv page 
Steam, Boiler and Plate 31ass Insur- 
ance Co, J A Gardiner Agent, 151 Wel- 


Aetna Insurance Co of Hartford, Jas 
Swift agent, King cor Clarence 

Agricultural Insurance Co of Water- 
town. W H Godwin agent, 344 King e 

Alliance Assurance Co, J P Gildersleeve 
agent, 42 Clarence 

.-vtlas Assurance Co, J S R McCann 
agent, 332 King e 

I'-ritish-American Assurance Co, W H 
Godwin agent, 344 King e 

Caledonian Insurance Co, J P Gilder- 
sleeve, 42 Clarence, and N F Fraser 67 
Clarence, agents 

Commercial Union Assurance Co. w 
J B White, 254 Bagot, and J P Gildei- 
sleeve, 42 Clarence, agents 


155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men, women, boys and girls. 

2 5° 


INSURANCE Companies.— (Continued ) 
Connecticut Fire Insurance Co, Jas 

Swift agent, King cor Clarence 
Eastern Assurance Co, W J B White 

at, 254 Bagot , 

I> om mlcal Mutual Fire Insurance Co 

T D Minnes agent. 119 Wellington 
Fire Insurance Exchange. A E BE Los 

combe agent, 233 Bagot 
Gore District Mutual Fire Insurance- 
Co, W J B White agent, 254 Bagot 
Guardian Assurance Co of London, Eng, 

W J B White, 2.">4 Bagot, agent 
Hand-in-Hand Insurance Co, A E M 

Loscombe agent, 233 Bagot 
Hartford Fire Insurance Co, James 

Swift agent, King cor Clarence 
Imperial Insurance Co, C H Martin 

agent, 159 Wellington 
Insurance Co of North America, J S R 

Mi-Cann agent, 232 King e 

john.L.Blaikie Esa 

Lancashire Insurance Co of Manches- 
ter, Eng, J P Giklersleeve, 42 Clar- 
ence, C H Martin. 159 Wellington, and 
T Briggs, 87 Clarence, agents 

Liverpool & London <SL- Globe Ins 
Strange & Strange agents, 95 Clar- 

London Assurance Corporation, J F 
Swift. 295 King e, and W H Godwin, 
344 King e, agents 

London Mutual Fire Insurance Co of 
London, Ont, W H Godwin agent, 344 
Kinu • 

London & Lancashire Fire Insurance 
Co, J A Gardiner agent, 151 Welling- 

.Manchester Fire Assurance Co, Mills & 
Cunningham agents, 79 Clarence 

Mercantile Fire Insurance Co. J A Gar- 
diner agent, 151 Wellington 

EW.Rathbun Esq. 
Vice. Pres. 


G C.ROBB ChiefEngineer 
A.FRASER Sec.Tres. 


Head Office TORONTO 

J. S. R. McCann, - Agent, 

Kingston Ontario. 


128 Princess Street. 





N'.ui inal Assurance Co of [reland, .T s 1: 

McCann, 3 12 King e, and w 11 Gk>dwin, 
11 Kin-- e, agents na Life Insi » of Hartford, A 

North British and Mercantile insurance E M Loscombe agent, LS Montreal 

Co, M Flanagan, City Buildings, and British Empire .Mutual Life Assurance 

.) P Glldersleeve, 12 Clarence, agents Co, C 11 Martin agent, 159 Wellington 
Northern Assurance Co, J B Mclver, 38 Canada Life Assurance Co, J T White 

Carence. and .Mills & Cunningham, 7!) agent, 254 Bagot 

Clarence, agents O nfederation Life Association, J P 

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Oram agent, 159 Wellington 

I 11 Macnee, 194 Ontario, and H How- Federal Life Assurance Co, J A Gard- 

ard, Ontario Bank, agents iner agent, 151 Wellington 

Perth Mutual Fire Insurance Co, J S R Home Life Association of Canada, J F 

McCann agent, 332 King e Swift agent, 297 King e 

Phenjx Insurance Co of Brooklyn, Jas! London & Lancashire Life Assurance 

Swift agent, 296 King e ] Co, Mills & Cunningham agents, 7D 

Phoenix Fire Assurance Co of England. Clarence 

G A Kirkpatrick and J W Maxwel London Life Insurance Co, R P Pearce 
its, 1!'4 Ontario I asst supt, Ontario Chambers 

Phoenix of Hartford, Fire insurance Manufacturers' Life Insurance Co, T D 

Co, .1 A Gardiner agent, 151 Welling- Minnes agent. 159 Wellington 

ton Metropolitan Life Insurance Co of New 

Queen City Fire Insurance Co, A E M York, C Shultzman agent, 233 Bagot 

Loscombe agent, 2",:; Magot Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association 

Queen Insurance Co, Mills & Cunning- of New York. J F Swift agent, 29S 

ham agents, 79 Clarence King e 

Royal Insurance Co, Strange & Strange New York Life Insurance Co, D Fraser 

-.: --. 95 Clarence and P W Bell agents, 338 King c 

Scottish Union and National Insuranci North American Life Assur- 

Co, C H Martin agent, 159 Wellington ance Co, W .) Fair District Man- 

Sun Fire Insurance Office, Kent Bros 

agents. 91 Clarence 
Waterloo Mutual Fire Insurance Co, J 

A Gardiner. 151 Wellington, and T D 

Minnes, 159 Wellington, agents 
Wellington Mutual Fire Insurance Co, 

W J Fair agent, Ontario Chambers 
Western Assurance Co, -I A Gar- 
diner agent, 1"1 Wellington. (See adv 

back cover.) 

i< luarantee.) 
Dominion Burglary Guarantee Co, W H 

Godwin agent, 344 King e 
Uuarantee Co of North America, J P 

Gildersleeve agent, 42 Clarence 
London Guarantee & Accident Co, JSP 

McCann, 332 King d W J B White, 

264 Bagot, agents 

ager, Ontario Chambers. (See adv 
inside back cover.) 

Ontario Mutual Life Assurance Co, S 
Roughton district agent, 1">1 Welling- 

Standard Life Assurance Co, H H Gil- 
dersleeve city agent, G H Allen In- 
spector of agencies. 42 Clarence 

Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada, Fred 
White agent. 95 Clarence 

Travellers' Insurance Co of Hartford, 
J S It McCann agent, 332 King e 

1 Marine.) 

British & Foreign Marine Insurance Co 
of Bng, J P Gildersleeve, 42 Clarence, 
J S R McCann. 339 King e, and J F 
Swift, 295 King e, agents 

G. S. jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 

2 5 2 


INSURANCE Companies.— (Continued.) j LADIES' FURNISHINGS. 

Inland Lloyds. Capt T F Taylor lnspec- Button Mips Maude, 209 Princess 

tor. Swifts wharf, ft Johnston I • msley Mrs M E. 7:; Brock 

Lloyds of London, T Briggs agent. ST Reed Miss Emma, 167 Wellington 

Clarence Weller Misses, 201 Wellington 

Reliance Marine Insurance Co of Liv- 
erpool, J p Gildersleeve. 42 Clarence. LAUNDRD3S. 
and J S R McCann. :J:J2 King e, agents 
Western Assurance Co, 
diner agent, 151 Wellington. 

I)' minion Laundry, 277 Sydenham 
Fong Suey, 83 Clarence 
Model Steam Laundry, Mils 
Milne props, 46 Princess 

back cover.) 

(Plate Glass.) 
Canada Accident Assurance ('», \\' J B 
White, 254 Bagot and J P Gildersleeve, 

Chin- :. _- Montreal 
J A <.ar- city Laundry. R F F Rowan prop, 
(See adv Wellington 



42 Clarence, agents Troy Laundry. J R Rattenbury, prop, 

Dominion Plate Glass Insurance Co,' 206 Princess 

Strange & Strange agents, 95 Clarence 
Hand-in-Hand Isurance Co, A E M Los- LEATHER AND FINDINGS. 

combe agent, 233 Bagot 
Lloyds Plate Glass Insurance Co, New 

fork, J A Gardiner, 151 Wellington,' 

Mills & Cunningham, 79 Clarence, and 

.1 S U MeCann, 332 King e, agents Bibbj F A. 129 Brock 
Montreal Plate Glass Insurance Co, Elder Bros, 212 Wellington 

Robinson Bros agents, 277 Bagot J< "kin W C T, 133 Princess 

Steam Boiler & Plate Glass Insurance McCammon Bros, cor Bagot and Brock 

Mi Kay John, 157 Princess 


Co, John A Gardiner agent, 151 Wel- 

Laturney James, 392 Princess 

.1 K w I •: LERS (MA N UFAI !T UR1 XG.) 
Kelley W J, 103 Brock 


(See Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.) 


I a i.itnm. N Princess 
Kingston Rag and Metal Co, 888 1 "i in 


Kiiu i y CO CLtd), King w opp 

University ••< • 

Mcllquham Andrew. 290 Princess 
McRae W 1 >. 34-38 Princess 
Wilson T c. 120 Clarence 


Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co, 
.1 • >i 1 1 1 a Gardiner appraiser, 151 Wel- 

Canadian Mutual Loan and Investment 
Co, .1 S R McCann agent, 332 King e 

Frontenac Loan and investment So- 
ciety, ^7 Clarence 

i Hobe s.i\ Ings A Loan Co, J S R iMc- 
Cann agent, 382 Kinge 

Ontario Building and Savings Society, 
i;7 Clarence 


Garbutt i> .1 

Skinner .1 A. 

293 Princess 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling: 
Books. Slates Exercise and 
Copy Books. 



I.' M !( >M< >T1 \ i: \\ ( IRKS. 


Canadian Locomotive and Engine Co GUdersleeve J P, 12 Clarence 
(Ltd), Ontario, ft of Earl 



Anglin s A Co, Bay cor Wellington 
c.-.iw R& 1 :o, Place d'Armes 
Grimshaw l> & Co, Place d'Armea 
McRossie Win. 248 ( intario 
Rathbun Co. Ontario, cor Place d'Armea 

Chapman Wm, 292 John 
Millan Jeremiah, 91 Earl 
Snider Damon. 71 Cherry 
Wilder J E, York rd 


i.r.\n;Ki:.Mi:.\s srrn.iKS 
71-73 Princess 


J Adams Mrs M E, 554 Princess 
Anglin Mrs C, 173 Wellington 
Burnette M S. 366 Princess 
Conway Mrs J B, 83 Crock 

aza Miss E V, 199 Wellington 
Greenhill A & Co, 140 Princess 
Moore W J, IS Montreal. (See iulv Hiekey M & Co, 164 Princess 
page 1) .Jackson Miss M E, 113 Brock 

Raney, Reid & Selby, Ontario cor Union Mills Thomas & Co, 156 Princess 
1 1 'r A. 54 Queen Phillips Miss M J. 45 King w 

Richmond & Co, 118-120 Princess 
M ULSTERS Smith Miss C C, 183 Princess 

Spence & Co, 132-134 Princess 
Clarke L H & Co, King w 


Allan Mrs Bella. 351 King e 
Hardy & Co, 123 Princess 


Kilpatrick S J & Co, 126 Clarence 
McGuire P H. Bagot cor Queen 
Welch E R & Son. 296 Prill 


Berry Francis, Regent st 

Bushel! James. Bath rd 

England Thomas, Regent st 

Friendship C C, Bath rd 

Johnson G R. n s Johnston. 2 \v of R 

Kemp George, 609 Division 
Pigion Richard, 387 Alfred 


Kingston & Pembroke Iron Mining Co, 
28 Clarence 

Ppotswood G A, 309 Barrie 


Carey Wm, Golden Lion Block 
McDowa.ll R J. 471 Princess 
Williams R S & Sons Co, 188 Welling- 


Anderson Miss Nellie. 17s Bagot 
JAndrieux Louis (violin), 286 Johnston 
Bates Mrs E M. 5 Hales' Cottages. King 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 

25 + 


Baxter Miss Maude. 215 William 

Betts Mrs H A. 5 Hales - Cottages. King 


Claxton Miss Ethel, 31 Rideau 
Dunbar Miss 1 I, (36 Prh 
Martin John D. 100 Barrie 
Reilly D J (violin). 4." Princess 
Riekaby W J. 166 West 

ban Miss A L. 24^ Division 
Tandy Miss Norma. S4 Gore 
Taylor Miss H B B, 8 Bllice 
Telgmann Miss Agnes. 101 Queen 
Walker Miss Fleta. 394 Brock 


Mullin E W, 87 Division 

Nash Bros. British American Hotel 



British Whig The. 306-310 King e 
Kingston News The, 67 Prim 


1 litlsfa Whig T LO King e 

Canadian Freeman, 12s Clarence 
Kingston News The, 67 Princess 

n's College Journal, Queen's Col- 
Sun The, 2:17 King <• 

Que< n's Quarterly, Queen's College 

\< >T \i:i BS PUBLIC. 
G idei .-!■•• \ 1 .1 P, 1 '. • 'la rence 


w .hi.. 1 \i. Helen, 1 ■ Fifth, 1 « or Dl 


Carnovsky W 1 Mnfg Co (Ltd), 128-133 



Dupont & Wilson. Cataraqui st 
Kingston Oil and Enamel Cloth Co, 
North cor Rideau 


Bourne J C, 51 Balaclave 
Burtch A W. 64 L'pper Charles 
Gissing A A, Stephen st 
Imperial Oil Co, (mnfrs), Cataraqui 

cor Rideau 


Coates F W. 15S Princess 
Mitchell E C, 124 Princess 


Kingston Elastic Paint Co. King w 
Madden .1 W, 364 Alfred 


1 rosl vV 1 '. (carriage), 53 Queen 

I 1 Ir 1 John, 349 Princess 

McMahon T & Co, 133 Brock cor 

Martin C A (sign), 208 Princess 
Milo T W, 11 Montreal 
Robinson Bros, 275-277 Bagol 
s.-,\ age Bros, 76-78 William 


Bibbj Hi'. 335 King e 

i John, K Princess 
Horses R M & Co, 189 Princess 
Mitchell w a v. s: Princess 
Strachan Archibald, MS Prtac 

Abramson <v Bro ■ Brock 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 




Bel] \v p & Bon, 39 Brock 
Henderson Henry, 90 Prii 
Kellj Win. L69 Wellington 
Powell .1 W, 166 PH ice*a 

ardson w i,. i:,i Wellington 
Sh» Idon .v- Davis, 334 King e 


Mundcll John, the 

1 1 a it and Lungs), 26 tionl peal, i i 
Hours 9 to 12 a rn. 2 to i and 7 to 9 p m 
King e 

Phelan Daniel, -'n; Ba 

Ryan Edward, Brock and Montreal 

:• p m, T» lephor. 

Saunders Herbert J, 244 K 

William. I m 10 to 11 a m, 

2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p m, Telephone 

Spankie .1 K. 260 Prinw 

Strange O S, 08 Onion e 

Sullivan Senator M, Office Hours. 
10 a m to 6 p m, Telephone 195, Prin- 
cess cor King 

Walker Hattie A D, 2S1 Queen, 
Office Hours - to 5 and 7 to 'J p m, Tele- 

PIAN< ) M A N T ' FA ' !T ' 'HERS. 

Anglin W G, 52 Earl 
Bell .1 H. 140 Wellington 
r.rov. Princess 

Campbell J W, MD, 351 Pi 

Bee Hours 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p m, 
T> lephoi 
Chown A I». 185 Princess 
Connel! J C 250 King e (opulisl and 

am b, 9 to 12a m. and 2 Phone 289 

Wood Isaac, 122 Wellington 
to •> p m ! elephona ■>:'•'. 

Cunningham David, MD. 151 8} 

denham. Telephone 163. Office Hours 2 
to 4 and 7 to 9 p m. 
Curtis C L,l 38 Wellington, Office Hoore, viormwitii & Co. 76 Princess 
10 a rn. 1 to 4 and 7 to 9 p m. Teli - 

ofek^n Annl- E, 172 Johnston VIAHO* AND ORGAN* 

Dowsley D H. 154 Johnston George Joseph, 114 Gore 

Fee S H. 405 Princess K , .,, D w & ,.,, m ,,,.;,„ . 

Fenwick K X, 141 King e McDowall R J. 471 Princess 

Fenwiok T M, 19 Barrack cor King. Reyner John Go iden Lion Block 

a m, 2 to 4 and Robinson c W (estate of). 233 Princess 

7 to S p m. Tel-;,! one i Smith J S. 167 Princess 

Fowler Fife, 249 Brock V. illiams R S & Sons Co, 188 Wellington 

verley st 
Garrett R W, ">2 Johnston, I 

Hours 10 to 11 a m. 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 PIANO TUNERS. 

p m, Telephone 282 xt 

Office « unningham Henry, 21 King w 

Herald John, MD, 199 King e, 

Hours 2 to 5 and 7 to 8 p m. Tele- 
phone 380 
MeConville Isabel, 13 Montreal 
Mundell D E, 168 Sydenham, Ofiict 

1'iyner John. Golden Lion Block 


Office Hours S to 10 a m. 1 to 3 and 7 t. Crake Wm, 147 Pine 
8 m Tel ,. : Kirkpatrick Mich, .ncess 

Ohlke Mrs Maria. 109 Brock 

U. b. iiObSft & bOIlS and Family Recipes accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 




Anglin S & Co, Bay cor Wellington 
Co-Operative Sash and Door Factory, 35 DalPy Pat,ilk - l2 « Clarence 

Union e News Printing Co, 67 Princess 

Gaw R & Co, Place d'Armes Pense E J B - 306 - 310 Kin & e 

JSie Wm. 155 Raglan rd Sun p u bli shing Co. 297 King e 

Eastern J G, 375 King e 
Cockburn John, 272 Ontario 
Elliott Bros, 77 Princess 
Jamieson Joseph, 42 Johnston 
McKelvey & Birch. 69-71 Brock 
McNeil Neil. 66 Brock 
Muckler W D, 9 Montreal 
Nugent & Taylor, 183 Wellington 
Simmons Bros, 211 Princess 

McKelv ■>- & Birch. 67-71 Brock 

Maclean Andrew, 272-274 Ontario 

Kingston Light, Heal and Power Co, 19 



Bailie Bros, 190 Wellington 

Baili.- Wm, 81 Brock 

' rick, 128 Clart 
N' w b Printing < Jo, >>~ Prh 

l : .! B, 106 310 King e 
Smith John, 153 Wellington 

Publishing Co, 297 King u 

11 J v A Co, 246 Princess 


Alexander Philip, 111 Brock 
ilini Felix, 282 I'rincess 
■•I Brook 
John, 7s Brock 


Raney, ReiJ & Selby, Ontario, cor 


»f Quinte R R and Navigation Co, 
11 Clarence 
Grand Trunk Railway. Ontario cor 

Kingston and Pembroke Railway Co, 
( Dtario, opp City Hall. City Ticket, 
office. 42 Clarence 
Kingston, P a\smouth and Cataraqui 
Elect; ic Railway, 192 Ontario 


D A, 20 Market s<i 

Cliff George. 95 Clarence 

Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington 

Kingston Real Estate Co (Ltd), 180 Wel- 

Loscombe A E M, 233 

Met 'aim J S R, 332 King e 

Martin C H, 159 Wellington 

Moore's Real Estate t gency, 169 Wel- 

Stratford Mrs Henry,284 Prini 

1 !a aa la Rail* aj Ne? 

1 Ml I 

1 >o> 1,. Michael, 51 Prim 1 
Front 11a. i !afe, 16 ( !larem e 
La Londe M 1 - Mar] . 19 Prim ■ 

White 1; , 1. 828 Prim 

T u 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 



s.\i'hi.i:i;v HARDWARE 
Martin W C (Wholesale), 816 Prki 

sai pmakpks 
Oldrieve & Horn, 263 Ontario 


Canada Railway News Co (Ltd), G T R 
Outer Station 

Opera Saloon. L E Guess prop, 210 Prin- 


Calvin Co, Garden Island 
Donnelly Salvage and Wrecking Co 
(Ltd). 38 Clarence 


Co-operative Sash and Door Factory, 

35 Union e 
Caw R & Co, Place d'Armes 

Schroder John, 78 Brock 


Frontenac Loan & Investment Society. 

87 Clarence 
Ontario Building and Savings Society. 

67 Clarence 

Anglin S & Co, Bay cor Wellington 


Abrahamson & Bro, 333 Princess 
Barney Benjamin. 39 Princess 

ki in Louis, 294 Princess 
!, -I tnoureus Pieri e, 236 1 mtario 
Langborl Lewis, 13 Prin 
Lingwood Win. 326 Prin 
Taylor J IP 238 Ban le 

Franklin Joseph. 117 Brock 


Cunningham John. 348 King e 

!i org J<>seph, 112 ( ; 
McDowal] R J, 471-473 Princess 
Simpkins M W. 330 Princess 
Singer Mnfg Co, 213 Princess 
Winter W J, 330 Princess 

S H 1 1 tT -M A N 1 " P A CT I ' KERS 

Brophy Joseph, 340 King e 

(See also Boot and Shoe Dealers) 
Adams Wm, 67 Brock 
Angrove Henry, 87 Queen 
Austin James. 102 Rldeau 

1 uke W J. 218 Wellington 
Davis James, 269 Prin 
Dickson John, 18 Johnston 
Downey Timothy. L84 Pagot 
Erskine John, 90 Ontario 
Graham Robert. 395 Prii 
Plawken Edward, 372 Princess 
Hawken W II. 349 Johnston 
Hender on James, 244 Ban i - 
Herod A E, 320 Brarie 
Howarth Charles, 110 BarrP 
Jennings Hany, 290 Ontario 
Keyes Andrew, 356 Princess 
McDonald Hector, 221 Sydenham 
O'Connell Robert, 17b Montreal 

('Connor John. 379 King e 

►'Reilly Patrick, 3G Elliee 
Pope T N, 80 Colborn*' 
Sarsfleld George. 32 .Montreal 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes 
Toilet Preparations of all 
kinds. Sponges. Chamois, etc. 


Burnette M S. 366 Princess 


Hinds J R, 10 Market sq 
Pipe Wm. 261 Princess (See adv in- 
side front cover 


Henderson John & Co. 86 Princess 
Routley John. 173 Prin 

Routlev John. 173 Princess 


Ribby H D. 377 Kta| 

Chown C D, 829-231 Princess 

Chown Edwin ft Son. 248-250 Bagot 

Elliott Bros, 77 Princes? 

Hentie: G W, 347 Pri' 

Horsey R M & Co, 1*9 Prii 

McKelvey & Birch, 69-71 Brook 

it & Taylor. 183 Wellington 


Moore W J, 1^ Montreal (See Adv 
rage 1) 



McCorma k Saimul. 326 Montreal 

Henderson John ft Co, 86 Princess 

I King e 
Cannon G D, 26 Montreal 
Cannon Win. 273 Princess 
Dunlop Wm(merc hant), 353 King e 
Fletl A G (merchant), 214 Piincw 
Grand Union Clothing Co (merchant), 
McAuley Thomas. 128 IV - | ■_■•_. i ,j 

adv right top lines) Rowland Bn s (merchant), 358 King v 

Nisbet F, 85 Brock, cor Wellington [Irwin Theodore, 131 Brook 

Jon s John 35 Montreal 
STEAMBOAT COMPANIES Lamberl A Walsh (merchant), 110-112 

rio and Bay of Qulnte Steam- huvingston C ft Bro (merchant), 78 
bi at Co (Ltd), 13 i Br ck 

st Lawrence River Steamboat Co, ' l-" 1 ' , , r>1 ,..,, ^lex (merchant), u:. Prin 

IM ' Ontario ,,.,,., rsor & ,-,, gl Princess, 

Thousand island Steamboat Co, i'. ,v pr-vost Zotique, (merch ant), 55 Brock 

' ntario 


McEratney Hugh, 891 Prft 

Walla i igot, opp i '■ i • rack 

ST< >xi: QU \ RRIE8 

Coyle Thomas, Concession rd, opp ai 

Smith Rol madown • 

Robinson C (merchant), 185 Wellington 
San. Is .1 S ft Son (mercl anti. 171 Wel- 

.! m 226 Prin • 
Slavln James, 176 Welllng*ton 
Spent er Ralph (m< rctoant), 79 Brock 
Tweddell John (merchant). 131 Prl 

larrlngton J J, Lower Rldeau 

TT TVT pAiiIpv Wal1 Papcr from 5c ' to 50c " 
J. . lYJ. 1^ -C4. U. A *- ^7 a Roll Borderings from 

128 Princess Street. 

half a cent to 15c. a yard. 

klMoii.N BUSIN1 SS I'n I . rORY 


Stratford Henry, 854 Princess 


Stroud Bros. 1.09 Princess 
Wilder George, Centre st 


Canadian Pacific Railway Co's Tele- 
graph, 30 Clarence 
Dominion Telegraph Co. 34 Clarence 
Great North Western Telegraph Co, 14 

Montreal Telegraph Co. 34 Clarence 
North American Telegraph Co, 30 Clar- 


Baker R 1 ». 204 Princess 
Baker Wm, S62 King e 

Egan Daniel. 179 Wellington 
Oberndorffer Bros, 64-66 Prim 
Paul W J, 70 Princess 
Routley John, 173 Print 1 


Dick W J & Son,16S Princess 
Hain< s & Lockett, 116 Prin 


Dobbs J R C & Co, Ontario Cham- 
bers, Clarence st. (See adv opp page 


Bell Telephone Co, 186 Ontario 

Calvin Company. Garden Island 


Bibby H D, 33.", King e 
Chown C D, 229-231 Princess 
Chown Edwin & Sor, 248-250 Bagot 
Hentig G W, 345 Princess 
Horsey R M & Co, 189 Princess 
Moncrieff & Bryson. 226 Princess 
Nugent & Taylor. 183 Wellington 
Simmons Bros, 211 Princess 


Dobbs J R C fit Co, Ontario Cham- 
bers, Clarencec st. (See adv opp 
page 126) 


Brame Henry, 251 Princess 
Drennan W M, 861 Princess, 

adv opp page 128) 
Reid James, 254-256 Prii 

adv opp page 205) 
Ronan Thomas. 238 Bagot 


Marshall F C, 263-265 Princess 

Reld James, 254 -256 I'm - , S 

adv opp page 205) 


Chown Edwin & Son, 248-250 Bagot 
McKelvey & Birch, 69-71 Brock 


Gardiner J A, 151 Wellington 
Martin C H, 169 Wellington 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Lamps of all kinds. Burners 
Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
of every description. 




Burns Mrs Rachel. 6S Brock 


Caraovsky W H. 94 Brock 

Brock A M. Golden Lion Block 



Folgt'r Bros, ft of Bro k 

Massie James. 237 Bagot 

Craig W G & Co. ft of William 

Morgan W J .291 Princess 

Richardson James & Sons, ft of Prin- 

Nicholls Wm, 134 Clarence 


Swift James & Co, ft ol Johnston 



Haaz A & Co, Bagot, cor Ordnance 

i Wholes 

Browne James & Co, 175 Ontario 


Henderson J S. 59 Brock 

Henderson John & Co, S6 Princess 
Laird John 349 Princess 
McMahon T & C », 233 Bagot, cor 1 

:\ "il.» T W, 39 Montreal 

McParland James, 341 King e 
Pipe Wm. 261 Princess. (See adv in- 
si le front cover) 


-on Bros, 277 Bagot 
Savage Bros, 76-78 William 

Conroy Michael, s Market sq 
Farrell Thomas, M Brock 

Halligan John & Co, 53 Brock 


' i>...i .1 s. 59-63 Brock 
Leahy T J. 820 King e 
McCormack Armstrong, !>1 Princess 

Arniel & Co, 339 King e 
C L, 343 King e 

McParland James, 341 King e 
Pipe William, 261 Princi as, 

Coatea P W, 158 Princess 
Jol nston A ( • A Bro, LOO Pi In 
Mitchell [saaa (wholesale), 351 King e 
Smith Bros, 345 King e 

■ nberg F W, 347 King e 

adv Inside Front 
Rigney it Hickey, 138 Princess 
Thompson James, l Fork 
Tierney James, 263 i mtario 
Wilkins n G M & Son, L80 Wellington 


WATCH M \Ki'i:s 

Partridge P W, 190 Prim 

< lunnlngbam W J, 348 K h 

• i Alex, i iolden Lion Block 

\v< >< >l.l.i:\ GOODS 

• le 

: i Ine Mi h.i.'i. 2 18 Pi Incesa 

TMpAIII FY Inlts - Writing and Copying: Stephens', 
■ IwlUHULLl. Carter's, Perth Office, Barnes, Shuttle- 
128 Princess St worth's and Underwoods. 

roN misci mam on - I'iKi i roRy. z6i 


Miscellaneous Directory 

Messrs. Mundell, Chairman; Tait, 
Slew art, Behan, Gaskin, Shannon, El- 

Fire, Water and Dight. 

CITY COUNCIL, 1895. __ „ _ . ,, _. . 

Messrs Ryan, Chairman; McMahon, 

Mayor— Clark W Wright Elliott, Stewart, Newlands, Drennan, 

Aldermen— J J Behan, Dr C L Curtis, Shannon. 
W M Drennan, R F Elliott, James Gal- city p roperty and Markets. 

leway, jr, Capt John Gaskin, C H Mar- 
tin, Robert Meek, Wm Mundell, D M 
Mclntyre, John McKelvey, Andrew Mc- 
Mahon, Alex Newlands, H W Richard- 
son, Dr Edward Ryan, L. W Shannon, Parks. 
J S Skinner, James Stewart, W G Messrs Walkem, Chairman; Curtis, 
Strainge, Joseph Tait, J B Walkem. Calloway. Richardson, Newlands. Mc- 

Regular Meetings — Monday, July 1st, Intyre, Skinner. 

16th and 29th; Aug 12th and 26th; Sept Hous< of Industry. 

9th and 23rd; Oct 7th and 21st; Nov 4th M ^ ^ stra inge, 

and 18th; Dec 2nd, 16th and 30th? and _. 

Jan 13th, 1896. 


STANDING COMMITTEES. Messrs, Meek, chairman ; Mundell, 

Galloway, Shannon. McMahon. 

Board of Health. 

Finance and Accounts. 

The Mayor; Messrs Gaskin, McKel 

vey, Meek, Mclntyre, Richardson. Skin- The Mayor, Chairman; Alder- 

ner men Elliott and Ryan, the Rev 

W B Carey. R T Walkem. Prin 
Board of Works. Grant, 'Dr K N Fenwick, Dr Saunders 

Messrs Gaskin, Chairman; McMahon. and P R Henderson 
Walkem. McKelvey, Tait, Martin, Rich- ^ 0fficia * ls _ Michael Flanagan , 
ardson. clerk; F C Ireland, treasurer; James Ag- 

Waterworks. new, solicitor; Thomas O Bolger, engin- 

eer; William S Gordon, and 

Messrs McKelvey, Chairman; Meek commissioner; George Thompson, col- 
Mundell, Strainge, Behan, Drennan ]ector; Wm McCammon> market clerk 

Curtis - and harbor master; Andrew Lanigan, 

Court of Revision. messenger; John Duff, police magis- 

Messrs Skinner, Chairman; Strainge, trate = Edwin Horsey, chief of police ; 

Walkem, Martin, Ryan. 

James P Gildersleeve, registrar; F J 
George, deputy registrar. 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A., greatest pain killer 
known. Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 



City Engineer's Department — T C 
Bolger, engineer; Ernest T Roberts, 
chief clerk; Wm A Xewlands. cleric 
J&hn Wright, foreman. 

City Water Works Department— T O 
Bolger, engineer; Thomas Hewitt, sup 
c-rintendent: F T Smith, receiver; Wm A 
Xewlands. assistant receiver : P C Ire- 
land, treasurer. 

Police Force — Edwin Horsey, chief: 
Alex Snodden, Robert W Nesbitt, ser- 
geants; Samuel McCullagh, Philip H 
Small. James Megarry, John Tuttle 
Robert E Aiken, John Ballentine, James 
A Craig. Nlch las Timmerman, Jame 
Bateson, David Downie. Hugh Lawson, 
George W Kennedy, policemen. 

City Coroners— Drs H J Saunders, D 
Phelan and D E Mundell. 

Henry Youlden, chief; Wan -Miller, a: 
sistant chief. 

Fire Halls. 
No, 1— Ontario st. between Brock and 

No. 2—287-288 Brock. 

Fire Alarms. 
No. 1 !•' m fi-oui the s.uth of 

I'rin. .ss to Clarence, and from 
Bagot to the water's edge. 
-—For a section from the north o£ 

Princess to Day. and from D.i 

got st to the water's edge, 
tor Queen and Montreal sts. 
■ I Rldeau and Day sts. 

5— On Division s l. (All Saints Ch.i 
6 — Cor PrtnceU and Chatham sts 

1 mi Redan sts. 
■ tor Earl an. 1 Barrie sts. 
B Knitting Mill. 

I- Montreal st. near Charles st. 

I I tor Ki\ .r and Did. .111 sts. 

II Mint. 11 > 1 '..liege. 

IT — Cor Earl and University ave. 

18 — Cor King and Union sts. 

21 — Cor John and Montreal sts. 

23 — Cor Princess and Barrie sts. 

24— Williamsville. 

25 — Cor Arch and Deacon sts. 

26 — Cor Bagot and William sts. 

-7 — Grove Inn. 

28 — Cor Pine and Patrick sts. 

29— Cor Brock and Albert sts. 

32 — Cor Colborne and Main sts. 

35 — Cor West and Sydenham sts. 

42 — Cor Victoria and Alfred sts. 
Instructions where the keys can be 
had will be found on the poles on which 
the boxes are hung. 


By-law, 6th January, 1882. 

From any one point within the city 
limits to any other point within the said 
limits: (To the Grand Trunk Outer Pas- 
senger Station excepted.) 

Pi >r one person 25 cts 

For laoh aditional person 15 cts 

For each passenger to Grand 

Trunk Station 25 cts 

l :> the 1 lour. 

I . r the lirst hour $1 00 

For each aditional hour 50 

Any time over the hour to be charged 
in half-hour tractions at 25 cents per 
traction, unless the number exceeds two 
adults and one child over the age of 11 
when they shall be entitled to $1 
per hour, anl in proportion for the frac- 
tion of an hour. 

To and from the Grand Trunk Kail 
way Station between !» p m and S a m, 

each passenger SO cents 

An. I any licensed cabman or driver 

exacting or taking any greater prl 

I hail the foregoing, except as iti 
this bj law is pTOH ich-d. shall he deemed 
t. 1„. gntlt] "I' 1 >'" : "' 11 Of this l.\ 
and shall he d.;ilt with .10. .1 Mingly. 

T-w/r A TTT T7V Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
. 1YICAU J-Jilf X 9 Foolscap. Bill Heads, Note 

128 Princess Street. Heads. 


CARTER'S TARIFF. For buggies, cuttere, demoa 

and 1 9 o-si ated Bleighs, etc, per 

By-law 4th Januai i|ay 1 ,, 

Box eacln load drawn for the dis por a (i .. mi ;il)(1 carr iage per hour. 1 00 

tanee of three "blocks" or under. $0 15 L d fo] tdditiona] hour.... 50 

ic* load drawn for tiv Fu . every tWQ horse ( . ai .,. iag( . ,,, 

tance of {lve ■•blocks" or under, cataraqui, or the Roman Catholic 

I more than three "blocks .020 Ceme . buria , 2 00 

For each load drawn for the dis- por gvery sa(illl ,. h ,„. Sl . ,-,„. two or 

tance of eight "blocks- or under ))!r (> }umrs x - 

and more than five "blocks".... 25 i_ ^^ ^^ team and car . 
For each load drawn for the dis- f ; ^ from dinne) . partles . , - 

tance of twelve "blocks-' or under l or a team and ,,,,,,.,.„. „, and 

and more than eight "blocks ....030 from balls 2 00 

For each load drawn to any part ^ ^ ^^ " ad(litiona i hour 

of the city and for a greater dis- ordering the return 1 00 

tance than twelve "blocks oO 

For the carriage of each cord of ^„™.«™»a 

fire* 1 and of every three loads COUNTY OFFICERS. 

of sand for the distance of five Warden— W W Pringle. Arden P.O. 

"blocks" and under 30 j U( jg e q V Price. 

For the same for a distance of ten Sheriff— Wm Ferguson 
"blocks" or under and more than Clerk of P ' County Attorney- 
five "blocks" 40L L Whiting . 

For the same over ten "blocks" County Court Clerk and Deputy Clerk 

to the limits of the city 50 CrQwn and P i e as- Archibald McGill. 

Provided that if any carter shall be Registrar _j D Thompson, 
unnecessarily detained in loading or un- Treagurer _ T F vanLuven. 
loading for more than ten minutes he Cq clerk _ D j Walter, 

shall be allowed to charge five cents Pufclic Sch ools-William 

additional for every ten minutes lu i"-i J ^ 

shall be so detained. Spankie, M.I>. ..._ M D 

Surgeon of Gaol— A S Oliver, m.i>. 
Governor of Gaol— C H Corbett. 
LIVERY STABLE TARIFF. ^^ Au , lit01 , s _ T: eausurers Ac- 

For every single horse and buggy, counts— R S Graham, Elginburg : Alt 

phaeton, cutter or vehicle, to Hunter. Harrow-smith. 

carry two people, for first hour.$0 7 | Administration of Justice Accounts— 

And for every additional hour 25 M Avery. Sharbot Lake: D J Walker. 

For every single horse and vehicle Kingston. 

per day of 12 hours, or 30 miles Court House Keeper— John Shepherd, 

drive 3 00 

For every single horse and vehicle.. COUNTY COUNCIL, 

for half a day of six (6) hours.. 2 0(| 

For every team and vehicle perjday Barrie— George Deline. reeve, Cloyne: 

of twelve hours, or 30 miles drive. 5 OflHenry Head, clerk Cloyne. 
For every team and vehicle for a 1 Bedford— J M Taggart, reeve, West- 
half dav of six hours 3 oolport ; James McNeil, clerk. Fermoy. 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 



Clarendon— A Munro, reeve, Ardoch ; Committees. 

\ r Wood, clerk, Plevna. Finance— Messrs Balls, Calvin, Camp- 

Garden Island— H A Calvin, reeve, bell, Deline, Donaldson, Foley, Fisher, 
Garden Island ; R Raymond:, clerk, Kane, Milton, McRea, Ruttan, Truscott, 
Gard n Island. anci Wright ; Mr. Donaldson, chairman. 

Hinchinbrook— J E Campbell, reeve, County Property— Messrs Cox. Davis, 
Cole Lake ; J Hamilton, clerk, Par- Mosier, Munro. Toland. Trousdale and 
ham Taggart ; Mr Trousdale, Chairman. 

Howe Island— John Foley.reeve. Howe I riming and Education— Messrs Av- 
Island : M Melville, clerk. Howe Island. erv - Buck - Donaldson, Davis, Foley, 

Kennebec- W W Pringle, reeve. Ar- Gorrle ' Kane and McRea. 
den ; D A Osborne". clerK, Arden. Roads an(i Bridges-Messrs Halls, 

Kingston-Wm Davis, reeve. Glen- Buck - Campbell. Cox. Deline, Donald- 
vale ; Geo. Wright, deputy reeve. West- son aml Gorrie - 
brook ; Jos Gorrie, second deputy reeve, I 
Cataraqui ; J Simpson, clerk, Catara- 



Loborough — M Trousdale, reeve. Hol- 
liford : Benson Ruck deputy reeve. Syd- 
enham : F Lawson. clerk, Sydenham. 

Postmaster — James Shannon. 
Assistant Postmaster — John L Renton 
( lerks— John Kelly. C G Shannon, 
James McBride, J P Pense, Francis 

Olden— Joshua Cox. reeve. Mountain Macdonald, R J D'Arcy, Allan J Cham- 
M W Price, clerk. Mountain l.erlain, W J Wells, Francis Kane. J B 

Cochrane, R E Genge, .Miss .1 Morrison, 

U Avery, reeve, Sharbot Lake; c A Bunt, John Driver, Mrs Colin Ham- 
Burke, clerk, Oso. llton, Miss M S Reid. 

Palmerston — W J Donaldson, reeve, Lett.-r Carriers— A H Miller, superin- 
Donaldson Mills ; J Klkington. clerk, lendent ; John Colitis. Robert Lewera, 
Ompah. Robert Gilmour, Robert Kearns, Wm 

Pittsburg— J J Kane, reeve, Brewers' .Will. R J Elliott, J J Maguire, .1 J ]'ur- 
Mllls; E Milton, deputy reeve, Dufferln tell. W .1 Christmas. 
C Belwa, eld. Transfer Agent— John Driver. 

■Hand— J J Truscott. reeve, Har- 
smlth : 1. Ruttan, deputy 1 
Bell Rock : A Hunter, clerk, Harrow- 

Portsmouth — John Fisher, ri 
P01 tsmouth ; T Kelley, clerk, Ports- 

rtngton 1 > 1 1 Toland, reeve, sun 
but j . deputy reeve, Sun- 

\ Ritchie, clerk, in\ ei 

Wolfe [aland 1 > McRa ve, Wolfe 

1 1: Moslei . depul j ree^ ■•. Wolfe 
1 1 1 .1 1 >.iw son, cl( 1 k. Woli 
las 1 

Stamp Vendor Miss B Hentig. 
Lette;- Collector Bernard McCon- 
M' — tiger John Morrissey. 

Pi 1ST 


1 >K- 

[nspei tor 11 Merrl k 
Assistant Inspector P 11 Macarow. 
1 llerks .1 1: Hupklrk, .1 C Strangi . 1 1 
F Wilmot, w .1 O' Rtllly . 


. ..1 i llarence, Examining V\ 

hOUSe, LM I Mitario st.) 


128 Princess Street. 




(' Hamilton, collector; A Shaw, sur- 
; R D Anglln, chief clerk ; Tims 
Qaskin, second clerk : W Neish, third 
clerk : T Driver, appraiser ; James Han- 
ley, <; W Comer. W D Graves, John 



1 ilocese of Ontario. 

Most Rev John Travers Lewis, D.D., 

tide waiters; .1 Quigley,| LL D D c x ., Archbishop pf Ontario. 

W Robinson, Harrj Kitchen, preven- st George's Hall, cor Wellington and 

Uve officers; Robert Carson, messen- Johnston streets, Clerical Secretary's 

ger and packer; P Nugent, packer in 'office— Rev Canon A Spencer, Secretary. 

lining warehouse. 

Depositary— John Reyner, Golden Lion 

(16 Market SRquare.) St George's Cathedral.cor King- and 

p Rowland, collector; T Grlmason,j Johrston streets— Very Rev Buxton B 

deputy i r ; C T Dickson, account- (Smith, Dean and Rector; Rev Q R 

ant. : A llanley asst accountant; G W Beamish, Curate. Services, Sunday, 3 

Browne, John O Donnell. E Lyons, Ci and ll a m and ~ P m - Sunday school 

D McFarland, R H Earle, officers : Ed 

ward Fal ey, canals and excise. 

(Clarence Street.) 
Wm Burrows, collector ; Edward Fa 
hey, assistant collector. 

3 p m. 
p m. 

Daily services 9.30 a m and 5.15 

St James' Church, I'nion street w cor 
Arch— Rev J K Macmorine, M.A., rec- 
tor. Sunday services S arid 11 a m, and 
7 p m. 

St Paul's Church, cor Queen and Mon- 
treal streets — Rev Rural Dean W B 
STEAMBOAT INSPECTOR'S OFFICE Carey, M.A., Rector. Sunday services 

(38 Clarence Street.) ! 8 and u a m and 7 p m 

Capt. Thomas Donnelly, hull inspector; 

T P Thompson, boiler inspector. 

(Clarence Street.) 
William Burrows, inspector. 

All Saint's Church, 320 Division street 
Rev Robert W Rayson, Rector. Sun- 
day services 8 and 11 a m and 7 p m. 
Sunday school, 3 pm. Daily celebration 
at 7.30 a m. Daily services 9.30 a m and 
5 p in. 

St. Luke's church, Nelson street cor 
Princess— Rev A W Cooke, Rector, Sun- 
WEIGHTS AND MEASURES OFFICE day ser vices, 11 a m and 7 p m. Sunday 

(Clarence Street.) 
J A Macdonald, inspector. 

(85 Clarence Street.) 
John McCammon, inspector. 

school 2.30 p m. 

Brotherhood of St Andrew. 

St George's Chapter, No. 2— Rev G R 
Beamish, Director ; John E Twigg.secre- 
tary. Meets in their rooms, St George's 
Hall, every 2nd Thursday. 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men. women, boys and girls. 


St James', Chapter No. 40— R V Rog- 
ers. Q.C., Director ; W H Dalby, secre 
tny. Meets in their rooms, St James' 
Church, second and fourth Wednesday 
of each m< nth. 

St. Paul's. Chapter No. 72— Chas A 
Bunt. Director; A J Chamberlain, 
retary. Meets in their rooms, St. Paul's 
Church, second and fourth Tuesday of 
each month. 


Baptist Church, 95 Johnston Street- 
Rev Douglas Laing, pastor. Sunda 
vices, 11 a m and 7 pm. Sunday school 
m. Wednesday, 8 p m. 

Baptist Mission Church. Union street 
w, cor Collingwood— C W King, Pastor. 
Services, Sunday, 11 a m and 7 pm. 
Sunday School. 3 pm. Monday evening. 
Bible Club. Wednesday, 8 pm. 

Firs national. Wellington, coi 

Johnston— Sunday services, 11 a m and 
7 p m. Sunday s< bool 2.30 p m. YV- 
S p m. 
B tti. ! « Ihureh, Johnston, cor r.arn- 
—Rev James R Black. B.A., Pastor. 
Sunday. 11 a in and 7 pm. 
Sunday school. 2.46 p m. Y P S C E. 
lay, R p m. Wednesday, 8 p m. 
'■■to Church, Bagol street, cor 
Chai i lodfrey Shore, Pastor. 

lay services, n a m and 7 p tn. Sun- 

hool 8 p in. Wednesday, s ,, m . 


lenham St Sydenham and 

William i-: Starr, 

Sundaj services, ll a m and 7 p in 
Sundaj Ml l j .::n p m . Wednesday B 

i> m. 

Que< d Street, tsar Queen and Clergy 
■ i ■ Johnston, Pastor, Sunday sex* 
1 1 a m and 7 p iii. Monday, y p a 

C E, 8 p m. Tuesday, Boys' Brigade, 
7.30 p.m. Wednesday prayer meeting, 
8 p m. 

Brock Street, cor Brock and Mon- 
treal streets — Rev George . Edwards, 
Pastor. Sunday services 11 a m and 7 
p m. Sunday school 2.30 p m. Monday, 
Y P S C E, 8 p m. Wednesday, pi 
meeting, 8 pm. Friday, class meeting. 
S p m. 

| Princess Street, cor Princess and Al- 
bert streets — Rev Wm Briden, Pastor. 
iSunday services, 11 a m and 7 pm- 
Sunday school, 2.30 p m. Y P S C B 
after Sunday evening service. Wed- 
nesday, prayer meeting, 8 pm. 

Fifth, 695 Montreal— Sunday school, 
3 p m. 

Presbytei Ian. 

Chalmers, cor Earl and Barrie streets 
—Rev Malcolm Macgilllvray, Pastor. 
Sunday services, 11 a m and 7 pm. Sun- 
' ,iy school 3 p m. Week night 
\ ice, Wednea la :■ ,8 n m. 

Cooke's, 197 Brock— Rev Samuel 
Houston, Pastor. Sunday services, 11 
i in and 7 p rn. Sunday s ihool, 3 P m. 

Wednesday, 8 p m. 

St Andrew's. Princess street, cor 
Clergy— Rev John Ma :kie, M.A.. Pastor. 
Sunday services, u a m and 7 p m. 
Sunday school, 3 p ra. Wednesday, 
7.30 p m. 

Zlon, Pine Btreet, near Division Re\ 
.i i > Boyd, B. \.. Pastor. Sundaj ■ > 
n a m and 7 p m. Sunday school, 2.80 
p m. Thursday . Y P S C E, 8 p d> 

i n i lathoU i. 
Si .Maiy's Cathedral, cor ot Clergs 

hi I Johnston Streets Hours of service: 

every das al 8 a tn Sundays 
Summer, Lou Mass. 7.30 a m ; Child- 
ren's Mass, 9.16 a in; Mass, 11 
i iii ; Vergers, 7,30 p in. Winter Low 


128 Princess Street. 


K.INI I ON MIm 1 LI \M-<>1 s UIRJ t I' d:N . 


3 .i m : Children's Mass, 9.30 a m; 
High Mass, n a m ; Vespers, 7.::n p m. 
Most i;.\ .i.i nea Vlncenl Cleary, Arch- 
Venerable Thomas 

< bown, president; Mrs Prof Ross an 
.Mrs i >i Strange, vice-presidents; Miss 
Ma char, secretary; Mrs Geo Porl 



secret u \ 

Mrs .1 \V Neal, 

bishop of Kingston 

Kelly, Archdeacon : Revs James V Ne- 
ville, James .1 Collins. John P Kehoe 
Rev W A McDonagh and R< \ r C Humane Society— J B Strathy, ptvst- 
O'Brien. dent; Miss Grace Cottle, secretary- 

, ,. ,. , . treasurer. Meets St George's lia.ll. 

Catholic Apostolic. 285 Queen street. 

.1 \v Dunlop, Pastor. Services Sum la. \ 1" children's AM Society, Shelter 73 

a m and 5 p m. Monday, 5 p m. Tues- Union st west (late Women's Medical 

day, 10 a m and 5 p m; Wednesday, College)— Executive Committee meets 

every Thursday at 2.30 p m. General 
committee on the first Thursday of each 
month at 3 p m. Prof Dyde, honorary 
president; Q M Macdonell, Q.C., honor- 
ary solicitor; Mrs R T Walkem, presi- 

7. p m : Saturday. 6 p m. 


Provincial Headquarters. 

Major R Morris, secretary; Adj J _ 
Southall assistant secretary; Captain dent J Mrs c Neal, secretary; Mrs Mc- 
Frank Morris, cashier. S A BarraekS. ICammon - treasurer; Rev J R Black. B 
Queen cor Bagot. ,- v executive officer. 

Local Corps— Ensign, John McLean; Ontario Lord's Day Alliance (King 
officer in charge; Capt Harvey Kendall, ston Branch)— Rev S Houston, presi- 
assistant. Services every evening at 8 dent; R V Rogers, Q.C, LL.D.. Dr W G 
o'clock. Sundays 7 and 11 a m, and 3 Anglin and Geo Mills, vie, -presidents; 
and 7.30 p m. Wm Anglin treasurer; C D Chown, 


Kingston Christian Endeavor Union— Executive Committee— Rev J R Black, 
Meets last Thursday in each month at \ Montgomery. J A Hendry, G M Ma 
V M C A hall. F R Phillips, president; flcnnell, QC, H A Calvin. M.P. 
D A Shaw, vice-president; T J Shanks, i 
organizing secretary; Miss Emily God-' KING'S DAUGHTERS. 

win, corresponding secretary; Miss H- 

Charity Circle— Miss G E Strange 

Barney, recording secretary; Miss H L kader; Miss F i ore nce Merrick, first vice 
Crown, treasurer. leader; Miss May Ross, second vie. 

Young Men's Christian Association, 

leader; Miss Lorraine Lesslie, secretary 
Miss Francis Macaulay, treasurer. 

cor Barrie and Princess sts — HA Calvin. 
M.P., president; Geo Mills, jr, vice-pre- Victoria Circle — Mrs Octavius Yates, 
sident; G E Hague, treasurer: Frank J president; Miss Cotter, secretay.; Mrs A 
Holman. general secretary. Meetings— Strachan. treasurer. Meets in St 
Sunday 4.15 p m. Bible study Saturday s George's Hall every Tuesday at 10.30 a 
p m. Reading room open every week 
day. Gymnasium, baths, parlor, social 
looms, lecture course, etc. 


Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion. 213 William st. M.-.-ts 3rd Monda\ 
ir. each month at 4 p m. Mrs R . 

Whatsoever Circle— Meets ever: 
jurday at 2 p m; Miss T Tra< y. 29 Pem- 
broke st. president; Miss Mil 

ton. 3 Sydenham st, secretary; Mb 
Ada Birch. 136 Bagot st. treasurer. 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 





Chancellor, Sanford Fleming, C" K.. 
C.M.G., LL.D.; Principal and vice- 
chancellor, Very Rev George Mum- 
Grant, M.A., D.D..LL.D. ; vice-principa 
Rev James Williamson, M.A., LL.D.; 
registrar. Rev George Bell, B.A., LL. 

Officers of Instruction. 
I.— In Theology. 
The Principal, Primarius Professor of 
Divinity; Rev J B Mowat, M.A., D.D., 
Professor of Hebrew, Chaldee and Old 
Testament Exegesis; Rev Donald Ross 
B.D.. D.D., Professor of Apologetics 
and New Testament Criticism; Rev L 
J Macdonnell, B.D., Lecturer on Pas- 
toral Theology, Lecturer on Church His- 
tory; Watkins Lecturer on Elocution. 
II. — In Arts. 
Rev J Williamson, M.A., LL.D., Pro- 
t of Astronomy; Rev .1 i: Mowat. 
L., D.D., Professor of Hebrew; 
Nathan F Dupuis, M.A., F.B.S., Edin, 

■ if Mathematics; Rev < I 
Ferguson. B.A.. Professor of History; 
John Watson M.A . LL.D., Professo 
oral Philosophy; John Fletcher, M. 
A., Oxon., Professor of Latin; D H Mar- 
shall. MA . F.R.S.E., Professor 
les; James < !appon, M a . Profes- 
r English Language and Litera- 
.1 ■ .iiti McGUlivray, Ph. D., Leipsic, 
of Modern ' <a nguages; B W 
Dyde, m v D. Be/, Professor of Men- 
tal Philosophy . Rev John Macnaughton, 
or of Greek, Rev Jae 
1 OWler, M A . P i: .S.i ' . "The Join 

Roberta Allan" Professor of Botany; 
Adam Bhortt, ma . Professor of Poli- 
tical Bclence; A P Knight, M a, M D. ( 
"The John Roberta" Professor of Anl 
ma] Biolog) and Physiology; Rsv Alea 
1; Nicholson, B A asststanl Proi 

diu and Greek, and Lecturer on 

Comparative Philology and Sanscrit; 
i: A Reid, M.A., "William Nickle," Tu- 
tor in Mathematics; James W Mcintosh, 
M.A., T A Dawes, Tutor in Modern 

III. — In Practical Science. 
Nathan F Dupuis. M.A., F.B.S., F.R. 
S C, Professor of Mathematics and 
Dean of the Faculty; D H Marshall, M. 
A., F.R.S.E., Professor of Physics; 
Rev Jas Fowler, M.A., F.R.S.C, Pro- 
Botany; A P Knight, M.A., 
M.D., Professor of Animal Biology and 
Physiology; R Carr Harris, C.E., Pro- 
■ livil Engineering; Lecturer in 
Electrical Engineering; E A Reid. M.A., 
Assistant in Mathematics; Samuel A 
Mitchell, M.A., Demonstator in Experi- 
mental Physics on "The Robert Wad- 
dell Foundation"; J Campbell, instruc- 
tor in the Practice of Electrical Engin- 
eering; Arthur Ellis. Architect, Lectur- 
er on the Principles of Architecture; S 
Lecturer on the Principles and 
Practi ting. Sanitary Plumbing 

and Ventilation; T W Nash, P.L.S., 
Lecturer "n the Principles and Practice 
of 11 tne Survi ylng. 

In Medicine. 
Fife Fowler, M.l>., L.R.C.S., Edin., 
Professor of the Principles and Practice 
1 Medicine, Dean of the Faculty; Isaac 
WOOd, M A . M.D., Assistant; H J 
Saunders, M i> M.R.C.S., Eng., Pro- 
of Clinical Medicine and Derma- 
. John Herald M.A., M D., 
of Materia Medica, Therapeutics 
and Pharmacy, Becretarj of the Facul- 

Burgers Hon. Michael Sullivan, m 
ii. Professor of the Principles and 
Practice of Surgery; W G Anglin, M.D.. 

Assistant. R \V Garrett. MA.. M.D.. 

Professor of Cllnloal Surgery. 

i ibstet 1 lea and • Ij aaecoiegj is n 
Fenwlok, M, A . M.D., m.r.g.s.. Dng., 
1 ■ O.S., Edin . Professor. 

T 1VT f> A 11 1 ^ V School Books, Scribbling 

A • 1TA L/VUICJT , Books Slates Exercise and 
128 Princess Street. Copy Books. 


leal Jurisprudence w G Anglln, Curators of the Llbi feasors 

M .' . m R.C s . Eng., Professor. Fletcher and Goodwin. 

Sanitary Scii I iac Wood, M.A., Librariai Professor Shortt. 

mi-.. Professor. Curator of Museum- -Prof essor of Bot- 

Anatomy Edward Ryan, B.A., M. an J ; ""' ,: -' l| "->- 
1., Professor of Systematic Anatomy; Examln ' Calculation in Medi- 

D E Mun.1,11. B.A., Ml>.. Professor ol thur E Ross, B.A. 

Surgical Anatomy; J W Campbell, B. \. E amine " i" Gaelic-Professors Mac- 
orstrato any. "' llln ' :ly and Macnaughton, and \:-^ 

M Macgillivray, M . A . 
Pathologj and Bacteriology-W T j an i tor- John Cormack. 
Ccnnell, M.D., M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R. 

. Lon., Pi fessor. Ql EEN S I '• >LLEGE. 

Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat and SOCIETIES AND COMMITTEES. 
Nose— J C Connell, M.A., M.D., Pro- Alma Mater Society— Prof N F Du- 
fessor. puis, hon president; A E Ross, B.A., 

tal Disease— C K Clark, M.D.J^ resident ; A Mcintosh, first vice-pre- 
1 Superintendent Asylum for [ n -j s,dent ; M Denyes, B.A., second vice- 
president; Toshi Ikehara, secretary; F 

, , , „, . , n XT . AT Graves assistant secretary; C E 

Biology, Physiology and Histology— .... , . ,. . ... 

T _ . ^r , r-. r. ,, • t, , i-nnth, treasurer; D A Volume, critic; 

James Fowl r, .!.•... F.R.C.S., profes- 

Committee— H Walker. E J O'Donnell, 
J A Supple, W Baker. 

sor of Botany and Vegetable Histology 

A P Knight. M.A., M.D., Professor 

Animal Biology. Physiology and Histo- Y.M.C.A.— R Burton, president; W H 

logy: D Cunningham, B.A., M.D., p e i_ Cram, vice-president; J B .McDougall, 

i"v. in Physiology. recording secretary; J Wallace, corres- 

.., : . , , ,. , „. . . ,,. ponding secretary; D L Gordon, treas- 

(. hemislry and Applied Chemistry- \\ , . 

. . i_ 5 x> o t^ t , .■ Urer; P M Thompson, librarian. 

1. Goodwin, B.Sc. I-.din.. Professor. 

Y.W.C. A. —Martha C Mills, presi- 
dent; Elizabeth C Murray, vice-presi- 

dent; Maud E Munro, secretary. 

V. — In Law. 

.1 hn Maule Machar, M.A.. Lecturer 
in Roman Law; Byron M Britton, M.A.. 
Q.C., Lecturer on Criminal Law; R. Missionary Association— J D Stewart, 
Vashlon Rogers. B-.A., Lecturer 1 :,! - ''•■ president; D McG Gandier, 
Common Law; G M Macdonnell, B.A President; J H Turnbull. recording sec- 
Q.C.. Lecturer on the Law of Real Pro- rotary; Edw G Taylor, corresponding 
p'erty; R T YValkem. LL.D.. Q.C., I etary; Alex Ranie, treasurer; Thur- 

turer on Equity; John Mclntyre, M.A., tow Eraser, librarian. 
Q C Lecturer on Medical Jurisprud-| Horn- Mission Committee. 

Mice. Divinity— G E Dyde, B.A., M If Wil- 


Registrar of University Council— J C Arts— Robert Burton, Wm I 
Connell, M.A., M.D. F reign Mission Committee. 

Observatory Board— The Principal, Alumni— Rev A H Scott, M.A., Rev 
I>ii. fessor Williamson, M Flanagan, John Hay. B.D.. Re t A Gandier. B.D.. 
Esq. Rev J .1 Wright, PA.. Rev A K Mc- 

Director of Observatory— Professor of Lennan, P.P.. Rev D R Drummond, B. 
Astronomy. ID. 

CO UflDADT 9. QflllQ Patent and Proprietary 
. 0. nUDMrtl & OUNd Med icines. We keep your 
155 Princess Street. favorite remedies 


Students— Colin Campbell, B.A., Col- Levana Society— Mrs Principal Grant, 
in G Young. B.A.. M H Wilson. B.A.. hon president; Etta A Reid, M.A., pre- 
T H Farrell. M.A. D McG Gandier. B. sklent; Susan C Poison, vice-president: 
A.. A J Mr-Mullen. B.A. Ethel Mudle, secretary; Grace A McLn- 

Journal Staff— Robt Laird. .M.A.. v sh - treasurer; Heloise H Dupuia, poet- 
editor-in-chief; J C Brown, B.A.. asst ess: Elizabeth S Murray, critic; Alice 
editor. A B F ..1. M.A., managing edi- Chown - Prophetess. 

A Mitchell. M.A.. business man- Chess Club— Prof Watson, hon presi- 
ager; R F Carmichael. .asst business dent; E Ryerson, M.A.. president; C I', 
man:- Mclnnes, secretary-treasurer. Corn- 

Reading Room-Curators-W W reittee-A C Spooner Toshi Ikehara. I) 
Peck. M.A.. I) McG Gandier, B.A., J R F McKenty. 

Conn. F Playfair, C R Melm Athletic Committee— A E Ross, B.A. 

Carmichael. A C Spooner. W W Pec-k. A Mcintosh, J A Supple, D R Ml.. 
M.A.. LL.I'.., in charge of reading room nan, J Johnston, C E Smith, J Smart, 
and Post Office. J W Merrill. A B Ford, secretary- 

Ltlflc and Literary Society— J c treasurer - 
Frown. ;B.A., president; J R Fraser, M. Hockey Club— Prof Cappon, hon prest- 
A., first vice-president; Robt Burton, dent: A B Cunningham, B.A., pr. -si- 
second vice-president; F Playfair. sec- dent; D R McLennan, vice-president: 
i-tary-treasurer; R Laird, M.A., critic-. Guy Curtis, captain; C B Fox, secretary- 
Classical and Philological Society— ! treasurer - Committee-M B Dean, T J 
Rev Prof A B Nicholson. B.A.. hon Ri « n,, .v. W D Lyle. 

president; i: C Watson. M.A., presi- Rugby Football Club— Principal 
dent; F Playfair, vice-president; A O Grant, hon president; C R Webster, B. 
Patterron, secretary-treasurer A., hon vie -president; I) R McLennan, 

Political .Mub— H R Grant, President; J Johnston, vice-president; 

president; .1 R Conn, Becretary; .1 C Gu y Curtis, captain: T J Rigney, s 
Brown, B.A., .1 D Miliar, c E Smith tary-treasurer^ Dr Herald, hon surgeon. 
Cfimmitt'-' . 

Glee Club Principal Grant, hon pre -SCHOOL OF MINING AN,. AGRI- 


R j i'u chi s .11. M . a , president ; 

\ MCEwen, vlce-presidenl ; W G B N Isitor 

tary-treasurer; C B Dyde, .1 D "is Honor George V Klrkpatrick, D. 

w walk. C 1. 1.1. -i • etc., Li< utenant-G n ernor 

Banjo Club i:-\ D Strachan, B.A., " r (>n,ali " 
bon president; s a Mitchell, M.A., pre- Board of Governors, 

uident; Carl Porte u - 1 B Carrutl 1; G M Grant. 

1 11 c \i -rs, pianist. i.i,i>. D.D.; Hiram a Calvin, Esq, 

T B s ,,, tt , : A pre8l M.i'. F w Rathbun, Esq; Jas Swift, 
dent; E L Pope, B a . secretary; K .1 '^< ■ ,; M Macdonnell, Esq, B A 
McDonald, B.A., treasurer Commit- E J B ,v,ISl - Ks '' ; Hon Wm Harty ' 
tee W Moffatt, m a .1 1: Hall B Tay M , ' 1 ' ■ Ja » s M:, > '""■ Esq: F v ''"'-""• 
lor, M a m. Kmnon. '■'"•■ • l: Crawford, Esq Geo v Chown, 

T. mC-A-iiley, b 00KS> PA ss books. 

128 Princess Street. 

KINGSTON mi.-m i I I \m "i - DIRECTORY. *7J 

., B Carruthers, E*i, M.D.. 1 ofessor or 
a p Knight, M.A., M.D., Becre- in Queen s Unlversitj 



Vdvieory Committee. co.l,i^.i. 

Tm „ president of the Eastern Ontario Established 1792. 

Dairymen's Association; Col Drury, D Truste es— Prof N F Dupuis, chair- 
Fraser, Esq ; J Carson, Esq; Bruce Car- man; E j B Pense, Dr John Herald. 
ruthers Esq.; J L Haycock, M. PP., 'joseph Swift, Abraham Shaw, John Mc- 

,, \ in -LTV Intyre, Q.C., John Mackay, Wm Harty. 

W,, i. Goodwin, B Sc. (Lond), D.Sc. J S R McCann, secretary-treasurer. 
(Edin). F.R.S.C.. Director and Professor Teaching staff— Principal and Science 
,f Chemistry ; Wm Nicol, M.A., Profes- , Master> w S Ellis, M.A.; Classical 

of Mineralogy, Metallurgy and As- lMaster> E o Sliter ; B.A., Mathemati- 
saving ; WilletfJ Miller, B.A., Lecturer cal Master> G B McLean, B.A ; Modern 
on Geology and Petrography; Wm Language Master, J N Dales, M.A.: 
Hamilton Merritt, M.E.. F.G.S., Asso- English> Miss Emma Graham; Asst 
ciate Royal School of Mines, England, English> M iss Hattie Baker; Commer- 
L°cturer on Mining Engineering, The cial Master, W H Fletcher ; Asst Ma 
Economic Geology of Ontario and the thematical Master, W H Maundson. 
Discovery and Winning of Minerals; R 

Carr Harris, C.E.. Professor of En - K]NGS TON BUSINESS COLLEGE, 
gineeiing ; William Mason. Lecturer on Oddfellows' Block. 

Freehand, Mechanical and Office Draw- ^ ^ ^ Manager 

ing. Topography and Surveying . in Tpa „ nino - staff-Miss N Macrow, A 

Dnpuis, M.A.. F.R.S.C., Lecturer on| TeacWog St aft ^ 
Mechanism; Joseph Bawden. Barrister- H Ross, 

at-Law, Lecturer on the Law Of Mm QN CONSERVATORY OF. 

ing ; T L Walker. M.A.. Dr Isaac * ood, KING1 A MU SIC. 
V) \ Laboratory Demonstrators; Wm rHrPPtor- 

:,:;.;,, Bursa,; A,** Dean, ^.to, ^'£^£££22X2 
VETERINARY SCHOOL. Elocution, 101 Queen. 

Opens 1st October. 1895; closes March 

Staff of Instructors. CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC. 

Geo W Bell. V.S.. V.D.. Professor of Emily street . 

diseases of the Domestic Animals and ^^ ^^ Coi . mvall . m.A., Principal. 
Superintendent of Infirmary; W Nichol. Matnematics _ Miss Hooper, B.A. 
V.S., Professor of Veterinary Anatomy ; clas „. ics _ T he Principal. 
\Xm L Goodwin, B.Sc. (London), D.Sc. Modern L anguages-Miss (TDell, B.A. 
(Edin), F.R.S.C, Professor of Chemis- En „ lish _ Tne Principal, 
try School of Mining and Agriculture ; 

Gp tt I l O Phvsicians Prescriptions 

. 0. IlObart & OOnS and Family Recipes ^ accur- 
ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 


Physical and Natural Science— The 

History and Geography— The Princi- 

Musical Department — Arthur E 
Fisher, Mus Bac, and Mrs Cochrane. 

Elocution — The Principal. 

English and Preparatory Department 
—Miss Minnie Murray, M.A. 

Art Department— Mrs C English. 

Drill and Calisthenics — Sergt-Majoi 
Moi sans. 

Deportment and Physical Culture— 
The Principal. 

Cor Bagot and Johnston streets. 
Sister st Mary Jane, Mother Superior. 


Cor Johnston and Bagot. 
ducte I '■ y th ■:' the Con- 



c,,r Princess and Montreal. 

R t Walk. 'in. Q.C., President ; Miss 

Glld< r.-i >e\ e, First Vice Presidenl : R 

y i; ond Vice-President: 

r S D »bbs, Secretary; G E Hague 

E Wrenshall, Princi 

- Wrenshall, Asslstanta 

Princess si reet, cor Mont real. 
ii.H Neitoon, President ; V< rj R • 
I lean Smith and R J Mel >owall, Vice 
I \i Machai Correspond 
.1 B Sti 
•|- x Ri mi. .ii. Recording Seer' tarj ; Mis J 


President. James Agnew ; Secretary- 
Treasurer, Wm Mundell, B.A. ; Trustees 

-B M Britton, Q.C.; R T Walkem, Q.C.; 
E H Smythe, Q.C.; Library Committee 
— President and sec-treas, ex-officio, 
John Mclntyre, Q.C.; R V Rogers, Q.C.: 
E H Smythe, Q.C.: J M Machar, Q.C.; 

F M Brown; Library — Court House. 

Meets in St George's Hall, 3rd Friday 
in each month. Rev Samuel Houston, 
President ; SurgeonMajor, J L H Nell- 
son ; 1st Vice-President, R T Walkem, 
■2nd VicePresident, A Shaw; sec- 
retary treasurer; J Fortescue, assistant 


committee— i he office^ or the society. 

Rcio, Very ReY Dean Smith, Prof G 
;> Ferguson, Prof Adam Shortt, R V 
rs, Q.C.; Ven Archdeacon Kelly. 


Trustees James Galloway jr Chair- 
man: S Anglin, E Bennett, A F Chown, 
G Y Chown. Thos Donnelly, Jos <; El- 
liott, Dr S ll Fee, Wm Kelly, Thomas 
Lambert, Robert Meek, George Sears, 
\ Shaw. T C Wilson, John Ma.d.uiald, 
inspector, v. 

deau street, between 

,,,-.. and ' nili '' 

Davidson, Principal; Miss Rosa Marsh, 

i i English, Miss Margaret Vol- 

ume, Miss Grace O'Shea, Miss Elizabeth 

i [oppins, 

Central, s b Sydenham, near Queen. 

si;, it k Row, Principal; Miss Mattie 

Crawford, Miss V Asselstine, Miss Fl "- 

>nce Hentig, Miss Frances Barry, Miss 

rs, Miss Emma Wilder. 

\ Volume, Misa Georgina Hilton, 

tiiSS Mary All 


128 Princess Street. 

Receipts, Blank Drafts, 
Notes, Mortgages, Deeds, 
Leases, Etc. 

roN mi-< i i i.wi ous i-iKi i 

2 73 

ntenac, Montreal street, opposite 
Rldeau. Staff Miss Celia Beaton, Prin- 
< Ipal : Miss Lally Allen. 

Louise, corner ohnston and Division 
streets. Staff Miss Rattle 1. Chown, 
Principal ; Miss Agnes Minnes, Miss 
Nerva Macdonald, Miss Lizzie Barry, 
Miss Eva Walker, Miss Edith English. 

u. Stall 
I! Godwin, Principal ; Miss May Mur- 
ray. Miss Emily X Godwin, Miss Maud 
All' n. Miss M Cunningham, Miss Sarah 


Victoria, Union \\.. cor Alfred. Staff 
—J G Bttinger, Principal ; Miss Etta 
Smith. Miss Lottie Lovick, Miss Lillian 
Hodges, Miss .7 Harold, Miss H Barney. 
Miss L Connor. Miss M Thompson, Miss 
s E Allen. 

Ilington Street. 47-:>.") Wellington 
staff— Miss Minnie .Davis, Prin- 
cipal; Miss Annie Boyd, Miss I G Bu- 

Williamsville, cor Princess and Nel- 
.son streets. Staff— Miss Sarah Gill, 
Principal; Miss Elizabeth Murray, Miss 
M Kelley. 

Miss Jennie C Shaw, Public School 
Drawing Specialist . 

A Frank Xewlands, Public School 
Writing- Specialist. 


Trustees — Rev T Kelly, chairman; J J 
B( 1 an, secretary; Dr Ryan and T .7 
Leahy, joint treasurers; E McFadden. 
G Darragh, J Xorris, E Cockrane, W 
Duffy, P J Howland, W J McNeill, Dan- 
iel Staley, A Hanley. 

St John's, John St— Staff: Miss Annie 
Hag-erty. Miss Phoebe Branigan, Sister 
St Andrew and Sister St Helen. 

St Mary's cor Clergy and Brock Sts— 
Staft : X \V Brick, principal: F D Hen 

d( is. in, D ]| Shortell, and Sisti 
Alexander, Mary Andrew and deary. 

st Patrick's. 669 Montreal 
Mary Cunningham, teacher. 

Mil. IT. \ RT. 

" v " Battery Royal Canadian Artil- 
lery, Tete Du Pont Barracks— Com- 
mandant Major c w Drury; Adjutant. 
Capl Frederic M Gaudet; Captain — 

; Lieutenants, n i; Burstall, 
Win E Cooke; Surgeon-Major, J L J 
Nc-ilson, M.D.; Veterinary Surgeon, Jas 

Royal Military Coll ge I Canada— 
Cc mmandant. Maj-Gen 1) R Cameron. 
C.M.G.; staff-Adjutant, Lt-Col S C 
Met Mil; Professor of .Military History, 
Surveying, Military Topography, Re- 
connaissance, Strategy and Tactics. 
Capt A H Lee, R.A.: Professor of Ma- 
thematics, Mechanics and Mathemati- 
cal Astronomy.Iva E Martin, B.A.; Pro- 
fessor of Fortification, Military Engin- 
eering, Geometrical Drawing and De- 
scriptive Geometry. ; 
Professor of Artillery! Administration 
and Law, Capt C E English; Assistant 
Instructor in Fortification, Military En- 
gineering. Geometrical Drawing and 
Descriptive Geometry, ; 
Assistant Instructor in Mathematics. 
Capt A G G Wurtele : Assistant In- 
structor i n Surveying, Military Topo- 
graphy, Physics and Chemistry, Capt J 
B, Cochrane; Assistant Instructor in 
Mathematics. Lieut J Ales Moran, R.A.; 
Professor of English. Rev C L Worrel 1 
M.A.: Professor of Freehand Drawing 
and Painting. ForshaW Day, R.C.A.; 
Professor of French, A D Duval, M.D.; 
Professor of Civil Engineering and 
Architecture, R Carr Harris, C.E. : Pro- 
fessor of Physics, Chemistry and Geo- 
logy, John Waddell, B.A., Pn.D., D.Sc; 
Medical Officer, Surgeon-Major J L H 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

Perfumes, Tooth Brushes 
Toilet Preparations of all 
155 Princess Street. kinds, Sponges, Chamois, etc. 


11. M.D.: Paymaster, Hon'y Capt Canadian Order Chosen Friends. 

Frank Strange. „ „ . , . , _ , ,, , 

N" 20 meets 1st and 3rd Mondays in 

4th Regiment of Hussars— John Duff chosen Friends Hall, cor Montreal and 

'.; Lieut Alfred Rinnington, Adjt; Princess streets. Oeorge Walker. P. C. : 

H R Duff. Surgeon; M W Strange. Pay- c E Lin ton, C . C .; C L Bass. V.C.; W P 

master; Alex W strange. Riding Mas PtU Rec order; T C Wilson. Treasurer. 

Thos Ti dd, Quartermaster. Xn 12] mee ts 1st and 3rd Thursdays 

Troop— Major, A Knight; 1st in Odd Fellows Hall. T A Wright, Chief 

Lieut., Ge > Pureed; 2nd Lieut, J F Leth- Councillor; G D Pound, Recorder; II 

(•1 land. p, Treasurer. 

Kingston Field Battery— W M Dren- No •>,; meeta lst and 3rd Tuesdays in 
nan. Major Commanding; George Moore, chosen Friends Hall, cor Montreal and 
1st Lieut; James Caines. 2nd Lieut; H J Princess streets. P J Howland, P C. : 
Saunders, Surgeon Major; W J Morgan. ,. N ,-,,,. aza . C.C; James Daly. V.C.C.; 
Surgeon Thos Ronan, Recorder: Miss E Ureaza, 

14th P.W.o. Rifles— H R Smith, Lt.- Warden; N Parent, Treasurer; Miss 
Col; L W Shannon. J S Skinner. Majors: Reran, Prelate. 
Major J Call. .way. jr. A.ljt; Capt W J Canadian Order Foresters. 

3 White. Quarterma - 

clalr Paymaster; DrRW Garrett, Court Stanley, No 199-Meets 2nd and 
Surgeon. W Hora, D R Dupuis, R 4fh Tuesdays in each month in S.O.I 
t, A T Kirkpatrick, George Wal- Hall « cor Montreal and Princess streets. 
ip tains; F ( 'art u right . C J ° bn FraDClS ' C R J '"' N ^* d *T" , 
Strange, Isl Lieuts; W skinner. W d K - A E Smythe ' Rfe ' : H M Hawley " 

Strange, R Sutherland, A PS ' : John Tweddell, Treasurer. 
B Cunningham, 2nd Lieuts. Courl Macdonald, No. 141— Meets L<t 

and 3rd Fridays in each month In S.O 
SOCIETIES. T. Hall, cor Montreal and Prl 

x , , [• u - streets. Wm .1 Wells, C.R.; Cha 

Dli ksi a, v.c.K.; .1 C Bennett, R.S.; W 
••■ Webster, P.S.; Wm J Thorn] 

Ti east 

Lin Lodg< NTo '■'' Meets 2nd 

and 4th Thursdays i r 1 each month it 

1 dd Fellows Hall. John He aid, M. D. 

P.M.W.; .1 E Hopklrk, M W Dl [ndependenl order Foresti 

man; A C McMahon, 1 , . „, , „ -, -,, , , , _ ,,, , „, 

Courl Frontenac, No. ■ >'.• independent 
D Couper, Financier; W 11 Godwin, Re- . . , , ... , .,.,,,,,_ ,., „„ :„ 

Order meets ist and 3rd rhursdays ip 
R w Allen. Guide; w McLellai . .. ., ., . ,. ... , lt 

each month. Hall. Princess, cor .Mont- 

real. John Mackle. C.R.; John Mar- 
stor, Lodge. No 857 Meets 2ndi Bnal] y ( , R j g R McCanrii R 

'"' • N! '"" 1 " m ° nth 3 ;TW Lambert. Treasurer. 

Montreal and Prim ' - : Tho 

too, !■ m w . John Schroder. M, ' "' ' 

W.; C T Dickson, Foreman; John Guild Kingston Circle, No. 106 Meets 1st 

Financier; .1 Band 3rd Tuesdays in each month. In Odd 

Recorder; Wm Dunlop, Recerv Fellows Hall, cor Princess and S 

ei D B Gage. Guide: Edwm Charles 1 ham streets. Thos 11 Healey, Leader 

Watchman; .lane- Wooton O Watch ,: '" w H Comer, Becrstary; u " ' ;, " , 

w in, Financial Becretary. 

T* 1VT C A ulfiV Wall Paper from 5c. to 50c. 
j. . j.** v«uiv;y ft RoU Borderings from 

128 Princess Street half a cent to 15c. a yard. 


Royal Arcanum Capitular Ma- 

si Lawrence Council, No 905 M eti Ancienl Frontenac and Cataraqui 
Sad and mi Fridays In Cataraqul. Chapter No. 1 Meets third Wedi 
Odd Fellow's Hall. RJ McDowall, Re- ln each month in Masonic Hall, 318 King 
gent; John Nicolle, Vice-Regent; R I sl , ' ;,SI - E * Com » NVm Thompson, Z; 
Anglin, Secretary; G S Penwick, Tr Con °P w ■' Benton, ll; Kx Comp J 

ever; A Shaw, Collector; Jas A Minnes. s Skinner, J; Comp W M Waldron 
plain. s ' Hi 

, m , r „ Ancient and Accepted Scottish R 

Royal 1 ^'miliars oi remperance. 

Rosi li on Sovereign Chapter of 

Kingston Council, No 478 Meets Roae ,.„, ix ,,,. ,, H D M _ Mee ts Brsl 
every Thursday In Chosen Friends Hall.; Wednesday [n ,,. l( . h ni(ntn al sl Broch 
Charles A Gunn, Past Select Counsellor; st Sl)V p ,, _, Wilkinson. M.W.S.; Sov 
W H Fletcher. S.E.; Miss A Pugh,V.C.; P John ,,,,,.,„, P . ; Sov P James 
Miss 1. Phillips. Chaplain; D Gillan. Re- Adama lst Gen . . Sov p W H .Marn.-. 
cording Secretary. W H Phillips, F.C. , gov P T D M innes, RegiS- 

j\ Fields. Treasurer. Select Degree *._„_. 

meets every 2nd Thursday. Visitin 

t». , . , Kingston Lodge of Perfection, No. t — 

a. embers always welcome ° b 

Meets third Thursday in eai.11 mouth 

Sons of Temperance. ID. Bro George Summerville, 

St Lawrence, No &-Meets ev« . y Mon- T - p - G - M - : Sov p Jol,n Hewton, 18 de- 
day in their hall, corner Montreal and « iees G.S.W.; 111. Bro Forshaw Day, 32 
Princess streets. Mrs Robert Allen. W. degrees G.J.W.; Sov P T D Minnes, 18 
P.; Mrs Hawley. W.A.; Robert Allan degrees, Secretary. 
Fin Secretary; Edwin Chown. Treasur- Craft Masonry 

er; Miss Fanny Bennett. Recordin , , _. _ . T . t. t o .-« t» « 

Ancient St John Lodge, No. 3 G. R. C. 

—Meets first Thursday of each month. 
Select Knights. W Bro R Easton Burns. W.M.; R W 

Kingston Legion Select Knights- Bro H J Wilkinson, I.P.M.; Bro W T 
Meets lst and 3rd Mondays in Odd Fel- Mirnes ' SW ' : Br0 R D Baker ' JW ' = 
lows' Hall, corner Sydenham and Prir V W Bro John Sutherland. Secretary 
cess streets. H Mowat. Commander; S V W Br ' W H M *°™ e ' Treasurer ; Pro 
g Corbett, V.C.; P A Driver. L.C.; V Rev G R Beamish, Chaplain. 
H Godwin, Recorder; E C Mitchell. Cataraqui Lodge, No 92. G.R.C.- 
Treasurer; T D Minnes. Collector. Meets second Wednesday in each month 

R W Bro Robert Hendry. W.M.; R W 

Masonic. Bro J H Birkett, I.P.M.; Bro Wm Lowe, 

The Knights Templars Masonry, S.W.; Bro T W Gibson. J.YY.; it W Bro 

Hugh de Payne's Premier Perceptory, Rev J Gallaher, Chaplain ; Bro James 

No. 1 — Meets in Masonic Hall. 318 King Shannon. Treasurer ; Bro D Callaghan. 

st east, second Monday in January, Secretary. 

April. July, October and December, and Minden Dodge, No. 253, G.R.C. — Meets 
on the 18th of March. Em Fr H J Wil-first Monday in each month. W Bro 
kinson, Pres Preceptor ; R E Fr F,Wm Gill, W.M. : Bro W R Waldren, 
Rowland, Registrar ; R E Fr Allan Me- S.W.; Bro John Nicolle, J.W: Bro C 
Lean. Treasurer. McCormick, Secretary. 

f <s Unharf Mr ^nnc Lamps of all kinds, Burners 
ij. O. HUUdlL (X OUUb Chimneys, Globes and Shades 
155 Princess Street. of every description 


Oddfellows. x 291 meets second Friday in each 

Canton Kingston No. 6, Patriarchs month. Henry Dunbar, W.M.; H Ma- 
Militant-Meets 1st Thursday in each son, secretary. 

month in Oddfellows' Hall. A Arthurs. ._ _, e . „ , „ , __ . 

,..,„,.,„ ^o. 316 meets first Tuesday in each 

Captain: ^ J Moore, Lieutenant: T H „, „ f . T .^~v, j^ ,,.,, 

„' ' . month. Joseph Anderson, U ,M. 

Funnell, Ensign; R F Elliott, Account- 
ant; R McDonald, clerk. No. 326 meets first Thursday in each 

Kingston Encampment. N'n 3 jmonth. W. McCammon, W.M. 

2nd and 4th Monday of each month in x ,, .,-, meetg flrst Fr , d in eacfa 

Oddfellows' Hall. W W Rollinson, C.P; month . Jas Bl ,, wn WM< 
W C McMahon. S.W.; W McCutcheon, 

H.P.; K J Adams, secretary : 3 E Oil- x "- : ' 77 meets second Monday in each 
1 hi. treasurer month. Robert Gowan. W.M. 

;ston Lodge, No. 59— Meets every No - l D, ' rr >' Lod &e 'Prentice Boys— H 
. in Oddfellows- Hall. W Coch- A ngrove, W.M. Meets first and third 
rane, N.G.; E J Adams, V.G.; R J Wil- Monday . 

son. P.S.; E Offord, secretary; Jas La- pj p; Boyne Lodge True Blues— J 
turner. r ' Cowan. W.M.; s J drier, secretary. 

i ataraqui Lodge, No. 10— Meets everj • u ' " ts last Monday in each month. 
Tu sday in Oddfellows' Mall. John Ken- orange Young Britons, Gaskin Lodge, 
N.G.; Jos Donaldson, V.G.; R M x ,, 261— Meets second Thursday in each 
Douglas, R.S; B Bartells, P.S; W a m ,, n th. John Watts, W.M. 
Newlands, treasurer. 

Royal Scarlet District Chapter— S 
Oddfellows' Relief Association of Can- S wan W. in C. Meets on the 14th of 
Oddfellows' Hall. Fife Fowler, each month. 
M. I . Presld< nt : .1 i : Mclver, 

sident; Robt M i Cal- l: " val Blacfe P] No ' 139_ 

l8urer Meets every third Thursday. Wm. Mc- 

i lammon, < lommander, 
.Uali. Louis.. Lodge Edward Benett, County Master; S i> 

1st and 3rd Monday of swain. County Secretary. 

every month In Oddfellows' Hall, 
ner Sydenham and Princess streets. 


G.; £ iBter Rej nolds, R.S.; sister Hen 

urer. St. ( teoi I ty. 

' B Penae, President : C F Smith, 

LOYAL ORANGE ASSOCIATION '"" ; J s sklnner ' '" ll 

Vice President; Dr m .1 Saunders. 9eo- 

(Hall 82 Prlncesa sti retary; R n Toye, Treasurer; Rev C B 

No, • il Wednesday In Cartwright, Rev Dean Smith, Rev .1 B 

month. Samue! Burton, Pasl W Beamish, and A w Cooke, Chaplaina 

ihn B< tuchamp, w \i i utive Committe E H Smythe, 

deputj M.: David h Q.C., LL.D.; Thorn rohn Green, 

David Brov f B Walkem, 5 Chown 

TMpAIII FY Inks < Writing and Copying: Stephens', 
■ IflLHULLli carters, Perth Office, Barnes, Shuttle- 
128 Princess St worth's and Underwoods. 


Sons of England Foung irishmen's Catholic Benevolent 

Leicester Lodge, No. 33 Meets Becond »clatlon. 

and f.unth Monday in their hall, cor- Branch X( , Is:; , ( . ,. ,. , , Behan 

ner Princess and Montreal streets \J C president; Peter Milne, is. VI 

Swam. Pas1 Pres.; Geo Bonny, Pres.; ,, ,,., . , 

Charles Selby, Vice-President; W „ f*ent;Thomas Mahon 2nd Vice- 

Cruise, Secretary; Arthur Savage, Trea-tl €nt: U * ayl e ° r ' * Jamea 

Bryson, J- in Secretary; John -Mitchell, 

surer. _, 


Sons of Scotland. St Gertrude Society, Branch 582, I C 

Sir William Wallace Camp, No. 13— B U— Meets 2nd Tuesday in their Hall, 

Meets first Tuesday in hall, cor Prin- c ' 01 Princess and Wellington street^. 

cess and Montreal streets. James E Miss E Eggleton, President; Miss M 

Mackie, Past Chief; David Scott, Chief ; O'Neill, Sec; Miss M J Behan, Treas. 

John Massie, Recording Secretary; D Catholic Order of Foresters. 

M Spence, F.S.; David Gibson, Trea 


St. Andrews Society. 

G M Grant, President; John 
Vice-President; Evan McColl, 
Alex Horn, Secretary-Treasurer 



St Mary's Court, No. 150— Offord's 
Hall. W Duffy, C.R.; P Donoghue, 
V.C-R. ; E J Clayton, F.S. ; P Milne, 

St Patrick's Society. 

Order of Hibernians. 
Division No. 1— Meets 2nd Thursday 
in each month in Hall, cor Ontario and 
Clarence streets. W J Bryson. Presi- 
dent; M Lynch. Secretary; P F Lawless, 

-^ ^ -o t> -a * „• t rvx, mi Treas urer; J J Behan, County Delegate. 

Dr. E Ryan, President; W J O Reilly, 

Fin. Secretary; J J Behan, Secretary- LABOR UNIONS. 

Treasurer; Meets every second Sunday Canadian Association Stationery Kn- 
in St Patrick's Hall, Wellington street. gineers , Branch No. 10-Robert King 
Confraternity of the Holy Family. p resi4ent . A j ex Don nellv, Viee-Presi- 
Men's Branch meets in St. Mary's dent . Harvey HigginS .Treasurer; Fred 
vestry first Sunday in each month at 4 Simmons Secretarv. Meets in Fraser 
p.m. Women's first Friday at 7.30 p.m. Hall King . street flrgt and thh . d Tu&s 

St Vincent de Paul Society day in each month 

_J Limestone City Tvpographical Union, 
Meets every Sunday afternoon in St 1 

Mary's vestry at 2.30. Henry McGuire, 
President; P Daley, Secretary; Law- 
rence O'Brien, Treasurer. 

Children of Mary. 

M.ets in Convent de Notre Dame. 
Miss Maggie Brophy, President. 
Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. 
Branch No. 9. 

T J Leahy. President; E O' Brien. 
Secietary; J J Behan, Chancellor 

month in Y M C A Hall. James But- 
land. President: E M Creighton, Vice- 
President; Owen Jones, Financial Sec. 
and Treas.; J C Bennett. Rec. S 
Knights of Labor 
District Assembly No. 10539— Meets 
first Friday in each month in Fraser's 
Hall, King st. James Blomeley, Past 
M.; Arthur Fields. W.M.: John Beau- 
Ichamp, Treas; S W Hobart, Secretary. 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

A. A. A ., greatest pain killer 
known Hobart s sweet flavor- 
ed Castor Oil Children like it. 




Fourteenth Club — President. Lt.-Col. 
Henry R Smith: Secretary, Lieut. W H 
Macnee; Treasurer, Capt A J Sinclair. 
House Committee — Major Shannon. 

N Fenwick, M.D.. J B Carruthers, Dr 

O S Strange. E J B Pense, B \V Robert- 
son, C F Gildersleeve. 

Subscription Governors — Hon G A 
Kii kpatrick. Ira A Breck, Alex Gunn. 

H A Calvin, Prin Grant. E H Smvthe, 
Chairman, the Secretarv and Treasurer. ,-. , r , , , T .... „ „ ... ,, 

_ Rev Malcolm Macgilhvrav, R T \\ alk- 

Auditors — Capts W J B White and R EL t t t^ -r, -r.r t-> /-, T o- 

„ , ^_ em, LL.D., Rev W B Carey, Isaac Simp- 

Kent. Ordinary members— Officers 14th XT T c„ 1 '. »* tv t» u -.1 -., 

sun. H J Saunders, M.D., Donald M Mc- 
Batt. P.W.O.R. Honorary members-:.. „ . „ _ . ,, , . 

r . * ^ . Intyre, B.A.. Rev John Mackie. ex- 

F-on G A Kirkpatnck, Lt— Gov Ontario; ,, _, TT . , 

Mayor Dr Herald. 
Minister of Militia, Col. W Powell. Ad- ufficers _ CoL John Duff> chairman uf 
jutant-General. Major-Gen Herbert. th(? Board of Governors . E H Smvthe , 
Commander-in-Chief; Major-Gen Cam- Vice _ Chairman _ 

eron. Com R.M.C.; Attending Medical ofncers-Dr D E 
benzie, Lt.-Col. Cotton, D.A.G.; Lt-ColL^ Dr A g OHver Dr R N Fen _ 

Kerr, Lieut-Col, Gordon, R.C.I. ™ Dr j c Connelli Dl . T M Fenwick , 

Kingston Amateur Athletic Club— E J : Dr R W Garrett, Dr H J Saunders, Dr 
B Pense, President ; C K Clarke, M I >. \y Q Anglin. 

Vice-President; Allan Chadwick, Secre- 


Frontenacs — Headquarters Y M C A 

Building ; fee 7.J cents: H a Calvin, Hun 
President; Dr W <; Anglin, President; 
Frank Huiman. Vice-President; H V 
Callaghan, Secretary-Treasurer; \v 11 

Sec-Treas, J E Clark ; Medical Super- 
intendent, Dr R K Kilborn. 

Visiting Days — Every day except Sat- 
urday and Sunday, from 3 to 5 p.m. 

Hotel Dieu, Sydenham streets, cor 
Brock— Sister Hopkins, Mother Super- 
ior; Dr M Sullivan. Dr D Phelan, D: 
!•' Ryan, Physicians. 

hanage of the Hotel Dieu — Con 

Dalby, Captain; M Robinson, 1st Ueut; ducted h * **"* Hospitallers of St Joseph, 
T (■ Allen 2nd Lieut Si9ter Hopkins, Mother Superior. S> 

T , , , de-nham, between Brock and Johnston 

Kingston Bicycle Club- Dr. Herald 
President; C N Greaza, \ lent- Hou8e "'' Pro^dence-CoBducted by 

Leslie Hughes, 

Set ,-Ti eas ; Edward 

the Sisters of Charity, Mother M K< 

ward, Superior General. Montreal, 
tween Ordnance and Bay streets. 


., t .,,..,. ,, . Protestant Orphans' Home, Union 

^N8 MS AX " PRI - 9 treet,opp Drilled Directors : Mr, 

Fraser, Mrs Britton, Miss Gildersleeve, 

Kingston Genera] Heepital.cor Stuan MrB w '" 1,1 " 11 Treasurers; Mrs R v 

and George streets. rs, Mrs Co] Duff and Miss Muckle- 

Bton, Secretaries; Mrs a E Carscallen, 

Huus,- of Industry, 326 Montreal street 

Qoverno .,,),,. county Judge, 

the Mayor of Kingston, the Warden of 
'"""••»•"■. Hi- Sheriff of Front 

mors, Sli 1: .1 n • •■ McCuUagh, Superintendent 

R r , , f, ht ' """ NI s ""'van. M.D., b \i Kingston Penitentiary— M Lavell, M. 
'•"""" John Duff, Bdwln Chown, k:-. harden; w.n Sullivan, Deput; 

Warden; <» s Strange, M.D., Surgeon; 

HT WFf»Al T,T7!V Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
A • XTA^ A ^ -JA-I A , Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 
128 Princess Street. Heads. 


2 79 

R R Creighton, Accountant; Re* C E NEWSPAPERS 

Cartwright, Protestant Chaplain; Rev Th< British Whig— Daily and Weekly, 
Father Neville, R.C. Chaplain; -Miss R J06-310 King Btreel east. E .] B I 
A Fahey, Matron; Miss M Smith, Dej Proprietor; .1 <; Elliott, Managing Bdi- 
u > .Matron; R Hewton, Chief Keeper; t< r; T C Carter, City Editor; W M Btev- 
V» S Hughes, Clerk; P O'Donnell, Store-. enson, Reporter; Jonathan Offord, As 
keeper; .las Weir, Steward. int Business .Manager; Neil McCalg 

Rockwood Asylum for the [nsane,j and a H Leggett, Clerks. 
Portsmouth (Post Office, Kingston)— C The Kingston News — Daily and Week- 
EC (Mark.-. m.i>.. Medical Superintend- jly, 67 Princess. L W Shannon, Manag- 
ent; J M Forster, M.D., Assistant Medl- Ing Director; T J Shanks, Editor; Syd- 
cal Superintendent; J Webster, M.D.,|ney Martin, City Editor; A T Shibley, 
Assistant Physician; Wm Anglin, Bur- Sporting Editor; \V J MacLeod Keport- 
par; Allan McLean, Steward; Mrs Geo or; A \v Moore, Bookkeeper ; James 
Peirce, Matron. Steacy and A E Shannon, Clerks. 

I The Canadian Freeman (Weekly) — 
BANKS. The fading Irish Catholic Pap 

Bank of British North America, City! Canada, 128 Clarence street. P Daley, 
Buildings— G A Robinson, Manager; W Proprietor and Editor. 
E Phillpotts, Accountant; R R F Har- The Sun (Weekly)— 297 King street 
v. > . Teller; J D Petrie, Ledger Keeper; east. Sun Publishing Co, Proprietors. 
H C Walkem, Clerk ; Reuben Stafford.jw W Walker, Business Manager, 

T, , c ,, , -rr- ™, RAILWAYS. 

Bank of Montreal, King, corner W il- 
liam— R J B Crombie, Manager; H S Du- Kingston & Pembroke— Offices, On- 
puy, Accountant; W H Norton-Taylor, tario street, opposite City Hall. C F 
Teller; E A Moore. Ledger Keeper; P C Gildersleeve. President; John D Flower, 
W H Harvey, Discount Clerk; A T Bay- Vice-President; T W Nash, Secretary- 
ly and L S Cartwright, Clerks; Henr. Treasurer and Chief Engineer; B W 
Pennell, Messenger. Folger, General Manager; F A I 

Merchants' Bank, King, corner Wil- J r - Superintendent; Kirkpatrick & Rog- 
liam— G E Hague, Manager; George ers - Solicitors; F Conway, General 
Parker, Accountant; G N Xewcombe Freight and Passenger Agent; William 
Teller; C M Wrenshall, Discount Clerk; Erwin > Road Master; N Parent. Pay- 
E O S Strange, Ledger Keeper; G F master; John, Whitebread. Auditor 
Low and J F Wurtele, Clerks; Henry Bay of Quintt . Railway & Navig 
O'Hara. messenger. tjon C o-R C Carter General Ma 

Ontario Bank, corner of King and H b Sherwood, Superintendent; G a 
Clarence streets— A J Macdonnell, Man- Browne. General Frieght and Passen- 
ager; H Howard. Accountant; E A B.g- „ er Asent: R j Wilson, King 
art. Teller; Frank H Pope, Ledg. Agent, Clarence corner Ontario 
Keeper; F D Baylay, T J Nugent, Clerks; 
T X Rogers, Messenger. KINGSTON BOARD OF TRADE. 

Standard Bank— W D Hart. Man < intario Chambers. John Hewton. Pre- 
ager; Maurice M Brent, Accountant; sident; Allan Chadwi k. 1st Vice-Presi- 
R Fletcher, Ledger Keeper; H N Drum- dent; L B Spencer, 2nd Vice-President; 
mond, Clerk. Francis King. Secretary-Treasurer. 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

SPECTACLES to suit all 
sights. Eyes fitted for special 




Alex Gunn, hon President; E J B 
Pense, President; J J Behan, 1st Vice- 
President; W J Livingston, 2nd Vice 
President; F S Rees, 3rd Vice-President; 
.1 McKelv ... Treasurer; W R Dick and 
.1 M Farrell, Secretaries. 

icutive Committee — Cataraqui 
Ward, T Harrisi n; Frontenac Ward, A 
Newlands; Ontario Ward, P Daley; Ri- 
deau Ward. R J Elliott; St Lawrenct 
Ward, WH Van Tassell; Sydenham 
Ward, E J Steacy; Victoria Ward, L 
O'Brien; Portsmouth, E Beaupre. 


Thos Hogan, President; C N Spooner 
1 lent; .1 B Walkem, Secretary. 
oship Vice-Presidents : 
Garden Island— H A Calvin. M.P. 
Howe Island -S AY Lavls. 
Kingston— Hugh Rankin. 
Pittsburg— Thomas Maxwell, jr. 
I' itsmouth — R Baiden. 
Storrlngton — Hugh Moreland. 
Wolfe Island— John McReady. 


.1 Morgan Shaw, President; H J YYil 
klnson, 1st Vice-President; Walter Mac 
2nd Vice-President; A Roney, Sro" 
Vice-President; John Garkin. Jr, and l" 
\\ Sullivan. Secretaries; C W Wright 
Bxecutlv* Committee — Sydenhan 
Ward, Dt 11. raid; ' Ontario Ward, 1 
Donnelly; St Lawrence Ward, .1 S Skin- 
1 : iraqul Ward, W .1 M 

,. \Ya..). R Baird; Victoria 
Ward, \v Muik1.11; Rideau Ward, V 

I .an: 


City Park— King, between West and 
Barrie streets. 

Frontenac Park — Ordnance street, op- 
prsite Clergy. 

Macdonakl Park — Water front, oppo- 
site Barrie street. 

Victoria Park— Alfred and Brock 


K] v,;st< ,v BK ^TING RTNK 
r t Walkem, Q.C 
« ■ 1. pri ridenl . 11 W Richardson, 
re tar j C n Hatch Mans 

Cataraqui Cemetery — Cataraqui, Ont. 
St Mary's Cemetery — End of Division 


All stages call at Windsor Hotel, cor 
Princess and Montreal streets. 

Battersea Stage — Wm Arthur, prop. 
Leaves daily at 3 p m. Fare, 25 cents. 

Newboro' Stage — Webb Copeland, 
prop. Leaves daily at 7 a m; arrives at 
: p m. Fare $1. 

[nverary Stage — Jabez Stonness, prop. 
Leaves daily at 3 pm. Fare 25 cents. 

Napanee Stage— Henry Finkle, prop. 
L< aves daily at 3 p m. Fare $1. 

aham Stage— Wm Hobbs, prop. 
! -■ a \ es daily at 3 p m. Fare 40 cents. 

Bath Stage (winter only ; two lines)- 
W( rth and Hub Lewis Proprietors. 
. 1 . 1 i 1 \ at :'. p in ("are :.'."> cents. 

Seeleys Bay Stage— Ephraim Brack- 
en, prop. Leaves daily at 3 ]> m. Fare 
50 cents 


Axehbli bop's Palace, 285 Johnston. 
a, mi. ,\ Park, Bagol st, opp Barrack 
Buildings, 1 Intarlo cor Brook, 
Barrie eor Union. 



128 Princess Street. MODERN. 


Custom House, King c r Clarei Ontario Chambers, coj King and Clar- 

Devonshire Terrace, Sydenham coi • 

Colborne, Opera House 218 Princess. 

Dunn Terrace, cor l'.a\ and Bagot. inge Hall, 82 Princess. 

Pair Grounds, Barrle opp Pine. Pos1 Office, cor Clarence and Welling- 

Port Henry, Barriefleld. ton. 

Praser's N M King e. Kail way Cottages, s s Ontario, be- 

Prontenac Terrace, Division cor Main tween Gore and Union. 

Gallinger Terrace, cor of Chathan Rockwood Asylum, Lake Shore, Ports- 

and Elm streets. mouth. 

Golden Lion Block, Wellington cor Salvation Army Barracks, cor Queen 

Clarence. and Bagot. 

Hales' Cottages, King w cor Centre. Stanley Terrace, Quebec cor Cherry 

Hay Market, Place d'Armes. St Patrick's Hall, 116 Wellington. 

Kingston General Hospital, Stuart cor Y.M.C.A. Building, Princess cor Bar- 
George, rie. 

Kingston Penitentiary, Kink w, Port? Tete du Pont Barracks, Ontari 

mouth. Barrack. 

Kingston Skating Rink, Arch st. Valliere Terrace, cor King and Bar- 
Maple Row, Barrle, 2 n of Brock. rack. 

-Masonic Hall, 318 King e. Victoria Terrace, cor Barrie and York 

Military College, Barriefleld. , Victoria Terrace, Montreal, between 

Newman's Cottages, King w, cor Bev- Queen and Ordnance, 

erley. Whig Building, 306-310 King e 

Odd Fellows' Block. Princess, cor Sy 

Our (Tttotfo: 


•Jr Suerg Pag e ©f ^)<ar oj0rS. 

J. G. FOSTER & CO., 



G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 


Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men, women, boys and girls. 



Allen Frederick W, laborer 

Allen Wm, lime kiln 

Anderson Charles, servant R M 

lege, res Military cotts 
Anderson Wm, carpenter 
Anderson Wm jr, carpet 
Bartells Miss Leonora, teacher Barrie- 

held school, lvs 396 Princess 
Batten George, pilot R & O Nav Co 
Batten Isabella (wid George) 
Belwa Charles, township clerk 

net! Wm. grocer 
Birtles Sergeant-Major Henry, instruc- 

t ir R M College, res College grounds 
Birtles Wm E. printer, lvs College 

Blake Francis, laborer 
Bowman Charles, boat builder 
Bowman John, boat builder 
Brogan Staff-Sergeant Peter, hospital 

-:nu It M ('"liege 
Burke Joseph, driver "A" Battery, res 

Fori Henry 
Burns John, pensioner 
Lurns Matthew, porter str North King 
r. in- Mylfs. hotel and grocer 
Butchi-r Joseph, laborer 
Butcher Wm m. finisher 
Butlln Charles, laborer 
Butlin Charles, driver Can Ex Co 
Butlln Wm. mach hand R Gaw & 

■ I v .John T, sailor 

Cherry Wm G, mach hand Co-operative 

i !lapham Wm, milk dealer 
Corkej Fi i dei Ick, engineer 
Davie Wm, foreman granite quarry 

Dowlei Richard, fisherman 
English ('apt Charles B, Prof R M Col- 
Collage grounds 
Henry, sailor 

Esford John W, laborer , 
Forbes Isabella J (wid Robert) 
George Frederick J, deputy City regis- 
Grange Margaret (wid George W), 
Graves Charlotte (wid Thomas) 
Halian Miss Rose 

Harrison Wm, gunner "A" Battery 
Huggins Edward W. storeman R M 

College, res Military cottages 
Mutton Sarah (wid Wm) 
Irvine George E, broommaker W Bailey 

& Co 
Irvine Sarah (wid Wm 
Irvine Wm. laborer 
Jacobs Wm J. piano tuner 
Johnson James, lab M Monk 
Johnson Wm, engineer R M College 
Kelly Mary (wid Michael) 
Knapp Henry ■' (Jas Knapp i<: Son) 
Knapp Jani' s (J is Knapp X: Son) 
Knapp James & Son (James and Henry* 
boat builders 

it Arthur J, much hand 
Leader Edward, s i • 

' ieorge E, laborer 
Lee Capt A M. prof R M College, pes 
i :ollege gn ui di 

Lei reup Harry, oils, i 

Linton Wm, l < ' orer 

Listen James H. plumber, lvs Military 

inl i: M College, res 
Military cot ts 

McCormacs J '■■-.: butler R M Col 

Military cotts 
McGill Lt-Col Sydenham C, 
st it. ^djutanl Royal Military Col- 
i (rounds 
McGregor Char! g, servant R M Col- 
leg . i"- MWtarj cottages 


128 Princess Street. 





uchlin Michael, laborer 

Ml \i 

McRae Wra 1 :. armourei I tery 

Mackenzie John, asst butler it M Col- 
Military < « » 1 1 

Ma :Kenzle Thomas, head class servant 
R M t'cllege, res College grounds 

Marshall Thomas, laborer 

Martin John 

Martin John, laborer 

Medley Miss Elizab 

Medl "cer 

Medley Wm F. fisherman 

Medley Wm H, 

Milton Thomas, farmer 

Mitchell Sarah ( wid Wm C) 

en Lieut James A. prof R M Col- 
. res College grounds 

M pgans s rgt-Major John, instructcor 
1: M College, res College grounds 

Monk Archibald, laborer 

Monk Martin, milk dealer 

Muller George F. peddler 

Murray Herbert, fisherman 

Murray John, fisherman 

Murray Wm. auctioneer 

Nash James, laborer 

Nevison James, laborer 

Norman Wm, baggagemaster K & P 

Norris Marshall. Jaborer 

Oliver Rufus. soldier 

Parsons James, gunner "A" Battery, 
res Fort Henry 

Petersen Nicholson F, carpenter 

Pittsburg House, Myles Burns prop 

Rickey Alexander, waggon maker 

Rickey Archibald A. boat builder 

Rickey George H laborer 

Rickey Malcolm L, boat builder A 

Royal Military College, Maj 
Gen D R Cameron. <'.M\G.. Com- 

John, post mas tei 
Edward J. gunner "A" E£a1 
d s 

1 Henry A. lvs Milii 
Ryder John, servant it M C< 

Salsbury Francis J, turner 

Co, lvs Military COttagS 
Salsbury Herbert E, carp R Gaw & 

lvs Military cottages 

Salsbury James, servant R M Co] 

res Military cotta - 
Saunders Henry, servant Capt Lee 
Scott Miss Wilhelmine. teacher Ban L- 

iield sehi ol 
Smith Joseph, laborer 
Stanton Nathaniel, piano maker 
Strachan Martin 
Swain Edward, foreman of military 

Tisdale Alexander 
Tisdale A John, laborer 
Tisdale John F foreman S Anglin & 

Tisdale Louis, boat bulider 
Tisdale Mitchell laborer 
Turner Thomas, laborer 
Twining Capt P G, prof R M College, 

res College grounds 
Vviilancourt James, baker 
Vaillancourt Octave, laborer 
Watt John O, carpenter 
Williams Lawrence J, messman R M 


Williamson George, trader 
Worrell Rev Clare L, Pro 

Royal Military College 

Young Alexander, servant R M Col- 
lege, res Military cottages 

Young Gordon A, finisher Wormwith & 
lvs Mililtary Cottages 

G. S. Jiobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Our Stock is complete. 
Everything a Drug Store 
should have we keep. 




Adair Charles F. farmer and apiarist 

Babcock Alfred, cheese maker 

Eabcock Charles, laborer 

Babcock Daniel, laborer 

Baker John, laborer J L. Nicol 

Baker John J, gardener J L Nicol 

Bell James, brickm&ker 

Berry John C, laborer 

Black Andrew, brickmaker 

Black John, laborer 

Blair Wm J, laborer 

Brooks Capt George 

Brown Bros (George and John), potters 

and lime kiln 
Brown George (Brown Bros) 
Brown Jemima (wid John) 
Brown John (Brown Bros) 
Brown Walter, laborer 
Byers Mary (wid Henry) 

on John, brickmaker E Riley 
on Wm, laborer E Riley 
raqui Hotel, M Henesy prop 
James, farmer 
John, tanner 
( hisholra Rev Francis 1 Methodist) 

. Benjamin, laborer W D Martin 
• 'lark Robert, laborer W D Martin 

Ulna Wm, sectlonman <;tu 
Connollj Prances D (wid Re^ Daniel) 
Connollj Him-, a m A., teacher Queen's 

Connolly Hobarl E, traveller B i Mc- 

1 lowall 
Connollj Worthlngton E, teacher West- 

brook school 
Cooke Edward, market garden and 

.1 1 > i . 1 rial 
» ooke Wm 1 : 
iiin wm. laboi 
• ii John, !• un tar 

g M. ier Villa 

Park Sotel 

Day Cornelia (wid Johnston) 

Day Johnston 

Dick Miss Sarah 

Easton Rev Wm (Methodist) 

Ely Elias. laborer 

Ely Wm, laborer 

Ely Wm G, laborer 

Farney Patrick, contractor 
Libert, laborer 

Fegg Donald, brick moulder 

Fizzell John, laborer E Riley 

Flynn Albert, laborer Geo Nicol 

Forsyth Thomas A. farmer 

Gardiner John, farmer 

Gibson Mary (wid Thorn 

Gibson Wellington, clerk E C Mitchell 
-a .Miss Amanda, tea. her Catara- 
qui school 

11 James, farmer 

Gorrie Joseph, gardener 

( rwatkin John, laborer 

Hamilton David, farmer 

Hamilton David, jr, student 

Hamilton Rupert, student 

Harp. 11 Alfred, laborer J L Nicol 

Harvey James 11. market garden 

Haycoi u Jos< ph L, M.PP, poultry 
in i eder 

i ! ay cock Loftua •'. gt 

1 Leaton John, Farmer 

Henesy John, gardener 

v Martin, prop t'atara.pii Hotel 

1 1 1 w in R, gardener 

Hooper wm A, mark, t garden 

H. well Miss Catherine, tailoress 

Jackson ' leorge, laborer B Kiley 
Jackson Busan twi.l J. thro) 

11 w alter, farmer 
I cob Wm J, gardener 
1 .. 11.11. wm. .ii"\ 1 r 
Kendli Wm, Ji , drover 
wiser wm. teamster 
Knowlea Ellis, laborer J L Nicol 
i.r Bai tholomew, gardener 

T. McAuley, 

128 Princess Street. 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
Copy Books. 


2 8 5 

Lear/ian Charles 

Leaman Sanford, laborer W D Martin 

Leaney Mary a (wid .James) 

l . i ; rl . Laborer < !ataraqul ( !eme 

tei y 
Mc< toff John, markel ga i 
Met lulrl Simon. laborer 
McKee James, farmer 
Mclver Miss E, dressmaker 
Mi Kim John A, agent R .1 McDowall 
McKim Wm C, organisl Meth Church 
McMlchael Albert, farmer 
McMichael Charles, bookkeeper 
McMlchael Osmond, farmer and bricl 

Martin Lewis, prop Villa Park Hotel 
Martin Wm 1>. pottery 
Miner Rev Herman (Free Methodist) 
Nicol George, supt Cataraqui Cemetery 
Xic 1 Joseph L. gardener 
Nicol Mrs Mercy, general store 
Nlcol Sarah (w i>l 1 tavid) 

thmore Edward, postmaster 
Northmore George, driver Mrs North- 

lv ore, res John st. city 
Nm thmore Louisa (wid Joseph), grocei 

and baker 
Porter John A, milk de 
Purdy Charles; farmer 

l 'urdy < !harles, jr, gardener 
Purdy Charles v . farmer 
Purdy David, gardener 
Purdy Erastus, gardener 
Purdy Frederick, gardener 
Purdy 1 la rriel i wid Valenl Ine) 

Purdy Mary i wid I >avid) 

Purdy Philip, market garden 

Purdy Wellington J, carpenter 

Ri is Maitla rid < '. farmer 

R( os Samuel, driver 

Richardson Wm, blacksmith 

Riley Edward, farmer and brick mnfr 

Sharpe J< seph, garden* r 

Simpson Harry J A, farmer 

Simpson John, farmer. Justice of the 

Peace and clerk of the township of 

Smith Frederick K, barber 
Smith. Wm M, toll gate keeper 

Elias T, physician 
Timms Wm, gardener 
Upper Wesley, brickmaker E Uiley 
Villa Park Hotel. Lewis .Martin prop 
Walker James G, carpenter 
Ward Elizabeth (wid Wm) 
Ward John P, carpenter 
Weston Thomas, foreman E Riley 
Wilson Geoige, laborer J L Nicol 

Garden Island. 

Abrien Thomas, carpenter 

Achee Joseph, sailor 

Achee Wm. sailor 

Adsit Samuel, carpenter 

Blanchette Hyancinthe, raftsman 

Calvin Company The (LTD), 
Hiram A Calvin, President; Sanford 
Calvin. Vice-President; Anthony Ma- 
lone, Secretary; Timber Merchants, 
Forwarders, ship Builders, Steam 
Tugs. Wrecking Plant, etc, Garden Is- 
land. City Office 28 Clarence 

Calvin Catherine (wid D D) 

Calvin Hiram A, M P, President Cal- 
vin Co (Ltd), res 131 King e, city 
Calvin Sanford C, vice-President 

Calvin Co, I Ltd) 

Clement Joseph, mariner 
( :ompeau Felix, sailor 
Compeau Frederick, raftsman 
Compeau Joseph, raftsman 
Compeau Telesphore, raftsman 
cushion John, teamster 

\nthony, raftsman 
Delzell James, carpenter 
; )eizeii James, jr. 


155 Princess Street. 

Patent and Proprietary 
Medicines. We keep your 
favorite remedies. 



Delzell Thomas, carpenter 
Dix John, sailor 
IMx Susan (will Joseph) 
Dorey Matthew, engineer 
Ferguson John, mariner 
Ferguson Thomas, jr. clerk 
Ferguson Thomas, carpenter 
Forrest John, operator 
Garipey Frederick, raftsman 
Garrand John, carpenter 
Glenn Andrew, blacksmith 
Gobiel Edward, carpenter 

in Jam- s, engineer 
t'.ray Thomas, engineer 
Hamilton John G, teacher Garden 

land school, bds 301 Barrie, city 
Harper Harry, engineer 
Harper Thomas, engineer 
Harris John, machinist 

is Thomas, machinist 
Harrison Abraham, blacksmith 
Kennedy David, carpenter 
Kennedy James, carpenter 
Kennedy John, engineer 
Kennedy Robert 
Kennedy Samuel, carpenter 
Kenn< dy Samuel, jr. laborer 
Kenosh Joseph, raftsman 
Lalonde Napoleon, raftsman 
Lambert Alfred, sailor 
Lambert George, raftsman 
La Rush Anthony, sailor 
ive 1 >avid, jr. mariner 
1 sailor 
1 ..1 1'a \ . Hi nrj . Bailor 

■ ji aepb, tea mster 
! . ippln Thomas, carpentei 
Le Rlche Hugh, raftsman 

LeRiche Wm, appr 
Lewers David, farmer 
l.< w "is Dexter 

McGarrity George, blacksmith 
McGarrity James, machinist 
McGarrity Samuel, fireman 
McMaster Andrew, teamster 
Malone Abraham H. sailor 
Malone Anthony, postmaster 
Malone Herbert D 
Martin Ephriam, sailor 
Martin George, sawyer 
Martin Wm. culler 
Menard George, raftsman 
j s _ Morton George, sawyer 
Morton Wm. culler 
Mullin John, machinist 
Page Arthur, fireman 
Paradis Fabien 

lix Ch;ules E, engineer 
Raymond Richard, customs officer 
Raymond Richard P, appr 
Rogue^ Frederick, mariner 
Roguey Wm, butcher 
Roubeau Nazaire, teamster 
Rushford Alfred, carpenter 
Sauve George, engineer 
Sauve Joseph, blacksmith 
Sauve Joseph, jr. tailor 
Siddell Joseph, Bailor 
Simons John, engineer 
Simi'iis John. jr. sailor 
Sii ith llorali.. X 

Smith Thomas c engineer 

\ fi Robert, machinist 

Veech Stanm I iker nine-mil<; 

light le use 
Varier J Baptiste, raftsman 
Watts John, carpenter 
Wood Frank, carpenter 

• !VLU^.UlWy f ROOKS . PA8S books. 

128 Princess Street. 




Adams Edmund J. sanitary engineer K 

Adams James, chief instructor K P 
Alexander John, gardener 
Alexander Roderick, coachman Mrs M 

.Mien Joseph A 
Azney George B, guard i< P 
Amey Wm J, attendant Rockwood Asy- 
ANGL.IN WM, Bursar Rockwood Asy- 
lum. Residence 56 Earl, City 
Appleton Robert, guard K P 
Arthurs Robt, engineer Gardiner Co 
Arundel] Wm, repairer 
Atkins Alexander, keeper K P 
Balden Eli, florist and gardener 
Balden Harry, gardener E Baiden 
Baiden Richard, gardener E Baiden 
linker John F, traveller 
Baker Wm C, student 
Bearance -Mrs Jane, cook Rockwood 

Beaupre Alfred, sailor 

upre Edward, tax collector 
Beaupre Edwin, prop Portsmouth Hotel 
Beaupre Isaiah 
Beaupre Peter, guard K P 
Belanger Maxam, ship carpenter 
Bell Douglas C, teamster K P 
Bell Douglas C, jr 
BETTS MART iwid Dr Henry A), 
Broxam Harry, driver "A" Battery 
Buck Matthew, ship carpenter 
Burke Edw F, butcher and grocer 
Burke Henry, laborer 
IJurke John P, clerk 
Burke Sarah (wid Edward) 
Burke Thomas J, butcher 
Burke Ulric E. conductor Electric Ry 
Cameron Alexander, contractor 
CAMPBELL JAMES, Grocer and Post- 

Campbell James, laborer 

Campbell Patrick, lal 

Campbell Robert, laborer 

Canadian Express Co, S Lowe agent 

Carr Charles H, driver Fisher Bros 

Can- W, gardener Rockwood Asylum 

Cartwright Rev C E, chaplain K P 

Clarke Charles K, Medical Sup- 
erintendent Ro ikwood Asylum 

Connolly Henry E, machinist 

Connolly Susannah (wid Henry) 

Convery Miss Bella L, attendant Rock- 
wood Asylum 

Convery Thomas, ship carpenter 

Convery Wm J, clerk 

Rebecca (wid Andrew) 

Cooper Thomas, shoveller- 

Craig Margaret (wid John) 

Craig Thomas J, capt str Passport 

Crawford Wm, dairy 

Crimmens Alphonsus. conductor K St 

Crimmens Patrick 

Croft George, market gardener 

Croft George, jr, gardener 

Culcheth Ernest, baker 

Cul sheth Mary <wid John) 

Cunningham Miss May. attendant Rock- 
wood Asylum 

Darrah Robert J, physician 

Davidson John .chief attendant Rock- 
wood Asylum 

Davis Oliver E. caretaker Pidgeon Is- 
land Light House 

Day Robert S, carpenter 

Day Susannah (wid Barnabas) 

Deerin Wm, laborer 

Dennison James, carpenter Rock 

D Wolfe Laura M (wid Squire) 

Dobbs Rev Francis W, pastor St Johns 

Ci ri tt l O Physicians Prescriptions 

I. b. HOOart OC bOllS <™d Family Recipes accnr- 

ately and promptly dis- 
155 Princess Street. pensed. 


servant Col Van I Glim our Wm, welghman 
( ; uld i la i les S, laborer 
Gould Sidney H, curate St John's Ch 
Graham James j. guard K P 
Graham Jethro, yardman Rath bun Co 
Graham Johnston, st< ; . 

un Richard M, bookkeeper 
Graham Thomas F, carpenter 
\ in. jr. ship 

Donaldson Jai 

Donaldson Robert, lab K & M W 

Idson Samuel, laborer 
Donaldson Sarah J (wld Wm") 

Ison Wm, laborer 
Donnelly David, shoveller 
Donnelly John, guard K 1' 
Dun. an Donald, bookke 
Duncan Isabella (wii 

Duncan Wm M. bookkeeper .ham Wm 11 

Elliott Thomas C, attendant Rockwood Asyli m 

lum G N w Telegraph *'■>. s Low r 

Evans Thomas, attendant Rockwood Grass Daniel E 

k< r Rock 


Crass .Michael H 

Gunn Wm A. hospital overseer K P 
Elalliday Isabella (wid James) 
Halliday .fames, works K Light, 

and I'.'W; r • 
Elalliday Wm 
Halp!n Michael, t arter 

attendant Rockv 

Kw ait Thomas, laborer 

: Thomas, jr. laborer 
Bwart Wm. la' 

Fahi • matron K P 

Fish Wm and John), brewers 

l James) 


ve, City Asylum 

Fisher Wm (Fisher Bros) Hawkins Miss Sarah, supervisor Rock- 

wood Asylum 
iborer Fisher sephus W Ports- 

er Ud James E, lab mouth School 

Fitsgerald Patrick T, calker 
a Henry, moulder 

Flyrn John, lab 
Plynn Wm P, laborer 

the Andrew, butcher 



ph, plumber N McNeil 

Fow l r Tin. m. i is P 

• it prop 




Hewton i • tist 

Hewl K P 

Hogan ' : laborer 

Hog in Wm. blacksmith 
Holland G 

Holland George, jr, shov< Her 
Holland John, cl impbell 

Holland Wm, guard K P 
HOLMES KiA JOHN, Pastor Metho- 
dist Church 
i [olmi s J seph, guard K P 
Hornlbrook Fram Is, guard K P 
Houghton li ' K P 

m . >w at d Thorns . rpenter 

Hughes Wm s. clerk K P 
Hurst wm. guard K P 
Jaqulth U attendant Asylum 

m i :dw ai d. gua rd K P 
Johns ttendanl Rockw 



128 Princess Street. 

Letter Paper, Note Paper, 
Foolscap, Bill Heads, Note 



Kellj Thomas, village clerk 
Kennedy Ann (\\ Id Wm), grocer 
Ki nnedy John, guard k P 
Kennedy Michael .1. messenger K P 
Kennedy Patrick, carpenti 1 
Kennedy Thomas, labor* r 
Klrkwood Joseph, conductor Elec Ry 
Kerr Hugh, attendant Rockwood As. 

Kerr Joseph J. clerk Macnee & Minne 
Kerr Wm J, bookkeeper R Crawford 

Kingston &. Montreal For 
warding Co (Ltd), Frank Roa 
President;; A Gunn Vice-President 
Win Stewart. Managing Director 
James Stewart, Agent 

Kingston Penitentiary, M La 
veil. MD, Warden 

Koen Michael, guard K P 

Lake View Hotel, W Westlake prop 

Langridge Stephen, mason 

Lavell Alfred E. BA, asst electrician K 

Lavell M, MD, LLD, Warden King 
ston Penitentiary 

Lavell Walter 

Lawson Eliza (wid Robert) 

Lawson Miss Mary A, dressmaker 

Leahy Michael T, stone cutter K P 

Liddle Joseph, carpenter 

Lonergan Miss M A, supervisor 
Wood Asylum 

Lonergan Thomas, supervisor 
wood Asylum 

Lowe Samuel, grocer 

McCaherty Mary (wid John) 

McCammon Robert, baker 

MeCammon Thomas W. baker Rock- 
wood Asylum 

Mc Caugherty Herbert A, student 

McCaugherty John A, farm instructor 
K P 

McCauley George, boat builder 

McCauley George, jr, guard K P 
McCauley Richard J, student 

McCauley Robert, keeper K P 
McConnell Wm, grocer 



[cConville Agnes (wid Marcus) 

IcCormiek James F, laborer 

l.i 'ii.- Frank, guard K I' 

IcDonald Miss M, seamstress Asylum 
VIcDougall .Miss N C, attendant Rock- 
wood Asylum 

1. Bwen Frank, guard K P 
VlcGeein Andrew, attendant Asylum 

IcGeein Bernard, guard K P 

•IcGeein Daniel, ship carpenter 

.IcGeein Francis, laborer 

/IcGeein Mary (wid Nicholas) 

dcGeein Richard N, shoveller 

lcllwaine Francis P, constable 

[cllwaine William, laborer 

Jclver Archibald, laundryman Rock- 
wood Asylum 

vIcLean Allan, steward Rockwod Asy 

McManus Hugh S, ship carpenter 

VlcManus Mary A (wid Hugh) 

McWaters Alexander, mason 

.McWaters John, machinist 

McWaters Miss M, domestic Rockwood 

McWaters Margaret (wid Alexander) 

McWaters Mary, domestic Asylum 

McWaters Thomas 

Madden James, stoker Rockwood Asy- 

Uadill Wm H, musical instructor Rock- 
wood Asylum 

Maloney M*ss Kate, laundress, Rock- 
wood Asylum 

Marks John R. carpenter 

Marks Richard T, calker 

Marks Wm, ship carpenter 

Marsh W, attendant Asylum 

Martin Miss Eliza B, asst matron 
Rockwood Asylum 

Mathewson Charles S, baker 

Mathewson James A, printer British 

Mathewson James B P, instructor K P 

Metcalfe Mary (wid Wm) 

Miller Melville G, piano tuner 

Mills John, keeper K P 

G. S. Hobart & Sons 

155 Princess Street. 

Agents for Knickerbocker 
Shoulder Braces. Sizes for 
men, women, boys and girls. 




Mitchell M I. attendant Asylum 

Mooney Edward, keeper K P 

Mooney John 

Mooney Wm S, guard K P 

Moore Hyla H 

Moore James W, laborer 

Moore John, shoemaker 

Moore Samue] a. carpenter 

Moore Thomas, guard K P 

Moreland Alfred 

Nicholson Alexander I:. BA, prof 

Queen"s College 
Nicholson John, ship carpenter 
Nicholson Miss Mary, attendant Rock- 

w I Asylum 

Nli holson Thomas W. tarter 

Norris Miss Hannah, attendant Rock- 

wood Asylum 
Norrla Robert, ship carpenter 
O'Brien Miss Mary, supervisor Rock 

wood Asylum 
O'Connor Mrs Eliza, domestic Rock 

1 Asylum 
• ■ Nell John, jr. guard K P 
1 1 Nell John 
Orser Miss Mabel, domestic Rockwood 


1 >rs t Miss Nina, attendant Rockwood 

Osborne Miss Gertrude, muse Rock- 
wood Asylum 
Patterson Helen (wld ■ reoi 
Pavne James W 

Payne John A. mas. mi 

Paj ne Thomas 

1 •■ In • Julia 1 ■ (wld < leorge), matron 

Rockwood Asylum 
Pogue Roberl R, Instructor k P 
Porter Andrew . aho\ ell< i 
1 •••! ter Andrew 1 >. finisher 

1 \\'m. calker 
Porter Win • '. student 

mouth Hotel, Edwin Beapre prop 
Pol ter « 'hat 1. s, market garden 

Potter John 

Pottei Joseph, garden*! 
Pottei Wm engineer Rock* i Asylum 

ound Henry, baker 
Pound Wm. baker 

Power Bridget (wid Michael) 

Pugh Joseph E, clerk Steacy & Steacy 

Push Thomas, guard K P 

Redmond John, gardener Rockwood 

Redmond John, jr, clerk 

Rockwood Asylum for the In- 
sane, Chillies K Clarke, M 1), Medi- 
cal Superintendent, Situated on the 
Lake Front 

Ross Wm, farmer Asylum 

Ross Hugh, laborer 

Scally James, clerk 

Scally John, sailor 

Schermerhorn John, mason 

Sexton George, Esq, JP, Second 
Coroner County of Frontenac 

Seymour Amelia (wld Wm) 

Seymour Isaiah, Boilermaker 

Shanahan Joseph, supervisor Rockwood 

Shine John H, ship carpenter 

Short James, prop Frontenac House 

Smith Henry, mill hand 

Smith John, shoveller 

Smith Julia (wld Thomas) 

Smith Miss Mary, deputy matron K P 

Smith Thomas, laborer 

Smith Wm. clerk 

Spence Alexander, guard K 1' 

Spence Miss Annie, supervisor Rock- 
wood Asylum 

Stephenson Samuel, supervisor Rock- 

w ood Asylum 

st,. ness Robert S, ship carpenter 

Stuart Miss A G, attendant RockWOOd 

stuait Miss Stella, attendant Rockwood 

Stuart Miss Violet, attendant Rockwood 

Sullivan George, guard R P 

SUlllVan Win. deputy warden K P 
Swift Michael, moulder 
s« ut Ruth (wld Michael) 

T. McAuley, 

School Books, Scribbling 
Books, Slates Exercise and 
128 Princess Street. Copy Books. 

\\i»l i I ISLAND, 

21) \ 

Tail Adam, carpel « •■.i\ er 
Telgmann Frederick W 
Thompson Andrew, guard K P 
Tobin Michael, teamster K P 
Tobln Thomas, guard K P 
Trendell 1 1, musical nurse Asj lum 
VanOrder nhaj i:. baker E Culcheth 
Van order Frederick A, farmer 
Van* >rder James, farmer 
VanOrder James <>, farmei 
YanSlraubenzie Col Bowen, res Kirk 

YanStiaubenzie Charles T, lvs Klrk- 

Vetelle Levi, laborer 
Walfford Julia A (wid Thoma 
Watts George, laborer 

Waiis John N, gardener 

Waits Samuel, jr. gardener 

Webster John, MD, asst physician 
RockWOOd Asylum 

Wesl la !<>■ Win. la bon i 

Westlake Wm J, hotel 

Whal 11 Miss Helen, attendant Rock- 
wood Asylum 

A be I r Calvin S, guard K P 

Williamson .Janus x. attendant Rock- 
wcod Asylum 

Wiltshire' Walter, baker 

Wis! art Edward, carpenter 

Wlshart Jane (wid John) 

Wood Win, laborer 

Woodrowe Miss Mary, domestic Rock- 
wood Asylum 

Wolfe Island. 

Abbott Edward, 

Abbott Shannon, gardener 

Alllnson Wm L, mngr Rathbun Co 

Armstrong Richard G, hay, grain and 

farm implement 
Baker Daniel, farmer 
BAKER EDWARD J. General Store 

and Postmaster 
Baker James, farmer 
Baker Joseph S, clerk E J Baker 
Baker Miss Kate 
Bennett Truman, farm implements 
Berry James, laborer 
Berry Robert, sailor 
I Hake Edmund, shoemaker 

Bolton Wm, carpenter 

Bolton Wm H, carpenter 

Brown James, fisherman 

Bullis Robert 

Bullis Wm, farmer 

Card Wm B, livery 

Cattanach Donald, waggonmaker 

Charles Hiram H 

Charles Richard H, sailor 

Costello Luke, prop Island House 
Coyle James, 8th con 
Crawford Ann (wid Ezra) 
Crawford James, sailor 
Crawford Thomas, capt schr Alleghany 
Crofford Fanny 'wid David) 
Crofford James, blacksmith 
Crowley Nora (wid Hugh) 
Cummings Bridget (wid Wm) 
Cummings David, sailor 
Cummings Filo, laborer 
Cummins Charles, general store 
Daley George, laborer 
Daley Jeremiah, laborer 
Daley John, laborer 
Davis Albert, fisherman 
Davis Allan, fisherman 
Davis Charles 
Davis James A, laborer 
Davis James T, laborer 
Davis John H, fisherman 
Davis Richard, caretaker Pidgeon Is- 
land Light House 

G. S. HODcirt (X bOnS known. Hobart s sweet fliivor- 
155 Princess Street ed Castor Oil Children like it. 



Dawson Daniel J. Township Clerk and 

farm implements 
Dawson Harriet (wid Patrick) 
Dawson James, farmer 
Dawson John, license inspector 
Dee John 

Eccles Mary A (wid Frederick 
Eccles Samuel, lalorer 
Fivash Charles, laborer 
Friend John (John Friend & Son) 
Friend John & Son (John and Thoi 

general store 
Friend Thomas (John Friend & Son) 
Furlong Sarah (wid Michael) 
Grant Ills Ltzzi . dn ssmaker 
Grant Oi . rpenter 

Greenwood Maxam, livery 
Griffin Edward, blacksmith 
Hagerty Daniel, laborer 
Healy Wm. farmer 
Hitchcock N T 
Hogan Thomas customs officer 

jrdon 1>, fisherman 
Hon S G, sailor 

Home Mahelah (wid Wm W) 

, Luke Costello, p 
Keys Thomas, general store 
Lang iin) 

hlin Ellen (wid Jaro< si 

l.lin Jane 

Upton Rev W 'i" (Anglican) 
McAvoy Cathei Ine » wid Patrick) 
Met jaul John, laborer 
McDonald Barbara (wid James) 
McDonald Miss Christina 
McDonald Janes Bailor 
Mel lonald Malcolm, Bailor 

a Alexander, hotel 

I farmer 

\Iarlow Hiram, mate str Pierrepont 
\Iichea George 
Uullen Eliza (wid Win) 
Veil Mrs James, grocer 
3'Shea Michael, sailor 
Dsser Jane (wid Gabriel) 
?ayne Robert, grocer 
'hillips John, sailor 
Pyke Cornelius, gardener 
'yke David H, gardener 
Pyke Dexter, laborer 
^uirk John, laborer 
3uirk Nora (wid Thomas) 
Rallcy Ann (wid Wm) 
Ralley Archibald, laborer 
Ralley George, laborer 

Regan Patrick, sailor . 
Rogers George, farmer 
Rogers James, farmer 
Ruttan Frank S (Spankie & Ruttan) 
Ryan Andrew, harnessmaker 
Ryan John, farmer 
Sandi ibeth (wid Harrj 1 

Sluman Gilbert, farmer 
Sluman Herbert 

Spankie Wm (Spankie & Ruttan), in- 
Bpector of schools, county of Ft n- 

Spankie & Ruttan (Wm Spankie, Frank 
s Ruttan), physicians 
1:, \ -|- .1 (Catholic) 
Taylor Wilson, blacksmith 
Walker Edward, fanner 
White Edward, farmer 
White Re> Gllraan S I Methodist) 
Whitmarsh Fredei i>-k. butcher 
Whitmarsh John, laborer 
Whitmarsh Sarah 'wid Frederick) 

* 5 7 8 


3 9011 00675108 7 



• ; ...V-_ •'. *."•.